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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 22, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> did you see the performance of your mom out there? >> very emotional. >> son rene charles watched from backstage where the night's big winner, fellow canadian drake, was bowing in awe of his mom. hard to believe rene charles is now 16. >> look at you, man. you're all grown up. >> thank you. >> when are you going to start singing? >> i don't know about that. i don't think i have the voice for it. >> all right. >> we'll see -- well, you never know. you never know. >> hi's into music and he's great in school, i have to admit. he didn't talk about that. but i'm very proud of him. >> and this icon clearly entertained this one. ♪ >> we caught celine leading a singalong backstage to icon award recipient, cher. >> when i was really young my mom said you're not going to be the smartest, the prettiest or the more talented but you're going to be special. >> it capped off the snapchatty star's birthday
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weekend, turning back time in sheer mesh at 71 years old. >> miley cyrus was overcome by emotion, tearing up as she performed her new song "malibu" live for the first time. it's the song she wrote about fiance liam hemsworth and he was backstage supporting her, as was miley's family, who had some fun moments. >> my dad's here, my mom's here and my sister's here. it's such an exciting night. >> i love seeing everybody being happy. >> and this guy, josh duhamel, was clearly happy -- continually photobombing the cyrus clan. fellow bomber, newly single olivia munn did the same to this cute couple, gwen stefani and her top country artist winner, boyfriend blake shelton. >> i was luckiest guy in the room anyway because gwen is here with me. >> but the night's most complicated couple? nicki minaj and drake. he broke a record, winning 13 awards, but nicki wasn't impressed when drake failed to acknowledge her steamy show opener.
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>> vanessa hudgens you looked incredible tonight. >> jilted minaj was left mouthing, "what about me?" but they did kiss and pa make up. nick mouthed thank you, i love you. former today show co-host billy bush is trying to make his way from the abyss. he was taken off nbc after tapes surfaced of his crude and lewd conversation with donald trump. he sat down with the hollywood reporter and robin roberts. >> what was it like for you to go back home after the tape had been released to face your daughters, your wife? what was that moment like for you? >> well, the initial moments were total chaos. >> people deserve a comment, billy. >> the paparazzi were never interested in me outside the gate. >> i gave a statement and the statement speaks for itself.
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>> yeah, but people want to hear it. >> bush said his 16-year-old daughter was devastated. >> she was really upset and i said, mary, it's -- it's going to be okay. you know, don't worry. she said no, why were you laughing at the things he was saying on that bus? it wasn't funny. i said, mary, i am sorry and there is no good answer for that. >> bush also said he regrets not changing the topic during his lewd conversation with trump. bush tells the hollywood reporter, quote, i wish i had said, does anyone want water? or it looks like it's going to rain. i didn't have the strength of character to do it. we should mention that of those vulgar comments were directed at billy's then-co-host our nancy o'dell. the 45-year-old said he spent the last seven months getting closer to his family, spending time doing yoga and meditating
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and he's been developing a new tvr l tv project. his gm, a sit-down airs tomorrow. >> do you believe you should have lost your job? >> based upon the moment on that tape i understand people's reactions, i agree, i also felt that way. >> now want to point out one of billy's apologies was to you, nancy. >> he did. billy reached out to me about three weeks ago. i wrote an apology i appreciate very much. we worked for so many years. for a long time. i only wish him the very best moving forward moving forward the baby watch 2017. beyonce celebrated her baby shower this weekend or as she called it the carter push party. >> all eyes were on that baby bump. beyonce decorated it with henna tattoos. but let's not forget about
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george and amal's twins. we have more on the clooneys. >> her official due date is june 4th. a source here in london are telling me they're expecting the twins to come any day now. amal will be giving birth here at a hospital in london that's known for their privacy. >> of course, the jen the big story in london was pippa middleton tying the not with her billionaire fiancee. >> this had all the makings of a royal wedding. we caught the couple jetting off to their honeymoon. the newlyweds made a connecting stop last night in los angeles, they stood in security line at with other passengers. they're said to be headed to the south pacific to the private luxury island once owned by marlon brando. the airport scene was quite normal compared to their fairytale wedding day. on saturday, pippa and her father arrived at the church in a 1951 convertible gray jaguar.
