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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 7, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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the tens of thousands of people that have made their way to san francisco for fleet week. good evening... i'm j-r stone.( justine ) and i'm justine waldman. another amazing fleet week airshow is in the books! kron four aired the blue angels live this afternoon, as about one million people came to the city to see some of the best, most precise piloting in the world. kron four's spencer blake is live in san francisco, where people gathered this afternoon for the show.spencer how was it out there? amazing. i only wish i could have looked at the sky more than i did.i was talking to people about what they thought.and they had a hard time pulling their eyes away from the sky, too. (nats: planes roaring)the roar of planes. the trails of smoke.and the
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oohs and ahhs fro mthe crowd. the fleet week air show wowed thousands gathered at the marina green."i love the air show. i've been watching it ever since i was like six years old and i just love it. i love the people, i love the atmosphere and everything around it."this family comes to fleet week every year. before the blue angels came out, the famous shawn tucker filled the air with his corkscrew paths and his seemingly gravity-defying stunts.hannah was a first-timer at the air show. "i'm actually pretty impressed. this is much different than i was expecting, and this is quite the elite crowd."then, the group everyone had been waiting for - the u-s navy's blue angels - flew in in
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diamond formation, with their wingtips just 18 inches from each other!"it's just amazing - the stunts they perform, the coordination and the sound. i love it all.""i love how they go upside down, and once they're really high in the air they drop down."phone videos don't do the blue angels justice, but people everywhere had the instinct to record what they could."i think the corkscrew definitely takes my breath away, and i actually get a little bit fearful. when they're move, that's probably my most favorite move i've seen."with saturday's show in the still have one more chance to catch the jaw-dropping showbefore the blue angels zip out of town. (spencer)tomorrow's air show is at the same time and place - noon to four with most people watching from the marina in san francisco, spencer blake, kron four news. ( jr stone ) if you could not watch the show in person... there was the kron special show this afternoon. on tv and online. we were streaming the blue angels as they took to the air at 3 p-m. the mobile app is free to download for apple and android devices... just be sure to enable the push alert feature. (justine) fleet week also gives people the opportunity to meet the men and women who are serving our country.(jr stone) many of them were at marina green today
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meeting people and participating in first responder exercises. kron 4's camila bernal spoke to people there who say this gave them an opportunity to say thank you to those who serve. for many, serving our country is a calling 38:37 what many people in the public don't know is the military comes in a whole week in advance of this they prepare for all kinds of scenarios, in the air, on the water and on the ground 28:41:27 what we do is we exercise with first responders throughout san francisco in preparation for someday when the earthquake hits here how are we going to respond togetherand it's that response and willingness that bay area residents want to acknowledge 43:35:02 besides fighting wars for us they protect us they do a bunch of community service they go out and help the public and this is just a way of giving back and showing that we appreciate them and showing that their hard work is appreciatedthe golden gate young marines were part of fleet week but they too, got to thank members of the military39:26:01 to me it's just an awesome experience for the public to come out and experience a side of the military that a lot of people don't get to see all the time
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the military men and women that came to the bay area were working, but they also got a chance to interact with the public 38:57:02 the whole fleet week i like it because you see so many different people from so many different culturesdifferences that will unite in case of an emergency 28:56:08 these are the very sailors and marines who would come to sf to help us that day when we have a very very bad daycamila bernal kron 4 news. ( justine ) we have a lot of video from fleet week on the kron four website... you can view the blue angels along with the other performers. you will find the links right on the front page. just go to kron four dot com. plus watch me fly with team oracle the stunt plane... coming up at 830. ( jr stone )in the north bay..
