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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  September 12, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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now being given out... j-r do we know what's causing all this? (j.r.)at this point they do not know but they do say there could be some water lines that are crossing each other. possibly a fire line or irrigation line. this navy base has been here for 70 years so some of these pipes are very old. again though. they are still testing at this point to see what the problem is. out here this evening you can see the water that is being given out to those who live in alameda point. i talked with one woman who says she never trusts the water out here.these emergency volunteers have been out here all evening long. those with public works tell me that they have received complaints over the past few days about the water. that it tasted and smelled different. they conducted numerous tests and this afternoon one of those
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tests failed. no one has gotten sick here but until they figure out what is either in the water or not in the water they are asking people to use bottled water in alameda point. the public works director spoke to us in the last 30 lib volunteers and crews out herehanding out water
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(grant) this just in -- oakland city council member larry reid tells kron4... that the a's have picked a new location to build a new ballpark. the team wants to build a privately financed 35-thousand seat ballpark in downtown on the site right next to laney college. so not the coliseum or jack london square sites. the team sent a letter to the city today outlining its plan. it wants to collaborate with the city for mixed-use development at the site as well as improving utility, transportation and other infrastructure projects in the area. the deal requires the oakland - alameda county coliseum authority's approval. (steve) also tonight --
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we are tracking the chance of another round of thunderstorms in the bay area. yesterday - there were more than one thousand lightning strikes... (pam) it was a spectacular sight - but the storm also left behind some serious damage. a lightning bolt sent a tree crashing into a home near half moon bay.. a chimney in millbrae was destroyed... and lightning sparked a fire in woodside. the question now -- will the lightning be back tonight? (steve) chief metoeorlogist brittney shipp is tracking conditions.. another round of scattered showers and thunderstorms can be expected this afternoon and evening. temperatures will trend a few degrees cooler today, but then rebound again by friday. (steve) an update now on the
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fire in san mateo county started by lightning last night.. the "skeggs fire" is burning in a remote spot between skyline boulevard and woodside road. at last check about 50 acres had burned.. the fire is 10 percent contained. air
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tankers could be seen laying down fire an effort to keep the fire away from homes.... right now those homes are ánotá being threatened. the fire is hard to access ---so for the most part crews have been fighting it from the air. they're also on alert for more potential strikes.
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sot scared the hell out of me the once mighty cypress tree outside of phil grubers house.. is now splintered and shattered.and part of it is resting on his roof.sot it happened so fast i don't know what is saw it just was a tremendous explosionaround 6 on monday night, phil was on his deck with his wife watching the evening sky dance with lightning sot i was counting the seconds and the next thing i know this tree blew upa bolt flashed before him with a force he'd never seen or heard before.sot cover i thought it was a bombsot someone showed up today who heard it two miles awaya few pieces of wood flew off and almost smacked phil in the face, he kept the sharpest ones to show ussot that is why we saved these two to remind us how lucky we are not to be impalednats of his video phil took this video of the fire department and county out late at night, sawing up huge branch that landed on the street, blocking th roadswhat is left is now a scrap pile in his driveway.nats?a tree branch pierced a hole the size of a kitchen sink in his roof. some of the deck is also damaged.and a gutter dangles like it's on a string to get it all fixed will cost about 10-thousand dollars.nats? during the next storm to stay safe, phil says he'll stand right by the tree stump,
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because lightning never strikes the same spot twice. sot what are the odds of that happening, ive been told i should go play the lottery nows (steve) we've (steve) (steve) we've updated the kron4 mobile app you can track this storm by downloading it for free and -- be the first to know about breaking news when it happens.. we'll keep you updated through push alerts. (pam) tonight .. the berkeley city council .... overturned a 20 -year ban to allow police officers to use pepper spray in violent crowds. kron
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4's ella sogomonian has been tracking this all day.. she is live at the berkeley police department. ella what did the police chief tell you after the approval? well he explained that his force needed this extra tool to keep free speech safe by having an alternative to batons and tear gas when confronted with violent extremists. 6 out of 9 berkeley city council members agreed tuesday to allow officers to use pepper spray in a crowd after a recent series of rallies turned riots.but many in the chamber disagreed with the vote to eliminate the 20 year ban saying the harsh chemical also known as o-c can hurt peaceful protestors in the same vicinity.sot: andrea prichett, berkeley cop watch// "twenty years ago berkeley cop watch stopped the police from even using pepper spray because we were concerned by the rising number of oc related deaths. studies showed
