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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 14, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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sirens tonight at eight ... all units please respond ... ups building possible active shooterdeadly gunfire at a san francisco mail warehouse.there was a driver came in and said they're shooting, they're shootingpanicked workers heard the shots ringing out,it was terrifying (steve) three people killed after a shooting rampage at a u=p=s building. the gunman then turned the weapon on himself. good evening.. im steve aveson.. (pam)and i'm pam moore.. the attack left two others severely injured.(pam) tonight we have team coverage on the rampage. grant lodes shares the witness reaction from the crime scene. and charles clifford is talking with people... who knew one of the victims.(steve) but first kron-4's j-r stone joins us live from the richmond district of san francisco --- where the gunman lived. j-r what are we learning tonight. (jr)earlier this afternoon the
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fbi raided this location. the spot where the alleged shooter jimmy lam lived. they were seen collecting evidence for sometime. tonight we know that lam had filed a grievence concerning overtime pay. the assistant san francisco police chief spoke earlier today. (pam) thank you j-r for that
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live report. we'll check back in with you later. (steve) tonight we are are learning more about one of the victim's of today shooting. 46-year-old mike lefiti was a driver for u- p-s for more than 15 years. he was also a dedicated family man and apparently very well liked.kron 4's charles clifford spoke with two of his friends this afternoon. both say they are devastated by his loss
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well, a small memorial has appaered here near where mike worked. mike lefiti apparently was large in stature but he also had a big heart. his coworkers have said he was happy and humble. this afternoon, i caught up with two of his friends who say mike will be sorely missed. sothe was very gently. like a big fuzzy bear with a big heart.llary fong remembers mike lefiti from high school. he says that even back then big mike made a lasting impression.sotyou just can't miss his big personality. he's just a big cool guy.he read about his friend's passing facebook.soti'm still in shock, even at work.soti can't believe he's gone.erika miller lives near glen park in san francisco. her home was on mike's ups route for over a decade but she says that he was more than just a delivery mansothe went out of his way to make your day better even if you were having a bad day. sothe always had something funny to say. he had a special way of honking. even if he didn't have a package, he would honk in his special way and you knew that mike was here.wednesday afternoon, she recalled the time that mike back his truck into her tree, snapping off a branch. she says his remorse was obvious. sothe felt bad about it.erika heard of mike's passing on the news. she devastated.soti
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can't believe he's gone. i'm going to wake up tomorrow and not believe this is real.while the events that lead to mike's death are still under investigation, erika can't believe anyone would want to hurt him. soti figured that he probably jumped in front on someone to save them. that's the kind of person mike was. now, llary fong also tells me that mike was a devout christian who loved his wife and san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. (pam) it is a day u-p-s workers who were there... will remember for the rest of their lives... and we are hearing chilling accounts of what those heart-stopping moments were like. (steve) nearly 900 people work at that facility. and grant lodes is here with one man's story...who hopes everyone learns something from this tragedy. (grant) bottom nicer to people...ask if everything's alright...try to
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relax in this hustle and bustle of smart phones and social media. nick doesn't want us to use his last name, but says he was inside the facility when he first heard the gunshots. he quickly went outside. nick/ups driver- "that's where i saw one of our guys get shot, saw, i saw the first shot and i turned and ran. so, uh, little shook up...thankfully, i ran across the street, otherwise i would have been right there, um, and that's that's when the, uh, second series of shots rang out..circumstances are strange. um, and, uh, i don't know. just, uh, there's a lot of bad energy in there. uh, if you see someone stressed out, ask them if they're doing ok, and, um, you know, pray and meditate everyone." (grant) nick says he couldn't make out who he saw get shot...or who the shooter was. employees who witnessed the shooting, separated from their co- workers... investigators took them off for they try to sort out exactly what happened and why. (pam) workers
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scrambling to get to safety tell us they are just happy to be alive. one witness says, she works inside the building and made eye contact with the gunman during the deadly shooting spree.
