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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  August 24, 2017 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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event this saturday. hundreds are expected - (take pkg) sf supervisor president london breed. "it is a coming together of all sf values." (estacio track)san francsico supervisor president london breed spoke with me about the goals of the rally planned for friday at the civic center. she has been in meetings throughout the week about the scheduled event. breed, sf superisor "this is set as an alternative so that people will not go down and clash with others come saturday. city officials are concerned that the violence on display in charlottesville during a clash between neo-nazis groups and white supremists could take place here at chrissy field saturday during a planned alt right event called patriot prayer. the city has been very vocal against having the patriot prayer come to town. they even asked the national park service who oversees permits on chrissy to deny the request. but the park service did grant a permit so the event is on. breed. we are hoping it is all peaceful, but we are planning for whatever. supervisor breed says - city officials are working with
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sfpd to try and make sure all of the rallies stay safe and peaceful. (estacio) and kron four news is learning some of the speakers at the friday event include the glide choir kicking it off - then mc hammer to talk as well as the mayor, board president breed and a wide variety of other community members and religious leaders. there is another rally planned for saturday at noon as well here at the civic center
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(vicki) and happening now... fences are going up all around san francisco's crissy field... as the city prepares for this saturday's "patriot prayer" rally. the city is bracing for any kind of violence to break out. and now businesses nearby the protest - plan to close this satuday. that includes the family friendly "house of air" and sports basement. the presidio trust also says parts of the presidio itself will be closed during the protest. a house of air supervisor says they're shutting down for safety reasons. we are also learning that the south parking lot of the golden gate bridge is going to be closed on saturday... that is on the san francisco side. muni
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is also rerouting several bus routes and is shutting down some light rail and cable car lines as well. this is due to the multiple rallies planned that day throughout the city. (grant) in berkeley... a right wing rally is scheduled for martin luther king junior civic center park this sunday. and, as kron four's philippe djegal reports... the city is preparing for a thousand plus counter demonstrators to show up and protest against what they're anticipating will be expressions of "hate." (philippe)tur-ha ak/organizer- "charlottesville is coming is coming to the bay." and, self-proclaimed anti-fascist organizers like tur-ha ak, with the anti-police terror project, say they plan to confront the white nationalists the city of berkeley says plan to rally behind city hall on sunday. tur-ha ak/organizer- "we have to stand against white nationalism, white power, white supremacy and facism." organizers who claim to be fighting against racial injustice say they don't plan
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to get violent at any of these demonstrations... but if they have to protect themselves, they say they will. tur-ha ak/organizer- "i want to be clear -- we're not advocating violence. this won't be used against us in indictments. but, we are saying you have to fight. so, fight from where you stand. you choose the method, but fight." dan siegel with the oakland justice coalition and national lawyers guild, says berkeley shouldn't allow the white nationalists to gather sunday, calling the mayor out directly.dan siegel/oakland justice coaliton- "we want him to take a stand, have the courage to tell them, they cannot rally here, they cannot espouse violence, they cannot advocate for genocide -- that's what we want to here from the mayor." jesse arreguin/mayor- "what we do not tolerate and what we do not allow is violence by anyone -- left or right." mayor jesse arreguin (are- uh-gihn) says that the city council passed an emergency ordinance friday... giving police broader power to not only seize weapons that are brought into civic center park... but also weapons carried by people on the streets and sidewalks.jesse arreguin/mayor- "we will arrest people and we will
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prosecute them to the full extent of the law if they commit any violence towards anyone." berkeley councilmember ben bartlett says he respects everyone's right to peacefully assemble... but personally supports the non-violent anti-fascist protestors.ben bartlett/counc ilmember- "we have got to standup to hate. everytime. we have to. because, if not, we know where it leads." and, at u-c berkeley... anti-fascist protestors are gearing up for a long weekend. creating the signs they'll be carrying sunday. in berkeley, philippe djegal, kron four news. (grant) and we just learned moments ago... that a permit for a "no to marxism in america" rally planned for berkeley's civic center park has been ádenied. the city citing - the application was incomplete and missing critical information. however - the city still believes people will show up. (grant) and for a whole list of events scheduled for this weekend - log onto our website. there you can find out where and when these events will begin - plus what you need to know, if you plan on attending any of these
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rallies....alt right or anti- alt right. it's all on kron four dot com. and - don't forget you can download the kron four mobile app to get the latest breaking news alerts sent directly to your phone. (vicki) another big story we are following tonight... one person is dead and another was injured during a hostage situation in charleston, south carolina today. authorities say a disgruntled former employee entered "virginia's restaurant" today where he shot and killed a chef. the suspect then began walking around the restaurant waving his gun. he took one person hostage and ordered everyone else to leave. the suspect later released the hostage safely. after a three-hour standoff-- police shot the gunman. he was taken to the hospital and is in critical condition. the mayor of charleston says this was not a hate crime or an act of terrorism. (grant) and a warning if you are heading to bart this evening... more cars are being targeted in station parking lots throughout the bay area. in the last 24 hours.... three cars have been broken into at the west dublin station. two others were
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broken into at the san leandro station. and two cars were stolen from the concord station. we spoke to bart riders in concord...who are on edge tonight.(sot) (grant)"i drop off my husband to take bart..but when we head to the city we always leave the car parked here. i 'm scared...don't wanna lose are car." police warn bart customers to never leave anything of value visable in your car...especially if you're going to leave it parked for several hours. (vicki) authorities are asking for your help tonight in finding a motorcyclist who hit a jogger in contra costa county. it happened around six last night on wildcat canyon road... just west of inspiration point near orinda. witnesses say the motorcycle was driving at high speeds and was crossing the double yellow line. police do not have a description of
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the bike.... however the driver was wearing a yellow helmet and was last seen driving west on wildcat canyon road towards berkeley. the victim was transported to the hospital...and left with life-threatening injuries. (grant) a distrubing attack on a san francisco street caught on surveillance video. a woman is sucker punched, sucker punched, knocked to the ground and when she calls out for help, the suspect comes back and hits her again.(grant) this happened two weeks ago on sweeny street off san bruno avenue in the portola neighborhood. kron4's maureen kelly reports that police believe this attack was unprovoked. when we first see the suspect on this surveillance camera footage from august 10th at 8pm, he looks like any other person out for an evening stroll on san bruno avenue. because this is an ongoing investigation by san francisco police, we've agreed to blur out his face, and that of the female victim.but as after she walks thru the frame on another camera on the unit block of sweeny..he can been seen running her down.when he catches up to her police say he struck the 31 year old
