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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  September 27, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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happened... well, what we have learned tonight is that the suspect who was killed by police here on interstate 80 this afternoon was wanted for a december 2015 homicide in the city of fairfield. we have not yet learned the identity of the suspect and while things are getting back to normal here in emeryville the investigation into this case could continue for some time. around 840 wednesday morning. the fairfield police department notified richmond police that they had located a homicide suspect in the city of richmond. richmond officers found the suspect driving a black suv and tried to pull him over.sotthe chase eventually continued onto i-80
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westbound and the california highway patrol became involved. when the suspect reached berkeley, highway patrol officers deployed a spike strip across 80 near university avenue. with the tires of his vehicle damaged the suspect lost control,struck a concrete median barrier just past the powell street exit in emeryville and came to a stop. that's where police surrounded the vehicle and engaged in a standoff with the suspect. police attempted to negotiate with the suspect, asking him to surrender, but eventually the he exited his vehicle and may have fired a gun at the officer prompting them to use deadly force.sotit's pretty clear that the suspect was not cooperating and fired a shot somewhere near the officer or at the officers.during the standoff, both direction of interstate were closed, backing up traffic up for miles. the eastbound lanes were reopened around 11am but the westbound direction remained closed until 5pm. during the exchange of gunfire, multiple shots were fired by multiple officers from more than one agency. the emeryville police department is now the agency tasked with investigating the shooting. we are told that could take weeks or months to emeryville, charles clifford kron 4 news.
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(grant) it's one thing to watch the police drama unfold...while stopped in a freeway shut-down. it's entirely different though when bullets from guns start flying all over the place. as kron 4's will tran reports...frustrated cummuters suddenly became scared...textin g family members to say i love you...just in case. (vicki) we covered (vicki) we covered this story
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live for you on kron4 morning news at nine... we also sent out a push alert this morning with the free kron four mobile app - letting people know about the standoff on i-80... which caused major traffic delays... and alerted
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drivers to use alternate routes... download the free kron four mobile get breaking news push alerts sent directly to your phone. (grant) breaking news we are following... american icon and founder of "playboy" magazine...hugh hefner has died.(vicki) hefner died of natural causes at his home...the playboy mansion at 91-year-old. that is according to "playboy." hefner started the upscale men's magazine in 19-53 after serving in the army. he built playboy into an instantly recognizable brand in america. the magazine is still published in more than 20 countries. and earns more than $1 billion in sales annually. his 26- year old son says... "my father lived an exceptional and impactful life... as a media and cultural pioneer.. and a leading voice behind some of the most significant social and cultural movements of our time.. in advocating free speech, civil rights and sexual freedom. we will continue following this breaking story . you can also track it online at kron-4
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dot com (grant) one person is dead and another is injured.... after a rock fall at yosemite. here is video from the scene at el capitan. it happened just before 2:00 this afternoon. crews are searching to determine whether there are any more victims. el capitan is one of the most popular climing spots in the country...and one of the most iconic sites in yosemite. the person injured has been taken to the hospital. no identities have been released. (vicki) several fires raged closely together inside a san francisco park today. leaving investigators to question .. if they were all intentionally set. fire officials quickly rushed to john claren park this afternoon to put out four separate fires. the thick cloud of smoke rising from the parkalarmed many drivers on 280 and 101. luckily no one was hurt. each fire burned just under an acre... and they were only a quarter mile apart. the fires are considered suspicious(sot) (vicki) because the fires burned
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so closely together and in a row... fire investigators aslo tell kron four...that wind could have picked up a burnging leaf... sparking the second, thrid, and fourth fires. however...auth orities are still searching for an arson suspect. (grant) fire crews are monitoring hotspots from yesterday's scary fire in the oakland hills. the fire started yesterday afternoon, north of interstate 5-80 ..and it threatened homes nearby. 22 acres were burned and it is now 80-percent contained. this was the scene yesterday... crews used helicopters and planes to drop water and fire retardant. investigators think the fire may have started in an area on skyview drive, where there is ongoing home construction. (vicki) hot temperatures around the bay area has people looking for ways to keep cool... tomorrow there will be several cooling centers open in san francisco.
