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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  May 25, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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what's that mean? (pam) tonight at ten: a soccer coach has been arrested in the east bay... accused of child molestation. hello - i'm pam moore. (steve) and i'm steve aveson.tonight -- police are looking for more potential victims. this is the suspect -- victor juarez. his alleged victim was an 11-year-old girlthat he had coached. the suspect coached in union city -- and worked as a soccer league manager in alameda.(pam) new tonight: kron 4's hermela aregawi talked with to people who know the suspect. 44 year old victor jamie juarez is in jail tonight.he's facing 1 count of lewd acts with a child.and another of annoying or molesting a child. his long time neighbors say this is not the man they know.
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jorge butron/neighbor: we've lived here for over 10 years and ever since we've known him, he's always beena family person, family guy, very down to earth. i mean there's a whole bunch of kids on this block and when someone is accused of that, you can tell. with him, we've never witnessed anything. i mean, i don't know. i don't know what's going personally saddens me. i don't think it's fair. people are going to be very quick to judge,which i don't think is fair. you know you should never judge a person based on what you hear. like i said we're with them. we're very close with them and i personally don't think it's true.juarez had been working as a private soccer coach in union city.then recently started working as a soccer league manager at bladium in alameda.we reached out to the gym.they say they haven't heard from authorities but add: if we are contacted by the authorities, we have every intention of cooperating with them. however, based upon what we have read on the news media websites, we do not believe the arrest is related to any conduct within our facility.(hermela aregawi)the
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allegations against juarez surfaced on may third.and he was taken into custody today.. after the district attorney reviewed the case an felony arrest warrant was issued. juarez has no criminal history. but police are looking into whether there are more victims.reporting in union city, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news. (steve) new video tonight..that police hope will trackdown the two men who stabbed a san jose state university football player. it happened around 1:00 a.m sunday in downtown san jose.the victim -- chad miller -- is expected to survive. this is the new surveillance video... police said a fight broke out between fifteen to twenty people.. the man you see in the video with the snap-back hat on reportedly brandished a knife during the fight.. the man that stabbed miller is seen wearing a black beanie.. (pam) tonight -- a new lead in the mystery involving a missing uber driver and father -- last seen on mother's day. piseth chhay (chai) was last seen .... as he left his home to help a friend. now that
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friend --- bob tang --- is a person of interest in chai's disappearance. and police say, foul play is suspected. kron 4's ella sogominian is live with the new clue found today at san francisco international airport.. ella? finding that car at san francsico international airport today has given the family of missing man pisseth chayy hope they may be one step closer to finding out what happened to the husband and father of two. sot: rattana kim, wife // see this picture? this is the picture that we took all together."rattana kim shows a photo of her family on vacation with bob tang who san francisco police are treating as a person of interest in the disappearence of her husband 48-year-old pisseth chayy.sot: rattana kim, wife //"how can
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it be? someone that we call like a brother be a suspect in my husband's disappearance it's a shock!"thursday investigators report they found tang's car at the san francisco international airport. tang's car was towed to the police impound lot for crime scene investigators to search.sot: rattana kim, wife //i feel like the investigation is getting close to bringing my husband home. that's all i'm worried about that i want my husband home." tang himself has yet to be found. police believe he may have fled the country to cambodia.invesitgators served search warrants the same day to two more properties linked to tang. one in san francisco - the other in hayward- where kim believes is a warehouse owned by tang's uncle. neighbors in the silver terrace neighborhood are shocked police are suspecting tang in this case."real nice guy. family guy he's got two kids law father in law,. mother in live there.""he was very helpful very friendly i never had any problem with him."in the meantime kim sits in her husbands favorite chair missing him and wondering what could have gone wrong in a friendship between two families that's lasted years? tag for now chayy's family is hoping this new clue may soon lead to an answer in san francisco ella sogomonian kron 4 news.