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victim on the back of the head, and punches her several times on the face until she falls to the ground.this doesn't appear to be an attempted robbery, since he didn't take her handbag or the shopping bag she was carrying. if this attack wasn't cowardly enough, once she starts yelling for help, he comes back and hit her again.a neighbor who saw the video says their neighborhood has it's ups and down in terms of crimes, but in the 20 plus years she's lived here, she's never seen anything like this. i've never seen something or someone would just come out of nowhere and hit a woman and she falls to the ground and then he comes back. it was like it wasn't enough so i'm horrifiedi normally walk with my grandson my parents were elderly i walk with my kids now you got to start thinking i got a wash my back check the backseat was walking behind me because i'm not scene this ever since i've been living herethe victim was treated for her injuries at california pacific medical center.when asked if the suspect is tied to any similar crimes, the sargent assigned to the case said she could not comment, due to the ongoing nature of the investigation.maureen kelly kron4 news (grant) the the california supreme
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court approves a measure to speed up executions in the state...while also implementing a key provision. voters approved proposition 66 last november... the measure aims to speed up death sentences by setting a five- year deadline on court appeals. the state supreme court ruled that the deadline be a recommendation, ánotá mandatory. proposition 66 beat a competing initiative that would have abolished the death penalty. there are nearly 750 inmates on death row in california and only 13 have been executed since 19-78. the last execution was in 2006. (vicki) some sad news to report now... jay thomas - known for his roles on "cheers" and "murphy brown" - has died after a battle with cancer. that's according to his publicist, who made the announcement thursday. thomas won two emmy awards for
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playing tabloid talk show host jerry gold on "murphy brown". in recent years, he had more serious roles on "bones", "n-c-i-s new orleans" and "ray donovan." many viewers also remember thomas for his annual holiday appearance on the letterman show. he was 69-years old. (grant) a lucky woman from massachusetts - just became 758-million dollars richer. coming up - meet the woman who won the powerball jackpot. plus - find out where two winning tickets where sold right here in the bay area. (vicki) then - several cities in texas are now being evacuated as hurricane harvey makes its way towards the u-s. when the storm is expected to make landfall. (grant) plus, you no longer have wait for your books purchased on amazon - to be shipped to your house. a look at the new amazon book store that opened in the south bay - next. (brittney) i'm chief meteorologist brittney shipp, i'll have your full bay area forecast after the break.
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(grant) the 18-year-old woman who was livestreaming a car crash that killed her younger sister is now defending herself. police say obdulia sanchez was driving drunk and livestreaming last month when she flipped her car. sanchez had just picked up her 14-year-old sister jacqueline and her sister's friend in fresno. sanchez's lawyer says sanchez had a tire
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blowout... causing her car to flip. the c-h-p says the two 14-year-olds in the back seat were not wearing seat belts. they were both thrown from the car. jacqueline died. here's an portion of a recent jail-house interview with sanchez. (obdulia sanchez): "we do it all the time. we do it all the time. trust me, it's like a reflex. like i haven't crashed. everybody does it. why not? people take video of them in cars like all the time. and i'm only 18. we're still young." sanchez continued to livestream after the crash and continued to livestream after calling 911 for help, she even showed her sister's dead body. sanchez is adamant she is sorry... saying if she knew what was going to happen that day she would have
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never left the house. (vicki) amazon is already one of the world's biggest booksellers. but until recently, most of those books have been sold on-line. (grant) but now the giant e-tailer is selling books the old fashioned way, in an actual store where you can see and touch the books before you buy them. kron four's rob fladeboe attended the grand opening of amazon's newest store in san jose. with a prime location here in glitzy santana row, amazon books is being billed as an integration of the company's on-line experience with the physical world. the result is a wider, better selection of books says amazon books v-p jennifer cast.jennifer cast/amazon books"....we have taken information about what people read and how they read and why they read and incorporated that information into our store to help customers discover the books that they love...."rob fladeboe/san jose" what's different about an amazon book store. for one
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thing, all of the books are displayed 'face out' so you can see all the books here and all have a card with reviews of what other readers are saying about that book...." there are some 35-hundred books here ranging from best sellers to lesser know titles or "hidden gems," again sourced from amazon's on line data base. another section,is called 'page turners,' books you can read in three days or less. and the reviews? prices on all items for amazon prime members, including devices, are the same as from for non prime members, books are sold at list price .later this year amazon will open a second bay area store in walnut creek. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. (grant) what would you do... if
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you had hundreds of millions of bucks coming your way... a lottery winner in massachusetts told her boss... i'm not coming back. mavis wanczyk won the 759-million dollar powerball jackpot last night. that's the largest single-ticket lottery win in u-s history. when she came to claim her prize thursday, she spoke about the first thing she wants to do now.(sot) "i just want to sit down and relax. i had a pipe dream and my pipe dream has finally come true. i wanted to retire in twelve and it came early." wanczyk opted to receive a lump sum payment of 480-million dollars, instead of the full amount spread over 30-years. after taxes, she will take home 336-million. she bought her winning ticket at a store in chicopee,
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massachusetts. (grant) two lucky people from the bay area walked away with a good chunk of change after the powerball drawing. (vicki) one person from daly city and another from milpitas matched five of the six numbers. those tickets are worth 818-thousand dollars. the gas station that sold the powerball ticket in milpitas was a chevron on california circle off dixon landing road. that chevron also sold a powerball ticket worth 425-million in 20-14. the gas station's manager says the winner surprised him when he came in.
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not yet been identified. (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with chief meterologist brittney shipp. a building ridge of high pressure will lead to a substantialwarming trend especially for locations away from the coast.widespread upper 80s to lower 100s are likely starting on sundayfor inland areas. several days of very warm readings are likely which could lead to heat related issues. at the coast temperatures will be more moderate.
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(vicki) coming up, a predator contacts a 7-year-old girl using a popular music app. now that girl's father is warning other parents about the hidden feature on that.