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many libraries around the city will have cooling centers including the main public library on larkin street... the china town branch... the mission bay library... the north beach library and the potrero branch on 20th street. (grant) in addition - several community centers will also be keeping their doors open through the evening... to help keep people cool. the cooling centers will also be open tomorrow from nine a-m to five p-m. among them... the o-m-i wellness center on ocean avenue and the george w. davis senior center on carroll avenue... at least three people died from heat-related illnesses in san francisco during the last heat wave... over labor day weekend. continued warm to hot across the region again this afternoon. minor cooling trend starts thursday, mainly near the coast with further cooling all areas friday into saturday as the ridge weakens and onshore flow increases. breezy coast and cooler later sunday into early next week. (vicki) people are returning home
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after a large wildfire forced evacuations in southern california. firefighters gained some control of the fire which burned a home ...
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and threatened nearly two- thousand others near corona. evacuation orders for six- hundred homes in the area have been lifted. the canyon fire started on monday, and has burned two- thousand acres .. it is 20-percent contained. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. (grant) and evacuations orders at cal poly san louis obispo have been lifted after flames came close to campus. that wildfire along the central coast burned 95-acres.... it is 60- percent contained tonight after starting yesterday afternoon. fortunately the wind blew the fire away from the cal poly campus. crews are working right now to put out hot spots. (vicki) new at nine... an east bay family outraged tonight after their daughter was beaten by another student inside a middle school classroom... and all of it was caught on camera...(grant) the young girl says no one in the classroom helped stop the fight... and nobydy called police... kron4's hermela aregawi talked to the family tonight. who tells us something has to be done to prevent this from happening to another child... hermela? (hermela aregawi)the victim's
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mother says she's shocked that.. the attacker is still in school.and is concerned that if nothing is done. this will happen again to her daughter or another student. a brutal attack in a seventh grade student snatches another by the hair.. as students record on their cellphones.ana maria oceanu/attack victimlike it felt unbelievable and all my friends that were in my class. i wasn't expecting it. i thought that one of my friends would break it up. but people were laughing in the background people were recording.costina oceanu/attack victim's mother my heart was broke. and i start crying. i say this is not acceptable. i was taking her straight to the emergency first i call the police. we send our kids to school to learn not to be like that. costina oceanu says school officials knew about the video and didn't tell her about it. she says she is now worried sick about her daughter's safety.costina oceanu/attack victim's mothersometimes she's walking from school home. what happens if her the girl and another girls they are getting
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together to attack her in the streets. who is going to protect her.we spoke with other parents who say the school should be doing more. whitney gonzales/concerned parentfirst of all im mortified that people can act like that but i'm so upset with the school. because they have created an atmosphere where this could happen. they say there are all these things are going to happen if you break this rule, break this rule, but they are not doing anything. (hermela aregawi)we reached out to the we reached aregawi) we reached out to the school.. they have yet to respond to us. reporting live in antioch, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news. (grant) there has been a sharp rise in drivers crashing into power poles. the new ways the local utility district is preventing these incidents from jeopardizing safety and
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power...(vicki) plus...yet ááanother bay area costco hit by robbers. where it happened this time around and who police are looking for... (grant) after the break... a young boy forced into a home... and brutally beaten by kids he thought were his friends... and the attack was posted on social media... tonight we hear from the boy's father... who tells us what prompted the beating. this is the new comfort food. grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. police are investigating an
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attack on an san joaquin county boy that was caught on video and posted all over social media. take a look at this video. officers say three teenage boys stole the eight-year-old boys bike forced him inside a stockton home and beat him up while recording the scene on cell phone video. the victim's parents actually discovered the attack via social media a couple days laterand contacted police.
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the teens have since returned the bike...however the victim's parents say... that's not enough. (sot) (grant) (grant) the family has decided to move the boy out of the city of stocktonfor his own safety. (vicki) a costco store in the east bay... targeted by robbers looking for jewelry. police say three men used some kind of tool to pry a jewelry case open. during their getaway things turned violent.... one costco shopper was on her way to the store when she got a call to stay away because the store was being robbed...she tells kron4's haaziq madyun her story...
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got robbed">three men robbed this costco on hesperian blvd in hayward just after the store opened at 10am wednesday morning. i spoke to a woman who was on her way to do some shopping there when she got a head-up call that the store was being robbed. she asked not to reveal her identity
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of the suspects">hayward police are checking to see if there is any connection to recent jewelry robberies at costco stores in danville and foster city. this costco customer is aware of the other stores being robbed and feared the hayward location would be next
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the ac transit bus that, just before 9-30 in the morning, started a chain of collisions after it exited the bay bridge onto to fremont street.robert rueca/sfpd- "with that time of the morning, with people walking about, getting to and fro, uh, it's a miracle that no pedestrians were struck on the sidewalk." four people were injuried during the crash... including the driver who initiated the collision. they were all taken to hospitals... but the police department says those injuries don't appear to be life-threatening.robert rueca/sfpd- "we look at all avenues. at what may have caused this incident." the initial investigation shows that shortly after both the green and white ac transit buses exited the bridge... as the white bus attempted to make a right hand turn onto folsom street off fremont... the green bus, traveling behind it, lost control... ran into two cars ahead of it and then into the white bus before it veered onto the sidewalk.robert rueca/sfpd- "and, collided with a, a, building that's in construction," ac transit says it's unclear what caused the green bus to lose control.
