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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  September 1, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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everything they can to beat the heat... which isn't over yet...(vicki) thanks for joining us on kron4 news at 9 on primetime... i'm vicki liviakis...(steve) and i'm steve aveson... in for grant lodes... the entire bay area is under an excessive heat warning for the holiday weekend as many areas saw records...shattered. we have your four zone forecast... where it was the hottest day ever recorded in downtown san francisco... with a temperature of 106. (vicki) in the north bay... marin was at 108 degrees... in the south bay gilroy was 107... and in the east bay... livermore was 109 degrees.... chief meteorologist brittney shipp is here with a loog at just how long this heat wave is going to last.... brittney? oppressive heat is forecast across the interior and higher elevations today through saturday as strong
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high pressure builds over the region. in addition, very warm temperatures will spread to the coast as onshore flow weakens. a region-wide cool down is forecast to begin on sunday, especially near the coast, but very warm to hot conditions will continue over inland areas through early next week.
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(vicki) happening now.... many schools around the bay area are taking precautionary measures because of the heat and air quality... district officials in the east bay moved the start times of football games to eight tonight and some canceled the games all together... kron4's spencer blake is live at campolindo high school in moraga... where a football game started about an hour ago... spencer, has the temperature dropped at all over there? right now it's óóóóóóóó degrees, so yes, it dropped, but it's still very warm.i didn't find a single parent here tonight who thought it was a bad idea to move their kids even further farther away from the heat of the afternoon. the sight of high school varsity players warming up is usually one you'd see at about six-15 on a friday night at the contra costa county, almost all of the games start at seven p-m.but it was just too dangerous this week, with temperature several
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degrees above one hundred in the east bay."we are not used to it. at all. you can tell - we're sweating.""they pushed back to 8:00 which i think was a smart move for the kids with the heat, but i think it's cooling down. it's gonna be a great night for football." (nats)the folks at campolindo high school have seen heat, but their opponent, saint ignatius high school from san francisco, was in brand new territory."oh my god. in san francisco it was 97. and it never gets hot like that in san francisco."by the way, it ended up getting to 106 in the city!back in the east bay, the acalanes union high school district moved their two high school home games back an hour, and canceled all their j-v games, which normally start at four-thirty.water polo matches and cross country meets will start at eight a-m tomorrow to beat the heat, and the district isn't allowing any other athletic events to happen this weekend between noon and eight p-m."i think that's smart. there's no reason to, ya know, push it." by gametime, the stadium lights were already on.some parents in the stands said it felt a little odd, but weren't worried about attendance at the game."i think people who are still in town are still gonna come - they were looking forward to the game anyway. and it's starting to cool down some. sun went down. so i think people would almost rather be here than stuck inside their homes."and
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heythat extra hour just meant more time for tailgating. (steve) gilroy is typically one of the hot spots in the south bay and today is no exception. we're talking record heat. kron fours rob fladeboe caught up with some people who arguably.. have the hottest jobs in town. the heat was oppressive. according to the sign at this bank onmonterey street, it was 111 degrees. across town, jimmy shrull andhis roofing crew were trying to conduct business as usual.jimmy shrull/jimmy shrull roofing "....when it gets over 100 we try to pick the best jobs but
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i always tell my men to be careful and drink a lot of water because you can get dehydrated up there..."it's a lot hotter up there on the roof than it is on the ground. there is no shade and precious little protection from the sun. most roofers were wide brimmed hats and shirt with long sleeves.willie fox/roofer"....everything you touch up there is hot, the shingles the metal, it's all hot to the touch so you go to be covered...."it could be worse. happily, the crews won't be working with hot tar on this job but humping those 60 pound bundles of shingles around a steep roof can take it out of you. the guys were going through a lotgatorade and because the heat and the holiday weekend, it would be short day.jimmy shrull"....we started early, around 6:30 so hopefully we'll get some work down here this morning and i'll give them their paychecks and send them home about noon...."in gilroy rob fladeboe kron 4 news (vicki) and p-g-and -e is working around the clock for this heat wave.... even though it's a holiday weekend... they have increased crews and stocked up on transformers just in case the power grid fails....