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continues at kron-4 dot com. there you can watch more video from the scene and hear from witnesses. as well as a timeline tracking the developments. and stay connected on breaking news by downloading our free app and getting push alerts as news happens. nat gunfire(steve) bullet holes in office windows .... after a gunman opened fire on a group of republican lawmakers practicing for a charity baseball game in alexandria, virginia.(pam) majority whip - louisiana congressman steve scalise is in critical condition tonight.. (steve )five other people were also hurt before capitol police killed the gunman.catherine heenan says the motive appears to be political. gunfireshots being fired and there are people running possibly victims involvedsen. jeff flake/r -az-: "all of a sudden we heard a very loud shot. everybody thought, sounds like a gun, the gunman was over by the third base dug
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out with a clear view of the field and everybody on it. then all of a sudden, a couple more shots. and we knew what it was."more shotsi see the rifle barrel and a white male taking careful aim at congressmen, staffers and whoever he could get a hold of." the shots came from behind the third base dugout at the practice field in alexandria, virginia."i heard steve scalise scream. and i don't remember exactly what he said. but it was clear that something bad happened." louisiana congressman steve scalise was hit in the hip as he stood at second base."you could see where he crawled from across some of the infield and the trail of blood to where he was.arizona senator jeff flake and others took cover in the first base dugout as the gunman approached,""pretty chaotic. we had a gunman with a lot of rounds and people shot, down, others trying to find cover.< rep. chuck fleischmann (r) tn > "we were sitting ducks in that dugout." "you have a baseball
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bat. they have a rifle. you're defenseless."< rep. chuck fleischmann (r) tn > "we were literally just crying for help and help did finally arrive more nattwo capitol police officers were injured as they traded fire, they were taking on a guy with a rifle from 90 to 120 feet away. they had pistols, he had a rifle had they not been there i think it would be a massacre.president trump: "many lives would have been lost if not for the heroic actions of the two capitol police officers who took down the gunman despite sustaining gunshot wounds during a very very brutal assault."president trump: "authorities are continuing to investigate the crime and the assailant has now died from his injuries"66-year-old james hodgkinson lived in this house in belleville, illinois.
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steve scalise lay motionless on the field wondering if he was gonna be okay. that is a picture i will never forget" (steve) in fairfield... a false alarm of an active shooter prompted a lockdown at the travis air force base... (pam) east bay congressman john garamendi says, his office recieved reports of a possible gunshot.. this was all happening at the same time there was a training exercise at the base... and someone took the activity surrounding the exercise to be an active shooter... and called it in. after searching the base... it was determined that there was no real threat. again, no one was injured... and it was only a drill at the travis air force base in fairfield. ahead at eight.. an explosive revelation out of washington. the justice department special counsel is looking into whether the president obstructed justice. plus. an east bay district attorney resigns. amid a slew of corruption charges. and next. oakland ready to celebrate the
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latest n-b-a championship with the warriors. the security plans for crowds which are expected to reach one- million fans i'm kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp. coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break. the bathroom.
