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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 8, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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i'm justine waldman. and i'm jr stone this crime happened this morning just before 10. shutting down the station for hours... the attacker then disappeared into the nearby neighborhood. kron 4's ella sogomonian is live in lafayette where it all went down. (ella)police are no longer actively searching out here so they are relying on witnesses to look out for the suspect who took off after the violent attack. yet another attack at a bay area bart station.this time in the east bay in the low-crime city of lafayette. sot:nancy hobert, bart
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commuter// "two sheriffs cars were pulling in and an ambulance was right behind them. and i started in the station and people inside said don't go in they've closed the station."it was closed when at 9:45 sunday morning a man attacked three people with a knife. the first victim is a 20 year old man who suffered a cut on his head, a second 19 year old man was wounded on his hand and a third witnesses say left the scene so there is no description or knowledge of what happened to them. sot:maureen ruschke, bart commuter// "as a woman traveling alone to something it set me back. i am a little frightened. sad, really sad. so i don't know how i would have reacted in this situation."but bart reports there are gaps in the testimony from far they believe a fight broke out over property so they're looking into that by comparing surveillence video with witness statements.the suspect is described to be a white man with blond hair lafayette police say may be in his 20's but bart police say between his 30 and 40's.he was wearing a green jacket. (ella)a bart spokesperson says they plan to
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release an image of the suspect once they get it to help with the in lafayette ella sogomonian kron 4 news. an uber driver is caught in the crossfire of yet another highyway shooting.. this time on i-880 in oakland. the driver and two passengers were shot. kron 4's hermela aregawi is with us now with details... hermela, do we know the condtion of the victims. (hermela) tonight police are looking for suspects responsible for shooting three people overnight.sgt robert nacke/chp head spokesperson:around 4:15 this morning there were some party goers that summoned an uber they were travelingin that uber vehicle. it awa a toyota highlander, southbound on i880, right around 23rd avenue when the vehicle pulled alongside their uber vehicle
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and perceded to fire gunshots into the toyota highlanderone of the passengers took over the car and drove to the nearest hospital. sgt robert nacke/chp head spokesperson: the hospital they went to their protocol is to contact law enforcement anytime someone is injured with gun violence. chp says they have several leads and a couple of witnesses but are turning to the public for more information. sgt robert nacke/chp head spokesperson: obviously this is a concern and if you travel in uber or if you are in uber driver this is probably something that has your attention. obviously the chp is out there 24 hours a day patrolling our roads trying to keep them safe.we spoke withe people who say.. they still wouldn't feel safe driving strangers.. because of incidents like this one. melissa charrette/concerned driver:my concern being a mother is that if i went out and did that yes it's a good way to make money but now i have two babies to come home to and if i were to pick somebody up and they put me in that situation. i wouldn't be home with m babies (hermela
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aregawi)chp says this year alone.. there have been 43 highway shootings across the bay area.jr and justine back to you. (hermela)chp says this year alone.. there have been 43 highway shootings across the bay jr and justine (jr stone) in the south bay... police are looking for four suspects involved in an attack on a taxi driver and a possible kidnapping of a woman. the woman was picked up on great america parkway near tasman in santa clara just before two this morning. the cab driver then headed to diridon station in san jose... that is a transit hub not far from the downtown area. the station was closed... and that is when police say the trouble started. investigators say a lexus approached and the four people inside demanded the woman in the cab get out. the taxi tried to drive off but the car stopped it. one of the people in the lexus got out and slashed the cab's tires and attacked the driver. the attackers then pulled the woman out of the taxi and