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(vicki) p-g&e officials say it is okay to use your air conditioner... but recommend using any other appliances until after 10- at night... this can prevent any transmission outages. (steve) p-g and e is already dealing with power outages because of this heat wave.... in the south bay there are nearly 13-hundred people without power... the east bay is seeing the biggest number of power outages over three-thousand people are in the dark tonight.... in the north bay and in san francisco... over 170 people with out power and along the peninsula over 351 people are without power... crews are working as quickly as they can to restore power... they encourage people to have a plan if there is an outage in their area...have flashlights, radios and fresh batteries
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ready. (vicki) with brisk winds and hot temperatures today the berkeley fire department is increasing staffing for the holiday weekend. a red flag warning has been posted by the national weather service. berkeley fire has sent out a roving patrol through the twisting narrow streets of the hills above the city urging residents to keep the streets open for emergency vehicles just in case. (vicki) berkeley police are dispatching parking officers into the hills to make sure
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that fire hydrants are accessible and no parked cars are blocking the way. (vicki) and make sure you download the free kron4 mobile app - to track the high temperatures in your neighborhood. on our website - we've also posted a complete list of cooling centers set up here in the bay area. it's all on kron four dot com. (steve) a wildfire in los angeles county shut down a freeway today. this is video of the la tuna fire. the los angeeles fire department says the fire broke out around noon at la tuna canyon road. the fire closed down the 210-freeway. so far the fire has burned 5- hundred acres and is only 10- percent contained. fire crews say 2-hundred homes have been evacuated. crews say extreme weather conditions are causing problems for containment. (steve) another wildfire wreaking havoc across northern california is the ponderosa fire. so far the fire has burned over three-thousand
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acres and is 40-percent contained. several communities have been evacuated. reporter chloe ortega spoke with crews battling the fire. natsthe marin county firefighters who fought the wall fire, who many credited with saving so many homes on mount ida road, are in butte county once again.tyler fiske, marin co firefighter: "it's kind of surreal to be back here already, but we're here and we're here to help."their story of saving homes got national attention after the residents sent heart-felt thank yous.voice of area resident: "i'm sorry i get emotional. anyway, they saved the houses here on our street and we would really like to thank them."those who live on lumpkin road-- where the ponderosa fire burns-- feel the same..robert halstead, lumpkin road resident: 'i cant say enough in favor of my firemen. they lay their life on the line for me and they don't get paid near enough." buttedcaptain chris allen, lodi fire dept: "we all want to serve and we all have the desire to serve."firefighters are constantly on the move, fighting fires from one area
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to the next.the silver dollar fairgrounds has become a basecamp for firefighters-- a place to rest in between shifts on the fire ortega reporting: "some firefighters have been fighting the ponderosa fire for more than 24 hours and have just gotten back."butted captain chris allen, lodi fire dept: "we're just back on our 24 hour rest period today. we've bebeen out for a day and half on the line."...resources to support the firefighters with whatever they need.scott mclean, cal fire spokesman: "you have the sleeper trailers over here where people can sleep...air conditioning comfort. you have meals are set up here. everything is here as a little city to support, very easy to get to all the items that you need to get to."once their rest time is over they're back on the lines, risking their lives to save homes and lives.captain chris allen, lodi fire dept: "you have to have a firefighters heart to do this job, and i think all of us here have that." (steve) so far crews say 20 homes have been destroyed, with hundreds more threatened. police say a man is under arrest for suspicion of starting the fire near a campground site. (vicki) also in northern california crews say the helena fire has burned more than five-thousand acres. the fire first broke out two
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days ago near the towns of helena and junction city. the trinity county sheriff's department has issued several evacuations. so far two- thousand people have been evacuated from their homes. crews say the cause of the fire is still being investigated. (steve) coming up on kron4 news at nine... it could be the most expensive storm in american history... now president donald trump is looking to see just how much it'll cost to clean-up the mess left over from hurricane harvey...(vicki) plus... the damage from harvey is bringing back bad memories from hurricane katrina... we'll hear from a katrina survivor who is living right here in the bay area...(steve) and after the break... we'll tell you what caused a massive plant in texas to go up flames again this week... keep it here kron4 news in primetime continues next...