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when things go wrong here, you remember. quilted northern is designed to work so well, you can forget your bathroom trips. but daddy gator can never forget. "i've got to motor out of here. this is no place to raise a child." (pam) excitement is
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building as we countdown to the warriors championship celebration. the parade and rally start at 10-am tomorrow in downtown oakland.(steve) of course you can watch the coverage right here with us on kron 4.. and if you plan on going to see it in person be prepared for crowds, delays.. and yes lots of fun too.(pam) kron 4's justine waldman is live right by the kaiser convention center tonightjustine, will they be ready for tomorrow? nats beep beepit's a crunch to complete all the construction ahead of the warriors
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championship celebration.the big screens are onas crews secure the fencing and test the speakers.nat 1 2 3 oakland! nats money thank youat oracle arena, in the warriors store fans purchased their favorite gear.. to wear to the parade n rally. and they plotted their commute to join the celebration bart seemed like a good fit to some.sot you don't have to worry about the parking you might have to park 20 blocks down take bart and come on down on lake merritt and just walk right on inothers will try driving.sot just go early and try and find a place to park like everybody elsenats streetsdriving could be dicy. many roads are closed downtown. and the chp will block off the broadway, jackson and oak off-ramps on 880 starting at 7am thursday. :59- 1:07 sot officer sean wilkenfeld / california highway patrolsot that is because we there are going to be so many road closures downtown we cannot have all the extra traffic coming from the freeway don't want it to back up on the freeway which can cause collisions traffic on 880, 580 and 980.. will likely be slow. with 1.5 million people
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expected police will be on high's all hands on deck for oakland policeuniformed and plain clothed officers will be in with the, barricades up along the way to prevent cars from plow people down.1:30-1:37 officer marco marquez / oakland police departmentsot if you see something please say something we are aware of those unfortunate events that have happened across the world and we do take that into consideration as we plan and prepare for this eventnats the stage is set and the excitement is building even though we've done this before. sot some people are going to say the warriors names and then they are going to wave and everybody is going to scream
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(pam) thank you justine for that report. and kron-4 morning news starts at 4-am... then, at 8-am parade coverage begins. the parade itself starts at 10-a-m... and you can watch the entire ceremony here live. on kron4 dot com... you can see the parade route... plus advice on getting around on bart. we will also be live streaming the parade and rally ... all at kron-4 dot com. (steve) a new report out tonight - that the special counsel investigating russia's activities during the 2016
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election... is also investigating president trump for possible obstruction of justice. kron 4's vicki liviakis is here to explain. (vicki) yeah, steve... this is all according to the washington post... special counsel robert mueller who is investigating russia's meddling in the 20-16 election.... is also looking into whether president trump attempted to obstruct justice. the president has said that he received assurances from former fbi director james comey that he was not under investigation. but according to the post that changed after comey's firing. today mueller met with the republican and democratic leadership of the senate intelligence committee. no word on what topics were discussed. the new report comes the same week a friend of president trump's, floated the possibility the president would fire mueller. steve, pam? (pam) contra costa county's district attorney has resigned .... after pleading
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no contest to corruption charges.(steve) mark peterson entered the plea to a felony count of perjury. he was sentenced to 250 hours of community service. a dozen other counts of grand theft and perjury were dropped. peterson had admitted to spending more than 66-thousand dollars in campaign cash over five years on personal items such as movie tickets and clothes. and failed to report any of that spending in his campaign finance disclosure documents. peterson has since repaid the money and has been fined 45- thousand dollars by the state fair political practices commission. (pam) police have arrested a man they accuse of molesting a young girl over a period of at least five years in san pablo. officers arrested norman alexander lozano on june sixth ... after the victim reported she was underage. she says, the 41-year-old suspect would take her to various hotels... in order to molest her. lozano is the owner of the "n-y learning center... a richmond- based center for children with developmental
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disabilities. he is alleged to have known his victim since she was five- years old. he is being held on a ten- point- nine- million dollar bail. (steve)a live look outside.. sfo... (pam) brittney has forecast. the region-wide warming trend is forecast to continue today into thursday as high pressure builds over the southwestern portion of the country. by friday and into the weekend, inland temperatures will warm to as much as 20 degrees above seasonal averages and begin to pose potential heat related illnesses. dry weather conditions and mostly clear/sunny skies will also prevail through the forecast period.
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ahead at 8.
