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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  June 13, 2017 12:45am-1:16am PDT

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tonight -- katy perry like you have never seen before. >> just too intense. >> breaking down with a therapist, ranking her ex-lovers and what she's saying about taylor swift now. >> i think it's time then bachelor in paradise took down for bad behavior. cast september home. >> a bad situation. >> what crossed the line. plus, jennifer lawrence's nightmare at 31,000 feet. >> i'm not the best flier. >> her emergency landing after her plane lost both engines. plus, we're with forbes, who made more than taylor swift? and mandy moore surrounded by shark and we spent a solid eight
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weeks under water. now for june 12th, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." katy perry is finally out of her big brother-type house after spending 96 hours on a live stream bearing her soul. ali fedotowsky-manno joining us now. >> thank you. if we were filmed for three days 24 hours a day, it's crazy. katy let every bit of herself hang out. >> every bit. she got candid about her feud with taylor swift and let the world evesdrop on emotional therapy session. ♪ >> did you ever have some thoughts where katy just didn't want to go on? >> yeah, i wrote a song about it. >> which song was that, which lyric comes to your mind? >> by the grace of god. ♪ looked in the mirror by the grace of god ♪
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>> it's hard because i sang it on tour, and it's hard because i'm ashamed, because, of course, katy perry is so strong. i feel ashamed that i would even have those thoughts or feel that low or depressed. >> katy perry was in tears about how she dealt with suicidal thoughts. earlier the pop star, said katy perry is kind of an alter-ego. ♪ >> i felt better when i'm katherine hudson. i don't want to look like katy perry a little bit why i cut my hair because i want to be my authentic self. >> she addressed her feud with taylor swift.
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katy is blunt, she's ready to bury the hatchet. >> i'm sorry for anything i did. i hope the same from her. god bless her on her journey. >> it was a wild weekend for katy. makeup tutorials, and a wake-up call from left shark. katy's poodle was there to protect her. the live event wraps up tonight. a special group of fans was selected to attend a concert tonight. katy joins "american idol" as a judge when the show relaunches. who would she like to join her on the people. >> rihanna and tim mcgraw. time to make people's dreams come true. >> there was nothing that katy wasn't willing to share. she ranks her famous ex-boyfriends as lovers. yeah, orlando bloom versus john mayer. she goes there.
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it comes up meanwhile, things just got totally out of control on the "bachelor in paradise," the production was just shut down. now, i have seen some wild things during my days with "the bachelor" franchise, but nothing like this. it could mean the end of the show. >> oh, i love champagne. >> i love champagne. was that your drink of choice? did they give it to you whenever you wanted it? >> whenever i wanted it. woke up and there it was, great, thank you, have a great day. >> here are the players -- corinne olympios, the champagne-loving, nap-taking, lick-the-whipped-cream-off-my- cleavage life-of-the-party girl. and demario jackson, he's the guy who just got kicked off "the bachelorette" because he was caught lying. yep, he forgot to mention he had a girlfriend. >> the champ is here. >> one source on the bachelor in paradise set said this is was went down. demario was in the pool and corine hops on his lap. they started joking.
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things escalated quickly and both ended up naked in the pool. >> going to paradise a little bit more risk. i mean, you don't know what's going to happen. >> details about what happened after are unclear. we're told a producer felt uncomfortable and claimed misconduct in the work place. we're told 25-year-old corine was quote out of it and doesn't remember much of anything. a source tells demario was heavily intoxicated as well. with cameras rolling and producers around, why didn't anyone stop things? an investigation is under way. and many question whether the show could be done for good. the rest of the contestants were sent home yesterday. robbie hayes arrived home yesterday. >> it was an unfortunate situation. >> what about the show getting cancelled or will it restart. >> we'll have to wait and see what warner brothers says. >> what was your experience being on both the bachelor and the bachelorette. >> nothing like these serious
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allegations. if someone was getting uncomfortably close to me a producer would step in. let's move on now to oscar-winner jennifer lawrence. she just got quite the scare during an emergency landing when the plane she was flying in lost both engines. >> she took off from louisville, kentucky, to teterboro airport, new jersey. the plane was diverted to buffalo niagara international airport. the control tower put out a warning. emergency crews were standing by on the runway. as the jet attempted to land its second engine failed. the faa says the aircraft land safely and it's investigating. >> i'm not the best flier. >> she's okay and her co-star from movie passengers told us about another scare six months
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ago. >> hit turbulence and started shouting -- >> we were plummeted toward the earth. >> she was like, pilot, pilot, pilot. >> he freaked me out. >> they're focusing on. >> you think jennifer would want to take the train next time. we're so glad everyone is safe. jennifer was leaving kentucky after spending time with family. jessica chastain tied the not in a ceremony fit for a princess. the guest list, a-list. there's guest anne hathaway, linking arms with her husband adam and a very blonde emily blunt. "the princess bride" star and her crew sat third row watching friend jessica chastain marry into a royal family. who's jessica's groom? the golden globe winner's younger man of five years is gian luca passi de preposulo. he's the son of an italian count and this is his picture-perfect family estate outside venice, italy, which produces its own prosecco.
