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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  October 3, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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i'm vicki liviakis... we're learning that the shooter had cameras set up inside his hotel room...and on a food cart in the hallway.... but at this time, police still do ánot have a motive in the shooting. we know the gunman - stephen paddock - was shooting at 22-thousand people...for nine to eleven minutes... 59 people were killed.. including one that just died tonight... 527 others were injured...(grant) tonight, we bring you team coverage. kron four's jr stone is live in the north bay where there was vigil for a local victim... stacee etcheber...the wife of a local police officer. and our spencer blake is live in las vegas....with heartbreaking details on etcheber's family's search to find her... but our coverage starts with omar jimenez, who's standing by live now from las vegas... with what we are learning... about stephen paddock - the man behind the massacre. omar? the man behind the massacre in las vegas accumulated weapons for more than 20 years.that's
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according to law enforcement officials.inside his hotel room -- investigators found 23 weapons.police also say the gunman set up cameras inside and outside the vegas suite. sheriff joe lombardo/clark county: "the fact that he had the type of weaponry and the amount of weaponry in that room it was (grant) as we learn more about people who lost their lives and those struggling to recover... details about the details recover... struggling to and those lost their lives people who more about as we learn (grant) omar?massacre. man behind the paddock - the about stephen learning... what we are vegas... with from las by live now from las vegas... with learning... about stephen paddock - the massacre. omar?
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(grant) as we learn more about people who lost their lives and those struggling to recover... details about the shooter are still limited. (vicki) but there are some new scraps of evidence today... steve aveson joins us know to share the latest. (( áá steve áá )) today we learned a little bit more about the actions oflas vegas shooter stephen paddock. a substantial amount ofmoney was wired in advance of his shooting to someone in the philippines. who and why is
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uncertain at this time. we also know that police have tracked down 47 weaponsfrom three different locations that paddock had accumulatedover as many as 20 years. and that 12 of those semi-automaticweapons had been converted to make them fire more rapidly, something perfectly legal in nevada, and now we have new video of what that resulted in.((cont v.o. )) here is a series of videos that capture the grisly momentsafter the initial gunfire. it's taken from several differentvantage points taking advantage of police body advantage of taking advantage of police body cam technology. this video, up close and stark, shows just how confusing, and then terrifying the assault from above must have been for the22,000 country music lovers who had gathered to enjoy the
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sounds of jason aldean in the open air. when police quickly realize that an assault was taking placethey take action to try and protect everyone they encounter struggling to get people out of harms way, a difficult prospectsince it was confusing at first exactly where those shots werecoming from. again the new age of police body cameras helping to tell thishorrific story tonight. ...... (vicki) we are taking a closer look at some of the 59 victims killed in the las vegas shooting who have beenn positively identified tonight we start with...denise cohen. denise went to cal high school in san ramon. kron-4's justine waldman spoke with friends of denise---who only wanted to share their story with kron4 tonight... pkg
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boyfriend, writing what a great time they were having together.even posting she was at the jason aldean concert. sot to find out denise had been shot there was really traumatic for all of usdear friend tina man-ce-bo mancebo graduated from california high school in san ramon with denise in 1977. and brought her year book to show kron 4 news the girl she remembers growing up with.sot she was really popular in high school and she was well liked and she was a positive vibrant person fighting tears, tina added denise's picture to the memorial at the school.etched in stone are the name of other alumni who have passed away. denise's name will be added soon.for now, there are balloons and flowers from her fellow grizzlessot i hope that whatever happened she wasn't suffering that it happened quicklythe mother of two moved away from the bay area.. and lived near san luis opibo.but was supposed coming back home for her 40th high school reunion next week. denise's love for live will be greatly missed.sot what happened with denise is so surreal and senseless we are all shocked this community is really shocked>
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(grant) in the south bay... friends and family are mourning the loss shooting victim michelle vo. after graduating from independence high school in san jose... michelle studied at the u-c davis. she worked at synopsis in mountain view for