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the repellents in pepper spray are often very toxic."the berkeley police chief laid shields he said were used by extremists in previous protests and showed images of the violence they've encountered to prove they need a better tool to combat the growing problem.sot: chief andrew greenwood, berkeley police department// "allow officers to have choices when faced with this difficult situation and use this force that is as direct able as possible which causes the least amount of harm to others in order to make the community safer."he went on to say pepper spray is a better alternative to tear gas or blunt force they were already allowed to use. sot: joshua buswell-charkow, berkeley resident//"and so it seem the police have explored just every possible option that is out there and this is the simplest one that will cause the least amount of chaos and disturbance to chaos that may be out there and so it just seemed like the most reasonable solution." those who disagree say this was a rushed decision at a meeting held at an inconvenient time 3pm when most are at work or school in an effort to pass the motion
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ahead of a conservative speaker's visit to uc berkeley this week. live in berkeley ella sogomonian kron 4 news (steve) u-c berkeley is gearing up for protests on thursday.that is when conservative political commentator and former breitbart editor ben shapiro is scheduled to speak. u-c berkeley police are implementing security measures to keep expected protests from getting out of control. this is video from when milo yiannapolous was set to speak -- violent protests forced the event to be canceled. this time -- security precautions will include police established a closed permiter around the speech locaton. that would prevent protesters from getting too close to the event. today we talked to the u-c berkeley college republicans -- who invited the speaker -- about what they think about the plan.
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(steve) the group anti fascism dot org says being kept away from the event is a violation of their right to protest. the group is planning to hold a community speak-out event outside the uc berkeley campus around the same time as the ben shapiro event. (pam) coming up:the new i- phones have been revealed... are they worth the high price tag? we'll breakdown the new features. (steve) then - new at ten: meet the local woman who helped save a friend trapped by floodwaters in florida.. how she did it -- without ever leaving the bay area.
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(pam) and next:there were a whole lot of empty seats at the 49ers game.... tonight - we hear from fans -- who say, the new stadium -- is not that great.
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(steve) 49ers fans are sitting in the hot seat - literally.many of them are complaining about how hot levi's stadium was at sunday's game... and how the stadium itself doesn't provide much relief for the faithful. as proof fans might not be happy - there seemed to be a lot of empty seats.kron four's
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spencer blake is live in santa clara.spencer is the team aware of these complaints? not only aware of them, but already implemented some things to help in the short runand are looking into feasbile ideas for the long term.but as of now, fans may just have to take the heat. during sunday's 49er loss to the panthers, there were plenty of empty, álotsá of empty seats.of course, that ácould be because niners are coming off a record-low two-and-14 season. but a lot of people say the heat played the biggest role. season ticket holder wilson
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trujillo often gives his seats away to family and friends. "they actually don't even sit in the seats. they walk around. they do what i do. they wanna stay cool; they wanna stay in the shade."shade - it's hard to find at the four-year-old stadium.not just in the seats, but in other areas, too.trujillo doesn't like the open concourses on the south end of the stadium. "in order for you to get some shade, you would have to close something off in that area just so people could actually get some shade, but i don't think that's ever gonna happen."he held season tickets at candlestick and says things were much better there when it came to protection from the sun.he says he felt misled by the salesperson who sold him his new seats at levi's about when and where the sun would hit."they even did recommendations at the end of the season. i even said there's these cooly towels that actually keep you cool. hand those out."to be fair, stadium staff ádid hand those very towels out on sunday, along with water, sunscreen, and misters.maybe those are enough to keep some people in their seats for longer than the trujillos stay seated. "fifteen minutes, not continually, but sporadically because we're always walking around looking for shade."the 49ers are working with a stadium architecture firm to see what, if anything, can be done to the stadium itself to help with the hot-weather issues. the 49ers also point out they reminded ticket holders about the unseasonably warm temperatures forecasted on sunday, and told them to