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the bride wore an ivory strapless custom gown with a long veil to her catholic ceremony at the 17th century villa. the night before, jessica did venice right with bff anne hathaway and this group. >> we're here! >> chastain's "zero dark thirty" co-star edgar ramirez instagrammed the floating pre-party on the canals, getting a good time. italy doesn't have nobility any more, it would only be in name. a true princess one day, meghan markle, doing a table read for her usa show "suits." >> wow, you're praert. >> okay, you hit on me. >> this is going to be their 100th episode which is a major milestone for any tv series. by the way, you get that dress for $329 at club monaco.
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we saw award-winning styles at broadway's biggest night. scarlett johansson's white suit had silver-threaded stripes. anna kendrick stunned in the floral trend. olivia wilde showed off a shorter haircut and a plunging neckline. chrissy teigen's strapless dress had gold geometric details. and her husband john legend picked up his first tony as one of the producers of august wilson's "jitney," the best revival of a play. he's just an emmy win away from becoming an egot. 12 people have won. >> bette midler! >> bette won the tony for leading actress in a musical for "hello dolly." >> i hope i don't cry. >> but don't mess with the 71-year-old "divine miss m." she let the orchestra have it when they tried to play her off. >>shut that crap up! i just want to say -- >> also presented the leading actress in the play -- >> laurie metcalf, "a doll's
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house part 2." >> but she'll be coming back to tv for the "roseanne" revival. >> we've got the time blocked off and i know we are doing eight of them and i don't know a single thing. i haven't read a word. >> she's got some time. the show isn't coming back until 2018. what does a tony star do after the celebrate brags is over? orlando bloom went for a dog walk. and coming up, katy perry ranked her ex-lovers. then, out with her new boyfriend, what her ex is telling us. the world's highest paid celebrities, why taylor swift plummeted from number one and the surprising star who rose
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[ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ] ♪ beyonce baby watch continues as the world awaits the arrival of the twins. according to forbes magazine, beyonce just made the magazine's new list of highest paid celebrities over the last 12 months. ♪ used to have a little now i have a lot ♪ >> $38 million to be exact. thanks to her tv show, vega rez
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vegas residency. they earned whopping $69 million just by touring. last year's number one artist taylor made a swift drop to number 49. >> taylor swift was at $178 million last year, this year she's down to $44 million. not because she's suddenly become irrelevant, she stopped touring. >> it paid off for the biebs, took in the biggest haul of his career last year, at number 13 on the list with $83.5 million. >> he has a ton of hits out. channel >> who made the top five -- drake is number four and beyonce is number two. her formation tour grossed over a quarter of a billion dollars. >> the hard work paid off. >> beyonce way outearned her husband who pulled in $144 million the past year. beyonce and jay z in terms of
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network they sit at over $1 billion as a couple. they could just travel the world and be okay. topping the world at number one, diddy. his family reunion tour and ciroc line earned him $130 million. had had advice for success -- >> have fun and don't stop. up next -- katy perry ranks her exes. >> from best to worst in bed. >> who did she say was the one who got away. then, mandy moore's eight-week scubaing for her new shark attack movie. >> i'm probably not going to do that. closed captioning provided by --
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that smile says it out. christina el moussa was beaming with her new boyfriend. her ex is not jealous at all. no hard feelings after what katy perry just did, rank her ex-boyfriends as lover. after james corden woke her up in the bed. >> it's time to play -- >> i just woke up. >> spill your guts, or fill your guts. >> so answer a question, or be forced to eat a questionable snack, like a cow's tongue or a thousand-year-old egg. >> from best to worst in bed. >> oh, no! >> from best to worst in bed, >> this is working on the notion they are all good. >> no. >> rank john mayer, diplo and orlando bloom. >> no, no, no. i will not do that! >> at first katy tried to dodge
1:06 am