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four years. michelle was currently employed by new york life in southern california. one of her former colleagues says... she was going places. (rich goldman/friend & colleague): "she was an american success story. the family came from vietnam without much going for them and michelle working hard and doing all the right things to move herself forward in life...." goldman says michelle vo will be remembered for bringing joy to everyone around her. social media posts describe her as a "sweet soul." one post saying..."her personality and smile lit up the room." (vicki) a family in novato is mourning the loss of a wife, a mother, a daughter and a friend.(grant) those who are closest to stacee etcheber...are still trying to make sense of what happened. kron4's j-r stone is live in the north bay tonight where a vigil was held tonight to remember her...j-r
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(grant) and there's another vigil and there's another vigil growing tonight - this one on the las vegas strip near mandalay bay. that's where we find kron
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four's spencer blake. spencer, tell us more about what you see out there. the strip is back open to traffic tonight, giving vegas back a little bit of that glitz you're used to seeing. but even if sin city ever gets back to normal, it's possible victims' families never will. the flowers, balloons, and cowboy boots placed about a block away from the spot where dozens died are piling up on the strip.for most of the day tuesday, you could still see las vegas metropolitan police along the outskirts of the mandalay bay crime scene."as you can imagine with 59 people killed and over five hundred 17
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injured, that there is probably a lot of evidence in that field."as officers gathered evidence, vinnie etcheber and his brother alhad been looking for vinnie's wife staceewhom they found out tuesday morning, did not survive the massacre."we stayed truly optimistic in driving down there and knowing we were going to bring her back. but unfortunately she had passed away."tuesday al explained how the couple got split up at the now infamous jason aldean concert.vinnie told his wife to run to safety, while he helped others. "he had transported people to the hospital, through a truck, car. there was two victims with pretty bad gunshot wounds. and he took them to the hospital and then came back."but the one person he wanted to save the mostwasn't thinks stacee probably tried to come back, not wanting to leave her husband's side.both men drove around vegas all day monday, hoping she was still alive somewhere."and unfortunately with all the chaos that was
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occurring down there with the hospitals and triage, it was almost impossible to find a good, solid list of what we'd call jane does because she didn't have her id with her." retired l-v-m-p-d assistant sheriff greg mccurdy praised las vegas officers who were on scene the night of the shooting."that's what they do this for; they don't do it for the money. they don't do it for pats on the back. they do it because they care about people."a bill that both vinnie and stacee fit, too. there is still a family reunification center set up at the convention center.that's where police want people to go if they're still looking for missing loved ones, rather than going to hospitals and placing an undue burden on in las vegas, spencer blake, kron four news. (vicki) the identities of victims of the deadliest mass shooting in recent american history continue to emerge. (grant here are some of the other victims... (grant) jenny parks, a kindergarten teacher for the lancaster school district in california (grant) bill wolfe jr was
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a youth wrestling and baseball coach from shippensburg, pennsylvania. (grant) denise burd- itus... she was a mother and wife from west virginia. she died in her husband's arms. (vicki) susan smith... a 53-year-old mother who worked as an office manager for vista elementary school in simi valley, california. (vicki) christopher roybal... a 28-year-old general manager at a crunch gym in colorado. he was known for his "big teddy bear smile and infectious laughter." (vicki) hannah ahlers.. 34- years-old was a stay-at-home mom of three who had lived in beaumont, california. (vicki) jordan mcildoon was a 25-year-old from maple ridge, british columbia. he died holding the hand of a stranger at the concert. we'll be right
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this is the new comfort food. grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. (vicki) the tragic images
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from sunday's shooting at a concert in las vegas is still