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but that it will review surveillance video on both buses that captured the collisions. in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. (grant) the untility district in sacramento is taking new safety measures to limit the damage when cars and trucks crash into power poles. (vicki) you have probably already seen reflective strips on power required by law. the strips help make the poles more visible, but they don't make the poles immune to car crashes. last year there were 271 car into pole crashes in the sacramento area. each one costs smud 11-thousand dollars to fix. the crashes can also cause traffic delays and knock out power to thousands of people. the utilitiy's solution is placing highly visible, protective barriers in key locations. they're called "raptors."
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it will absorb a lot of that impact, it's also, if they are not hitting them straight on, hopefully it sill deflect them to where the apparatus won't get hurt, let alone our pole, and then the person in the vehicle won't get hurt as well.">(vicki) the raptor is part of smud's five year, one million dollar safety pilot initiative. san diego and portland have already installed similar barriers around town and it has cut their repair costs in half. (grant) now to our (grant) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... joining us now is chief meteorologist brittney shipp... continued warm to hot across
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the region again this afternoon. minor cooling trend starts thursday, mainly near the coast with further cooling all areas friday into saturday as the ridge weakens and onshore flow increases. breezy coast and cooler later sunday into early next week. (grant) week. into early next week.
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(grant) still ahead... a shark bites a florida man... latches onto his skin and wouldn't let go... how the man managed to get the shark off...(vicki)(topvo and first it wendy's.. then chipolte... now another fast food chain that was hit by a security breach... who it is next... new tonight at ten... frightening moments during this police stop in northern california.graphic police body cam captures the moment a suspect opens fire on officers....hitting at least one of we are learning new details about what happened.that story tonight on kron 4 news at ten.
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at stanford health care, we can now use a blood sample to detect lung cancer. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for asthma. and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients with a small pacemaker for the brain, imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis, even migraines. if we can use patients' genes to predict heart disease in their families, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you. 4 your money tonight...
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another big name chain hit by a security breach...(grant) so if you or someone you know eats at sonic, listen up... the drive-through chain says it looks like hackers gained access to millions of credit and debit card numbers. experts say hackers likely gained remote access to the machines, where you swipe or insert your credit card. sonic has 35-hundred locations across the u-s, but it's not yet clear how many restaurants or customers may be impacted. there are three sonic's in the bay area hayward, american canyon and vacaville...sonic says it's working with police. (vicki) you can't text and drive at the same time... but starting this weekend... you will be able to text and fly. delta airlines announced today it will allow passengers to send messages in-flight... for free. the service starts this sunday... travelers will need the "go- go" app to do it. one note about the service... it does
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not support sending photos or videos. when asked if delta would allow in-flight calls... delta's c-e-o emphatically said "never in my lifetime." (grant) and dubai is testing the world's first flying taxi service. the autonomous air taxi is an un-manned, electric flying vehicle. it has two seats, 18 rotors and can take off and land vertically. dubai's crown prince was the first test passenger. the vehicle's maker, "volocopter," says.... it flies based on g-p-s tracks. if all goes well, the new service could launch in the next five years. (vicki) coming up.... a florida man bit by a shark.. and it latches onto his skin and wouldn't let go... how the man managed to get the shark off...(grant) plus... health officials warn s-t-d's are on the rise across the u-s... we'll tell you which state came out at the top of the list and people who
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are most affected....(vicki) and after the break... the city of santa clara is now considering on extending the 10-p-m curfew... find out what people who live in the area had to say about the issue...