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forced her into their lexus and drove off. it is not clear what happened to her... we are told the cab driver is okay. police have limited descriptions of the suspects. (justine) this time last week... bullets rained down on 22-thousand people at a country music concert in las vegas. 58 people died. last night, the country star jason aldean who was on stage during the shooting... paid tribute to the victims of the las vegas massacre on saturday night live. "this week, we witnessed one of the worst tragedies in american history. like everyone, i'm struggling to understand what happened that night and how to pick up the pieces and start to heal. / but you can be sure that we're going to walk through these tough times together, every step of the way.""in a world that keeps pushing me around, i stand my ground...."(justine) aldean then performed "i won't back down," the tom
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petty hit song. petty died on monday at the age of 66 from cardiac arrest. (justine) investigators still do not know why the shooter... stephen paddock murdered 58 people... but we are learning from the owner of the mandalay bay hotel...where paddock stayed... that he didn't drink alcohol or show any signs of trouble when he was a customer there. the owner even calling him "the most vanilla profile one could possibly imagine." also, that the hotel staff was trained in reporting suspicious actions like a "do-not-disturb" sign remaining on a door for a long time. today, people at the concert who left items behind while running in a panic from the bullets... started to get their cell phones, strollers and other personal items back. . (ustine) the body of a novato mother killed in the las vegas massacre one week ago todayis now back home. a procession of san francisco police officers escorted the herse...carrying
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stacee etcheber's casket she left san francisco international airport. kron four's spencer blake was there....and is with us now in studio.. spencer, as we continue to spencer, as spencer, as we continue to follow memorials and funerals for victims around the country, there is quite a bit of talk about gun control. (spencer)even republicans in congress and the national rifle association say they're willing to discuss the potential ban of a bump stock - the device the shooter used in las vegas when he killed stacee etcheber and 57 other people. (nats)san francisco police motorcycles led the way around the corneras the hearse carrying stacee etcheber's casket drove by,her famly's grieving process continued sunday as her body arrived back at s-f-o from las vegas. the novato woman's husband vinnie is an s-f-p-d officer. they have two young kids. earlier in the week, her
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brother-in-law al etcheber told kron four stacee's legacy will live on through her kids. "we're gonna miss her, ya know. we're gonna miss her passion for raising her kids." now, democrats and even many republicans in congress are calling for - or at least opening up to the idea of - a ban on bump stocks, the device stephen paddock used to make his semi-automatic weapons fire more like automatic ones. this weekend california's democratic senator dianne feinstein admitted she's not sure any law could have specifically prevented the vegas tragedy, but says our gun safety laws need an update. "now you have people with american inventiveness inventing something that can be added, an additive, that boosts the firing rate to that of a machine gun. and that's what every american saw coming out of those hotel windows." even the n-r-a is asking the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms to review whether bump stocks comply with current federal law regarding automatic weapons.but it's c-e-o also said this about enacting new laws targeting bump stocks."they fuzzed the
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line between semiautomatics and fully automatics, and if we're able to fuzz that line, all semiautomatics are at risk."meanwhile, stacee etcheber's family and friends have continued to share their memories of her this week, calling her vivacious, tough-as-nails, and an outdoorswoman."it was heart- wrenching. it was really heart- wrenching." stay tuned to kron four and kron four dot com as we wait for details about stacee etcheber's upcoming funeral. live in the newsroom, spencer blake, kron four news. (jr stone) we have much more on the las vegas shooting...the bay area victims and more on the investigation at kron four dot com. (justine) in berkeley, police say a woman hit a man multiple times with a two-by-four piece of wood...and a frozen water bottle. this attack happened yesterday morning in people's park. the male victim went to the hospital with head injuries. police have not yet released a
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description of the attacker. (jr stone)(jr stone)(jr stone) the blue angles have said good bye to the skies of san francisco. today was the last day for the fleet week events and exercises. (justine) kron 4's camila bernal has a wrap- up of this year's fleet week fun. as fleet week comes to an end, organizers say they are pleased with this year's attendance, performances and events.the air shows on friday saturday and sunday were a success... hundreds of thousands watched in the different areas of the bay. sot: we've been lucky to have so many people come down to enjoy the air show as well as to meet the sailors and marines that are visiting her and showing off their disaster release capabilities security was high.the crowds were large, but everything turned out as plannedsot: the exercises have gone amazing we've had great outpour from