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fresh in everyone's minds and here the bay area is set to host several large events this a concert at shoreline amphitheatere in mountain view. that's where we find kron 4's charles clifford live for us this evening. he has details on what security precautions are being taken and he also talked with concert goers about there concerns. charles. . . well, the events in las vegas were terrifying and certainly there is a strong police and security presense here tonight, but that doesn't seem to be stopping anyone from coming. natstuesday evening, thousands of concert goers poured into shoreline amphitheater for a show headlined by the band imagine dragons. a large contingent of mountain view police officers and private security guards were also here keeping an eye out for any problems.sotit was really tough to watch.while everyone we spoke to was horrified by the this week's tragic events at a concert in las vegas, few had any second thoughts about coming out tonight. sotno. not
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to much.sotnot reallysotit definetly crossed our minds tonight in thinking about large shows. another show happening at levis stadium tomorrow night.sotthe mountain view police department told kron 4 that they would have teams inside and outside of the amphitheater during the concert but would not reveal how many officers would be on duty. concert goers here told us they hoped that there would be enough security to handle any problems.sotthe layers of security brought into an event like this is really helpful in reducing a sense of dredd.soti expect them to observe the situation of what's going on and if someone gets rowdy they will go up and tame them and keep it safe for everyone. in mountain view, charles clifford kron 4 news. (vicki) country singer jason aldean has canceled his three concerts scheduled for southern california this weekend. the news came in a statement on his website saying..." i feel like out of
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respect for the victims, their families and our fans, it is the right thing to do." aldean wants his fans to take the time to mourn the people lost in this horrible tragedy. the singer plans to continue his tour the following weekend. he says it will be difficult but will honor those lost by playing his songs. (grant) the other big national story tonight -- president trump visited hurricane-ravaged puerto rico to see the devastation first hand. today the death toll there more than doubled... from 16 to 34. the president's trip comes amid some criticism that the federal government isn't doing enough to help the citizens of the american territory. reporter natasha chen has the story from san juan. shortly after landing in san juan, puerto rico - president trump and the first lady met with people whose homes were ruined in the wrath of hurricane trump also met with first responders and local officials, thanking
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people like puerto rico's governor - who praised the federal response.pres. donald trump: "your governor has been - who i didnt know, i heard really good things about him - he is not even from my party and started at the beginning appreciating what we did."in the room - was the mayor of san juan - who initially criticized the administration for its rosy portrayal of relief efforts.that prompted president trump to tweet over the weekend about her poor leadership.still - mayor carmen yulin cruz - accepted the invitation to attend today - and shook the president's hand. mayor carmen yulin cruz, san juan, puerto rico: "i truly believe that they finally saw the connection or the disconnect between what they were hearing on the one hand and the reality of what is happening on the ground." ///reporter: do you believe that president trump will move forward in helping you with those? >>mayor carmen yulin cruz, san juan, puerto rico: "well, i sure hope so. but, you know, sometimes his foul communication gets in the way. local residents told us they hope the visit will bring attention to their great need for more aid - but some are doubtful.sonia cabanillas, old san juan, puerto rico: "what expectations do i have? not many. first, we're grateful. but we're as grateful as people from louisiana should be. we are as grateful as the people of houston should be. we are as grateful as the people of florida should be. we are american citizens" in san juan, i'm natasha chen.
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(vicki) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... joining us now is chief meteorologist brittney shipp... look for another round of cool overnight temperatures the next couple of nights along with sunny conditions during the day. a ridge of high pressure will build into our region leading to a warming trend toward the end of the week.
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breaking news a law enforcement a law enforcement official says the girlfriend of the las vegas shooter has arrived in the us and was met by federal agents at the airport.the official said marilou danley arrived at los angeles international airport tuesday night and was met by fbi agents.the official wasn't authorized to publicly discuss the matter and spoke to the associated press on condition of anonymity.the clark county sheriff has said danley is considered a "person of interest" after her boyfriend, stephen paddock, opened fire from his hotel room, killing 58 people at a musical performance.
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(grant) still ahead... a four-year-old boy in maryland completes his rigorous cancer treatment and gets three wishes granted... (vicki) and next...the heads of both equifax and wells fargo faced hearings on capitol hill today.... hear their apologies and outrage from the senators...