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(steve ) breaking newsl a controversial republican has won a special election to fill a montana seat on the house of representatives. greg gianforte is accused of bodyslamming a reporter during heated confrontation... just one day before the election. he has also been charged with misdemeanor assault.. the reporter from the guardian.. says it happened when he asked about his position on the new house g- o-p health care plan.within the last 10 minutes..gianforte says he learned his lesson and apologized to the reporter he's accused of assaulting. montana has a strong absentee voting tradition, with nearly half of the votes already banked, as of last night. (pam) here is the latest vote count... with 83-percent of the votes in.. but again -- gianforte has already been declared winner. (pam) developing news we are following;there are new
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reports claiming... jared kushner, president trump's son- in- law... is one key focus of the f-b-i investigation into russia. according to the washington post... investigators are looking into a series of meeting held by kushner.. kushner -- who is a senior advisor to president trump - held several meetings after the election in decemeber, with the russian officials. no comment yet from the white house. (steve) another blow to the trump appeals court has upheld the block on the president's revised travel ban... now the u-s attorney general says the justice department will ask the supreme court to review the case.the fourth circuit court of appeals made the ruling -- saying it discriminates on the basis of religion. the revised travel ban was announced back in would have banned people from iran, libya, somalia, sudan, syria and yemen from entering the u.s. for 90 days and all refugees for 120 days. (pam) while political
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turmoil swirls in washington... today president trump met with key allies at his first nato summit in brussels... (steve) the president is taking nato to task on military spending..while britain is accusing the u-s of leaking intelligence on the recent terror attack to the media.(pam) among the things getting the most attention tonight.. president trump appearing to shove past another world leader. grant lodes is tracking all the developments playing out overseas. (grant) we'll get to the nato countries ápayingá their fair share momentarily...but first... is this áplayingá fair? the president... uses his hand to move the prime minister of montenegro out of the way. mister trump was in the back of the pack as the group of world leaders was moving from one nato event to another...and he apparently wanted to be in the front. a busy day...for the presindet...who during the campaign called nato...obselete. then,
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recently... after winning the election, he said...nato is not not he said...nato the election, he said...nato is not obselete. at his first nato summit in brussels, president trump got straight to the point. president donald trump: "23 of the 28 member nations are still not paying what they should be paying and what they're supposed to be paying for their defense. this is not fair to the people and taxpayers of the united states."with just five of the 28 nato member countries paying the required two per cent of gdp towards defense... the president's message to allies was loud and clear... but one of america's closest allies had a message for him -- stop the leaks. british officials are fuming that detailed information about the manchester terror attack surfaced in u-s media after it was shared with american law enforcement. andy burnham/mayor of greater manchester: "the decision that's been taken is not to suspend any sharing of information it's just information related to this particular investigation because we quite frankly can't afford to risk it anymore, it has been compromised by the leaks and we can't afford anymore." british prime minister theresa may stressed the "special relationship" is built on trust -- the president issued a statement
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promising to get to the bottom of the leaks: "there is no relationship we cherish more than the special relationship between the united states and the united kingdom." intelligence sharing between the two countries was reinstated several hours later after the british received "fresh assurances" that intelligence would be protected. but has the damage already been done?richard clarke/ former white house counterterrorism chief: "i don't blame the british one bit for turning off the flow of information." (grant) another moment getting attention...when presdient trump and france's new president emanual macron had a press event. the but their handshake was strong and long. one reproter there said their knuckles were turning white and their jaws were clenched.== and later in
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the day...they seem to be having fun with the attention that shake was getting on social media and beyond...andot her hearty handshake...both leaders laughing about least publiclly. (pam) happening now: firefighters in stockton making progress on a big warehouse fire. the wind pushed the flames into a least one home destroyed -- others look to be damaged. this is happening just north of highway- four in stockton... near main street...some evacuations remain in effect.. no injuries reported... at this hour no word on the cause... a cooling trend can be expected through friday as high pressure weakens and the marine influence increases. minor warming is then expected during the upcoming weekend into early next week as high pressure returns to
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the west coast. (steve) (steve) west coast. (steve) the moment dubs fans finally here. for a third straight year... the golden state warriors will face the cleveland cavaliers in the nba finals. the league's first finals triology...will feature the warriors in typical record shattering fashion. golden state is coming off an historic (12-0) record in the playoffs...they swept every team they faced. tip off for game one of the nba finals... is june first... at oracle arena. sports director gary radnich will have the low down on the cleveland cavaliers big win tonight... and all the sports...later in the show. (pam) coming up: caught on camera.... thieves pick the wrong person to try and rob... tonight -- hear from the woman who refused to become a carjacking victim. (steve) then: new at ten
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-- video showing the moments a semi-truck was hit by a train in the east bay. ubelievably - the driver and his two dogs were able to walk away from the wreck. (pam) and next:one year after she was kidnapped on a bay area overpass.. we'll look at how family and friends of missing teenager pearl pinson are keeping hope alive...