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prepare accordingly.for some, it seems, the best preparation was staying santa clara, spencer blake, kron four news. (steve) an update to a story we first brought you yesterday.... a mouse caught on camera running in the display case of a mrs. fields cookie shop. this happened at the stonestown galeria mall in san francisco last week. today we talked to the health department.. they say ánoá official complaint was filed.. but one of their employees saw the video online -- so they visited the location on friday to do an inspection.the store actualy closed itself after the incident -- to clean -- and it was still closed when the inspector visited. the health department told the store to sanitize - and seal all the gaps to prevent rodents from getting in to the storefront..the shop is back open -- but its health score was dropped to an "89" -- that falls in the adequate category. (pam) today unveiled not one.. but two new phones. one of them the highly anticipated i-phone ten.. the new one-
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thousand dollar high end i-phone .... celebrates the i-phone's tenth anniversary.. it is packed full of new features, but is it worth the high cost? kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate breaks it down the $1,000 iphone 10 brings back the glass and stainless steal casing that the iphone 4 has an edge to edge oled screen. that's a much higher resolution than the existing retina displays on current iphonesthere is no plus size just one iphone ten with a screen size of 5.8 inches. i watched a minute of wonder woman on one. i will say the video popped out it looked sharpto make room for this all screen display they got rid of the home buttonon the iphone 10 you will swipe up to return home you can use your voice to activate siri or hold the side button to bring her finger print id is gone. apple replaced with face id. you point your phone at your face and it unlocks. they also added a fun feature using that face recognition technology called animojithis is new to smartphones. you can pick an animal or
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charactter emoji and through the camera you become that emoji it will speak as you and make the faces you make sort of turning you into a animated emojiroger cheng covers all things mobile for cnet he thinks this animoji thing will be hit for apple roger cheng, cnet executive editorthe iphone 10 will also have a new camera feature called portrait lighting that allows you to change the way a face is lit in a picturethe examples i saw up close were pretty impresive i think this will be one of the more popular iphone 10 features. using the new dual camera lenses in the iphone 10 apple says a new era of augmented reality apps will dazzle users. they are still being developed so we'll have to see about that. the iphone ten will also offer wireless charging which means you can toss it on an apple charge pad at home, in the car, or work and not have to mess with any cables jefferson graham, covers tech for usa today jeferson graham has covered all things tech and apple products for years for usa today he thinks it has some cool features but not worth $1,000.jefferson graham, covers tech for usa todaythat said jefferson predicts that people will buy it apple products are like jewelry the more expensive it is the more apple fans want itjefferson graham, covers tech for usa todayroger cheng, cnet executive editorthe iphone 10 hits the market november third.
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(steve) a live look outside tonight in san francisco (pam) chief meterologist brittney shipp has the four zone forecast another round of scattered showers and thunderstorms can be expected this afternoon and evening. temperatures will
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trend a few degrees cooler today, but then rebound again by friday.
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(pam) still ahead -- a woman held at gunpoint and robbed on a bart train.. in broad daylight. tonight - how police say they need your help -- before the suspect strikes again. (steve) and next:the disturbing phone scam -- playing on a parent's worst nightmare -- to try and get
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you to turn over money. what you need to know - to avoid becoming a victim.
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(pam) a vacaville father says, he had the worst 45- minutes of his life last week.. he nearly fell victim to a disturbing scam.. james hale received a call from a person who pretended to be his daughter. the 'con' woman claimed she was his kidnapped daughter... thrown in a van... and taken to mexico. once the call ended... hale immediately called police. the mysterious number called again... this time... it was a man on the line... demanding a ransom. hale rushed to the bank ... luckily, police caught up with the father... who had withdrawn four - thousand bucks. in the end... the call
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was a scam to get money. police commended hale's decision to notify them...despite the suspect telling him not too. hale's daughter was fine. ... she was in class at her high school in fairfield fairfield police reported two similar incidents that same day... though it's unknown if the calls were connected. (steve) coming up:why you never want to ask someone to marry you on a bridge... we'll show you the proposal that took one of the worst possible turns. (pam) and next:new a ten -- we talk to the local woman credited with helping rescue her friend from floodwaters in florida... she did it, without ever leaving the bay area. we took legendary, and made it liberating.
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people were allowed to return to their homes in the florida keys today. in most cases... sadly, there was little to come back to. the 115= mile string of islands ... was hit hard by irma fema says, 90- percent of the homes were damaged or destroyed. the keys are home to nearly 80=thousand people.(steve) and as kron4's catherine heenan shows us.... those people take pride in their capacity to withstand any hardship.
