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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 20, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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it's my only refuge right now. whooshpg&e crews are struggling to restore power to thousands of customers tonight. we are live at the scene of one of the biggest blackouts in the east baywhooshan explosion ... and a suspect dead.what we are learning about the terror attack at a train station in belgium today. whooshand turning loose the juice: o=j simpson gets a date for his parole hearing.he's talking about what he wants to do if he's're watching kron four news in prime time. (steve)now at 8, the first day of summer bringing the sizzle. triple digit temperatures again. as the heat wave keeps scorching the bay area.(steve) thank you for joining us i'm steve aveson.(pam) and i'm pam moore. the hot weather not only making for uncomfortable conditions... but keeping p-g-and-e busy too (pam) kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp is here with details on the warm up on the way .... and when we can expect relief. (steve) but first let's
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check in with j-r stone live in livermore where at one point nearly 5-thousand people were without power... j-r?
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(steve) alright turning now to our chief meteorologist brittney shipp..(pam) brittney this heat wave is not letting up yet... this intense heat will be with us for the days ahead... right?
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more very warm to hot weather can be expected through at least thursday. therefore, a heat advisory remains in effect for most locations away from the coast through thursday. interior north and east bay has been upgraded to a heat warning for thursday. more substantial cooling is then expected from friday into the upcoming weekend.
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(pam) a power alert still in effect statewide tonight. a "flex alert" calls for voluntary conservation .... due to high demand of electricity. power officials are asking people to avoid using major appliances between 2 p-m and 9 p-m.... today and tomorrow. they are also asking people
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to set air conditioners to 78- degrees or higher. it is all an attempt to ease the strain on the state's power grids. (steve) the east bay has seen the brunt of the heatwave hitting the region.(pam) tempertures in walnut creek approached 100- degrees. many people there sought relief at the pool at heather farm park. water temperatures in the pool were sitting at a bathtub- like 88- degrees, but these aerating fountains were trying to cool down the water.. "we're going to have those things flowing at nighttime and hopefully bring the temperature down a little bit." recreational swim hours are 1 -to 4-30-in the afternoon weekdays.. there is an adult lap swim from 7- to 8-30- in the evening. (steve) the warm temperatures - fueling a fast moving wildfire in southern california. this is
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happening right now... in the san bernardino national forest - which is northeast of big bear lake. the fire was reported yesterday afternoon... a day with record- breaking heat. now more than a thousand acres have burned. the fire is 10% contained. about 450 firefighters are working to gain control of the fire. no homes are threatened at this time. authorities say two firefighters have suffered injuries, one from heat exhaustion and the other a physical injury. (steve) when there's outages or wildfires we'll keep you in the know on our mobile app. you stay on top of the heat wave by tracking the weather in your neighborhood.., follow forecasts and stay on top of breaking news all by using our free mobile app (steve) in the north bay. a mother whose two children were killed by their father is speaking out. (pam) the six- year- old girl and 18-month- old boy .... were found dead inside alvaro camara's apartment on father's
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day.(pam) camara's body was found nearby in a bedroom. the couple... had been seperated for several months. the father of two... was supposed to return the children sunday night. that never happened. the mother said, she wrote the letter this morning, while wrapped in her daughter's blanket... and was struggling to make sense of the 'horrific situtation.' she said she never got the urgent help she needed.... and signed the letter ... "a mother no longer able to hold her children." (pam) soldiers shot a suspect in the heart of brussels, belgium after a small explosion at a busy train station today. (steve) investigators are calling it... a foiled terror plot. (steve) the blast injured a suspect who appeared to be in his early 30's. the damage from the explosion was limited. it is not clear if the suspect survived. witnesses say, the man was very agitated... yelling about jihadists ... he then screamed, "god is great" in arabic... before blowing up
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a device on a baggage trolley. (steve)breaking news out of georgia. where republican karen handel has won a nationally watched special election. democratic candidate jon ossof tried to pull a major upset in the sixth congressional district. it's been held by republicans for nearly 40 years. republicans are claiming momentum ahead of the 20-18 midterms... but the race was closer than expected. that trend leaves democrats hopeful they can win a house majority in the mid- terms. the special election in georgia attracted record-breaking money including donors from california. (pam) a new stadium for the oakland a's could mean big bucks for the city.. according to a a new report.. (steve) put together by the bay area council, it predicts that over ten years a new stadium would pump more than 3 billion into the oakland economy. (steve) we don't yet know exactly where the stadium will be built. the team has identified three potential locations within oakland.