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(vicki) now at 9:30... south bay fans of pop star ed sheeran will have to wait and see him elsewhere ... after the recent announcement that he will not
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be performing at levis stadium in santa clara.(grant) sheeran apparently cancelled the show because of the curfew which stipulates, concerts have to end by 10- pm on weekdays. (grant) critics want the curfew to be extended .... or more exemptions be granted. (vicki) in response, as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now, the city of santa clara will be reaching out to stadium neighbors for some feedback. romulo rosario lives about as close to levis stadium as you can get andhe has doesn't mind if the concerts run late... romulo rosario/stadium neighbor "....i go in the house and close the door and i can't hear anything..."soon rosario and his neighbors will be surveyed about whether the city should extend a 10 pm weekday curfew on concerts at levis stadium, which has the support of people like steve shinsato, who lives about two blocks away.steve shinsato/stadium neighbor" can get loud and sometimes we can hear the
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people outside our house and they're smoking a joint and they're loud...."the 49ers, who manage the stadium, blame the curfew for lost business and hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue that might otherwise be spent on police and other city services. some peoplethink the city should leave well enough alone.adolfo arias/stadium neighbor ".....on school nights they should leave the curfew at 10 pm but on weekends let them party and have their way...." hoping to avoid the backlash that resulted when the band u-2 failed to heed the curfew back in may, the city denied an exemption for the october 4th concert by cold play. that's just fine with neighbor tuan chu, who says it's noisy enough around here as it is. tuan chu/stadium neighbor "....over here we are already dealing with so many issues. number one are the loud airplanes and than there are the trains and then there is great america....the noise is a health hazard...."in santa clara rob fladeboe kron 4 news
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(grant) the two men charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for deaths in the oakland ghost ship warehouse fire... pleaded not guilty in court today in response a preliminary hearing is set to begin on november 13th... for 47-year old derick almena and 27-year- old max harris. the hearing will determine if there's enough evidence for the former tenants to stand trial. prosecutors say the duo's reckless actions led to the december fire that killed 36. a judge today denied a motion by harris to have the charges against him dismissed... on the grounds that they aren't specific enough. both men could face face 39 years in state prison if convicted. (vicki) an alert out of san mateo tonight after police say a man tried abducting a teen girl walking to school. the 14 year old told
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officers she was walking in the area of peninsula avenue near the railroad tracks around 10-30 this morning that's when she says a middle eastern man driving a white utility van honked at her. the teen said he then got out of the car--- approached her and grabbed her by the shoulder. police say the girl kicked the man and ran home. the suspect was described to police as in his late 50-'s an early 60's, unshaven, average build, and slicked back black and gray hair. police say they are also aware of a similar incident targeting a 16 year old student last (grant) in san jose police arrested a registered sex offender after they say he exposed himself to a 12- year-old girl.... the alleged victim was walking on hedding street on september 20th when officers say nakia kaliwho was inside his himself. police say the girl described the 42-year old suspectand a records check revealed he's a registered sex offender. (vicki) public health officials are warning that
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dangerous...but preventable sexually tranmitted diseases are on the rise.(grant) the c-d-c says... in 20-16 over two million new cases of s-t-d's were reported in america. that is the highest amount ever in the u-s. california topped the list in number of cases for s-t-d's....and the bay area is seeing a rise in infections. anyone sexualy active is at risk but some groups is at risk but some groups are more affected. the c-d-c says young people aged 15 to 24, gay and bisexual men and pregnant women are most impacted. (grant) doctors say if you are sexually active and think you have been infected...early diagnosis is key. doctors recommend you get tested often
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for chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis. (grant) a florida man is recovering after he was bitten by a shark that refused to let him go.(vicki) the gruesome scene... caught on video. reporter vic micollucci has more from the sunshine state. nats: "hold him still! hold him still! lay down!"it's a day ervin mccarty will never forget! the day a shark bit him and wouldn't let go.nats: "come on johnny! come on. stab him or something."this is video from a fishing boat a few miles off the coast of marathon. that is a two to three foot long nurse shark on ervin's stomach.nats: "get the damn thing off of me!"ervin had been lobstering and spearfishing with family friends. he dove down about 12 feet to get a grouper they had speared."i turned to go back up for air and something hit me in the stomach. i didn't know if somebody kicked me or what, but whatever hit me was biting on to me."he surfaced far away from the boat and there was a strong current. all the while he couldn't shake the shark off. "i had to grab it by both hands, keep it from shaking and get up for air at the same time."it tried to pull him underwater-"i thought i was drowning!"he says after about a 20 minute
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struggle he got on the boat."i was out of breath. it was wearing me out, took everything i had to keep it from shaking."a friend stabbed the shark to get it off it was their only option."i'm bleeding him out. you just gonna have to lay there for a minute and let him bleed out." but it actually took around 6 more minutes, until the shark releasedánats of man screamingá but the shark bit him a second time in another part of the stomach! that time it released its bite a little easier. ánats: awww, poor little guy." ervin got a checkup and a tetanus shot but will he get back in the water."it hasn't changed a thing. i will continue to fish, i will continue to snorkel, just make sure there is not a nurse shark around!"now he's got this scar and quite the fish story at least this one has video to prove it. (grant) that was vic micollucci reporting. a shark researcher with the university of north florida says the grouper could have triggered the attack. the attack.have triggered grouper could says the north florida university of with the researcher a shark reporting.micollucci that was vic (grant) that was vic micollucci
9:37 pm
reporting. a shark researcher with the university of north florida says the grouper could have triggered the attack. (vicki) still ahead... it's video that has gone viral... of a passenger being dragged off a southwest flight. we'll tell you what made her get kicked off the plane....