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(grant) health insurance prices are increasing for new retirees. couples retiring this year will need roughly 275-thousand dollars saved up to cover their health care costs during retirement. that's up six percent from last year. and those costs are expected to keep rising. experts at financial services company, fidelity, released the estimates this week. they say each situation is unique and a couples' health, life expectancy and retirement age could change projected expenses. (vicki) education secretary betsy devos is easing standards set by the obama administration for vocational programs and schools.(grant) advocacy groups say it could put students at risk. our
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washington correspondent jessica smith explains the change. natsthe gainful employment rule aims to hold vocational programs and for-profit colleges accountable -- by making them prove graduates' are able to get jobs and pay back their student loans.if the schools can't meet specific standards -- they lose access to federal loans and grants.but education secretary betsy devos says the requirements are burdensome on the programs. so she has softened the rules, and plans to rewrite them entirely. jennifer wang, ticas anyone who cares about students, vets, taxpayers -- should be extremely, deeply troubled by the admin's actions.jennifer wang works for the institute for college access and success. she says devos is gutting the rule.jennifer wang, ticas: what the admin has now done is forced it to die by 1000 cuts. (im not crazy about this bite, is there another)jessica standup: earlier this year, the obama administration found 8-hundred programs did not
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meet gainful employment standards. failing schools have to warn students they aren't up to the new standards -- but now, secretary devos is giving programs for time to appeal. and during the appeal process, programs don't have to warn students. jennifer wang, ticas: there could be 100s, thousands of students who enrolling in failing programs who have no idea what they're getting says if the gainful employment rule were in effect earlier, it may have protected students from the corinthian colleges and itt tech those programs would have stopped being eligible to offer student loans, or grants -- and students probably would have had a lot better information before enrolling in those washington, i'm jessica smith. (grant) we reached out to the department of education, but they have yet to get back with us. (vicki) a powerful hurricane is barreling towards the united states... coming up, a look at how people in texas and louisiana are gearing up for the power storm... that's expected to make landfall with wind speeds up to 100-milers per hour.(grant) then - hear why these parents took a pledged... not to give their children a cell phone until
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they are in their teens.
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(vicki) people across the gulf coast are bracing for hurricane harvey. the storm is barreling toward the
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middle texas coast... and is rapidly gaining strength. (grant) omar jimenez is tracking the storm's path... and the scramble to prepare for the worst. tropical storm harvey... now hurricane harvey ... and predicted to be a category three hurricane by the time it makes landfall -- worse than initially expected. natsso sand bags and boarded up homes... all necessities as residents prepare.resident: bottled water, flashlight,generator. larry green/resident: got to stock up for stuff for ourselves and our kids. monica mata/resident: there is no more water, there is no more bread, the bread is starting to run out as well, so it is getting empty in there.texas governor greg abbott is declaring a state of disaster for 30 counties... ahead of an expected 15-20 inches of rainfall and winds around 115 miles per hour.the national hurricane center is also
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warning the storm is likely to slow down when it hits the coast increasing the threat of rain and flooding across portions of texas...northeast mexico...and southwest john bell edwards/louisiana: the nature of this storm has changed very much over the last number of hours and it is getting more and more serious. i want to encourage people to be vigilant for an extended period of time.the city of new orleans is also taking precautions...earlier this month they declared a state of emergency over flooding.16 of their drainage pumps were out of service. mayor mitch landrieu/ new orleans: if you get 5-9 inches in a small area in a short period of time, even if the pumping station is pumping at full capacity - we're still going to have problems.this storm comes in the peak of hurricane season from mid-august to late october... but harvey would be the first to hit texas since 2008 hurricane ike killed 21 people across three states. i'm omar jimenez reporting
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a building ridge of high pressure will lead to a substantialwarming trend especially for locations away from the coast.widespread upper 80s to lower 100s are likely starting on sundayfor inland areas. several days of very warm readings are likely which could lead to heat related issues. at the coast temperatures will be more moderate.
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(vicki) president trump taking to twitter to get several things off his chest today.. (grant) first going after house speaker paul ryan... for not attaching legislation to increase the country's borrowing limit to a bill related to veterans. congress has until the end of september to raise the debt ceiling or potentially cause the u-s to default on its debt. the president also upping the ante in his own ongoing feud with senator mjority leader mitch mcconnell... for failing to pass a new healthcare bill last month -- tweeting "the only problem i have with mcconnell is that, after hearing repeal and replace for 7 years, he failed. that should never have happened!" still the white house insists - everthing is fine. sarah huckabee sanders: "look i think the relationships are fine. certainly, there are going to be some policy differences, but there are also a lot of shared goals and
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that's what we're focused on. we're disappointed that obamacare ... they failed to get it repealed and replaced. but at the same time president trump has worked with leader mcconnell to reach out to other members and to work on those shared goals and we're going to continue to do that when the senate comes back from recess." (grant) meanwhile, we'll soon learn more about president trump's transgender military ban. the wall street journal reports the white house will send guidance to the pentagon... regarding the ban - in the coming days. trump wants the military to stop admitting transgender people. and for current trangender troops... the pentagon should consider a service member's ability to deploy... before deciding whether to expel them. trump announced on twitter last month that he would reinstate a ban on transgender troops.= (vicki) silicon valley congresswoman zoe lofgren - in our kron4 studios just hours
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ago. she's weighing in on questions of the president's ability to serve... namely his mental state. the congresswoman is behind a bill to invoke the 25th amendment... i asked her why she wants donald trump to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. ...introducing the bill. the congresswoman says her bill asks that president trump not only go through a psychological exam but a
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legitimate physical one as well.(vicki) congresswoman lofgren also talked about immigration reform, the border wall and the housing challenges facing bay area residents... and she has some solutions. you can see our full interview on (grant) a big story we've been tracking. search and rescue operations for u-s sailors missing in waters off singapore have been suspended. the remains of one sailor have been identified. nine others are still missing. the search will continue in the flooded compartments of the u-s-s john mc-cain. the mc-cain collided with an oil tanker monday. it's the fourth time a u-s warship has been involved in an accident in asian waters this year. (vicki) still ahead - it was an all out brawl during today's match-up between the detroit tigers and new york yankees... after three fights broke out during today's game. a look at what happened - coming up. (grant) and next - a concerned dad is warning other parents tonight... about a popular app used by children.