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police are looking for a suspect that stole hundreds of dollars worth of goods from a costco.( justine )it's the same store location where suspects stole jewelry in a smash and grab robbery. kron 4's hermela aregawi spoke to police about the incidents. she joins us live in novato with details.. hermela.. what do we know? (hermela)we know this happened on monday..but store officials didn't find out about it until yesterday. that's when loss prevention came across video.. that included this man.they saw him walking out of the store with a lorex brand camera system that he didn't purchase.they also found an empty box of the items he appeared to at that point, they contacted july.. three men entered this location, smashed jewelry cases and ran off with about 50-thousand dollars worth of jewelry.that incident came two months after a danville location which was also been struck twice by bold thieves.. and we've also seen thefts in costco locations in hayward as well.we spoke to
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costco customers here in novato.. they say they'd like to see more security measures put in place. (hermela)as far as the july smash and grab in the novato location.. police say that is still under investigation.if you recognize the suspect in the latest incident.. you're asked to call novato police. coming up at 10.. we'll hear from police about what makes this case unique.reporting live in novato, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news.
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(jr) four bicyclists were injured in a hit-and-run today. it happened just before noon near the intersection of point reyes-petaluma road and hicks valley road in novato. the bicyclists were riding in a charity event for marin county bicycle coalition. authorities say the four bicyclists were hit by a blue dodge ram truck... it immediately took off. c-h-p says one person was airlifted to the hospital in critical-condition. the other three were taken to the hospital with less severe injuries. (jim elias/executive director, marin county bicycle coalition): "this was meant to be a day of celebration on the bike. its the jensie gran fondo of marin. it is a benefit for the marin county bicycle coalition. if there's a single most important priority in our work it's safety." authorities say nearly 1,000 bicyclists ride in the jensie gran fondo of marin event each year. they are still looking for the driver of the pickup truck. (justine) a rohnert park
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man faces 25-years to life if convicted of just 1 of the 8 armed robberies he is accused of in marin and sonoma counties. police say 51- year-old william hodges admitted to the recent string of robberies that date back to august. he is accused of robbing a tanning salon in windsor. a bakery in cotati. a tanning salon in petaluma. a nail salon in rohnert park. and a beauty supply store in santa rosa. hodges was arrested monday. he is being held on 2- million dollars bail. his arraignment is on wednesday. in the south bay - a music teacher is in jail tonight accused of extorting sex from his student for years. kron 4's ella sogomonian is in san jose at dartmouth middle school where he was arrested. sot: ella sogomonian, san jose// "samuel kneipp was arrested here at dartmouth middle school on friday. but he was also an assistant music director at a high school one mile away where students i spoke with were disgusted by
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the allegations but not surprised." 34-year-old music teacher samuel kneipp is accused of forcing sex on a 13 year old student at darthmouth middle school.police believe he extorted the child for three years threatening to post nude photos.neipp was also the assistant band director at branham high where word of the arrest is traveling fast.sot: rachel ross, branham high sophomore // "i have friends who went to dartmouth and when this happened they came and told me they were disappointed but not surprised."a previous band student of his told me off camera kneipp seemed like a cool teacher and wouldn't have thought much of his close interaction with kids hanging out after class and connecting on social media apps like instagram.sot: lisa semisca, branham high parent// "he has no business interacting with students outside of school on social media it's just inappropriate."kneipp faces at least four felony charges related to sex acts with a minor, extortion and child pornography.sot: ella sogomonian, san jose// "the school district has not released a statement to kron 4 yet but a parent at the high school tells me band practice has been cancelled. in san jose ella sogomonian kron 4 news:" (justine) in the south bay
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a man hurt in a deadly double stabbing in san jose is now being treated as a murder suspect. 32-year-old luis eduardo jara-reyna...was booked on suspicion of murderand will be transferred to jailonce he is released from the hospital. police responded to a disturbance call yesterday morning at a home on story road. there officers found jara- reyna and the female victim with stab wounds. the woman...died at the scene. officers say the two had dated. (jr stone) and in the east bay two suspects are behind bars tonight in connection with the death of a womanwhose body was found in a rural area of contra costa county. deputies arrested 44-year-old ser estrada and 60- year-old rodolfo manalo on suspicion of murder. both suspects are being held on one million doillars bail. authorities say the pair killed 49-year-old aleli avilawhose body was found
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august 22nd on camino diablo in byron. tonight deputies are still trying to figure out the motive in the killing. (jr stone) the california public utilities commission is proposing a bill... in efforts to increase background checks among ride-share drivers. the new proposal would push the requirements to six guidelines. background check companies that ride-sharing companies use... need to provide driver's backgrounds checks to the background screening credentialing council uber... lyft... and other companies must have accredited proof of their background screeing company... and provide it to c-p-u-c. finally, the ride-sharing company is responsible for all their drivers having a background screening every year. c-p-u-c officials will put it to a vote on november ninth. coming up at eight. a huge crowd fills golden gate park for the hardly strictly bluegrass festival... the changes made to security in
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wake of the massacre in las vegas. and explosives were found inside the las vegas gunman's car. tonight we will explain what they are and additional ways they may have been used in the massacre.