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california grown with no antibiotics ever. food. water. internet. we need it to live. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. . we hear it every year....oh the students athletes getting ready for march madness..the ncaa hoops tournament... one of the greatest events in the nation... for those of us who played once apon a time...and are on the cynical side...i always thought it's a little unsettling that 40,,,50 and sometimes 60 year old men make millions of dollars per year hoping to get 19 and 20 year olds to win games when legally the players make next to nothing...the jig thoiugh may up... as hall of fame louisville coach rick pitino
9:41 pm
was fingered by the fbi for being involved in a 100,000 dollar payment to the family of a star recruit. pitino was already on probation as his universities were found to have provided strippers and escorts for visiting high school recruits. school protocol can not officially fire pitino for 10 days this cheating has been going on for half a century...i love telling my tale...that a las vegas booster "bill wildcat" morris would slip me 4 crisp 100 dollar bills per month and while i had the complextion to make the connection... i wasn't going to produce enoiugh to win any national titles or bring millions into a school's coffers... imagine what pat ewing....magic johnson...larry bird..kevin durant financially bnrought into their universitiesd. the fbi yestertday announced after a 3 year probe 4 college asssitant coasches were found
9:42 pm
to be heavily involved in illegal activities. the legendary pitino of course the big fish...and you haver to wonder who's next and how many....for years their has many....for years their has been the battle cry of clean up college sports....and for years all it was..was talk....but in this social media got you is going to be tough for these coaches repraedtly cheat and live to make another fewv million..i can't say it enough..when the old coach is a millionaire and his pupils only get room and board its a wack the glory and hype of ncaa basketball...may very well have come to an end.....please no more "these coaches just want to help kids" the majority of them want to help themselves...
9:43 pm themselves... coming upyou cannot beat the arms, when the lights are flashing you have to stay at that limit line when the arms are coming down you cannot say let me rush through there was a crackdown at one of the most dangerous rail crossings in the bay area i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly (vicki) september is rail safety
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9:45 pm
month... it was kicked off by a nationwide crackdown around rail crossings...(grant) if there's a nationwide crack-down...chances are there's a local push...and chances are stanley roberts is
9:46 pm
smack dab in the middle of it. the reason why im stopping you is because when you stopped at the red light back there you stopped with your truck on the railroad tracks the was an all too common conversion with drivers in the city of richmond at one of the most dangerous rail crossing in the san francisco bay area so you understand the reason for the stop right you cannot beat the arms, when the lights are flashing you have to stay at that limit line when the arms are coming down you cannot say let me rush throughwe actually had 5 months ago a truck just like your's chopped in half by a train in that very intersection (please sir don't give me a ticket)big rigs are not permitted on cutting blvd but that doesn't stop them
9:47 pm
from driving through the area and it also doesn't stop richmond police from stopping them many drivers simply did the unthinkable by stopping on the tracks, there where freight trains and amtrack rolling through at speeds close to 80 miles per hour but its not always drivers behaving badly around rail crossings this very long train has to pass apparently, when it made a brief stop something happened that i completely missed but let's take a break from all this ticket writing and have a little moment of levity stanley roberts why you out here behaving badly, we ran a red light everything just to get you behaving badly stanley we love you can we get your autograph oh, where were we? on the other side of the train a pedestrian is getting a ticket let's find out why i was trying to get to work bruh, i was trying not to be late so (tell me how you did it because i never done that before) so when the train stops like it just did you know you find in between the tracks where the little ladder
9:48 pm
