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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  June 16, 2017 12:45am-1:16am PDT

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tonight -- the bachelor in paradise fallout. >> what happened with demario? >> hits fever pitch. >> taking any legal action against the show or him? and -- >> i'm sorry. >> aisha tyler's live tv breakdown. why she's leaving the talk after six seasons. plus, did beyonce already give birth to her twins? what we have learned. then, even more confessions from katy perry. leo's day out with his a-list bros and jamie foxx on the joyce of fatherood. >> do you remember the first time corinne got behind the wheel? >> she crashed two weeks later. now for june 15th, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight."
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two contestants who ignited the bachelor in paradise sex zan dall are fighting back. we're joined by ali fedotowsky-manno. >> hi, nancy. never been anything like in the history of the bachelor franchise and although paradise has been lost, cameras are still tracking demario and corinne's every moves. what's going on with getting ahold of the video from mexico, have you got an attorney working with you? >> man, you know, man, right now i really can't say too much about it. my family and i, we're kind of weighing all my options. >> what happened with demario, are you taking any legal action against the show or him? do you have any comment? >> no comment. >> corinne, whose statement says, "this is my worst nightmare" spent time at her lawyer's office. while demario, who says, "my character has been assassinated," was spotted at the gym. >> and what about corinne? >> if you love me, love her as well. like, i don't like the whole slander of corinne and people calling her names and whatnot.
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at the end of the day, like nobody knows what happens except for what's on the tape. >> once source tells us that corinne and demario were shown the video of their encounter while they were still in mexico. another source says corinne who's seeking therapy actually had a boyfriend when she signed on to paradise. she was, quote, not planning on hooking up with anyone. she wanted to hang out, stir up drama and just have fun. but it's that same attitude that got corinne into trouble in the past. >> do you feel that you were shamed by the other women. >> maybe. i'm sorry. i don't know. i'm human. i thought it was cute and funny. >> with both contestants lawyered up, what's next? a source tells us, demario feels like the scapegoat in the situation and that he feels race is an issue. the priority is to get the tapes preserve the record.
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we'll certainly continue to keep a close eye on that legal battle. surprise development in the bill cosby trial, after 31 hours of deliberations, the jury said they are deadlocked. he faces 3 counts of aggravated and indecember ent assault. a surprise shake-up at the talk, aisha tyler is leaving the show. >> starting to give women better opportunities to direct and so -- >> she broke down in tears today making the announcement that she's leaving after six years on the talk to pursue her passion of acting and directing. she'll continue to act on criminal minds, continue to host whose line is it anyway. >> i'm sorry. i realized i had to let something going. it's been the hardest decision of my life. >> the talk is where aisha has
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bared her soul. after her husband filed for divorce after 20 years. >> in 2013, she spoke openly about her infertility struggles. >> we said that we were going to try. i feel super safe here with the ladies at the table. i felt very brave until i had to say it. >> she joined the talk in season two and will depart at the end of this current season. >> our friendships are so precious to me. and the thing i'm going miss most of the time we get to spend together when we're not on camera. >> these are tears of joy, now your dreams are coming true. >> this is my home. i'm going to come back to guest host.
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i'm going to be haunting you. >> you're going to make us proud. >> i've on that set so many times, she's such an amazing and talented lady. we're anxiously awaiting the arrival of beyonce and jay z's twins. everybody's looking for a sign that the babies are on the way. we have the n new clues. ♪ >> the first clue there's twins, family sightings. beyonce's husband jay z in the backseat, leaving their beverly hills house, and later we spotted the same suv at an l.a.-area medical center. where the delivery could happen. also where beyonce's sister was spotted yesterday after having lunch with her husband. offie schillaci has reached out. >> those who work for beyonce is the queen of secret projects.
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but check out this post from monday. the caption hang in there, mama. lot of fans are speculating could be a shoutout to the singer while she's in labor. next clue, hospital security. the maternity ward has a no-nonsense policy when it comes to protecting their select. they were restricting cars access one more clue, the paparazzi is out in full force to cover all things beyonce. in fact, one photographer on the beyonce beat told us that everyone is on high alert and it's a massive operation to cover it. ♪ >> one person we haven't seen in all of this, blue ivy, she was front and center in beyonce's last instagram 17 days ago. beyonce has been very candid about making blue ivy a big sis.