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how he says a predator was able to contact his 7-year-old daughter through the app - and ask for nude photos.(vicki) u.s. stock indexes ticked lower today... the dow fell nearly 29 points. the nasdaq lost 7. and the s&p... fell 5 points. we'll be right back.(vicki) ♪ it's time for the biggest sale of the year with the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your every move and automatically
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adjusts on both sides to keep you effortlessly comfortable. and snoring... does your bed do that? the new 360 smart bed is part of our biggest sale of the year where all beds are on sale. and right now save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. plus free home delivery. ends saturday! (grant) one
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illinois father is warning others about a predator that
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tried to get his seven-year- old daughter... to undress on a popular music sharing application. brad frakes says his 7-year-old daughter was using the "" app to make music videos and connect online with friends. but someone who claimed to be 9-years-old messaged his daughter and asked her to send photos without her clothes on. when she said no, whoever was behind the screen told her to go in the bathroom and just take some.(sot) "we taught her that if anyone asked her to show herself in ways that she was uncomfortable with, that she come to us and let us know. and that's exactly what she did." her dad posted the exchange on facebook hoping to warn other parents,it's already been shared more than 80,000 times. local police are investigating the case and warning parents to teach their kids good online habits. (grant) thousands of parents are signing a pledge not to buy smartphones for
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their kids until they are in eighth grade. (vicki) other say that while it may be a good idea... it's not realistic. it's called the "wait until 8th" pledge. by signing the pledge, parents are agreeing to wait until their child is 13 to buy him or her a cell phone. the idea is to get 10 other families in your area to sign up so your child is not the only one without a smartphone. opponents say while kids may be wrapped up in technology... and possibly exposed to the wrong things... taking their cell phones away is just not realistic. (danielle reising/mother): "we were trying to hold off as long as possible, unfortunately i think socially that's how the kids communicate... in a town like this when they come downtown, it's useful because there are no pay phones left for the kids to call to say i'm here, i'm there." the "wait until eighth" web page has collected signatures from two thousand families so far. parents are still encouraged to sign the pledge even if their child has a basic flip phone, as
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long as its limited to only calls or texts. (grant) there's a different kind there's a different kind of battle brewing at at&t park. still ahead - we take a look at the the problem that's flying above the park.
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there is a big battle brewing over the controversial delta tunnel project. steve aveson is live in the newsroom with what we are working on for kron 4 news at six. (steve) grant... its one of governor jerry brown's pet projects... twin tunnels in the delta that would divert water from there.. all the way down to southern california. the project has a hefty price tag of 17-billion- dollars. dozens of groups have sued the state to stop the project. and today we talked to one of the project's biggest critics... california congressman jerry mcnerney. tonight why is opposed to the project. we will have that
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story and much more on kron 4 news at six. grant back to you. (vicki) not one - not two - but three bench-clearing altercations took place today during the detroit tigers and new york yankees game. (grant) several players and coaches had to be ejected. sports director gary radnich is here - with a look at what happened. gary? (vicki) giants (vicki) gary?happened. at what - with a look at what happened. gary?
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(vicki) giants (vicki) (vicki) giants outfielder
5:48 pm
5:49 pm
denard span has more to worry about than just getting on base or making a play in the field....(grant) span says
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one of his greatest fears in the outfield is having a seagull swarm him, or "go to the bathroom," on him. you've probably seen the birds hover over a-t-and-t park in the late innings. and it's not just in san francisco...the oakland coliseum has the same problem. it's become such a nuisance that the giants and a's are experimenting with unconventional measures to try and keep them away. the a's put in a pair of falcon-shaped kites to keep the birds from flying into the stadium. in 20-12, the giants added a hawk nicknamed "bruce lee" to solve their seagull problems. bruce has since left his post. (anchor) time now to check on
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our weather... with chief meterologist brittney shipp. a building ridge of high pressure will lead to a substantialwarming trend especially for locations away from the coast.widespread upper 80s to lower 100s are likely starting on sundayfor inland areas. several days of very warm readings are likely which could lead to heat related issues. at the coast temperatures will be more moderate. (vicki) up next, we take you out to a restaurant in (vicki) up next, we take you
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out to a restaurant in the north bay... that comes with a side of rock-n-roll.
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(grant) there is a bay area local who made his claim to fame in the world of rock and roll... but these days.... he is all about food. (vicki) tonight on dine and dish - we crank up the volume and meet rocker sammy hagar at his historic restaurant - el paseo. you wouldn't know it by looking at him but sammy hagar, the rock guitarist of van halen fame is hitting 70... and so is his mill valley restaurant - el paseo. (sammy hagar - el paseo) well i didn't own this 70 years ago!) hagar is not new to the food and beverage scene - with cabo wabo cantinas and his favorite brand of tequila.(sammy hagar
5:57 pm
- el paseo) i mean it's so cool. but sammy hagar is a marin county guy...and he and his wife share a sentimental attachment to el paseo... (sammy hagar - el paseo) i said i'm going to buy this place so i did that's what stupid rock stars do. hagar hired new chef - todd shoberg. and cassie corless is the new general manager. (cassie corless - gm el paseo) we're just in full celebration mode we've got new cocktails new dishes and new chef.(sammy hagar - el paseo) this is about food and beverage and wine that's el paseo is and to me i want it to be the best restaurant in northern california and i think it is. hagar serves up his personal brews - of rum. you might see this original painting by rocker john mellencamp. you won't necessarily find sammy hagar performing at el paseo.(sammy and fan) i'm sammy. god i love you. still fans - drop by to say hi. and i managed to coax sammy hagar to belt it out just once.(song - "55") ...fifty five!!! (sammy and fan) definitely keep driving under 55. proving the point you're never too old to rock and roll. in mill valley vicki liviakis kron 4 news.
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(vicki) if you have a restaurant, bistro, cafe or bar... you want featured on 'dine and dish'. you can send an email to dine and dish at kron 4 dot com .... or head to our website kron 4 dot com... and fill out the submission form.. you can also check out our new 'dine and dish' facebook page. (vicki) that wraps up kron 4 news at 5.(granti) steve aveson and pam moore are here with kron 4 news at six. (pam) vicki and grant thank you. next at six.
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a vicious attack on a san francisco street is captured on video. next the latest on the search for the suspect. (steve) and a big rig crash causing big headaches for the commute home tonight in the east bay. kron 4 news at six is next.