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(vicki) more problems in
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texas... a massive fire broke out again late this afternoon at a chemical plant. two trailers with unstable compounds caught on fire... the plant is in crosby texas which is about 25 miles from houston.. and it had flooded earlier... and on thursday.. two blasts rocked the plant after one container caught fire... the arkema plant makes liquid organic peroxides and it was shut down as harvey approached last week. employees and residents were evacuated within a mile and a half after the plant flooded. that evacuation zone remains in place. (steve) tonight the white house is trying to decide how much money is needed to clean up the gulf coast after hurricane harvey. (vicki kron4's white house correspondent mark meredith takes a closer look at the costs and how soon the money could reach the gulf coast. nat: "we're working on emergency funding"president trump says hurricane harvey's victims won't suffer alone. "we're doing everything we can and we're working very well with the governor" but the cleanup won't be cheap.
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officials estimate harvey damaged or destroyed 100,000 homes.some experts say the cleanup will be even more expensive than hurricane katrina. katrina caused 118 billion dollars worth of damage.harvey's impact is so big the white house plans to push for two disaster relief packages.homeland security advisor tom bossert. "we'll make the first request based on the information we have now, then we'll come back here for a second supplemental request when we have a better picture for congress to consider" but getting disaster relief through congress isn't always easy. lawmakers could tie disaster relief money to other, less popular bills. but presidential counselor kelly anne conway tells us the president doesn't want a fight. "we've seen in the past legislation where disaster relief is tied up with other matters, the president does not want that, he wants people to get the money as quickly as possible"congress returns to work on tuesday.but it's not yet clear when a vote on disaster relief would happen or exactly how much money would ultimately be approved. in washington, i'm mark meredith. (steve) for thousands of people
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now living in shelters, the destruction from harvey has been steady and exhausting. and while people try to clean-up and rebuild....the most lasting damage may be emotional. one charity group who started a comfort dog program after hurricane katrina is now headed to houston. some of the pets will be sent to a shelter for harvey survivors; others will hang out with emergency responders. organizers say the emotional support a comfort dog provides can be a significant part of the healing process. (vicki) back here in the bay of the flooding and devastation in houston are bringing back some bad memories for those who lived thru hurricane katrina. (vicki) diane evans relocated to the bay area after evacuating out of new orleans with her daughter and seven year old grandson 12 years ago. she says they could not move back, because the lack of jobs, schools and especially housing in the wake of the 2005 disaster. she hopes that victims of
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hurricane harvey get a better response from the government, and not fall prey to fraudulent contractors, which she says descended on new orleans like locust after the waters receded. (diane evans, displaced by katrina) when you got a little bit of money you hire a contractor and they halfway do it or take your money and disappear. they weren't from new orleans. the government didn't regulate them when you complain and say these people rip me off nothing was done to them so they acted with impunity defrauding people and scamming folks and people had no recourse(vicki) the effects of hurricane katrina is still visable in new orleans, especially its demographic make up. there are 100-thousand fewer african americans living there than before it hit 12 years ago. (seve) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... where there was recoding breaking temperatures in san francisco today...
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joining us now is chief meteorologist brittney shipp... oppressive heat is forecast across the interior and higher elevations today through saturday as strong high pressure builds over the region. in addition, very warm temperatures will spread to the coast as onshore flow weakens. a region-wide cool down is forecast to begin on sunday, especially near the coast, but very warm to hot conditions will continue over inland areas through early next week.
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(steve) well with hot weather on tap, a lot of people will be heading to the
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beaches to cool off this weekend but there's one stretch of sandy shore where access is not guaranteed. the gate along the only road to martins beach, south of half moon bay, remains closed. billionaire venture capitalist vinod khosla owns the property and has so far defied a court order to open the gate to the public. kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight at martin's beach with an update. charles, is the gate still shut.? yes. there are handful of people who live down by the beach or are staying in cabins. they can open the gate and drive through but everyone else has to park and walk it in.