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(justine) london police say a car crash that injured 11 people was a traffic accident, not a terror attack. a car hit people in a crowded tourist area by the natural history museum today.. one man was detained at the scene. he has not been charged. britian has been on a "severe" terrorist threat level and a massive police response followed the traffic incident. ( justine ) vice president mike pence is among those who came to remember the victims of the las vegas shooting today. pence and his wife visited a memorial of 58 crosses, one for each victim, located just behind the "welcome to fabulous las vegas" sign. ( jr stone ) one of the big questions tonight is what did the shooter stephen paddock plan to do with the 50 pounds of explosives in his car. tom foreman with our partners at
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c-n-n explains what "tannerite" is and what is natsot: "gonna fire in a few seconds..."what can fifty pounds of exploding target compound do? just watch. natsot: explosionthat's how much authorities say they found in the shooter's car. and youtube is filled with videos of people setting off other large amounts...natsot: explosionsexploding targets were developed so marksmen could see when they hit them at great distances. the chemicals to make them are sold by companies such tannerite, combined by the user in relatively small amounts, and set off by high-velocity bullets.natsot: exploding targetstannerite is often used as a generic term for exploding targets, so the company says it's not sure if the vegas shooter had actual tannerite products or some other brand. but a official says "the only proper use is as a shot indicator. it's not designed to destroy property." natsot: building blowing up
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still, the easy availability and potential for misuse triggered this bulletin four years ago: "the fbi has identified multiple incidents where criminals and extremists have explored the possibility of employing the binary explosive mixture obtained from exploding targets to commit criminal and terrorist acts." if the las vegas gunman had placed some of that material down at the street level and aimed at it with a scoped rifle.sam rabadi, former atf special agent in charge:"the binary explosives could have been detonated with rifle slugs from those rifles from the 32nd floor. one for the effect of creating chaos among the crowd, and secondly as a result of the explosion widespread shrapnel raining on the crowd." natsot: explosion tom foreman, cnn correspondent: "so how much destructive power was packed into the gunman's car? if he set off all fifty pounds of this stuff which police say they found, shrapnel could have easily traveled the length of a
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football field in all directions, pushing the number of dead and wounded much higher. ( justine ) investigators also found ammonium nitrate in paddock's car, in addition to tannerite. it is also used to make explosives. (jrstone) the police officer who was shot in the head in the las vegas massacre is back in calirfonia. michael gracia stepped out of a plane in southern california yesterday. he was at the route 91 concert with his fiance when a bullet struck him in the head. garcia was greeted by loved ones and fellow police officers at the airport. they say they are thrilled to see him again. gracia will now go to a rehabilitation center for additional medical treatment. his fiance sustained non- life threatening injuries in the shooting. ( justine ) security has ramped up at music festivals around the country because of
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what happened in las vegas. austin, texas is one of those places. the "austin city limits festival" started yesterday. and it draws about 400-thousand people over six days. organizers added officers and checkpoints that are more like going through security at an airport. they also have strict policy on the bags people can bring in to the festival. austin city limits features some major acts including jay-z, chance the rapper and the red hot chili peppers. ( justine ) in san francisco... hardly strictly bluegrass is in full swing at golden gate park. the three-day festival draws tens of thousands of people every year... and, day two was just as busy as the first. the security was extra tight after the deadly massacre in last vegas.( jr stone ) but as kron four's philippe djegal reports... people at the concert say they felt
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safe enough to head to the park. (philippe)nats- the tim o'brien band a fan favorite. music lovers couldn't contain themselves on the lawn at golden gate park... and, why should they... it's a free concert, and an event keith nevitt says he's been coming to every year for the past 17 years.keith nevitt/fan- "we call it the happiest day of the year out here."nats- during the course of the three-day event... organizers expect a half million people to attend.molly allen/fan- "everybody is really happy and very welcoming."haley berkoe/fan- "the weather is really nice today -- it's a beautiful day in san francisco and it's fleet week. so, its really good energy today." and, in light of what happened in las vegas... we asked visitors if they felt comfortable coming here to the festival... and, many said that the tragedy was certainly on their mind.keith nevitt/fan- "not hesitant, i mean, i think you gotta keep doing what you're doing. it's a great time. i think, you know, maybe you take a few extra thoughts and looks over there. but i think this shows how great people are and how great it could be to be together with others.