question. >> they're all amazing lovers and i want to have sex with all of them when i get out of this place. >> and then she dropped this shocker about singer josh groban. >> josh groban's in there, i'm kidding. but people are like, who's "the one that got away" about? josh groban. >> is he single? >> no, he's one of my good friends. >> katy and josh were briefly linked together in 2009. she released her song "the one that got away" in 2010. ♪ the one that got away >> but corden wouldn't let katy away without answering. >> i think diplo is third. i do, i do. there's a reason people become so let's go diplo -- >> yes. zwl they dated for less than a month in 2014. not super surprise she put her third. who wins the recent, john mayer or orlando bloom. >> and then -- mayer then bloom? bloom then mayer? oh, there it is! >> so john gets the win but
1:07 am
everybody gets a compliment. >> if you're listening to me, gentlemen, i love you and you know i love you. and it's not about that. maybe i haven't had enough time to have sex with you, so maybe we can make up that time. nobody wants to have sex with me now. >> katy never mentioned her ex-husband, russell brand. which was quite interesting. meanwhile mandy moore has been hot and heavy with boyfriend for two years now and she met a new girlfriend while making "47 meters down." because getting attacked by sharks has a way of pulling people together. >> mandy got close with her co-star claire holt, these two play sisters vacationing in mexico, who get trapped 150 feet at the bottom of the ocean, surrounded by sharks and running out of oxygen. think "jaws" meets "the shallows." movie takes place under water, but neither had experience. >> we spent a solid eight weeks, eight hours a day under water. >> shot back in 2015, the ladies
1:08 am
spent the first four weeks shooting in a tank built outside of london. >> being at the bottom of this tank every day and spending that much energy. i don't think either of us were really prepared for, you know, surfacing at lunchtime and being that tired. we both like collapsed. >> yeah. >> i've never slept so well. >> to make the water look murky, each day the crew would blend up truckloads of broccoli and sprinkle it into the tank. >> i'm stuck! zwl after those great whites -- no actual sharks were used. so, while shooting scenes a diver would swim around wearing a plastic shark head. the cast also spent six weeks shooting on location in the dominican republic at a massive 65,000-square-foot outdoor tank. >> are you guys scuba certified now? >> no. >> we're not. >> no? it seemed like you could be. >> it's so embarrassing. >> we got like "hollywood certified," like we're quasi-certified. we took like two days of
1:09 am
training. >> and the diving instructor was like, you know what guys, all you got to do is do eight more hours of this online course and you could be certified. >> yeah, like two more open ocean dives. >> two more dives. >> i was like i'm probably not going to do that. >> she's done with the water. >> i think so. filmed this movie before she land her role in the hit nbc drama "this is us." kerry washington has a new movie, we joined her at the premiere of "cars 3." kerry is new to the franchise. 1.2%. >> she's the smarty pants. i love this film. it's great for anyone who feels like an outsider. there's room for all of us. >> armie hammer brought his wife and two kids. the family's first red carpet together. it was his oldest harper who stole the show. >> it's very funny and my
1:10 am
daughter is still like on the red carpet and poseding. going like this. i think i'm in trouble. this is supposed to terrify her, it backfired. >> owen wilson came. >> the first premiere was just me and now i got two little boys. sometimes i feel like they're not getting as excited as they should, it's sort of like, they're used to hearing me say, i'm lightning mcqueen. >> good job. >> very sweet. he's just batman to us. how many people grew up watching adam west as batman. we'll remember the beloved tv icon when we come back.
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the urbine speed. >> that was adam west as batman. >> sadly adam passed away on friday after a short battle with leukemia. but not before leaving us with fond memories as the caped crusader. >> it was fun. it was the silliness. >> the final or ttorpedo. >> precisely, robin. precisely, robin. >> you give me curious stirgs about utilities. >> some days you just can't get rid of bomb. >> it was cancelled in 1968. >> he played in family guy. >> you do the best you can. every moment you stay focused because this thing will be around a lot longer than we are.
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>> adam will never be forgotten and he was 88 years old. >> good night everybod "the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one, katy perry breaks down on her live therapy session. >> i don't even want to look like katy perry anymore. that is why i cut my hair. >> why she's still struggling with the pitfalls of being a pop star. >> it's hard. because i feel ashamed that i would even have those thoughts. then, i'm at the tony awards with the night's big winners. >> it feels like ridiculous and tremendous. number three, hollywood mourns the loss of original batman adam west. how his fellow caped crusaders are remembering the legend. plus, your "insider" bonus. amy schumer is stronger than


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