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various agencies here in san francisco and the cooperative exercises where sailor were working alongside first responders in ride-alongs have been magnificentnow organizers are looking forward to next year... they are hoping to attract more people and organize more educational eventssot: we want more and more activities for kids to come out and enjoy so the airshow of course is the big attraction is right up in the sky but we are trying to put more and more down here in the field for families to both learn from and to participate in camilasome of the ships will remain open tomorrow so if you're interested, you can still do that on monday. reporting in san francisco camila bernal kron 4 news. ( justine ) we have a lot of video from fleet week on the kron four website... you can view the blue angels along with the other performers. you will find the links right on our main page. just go to kron four dot com. (jr stone) happening tomorrow... you can expect a quicker commute for part of the east bay... the i-680 commuter lanes between walnut
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creek and san ramon will convert to express lanes. the quicker commute will cost you... there is a minimum of a 50-cent toll....and if you are traveling through the entire corridor it will cost you one dollar. but as the congestion does the toll price. the lanes are open from five in the morning until eight at night. coming up at eight. players on the 49ers took a knee during the national anthem before today's game... vice president mike pence was in attendence...and he was not having it. we'll show you how he responded. plus... four bicyclists are recovering after a hit and run in the north bay... we'll show you who police later arrested. and... people had to be evacuated from a j-c penney in the east bay... we'll explain why after the break.
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you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. firefighters are investigatiing an arson at a shopping mall in concord. it happened around nine last night at the j-c penny store in the sun valley shopping center. there police and fire crews located the flames in the northwest corner of the store. several clothing racks and a portion of the building were damaged. about 20 store employees and 50 customers were evacuated. no one was injured. (justine) police believe a man and a woman in fremont are responsible for seven auto burglaries and a robbery. and are trying to find them tonight, last night...a
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witness saw a man and woman break into a car and steal a backpack on stevenson boulevard. police say just minutes later, that same man grabbed someone's purse and got into a black honda accord with that same woman in the car. police say then there were two more burglaries on pacific commons boulevard. four additional auto burglaires were reported on stevenson blvdall with similar suspect descriptions. police believe there may be a third man invovled in the burglaries. (justine) on the peninsula, another mountain lion was spotted roaming around. this happened in moss beach this the general area of sierra street near pearl street. this follows sightings in san mateo, los altos and berkeley. wild life officials say if you do come across one... make yourself look big by waving your arms, throwing rocks and making loud noises. (j.r.) vice president mike pence made a bold move today in indianapolis when he walked
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out of the colts-49ers game after about a dozen players chose to kneel during the national anthem. the vice president is a big colts fan and was there to honor peyton manning. in the upper left of your screen you can see those 49ers players who see the vice president standing in the bottom left of your screen. then a short time later vice president pence leaving. the vice president tweeted, i left today's colts game because potus and i will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our flag, or our national anthem. the president tweeted, i asked v-p pence to leave stadium if any players kneeled, disrespecting our country. i am proud of him and second lady karen. 49ers player eric reid later said he thought the whole ordeal was a p-r stunt. more from players tonight at 9 on sports night live. (justine) nate is no
