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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 26, 2017 1:45am-2:01am PDT

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((steve)) now at eleven...a new lead in the mystery involving a father and uber drivermissing for nearly two weeksim steve aveson.((pam)) and i'm pam moore. piseth chhay (chai) was last seen .... as he left his home to help a friend. now that friend --- named bob tang --- is a person of interest in chai's disappearance. and police say, foul play is suspected...kron 4's ella sogomonian spoke with his wife .... who is pleading for her husband's safe return.(pkg) finding that car at san francsico international airport today has given the family of missing man pisseth chayy hope they may be one step closer to finding out what happened to the husband and father of two. sot: rattana kim, wife // see this picture? this is the picture
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that we took all together." rattana kim shows a photo of her family on vacation with bob tang who san francisco police are treating as a person of interest in the disappearence of her husband 48-year-old pisseth chayy.sot: rattana kim, wife //"how can it be? someone that we call like a brother be a suspect in my husband's disappearance it's a shock!"thursday investigators report they found tang's car at the san francisco international airport. tang's car was towed to the police impound lot for crime scene investigators to search.sot: rattana kim, wife //i feel like the investigation is getting close to bringing my husband home. that's all i'm worried about that i want my husband home." tang himself has yet to be found. police believe he may have fled the country to cambodia.invesitgators served search warrants the same day to two more properties linked to tang. one in san francisco - the other in hayward- where kim believes is a warehouse owned by tang's uncle. neighbors in the silver terrace neighborhood are shocked police are suspecting tang in this case."real nice guy. got two kids law father in law,. there.""he was very friendly i never had any
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problem with him."in the meantime kim sits in her husbands favorite chair missing him and wondering what could have gone wrong in a friendship between two families that's lasted years? tag for now is hoping this new clue may soon lead to an answer live in san francisco ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (pam) new video which police hope will help track down the two men ... who stabbed a san jose state university football player. this is the new surveillance happened around 1:00- sunday morning in downtown san jose.the victim -- chad miller -- is expected to survive. police say... a fight broke out between fifteen- to twenty - people.. the man you see in the video wearing the snap- back hat .. reportedly had a knife during the fight.. the man who stabbed miller is seen wearing a black beanie. (steve) in the east bay... a woman riding a bart train late last night says, she was groped during the ride.. somewhere between the richmond and north berkeley stations. that passenger notified bart police around 9-o'clock about the incident. she says, the suspect ran off the train when it stopped at the north berkeley station. officers were unable to track him down. bart police have not said if the suspect was captured on the newly installed security
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cameras. (pam) the city of oakland appears to be nearing a settlement over a widespread sex scandal that rocked its police department. the city attorney is recommending ... paying out close to one - million dollars to jasmine abuslin ... she is the young woman at the center of the scandal. she had sued the city for 66- million dollars, claiming oakland police officers exploited her. the case exploded - leading oakland to go through three police chiefs. four current or former officers are also facing charges in the scandal. abuslin has also filed claims against the cities of richmond and livermore. (steve ) tonight...a controversial republican has won a special election to fill a montana seat on the house of representatives. greg gianforte is accused of bodyslamming a reporter during heated confrontation... just one day before the election. he has also been charged with misdemeanor assault.. the reporter from the guardian.. says it happened when he asked about his position on the new house g-
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o-p health care plan. gianforte spoke tonight after the win apologizing for the incident...and vowed to represent his state in washington. (pam) here is the latest vote count... with 83-percent of the votes in.. but again -- gianforte has already been declared winner. (grant) another big story we've been tracking all night... a devastating fire in stockton has destoryed one home...and damaged four others. one woman was hurt. this thing started with a bunch of wood pallets burning
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near railroad tracks...but intense wind quickly spread flames to other businesses and across a a block of homes. an evacuation center has been set up. it took crews a few hours but the got the fire under control just before 8:00 tonight...crews will be on scene all night monitoring hot spots. this is happening just north of highway four in stockton...near main street. the cause will be investigated oevr the next several days. (steve) an east bay soccer coach arrested and accused of child abuse... tonight -- police are looking for more potential victims. (pam) the suspect.. victor juarez... coached in union city -- and worked as a soccer league manager in alameda. kron 4's hermela aregawi talked with people who know the suspect... 44 year old victor jamie juarez is in jail tonight.he's
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facing 1 count of lewd acts with a child.and another of annoying or molesting a child. his long time neighbors say this is not the man they know. jorge butron/neighbor: we've lived here for over 10 years and ever since we've known him, he's always beena family person, family guy, very down to earth. i mean there's a whole bunch of kids on this block and when someone is accused of that, you can tell. with him, we've never witnessed anything. i mean, i don't know. i don't know what's going personally saddens me. i don't think it's fair. people are going to be very quick to judge,which i don't think is fair. you know you should never judge a person based on what you hear. like i said we're with them. we're very close with them and i personally don't think it's true.juarez had been working as a private soccer coach in union city.then recently started working as a soccer league manager at bladium in alameda.we reached out to the gym.they say they haven't heard from authorities but add: if we are contacted by the authorities, we have every intention of cooperating with them. however, based upon what we have read on the news media websites, we do not
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believe the arrest is related to any conduct within our facility.(hermela aregawi)the allegations against juarez surfaced on may third.and he was taken into custody today.. after the district attorney reviewed the case an felony arrest warrant was issued. juarez has no criminal history. but police are looking into whether there are more victims.reporting in union city, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news.
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(pam) the holiday weekend is gonna be a hot one in some parts. (steve) chief meteorologist brittany shipp is here with your complete forecast.
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a cooling trend can be expected through friday as high pressure weakens and the marine influence increases. minor warming is then expected during the upcoming weekend into early next week
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as high pressure returns to the west coast.
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