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>> we all think you have such a beautiful baby, are you going to have any more? >> of course, yes. >> lots of em? >> ha, i don't know how many, god knows, but i definitely want to have more. >> beyonce has been keeping everything quiet, katy perry has been putting everything out there for the whole world to hear. she posted this thank you today. quote, couldn't have done it without all of the fantastic people that came over to help start conversations. katy perry is definitely not going back into her shell. the video of the year goes to katy perry! >> katy perry! >> katy perry! >> she's won dozens of awards but here's what she really thinks about them, telling "the new york times", quote, all the awards shows are fake, and all the awards that i've won are fake. >> thank you so much to everybody who helped. >> she always seemed grateful when picking up trophies, but
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says now to her the shows don't represent the fans. katy tells "the new york times" she's revealing her true self-. born kathryn hudson she believes the old katy perry is gone. she changed her look, chopping off her hairs. as we saw from her days in witness house she struggled with how the world looks at her. >> i don't want to look like katy perry anymore sometimes. >> and she's opening up more about her love life, saying a deseeshl mate is man of quality and equality. she compliment orlando bloom, john mayer and ex-husband russell brand, saying they are quote, beautiful in their own right. katy is an open book these days. so is her witness house. fans are able to visit it.
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♪ >> katy's album is currently number one. coming up next, jamie foxx's daughters are growing up fast. then, while we wait to see beyonce's new babies, the celebs that you didn't know were twins. plus, does selena has a hidden message for taylor swift in her new video. and transformers 5. but first -- ♪ adele visited the victims displaced by the london.
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everand every day younkful promise to protect them. off! is here to help with proven protection against mosquitoes. trust our family to protect yours. sc johnson, a family company ♪ selena gomez's new video for bad liar has come out. eagle-eye fans have spotted something interesting, the poster in the background looks like taylor swift during the bad blood era. >> i remember that, you can't put anything past those fans. >> this sunday, of course is father's day and jamie foxx got
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the celebration all started. he brought his daughters to the l.a. premiere about baby driver, all about wild driving. something that hits pretty close home to. do you remember the first time corinne got behind the wheel? >> she got an infiniti. an infiniti, man, crazy. >> i crashed it two weeks later. >> she crashed it two weeks later. >> i ran into a fire hydrant. two weeks later. >> maybe that's why he's getting his other daughter comfortable behind the wheel at age 7. >> what you'd drive down the driveway? >> was it your g wagon? >> she drove the g wagon down the driveway. >> i'm looking at some of the country's finest thugs, of course young mozart in the go-cart over there. have you seen this young man move? >> jon hamm and jamie foxx plays
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bank robbers. you do these incredible stunts. >> i did as many as they allowed me to do it. i had a driving double, i had a fall double. you look at these guys, those are the tough guys. was there as a holy [ bleep ] moment, that was a little too close. >> you're actually on a working freeway going to wrong way it's very strange. very strange feeling. >> i want to do more stunts? >> i'm 46 years old. i got nothing left to prove. >> well done, hamm. we did spot a new couple on the red carpet, that's right, patton oswalt made his debut with new girlfriend. patton's wife passed away in april of last year, really nice that he's finding love again.
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>> it is. still ahead -- there's new member of leo's bro squad, the ultimate wingman these guys brought aing on with them. now, as the world awaits to meet beyonce's twins, we reveal the surprising stars who are twins. and the stars of rough night reveal how to throw a bachelorette party. closed captioning provided by --
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orlando bloom's pup. while the boys enjoyed the day out, we were with the la i dids of rough night. scarlett johansson couldn't make it because she's shooting the new avengers movie. what advice do you have for a male stripper though? for a guy like, to come into a room full of girls in a thong, what advice do you have for him? >> bring it. >> oh, my gosh, wow. ♪ >> the ladies of "rough night" say that's tip number one - own it. >> do your job. >> i don't know how to put myself in his shoes. >> try to enjoy this moment. >> go in with confidence and no shame, no shame. >> be present. be here now. >> next tip -- leave 'em wanting more. we sat down the guys and, aussie actor ryan cooper says he actually toned it down for this scene at the bachelorette party. >> i was expecting a little bit better dance moves. >> you know, to be honest i was told to tame it down. yes, yes. no, i was ready to, like, handstand, twerk and nope.