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natfriday afternoon, temps hit the 90s in half moon bay but along martin's beach only a handful of people were out enjoying the sun. a few weeks ago, a state appeals court ruled that the owner of martin's beach, vinod khosla, violated the california coastal act by blocking the only access road. it also ordered him to open the gate but as of the first of september it's still closed.sot it is frustrating.robert "birdlegs" caughlan is with the surfrider foundation, which has been fighting khosla in court. he frustrated that the beach still isn't fully open to the public.sotwhy is access important? why is access important to yosemite? it's a state treasure.but while the court battles continue another effort is underway that might bring about a resolution to this issue. state senator jerry hill from san mateo has sponsored a bill, sb 42, that would allow the state to possibly would allow the bill, sb 42, that has sponsored a from san mateo senator jerry hill from san mateo has sponsored a bill, sb 42, that would allow the state to
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possibly purchase or use eminent domain to seize the access road from khosla. the bill is currently in committee. believes this may be good solution to the problem.sotits one solution. i would prefer he give it to the meantime, beach goers who want to visit martin's beach are facing little opposition. while the access road is closed to vehicles and signs are posted saying access is only allowed with permission, many people are simply parking along highway one, going around the gate on foot and walking the half mile or so to the beach. so far, the san mateo county sheriff's office has shown no intention of stopping the anyone from going down to the shore. now, since his appeal was rejected a few weeks ago we have reached out to vinod knosla several times for comment and have so far not heard back. in halfmoon bay charles clifford kron 4 news. (steve) still ahead... electronic payment has been around for some time-- but in china, some tech companies are giving it a new twist... we'll show you the world's first facial recognition-based payment system...(vicki)
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and you might face some problems as many people are traveling for the holiday weekend... hurricane harvey is still causing nationwide disruptions... find out what some airlines are doing to get you where you want to go. keep your hair strong against hot styling tools... ...with pantene 3 minute miracle daily conditioner. a super concentrated pro-v formula makes hair stronger* in just 3 minutes. so it's smoother every day. because strong is beautiful. grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken.
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california grown with no antibiotics ever. is expected to reach its peak
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today but houston's airports are still recovering from the storm. (steve)over 16 million people are expected to fly this week - an increase from 20-16.but houston's bush
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intercontinental and hobby airports are still operating at limited capacity. hurricane harvey has caused damage to houston's two airports causing one of the biggest disruptions to nationwide travel since september 11th. intercontinent al airport reopened wednesday and united airlines flew 44 flights into houston and 27 out.they usually operate some 480-departures from that airport per day. (vicki) the world's first facial- recognition- based payment system is set to launch at a kfc store in china. the payment system is being run by chinese e-commerce giant alibaba. the system allows users to pay for their meals by getting a face scan which will try to match with existing information in the users' alibaba payment account. critics say the technology is incredibly accurate but does raise questions about user security. (vicki) coming up on kron4 news at nine... hurricane harvey will impact the gulf of texas for years to come.
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but before cleanup can begin, the water has to recede. and that water carries with it a variety of physical and mental health challenges... we'll explain what they are... (steve) plus... an on-duty nurse violently arrested by a police officer for just doing her job... and it was all caught on camera... what she said to the officer that led to the arrest....(vicki) and after the break... parents at one east bay middle school are furious... after learning their kids have been eating lunch outside - during the heat wave... how the school district is responding tonight... (ste now at 9:30... parents up
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in arms... a brentwood mother is furious with her daughter's elementary school... after learning students have been eating their lunches outside this week during the heat wave... rather than inside the cafeteria.(vicki) she tells kron four's philippe djegal she believes the school putting her child's health in jeopardy. (philippe) on this day... nisha de lany/upset mother- "it's hot." students at marsh creek elemenarty school in brentwood... are eating their lunches inside the cafeteria... away from the excessive heat and poor air quality. but nisha de lany (knee-shuh duh-lay-knee) says...nisha de lany/upset mother- "yesterday the air quality was worse -- it was just as warm, uh, it felt just as warm and the children were outside." the brentwood unified school district says the school principal follows district guidelines to determine when students will eat indoors or outside. a