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longer a hurricane. the storm is now a tropical depression and is expected to continue to weaken as it continues to move inland. (jr stone) natasha chen reports from biloxi, mississippi with the very latest on nate's impact. now that nate is just a tropical depression, residents and officials from states all along the gulf coast are starting to clean up and get back to business as usual. voice of lt. gov. billy nungesser / -r- louisiana: we really dodged a bullet on this oneafter some areas got pounded overnight saturday by then-hurricane nate's more than 80 mile per hour winds and a storm surge that flooded roads and some buildings in cities like biloxi, mississippi, and mobile, alabama.mayor mitch landrieu / new orleans, louisiana: as you know this has been one of the busiest seasons that we have had. our thoughts and our prayers continue to go out to the folks that received the brunt of the storm.nate is the first hurricane to make landfall in mississippi since hurricane katrina hit in 2005 and the third to hit the u.s. mainland in the last six weeks. residents from louisiana to florida say they took those
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warnings seriouslyfather colten symmes: i think we're pretty prepared just in general for hurricanes. we know the protocol, what to do. you go get your gas, you get your water, your food and all that.treyvon hodge, biloxi resident: i got extra prepared, bought all the water, all the snacks, all everything.mississippi, i'm natasha chen (justine) turning to weather now, meteorologist lawrence karnow has our forecast. (anny hong): offshore wind event for the hills and some of the bay area valleys developing late this afternoon and overnight will be the short term concern with red flag warnings and wind
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advisories in effect. winds will ease before lunchtime monday but still another warm and dry day for the bay area. a cooler but seasonable and dry weather pattern sets up for the rest of the work week. (jr stone)
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(jr stone) a grass fire on highway four is now under control... this is a picture tweeted out by contra costa fire... the fire was happening on eastbound highway four at willow pass road. they had the fire under control at around 3:30 this afternoon. coming up... some communities in puerto rico are still waiting for aid...weeks after hurricane maria. the relief efforts now underway... are up ahead.
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edition of people behaving badly> (justine) every weekday
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morning...big buses are taking tech workers down 101 and companies in and around silicon valley.(jrstone) our stanley roberts is making sure those bus drivers are following the rules of the road. at a california highway patrol pop up commercial inspection stations, all types of vehicles get waived in like this tractor which turned out to be a city of sunnyvale vehicle nats: ambiance so a santa clara count sheriff deputy who is also working the inspection station has a chat with the driver since there are no plates on the tractor it needs to be on a flatbed nats: ambiance this big rig had some issues that need to be corrected for the truck could take off if appears that the nut has come loose off the u-bolt that holds the air tank
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now you know the danger of that right absolutely what is it the air line could come off and i could lose all air pressure in the truck and that could be a major issue however, let's look at this google bus, i call it that because it actually has google written all over it .but it's actually contracted to transport google employees it was waved into the checkpoint; officers noticed one of the compartment doors was missing according to the driver the door fell off on the freeway nats: ambiance but there was a bigger issue discovered listen in this is a traffic ticket for falsifying your driving records so you have to have this accurate and this is all falsified the driver had a valid drivers license and insurance so that wasn't the issue but it would seem the driver is a time traveler because his drivers log was filled out for a week in advance that's a big no no
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bus drivers are required to have at a minimum 8 hours of rest between jobs let's listen to the chp anyone that driving passenger carrying vehicle such as a bus, if you present a false record of duty status your our of service for 8 consecutive hours so unfortunately you are going to have to get in touch with your employer let him know that he needs another driver out here to operate the vehicle this rule is to prevent bus drivers from falling asleep at the wheel especially while carrying passengers so you cannot leave you are out of service for 8 hours for the record other buses that were checked did not have the same problem i tried to get their side of the story but i was waived off the fine for falsifying driving hours is 238 dollars and a point and a half on your driving record in sunnyvale stanley roberts kron 4 news if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e-mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot-com ... still ahead... fleet week may be wrapping up...but there is still an event involving an east bay high school. we'll show you how
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they are preparing up ahead. and... one man has been arrested in connection with a hit-and-run... we'll hear from the man's mother after the break. comfort food.
