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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 19, 2017 1:45am-2:01am PDT

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(vicki ) now at 11. a final salute to jake walter...a fallen east bay firefighter.i'm vicki liviakis.. in for steve aveson. (pam) and i'm pam moore. 30-year-old jake walter and another firefighter were shot in san jose last night. authorities say, the two were at a party... when bullets started flying. ((vicki)) there is a suspct in custody . and as kron 4's charles clifford explains...that alleged gunman is in custody... after an all- night manhunt. the san jose police department says that 27-year-old san jose resident oliver juinio is facing murder and attempted murder charges for allegedly shooting and killing 30-year-old off duty oakland
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firefighter jake walter and wounding a second fire fighter who is now in stable condition at valley medical center.the shooting occurred thursday evening here along taylor street near the gordon biersh brewing company. witnesses say the attack on the fire fighters was unprovoked and investigators have not yet identified a motive.albert morales".....right now we don't really have a motive, it's still being determined, we just don't have a concrete understanding of why he targeted these two individuals....."soton friday, neighbors in the area were stunned by the attack. izzy guillen lives just a few feet away from the where the shooting occurred. she says this quiet neighborhood of homes, cafes and small shops is safe or as safe as any place can be.sotwe are in a big city. there's still crime here despite it being calm and nice.through out the day friday, investigators searched the area looking for a possible murder weapon. there have also been reports the a second person of interest may have been questioned, but as of friday evening only juinio remains in custody. (pam) we continue to track breaking news along the
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east coast.six police officers have been shot in a matter of hours in two states. (vicki) at least one of those officers was killed.... the officer confirmed dead was shot in kissimmee, florida... which is about thirty- minutes south of orlando. the other officer is in "grave" condition. within the last 30 minutes we've learned three suspects are in is still on the loose.(pam) soon after that... we received word for the jacksonville, florida sheriff's department ... that two more officers had been shot. in the last ten minutes we have learned one officer is in critical conditon -- the other in stable condition. the suspect was shot and killed. jacksonville is about two- and a half- hours- north of kissimmee... where the other shooting happened.(vicki) and in pennyslvania - two troopers have been shot near pittsburgh. we know the suspect in that case was killed. no word yet on what led up to that shooting. at this point - no indication any of these shooting are connected to one another. (pam) new details are emerging about the terror attacks in
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spain this as we learn one of the fourteen people killed -- was an american from the bay area. jared tucker lived in lafayette.(vicki)his family confirmed his death earlier today.kron four's spencer blake is at the school where his wife teachesand has more. (singing)about a hundred people showed up to the church sanctuary friday night at el sobrante christian school, a department of central assembly church."one of the great comforts we have is to sing to the lord."they prayedand sang for their sixth grade teacher, heidi nunes- tuckerwho had finally gotten to go on her honeymoon with husband jared, as they celebrated their first was jared's first time in europe.after a van plowed through a tourist spot and ultimately killed 13
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people, heidi and jared got separated from each other, and heidi couldn't find him. friday, she let her father-in- law know the tragic news."we just got a text a few minutes ago that said she had gone, i guess to the morgue, and she had actually identified the body."though el sobrante christian school doesn't start classes until the 30th, the school's principal decided to invite everyone from the school to join in a prayer service for heidiand for her and jared's families."nothing we do tonight can change the outcome of the event but i do believe that through prayer a difference can be made in what happens in the future."at the school of about 300 students, kids, parents, and staff know each other student has been excited to have mrs. nunes-tucker as a teacher this year after her sister had her in the past."i felt really sad, and i started looking things up on the internet to see if there was anything i could
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(pam) now at 11. police in alameda are investigating vandalism at a jewish synagogue .... as a possible hate crime.(vicki) in light of the vandalism .. there was a gathering at the synagogue tonight. kron4's ella sogomonian was there...she spoke to members of the congregation...who are on edge. (nats: music)the alameda community united at a vigil at the israel temple friday before shabbat after two windows were smashed by a vandal on wednesday.sot: mel waldorf, israel temple congregation member// "the fact that the windows that were smashed were covered in jewish symbols in a children's classroom where they had drawn stars of david and written in hebrew. there's no question that whatever the intention the individual who did this knew they were attacking a jewish institution."but alameda police at first reported there was not enough evidence to call the vandalism a hate crime.until this
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announcement at the vigil by the acting police chief.sot: lance leibnitz, acting police chief of alameda// "based on the totality of the circumstances we've had the opportunity to review the video in detail, process some more evidence and we are treating this as a hate crime." the hundreds who gathered at the front steps cheered at the news and listened intently as congregation and local government leaders shared a message that they will not tolerate intolerance not here not anywhere.sot: malia vella, vice mayor of alameda // "to denounce all of the hate and the bigotry in charlottesville on behalf of white supremacists and neo nazis and we're going to come together to say loudly and clearly in a very united way hate does not belong here everyone belongs here."cameras caught a glimpse of one hooded person in front of the windows before they were broken but couldn't make out a clear description. (vicki) video tonight from a viewer .... showing the scene after an overhang collapsed at the montecito shopping center in santa rosa. according to a witnesses.... it fell right in a spot where teenagers are usually hanging out. santa rosa police say, they were called ... to help deal with the crowd --
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and call for a building inspection. contractors had been doing major repairs to the roof just before the collapse. one person was hit by some debris -- but was not seriously hurt. in san francisco, allegations of elder abuse.more than half a dozen people were removed from the unlicensed care facility in the cole valley neighborhood.friday morning, sfpd arrived at the home which appears to be people were taken from the location for medical care.and one person is being investigated for multiple counts of possible elder abuse. reporting in san francisco, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news. here in oakland civil rights attorney john burris announes the filing of a federal lawsuit seeking unspecified damages against six officers and the city of richmond in the police sex scandal case also named in the lawsuit are former richmond
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police chief chris magnus and current chief of police allwyn brown as the alleged misconduct occurred on their watch. burris says the chiefs are being sued because the alleged sexual misconduct occurred on their watch nearly a dozen demonstrators held a sit in friday afternoon outside the pacific west regional offices of the national park service in san francisco.concerns over hate groups and potential violence has demonstrators calling on the park service to reject the group patriot prayer's request for a permit for a so called freedom day rally on august 26th at crissy the meantime across town at crissy field, a small group of demonstrators were back to let park goers know what's planned dan kerman, kron4 news. (pam) if you wake up to fog... don't be alarmed....suns hine is on the way.(vicki) chief meterologist brittany shipp has your complete weekend forecast up next.
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warming this afternoon as a ridge of high pressure
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continues to build into our region. minor cooling can be expected over the weekend into next week as an upper level low and shortwave trough move into our region. overnight clouds can be expected especially along the coast.
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