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gúw (steve) it's been one year since teenager pearl pinson was abducted from an overpass in vallejo. her alleged
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attacker was killed the next day in a gun battle with police but pinson's whereabouts remain a mystery. this afternoon, pearl's family and friends gathered at one of her favorite parks for a vigil. kron4's charles clifford was there. (steve) the defense has rested
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as the penalty phase of the
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sierra lamar trial nears conclusion. now the trial shifts to closing arguments. before the jury deliberates about whether or not the convicted killer antolin garcia torres will get the death penalty or not. in a surprise move...the defense rested without re-calling a police investigator to the stand. that witness' credibility had been called into question after it was revealed he gave false testimony in another murder case. defense attorneys say they opted out of calling him because they may puruse a new trial for antolin garcia torres. (pam) the oakland city attorney is recommending ... paying close to one-million dollars to jasmine abuslin -- she is the young woman formerly known as celeste guap -- who is at the center of a bay area police sex scandal. she had sued oakland for 66-million dollars, claiming police officers exploited her. the case exploded - leading oakland to go through three police chiefs and disciplining several officers.
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four current or former officers are facing charges in the scandal. the oakland city council is expected to consider the proposed settlement at its meeting next tuesday. the council has to approve the deal before it can finalized.(pam) jasmine absulin... is also suing the cities of richmond, livermore and san francisco. in each case... she is seeking millions of dollars in damages tied to the sex scandal. (steve) there is new video tonight showing the moments a train.. hit a semi-truck in richmond. it happened two weeks ago... take a look. police say the driver realized the train was coming towards him -- when the crossing arms hit his truck. by that time he was unable to move the 18 wheeler out of the way... the driver was not hurt and was able to walk away. kron4 was the only station to talk to the driver right after this all happened. the man's two dogs also
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made it out okay. the train was going 44 miles per hour at the time of the colission... the new surveillance video was released as part of an effort to raise awareness... about the dangers of trying to beat a train when crossing the tracks. (pam) today. after hearing that his bat, baseballs, mit, and batting glove were stolen from his mother's car, members from the league's board got together and bought him all new gear. the 7- year old with
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autism was devastated when the family found out his gear was gone. the community came together, and other players offered up their gear until he was able to rebound. but the league's board made good use of a previous donation from dick's sporting goods.... and presented him with his new gear right before today's game. ( steve ) a live look outside.. ( pam ) chief meteorologist brittney shipp has the forecast into the weekend.. a cooling trend can be expected through friday as high pressure weakens and the marine influence increases. minor warming is then expected during the upcoming weekend into early next week as high pressure returns to the west coast. (pam) still ahead:a busy bay area apple store -- hit by thieves in broad daylight..
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we have new video showing you just how (pam) still ahead:a busy bay
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area apple store -- hit by thieves in broad daylight.. we have new video showing you just how fast it all happened. (steve) and next:new details about the skydiver killed during a jump in san joaquin county. tonight - despite multiple deaths at the same parachute center -- why the business says it's not responsible.
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new tonight at ten:we now know the identity of the skydiver -- killed in an accident near the lodi parachute center on wednesday.