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grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. (jr stone) a 21-year-old
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man from novato has been arrested in connection with a hit and run ... where bike riders were run over during a race. welcome back...i'm j-r- stone.(justine) and i'm justine waldman. last night -- aaron paff was taken into custody at his home. he is accused of slamming into four cyclists yesterday morning on point-reyes- petaluma road near hicks valley road in rural west marin. kron four's philippe djegal spoke with paff's mother. (philippe)no name or face/suspect's mother- "my heart is breaking right now." voice cracking... as her world shatters... 21-year-old aaron paff's mother relives the life- altering moment she saw her son being taken away from their house in novato in cuffs and into custody by the california highway
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name or face/suspect's mother- "this is a horrible thing. and, my son, he wouldn't have done this on purpose and that's the only thing i'm going to say." the c-h-p says witnesses saw it differently.andrew barclay/chp- "we had multiple witnesses on scene stating to us that it appeared the truck intentionally veered to the right and struck the cyclists." the victims were cycling in a charity bike ride for the marin county bicycle coaltion. the c-h-p says a motorcyclist passing by, witnessed the collision on point-reyes petaluma road in west marin... and, also captured images of the dark blue dodge ram pick-up truck involved on a camera mounted to his helmet. about 12- hours later... the c-h-p found a truck with front end damage on aaron paff's driveway in novato. in the end, c-h-p officer andrew barclay says it was paff's neighbors... who tipped investigators off about the damage to his truck.andrew barclay/chp- "it would be very difficult to not feel that
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type of an impact or that type of a collision." in all... four men were injured in the hit and run... one critically. he was airlifted to santa rosa memorial hospitalnats- andrew barclay/chp- "all four were expected to survive with varying injuries, which is great news. that being said, um, for a couple of them, it looks like there's going to be a long recovery."no name or face/suspect's mother- "(philippe) and, what would you like to say to the victim's families? (mother) and, i am very, very, very sorry. very sorry." and, devastated to know her son will spend the night in the marin county jail... facing felony charges. in marin county, philippe djegal, kron four news. (jr stone) another big story we are following... people are still waiting for help in puerto rico...two long weeks after hurricane maria devastated the island.(justine) millions of people in the u-s territory are still living without electricity -- water -- and other basic necessities. nick valencia has the story.
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(justine) while the fleet week air shows may have wrapped up....there are still events happening in the bay area.(jr stone) tomorrow...high school bands will take the stage to compete in the battle of the bands.
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kron-4's jeff pierce takes us to one east bay school---who got the coveted invitation and will compete for the first time. nat sound marching practicethe california high school marching band in san ramone has been practicing their performance with an additional fervor this want to stand big, you want to have your elbows separated. you don't want your upper body to support your elbows.for the first time the award winning music program at cal high has been selected to compete in fleet week's battle of the bands in golden gate park. they will compete against seven other bay area high school bands. it is a covetted invitation that band director kent johnson has long hoped to bring to his program. yet most of his students were unaware of just what that invitation was a dream but i never talked to about with the kids because i didn't want them to get excited about
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something and the we not attend.when our band director told us that we were actually a band that got selected few of us knew just what that was. the band's surprise at being selected was met with their delight.i think it was amazing that cal high was selected to be in this event and i think we deserve it because we have been working so hard.i never thought that i could be on such a stage that i would have a few thousand people watching me.for those seniors this serves as a touch stone for their years in the's my last year here and i think it's a great opportunity for me to leave members have embraced the challenge with a youthful enthusiasm as they face the competition.just being selected that was just one battle to get over. we're just going to keep out sense of togetherness and hope it gets us over this other battle. for a band director, giving them the opportuniy was reward in be able to give something to my kids and give them an experience that we may never have california high school in san ramone jeff pierce kron four news. ( justine ) we have a lot of video
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from fleet week on the kron four website... you can view the blue angels. you will find the links right on the front page. just go to kron four dot com. coming up... more cryptic messages from president trump... hear what he is saying about the conflict with north korea. plus... gas prices drop across the country... we'll show you what you can expect to pay at the pump around the bay area. (jrstone) gas prices have
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dropped seven cents over the past two weeks. industry analysts say the drop comes as refineries on the gulf coast return to operation and crude oil prices drop. taking a look at bay area average prices. san francisco has the highest gas prices in the bay area at $3.22 per gallon. gas is about ten cents cheaper in oakland at $3.11. in the south bay... you can fill up in san jose for $3.07 the current prices are nearly 30 cents above what they were a year ago. (justine)"stop... open the door... get off the bus." a bizarre story out of maryland... that man clinging to the school bus is leverne doran (door-ran). authorities say he was sitting in traffic next to the bus when something was thrown from the bus at his car. police say doran got out of his car and started banging on the bus' door. when the school bus begins to move... doran
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runs in front of it and jumps on. he repeatedly bangs on the hood and yells at the bus driver to open the door while it is moving. eventually police intervene and arrest doran. he is facing several charges including disturbing the peace and destruction of property. coming up... sleep coming up... coming up... sleep deprivation can cause major issues to you health... we'll show you a made in the bay company that has been providing a good night sleep for over one-hundred years. plus... another torch-lit rally in downtown charlottesville.... hear how local politicians are responding after the break.