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people do stupid things and call it fun, call it whatever you want. i don't run from anything.eric mcmackin was one of the estimated ten thousand peopled who defied the mandatory evacuation order.the water line in here was this // this is what separates the men from the boys his home survived.his fishing boat, not so lucky.well, you take very penny you earned in your life and burn it.arriving in marathon key last night, the first rescue crews found no power, no running water ... but plenty of will to go on. "we survived just fine. we've got plenty of water and got plenty of food, got the stove hooked up to the small butane tank." this morning, the evacuation order was lifted for the upper keys, my expectation is that everything is half destroyed. i'm a tour guide, so i know i am out of work for the next two months. but hopefully there'll be plenty of work rebuilding the 1, the road linking the keys together, is in
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pieces. huge chunks of pavement are missing.the farther we get down us 1, the worse it gets. everywhere we go, everything has been touched by the storm.mile after mile of devastation.for those familiar with this stretch of us 1 used to be a very popular restaurant right there called mr. lobster, it is completely gone. rv's on their side in sunshine key. boats sitting next to houses in marathon.on big pine key, homes burned to the ground. "this was at one point the inside of someone's house. if you look right through the entrance way you can see the bathroom. i mean, just totally exploded in here. mike ryan, a u=s marine, was in houston helping to rescue flood victims. he returned home to find this. "just one of those things. it's just my turn i guess."at least 5 feet of storm surge piled through his home. despite all the widespread destruction ryan was optimistic. "at least i'm here to rebuild it. not 6 foot under. that's the difference." (pam) here in the bay area, even though we are thousands of miles away from the devastation of hurricane irma, that didn't stop a south bay woman from helping a friend in florida, who was trapped by rising floodwaters.
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she did it.. using social media. she was able to contact search and rescue teams in daytona beach, who then swung into action to save her friend. kron 4's charles clifford has that story. hannah brown used to live in daytona beach florida. this past weekend, she watched in horror as hurricane irma ripped through the state. then early monday morning she received a text from her friend kristina who still lives in daytona beach.sotit was nerve wrackingwanting to help, hannah turned to social media.sot the only thing i thought i could do was go to facebook and tell my friends you know, and i know it's not legal because of curfew but can you just go get her out. but the fire department was already out there rescuing peoplea few hours later, search and rescue teams found kristina and helped her move to safety. the daytona beach fire department let hannah know via twitter.sotwe were expecting this to take hours or until morning but they were there in two hours and then i got a message from them saying
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the rescue my friend.hannah says kristina was able to return to her apartment later in the day on monday, but the home coming was not an easy one.sotthe apartment complex is condemning the building and giving here six days to get out .and her s tuff was ruined and her car destroyed.hannah hopes that more emergency responders will embrace social media and use it as a tool to save lives.sotusing twitter to see whos really in danger and get to them.finally, hanna has also created a go fund me page to help kristina rebuild her life. in san jose, charles clifford kron 4 news. (steve) another big story tonight:the families of two u-p-s drivers killed by a co-
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workerhave filed a lawsuit... saying the shooting should have been prevented. today relatives of benson louie and michael lefiti sued u-p-s, allied universal security servicesand the owner of the san francisco building where it happened. the lawsuits allege u-p-s emloyees had complained about security problems at the building before jimmy lam carried out the deadly rampage agaisnt his colleagues. attorneys for the families say metal detectors and security guards failed to stop lam... who was armed with a mac-10 sub- machine gun and a pistol. (steve) tonight - bart police have released new surveillance images of the suspect in another bold crime on bart. this time -- a young woman - held at gunpoint... and robbed... kron four's terisa estacio reports from the hayward bart station --- explaining why this particular crime has police worried. (estacio) this is a picture of the suspect, bart police say who flashed a handgun at a young female rider monday morning around 9:30 as she was traveling on a southbound train from hayward to south
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hayward station. alex pouga, bart rider. "it is pretty scary. i ride all the time. ed alvarez, bart police deputy chief. "he looks like he is pretty comfortable, and he might do it again." ed alvarez, bart police deputy chief says they want to get the images out to the public to spread the word and see about bringing this suspect in before he might strike again. the suspect after flashing the handgun grabbed the young victims purse stealing several items. michael chapman, bart rider. "i ride all the time, that is really something." ed alvarez. bart is safe, this is not normal. alvarez, says detectives are tracking down several leads and going over other surveillance cameras throughout the system for more leads. this rider - new to the system, said she was having second thoughts on taking bart after hearing abou the crime. christy mccarthy, bart rider. "i am from down south, this makes me nervous." in hayward, terisa estacio.