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(philippe) you feel safe? (keith) oh yeah."dennis juarez/organizer- "i feel 100- percent confident that people are safe."nats- in addition to private security guards posted near a half dozen stages... san francisco park rangers were keeping an eye on the crowds... so was the san francisco police department... with officers and heavily armed tactical teams walking the festival. committed to preventing anything like happened in vegas from taking place here.molly allen/fan- "it definitely crossed my mind at one point. but i think with ramping up security and you know, the fact that everyone here is pretty open hearted, i would hope that that wouldn't happen in san francisco, but you never know." still, the increased patrols didn't put a damper on the festival. and, there's still another day of dancing to go. in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. (justine) turning to weather now, meteorologist anny hong has our forecast.
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another hurricane is hitting the united states... and new orleans is in the path. we are tracking nate tonight... findout where the storm is headed. coming upit's oracle world and they gave uber and lyft there very own pick and drop off area (sounds of crickets) oh there were out there, just not where they were suppose to be, i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly
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my name is valerie decker and i'm a troubleman for pg&e. i am a first responder to emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california. ( jr stone ) uber and lyft
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cars can cause traffic tie ups when they stop to pick up or drop off a passenger..( justine ) now they're getting their own special drop off areas. but does that even work? every year oracle world set up shop at the mosconi convention center which brings large crowds. lots of traffic and of course lots of ubers and lyfts nats: ambiance when you have all the ride hails in one location there are bound to be some issue but to make it less painful oracle world created a pickup and drop off area for them but are they using it sounds of crickets i'll tell you what let's watch this flywheel cabbie drop off some passenger right on the corner while a huge bus tries to navigate the turn nats: ambianceoh look there's an uber oh wait it's not at the
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drop off area it's the next block over on minna let check back on the dedicated drop off area sounds of crickets oh look i found a limo driver parked in a no parking area let's go chat with him, shhhh, i think he's asleep i wonder if he's dreaming about trading places nats: ambiance i need to stay focused, im looking for uber and lyft . oh here's one again dropping off on minna . im confused they have their very on area but sounds of cricketsnow check this out on minna a police cruiser was parked and notice, no traffic however right after the cruiser leaves it's back to heavy traffic.and uber drop-offs nats: ambiance parking control officers tried there best to keep the traffic moving but every now and then a riad hail would get out of line and the pco would threaten them with a ticket nats ambiance but what really caught my attention was this nowhere on the app does it alert passengers that there is a dedicated loading and unloading area what we have here is failure to communicate in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news
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if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e-mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot-com ... or you can connect with us on facebook as well. still ahead. nate hits the gulf coast. the storm has millions hunkering down.. we're tracking the storm tonight on kron four. and california has declared itself a sanctuary state. a local city leader explains what it means for those worried they may be deported. this is the new comfort food.
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grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. ( justine ) for the third time in six weeks a hurricane has hit the u-s mainland. "nate" has made landfall tonight right near the mouth of the mississippi river and is blasting its way through the deep south. (justine) millions of americans along the gulf coast are on high alert as hurricane nate quickly blew a shore.