is you can jump over it if you know how to jump fences and i did it like that so basically he crossed between the stopped train and received a ticket for that i'll be waiting for something in the mail this crackdown was part of the u.s. rail safety week put ojn by amtrack, union pacific and operation lifesaver.oh, and by the way, his rush to catch a bus was in vein. last time i checked he was still waiting for that bus that must be one great jobnats: ambiance the funny part of the whole crackdown was what this lady was doing while waiting for the train to pass, she was trying to read her phone and watch for the cops at the same time you still have you foor on the brake right (yes) is the engine on? so you're still in control of the vehicle right now (yes) are you on your cell phone you can't even use light in richmond stanley roberts kron 4 news (grant) a passenger on a southwest flight set to leave from baltimore last night -- wasdragged off the flight... the plane was headed for los angeles. the woman dragged off by police had complained that she had life-threatening allergies to dogs...and there were two of them nearby. one was a passenger's support dog. when she was told the dogs wouldn't be removed -- she reportedly asked for an injection for her symptoms. but she was told no again. southwest says she didn't have the required medical certificate. police then moved in - and of course, other passengers started recording
9:49 pm
(grant) you can hear passengers begin to turn on the officers... tonight southwest airlines has apologized - well sort of... saying they're "disheartened" by how this played out - but still insisting the woman needed a medical certificate. continued warm to hot across the region again this afternoon. minor cooling trend starts thursday, mainly near the coast with further cooling all areas friday into saturday as the ridge weakens and onshore flow increases. breezy coast and cooler later sunday into early next week.
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(vicki) new at 9. authorties in stanislaus county say a dog... is linked to an armed robbery that happened in modesto.(grant) that pup is getting a second chance...and is up for adoption. reporter ken mashinchi has more. pkgitús rare you find a criminal in an animal shelter cg: annette patton,you are good, youúre so sweetthis queensland heeler cattle dog came to the animal services shelter with a troubled past pattonthe police department brought him in because he was out there doing things he
9:52 pm
shouldnút have been doing.last week, surveillance video caught a man, 27 year old christopher coello, entering the quikstop on lakewood avenue and after grabbing a soda, he pointed a gun at the clerk and demanded money. coello, who was arrested saturday and charged with armed robbery, had been outside the store with this dog before the robbery. nats now, the shelter has jokingly named the dog "partner", for being a partner in crime, and are making him available for adoption next wednesday. the fee for adoption is $90, and all pre-adoption work, like micropchipping and vaccinations, is being done this week...the center operates on a first come, first serve basispattonkeep your heart full and know that heús been involved as a partner in crime so he may need some looking after when heús at home, but heús a very good dog. (vicki) that was ken mashinchi reporting. and despite the trouble past of partner, the animal services center is expecting a long
9:53 pm
line next wednesday adopt him...again it is a first come first serve basis. (vicki) coming up next....halloween is just around the corner and people are already selling pumpkins... but the money for these gourds will be used for a good cause we'll explain...
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't
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hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. (vicki) inmates.. and pumpkins.... it may not seem
9:56 pm
like a normal pairing...(grant) but in one arkansas county.. inmates grow pumpkins.. they're then sold for a very good cause. all the money from these pumpkin sales will be donated to the county's 'shop with a cop' event... that's where deputies take kids in need in the county and give them a chance to buy items off their christmas list.. (grant) that wraps up kron 4 news at 9.(vicki) but kron4 news in prime time continues.pam moore and steve aveson are here with a look at what we're working on for kron 4 news at 10. ((pam))thank you grant and vicki...breaking news..the entertainment mourning the loss of an icon. hugh hefner...founder of playboy magazine died tonight
9:57 pm
of natural causes at the age of 91.the magazine tycoon is known for challenging the nation's views on sexuality. tonight...we look back at his video of a bay area girl...attacked in class while onlookers laugh at her.tonight we hear from the girl's mother who says the school knows about this video...but isn't doing anything about it.a live report...straight ahead.((pam)) plus..cooling centers activated once again in san francisco where temperatures could reach the 80's once again.meteorologist brittney shipp has your four zone forecast.((steve))keep it right here...hour three of kron 4's primetime news continues after the break.
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
< i have celebrated the romantic connection between the sexes, that's part of what playboy is all about.>(pam) playboy founder and sexual revolution symbol -- hugh hefner --- has died at the age of 91. playboy magazine says, he passed away at his home of natural causes - surrounded by family. good
10:00 pm
evening i'm pam moore.(steve) and i'm steve aveson. he built a brand that defined the sexual culture of the second half of the 20th century. new at ten: reporter stephanie elam has a look back at the life and legacy of hugh hefner.


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