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including the peralta community college district near lake merrit, howard terminal not far from jack london square and a new stadium could be built on the same location as the current oakland coliseum.(pam) that's where we find kron 4's charles clifford live tonight. he has details from the report and reaction from fans. charles. . . well, this report from the bay area council shows that building a new privately funded stadium would create about 2 thousand jobs, many of those jobs going to locals. natsaasss!!!!as the oakland a's prepared to face off against the huston astros on tuesday, fans outside the coliseum weighed in on a possible move to a new stadium. soti think jack london would be beautiful but i'm worried about the crowds and the traffic.sotlake merrit. that's nice because it has transit and you could be downtown for the games.soti prefer it here. i think the infrastructure is better it's easier to get to. a big concern for everyone we talked too was transit. how
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people get to and from these differenet big advantage that the howard terminal and lake merrit locations have over the coliseum is their proximity to downtown. the coliseum has excellent transit options but there's almost nothing around the coliseum. fans we spoke to say that if a new stadium were built next to the old one it might attract businesses like restaurant and bars.sot build it and they will come.sot build it and they will come. the team's goal is to announce the selection of a new site this year. it will take about two years to build the stadium. in oakland, charles clifford kron 4 news. ahead at eight.. o-j
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simpson could soon be a free man. what he wants to do if he is granted parole. plus. out of control. that's how a east bay company is describing the demand for air conditioners as the summer swelter continues. and next. a pastor says, when he saw trouble .. he had to step in. how he helped a c-h-p officer being attacked on the bay bridge. putting news first. pam moore. steve aveson. brittney shipp. and gary radnich. the kron4 news at 10 every night.
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(pam) moving to the north bay... a reckless driver assaults a california highway patrol officer -- all while a local pastor watched the entire incident unfold.. (steve) but as kron four's philippe djegal reports, the pastor wasn't just a witness. in fact, some are calling him a hero. he's a pastor who also happens to be a retired sergeant with the san francisco sheriff's department. (philippe) early saturday morning... pastors joel and annalisa jones jumped onto westbound interstate 80 in fairfield, headed to the east bay... when they noticed a man behind the wheel of a truck speeding at more than 80 miles per hour, bouncing into and off of several cars in his path.pastor joel jones/good samaritan- "he basically was a vehicle of destruction at that point." jones' wife annalisa called 9-1-1 while her husband continued to
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follow the man. and, after hitting the median, the truck stopped on the shoulder near suisun city. the jones' waited behind the truck until a female officer with the california highway patrol showed up... and, that's when the situation esclated. pastor joel jones/good samaritan- "he walked up to her like she was a mannaquin and he was voicing some things that, this is it, i'm not going to take it -- nope, i'm not, and he went right into her as if she was a man and i was so glad that i waited at that point." at that moment, pastor jones said a prayer.pastor joel jones/good samaritan- "i asked the lord to be with me, to be in me and before i knew it, i was on him, and uh, i responded and i wanted to separate him from the gun." pastor jones eventually knocked the man off the injuried officer. he restrained the suspect, while his wife consoled the officer until back up arrived.pastor annalisa jones/good samaritan- "for god to say it wasn't a black thing, a white human race thing." the jones' say they've heard from the c-h-p, thanking them for helping out. the suspect was arrested and the jones' say the officer will survive. pastor joel jones/good samaritan- "i was the instrument, uh, but i, i'd say it was the lord that did it." the couple will continue their work at spirit of the truth church worldwide in crockett... and, hope to share a prayer with the injuried officer once she's well again. in solano county, philippe djegal, kron
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four news. (steve) o-j simpson could soon be out of prison. pam is here with more on his parole hearing next month in nevada. (pam) the 70-year old former football star and actor ... is serving time for an armed robbery and kidnapping conviction .. from 20-08. if granted parole --- he could be released on october 1-st. simpson will go before a panel of four parole commissioners on july 20-th. the panel will question simpson by closed- circuit t-v. he has served more than eight of his nine -to thirty -three year sentence. the former heismam trophy
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winner grew up in the bay area and went to san francisco's galileo high school. the daily mail says, a friend of simpson's revealed, if he is released, he wants to be with his kids and play golf. (pam) let's a live look outside tonight at s-f-o (steve) brittney has details.. more very warm to hot weather can be expected through at least thursday. therefore, a heat advisory remains in effect for most locations away from the coast through
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thursday. interior north and east bay has been upgraded to a heat warning for thursday. more substantial cooling is then expected from friday into the upcoming weekend. (steve) new tonight at 8. the summer heat wave is bringing big business to an (steve) new tonight at 8.