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matthew ciancio was wearing a "wing suit"... when he fell to his death.he is the fourth person since 2016 to die at the lodi parachute center since 2016. today --- reporter ali wolf talked to skydivers -- who were already up in the air. (pkg)(nats//skydivers landing&soaring)"its human flight"'soaring through the open sky..skydiving is a way of life for gwillym hewetson. (nats gwillym)"to jump off of a mountain and fly down it is.. the best part of my existence so far"he suits up in a purple wing suit...which allows him to glide through the air -- at a 45 degree angle...(nats plane take off) on this day, as the plane takes off at the lodi parachute center....he remembers a fellow wingsuit skydiver who died wednesday.....(gwillym hewetson - skydiver)"he was a lovely guy. warm hearted ,smiling jovial kind of guy," the san joaquin coutny sherriff's office identifies
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him as 42 year old matthew ciancio.hewetson says hes known ciancio for years --both travel the world base jumping and sky diving.he was on ciancios final jump from the lodi parachute center.... (gwillym hewetson - skydiver) "i watched him spin and spin and spin"'hewetson says ciancio was very experienced. spokesperson for the lodi parachute center, bill dause (daws) believes a parachute malfunction caused the deadly accident ...(bill dause - spokesman lodi parachute center)"it was just absolutely a perfect jump until his first parachute failed and then he failed to use proper emergency procedures"dause says ciancio waited too long to use his emergency parachute...he is the fourth person to die at the lodi parachute center since 2016...(bill dause - spokesman lodi parachute center)"we got several really close together which is quite irritating but theres no common thread they were just totally different incidents" dause insists the facility is not to blame..they simply supply the plane... and dont pack skydivers' parachutes... he says experienced skydivers understand death is always a risk.(bill dause - spokesman lodi parachute center)"the people out here are not stay at home eat twinkies and watch tv and play with their phone.. they want to live life.. to the fullest"as the f-a-a investigates what went wrong.. fear of death wont hold hewetson back from seeking the thrill of flight...(gwillym hewetson - skydiver)"if your friend dies in a car accident you dont stop driving a car"
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(steve) that was ali wolf reporting. the f-a-a says that three inspectors are investigating what went wrong. so far they have spoke to witnesses and examined the parachute the man was wearing at the time of his death. (pam) coming up:a warning for bart riders.. after a woman was groped on a train. where it happened. (steve) then -- we are learning more about role isis played in the suicide bombing at an arianna grande concert. (pam) and next:the legal action being taken.... after tained gas station cheese dip - led to a deadly outbreak.
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whoa! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. (steve) tonight a ten;a victim of
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botulism is taking legal action against the company that made the tainted cheese... which authorities say caused the illness.(pam) that woman is one of ten people who claims to have been sickened by that nacho cheese.... she says she has suffered severe and permanent injuries. kron 4's terisa estacio has the latest on the botulism outbreak.
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terisa estacio, reporting. here at children's hospital in oakland the youngest victim of this botulism tragedy. recently, the teen - johnny was able to squeeze the hand of his schools principle that came visit him. however, he is still very though very sick- this is a picture of johnny in his hospital bed, still hospitalized like others including a mom of 3 young children. (take vo) these are pictures obtained by kron four news. lavinia kelly's eyes swollen shut, unable to move breathe or speak since being admitted. her attorney says the mother of 3 still very much suffering from the effects of being strickened from eating contaiminated nacho cheese at this gas station in walnut grove. in a statement attorney bill marler said quote " people must be educated on food safety practices so that they can identify warning signs of food that might be dangerous to eat. no settlement can make up for the immense toll that botullism takes on it's victims." here is another picture of the 33 year old, lavinia at sutter health in sacramento with her children. another adult male is also at sutter health, and a teen is at uc davis. marhler also represents a family of 3 sickened from eating the cheese. this man, 47 year old x died. representing 6 victims - marhler has filed a
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lawsuit against gehl foods out of germantown wisconsin the manufacturers of the jalapeno nacho cheese sauce. the california department of public health has tested other batchs of jalepeno cheese from the gas station to see if it too was tainted. but says lab tests show no signs of botulism. earlier this week there was a case of botulism in napa, but it is unrelated to this case from the gas station. as for lavinia she remains in poor condition and her prognosis is uncertain. her sister says she has shown some signs of improvement - from when she first came in. 16 year old johnny villasenor at children's hospital is also reportedly doing better then when he first was admitted. - botulism usually strikes fast with those hit experience blurred vision, drooping eyeslids and slurred speech. marhler says all of his clients recevied a vital antitoxin but still adds they could be on ventilators for motnhs, followed by long periods of rehabiliation. in oakland, te kron four news