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district spokesperson reiterates that these are guidelines and not policies adopted by the district board. the guidelines say the kids should eat inside when it's in the high 90s... and, definitely anytime the temperatures hit 98 degrees or higher. on friday, it was 96-degrees by noon. so, instead of sitting at the covered tables on the blacktop, the kids were shuttled indoors. though de lany, whose seven-old daughter attends second grade here, believes the school district chose to keep the kids indoors, only because our cameras were watching.nisha de lany/upset mother- "they don't consider whether to put the kids inside the cafeteria unless it gets to those extreme temperatures. so, 90 degrees, uh, 91, um, i get the impression that since it's not 98 to the guideline, they're going to stay inside, even though its hot. (philippe) the district says the kids want to play outside -- they want to be outside. (nisha) oh, i understand that -- kids also want candy, um, they, that doesn't mean that you give them candy." a district spokesperson says that school staff will continue to monitor the weather conditions. it's supposed to be 90-degrees and above all next week. staff will determine weather or not it's safe for the kids to eat outdoors... or,
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keep them inside, like they did today. in brentwood, philippe djegal, kron four news. (vicki) at s-f-o... airport officials shut down the airtrain for part of the day today because of excessive heat. travelers were forced to wait in long lines for shuttle buses ... to take them between terminals. the airtrain has since reopened. (steve) due to the extreme heat in the bay area... bart is slowing down all trains on the tracks for safety reasons. bart officials say, the reduction of speed on the trains will be between noon and 8 p-m. bart offcials say, extreme temperatures can cause rail movement on the tracks. the slowing allows operators time to react in case of any abnormal rail movement. officials say, it is better to play it safe than sorry. (steve)
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bart riders should expect some delays as much as ten minutes. bart says it expects to slow down trains across the system until sunday. (vicki) track the temperature anywhere in the bay area with the kron-4 app.. and find forecasts for your zone. and you can always stay connected on breaking news ... through push alerts on our app and at kron-4 dot com. (steve) a major bart closure this weekend... crews are working on the tracks in the east bay and that means the lake merritt station is closed tomorrow through monday. the closure impacts people traveling on the warm springs, dublin-pleasanton, and oakland airport lines. bart is providing free buses for riders with tickets to connect to other stations. you should expect about a 30- minute delay. (steve) the san francisco bay ferry released their labor day weekend holiday schedule. vallejo to san francisco route...and the alameda- oakland-san francisco route is the regular weekend schedule. there is no service on the harbor bay- san francisco and
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the south san francisco to east bay routes. regular weekday schedules are back to normal starting on tuesday. (vicki) salt lake city's mayor and police chief are apologizing for the violent arrest of nurse by a detective. police say detective jeff payne arrested alex wubbels for not allowing blood to be taken from an unconscious patient at the hospital. we are now learning that the officer making the arrest has been placed on administrative leave. reporter ladd egan has details on what led up to the arrest. july 26th. a fiery crash caused by a car fleeing police and traveling in the wrong direction. . sends the driver of thissemi-truck to university hospital's burn unit. the semi-truck driver is unconscious and not suspected of doing anything wrong. even so. . salt lake city police show up asking for his blood.natsot: "i'm just a nurse trying to protect my patients."charge nurse alex wubbels says the request for blood isn't allowed under the policy the hospital established with law enforcement."i'm going to
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arrest her."while she's calling management. . the officer becomes impatient. "she's going to jail."she even prints out a copy of the hospital's protocol."three things that allow us to do that are if you have an electric warrant, the patient consents, or the patient is under arrest."none of the conditions had been met."i'm just trying to do what i'm supposed to do. that's all." after that explanation and while she's still on the phone with a supervisor."okay. no. we're done. we're done. you're under arrest. we're done."nats: screamingthe officer makes the arrest for obstructing justice."somebody help me. stop, stop, stop." "this is my department and this is completely unnecessary.""please sir, you're hurting me.""then walk." twenty minutes later she's released and has never been charged.alexandra wubbles/ nurse:"i just feel betrayed. i feel angry. i feel a lot of things and i still am confused."wubbels reminds that blood is a patient's property. "i'm a healthcare worker. the only job i have as a nurse is to keep my patients safe."
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(vicki) that was ladd egan reporting. police say internal affairs has launched an investigation. (steve) still ahead... rescuers are now offering a big reward for any information leading to the person who abused a border collie in modesto... we'll take a look at how he is doing tonight...