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the summer heat wave is bringing big business to an east bay company. norm connolly has been in the air conditioning business for twenty five years but with this hot weather he's got more than he can handle. most of those he's heard from neglected a spring check up and just hoped for cool air
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the first time the turn on the ac. (steve) norm would be happy to fix whatever ails your air conditioner. just don't expect him soon. he's booked into july.
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when she went to pick up a dog toy... ((gary sports tease))"coming up a little later in this broadcast... the son of arguably the greatest warrior in history gets a try out today. we'll hear from rick berry's son. and we'll check out what the giants are doing in atlanta. a little bit later in this broadcast." on september 9, 2010,
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pg&e learned a tragic lesson we can never forget. this gas pipeline ruptured in san bruno. the explosion and fire killed eight people. pg&e was convicted of six felony charges including five violations of the u.s. pipeline safety act and obstructing an ntsb investigation. pg&e was fined, placed under an outside monitor, given five years of probation, and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service. we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno. while an apology alone will never be enough, actions can make pg&e safer. and that's why we've replaced hundreds of miles of gas pipeline, adopted new leak detection technology that is one-thousand times more sensitive, and built a state-of-the-art gas operations center. we can never forget what happened in san bruno. that's why we're working every day to make pg&e the safest energy company in the nation. lead - landing vo))it's summer
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time and that means more young drivers are hitting the road. being a parent of a teen driver can be nerve reckoning.. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate shows us an app that was created to offer parents peace of mind ((pkg)) the driver protect feature of
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the life 360 app, was designed around that fear and worry that parents have with their kids on the road chris hulls /ceo, life 360 app says: " we offer a set of tools that lets you have insight into the most common areas of safe driving so are you speeding are you using the phone while the car is moving are you rapidly braking or accelerating which is the sign of reckless driving so we try to give a wide set of information and they can use it as they see fit and not only will help them know how the teens driving but how are their friends driving because it follows the phone not a car "the app lets you see where your kids are at any time on a map and where they have been. it gives driving reports if they used their phone while driving or went over the speed limit it will be in the report.. the app also provides 24/7 road assistance. like triple-a but cheaper as it's included with the monthly price
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the sensors in our phones have gotten so good that life 360 can detect if someone has been in an accident and alert the other family members chris hulls /ceo, life 360 app says: "telephone is like a supercomputer in your pocket you have tons of sensors you have gps and accelerometers have gyroscopes you have barometers we can use that data in real-time what is happening with the activity of that device so sometimes people ask cuz what if you drop it on the ground it's a completely different set of information" gabe slate /tech reporter says: you might be wondering kid the kid just turn off the track and features in the app on their phone and yeah they can so this is the outer system it's a bigger picture of parenting strategy chris hulls /ceo, life 360 app says:"because they have this at the parents aren't calling all the time we even see that the family members are driving better we have a 58% reduction in texting while driving when people use the service so actually gives away from moms and dads to back off and teens like it"with your tech report gabe slate kron 4 news. ahead at eight.. for the first time we are seeing dash cam video.... from a controversial deadly police shooting. hear the exchange that took place... before the fatal gunfire
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plus. six people die in a 25 car pileup crash. what police say set off the deadly chain reaction and next... wild weather on both coasts tonight... the heat cooks the west... and a tropical storm threatens major flooding.. ((brittney tease))i'm kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp. coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break.