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(pam) tonight -- a man who groped a woman on a bart train... is on the loose. it happened last night.. somewhere between the richmond and north berkeley stations. the passenger notified bart around 9-pm ... the man ran off the train at the north berkeley station. we talked to the new bart police chief -- who was sworn in today -- about crime on the system.. he did not go into specifics on this case -- but talked about the importance of everyone staying aware of their surroundings. (pam) bart police have not said whether an image of the
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suspect was captured on the newly installed security cameras. (steve) the apple store in walnut creek has been hit by thieves -- again. this time -- we have video showing the grab and dash robbery. take a look at the video. the robbers made off with several macbook laptops.. they grab the items -- then take off right out the front door. at this point -- no word on any arrests... no word of anyone being hurt,. this crime marks the second time this year -- the walnut apple store has been robbed. (pam) the investigation into the manchester suicide bombing.... is leading detectives to syria. a u-s official says, bomber salman abedi ... likely received some isis training in that war- torn country.. in the months before the attack. abedi killed 22- people and injured dozens more ... outside an ariana grande concert. mary moloney has more on the investigation. (mary maloney)the united states believes isis set the
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stage for salman abedi to carry out his deadly attack -- training him in syria.other members of the 22-year-old's family are believed to be radicalized as well.just weeks ago -- abedi was in libya -- taken by his family to get out of trouble in england.where two months ago -- the chairman of his mosque argued with abedi.abdullah muhsin norris/chairman, salaam community masjid: "i quarreled with him. and the way that he behaved he said you know you shouldn't shout at me. i said i shout at you because you behave like a child." investigators are still trying to determine who made the bomb that exploded outside a concert.and if the bomb maker is still at large.raids continue around the u-k.police arrested several people as the military increased its patrols. the royal air force also responded with a message on a missile -- love from is the main message at this -- candles -- and stuffed animals swell the site -- as victims are remembered for their lives -- not their deaths.i'm mary moloney reporting. (steve)
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(steve) (grant) melissa smith was pumping gas one minute...and fighting off car thieves the next. she noticed a guy get in her car... her first instinct was to try to stop jumping on the hood. she says the crook inside was even laughing as she yelled for him to stop......then things got more serious. the thief slammed on the breaks twice trying to throw her off of the car. he eventually gave up... jumping out of her
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car and getting in his get-a-way ride. (grant) he did get away her purse, phone and wallet. but not the car. smith says that is the last time she leaves her keys in the car
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while she pumps gas. coming up you don't know why im pulling you over (no) not at all you're on your cell phone (no) you weren't on your cell phone there is a little river in egypt many people visit daily it's call denial..i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly (pam) but first.. if you use fas-trak .... you might be owed some money. but you'll have to act fast... details ahead.
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ñç (mark danon) so opec
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agrees to cut oil production but oil prices keep dropping. (rob black) yes because we
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have a president that is very pro oil and very pro pipeline. he wants to get three built sooner rather than later in the united states and we have plenty of oil already in our ground here due to fracking. new technology pulls oil out of the ground. so opec, the oil patroleum extracting countries, they're a cartel. they basically own most of the world's oil and they decided how much we get. they're cutting supply to artificially prop up the price. there's just not enough demand globally at this point and time so the extention is going to go through march 2018. this means you and i are going to have some consistancy with our gasoline prices. oil is going no where fast. (mark danon)the good news is we shouldn't see any huge spikes in gas prices this summer. (rob black)not until march. (mark danon) retail. that used to be sort of a right of passage for all of us growing up. teenagers getting their first jobs in retail but that's really changing. (rob black)yeah retail was considered a right of passage so to speak. retail has been historically really kind to teenagers. a lot of employers are willing to hire teenagers to run their cash registers but the problem is cash registers are going away.
10:41 pm
retailers have announced 34- hundred retail store closures this year. 50-thousand job cuts. best jobs for teenagers right now include transportation, hospitality, food service, and construction. teen participation in the work force. back in the 1980s was about 72 percent of teenagers worked at some point and time in their that paarticipation rate is at 43 percetn. stay at home play xbox don't get a job. i used to really enjoy getting that paycheck though. (mark danon) post your questions on robs facebook page and we may answer them on the air here at kron 4 news.