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grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. tennis great serena williams
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became a mom today for the first time at the age of 35...the part time san francisco resident and her husband welcomed a 6 pound 13 ounce baby name at this time announced.with a record 23 grand slam victories you can make a case that williams is the greatest tennis player of allall time...for the record roger federer has 19 on the mens side. to be great at anything you of course have to in most cases become a selfish individual with your time. as a mom will serena be able to spend time with her child and andat the same time spend all the hours and concentration neccassry to continue her lofty championship status. a couple of other champions come to find when you talk coming back from
9:40 pm
sparks star candance parker missed 8 games after delivery her daughter..then came back to lead the wnba inrebounding...swimmer dara torrees won the us national free style at the us nationals...16 months after having her first child. serean has anounced that she plans to play again at the austrilian open in the austrilian play again at she plans to anounced that serean has anounced that she plans to play again at the austrilian open in januray. some doctors still view pregnancy motherhood and competitve athletics as an unrealistic combination. others say that view is antiquated. moms stay at home dads think about the daily grind you are involved in and ask yiourself would you be able to go out at then end of the day and compete internatioanlly in your chosen sport. i guess it all depends on wheter serena williams will
9:41 pm
become a hands on mom or be surrounded by a group of nanies. it will be fasinating to watch...and judging by the first 35 years ofn her life she probnably will make the rigfht decision. 49er cutdown day and the a's and giants 1045. coming upnow that the sonoma marin area rail transit, man that too many words so let's call it the smart train , now that the smart train is fully operational its time to take a refresher course on rail safety . ill explain in the next edition of people behaving badly (vicki) who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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someone or something getting hit by a train... (steve) in marin a new train service is running from san rafael to sonoma county airport and safety is on everyone's mind. well almost everyone's mind.. nats: sound of train approaching the sonoma -marin area rail transit also known as a the smart train is fully operational where in some areas it can reach speed of 79 miles per hour nats ambiance fortunately in san rafael the speeds are much lower; however the laws around the tracks are still the same for example any truck carrying hazardous or flammable materials must stop before crossing .nats: ambiance also all school and transit buses are required to stop like this bus driver just did the driver stopped, looked and listened, but a few completely rolled straight through nats ambiance this driver not only ran the red light the crosses over onto oncoming traffic to turn left in an area where left turns are not permitted. i came back to san rafael to do a safety check up on this intersection, i was here back in 2016 and drivers were still getting the hang of itnats: ambiance by now one would think everything should be going smoothly . well drivers are still
9:45 pm
stopping on the tracks despite the no stopping on track sign and many were stopping in the keep clear area some sections of the smart train are called quiet zones so you won't hear horns here is a good way to figure this out, if you don't think you can maintain a constant speed when crossing the tracks . stay on the other side nats: ambiance the biggest issue i observed it this illegal left hand turn from 4th to tamalpais ave where the driver cross a double set of double yellow lines and the no left or u-turn sign many of the drivers are trying to get to house of bagels they must have some good bagels that people are risking a 238 dollar fine or worse getting hit by a train remember this . trains don't chase you down the street; you have to on or extremely close to the tracks to get hit by a train stay off the tracks in san rafael stanley roberts kron 4 news (steve) the aftermath of hurricane harvey will impact southeast texas for years to come.(vicki) the flooding in the area has been officially declared a public health emergency. floodwater often contains (steve) the aftermath of
9:46 pm
hurricane harvey will impact southeast texas for years to come.(vicki) the flooding in the area has been officially declared a public health emergency. floodwater often contains sewage and chemicals as well as sharp or dangerous objects. it can also carry diseases that can cause stomach problems and skin rashes. you don't have to drink it or be in it - just using an item that has been submerged in floodwater can make you sick. studies also show that hurricanes and floods can trigger anxiety, depression and stress ... and worsen existing mental health problems or even lead to new ones.
9:47 pm
oppressive heat is forecast across the interior and higher elevations today through saturday as strong high pressure builds over the region. in addition, very warm temperatures will spread to the coast as onshore flow weakens. a region-wide cool down is forecast to begin on sunday, especially near the coast, but very warm to hot conditions will continue over inland areas through early next week. (steve)2 shot a dog that was saved from
9:48 pm
9:49 pm
near-death in modesto may have been used as a "bait dog"... that's what rescuers are saying tonight...(vicki) this case started back in july.... and now a southern california businessman is offering a 5-thousand dollar reward for information leading to the person who may have abused mitchell the collie mix... (steve) reporter kay recede spoke with the group that rescued the collie. mitchell was on the brink of death... but in just five short weeks... he's has made a miraculous recovery(nicole kisela, rescued dog)"overall his hair has grown back, his scab finally fell off on his hind end, and i mean he's doing great." as we first reported to you back in july... mitchell, a collie mix, was found infested with larva... starving and dehydratedneglected and left on highway 99 in modesto just off mitchell road... some believe he may have been used as a bait dog in illegal dog fights(kisela)"we just can't say that for sure. i mean obviously he was attacked by some type of animal but we
9:50 pm
can't say he was for sure 100- percent he was a bait dog."now -- the founder of dog food company just food for dogs -- is offering a 5-thousand dollar reward that will lead to the conviction of the person who abused mitchell. (kari husman, president, pupz and palz)"whether or not he was a bait dog or just severe neglect we can't really say for sure but something obviously awful happened to this dog" with a little rehabilitation and a lot of love... mitchell is now a healthier. happier looking collie... (kisela)"i mean it's shocking to me 'cause i didn't think with his condition it would take a little bit longer but it hasn't, it's actually gone quickly." (kay recede in modesto)"mitchell still has a long way to gooh and he is very sweet but if you want to follow his journey you could do so on his facebook page it's mitchells fight. he is scheduled for cataract surgery on tuesday" (steve) if you want to meet mitchell and will be in the modesto area this weekend...pupz and palz is hosting a meet and greet tomorrow...(vicki) it will be at the petco off highway 99
9:51 pm
and briggsmore in modesto from noon to 2 p-m (vicki) still ahead... with this heat you might just want to head to the movies.. we'll take a look at the films hitting the theaters...