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(pam) the san francisco police department has arrested five individuals who they say engaged in online sex crimes against children. officers arrested 40-year-old randall cady of santa cruz... they say, he arranged a meeting with a minor for sexual contact. 50-year-old michael renteria of milpitas .. was arrested on suspicion of sending harmful material to a minor. then, 38-year-old san francisco resident jose olivares- parada was arrested on suspicion of felony sending harmful material to a minor.
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32-year-old ahmad naimi of newark... was arrested on suspision of arranging a meeting with a minor. and 44-year-old oakland resident charles johnson... is accused of arranging a meeting with a minor for sexual contact. (grant) new video...just in to the kron 4 news room. a viewer in san jose shared this with us. take a look. you can see the delivery being made...package is left on the front porch. everything seems normaluntil this thief approaches the box. she starts looking around...and when the coast is clear...she apparantly just walks away from the scene...package in hand. if you recognize this apparent crook...the san jose police department would like to ehar from you. (pam) contra costa county has named a new "interim" district attorney tonight. the board of supervisors selected diana becton ... a retired judge. she beat out four other finalists for the job. becton will start
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later this month.. an exact date has not been set. she is the first african- american and the first woman to hold the position. (steve) this weekend... you can get a behind the scenes look at the oakland police department. the documentary called "the force" opens in theatres friday. bay area filmmaker peter nicks followed oakland police for two years starting in 20-14. the documentary shows the the opposing yet co-exisiting faces of the oakland police department. while filming nicks grew to understand an increasing level of distrust among the community for police officers. (peter nicks/filmmaker, "the force"): "there were two things happening, a remarkable amount of progress on reform that was underway and the other was a really troubling lack of recognition amongst the officers both on patrol and the command staff of the nature and history of african americans pain and distrust as it relates to police." nicks will hold a q-and-a
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at the grand lake theater friday when the film opens. the documentary also opens friday in san francisco, san rafael and berkeley. it opens nationwide a week from friday.
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(steve) it's the proposal video that's gone viral for all the wrong reasons. it's one of the most memorable moments a couple can have. after four years of dating, seth dixon brought ruth salas to their favorite spot in a kansas city park. a friend joined them for dinner to walk that night. when seth went to propose... the friend started filming. and then it happened... the ring fell out of the box... through the slats in the bridge... and into the water. ruth salas/bride to be): "and of course i looked over the bridge and i'm like it really did fall. i heard the plop of the ring and i'm like, oh no." "next morning, we got done with church and we were all hanging out. we had this idea. we need to go look for it ... because i'm a wedding and engagement photographer so i saw it and i'm like this is the perfect shot." 30 of
10:43 pm
their closes friends went to the park... got in the water... and searched for the ring. unfortunately.. . they never found it. a go-fund-me page has been set up for the couple to buy a new engagement ring. it has already raised more than 200 dollars. (pam) (pam) now to a story we've been covering for years... the problem of walking while texting.... (steve).. and if it is outlawed here in california... it looks like our very own stanley roberts will get the credit... or the blame - depending on how you look at it. you know what will happen right after you hear enough complaints about people testing and walking someone will introduce a law making it illegal well now we are now
10:44 pm
one step closer to my 2008 prediction i'll make a motion to adopt a resolution urging state legislators to take action to promote traffic safety by prohibiting the use of cell phones while crossing streets. with a unanimous vote of 5 to 0 the san mateo county board of supervisors adopted a resolution asking sacramento to create and pass a law banning distracted walking in a crosswalk but what do people think about the resolution i think it's, they should have something like that yes i think they need it (but why) because you see a lot of kids they be walking across in the sidewalk not paying attention and they don't realize there are in a crosswalk and they don't have the right away sometimes they just walk right into traffic.