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teachers say... it is tough to sit in class to learn.. when your stomach is empty and growling. we often report on the problem facing young children who are hungry .... but the fear of not having food can overwhelm students of any age. in- depth tonight.. kron 4's lydia pantazes reports on local college students... who face food insecurity... and who is helping to ease their fears. he's a father, rapper, and budding documentary filmmaker, this father of two also holds down two jobs on top of being a full time student at cal state east bay. sometimes making ends meet is tough.... < "there's times where i've gone hungry, where i haven't had food."> according to a study released in january 2016 and
10:46 pm
commissioned by the csu chancellors office, 21-percent of students on csu campuses are "food insecure."that means students go hungry because they can't afford to buy food or are worry about being able to afford students like danny can come here a campus food pantry that opened just six months ago. < "people have to understand that you don't know what people are going through."> alex baker is the case management coordinator for the cal state east bay's pioneers for hope program. which is opening a second pantry on their concord campus. < alex baker/csu east bay pioneers for hope: "a lot of times we get campbell's soup, clam chowder chicken noodle soup, ravioli and all that good stuff but those fly off the shelves.">there's nothing fancy inside this pantry and it's relatively small.but for students who come here.. it offers them the security of knowing they won't go to class hungry. < alex baker/csu east bay pioneers for hope: "we
10:47 pm
have a partnership or contract with alameda food bank where we purchase food at a very discounted rate for our students. our staff and faculty from various departments hold food drives every so often where they donate food items for the food pantry as well."> the security of knowing he and his family can eat gives him a chance to plan for the future. < "my dream is to become a radio personality for any kind of r&b station.">in hayward, lydia pantazes kron4 news.
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(steve) memorial weekend is right around the corner. it's also the unofficial start to summer. triple-a projects that more than 34 million americans will be taking a road trip over the weekend. that's 800- thousand more than last year. at the same time, gas prices are increasing for the first time in a month. triple-a says the increases are possibly the result of rising demand and crude oil prices. drivers should keep in mind that gasoline is also being converted to summer-blend, which is generally more expensive.
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(pam) if you use fastrak... you may have some unclaimed money. the bay area toll authority owes motorists more than one- point- five million dollars in unclaimed checks. according to fastrak -- the claims go all the way back to 2005. transit officials say... the funds are from uncashed checks, overpaid fines or money from accounts which were automatically closed. motorists have until july 11-th to claim refunds... after that the bay area toll authority will keep the money. fastrack says, there are still more than 60-thousand unclaimed checks... some worth more than one- thousand dollars. you can visit the fastrak website... to find out if one of those unclaimed checks is for you. a cooling trend can be expected through friday as high pressure weakens and the marine influence increases. minor warming is then expected during the upcoming weekend into early next week as high pressure returns to the west coast.
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the cavs trying to close out the celtics in five games lebron james trying to go to his 7th straight nba finals1st quarterjames backs his man down then throws it down cavs up 43-27 after one quarter 3rd quarterjames down the lane for the finger roll he had 35 points, 8 rebounds, 8 assists3rd quarterjames 3- pointer to pass michael jordan for 1st on the all-time playoff scoring listcavs get the conference championship trophyfinal: 135-102 cavs cleveland wins series 4-1 (12-1 in playoffs so far)
10:51 pm
"golden state has been the best team in our league for the last three years, and then they added an mvp. that's all i can give you right now want to be stressed. they stress and i'll get when we start to prepare for them." steve kerr has been out since game 2 in the first round suffering from lingering complications from back surgery two years agoalthough he has been more active lately traveling with the team, walking around at pracice and being in the locker room before and during games it doesn't look like he'll be ready to return anytime soonhere is general manager bob myers on his coach and close friend kerr(sot: myers) "he's doing everything but coaching, but at this point he is not able to coach. i wish i could say that he was. i'm sure he wishes he could as well, but that's where we are. if something changes and he feels better i will sit here, better he will sit here and tell you. to be honest, if he's feeling better i so happy about that, that's first. i know the finals are a big deal. i get it, that's what we do, but i'd be trilled if he just said he's feeling better. and then we get to deal with the basketball stuff."