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her "something old" were these gorgeous diamond drop earrings that she actually wore to her sister kate's wedding to william six years ago. >> pippa's cap-sleeved dress by british designer giles deacon has been getting rave reviews from the entire fashion press. her earrings also created this tiara, made with stones to make it look like an intricate fern. but much of the attention was on pippa's royal niece and nephew. prince george was a pageboy, while little princess charlotte had the title of "bridesmaid." duchess kate, wearing a gorgeous blush dress by alexander mcqueen, ushered the little ones into the church, even giving them a little shushing when they got a little riled up. the 3-year-old boy who will be seen crying out and his mom was spotted giving him a word to quiet him down.
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but where was meghan markle? prince harry and prince william entered the church together. meghan was never supposed to attend the ceremony but later she was harry's date to the lavish reception. and now, we're on a possible wedding watch for these two here in london. kevin. >> jen, will harry lock her down? she's the best. this year marks the 20th anniversary of princess diana's death. tonight on cbs, a two-hour special, princess diana, her life, her death, the truth. also tonight, the "dancing with the stars" finale kicks off and we also have that painful moment when normani twisted her ankle last week. is he ready to go? we go behind the scenes with all three. >> it looked really bad. i saw the video back, but luckily i can push through anything. >> the fifth harmony looked solid as she rehearsed both songs for tonight. she's up against rashad jennings and world series catcher david
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ross. all three have plans for that mirrorball trophy. >> my daughter told me it's going in her room if we win. >> maybe on the ceiling. like the last thing i see before i go to sleep. >> how did i work? >> we get one each. >> i'm going to frame it up and i'm going to put it over the fireplace and probably get it rotating. put some beaming lights on it. >> well, we have to wait until part two of finale tomorrow to see who takes home the mirrorball. up next -- j. loch's tough love. what she's like behind her new show "world of dance." and is jessica simpson ready for baby number three. and bachelorette have assembled.
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tom cruise was in hollywood to reveal a 70-foot for the
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♪ jennifer lopez get dance lessons from a little kids with james corden. it will air during his primetime carpool karaoke special tonight on cbs. nischelle turner is in new york with jennifer lopez's ever-expe ever-expending shows. topping night's know and tell, j. lochlt's primetime dance. >> have shed a tear here and there. >> we've seen her get emotional before when judging talent, so you know, "world of dance" won't be any different. >> you're talking about kids, you know, going for their dreams, putting themselves out there in front of people.
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i know what that feels like. >> the former fly girl also executive produces the competition series premiering next week, derek hough and ne-yo join her as judges, jenna dewan-tatum hosts and mentors. but with a million-dollar grand prize hanging in the balance, don't think jlo's going to take it easy on those contestants. >> i'm honest. next up, jessica simpson's baby news. >> are you sure you're not pregnant? >> yes, i am. >> you're not pregnant. >> we had an iud. nothing is going to get in that uterus. >> jessica set that record straight today with ellen and said she doesn't have to be expecting for her husband to give her extra attention. and finally andy cohen moves his show to l.a. >> we brought the bunny.
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>> it is in a pot. the watch what happens live is recreated on the west coast for six shows. he'll be announcing the 100th housewife to join the franchise. could you become bicoastal. you could do the show out here. >> listen, it would be nice to come once a year, i think. >> andy i know why you love new york, though. we also asked him who has the most dramatic housewives, new york or l.a.? andy said new york. but i think all of them are drama with a capital d. >> all right, thanks, nischelle still ahead -- new bachelorette bombshells before the show. are the producers lying about their job and the men? plus -- the billboard music awards' most memorable looks.
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>> i was 71 yesterday. >> and what kevin hart's son is telling us about his famous dad. >> how crazy does he get? closed captioning provided by --
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♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. that is kendall jennings stunning at the cannes film festival. but this is the look really grabbed our attention at a fashion event, she paired an elegant top and still let toe heels with cutoff jean shots. she makes it all the work. who made it work at the billboard music awards? a legend who left no doubt she's still got it. ♪ if i could turn back time >> cher channelled her 71-year-old self, and her 71-year-old self, wearing a bodysuit, a motorcycle jacket and thigh-high boots. we can all bow down to the legend.