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kron4's maureen kelly talked to neighbors who are shocked by what police are calling an unprovoked attack. i'm so like really this is what society is coming down to living on the corner where the attack resident says she's never seen anything like around 8p august 10th the suspect can be seen walking down san bruno avenue. because this is an ongoing investigation by san francisco police, we've agreed to blur out his face, and that of the female victim.on sweeny street the suspect chases the much shorter female victim hits her from behind, beats her to the ground and runs off without taking anything.and when she yells for help, he comes back and hits her again before running away.this is all because of what's going on in our society no more friendly no one's friends anymore that
6:02 pm
was as high anymore everyone so self-absorbed and doesn't take the time and i just hate just hate so i'm sad i hope she's ok i hope that she didn't break anything she look like she had a nasty fall plus he still heater again i hope she's not injuredthe victim of the aggravated assault was treated for her injuries at california pacific medical center.police say she did not know the suspect this an unprovoked attack.maureen kelly kron4 news ( pam ) happening right now in the east bay. an overturned big rig is blocking traffic on intersrtate- 580 in the altamont pass area. cal-trans says, right now, the right lane is closed .. and it could be a while before it re-opens. that is because the truck is loaded with 41-thousand pounds of broken glass. as bad as this looks... we are told the driver walked away.. uninjured. a big ruling today on a measure to speed up executions in california. proposition 66 was passed by voters in november. the state supreme court upheld it.... but with one key provision. it says the the five-year
6:03 pm
deadline on court appeals is advisory... not mandatory. california has executed 13 inmates since 1978... and the last was in 2006. there are nearly 750 prisoners awaiting execution. a competing measure that would have abolished the death penalty failed. ( steve ) san francisco - on the edge of an alt-right rally is taking steps to try and keep residents safe. ( pam ) on friday and saturday - the city is offering two alternative rallies - miles away from that controversial alt- right rally planned for crissy field. kron four's terisa estacio is live out at the site of the city's planned event. terisa? san francisco officials are hedging their bets- hoping that by holding events here - away from chrissy field that they can prevent violence from erupting. ( pam ) called unite against hate - hundreds are expected. the mayors office along with the sf human rights organization, boarad of supervisors as well as community leaders local
6:04 pm
musicans and residents are expected to attend. the event is
6:05 pm
is what america is all about. expressing ( pam ) here is a map from the national park service of where the rally is set to take place. "patriot prayer" has a permit for zone one .... that is closest to the water. several roads are going to be closed off on saturday .. because of the rally. we have a full list on kron four dot com. ( pam ) the south parking lot of the golden gate bridge is going to be closed on saturday as well... that is on the san francisco side. muni is also rerouting several bus routes... and is shutting down some light rail and cable car lines as well. this is due to the multiple rallies planned that day throughout the city. (steve) in berkeley... the city is preparing for a white nationalist rally at martin luther king junior civic center park sunday... and, hundreds, if not, thousands of counter
6:06 pm
protestors. today, the counter protestors, who call themselves anti-facists... say they intend to gather peacefully... but will protect themselves at all costs if violently confronted by white nationalists. earlier today, we also learned the at least one of the groups that plan to protest at civic center park sunday has been denied a permit to hold their event there. but those groups will be allowed to assemble, if peaceful. tur-ha ak/organizer- "we're not advocating violence on any level. but we're not telling people what to do. because people are angry and rightfully so."//jesse arreguin/mayor- "we stand for the right of people to peacefully assemble and to peacefully discuss and debate. what we do not stand for is people using the concept of free speech to perpetuate violence, which is what we've seen happen in berkeley and happen throughout the country." last week... the berkeley city council passed an emergency ordinance... giving law enforcement broader authority to not only confiscate weapons people are
6:07 pm
carrying in the streets and on sidewalks... but also those who bring weapons into parks. (pam) on the peninsula.... four people have been arrested .... after authorities found more than 11- thousand marijuana plants. take a look at some of the crops they found. authorities say, the grow sites were well hidden in the mid- peninsula regional open space district. the plants ranged from two to ten feet... and are worth around 22-thousand-dollars. authorities say the plants were well irrigated... and it appears that the suspects stayed at the gardens for long periods of time. the suspects are facing a string of charges related to marijuana cultivation and environmental violations. a live look outside right now...(steve let's get our first look at the weather with chief meteorologist brittney shipp. a building ridge of high pressure will lead to a substantialwarming trend
6:08 pm
especially for locations away from the coast.widespread upper 80s to lower 100s are likely starting on sundayfor inland areas. several days of very warm readings are likely which could lead to heat related issues. at the coast temperatures will be more moderate.
6:09 pm
the battle to sink governor brown's 17-billion dollar project to build twin tunnels in the delta continues... the aim - to send water to southern california. today - yet 'another' lawsuit has been filed. california congressman jerry mcnerney - whose district includes the delta - is one of the project's biggest critics.... he sat down with catherine heenan today.. (catherine) the congressman is one of the people arguing that this project is inefficient, incredibly expensive - and does nothing to create new water. only move it around. he doesn't even buy the supposed price tag of 17 billion -- saying it would end up costing even more. congressman jerry mcnerney has been fighting this every step of the way... arguing that it's a bad idea - not only for his district - but
6:10 pm
the whole state. congressman ( steve ) president trump... at it again. the latest targets of a twitter tirade.( pam ) plus ... amazon is taking over whole foods... the promise the company is making that should put a smile on shoppers faces at the checkout line.( steve ) and speaking of amazon: a bit of a throwback today to the brick and mortar days in the south bay. we will take you inside the store the company just opened.