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tonight....capitol hill hosted two blistering hearings today. the former c-e-o of equifax is in the hot seat for a data breach that exposed personal information of more than 145-million people. (vicki) and wells fargo is trying to convince lawmakers the company is improving after a scandal involving millions of fake customer accounts. but as reporter stacey cohan tells us... some on the hill think new laws are needed to
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keep companies from playing fast and loose with your money and information. two hearings on capitol hill...two financial titans....two apologies....tim sloan, wells fargo ceo: "i am deeply sorry for letting down our customers and team members" richard smith, former equifax ceo: "i am truly deeply sorry for what happened"but sorry may not be enough... as the american public reels from equifax security breaches and financial shenanigans at wells fargo.wells fargo is in front of congress for a second time over the scandal involving millions of fake customer accounts.and in a rare bipartisan chorus, senators want to turn outrage into action.sen. john kennedy, (r) louisiana: "what in god's name were you thinking?"sen. elizabeth warren, (d) massachusetts: "the federal reserve should remove all the current board members who serve during the fake account scam."however -- c-e-o tim sloan says the bank's culture is improving.tim sloan, wells fargo ceo: wells fargo is a better bank today than it was a year agomeanwhile over in the house... members grilled former equifax c-e-o richard
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smith.a security breach at that company exposed the personal information of more than 145 million people. congressman joe barton suggests forcing companies to pay restitution to every person affected by a data breach.rep. joe barton, (r) texas: "we could have this hearing every year from now on if we don't do something to change the current system" equifax now offers a limited free credit lock product to customers... but members don't think that goes far enough. richard smith, former equifax ceo: "it will protect them going forward."rep. ben ray lujan, (d) new mexico: "will it make them whole? yes or no."richard smith, former equifax ceo: it is hard for me to tell if someone's been harmed, so i can't answer the question.i'm stacey cohan reporting. (vicki still ahead... we are hearing more stories of survival... coming out of las vegas. hear from three brave east bay men.. who sprang into action - once they heard gunshots...(grant) details tonight about gunman in the massacre... stephen paddock.. employees at the starbucks in his mesquite nevada neighborhood shed more light on the kind of person he is....
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why they claim she was the victim of abuse...(vicki) and next... with the latest tragedy in las vegas... there's a new push for stricter gun laws. details from capitol hill... food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. (vicki) now at 9:30... gun laws are once again the center of attention in washington... following the deadliest shooting in modern american
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history. (grant) democratic lawmakers say we have the power to stop these types of shootings - but point to the powerful and wealthy n- r-a as the reason why we haven't. reporter alexandra limon has details on the push to strengthen gun laws. democrats say now is the time to talk about america's gun laws.sen. chris murphywhat is unacceptable is for this utter silence, this unintentional complicity from congress to democrats pushing for laws they say would help put an end to mass shootings. senotor chris murphy wants a universal back ground checks incuding for private sales and gunshows as investigators look into whether stephen paddock had a fully automatic weapon - or one that was modified to function as one .. democrats say no one should
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have access to guns that can fire fire between 400 and 800 rounds a minute.sen. richard blumenthalthe reason we don't have gun safety measures today is because of the nrademocrats -say they're providing a menu of changes in gun laws in hopes republicans might work with them.alexandra limon / @alexlimonnewswhile it will likely be difficult for democrats to pass stricter gun measures the tragedy in las vegas is drawing attention to republican proposals that would loosen some gun a bill that would allow conceal carry permit holders to take their guns across state lines and another that makes it easier to get gun silencers paul ryan / house speakerthat bill's not scheduled now, i don't know when its' going to be scheduled.republicans have said little about whether new gun laws are neededpresident trumpwe'll be talking about gun laws as time goes by. democrats feel public sentiment will lead to change. sen. amy klobuchar90% of the public wants to see a stronger background check. so then you say why doesn't 90% of congress?in washington alexandra limon. (vicki) as we learn more about the gunman and the investigation... his neighbors are speaking out. stephen paddock lived here in mesquite, nevada with his girlfriend. the home is in a retirement community... near
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the border with arizona. mesquite is about 80 miles northwest of las vegas. neighbors describe him as quiet and a bit of a recluse. they're trying to make sense of what happened and how he managed to build up the arsenal he had right under their noses - without anyone noticing.