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(jrstone) reporter natasha chen is in mississipi where evacuations are in order for beachfront properties. nate is the third hurricane to hit the u-s mainland in just six weeks -- making landfall in louisiana near the mouth of the mississippi river as a category 1 stormhurricane watches and warnings continue to extend all the way from louisiana's coast line to florida's with a tropical storm watch issued for parts of georgia as well.nats: issued a mandatory evacuation for all low-lying areas evacuations and curfews have been issued for low-lying areas along the gulf coast and louisiana, mississippi, and alabama have all declared states of emergency ahead of the storm.lee smithson / mississippi emergency management agency executive director: we could see a storm surge of up to 10 feet, isolated tornadoes, inland flooding, and flooding of low- lying coastal areas. our plans are no good if the public does not heed the warnings that we're putting out.and people are taking these warnings seriously. janson graham / owner of ship & shore: we're doing
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everything we can to prepare and hopefully help the islanders with batteries, flashlights ice. we have a generator here so hopefully that will work. we'll probably be one of the only places open here the next several days. president trump tweeting out reassurances saturday that fema is prepared for hurricane nateand urging resident to listen to local biloxi, mississippi, i'm natasha chen. anny hong is tracking nate.... (anny hong): slightly cooler weather is forecast over the weekend, but temperatures will remain warmer than normal. dry offshore winds will increase on sunday and windy conditions are expected across the north and east bay, as well as locally elsewhere in the san francisco bay area, from
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sunday evening through midday monday. a gradual cooling trend is forecast from tuesday through friday of next week. ad lib details ad lib details
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ad lib details (justine) after months of demonstrations and political turmoil, governor jerry brown signed a bill to make the entire state of california a
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sanctuary city. an oakland city councilman understood the humanatarian spirit of the bill... but questioned how his already strained community could respond to an ever increasing influx of undocumented immigrants the legislation could attract.
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(justine) a new healthcare deal may be in the works after all... president trump is reaching out to democrats to try to revive the legislation. he tweeted "i called chuck schumer yesterday to see if democrats want to do a great healthcare bill." the tweet also said "obamacare is badly broken, big premiums. who knows?" a source familiar with the conversation says the phone call did happen on friday. two republican healthcare bills have collapsed in the senate since july. some g-o-p senators indicated they have no appetite to try again. trump showed that he is open to cutting deals with democrats, when he sided with them on short-term debt limit increase last month. the blue angels are soaring... this year's fleet week show has a distinct local flavor. we will introduce you to one of the pilots. and i got to go for a wild ride earlier this week.... and managed to survive. i'll take you along as team oracle
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this.
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internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. (justine) this year, three of the blue angels pilots are very familiar with bay area skies... as they grew up here. (jr stone) kron four's haaziq madyun introduces us to one of those pilots... the blue angels are back in the bay area and ready to take off for this weekend's 2017 fleet week airshowlt. damon kroes will be flying out on the right wing this weekend in the number 2 fighter jet. he says these f-18 hornets can
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really go:22-:30 of course this year's air acrobatics will include some of their traditional formations the blue angels are known for:53-:59 extra special about this year's blue angels show, three of the pilots are from right here in the bay area. lt. kroes happens to be one of them the other bay two bay area pilots are from danville and mt. view. it will be kind of a homecoming in the sky for those three navy airmen
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coming back here and flying, for all of us, like i said we were inspired by this exact show and knowing that this is still in place and will hopefully be for a long time...we take great pride in that">with the blue angels in oakland haaziq madyun kron4news (justine) turning to weather now, meteorologist lawrence karnow has our forecast. (anny hong): slightly cooler weather is forecast over the weekend, but temperatures will remain warmer than normal. dry offshore winds will increase on sunday and windy conditions are expected across the north and east bay, as well as locally elsewhere in the san francisco bay area, from sunday evening through midday
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monday. a gradual cooling trend is forecast from tuesday through friday of next week.
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guess who went up for the ride of a lifetime this week...justine waldman. watch her scream her way through what is being called a death-defying flight with team oracle. i survived.