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ahead at 8. it's called the friendly skies --- but there are plenty of angry people in the air. as airline passenger complaints skyrocket (pam)here's what we are tracking tonight at ten. ..tonight at ten
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. (steve lead))the airspace
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above the parade and festivities in downtown oakland tomorrow is a no fly zone for drones. but just in case someone tries to break that rulenew technology is being deployed that will detect if a drone enters the airspace and will alert authorties kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate met with the company behind this drone detection system that is being used more frequently at big public events. ((pkg)) pablo estrada /dedrone, vp marketing says:"the technology has advanced to a point where it is so inexpensive to buy and they are so easy to operate a drone and they are so capable that in the wrong
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hands they can pose a threat to say a corporation or at a public event where there are large gatherings of people" pablo is with san francisco based dedrone. they built a system that helps to monitor a radius of airspace from possible drone threats.the airspace above the warriors parade has been declared a no fly zone for drones..and it's not expected that anyone will break that policy. but if someone does and has bad motives authorities want to be prepared. pablo estrada /dedrone, vp marketing says: "for thursdays parade we have partnered with the local agency that is providing the security with the event, they installed the system and it's ready to go "these sensors are placed outside on the top of buildings they pick up any drone activity in the area being monitored .. once a drone is spotted they will instantly know detailed information about that drone. the sensors relay that information and its flight path to the dedrone software which will alert the proper security personal who can then
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take action depending on the threat the drone poses. pablo estrada /dedrone, vp marketing says:"in an outdoor environment they do something like set off a fog bomb to cloud the area rendering photography useless or set off bright lights to shine on the drone and disable photography "their technology can also help authorities track down who is flying it and where they are. pablo estrada /dedrone, vp marketing says: "the user of software can see where the drone goes even when it leaves the area and see where a pilot might be and additionally they can hand off reporting and forensic info to law enforcement for them to do investigation."with how sophisticated consumer drones are getting dedrone said their system is getting more interest globally pablo estrada /dedrone, vp marketing says:"we were used for the presidential debate in 2016 an for the world economic forum in switzerland to provide airtight security for a high profile event ."with your tech report gabe slate kron 4 news. ahead at eight.. so far, a dozen people are dead .... many others severely
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hurt... after a fire engulfs a london apartment building.. plus. a senior prank spirals out of control in the south bay. students leave behind hateful graffiti and damage. and next... continuing coverage of our top story - a gunman kills three in a deadly rampage at a local u-p-s. what we are learning tonight about the shooter.
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(pam) police swarm a u-p-s building confronting a gunman... who shot five people... killing three... before turning the gun on himself.(pam) the shocking rampage ... by a man dressed in a u-p-s uniform. (steve) kron-4's j-r stone joins us live tonight with what we know about the gunman and the victims (jr)earlier this afternoon the fbi raided this location. the
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spot where the shooter jimmy lam lived. they were seen collecting evidence for sometime.
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(pam) it is common for
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graduating seniors to participate in some kind of "senior prank" ..(steve) but at irvington high school in fremontschool officials say this year's prank went too far. authorities say a swastika... and other offensive images were graffited on the court yard. as many as 50 seniors came onto campus sunday...and what was supposed to a senior prank....which usually results in minor shenanigans...quickly got out of control. pipes and other objects were also tossed into the empty pool and classroom doors were jammed shut with clay. (sot) sarah barrious/principal"
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....i think you have a high level of expectation for their behavior so of course it's disappointing when they disrespect their campus and their school on their way out the door..." a handful of unidentified pranskters are being held accountable. they'll have to come back to school after graduation and perform a few days of community service. (steve) they woke up to a real - life nightmare. tonight, we're learning more about this massive, deadly fire in london...which we first told you about as it was happening last night on kron4 news at eight. grant lodes has been closely tracking developments and joins us now with the latest. (grant) tonight...a little more than 24 hours after that horrific fire started... vigils are taking place...and the community is coming the face of horror. volunteers pitched in to provide items for people in need. tongiht, we know at least 12 people are dead and dozens others injured after the enormous fire
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engulfed the 24-story apartment complex in west london. people who were there paint a heart-stopping picture. witness: "i took my daugher and ... i just ran to the stairs. as soon as i ran out, i saw already the fire holding one side. and inside we didn't know what's going on, because nothing came inside. no alarm, no water, nothing, you know? like it was very shocking." ayyube asaf/witness: "what was going through my mind is - just want to save my family. i saw people jumping out the window man. it was crazy - saw people jumping out the window."(grant) some witnesses say they saw people jumping from the top of that 24 story building. officials fear the death toll could rise. the cause is under investigation. (pam) a live look outside at the golden gate bridge tonight.. (steve)brittney has the
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forecast. the region-wide warming trend is forecast to continue today into thursday as high pressure builds over the southwestern portion of the country. by friday and into the weekend, inland temperatures will warm to as much as 20 degrees above seasonal averages and begin to pose potential heat related illnesses. dry weather conditions and mostly clear/sunny skies will also prevail through the forecast period. still ahead at 8 still ahead at 8 two
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men show up at a home --- the disguise they used to get inside a rob a family plus. passengers growing frustrated in the friendly skies... as u-s airlines see a spike in complaints. and next. vicki liviakis gives us a taste of russia here in the bay area.