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routinely verball belittle his girlfriend. they say he'd say things like: "i'm paying for your drink, just like i'm paying for you." they say paddock always ordered a venti mocha cappuccino. and despite chastising his grilfriend in public...starbucks employees say they were floored when they learned the man they served so many times... was such a ruthless killer. (grant) three men from walnut creek are being credited with saving the lives of a number of people running from gunfire sunday. one of them says...after helping their female friends get to safety... he and his buddies tried to stay calm under the pressure of helping others get out of harms way. (grant) here's a photo of three
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people who david and his friends helped during the shooting. one of them sent him an e-mail thanking the men for saving their lives (vicki) an east bay woman is also back home from tonight from the country music festival, and is counting her blessings... of how grateful she is to to have made it out alive. she sat down with kron four's terisa estacio today to talk about what she saw and how she is doing after such a tragedy... pkgstephanie booker shared this with me as we met to talk about the concert sunday her legs are bruised with cuts she got injured after running under the bleachers next to the stage after the gunfire stated to rain down. 12:18 stephanie. i was running through the bleachers, i was pushed over, yeah i am bruised, but that is the least of my worries, nothing compares to anyone else. so grateful that's all that came out of this the livermore
9:36 pm
native and now las vegas resdient stephanie booker also showed me this video it was taking by a friend she was with under the bleachers. at one point, they saw a woman's body right in front of them. 1:25 stephanie. drop right in front of us, she had a limp body.stephanie says while under the bleachers she called her parents thinking this might be the last time she would talk to them. :43. i thought i was going to die. i called them and others, they told me to be calm. stephanie says she and her friends were under the bleachers for about 20 minutes then made a run for it they wandered onto the strip, and that's when complete strangers lent a hand. 1:16. there were some people in apartments, and the let us in, i am thankful for all that. (estacio - back on camera) i also talked with stephanie about the shooter and how she is processing all that happened to her more on her story coming up on kron four news at 6.
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(grant) another remarkable story tonight from a survivor of the mass shooting. this i-phone belonged to a woman at the concert and it might have very well saved her life. a taxi driver says he drove her from the scene and her phone was shattered by a bullet during the attack.... luckily, she was not hurt just startled. (vicki)vigils..happening tonight across the nation for the victims of this tragedy. (grant here are more of the victims...who lost their lives in the las vegas shooting. ((vicki/fsc))rachel parker was a 33-year-old records technician for the police department in manhattan beach. ((vicki/fsc))angie gomez was a was a "fun-loving, sweet young lady with a great sense of humor" who graduated from riverside polytechnic high
9:38 pm
school in california in 2015. ((grant/fsc))sandra casey was a special education teacher at manhattan beach middle school. ((grant/fsc))neysa tonks was a las vegas resident and mother of three sons. ((grant/fsc))bailey schweitzer was a 20-year-old who was a cheerleader and played volleyball at her high school in bakersfield. ((jennifer/fsc))jennifer irvine was a san diego-based attorney who practiced criminal and family law and owned her own boutique firm. ((grant/fsc))rhonda larocque was from tewksbury, massachusetts. "a truly great mother, daughter, wife, aunt, sister, worker, and a good, kindhearted friend." ((vicki/fsc))adrian murfitt was a commercial fisherman from alaska. ((vicki/fsc))lisa romero was a secretary in western new mexico. ((vicki/fsc))carrie barnette was a disney employee for 10 years "and was beloved by her friends and colleagues." (vicki)charleston hartfield was a las vegas police officer, an accomplished nevada army national guard
9:39 pm
sergeant first class, and a youth football coach.we'll be right back
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the yankees beat minnsota tonight 8-4 to advance to the divisioanl series against cleveland. aaron judge homered in the victory. just last year at this time the giants won the wild cards game..advancing to play the eventual world champion chicago cubs....but this season the team lost 98 games and to many fans world titles in 2010...12 and 14have become faded team honcho brian sabean addressed what went wrong "we had a last place season. that can happen in sports. just like you have a lost year in life. but we're not last place people, and
9:42 pm