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will the raiders though without their star quarterback? we will have a preview of tomorrow's game.
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ad lib details
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(justine) i went on a ride with team oracle. that is the little red plane you see... spinning and twisting and rolling around during the air show. and yes, i lived to tell how it went! pkgnat of screamingtruth be told, the flight was equal parts frightening and fun.i'm with team oracle pilot sean tucker.. aboard his extra 300 stunt plane.the 65-year old, flies like this 4 times a day. he's an award winning aerobatic pilot named a living legend of flight.sot the operative word is living i want to stay living so i am very serious about my workme too, hence the black parachute pack attached to my back.sot i don't have parachute training,
8:48 pm
that is not that funny, you are not going to need itsot we are going to fly this magic carpet. i'm in let's do it. alright!nats take offnats plane in the airup we go, from oakland, flying about 2-thousand feet above the east bay.past the bay bridge and the san francisco waterfront. enough of the beautiful views. sean wants to let his red plane rip.sot i am justine waldman and this is awesome!!! screamingwith the golden gate bridge behind us zooming at about 200 miles per hoursean lets me fly.sot that is a turn to the left. cool.then the stunts startnats wow!nats what are you doing you're crazy nats omg omg omgnats woaaaaaahhhhhh! nats you with me?we pull 4g's .. turning, looping and tumbling
8:49 pm
- dancing as sean calls it - until i call timeout. nats im alive im alivenats tummy had enough?nats yeah im goodnats bada bing bada boomwhile the only place sean wants to be is in the cockpit.i'm ready to get my feet back on the ground. sot i almost got sick, but i held it together. i am going to keep trying to holding it togetherwhat a stomach turning thrill.sot i just love sharing the magic of flying with the audiencethanks for sharing it with me. justine waldman kron 4 news
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nats are we upside down? screaming. that wasn't so bad was it? jr and justine talk about her flight...
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( justine ) you can checkout my flight along with all the other fleet week highlights right on our website... kron four dot com. we have posted several videos today's blue (j.r.) we start in southern california. usc taking on oregon state.beautiful day down in socal. the fans were out and ready to go. good times all around for those trojan fans. sam darnold got started early on. finds tyler vaughns in the end zone. 7 to nothing. next drive.
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darnold flips it to ronald jones. he breaks a tacklehe's in the end zone. usc looking good in this one. then darnold second quarter find diante burnett in the endzone. trojans laying it on thick. everyone getting involved too. backup quarterback matt fink getting involved in the fun. gonna hand off? i don't think so. there he goes. 51 yards.that's a touchdown. trojans win big here 38 to 10. (j.r.)two big football games tomorrow in the nfl. we start with the oakland raiders who take on the baltimore ravens at home this week.all eyes are on quarterback derek carr. initial reports were that he would be out 2 to 6 weeks after breaking a bone in his back but now there is talk that he could play tomorrow. he is questionable. ej manuel is the starter but reports out tonight that carr is lobbying to play. this raiders team is just 2 and 2 on the season and have been slow on their starts. they had no first downs in the first quarter against washington or denver.
8:53 pm
as for the san francisco 49ers. they are just trying to win a game. they are on the road tomorrow in indianapolis. taking on a colts team that has struggled. the 49ers defense has been pretty tough this year but their offense and quarterback brian hoyer have struggled. if they lose tomorrow the team would go to 0 and 5 on the season. the last time they did that was 2010 when mike singletary was coaching. colts running back and former 49ers running back frank gore needs just 4 yards to pass erik dickerson and move into 7th on the all time rushing list. and that we will be right back
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woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away) a miserable trip to mile
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high leaves the silver and black..with a 500 record and without its franchise quarterback. the details on derek carr's injury.... plus a look at the man now in charge of running the raiders offense. also, after two straight games on the road and consecutive losses, the team is back home..and trying to end their slump. we'll break down the baltimore ravens. and...the raiders help open cancer awareness month in the nfl. defensive back karl joseph tells us how the disease has impacted his life. and a season that started off with so much promise has taken a troubling turn. welcome to the sword and shield zone. i'm your host mark


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