6:11 pm
at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. fresh off calls for
6:12 pm
6:13 pm
unity and healing wednesday.... president trump took to twitter today going on the offensive against some of his biggest supporters in congress. ( pam ) sara murray, with our partners at c-n-n, has the president's latest online attack. president trump taking to twitter to get several things off his chest today.. first going after paul ryan and mitch mcconnell, for not attaching controversial debt ceiling legislation to a "popular v.a. bill (which just passed) for easy approval. they didn't do it so now we have a big deal with dems holding them up (as usual) on debt ceiling approval. could have been so easy-now a mess!" congress has until the end of september to raise the debt ceiling or potentially cause the u-s to default on its debt. but cnn has learned it was the house republican freedom caucus that scuttled attempts to tie that legislation together - not gop
6:14 pm
leadership. white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders says she's confident congress will raise the debt limit in time. sarah huckabee sanders/white house press secretary"it's our job to inform congress of the debt ceiling and it's their job to raise it. and congress and the previous administration have obligated trillions in spending and we need to make sure we pay our debts." the president also upping the ante in his own ongoing feud with mcconnell for failing to pass the obamacare repeal legislation last month -- tweeting "the only problem i have with mcconnell is that, after hearing repeal and replace for 7 years, he failed. that should never have happened!" their relationship soured after a tense phone call following the healthcare vote.but trump also complained that the majority leader wasn't doing enough to protect the president in the various russia investigations. for his part mcconnell is still refusing to publicly address the feud saying the senate is a tough place to get things done.. sen. mitch mcconnell/(r) majority leader "i'm often asked what is being the majority leader of the senate like? the best answer i've been able to think of is it's a little bit like being a groundskeeper at a cemetery.
6:15 pm
everybody's under you but nobody's listening."it's unclear if the president's strategy of attacking congress will pay off - since he needs them to push through his agenda.. president trump also began the process of banning transgender americans from serving in the military today. the battle to sink governor brown's 17-billion dollar project to build twin tunnels in the delta continues... the aim - to send water to southern california. today - yet 'another' lawsuit has been filed. california congressman jerry mcnerney - whose district includes the delta - is one of the biggest he sat down with heenan today.. (catherine) the congressman is one of the people arguing that this project is inefficient, incredibly expensive - and does nothing to create new water. only move it around. he doesn't even buy the supposed price tag of 17 billion -- saying it would end up costing even more. congressman jerry mcnerney has been fighting this every step of the way... arguing that it's a bad idea - not only for his district - but
6:16 pm
the whole state. congressman mcnerney - the problem is it's not going to create any new water at all and will cost at least 20 billion dollars.there's a much better way. i've proposed a piece of legislation which i'm very proud of, called the west act.and what does is use technology to create new water, so we don't have to rely on water from the delta so much. catherine heenan - there's a string of lawsuits. in fact, just a couple of hours ago san joaquin county filed a lawsuit. so i think there's something like 15 or 16 lawsuits now. but are they likely to make any difference? congressman mcnerney - oh they'll make a difference. what that will do is slow the process down and make it more expensiveand make it more expensive to put in the tunnels. voters around the state will have to realize that they'll have to pay for that. (catherine) when he talks about creating water, he includes things like better and more efficient water recycling and storage. he and other critics argue the tunnels will harm agriculture, wildlife, fish and nearby communities.
6:17 pm
as for the many lawsuits - it's now expected that they'll eventually be consolidated.. ( catherine ) we sent out the alert about this interview at 1-54 this afternoon through the kron four mobile app. it's one way to stay on top of big stories throughout the day. the app is free to download for apple and android devices... just be sure to enable the push alert feature. steve and pam? (pam 2-shot) online retailer amazon is already in the book- selling business, offering tens of thousands of titles, many of them in digital form... for kindle and other e-readers.(steve) but amazon is also opening traditional bricks and mortar bookstoresacross the country. kron four's rob fladeboe shows you the newest such store in san jose. rob fladeboe/san jose "....welcome to the latest encarnation of amazon books. i'm here at the grand opening of the company's latest store here at santana row in san jose. it's billed as a kind of integration between the on line experience and the physical world. there are some 35 hundred titles to choose from and all of them displayed with the cover out
6:18 pm
for customer convenience let's hear from amazon books vice president jennifer cast. jennifer cast/amazon books ".....we have taken information about what people read and how they read and why they read and incorporated that information in a way that helps people discover books that they love. if you look you see that the books are indeed displayed cover out which conveys the essence of each book and then underneath the books are review cards that allow us to put a customer review and a customer rating on the card so as you wander the store you can check out what other readers think about a particular book...." amazon also has a store like this in san diego and will open a second bay area location later this year in walnut creek. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news (steve) apple is investing over a billion
6:19 pm
dollars in iowa... the cupertino based company is building its new data center in the nation's heartland. c-e-o tim cook made the announcement in des moines, iowa earlier today. the facility is set to cost one-point-three billion dollars. the data center will create hundreds of jobs and will help run apple's app store. during the announcement, cook discussed the importance of these data centers. (steve) the construction is expected to get under way next year - and the center should be up and running by 20-20. ( pam ) amazon's take- over of whole foods is just about complete... and it is coming with a promise to shoppers. the deal has received the blessing of the federal trade commission... the only government agency that would prevent it from going through. amazon is paying close to 14-billion dollars for whole foods.
6:20 pm
it says, shoppers should expect to see some lower prices... starting this monday. whole foods has earned the nickname of "whole paycheck" from some consumers because of what they see are exoboritant prices. (steve) the texas coast is on high alert -- as hurricane harvey rapidly intensifies and takes aim on the lone star state. harvey's winds quickly strengthened to 85 miles per hour today...and it's not slowing down. harvey is now expected to become a major hurricane -- with winds of at least 115 miles per hour. that would make it a category three storm. forecasters say some areas could see as much as 12 to 20 inches of rain through next wednesday. and life-threatening flooding is a growing concern. families across the lone star state...are stocking up on food and supplies before harvey hits. (sot) (steve)"just some bread and
6:21 pm
water and eggs. some of the essentials. we've got kids so we make sure we have stuff in the cupboards in the fridge." if harvey makes landfall as a category three storm -- it will be the first "major" hurricane to make landfall in the united states since hurricane wilma in 2005. our four zone forecast take a look outside right now (steve) chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us now with the forecast. a building ridge of high pressure will lead to a substantialwarming trend especially for locations away from the coast.widespread upper 80s to lower 100s are likely starting on sundayfor inland areas. several days of very warm readings are likely which could lead to heat related issues. at the coast temperatures will be more moderate.
6:22 pm
( pam ) a plan to ( pam ) a plan to dramatically
6:23 pm
overhaul health care in california... is not dead yet. the new effort that has put universal health care ...
6:24 pm
back on the table.( steve ) a big ruling from a court that affects the online privacy of tens of thousands of people. how it is all tied to an inauguration day protest that turned violent... and a california company's role.