we're not a last place organization." sabean gets it...he knows how a great number of the fan base feel.....on our morning show we field at least 100e-mails, text and tweets per day ands we rememebred vividly all the love bochy and his team recceived but the last title was 2014.....and particularly last season particularly was 2014.....and particularly last season the majority of the correspondence turned many cases very ugly. as a 33 year veteran of nasty e-mails i can pretty much tell the difference between the isolated...poor and done guy on his coach taking out his frustrations on someone.................and the person who just has lost faith in his team and may be considering not renewing season tickets...not blowing 100 bucks on ball park 40 to park. those are the fans the giants are worried about...their 3 key
9:43 pm
rivals...dodgers, colorado and arizona all made the post season and while they were going through hard times....the golden state warriors were becoming the most exciting team in sports. yes the giants had a terrible season but it has always amused me how you can love a team for 10 years...and then turn oin them rather rapidly. they have been printing money at a..t..and t park since it opened in has become a destination point for locals and tourists alike....but those fans you counted least for now..are questioning the product. i tend to always bet on people that have done it before...those 3 world titles hold a lot of equity with me...we may be in the minority...the social media world is screaming for new players...some even a new manager...go out and spend more money on talent. those who can't do complain....hey that's part of being a fan. it will be interseted in hoiw the franchise responds face with alot of negativity for the
9:44 pm
first time in 17 years. at least tonight in 17 years. at least tonight i'm betting on the giants to come back strong................ ......baseballs newest hero aaron judge goes deep..playoff ball in one hour...... coming upsound of glass hitting the ground tourists from around the world are being hit with a terrible shock while visiting the bay area in my mind i'm a bit shocked because this is like a tourist place but the san francisco police department is fighting back in hopes ending the problem, i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly
9:45 pm
woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away) (vicki) san francisco has
9:46 pm
the highest increase in auto break-ins... in the nation...
9:47 pm
and the thieves are targeting tourists...(grant) it's an epidemic...there's glass on sidewalks all over the city. but, s-f-p-d... and the nation park service says, they are trying. try not to leave anything visible in your cars, we actually already had one breakin earlier today but what you shouldn't do is actually profile where you are putting your property san francisco police and united states park rangers are trying to educate tourist and locals over near ocean beach in san francisco nats: oh we'll try to get some of this glass out of the frame here this mini van was the latest target of auto burglers in the city, they are targeting cars driven by tourist and it's easy to identify the tourst because of the rentals bar codes these victims were visiting from norway and this was their last day in the city the vandals smashed out both windows and quickly grabbed what ever they could nats: ambiance one of the items was just a suitcase full of clothes and they other was an ipad ironically they did not take the gps which was mounted in the window one park ranger took a report while the other tried to clean out the van to make the van drivable againit's sad look at them cute kids i mean hopefully nothing to valuable got so stolen people are cowards that's how they make a living so now the san francisco police are doing three things to hopefully stop of at least slow down the amout of thefts
9:48 pm
from auto one is handing out informational flyers take a look at these (perfect) warning you guys about breakins we get a lot of them every day and the other is posting large flyers on light poles, wth a photo of a car windows being shattered in hopes of catching peoples attention.this man and child are also visitiing from norway, but this wasn't their frist time here i use to live here like 20 years ago, i brought my family back i'm quite shocked that it is like this . so the tourst and now being advised to take their luggage when they leave and i did say three things the san francisco police are putting more officers on foot and bikes to try to deter the break-insnatural sound in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news (grant) tonight we are learning new details about playboy new details are learning tonight we (grant) kron 4 news stanley roberts in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news
9:49 pm
(grant) tonight we are learning new details about playboy icon hugh hefner. (vicki) according to his death certificate...he suffered from a recent bout of e-coli and a severe blood infection. the 91-year-old died last week at his home, the playboy mansion, in beverly hills, california. the death certificate also says he passed away after going into cardiac arrest and suffering respiratory failure. he was known as a media icon who founded playboy magazine in 19-53. his widow, crystal hefner, said hefner was laid to rest over the weekend at the westwood village memorial park cemetery next to marilyn monroe, the first playboy cover model. look for another round of cool overnight temperatures the next couple of nights along with sunny conditions during the day. a ridge of high pressure will build into our region leading to a warming trend toward the end of the week.
