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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 9, 2017 1:45am-2:01am PDT

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brought marcos to their next door neighbor of 13 years for help. sot: jorge duran, neighbor//"and i tried to feel his pulse if he was still alive. i felt a pulse but he was unconscious, he wasn't breathing, his lips were white."marcos later died at an area hospital. the freshman and a group were said to have come to his home unsupervised after they were let out early from deer valley high school to enjoy the first official day of summer. marcos's neighbors didn't make it yet.sot: aaron duran, friend//"he was like a best friend, he was like a brother to me. then when i found out that he got shot, i just got in shock and didn't know what to do."best friends aaron duran and chaz meyers who live and grew up on the same block with marcos say things will never be the same. sot: chaz meyers, friend//"movies, everything, we were three best friends and now it's only two." antioch police say this was an accident. chaz said the 15-year-old who shot marcos meant no harm and doesn't think he should be punished. sot: chaz meyers, friend//"i want to talk to him, comfort him and let him know it's okay
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because accidents happen." (vicki) new at eleven. a woman accused of abandoning her five-year old daughter in san francisco... faces a felony charge of child endangerment. police say they tracked down the mother...samantha patton. she's accused of abandoning her child near the san francio zoo yesterday evening. the 22- year-old suspect is now in custody. paramedics in the area witnessed her leave the child near the intersection of the great highway and sloat boulevard. luckily the child was unhurt. the 5-year-old girl and a one-year-old boy.... are now in the custody of child protective services (vicki) also in san francisco.... a report released today by the d-m-v reveal a bicyclist suffered minor injuries after colliding with a self-driving car on mission street last month.. the accident happened on may 25th the intersection of mission and 11th streets. the report says the car had to
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make a quick stop and the bicyclist...who was riding close behind did not have time to stop...causing the rider to hit the back of the car. this is the forth accident involving a self-driving car in san francisco this year.. two of those accidents resulted in minor injuries. (steve) tonight a car crash in the east bay has claimed a third teenage victim .(vicki) the horrific accident happened on memorial day. kron'4s hermela aregawi spoke with loved ones of victims and has the latests. (pkg) the may 29th crash leaves three young people dead.the latest 22 year old sergio garcia of hayward.17 year old briana ortega died at the scene.and simon sotelo was pronounced dead shortly after. terina sotelo/victim's mother: that was my clown. that was my baby.for the sotelo's tragedy struck twice in two years.they also lost simon's older brother in a car accident. terina sotelo/victim's mother: it hasn't even been two years since we lost my oldest and now my baby. it's very hard. manuel rubivictimuncle:
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we loved him so much. he was dear community. he was an influence with a lot of people around the community. they loved him. we loved him. it hurts. he was not only my nephew but he was a dear friend to me and i loved him very much. and i will miss him dearly.kayla martinez/victim's girlfriend. he was funny, caring, sweet, very sweet. he always pulled out my chair, opened the door for me.the accident involved a minivan and a truck with sotelo and five others in it. police say speed appears to have been a factor.ana marie warren/victim's sister: like my dad said, you kids out there, be safe. speeding is not worth it. you can get to where you need to go. it will still be there.
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(steve) happening tomorrow:we are expecting to hear from the wife of one of the men facing charges in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. derek almena -- the master tenant of the builidng -- made a brief court appearance today... but did not enter a plea. he is one of two men facing manslaught chges for the fire. max harris -- the other suspect -- has now been booked into the alameda county jail. prosecutors say he organized the dance party the nght of the fire. today we talked to the attorney for derek almena -- he says his client is ánotá the one responsible.
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prosecutors say derek almena rented out space in the illegally converted warehouse and "knowingly created a firetrap." 36 people died in the decemeber fire. .. (grant) fired fbi director james comey testified for nearly two and a half hours today...about his conversations with president trump, his firing and the russia probe. among the revelations... he outright accused the president of lying... and described the awkward relationship between them. comey also said the president demanded loyalty if he wanted to stay on as the fbi director. the president has denied that...mister trump's attorney reiterated that today. and comey said he fully believes he was fired for his refusal to drop the investigation into michael flynn...and his ties to russia. (sot) jamey comey/fmr. fbi dir: i was also confused by the initial explanation that was offered publicly that i was fired because of the decisions i had made during the election year. those were lies plain and simple. comey would not say whether he
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thought the president obstructed justice. comey was critical of president obama's attorney general, loretta lynch, for her offorts to downplay the hillary clinton email investigation. the president has not personally responded, instead letting his personal attorney say mister trump feels vindicated after hearing comey say he did tell the president three times, that the president was not being personally investigated for having ties to russia. (dan kerman)here at police hq in emeryville, atf investigators say those two fires at a san pablo avenue construction site, one this year and one last year were both arson.. now they have surveillance footage of the
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prime suspect in the second fire, the man you see here with a jacket hood, backpack and riding a bicycle. atf is offering a 50 thousand dollar reward and the developer has matched that bring it to 100- thousand dollars. he hope to start rebuilding this site for a third time before the end of the year. in emeryville,, dan kerman kron 4 news. (rob fladeboe) here in san jose...arson investigators are looking into a string of suspicious fires that broke out early thursday. six separate fires. five of them set in dumpsters, between 2 and 5 a.m.. all within a two mile radius of the corner of willow and vine street where a fire in some debris in the parking lot jumped to a grocery store, which sustained considerable damage. no one
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was hurt. the fire department calling on residents to report anything suspicious. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news (maureen kelly) the white owners of a pleasanton construction company are being sued for racial harrasment after giving their african american employee pictures of themselves dressed as president trump and a trump supporter. in both pictures banners with more confederate symbols and the slogan the southland shall rise again can be seen in the background.the company is called southland construction management. the pictures were given to the worker in a rhinestone studded confederate flag handbag. a woman who answered the phone at the business had no comment on the lawsuit which is seeking unspecifed damages.maureen kelly kron4 news. ((steve)) get ready for cool temperatures heading into the weekend.((vicki)) meteorologist lawrence karnow is back to give us the weather in your neighborhood.
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lawrence karnow: a late season storm brought yet another round of rain to the bay area. some of the wettest spots had a quarter to a half an inch of rain in the north bay with lighter amounts of rain south. our doppler radar shows the cold front as it moved through today. as you can see it's now falling apart and the showers will end. skies will remain mostly cloudy tonight with a slight chance of a lingering shower. as you might imagine highs were well below average today too. if you're going out tonight you might want to keep the umbrella with you just in case and grab a jacket too since it will be cool. it
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weend is coming our way. ool we'll have details coming up in a few minute
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