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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 30, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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happen shortly . but want do i knowin san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news ((steve)) ((steve))frightening moments onboard a jetblue plane headed to san francisco...i'm steve aveson.((pam))and i'm pam moore.that flight from j-f-k to s-f-o ... had to be diverted to michigan after a laptop caught fire.((steve)) grant lodes is tracking the developments.... grant? (grant) that plane is set to land within the hour here at sfo. and any fire on any plane is always disconcerting, but especially so tonight...because of terror concerns connected to laptops on planes. fortunately,
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there's no indication this is was anything nefarious....just a lithium computer battery that malfunctioned. earlier tonight, people noticed smoke coming from a bag holding someone's laptop. the flight from jfk made an emergency landing in grand rapids michigan. no one was hurt. the fire was actually out before the plane landed. it re-fueled and continued on to sfo. the u-s homeland security secretary recently warned that terror groups are working to conceal bombs in laptops that are carried onto plane cabins. and secretary john kelly says he's contemplaying expanding a ban on laptops in carry on all international flights coming or going. right now...electronic devices larger than cell phones are banned from the cabin on flights bound for the united states from 10 airports in the middle east and africa. again that plane is set to land here at sfo much later than expected...just before midnight.
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(pam) now to a video you will only see on kron 4. a heated argument... nearly coming to blows.and it's all caught on camera. ((steve))it's just the latest incident on bart...which has been plagued by crime in recent weeks.kron 4's alecia reid explains what you need to do, if something like this happens on your train. according to bart, this particular incident was not reported to police.but officials say it is important for people to report crimes if they believe they've been victimized.pkgnatsot - did this áááá just spit on me? i will fade youit isn't clear what started this altercation, but it quickly got out of control. at one point one of the people in the background, who isn't visible may have spit at the two men on the screen.natsot - both of you shut the áááá up before i knock you the fuck out.sot - i see a lot on bart. i see it all the time unfortunatelya passenger managed to record the altercation. at record the managed to a passenger unfortunatelyall the time on bart. i see it sot - i see a lot you the fuck out.up before i knock you shut the áááá natsot - both of you shut the
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áááá up before i knock you the fuck out.sot - i see a lot on bart. i see it all the time unfortunatelya passenger managed to record the altercation. at one point, 2 women stepped in to break it up. but the two parties were still going at racial slurs were thrown out back and forth.delia martin - i'm immune now. before i'd get scared but not anymorenatsot - you people in the back, can you call the train operator? this is one of the steps bart officials suggest riders take if there's an incident. you can also change cars, reach out to bart p-d on your cell phone or the bart-watch app, or the intercom inside the car. sot - i would press the intercom button and hope that someone will come. otherwise you gotta fend for yourself mario brown (black guy) - i think that bart should do something to make sure that responses to situations like this is quickermookie flora (asian) - like any major city you're gonna have bad people and you're gonna have good peoplestandupbart officials are looking into what happened. i'm told there are cameras installed on of their rail cars. by the end of all train cars are expected to have working cameras.from san francisco. (steve) here is a look at just some of the bart crimes we were tracking over the memorial day weekend. yesterday, there were car burglaries at the millbrae, colma and el cerrito stations.
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on sunday -- a man was punched and robbed at the richmond station. and on saturday, a train operator was attacked at the pittsburg -baypoint station. (pam) tonight... an east bay community is mourning... again... after two more young lives were lost. the two teenagers who died in this terrible crash on memorial day in the city of alameda... went to school in the new haven unified school district in union city. the 17- year olds have been identified as brianna ortega ... and simon sotelo. these deaths come after 3 - other students in the district died recently. one of those tragedies... just a few weeks ago on mothers day. < "this school is dealing with a staggering loss and so is the community. shane marcelino passed on mothers day morning after coming home on senior prom, then we had on labor day, two other teens in an accident."> counselors counselors were brought
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in to help students and staff members. the accident itself is still under investigation... 7 people were inside the truck at the time. police say ... speed appears to be a factor. (steve) another big story:police say, a san jose state university student ... lied about being kidnapped and forced to drive 500- miles north .. to oregon. we reported earlier.. the woman was found running along a road near bandon, oregon. the 22- year- old told police she was kidnapped at knifepoint ... and the man told her to drive. she said her car eventually ran out of gas. police now say, she has admitted making the story up. (steve)the oakland city council is considering whether to go forward with the city attorney's recommendation to try to settle the police sex scandal issue. jasemine abuslin. . .also known as celeste guap. . .is the young woman at the center of this
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sex crimes her claim against the city of oakland. . . she's looking for 66-million dollars.oakland's city attorney is recommending the city settle for just under one million.she has also filed claims against richmond, livermore and san francisco. ((steve))a packed house at a marin country high school tonight.((pam)) the novato school district just approved a measure to put lights on the athletic fields at san marin high school. ((steve))the move will cost the district more than a million dollars.((pam)) kron 4's jr stone spoke with people on both sides of the debate. hundreds of students and parents packed into the gym at san marin high school tuesday night in novato. this as the school board decided on whether or not to install lights on their athletic fields.sot and i saw go for itthese nimby's.not in my backyard are everywhere but i say yes lets support the yimby's.yes in my backyardthe plan would cost the district 1.2 million dollars. plus an additional 250-thousand dollars for a new p.a. system. neighbors who live nearby say not so fast.sot we're just opposed to the lighting of a
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neighborhood that has been unlighted for 50 years.sot so we're against it because the environmental impact's to our neighborhood but most importantly the schools can literally not afford it.while a majority of this crowd was in favor of the lights..some believe that the money should be spent in the classroom not on the sports fields. students i talked with said this move would actually benefit them academically.sot couple meetings ago someone said we lost 1500 hours of school time in the winter because we didn't have lights and we also now have a later start time which will increase that. i don't know the math but that's more hours than we need. (justine)the water slide a 10 year old boy flipped off of in dublin needed a few repairs and adjustments before opening. documents by cal-osha show inspectors found the slide was missing documentation, had sharp edges and exposed bolts. all the problems were fixed before the slide opened. the (justine) the water slide a 10 year old
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boy flipped off of in dublin needed a few repairs and adjustments before opening. documents by cal-osha show inspectors found the slide was missing documentation, had sharp edges and exposed bolts. all the problems were fixed before the slide opened. the slide will remain closed until the investigation is finished. that could be weeks. justine waldman kron 4 news. ((pam)) some sections of the bay area may wake up to rain tomorrow.... but things will soon start to heat back up.((steve)) meteorologist brittney shipp is back with your complete forecast.
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seasonably cool, breezy conditions will persist through midweek with a slight chance of showers late tonight into wednesday morning as an upper level trough moves inland. a drying and warming trend is expected from thursday into the upcoming weekend. you know what i could go for right now?
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he was asleep at the wheel. >> he had to be woken up by the cops. >> straight from the tiger woods police report. he had slurred speech. he didn't know where he was. then what went wrong. what we have learned about the 10-year-old boy who went flying off the ride at the water park. just 90 minutes after it opened. and white house mystery solved, what are those flashing red lights in the president's private quarters. then, exclusive, what's it like being married to america's most famous conspiracy theorist. >> i'm not putting up with it anymore. >> controversial radio host,


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