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>> they're like, you're just too good at twerking, you got to calm it down a little bit. >> ryan's got moves you've never seen, to quote "my best friend's wedding." you know, ya. >> where'd you learn how to dance? >> i've got moves you've never seen. >> and speaking of moves, kate has one final tip -- don't get too creative. >> you know, i went to a bachelorette party once and there was an electric violinist who got up on the table and was just like -- like squatting and playing the violin and that was odd. here's something they may not know. scarlett has a twin brother. it's true. in fact, there are a bunch of celebrities who know exactly what life will be like for beyonce's twins. >> who's your date tonight? >> oh, that's my brother. he just wanted a free ride over here, actually. >> scarlett is three minutes older than her brother hunter. >> what does he think of all this? >> i think he's a little shocked, he's not used to this, >> he went on to become a
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political organizer. in 2008, he was named one of "people" magazine's sexy and single bachelors. >> i called him and he said, why are you inviting me? and i said, because you're the handsomest guy i know. gisele bundchen's younger, by five minutes, sister patty started modeling at the same time as her sister, at age 13. but it was gisele's catwalk career that took off, while patty developed other talents. >> she's the best chef, patty's the best in desserts. my twin, she makes all the desserts. she should be like patty stewart. and did you know ashton kutcher has a twin, michael? he's an advocate for cerebral palsy awareness. >> it's not an obstacle. >> he was diagnosed as a child and says ashton was always a devoted brother. >> he's my twin and he's always been my best friend and it's a bond that will never be broken. kiefer sutherland's sister rachel opted to go behind the scenes, as a tv post-production supervisor. ♪ did you forget about me alanis morrisette and her twin wade are both musicians. he's an indie rocker. of course, rockers joel and benji madden are well-known twins.
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>> don't wanna be you. >> joel's younger by five minutes. but the poster children for growing up as twins under the limelight are these two, ashley and mary-kate olsen. >> is it fun to have a twin sister? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> how come? >> because we get to play with each other. >> and one favorite game -- >> put makeup on. >> put makeup on. >> do you like to put makeup on? >> yeah. >> turned into a billion-dollar business. >> but here's one more celebrity you probably didn't know is a twin, vin diesel, the fast a"fa furious" star showed off his twin. that's vin's twin on the right posing with the late paul walk er. naomi watts isn't a twin but she has two adorable mini-mes at home. that's naomi in the middle, twinning with her sons,
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8-year-old kai and 9-year-old alexander. >> we all got the same haircut. >> and, you know, even though she and liev schreiber split eight months ago, they make co-parenting work for the sake of their kids. >> they're very sensitive people. they're fantastic little boys. but, definitely had other times where you're like, oh, i can't do this. but that's what being a parent is. is, you know, no one's perfect. you do your best, though. >> hello! oh, my munchkin. >> in her new film "the book of henry," naomi plays mom to "room's" jacob tremblay and jaeden lieberher. but it was co-star maddie ziegler, the "dance moms" star and sia's music video muse, that naomi turned to when she needed to score some big mom points. >> my son does tap dance and he was wanting to quit and feeling like he just didn't want to do it anymore.
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and i asked her to send a message to him, so i videotaped her and she did and she said kai don't quit. this is -- you've got to give it your all. it was just really sweet of her to do that and my son was like, ah, he was blown away. >> now, we all know naomi's girl squad includes bestie nicole kidman and reese witherspoon. but was "big little lies" the role that got away? and what does naomi know about a sequel? >> definitely, they're talking about doing something else with that grouping of people, definitely. i'd love to be included. i was very sad i wasn't because it was such good -- good stuff there that they all did. >> if there's a sequel maybe she'll be in that. last night was the premiere of book of henry. look who was all smiles at the afterparty, dance moms' abby lee miller. all right, when we come
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travel consideration provided by -- transformers 5, beak. >> josh duhamel said the new transformers is the biggest and the best one yet. i got to say i believe him. judging by the exclusive behind the scenes look. >> they were put to the test doing as much as the stunt work they possibly could. >> well the production was blowing stuff up and crashing cars in detroit, chicago and
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london. >> the whole cast is actually back in london right now talking with our kevin frazier and we'll have that for the "insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one, candid katy perry under fire. >> i felt like this katy perry thing, it's a facade. >> why she's lashing out at hollywood. >> i don't even want to look like katy perry anymore. then, miley cyrus confesses all on fallon. >> three things we learned from miley's "tonight show" takeover and why is she crashing a new york subway? plus, number three, is gwyneth paltrow leaving hollywood? >> are you moving away from acting? >> and why the mother of t


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