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the giants done in again by the long ball and maybe some fan interference and a broken phone at wrigley field todayyoung cubs fan thrilled to get a baseballbottom 1st/ 1-0 giantskris bryant.takes jeff samardzija long and out to left-center field mac williamson points up as if to say a fan interfered upon replay it looks like the fan may have managed to reach over the outfield basket to make
10:53 pm
the catch which would be fan interference bruce bochy said later he would have challenged it but the replay challenge phone in the dugout wasn't working so he never got to call to challenge it from shawon dunston 1-1 tie (samardzija: 7 ip, 6 hits, 3 runs, 8 k's gave up 3 solo home runs)final: 5-1 cubs chicago wins 3 of 4 games they hit 10 home runs in the series stanley cup playoffs penguins and senatorseastern confernece finals game 7 goes to double overtimeand in the 2nd ovetime tied at 2-2 sidney crosby gets the puck to chris kunitz he goes top shelf for the game-winner! pittsburgh is heading back to the stanley cup finals they beat the sharks lasrt year in 6 games they play the nashville predators in game 1 monday night in pittsburgh (pam) coming up at the top of the hour. the mystery deepens .... in the case of a missing father and uber driver... what police discovered today about the
10:54 pm
person who may be involved in his disappearance. that, and all the day's big stories.. and your weather -- in half the time -- next at 11. (steve)but first... in a brand new edition of people behaving badly. police were out in force in santa clara county... stanley roberts explains the reasons behind the traffic crackdown. stay with us
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in just 4 hours... the huge crackdown in santa clara by some 40 traffic officers from multiple police departments ... led to more then 200 tickets ... ((steve)) and for some people they made a simple mistake and were caught but for other people they believe if they deny everything they might get off scott free... you don't know why im pulling you over (no) not at all you're on your cell phone (no) you weren't on your cell phone there is a little river in
10:58 pm
egypt many people visit daily it's call is the driver so engrossed in her smart phone or should i say distracted that she ever noticed we were next to her until (sound of police siren) the cell phone you were using it ..let come back here in a moment when people are caught behaving badly behind the wheel the responses are well let's just say intresting this driver was stopped for not yield to a pedestrian in a marked crosswalk and he may have been a wee bit distracted are you on confrence call right now . let's talk to it a possiblity the confrence call distracted you i was actually i was paying attention to the road i i i i literely say him enter the the side from the corner of my eyethe tickets for not yelding to a pedrstrian in the crosswalk back there over on winchester right out side the church of the valley . where even the neighbors happy about the crackdown this is really bad over here yes this is (censored ) ..umm please no profanity lets try it again so
10:59 pm
tell me how bad this street is well the street is really busy they expeed the speed limt all the time infact this driver was caught at 49 in the posted 25 i wasn't aware of that though, you were aware of the signs no yes . but the signs are big . now watch this the black suv is getting flagged over but the driver ignored the forst officer but not the second so you know how fast you were going (oh its because i'm lost) oh your lost . (important to note whenever lost slowing down is the better approach )you were 41 that was too quick .. now let's head back over to el camino real you were on your phone or you were not on your phone you were not on your phone ok my turnhi you weren't on your phone were you no so that thing you had in your hand for the whole few minutes that wasn't even a phone was it no i'm not on the phone but listen to thisdid you see the light change, i see the light change then i put the phone down and go bammmm .drops mic and walks away so i'm writing you a citation for being in a vehicle on a public roadway using your cellphone what's that ive done my job ok press hard all three copies .in santa clara stanley roberts kron 4 news
11:00 pm
((steve)) now at eleven...a new lead in the mystery involving a father and uber drivermissing for nearly two weeksim steve aveson.((pam)) and i'm pam moore. piseth chhay (chai) was last seen .... as he left his home to help a friend. now that friend --- named bob tang --- is a person of interest in chai's disappearance. and police say, foul play is suspected...kron 4's ella sogomonian spoke with his wife .... who is pleading for her husband's safe return.(pkg) finding that car at san francsico international airport today has given the family of missing man pisseth chayy hope they may be one step closer to


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