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(steve) maybe you've seen it - smirnoff vodka is out with a new cheeky ad campaign at bus stops - saying " made in america but happy to talk about our ties to russia under oath."(steve) with all the talk these days about russians and russian meddling in our affairs... you might even find yourself thinking more about all things russia.(pam) tonight on dine and dish - our vicki liviakis give us a taste of russian food here in the bay area. (anastasia - russian food aficionado) i really want to represent you food - russian food. borsch russian soup very popular with the beets. anastasia ought to know - originally from moscow - now living in san francisco. one thing that's off the table - putin and politics.(anastasia - russian food aficionado) we don't discuss you know
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because it's... we like to enjoy food you know! her-go to for russian cuisine - this take out from "royal market and bakery" in the city's richmond neighborhood. across town... a new hot spot - called pushkin - in an underground food court not far from china town.(kaia from kazakstan) super comforting. it's super yummy. (sergey - pushkin) super new super fresh! super russian. ukranian, yeah.(kaia from kazakstan) like your grandmother used to make? of course. all pushkin menu items - authentic and fresh made every day... hearty borsh soup, delicate dumplings and these pillow-like pirojki's. sergey, the affable owner - is originally from ukraine but his food is drawing praise from lots of locals and russians longing for a taste of the motherland.(sergey - pushkin) at least here russia and ukraine get along just fine. oh yeah, ha ha. one thing anastasia won't find here....(anastasia - russian food aficionado) traditional russian beverage - vodka - you're right - haha! vodka a staple on most
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russian tables...and to that we say...(kaia from kazakstan) (speaks russian) and it means? enjoy your food! bon appetite!(vicki) in san francisco, vicki liviakis, kron 4 news. (steve)in miami florida. . . two armed men pose as police officers . . . and then rob a home.police describe the incident as a home invasion. . . happening at around 3-a-m tuesday morning.they say the two armed men were wearing police vests. . . when they broke down through the front door of a miami home.police say the men then handcuffed the homeowners. . .and forced them to go into their safe. there were three children sleeping inside the home at the time. . . luckily none woke up.the two suspects are still at large. (steve) does flying have you on your last nerve lately? (pam) you are not alone... thousands of travelers are expressing their frustration. according to government data released this week... the number of complaints about airline service skyrocketed in april. the department of transportation says, it fielded more than 19-hundred
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complaints from consumers. that's up 70-percent from april last year. the majority of the gripes were aimed at airlines based in the u-s. according to the data... flight problems such as delays and missed connections are the biggest issues. (pam)in sports.. the giants try to get a win against the team the beat in the 2014 world series...(steve)... while free-agents-to-be kevin durant and steph curry talk about the future of the warriors... gary has their thoughts... and all the sports... coming up [ birds chirping ] [ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ]
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you can follow friends -- and find a job.more and more companies are using social media sites to hire.take mcdonalds.the company took out 10 second ads on snapchat.just swipe up and you will be taken to the company's career site. facebook has a jobs bookmark. just type in facebook dot com slash jobs.or on the right side of your facebook page -- click can filter postings by location -- industry -- and typeif you are interested in a posting -- click apply now.a form will pop up with info from your profile.don't worry -- you can always edit that information