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(pam) the first day of summer and you could feel it. some places reaching 100 degrees.(steve) people doing anything to stay cool..hitting the pools and eating ice cream. kron-4's chief meteorlogist brittney shipp joins us now.. brittney when can we expect relief
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(steve) if the bay area is boiling, the southwest is sizzling. brittney, we have some near=record temperatures todya an arizona tv station set up a webcam so viewers could watch the heat melting a 600=pound block of only took a few hours.american airlines canceled dozens of flights out of sky harbor in phoenix.its smaller regional jets can't fly in temperatures above 118 for the toughest
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job in phoenix today ... how about being a firefighter. " it's hot. almost like an oven, yes. that's exactly what it feels like."imagine working in intense heat, in insulated fire suits and bogged down with heavy equipment.capt. reda bigler, phoenix fire department: "we've got 50 pounds of gear with about a 25- pound air pack on our back and it doesn't include all the stuff they have in their pockets."in the high heat firefighters work for 20 minutes instead of 30.and they have a special rehab unit where they can cool lets go up in space to see the other big weather story. tropical storm cindy is forming in the gulf of mexico. these images are from noaa's newest weather satellite. cindy, now heading towards a city all to familiar with flooding, "we are expecting very heavy rain the city of new orleans and in the surrounding areas. of course the entire gulf coast is going to be in harm's way for the next couple of days."nat alabama's governor has already declared a state of emergency. the high surf near mobile is just a sign of what might be ahead. "we could see rising tides from
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one to we get rain over three hours. see that in some parts of the city." (steve)tropical storm cindy is expected to make landfall by this time tomorrow. (steve) last summer - the shooting of philando castile was live-streamed by his girlfriend on facebook. the video went viral worldwide. and became evidence in the trial against officer jeronimo yanez(pam) but what happened outside the car .... had only been seen by a few people. now, that dash cam video is released. and we do want to warn you.. it is graphic.
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hear yanez calmly speaking to castile ....who immediately tells him, he is carrying a registered gun. yanez is heard telling castile not to pull out the gun.... and castile says, he will not. yanez again says, not to reach for the gun --- before he pulls his own weapon... and fires seven- times. castile's girlfriend says, he was reaching for his wallet and drivers license. yanez told investigators, the smell of marijuana from castile's car was part of why he considered him a threat. some people say, the new video does not resolve the question of whether yanez saw castille reach for a gun. a jury acquitted yanez last week. (pam) a dust storm in new mexico leads to a fatal, multi- vehicle pileup. . . killing six people. take a look at this video. . . the vehicles all bunched in the same happened on interstate-10 near the arizona and new mexico border ..