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
(steve) the best way to beat the heat wave this weekend could be just going to the movies...(vicki) and with no new wide releases
9:54 pm
opening in theaters, you may want to take a second look at an old favorite. here is the labor day weekend movie roundup.(steve) "tulip fever" is the only new film opening in even moderate release -- about 600 theaters -- and it's not really "new": the historical drama was shot three years ago, and its debut was delayed several times. oscar winners alicia vikander, christoph waltz (valtz), and dame judi dench star. (vicki) several studios are rushing to fill the void with re-releases and promotions. columbia pictures is playing "close encounters of the third kind" in about 900 theaters, in honor of the sci-fi classic's 40th anniversary this fall. "cars three," which opened in june, is cruising back into wide release for the holiday -- disney-pixar did the same thing with "finding dory" last year. and warner
9:55 pm
brother'ss is literally rallying the troops to its world war two epic "dunkirk" -- active and retired military members can show their i-d's at some theaters to receive two-for-one tickets (steve) a new guinness world record in toronto....and all the man had to do was wear a "bee beard" for 61 minutes! under that mass of wings and stingers is juan carlos noguez (no-guess) ortiz (or-teez). he's an employee from the dickey bee honey farm in cookstown, ontario. he beat the previous record by almost 8 minutes. ortiz says he's not scared of bees -- and only practiced the stunt twice before doing it for real. he only got a few stings this time around... ( steve ) a new month ... and big changes for every california state university campus. the campuses...
9:56 pm
like cal state east bay... are now smoke and tobacco free. this means no smoking anywhere... including the parking lots. the policy applies to all students, faculty, staff, volunteers and visitors. prohibits the use of anything used to smoke tobacco including e-cigarettes and vapor devices. there are a total of 23 campuses in the cal state system. (steve) that's it for kron 4 news at nine...but our prime time coverage continues at the top of the hour.(vickii)pam moore join us now with what's coming up on kron 4 news at ten...pam? ((pam)) thanks vicki and steve... next at ten.the bay area sizzles under record breaking heat.. and it is expected to stick around for the long holiday weekend. san francisco reaching 106- degrees today. new at ten.. we talk to the department of public health which says .. it is opening cooling centers in the city, to help people deal with this sweltering heat. chief meteorologist brittney shipp is standing by with your four zone forecast. and new tonight at ten....a potential break in
9:57 pm
the case of an east bay musician dragged to his death during a robbery. police release a picture of a person of interest... and the vehicle .. that man was last seen driving.((pam)) we hope you are keeping cool during this heat wave...hour - three of kron 4's primetime coverage ... continues at the top of the hour.
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
(pam) tonight at ten: record high temperatures around the bay area... in san francisco.... it hit 106 degrees... that is the hottest recorded day áeverá in the city.(steve) and not much relief tonight...these are the current temperatures.... many places still in the eighties tonight.(steve) the heat wave will continue through the holiday weekend. good evening i'm steve aveson.(pam) and i'm pam moore... kron4 chief meteorologist brittney shipp is standing by in the weather center.. tracking the record- breaking heat. brittney?
10:00 pm
oppressive heat is forecast across the interior and higher elevations today through saturday as strong high pressure builds over the region. in addition, very warm temperatures will spread to the coast as onshore flow weakens. a region-wide cool down is forecast to begin on sunday, especially near the coast, but very warm to hot conditions will continue over inland areas through early next week.


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