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
facing a budget crisis... an east bay school district is considering laying off staff. the newark unified district says it is dealing with a decline in student enrollment. over the last five years... it has lost over 600 students. it says an independent analysis recommends slicing 5-million dollars from the budget over the next two yhears. salaries and benefits eat up a big chunk of its general fund. the superintendent says that means that translates to having to reduce the number of employees. universal healthcare is not dead yet in california. lawmakers plan to hold hearings on switching to a single- payer system before they recess next month. the state senate passed a bill, but it never made to a
6:27 pm
vote in the assembly. lawmakers expressed concerns over how it would work .. and how the state would pay for it. estimates have said it could cost california 400- billion dollars a year ... and would require new taxes to help fund it. other reports have said it could end up saving money .... by eliminating advertising and profits of private insurance companies. (steve) the woman who hit last night's big powerball jackpot comes forward her plans after becoming an instant multi-millionaire.(pam) and the raiders are back at it ... preparing to face the cowboys. later in sports... hear from coach jack del rio on the return of one of the team's key pieces. (steve) violence erupted on inauguration day.... and now the government wants the i-p addresses from a website that helped organize the protest. the big ruling today that could impact the privacy of tens of thousands of people.
6:28 pm
moore, steve aveson, brittney shipp and gary radnich. the kron 4 news at 10. every night.">
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
a judge has ruled... a california based company must comply with a warrant to hand over information about an anti - trump website. ( steve )
6:31 pm
but there are conditions... the judge said he had to balance the needs of law enforcement with people's first amendment rights. kron 4's washington correspondent alexandra limon was at the court hearing and tells us whose information the government will be looking at. this website, disrupt-j-twenty dot org helped organize protests around president trump's inauguration. now the government is suing for information about anyone who visited the site, saying it could lead them to people who illegally caused damage on inauguration day.but lawyers for 'dream host' the californai company that hosts the website argued the search warrant violates user's first amendment rights.the judge ruled with the government allowing an ammended warrant raymond aghaian / lawyer, dreamhost :33- :40what remains problematic for us is that
6:32 pm
the government is in possession of this information. and that government is sifting through and reviewing this information. initially the justice department asked for all data related to the website.. which dreamhost says mcourt:eans handing over the ip addresses, names, phone numbers and data of 1.3 million people.after the riots on inauguration day, a grand jury indicted about 2- hundred people, 19 of them plead guilty. but investigators are still looking for the riot organizers.alexandra limon / @alexlimonnews 1:04 - 1:19 a part of this two-step warrant dreamhost will actually have to hand over all of the information related to the disruptj20 website. then in step 2 the government will have to sort through and only use the information related to the inauguration day crimes. the rest will be put under court seal and the government can't access or share it.chris ghazarian / dreamhost general counsel 1:26 - 1:38 this case isn't about protecting the information once it's been turned over. it's about preventing the information from being turned over in the first place. because the mere act of doing something like that is the chilling effect that it has on people's associational rights.attorneys for dreamhost are considering an appeal. in washington alexandra limon. (steve) google is launching a new feature designed to help people
6:33 pm
dealing with depression. people who search for "clinical depression" are offered to take a clinically validated questionnaire. the mountain view based company says the test is a private self-assessment that determines whether people should seek professional help. it asks about your energy, appetite and concentration levels. health officials say about about one in five americans deal with clinical depression at least once in their lives. today is the third anniversary of the napa earthquake. this is the aftermath... downtown. one person died and hundreds more were injured. the quake did hundreds of millions of dollars in damage .... and was the strongest to hit the bay area since the loma prieta earthquake in 1989. several buildings in the napa area still need repairs following the quake.
6:34 pm
the controversial alt-right event at chrissy field - the city is also stepping in and trying to steer those against this event by offering up two other rallies. on is set to take place in less than 24 hours right here at civic center plaza. the event starts at noon. it is called the unite against hate rally. city officials say they hope that it brings people togetherand keeps them from
6:35 pm
confronting and clashing with those at the saturday alt right rally. terisa estacio, san francisco > in berkeley... anti-fascist organizers say they plan to counter protest a rally planned by white nationlists sunday at martin luther king junior civic center park. the city of berkeley says it has been preparing for these demonstrations for weeks. last week... the city council approved an emergency ordinance giving law more authority to confiscate weapons people carry in and around parks. the mayor says violence from people on either side of the debate won't be tolerated.philippe djegal, kron four news. here in san jose theres a new book store in town. it's name is amazon. yes, that amazon. already the seller of tens of thousands of books on-line, amazon is now opening a string of actual, physical book stores, like this one that opened today at santana row. the company touting it's integration of the on line experience with the physical world. every book in the store is displayed cover out and accompanied by a card with customer reviews of the book along with customer ratings gleaned from amazon's on line data base. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news
6:36 pm
chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us now... a building ridge of high pressure will lead to a substantialwarming trend especially for locations away from the coast.widespread upper 80s to lower 100s are likely starting on sundayfor inland areas. several days of very warm readings are likely
6:37 pm
which could lead to heat related issues. at the coast temperatures will be more moderate. (steve) moderate.temperatures will coasttemperatures will be more moderate. (steve) we have a winner. a ten dollar investment... turns into hundreds of millions of dollars. hear from the winner of last night's massive powerball jackpot.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. it's a common question when lottery jackpots get into the hundreds of millions of dollars...(pam) what would you do if you won all that money? well the latest winner of the powerball jackpot told her boss... "i'm not coming back." mavis wanczyk from massachusetts won the 758- million dollar powerball jackpot last night. that's the largest single- ticket lottery win in u-s
6:41 pm
history. wanczyk claimed her prize today. this is what she said she is going to do... (mavis wanczyk/powerball winner): "i just want to sit down and relax. i had a pipe dream and my pipe dream has finally come true. i wanted to retire in twelve and it came early." wanczyk opted to receive a lump sum payment of 480- million dollars, instead of the full amount spread over 30-years. after taxes, she will take home 336-million. she bought five tickets for last night's drawing... which means she spent ten- dollars. not a bad return on her investment. in sports -- raiders head coach, jack del rio spoke about all-pro tackle donald penn returning to the team... following his contract holdout. plus -- it was an all out brawl between the tigers and yankees... three fights broke out during today's game -- gary will break it down and shares his thoughts -- coming up