10:45 pm
i think that's a good law, i think that's good, (but isn't it just one more law to add to the books) well it is, but it's very dangerous for people walking you know and texting and either driving and texting i think that were always on our phones and (put em down) yea we can all walk across the street safely (so you need a law) we don't need a law can't we all just be good (apparently we can't a lot are behaving badly) so yea then i guess we need a law (what do you think?) i think we need a law, that's why a lot of accidents and things happen is because people are behaving badly so yea there would be a law in effect (what do you think?) i think that people are on their phones way to much, i think a lot of accidents can happen people can run into each other cars can hit people i think it's probably a good idea. so now that it's a resolution what's the next step san mateo county supervisor david canepa hopefully, the assembly will take this on which i'm confident they will, the senate and then the governor will sign it by this time in june it will be a state law so san mateo county is in the history books for introducing
10:46 pm
a possible new law . we at least time you can't blame me so let it be known that it was stanley roberts and if i had the ability to call it the stanley roberts resolution which it should be we and stanley again you've come through you actually created a law why do i have a sneaky feeling this is going to come back and haunt mecity stanley roberts kron 4 news the oakland a's have a preferred site for their proposed ballparkthey have settled on land near laney college for a 35,000-seat privately financed ballpark to replace the oakland coliseum. "finally, we've got our site" said team president dave kaval of the 13-acre location near downtown oaklandthe a's also considered the oakland coliseum site and land on the waterfront northwest of jack london square.(wipe to a's- redsox)
10:47 pm
a's in bostonfans sitting in the seats about the green monster in fenway parkbottom 4th/ 5-1 red soxmookie betts 2-run home run off sean manaea 7-1 red soxbottom 6th/ 9-1 betts another 2-run homer he also tripled 6 rbis for him tonightfinal: 11-1 red sox(wipe to indians) the clevelansd indians going for an anerican kleague record-tying 20th straight win bottom 1stfrancisco lindor solo home run 1-0 indians and that's all they needed as cory kluber piched a complete-game 5-hit shutout final: 2-0 indians20th straight win ties the american league record held by the 2002 a's and 2 other teams the 2016new york giants hold the all-time recordat 26 straight games
10:48 pm
the dodgers trying to halt their 11-game skid tonight at at&t parkjoe montana on "bay area unite" night throwing out the first pitch fans got montana bobbleheads as welltop 4th/ 2-1 dodgersyasiel puig goes deep off johnny cueto and off the wall in left-center chris taylor and cody bellinger score 4-1 dodgers bottom ...bases loadedbuster posey strikes out... buster posey strikes out... kenley janzen then struck out nick hundley to end the gamefinal: 5-3 dodgersl-a snaps their 11-game losing streak advertising on uniforms is hitting the nbathe warriors
10:49 pm
and rakuten a japanese company based in san francisico officially unveiled the rakuten badge on the warriors 2017-18 season jerseys today at the warriors practice facility now named the rakuten performance center. draymond green and andre iguodala unveiled the jerseys with the rakuten badge alongside the deal is for $20 miilion per year for three years nearly double whatbthe cleveland cavaliers are getting from good yearrakuten also has their names on the uniform of international soccer powerhouse barcelona the price tag?... $73 million per year!
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kobe bryant is keeping busy in retirementlos angeles lakers legend in going to have oneor according one report both his numbers.. 8 and 24 retired by the team at the staples center against the warriors this seasonif they do retire both numbers bryant will become the first playing in nba history to have two numbers retiredhe also announced plans today for china's first national basketball association (nba) school thanks gary! 143 million americans may be impacted by the hack on equifax.thieves stole names --
10:51 pm
social security numbers -- birth dates -- addresses -- and driver's license numbers. hackers also got more than 200-thousand credit card numbers and other documents containing personally identifying information.this kind of data is extremely valuable to cyberthieves.if a cybercriminal maxed out a credit card in your name -- it will be tough passing a credit check.good luck getting a new cell phone, a student loan, a car or a mortgage.if someone gets a driver's license in your name and runs a red light or gets a speeding ticket, you're on the hook. so what can you do? freeze your
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credit. it can be a [fbi agent] you're a brave man, mr. stevens. your testimony will save lives. mr. stevens? this is your new name. this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible. [hero] i'll take my chances. scattered showers and
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thunderstorms can be expected this afternoon and evening. temperatures will
10:55 pm
trend a few degrees cooler today, but then rebound again by friday.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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easy there, hon. you're cleaning so hard, i'm afraid you're going to stick the dog in the dishwasher. ( softly ): hey. come on, now. quit it. this is what we dreamed about. what we prayed for. i know. i'm sorry. ( sighs ) i just can't stop wondering why. why give up a child? give it up to strangers?


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