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(justine) a group of white nationalists held another torch-lit rally in downtown charlottesville, virginia.
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about three-dozen people gathered for less than an hour last night at emancipation park....formally known as emancipation park. many were seen in white tee-shirts... with some in the crowd chanting "we will be back." one person in the crowd was well-known 'alt- right' white-nationalist richard spencer. he later tweeted at charlottesville's mayor, "it was great to be back... we can catch up next time we're in town." mayor mike signer tweeted back, "another despicable visit by neo-nazi cowards. you're not welcome here! go home!" this rally came months after a car plowed into a crowd of counter protesters...killing a woman in august. (jr stone) president donald trump fired off another round of threatening tweets toward north korea. he suggested the u-s had wasted time and money talking with pyongyang. president trump
8:46 pm
concluded that "only one thing will work"---though he did not explain what he meant. the president was asked about the tweets before traveling to north carolina for a fundraiser. (jr stone) a white house aide says there is no misunderstanding what president trump means.... he says it is clear that military options are on the table. (justine) after a house and a car....the mattress you sleep on may be one of your most important purchases.(jr stone) and in a competitive market there's one company that's been delivering a good nights sleep for some time. steve aveson reports on the latest product made in the bay area. after a house and car, the mattress you sleep on may be one of your most important purchases.and in a competitive
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market there's one company that's been delivering a good nights sleep for some time. there's a new study from berkeley that says sleep deprivation is the leading cause of heart attacks, strokes and diabetes.and since we spend about a third of our lives in bed, it may be that a good mattress is the secret to a long san francisco, mcroskey mattress has been sharing that secret with customers for five generations. watch the video above to learn more about mcroskey mattress.
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(justine) turning to weather now, meteorologist lawrence karnow has our forecast. (anny hong): offshore wind event for the hills and some
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of the bay area valleys developing late this afternoon and overnight will be the short term concern with red flag warnings and wind advisories in effect. winds will ease before lunchtime monday but still another warm and dry day for the bay area. a cooler but seasonable and dry weather pattern sets up for the rest of the work week. work week. for the rest of the pattern sets up and dry weather pattern sets up for the rest of the work week. work week. for the rest of the pattern sets up and dry weather seasonable cooler but the bay area. a and dry day for the bay area. a cooler but seasonable and dry weather pattern sets up for the rest of the work week.
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(jr stone) we'll (justine) breaking news
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out of the south bay... one person is dead after a drive by shooting in san jose. this happened just before 7:00 near the corner of tradewinds drive and eagles lane. near oak hills high school. one man was killed. poliec have not yet
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the last time he's been to a colt's game is three years ago, so this was like a pr stunt to me,the vice president leaves the 49ers-colts game shortly after the niners take a knee during the national anthem and he missed quite a game as. for the second stright week the red and gold go to overtime derek carr must watch helplessly from the sidelines as his backup plays okay but the defense gives up big plays to the ravens at the worst times and now the once super bowl hopefuls are on the brink of their season collapsingthe major keague baseball playoffs reach a couple of pivotal game threes as the yankees and red sox try to stave off eliminationand injuries to star players mar week 5 in the nfl but there is still plenty to cheer aboutso come fly with us sports night live isnext!


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