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>> i'm 71 yesterday. so, yeah -- and i can do a five-minute plank, okay, just sayin'. >> vanessa hudgens did her best cher impersonation. a favorite was this flamingo dress. but the most memorable dress goes to celine dion and the hardest part to pull off wasn't those sleeves but this -- >> everybody think it's my clouds. . it's my train. >> i said forget the 15 racks you brought me, this is it. >> miley cyrus, no latex, no censorship required. >> my big sister, miley cyrus! >> but the big trend of the night stars going sheer.
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>> what's the secret about this -- like something about this outfit that we don't know. >> well, there's no underwear involved and it's just like a straight of he up leotard. i wanted to wear something that you think is conservative and then bang, you know what i'm sayin'? >> nothing conservative about that outfit. let's keep moving. a great day to be dad on sunday. kevin hart brought his 9-year-old son to the premiere of his new movie "captain underpants." >> you know for captain underpants i decided to bring with me shane frazier. you focused? you ready? >> what's the coolest part of your dad playing captain underpants? >> when he pranks people. >> best prank ever. >> good answer, son. >> yeah, kevin pranks a lot of people in the movie, especially the school principal -- captain underpants. >> who do you think is tougher
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captain underpants or your dad. >> my dad. >> you're on fire today. >> kevin is quite the supportive dad, especially in sports. when he comes to your games, how crazy does he get? >> more than crazy. >> why do i get crazy. >> because you want us to score. >> that's right. it's all coming from a place of love. >> i coach a team. >> oh, you coach a team? >> are you crazinesiness the da? >> you don't tell secrets we're on tv. we're on tv. okay. >> shane is adorable. i'm mad at you now. >> i have to train him what not to say on tv. i'm so excited, all the love and lunacy begins tonight on abc. >> i can't wait for this. >> rachel lindsay meets her 31 suitors and the secrets behind
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those. epic introductions. producers started casting rachel's "husband material" months before she was even picked to be the bachelorette and once they find a guy they like -- >> there's background checks. there's psychological background profiling, there's blood tests to make sure that everybody's clean. i'm sure there are things that could slip through the cracks, but we're not the feds. >> producers also bend the truth, this season jonathan's job title is "tickle monster," but he's actually a doctor. chris says it's to make contestants more memorable to viewers. >> we figure when we have some fun with these labels it's not necessarily what they are it's kind of who they are. >> producers also help mastermind those crazy first introductions. tonight expect a marching band and plenty of creative costumes. >> rachel's gown tonight is by randi rahm gown. she didn't have to buy it. she gets a stylist and a glam
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team. but the contestants don't get wardrobe, and producers have a reason for that, too. >> that says a lot about you. if we made everybody look perfect that's not who you are. >> and what about the show's most coveted accessory? >> this finger is ready. >> rachel already revealed she gets engaged this season, be what happens to that bling if it doesn't work out? >> i think there's probably a vault or a bucket and there's ring. >> because it doesn't work out. >> occasionally. when we come back -- was brad pitt trying t next on kron eight: 19 people are now confirmed dead .... dozens of others are injured, following a pop star's overseas concert ... what police are saying about terrorism tonight a rare disease turns deadly for an east bay father. the first person to die from an outbreak tied to nacho cheese. i'm steve aveson
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i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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travel consideration provided by -- that's brad pitt in japan where he was talking about his new netflix movie war machine. >> and remember last week when brad was spotted wearing those superbaggy pants, waist high, even the japanese press wondering, brad, what were you thinking? >> i dare everyone here -- we're going to start a new trend, together, we unite, no? >> no. no, we're not. >> not even for brad? >> love you, brad, but no. now at eight ...walking wounded. lots of ambulance and police
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running around backwards and forwards,breaking news tonight ... at least 19 people dead in what's being called a suicide bomb attack at a rock concert in england.a dashcam captured the flash of the blast at the arena in manchester.boom (steve) breaking news tonight. a possible act of terror could be behind the deaths of at least 19 people. after an explosion at an ariana grande concert in england. thank you for joining us i'm steve aveson. (pam) and i'm pam moore. updated numbers indicate - now, nearly sixty- others were injured in the blast which triggered mass panic at the end of the concert. grant lodes is tracking the breaking situation out of manchester... grant what do we know at this point? (grant) our coverage


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