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monday evening. police say, 25-vehicles were involved in the accident. six people including an infant died. . . and several others were injured.police say high winds caused limited visibility from blowing dust. (pam) carpool lanes allow drivers with more than one passenger.... to use the lane in hopes of encouraging car pooling, easing congestion .. and speeding traffic. (steve) now there is one exception...hybrid cars with clean air stickers but you can still find people ignoring the rules and using h-o-v lane illegally. and that can be a pretty expensive ticket did you know you were in the carpool lane, yea i just switching a little bit because i was a meeting to go to but
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what about being in the car pool lane i was just in a rush i'm trying to get to work those were excuses from people stopped because they committed a potentially expensive highway foul they were in a two person carpool lane by themselves i'm on highway 101 at highway 87 with officer morasco of the san jose office of the california highway patrol and he is hand stopping drivers violating the carpool lane . where the cheaters come to him .something that the drivers who follow the rules are delighted to see i'm glad he's out here busting carpoolers there are so many cheaters, i pay money for electric car no cheaters .. love yousometimes the driver doesn't respond to the hand stop so they get the traditional stop go past the wall go past the wall the turn out finally the driver stops hi, i stopped you
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for driving solo in the carpool lane and also you ran the metering light apparenty the driver thought it was ok to use the carpool lane if you are late for a meeting and what about the running the red light how come you didn't stop at a red light i did stop with the red light 9i just brought this new car so the break is not woking how i used my old car this driver is have a bad day her words not mine and it started with her bumper i litterely got if knocked off this morning (really) that's why i'm running late but what about the being in the carpool i lnew i had to get off of 101 soon ok let's be in the left lane because i don't want to miss the exit maybe i should tell her the exit is in the right laneand then i was trying to like get an opening it was just lile packed the whole way down the fines for being in the carpool lane without the required amout of passengers can set you back 491 dollars in santa clara county but no points a fine that many people apparently don't have a problem paying sice so many were caught including this driver who had bigger problems what happened to your drivers license? i lost that a long time ago man he will get his own segment in san jose stanley roberts kron 4 news
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a california woman goes to pick up her dog's toy...only to find it wasn't what she thought. the scary surprise she got instead and next. a four year old .... duct taped by her teacher at preschool... now her father is taking action [ indistinct chatter ] [ intense music playing ] it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back: the mercedes-benz summer event. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers, and start firing up those grilles. lease the e300 for $569 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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my daughter, hey i've got some duct tape with your name on it. she then proceeded to tie her around her feet. she got up a couple of times and tried to move and fell both times." > (pam) a missouri dad wants someone held accountable ... after his four- year old girl was duct- taped at preschool.(steve) joseph day says the teacher did it because his daughter wasn't following directions. now he is suing the school.(steve) day says when his daughter did not lie down for a nap---the teacher took
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action. and it didn't stop there. when the school director was called in ---the incident escalated. (pam) the father later got a voicemail from the director... apologizing for mishandling the situation ... and said the teacher admitted to being "inexperienced" and doing "something really stupid"... the state investigated and found the story was true. it ordered the school to come up with a corrective plan... but documentation shows the school has not. it's not a toy... one los angeles county woman got a big surprise... when she reached down for what she thought was her dog's rope toy. take a look. carla rosso and her husband ariel had just gotten out of their backyard jacuzzi. she went to pick up what she thought was her dog duchess' rope toy. it turned out to be a baby rattlesnake!! she grasped
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the long, thin object... then panicked when she realized... it was a snake. she dropped it immediately and high-stepped out of there in a hurry... with her dog way ahead of her. (steve) uber is changing course on its tipping policy. the company is introducing tipping for drivers, something it has strongly objected to in the past. uber has been plagued by a series of scandals in recent months, ranging from sexual harassment claims to an executive exodus. the tipping change is part of a campaign called "180 days of change," pledging to make improvements for the next six months. competitor lyft supported tipping since its early days. but uber repeatedly refused to include the option, citing a "hassle-free" experience that's better for drivers and riders. (pam) in sports... the son of maybe the greatest warrior ever, tries out for the team... or at least a spot on the summer team...(steve)... and the giants finally get some breaks... and timly hitting from a rookie... gary has the
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higlights... plus a shaquille o'neal story you won't want to miss... coming up how did we test our improved dixie ultra plates? with two pounds of steak. in each hand. so they stay strong. even when dinner's a bit of a challenge. dixie ultra, with new flexproof technology. stress tested so you can stress less at dinner. danon: it seems americans are
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getting better at saving money. there are a lot of americans that have no savings at all. black: yeah, i'm not sure how many americans are out there right now but 57- million americans have no emergency savings at all. the percentage of those lacking emergency funds is down to 24- percent this year, however 53- percent of those ages 53 to 62 said that they had zero dollars saved. more than any other age group many americans of single plan expenses like a roof or a broken tooth can set you off to a tail spin of poverty. and again it tends to be the oldest generation. . the baby boomers. the younger side of the baby boomers don't have enough saved because they were working 5,6 years ago when the recession hit. they lost their job, they went through their emergency fund and it's tough to build it back up. the one thing that i could tell you is that when i was 18 i started saving about
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$166 dollars a month automatically. i just had it go straight from my paychecks, go straight from my bank into mutual funds. automatic savings and paying yourself first is the way to go to ever get ahead in life.danon: u.s. crude oil. we're seeing crude really dropping. . i'm really excited about lower gas prices. black: see you see that. i see the world economy struggling because we're not consuming. . . danon: i just want . . .we're paying way too much for gasoline you got to leave the state of california, but anyway. . .prices have dropped down about $43. they're expected to go to the high 30's at this point in time because it's kind of a self- fulfilling prophecy. they're down 22- percent from their 52-week high. any time anything is down 20-percent it's considered a fair market. so if it's the stock market or the oil market, oil stocks like exxon and chevron are feeling the effects of this. it turns out nigeria, libya and iraq. . .not the biggest oil-producing countries in the world but they're still all tied towards opec. they've been raised in their production and stock piles are building on a global level. american drillers are locked into pulling oil out of the ground, but if oil prices continue to drop the americans will pull out and the supply will change in the future. but short term, you're right. better gas prices going into winter. danon: post your questions for rob on his facebook page and we'll try and answer them on the air here on kron4.