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before submitting the application.if you want to search many sites -- like instagram --- facebook -- or twitter, use hashtags.try keywords -- like #hiring -- #jobs -- or #applynow.not only will you find job postings -- you can also see tips that may help you ace the the job. i'm mary moloney. giants-royals an afternon delight at at&t park last nightthere was a shark in the san jose shark in the stands patrick marleau in attendance. top 2ndsplash hit for mike he sends a homer straight to the water off johnny cueto his 18th bomb of the season. and check this out someone from the walkway uses a net to snag the ball from kayakernext inning-everyhting comes apart for cuetojorge bonifacio... 2- run shot right off the netting in the center field garden. 3-0 batterlorenzo
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caingoes back-to-cback off cueto almost into the "jack daniels" tunnell 4-0 royals (cueto (5-6): 5 2/3 ip, 10 hits, 5 runs)final: 7-2 royals joe panik returned to the lineup after 4 games out he went 2-for-4 a's trying to get out of miami with a split of their 2 gamestop 2nd ryon healy gets to edison volquez
8:49 pm
early... sends one out to center field for a 3-run home run healy's 15th of the season... 4-0 a'sbottom 4th / 5-5 tiedee gordon an rbi-single that was part of a 7-run explosion from the 3rd though the 5th inningsfinal: 11-6 marlinsnew york yankees visit the coliseum for 4 games starting tomorrow dodgers right fielder yasiel puig... has been suspended one game for making an gesture to some indians fans. after hitting a home run in last night's game in cleveland puig gave the double bird to some fans because he says they were heckling him in the on-deck circle.he was also fined and will appeal the suspension
8:50 pm
turning now to the warriors... today the champs took some time to recap their season. steph curry and kevin druant...become free agents this summer but they're confident deals will get done to make sure the squad stays intact "want to do everything we can to keep this team i'll have that mindset...kd's going to have that mindset...i know dre, shaun...all the guys that are up negotiating a new contract...we'll see what happens.""i feel as though i am going to be back question...we'll figure it all out you know..." check out this map of the route for thursday's celebration the light
8:51 pm
blue line ... shows the route the parade will run right through the heart of downtown oakland on broadway.... and then end over by lake merritt for another rally.anything you see in darker blue... indicates the streets that are going to be closed off. this plan is similar to the 2015 celebration.tag: when asked about ging to the white house curry said he would not want to go but would if the team wanted to assuming they are invited it looks like a date is set for the showdown between floyd mayweather and conor mcgregor. the matchup between the
8:52 pm
boxer...and mixed martial artist set for august 26th in las vegas. this kind of fight is unprecedented... as it pits the 49-and-0 mayweather against mcgregor who is a ufc champion but has never boxed professionally.even at 40-years-old, mayweather is an overwhelming favorite over the 28-year-old irishman finally, father's day coming up on sunday... and footlocker released a commercial featuring some of this year's top nba prospects speaking about their dads. and lonzo ball..stole the show...offering his thoughts about his father. lonzo "there's that big day, when your dad berates your high school coach, in front of the
8:53 pm
entire crowd, for not giving you enough touches...." jonathan isaac"waking up early to drive to all those faraway tournaments"lonzo"or that special moment when your dad sits you down and tells you where you're going to college...copyrights your name to make it part of a family lifestyle brand...went on first take and shouted back and forth with stephen a. smith about how you're already better than the reigning league mvp...all those interviews from the stands during college games...public spats with the all-time greats...soundbite after soundbite to the national media...and then tells 29 out of 30 teams to not bother drafting you" -- lonzo...showing some personality and he doesn't mind poking fun at his dad. perhaps they could do a re- shoot of this ad and find a way to fold in this next story.
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marvel's agents of shield is next then, we are back at 10:00 with the day's big stories, and your four zone weather forecast with brittney shipp. it's the kron 4 news at ten ... right here on the bay area's news station. last weather and goodbye
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