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(vicki) it has been a long road for the wind family... driving for hours... day after day... to a cancer treatment center in baltimore. (grant) the four-year-old patient has finally finished his treatment. reporter megan pringle explains how the little guy had his three wishes granted after finishing the radiation. there is a place where wishes do come true, and it's in baltimore. it's for children who have gone through a tough time.the facility has a unique approach to cancer treatment, and when a child is done they celebrate in a memorable way. new west baltimore facility uses protons to treat cancerit was a big day for 4-year-old teddy wind. he even wore a suit for the occasion."he has been so charming and won the hearts of everyone in this
9:52 pm
facility," mother regina wind said.the facility wind is talking about is the maryland proton treatment center."we been coming here for about six weeks, every day," wind said. the family of seven lives in virginia, but they travel to baltimore for radiation therapy to treat teddy's brain tumor."we wake up at 4:30. we do our meds. we get in the car and we drive here. he gets sedated, gets radiated. he wakes up and eats mac and cheese," wind ended tuesday. teddy has completed his treatment, and that means the tradition ringing of the bell. it was the moment everyone wanted to see, from the staff to the patients."my son can't reach it because he's in a wheelchair, and so an older patient extended the rope just for teddy," wind wasn't just the relationships that made this ideal place for teddy. it was also the type of treatment it provides. the machines have increased precision and target the tumor, sparing healthy brain tissue.before the family left, there was one final tradition: the magic castle. "at the beginning of treatment we say give us three wishes. three wishes you would like. at the end of treatment, when they've done such a good job of showing up every day, and holding still, or doing all the things they need to do, one of those wishes is going to be granted," family nurse practitioner katarina steacy said.teddy got all three wishes."he wished for a kindle, curious george pajamas and mac n cheese," wind said. his family got one, too. "miracle after miracle, he is where he is today," wind said.
9:53 pm
they are going home. (grant) (grant) that was megan pringle reporting.(vicki) coming up after the break... how a policeman in maine... saved a skunk from a sticky situation... ... (vicki)
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9:55 pm
at stanford health care, we can now use a blood sample to detect lung cancer. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for asthma.
9:56 pm
and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients with a small pacemaker for the brain, imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis, even migraines. if we can use patients' genes to predict heart disease in their families, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you. a furry critter in maine got himself into a sticky situation. a police officer discovered the skunk with its head stuck in a mcdonald's mcflurry cup. the brave officer risked getting sprayed to help the little guy out. once freed, the skunk appeared ready to spray ... but then reconsidered and scampered off. video of the good deed went viral immediately, racking up thousands of views. as for the officer, he made a smelly new friend. (grant) that wraps up kron 4 news at 9.(vicki) but kron4 news in prime time continues.steve aveson and
9:57 pm
catherine heenan are here with a look at what we're working on for kron 4 news at 10. ((steve))that's right grant and vicki...breaking news on the las vegas shooting investigation.marilou danley, the girlfriend of the shooter...steven paddock just arrived in the united states. she was greeted by federal they try to piece together why paddock opened fire on thousands during sunday's details..coming president trump prepares to head to las vegas to meet victims and first responders of this tragedy.a live report from the vegas just minutes.((catherine)) also - fleet week kicks into high gear as the blue angels get ready for their big weekend show.meteorologist brittney shipp has your four zone forecast.((steve))keep it here...hour three of kron 4's primetime news continues right after the break.
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gunshots coming from that way> (steve) tonight at ten:
10:00 pm
las vegas police have released new officer body camera video -- showing the dramatic moments officers rushed in to a barrage of bullets rained down on a country music concert. also: new pictures from inside the killer's 32nd floor hotel suite at the mandalay bay. that's where he fired hundreds of shots into a crowd below... before taking his own life. just minutes ago -- we leanred the shooter's girlfriend has just arrived back into the u-s... and was met by federal agents. hello - i'm steve aveson. (catherine) and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. all this as president trump says he president gunshots in the night sky.this is what the deadliest shooting in


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