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kron4. on the air here on and answer them page and we'll try on his facebook questions for rob on his facebook page and we'll try and answer them on the air here on kron4.
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the boston red sox have placed third baseman and forger giant pablo sandoval on the disabled list with a left ear infection.after appearing in just three games last season sandoval is batting .212 with four homers and 12 rbis in 32 games this in three seasons since signing a five- year, $95 million contract with boston, sandoval has
8:48 pm
batted .237 with 14 homers while appearing in just 161 games. the warriors just 161 games. the warriors have been invited to washington d.c but not by president trump house democratic leader nancy pelosi and east bay congresswoman barbara lee tweeted the team an invite to our nation's capitolmeanwhile... the son of warriors hall of famer rick barry canyon barry worked out for the team today along with 5 other players looking at a shot for a summer league spotbob myers and joe lacob were on hand to check out barry and the othersalso on hand was older brother brent barry who played 14 years in the nba winning 2 nba titles and a slam dunk championshipof course it's father rick... probably still the greatest warrior ever who looms largest but canyon said he wasn't nervous trying out for the
8:49 pm
franchise for which his dad is an icon(sot: canyon barry) "i'm not necessarily nervous... more just excited. you know, my family has obviously a lot of ties to the warriors organization. so to be able to come out here, and try out for this team, and kinda show them what i can do has been a great experience. i see his pictures hanging up all over the practice gym and it's just a blessing to be able to play the game that i love, and that he loved. and to come to a spot where he made a name for himself has just been great. it would be a dream come true just to be able to play in the nba, especially golden state. i think i would be able to fit in really well here with the culture and just with style of basketball, i think it would be a perfect fit. and obviously to be able to play where my dad and brothers played would just be an added bonus... and kinda bring back the underhand free throw to golden state it's been 40- something years, but it would be fun to have the underhanded free throw back in the bay area."
8:50 pm
(gary tells shaq story) former warriors assistant general manager travis schlenk has made his first big move as g.m. of the atlanta hawks shipping dwight howard to charlotte in a salary cap move and it's not wise to anger "the king" yesterday cavs owner surprised a lot of people when he did not renew the contract of general manager david griffin who
8:51 pm
helped get the cavs to 3 straight nba finals and win an nba titlebut probably the worst part was according to all accounts lebron james was not informed of the move or consulted beforehand james responded today tweeting "if no one appreciated you griff i did, and hopefully all the people of cleveland! thanks for what u did for the team for 3 yrs! we got us 1"james is under contract to the cavs for two more college world series game between texas a&m and tcu... delayed in the 5th inning as a squirrel is loose on the field... groundskeepers try to round him up but he hides along the rain tarp and despite a few attemps to find him, they give up and the baseball game continues...tccu won the game 4-1
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee.
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visit to learn more. tonight at 10 what happened to your drivers license? i lost that a long time ago man . way back in the days .this driver lost his drivers license long before many of you were born, i'll expalin in the next edition of people behaving badly last weather and goodbye
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