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
the yankees tigers game got ugly today in detroitit started when the tigers' michael fulmer beaned the yankees gary sanchez an inning later the yankees tommy kahnle throws behind the tigers miguel cabrera.... kahnle and yankees manager girardi are ejected... a fight erupts... cabrera and romine are also ejectedit got even ugier from therethe tigers dellin betances hits the yankees james mccann in the head the tigers insisted it wasn't on purposestill not over david robertson hits john hicks in the hand could have broken itthen alex wilson hits todd frazier... benches empty....wilson is ejected ejections (8): tommy kahnle, joe girardi, austin romine, miguel cabrera, alex wilson, brad ausmus, dellin betances, rob thompson
6:46 pm
colin kaepernick didn't waste anytime thanking everyone that participated in a support rally for him yesterday. he posted a picture on twitter of people protesting outside n-f-l headquarters in new york. he said -- quote -- "faith always has been and always will be in the power of the people." the protesters are hoping kaepernick will be signed to a team by the start of the regular season. but not everyone agrees this
6:47 pm
should happen -- bills running back, lesean mccoy had some harsh words against kaepernick... he even said his situation is different then michael vick's federal dog fighting charges back in 2009. (sot: mccoy) "he's 10 times better than kaepernick you'll deal with that situation, that attention, that media aspect of it. the good, the bad attention you'll get. compared to kaepernick, it's like, he's not really that good of a player to deal with. so people outside of sports don't really know that. they see only one side of black guy standing up for a good reason the nfl is against him"
6:48 pm
the raiders expect for all pro tackle donald penn to see some action against dallas. the raiders will be in arlington saturday to face the cowboys. penn missed training camp and two preseason games hoping to sign a better contract the two- time pro bowler and the raiders weren't able to work out a new deal. but head coach, jack del rio is happy to have is starting left tackle back (sot: del rio) "physically, he's in condition now. it's a matter of him going through the timing of getting his body in-sync with the demands of what we do. we'll ease him in, give him a little bit this weekend. we gave him a little bit through the week of practice and we'll be ready to roll."
6:49 pm
meanwhile, the 49ers are pleased woth jimmie ward's progress following his hamstring injury. this year the plan is for ward to return to his natural position as a safety. last season ward played cornerback last season... after mainly lining up as the nickel back against slot receivers his first two years no word... if the 49ers 2014 first round pick will play in the last two preseason games. but wheter he plays or not... he will be ready for week one against the panthers(sot: ward) "since the schedule came out and i knew who i had to play, i've been watching cam newton, watching his eyes, watching who he targets the most, watching the tight end, watching the new running back they just drafted and his college film to see what type of ballcarrier he is. i've been doing a lot of homework."
6:50 pm
lebron james can't understand why some celtics fans are buring his new teammate's isaiah thomas' jersey after he was traded yesterday for kyrie irvinghe went on a twitter rant abour it starting with this"the burning of the jersey thing is getting ridiculous now! the man was traded." james was so irked about it he tweeted about it 5 times thomas was an mvp candidate and led the celtics to the top seed in the eastern conference last seasonlebron probably feels especially sensative to jersey burning adter cavs fans burned his en masse when he left for the miami heat heat fans also burned his jersey when james returned to cleveland the warriors had to shoot down yet another klay thompson
6:51 pm
trade rumor todaythis morning a website called the "boston sports report" tweeted that the warriors and celtics were talking about a thompson trade presumably for "future assets" and that the deal could be done by tonightthe warriors denied the report and reiterated that they were not shopping thompson the cleveland cavaliers called the warriors about thompson's when they were looking to move kyrie irving. golden state told them klay was "unavailable" (pam) quite a catch at the u-s mexico border. how a teenager tried to sneak a tiger into california.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
(pam) when it comes to smuggling something over the u-s/ mexicican border ... people usually assume its drugs...(steve) but take a look what was seized from a chevy camero yesterday. that's an adorable bengal tiger cub. the cub was seized from a car that was crossing the border from mexico to california. authorities say the tiger cub was in the front floor board on the passenger side. the driver of the car... and
6:55 pm
18-year-old u-s citizen-- was taken into custody. the fish and wildlife service is working with the san diego zoo to ensure the cub's well being. last weather and goodbye
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
♪[ music ] here she is. the powerball winner. >> i had a pipe dream. >> and the blunder that sent everyone running to the wrong store. >> breaking news. there has been a big blunder.
6:58 pm
>> plus -- >> oh, my god. >> you're not taking my car. and president trump's childhood home. it's on airbnb. no hot water. >> ice cold. >> no gas. >> the stove doesn't even work. >> then, it's katie vs. taylor, again. >> this absolutely has been one of the biggest celebrity feuds. >> plus, toddler takeover on live tv. >> you just carry on there. >> now "inside edition" with deborah norville. >> deborah: hello everybody, and thanks for joining us. you are looking at the luckiest lady in america. her name is mavis wantick and she is the sole winner of the $759 million powerball, which is $480.5 million after taxes if she takes the lump sum. she says she thought it was a pipe dream when she played, now everyone wants to know if she's
6:59 pm
going to be quitting her job of 32 years. >> here she is. the woman who just won the second largest jackpot in u.s. history. $759million. she lives in chicopee, massachusetts. as of this morning, she's quitting her job at the local hospital. >> i've called, and told them i will not be coming back. >> she found out she won last night as she left her job with a friend. >> he was reading these numbers and i pulled mine out. i said i have that. he said let me see that ticket. you just won. said sign that ticket now. >> confusion reigned this morning, when the massachusetts lottery announced the winning ticket had been sold at this market in watertown, just outside boston.
7:00 pm
all the morning shows did live shots from here. guess what? it was the wrong store. >> we have quite the plot twist here. it turns out that the winning ticket was not sold here. >> turns out lotto officials sent news organizations to the wrong location. >> there has been a big blunder, people, involving the winning powerball ticket. >> here's where the winning ticket was actually sold. in chicopee. if mavis takes the lump sum, she'll walk away with $480 million, making her richer than taylor swift, and even beyonce. for now, mavis has a very simple strategy for her fabulous new wealth. >> i'm going to go hide in my bed. >> good luck with that. >> the owner of the store which did sell the winning ticket will receive $50,000. he says


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