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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 10, 2017 4:00am-7:00am PDT

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( darya ) devastation in the north bay... wildfires continue to burn in napa and sonoma counties. this is video of the hilton sonoma wine country. the hotel completely destroyed by the fire. so far 10 people are dead and at least 15-hundred homes and businesses are destroyed. both of those numbers are expected to rise. 100 people are still unaccounted for this morning. so far the fires in napa and sonoma counties have combined to burn more than 60-thousand acres. more mandatory evacuations have been ordered this morning.
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( james ) here is a look at just some of the damage left behind. on the far left is the damage in napa. in the center... that is what is left of the k-mart in santa rosa. and on the right is the coffey park area of santa rosa. also... schools are closed in both napa and sonoma counties as the fires continue to burn. ( darya ) good morning, i'm darya folsom.( james ) and i'm james fletcher. there are 5 major fires burning in napa and sonoma county this morning. ( darya ) here is an updated map of the fires burning in napa and sonoma counties right now. the tubbs fire in calistoga is 27- thousand acres right now. the atlas fire in napa county
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is at 25-thousand acres. the nuns fire in santa rosa is at 5-thousand acres. the partrick fire in napa is 3- thousand acres. and the 37 fire... off highway 37 and lakeville highway in sonoma county is 2-thousand acres. ( james ) and the fires in napa destroying a pump station and now the city wants people in certain areas to boil their water this morning. those areas include hagen road... woodland drive... syar drive... holly court... and old coach road. city officials say you should not drink the water without boiling it first. ( darya ) and there is also a boil water notice for the fountaingrove area in santa rosa. people in the area are being told to bring all water to a boil before water
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to a boil before drinking it. ( james ) and here is a before and after picture of the damage caused by the fire in napa. a neighborhood completely destroyed. ( darya ) ( james ) lets check the weather with dave spahr.
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(dave)seasonable weather on tuesday, then a dry cool front passes through tuesday night into wednesday. this will bring another spike of north winds by wednesday morning but not nearly as strong as the sunday night event. after the
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midweek trough moves through the trend should be for gradual warming and drying no major hot spots. bay bridge wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze to sf. no delays son wb 92
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communities people will have the communities that are effected and in our days ahead.">:16 days ahead property good video! good video!santa rosa, ca --video shows--wildfire sweeps through a mobile home community in santa rosa, ca -chp shares images from santa rosa's coffey park neighborhood. -google earth image included to compare. the wildfire is the wildfire is seen approaching in gundlach bundschu winery in sonoma, california, on this morning.
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there has been an out powering up support. those who can are helping neighbors who lost everything. they have now been evacuated to a dozen different shelters across the area that are taking them be in. i don't want to be here for another day. no, uh-huh. i want to go home. >>reporter: these fires have turned the world upside-down. all are grateful for the out pour of support. this is amazing the first person came up and asked me if she could get anything and i said a hug. after trying to keep my cool as soon as she hugged me i started to cry.
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this hall is housing 300 people. >> it's shocking how this happened. i'm watching tv and then there is breaking news. >>reporter: they have enough volunteers but are in need of cots. >> looters are taking advantage of the situation and taking the property that had to be left behind that's another concern across the north bay. the police has enforced a mandatory curfew because of that. >> let's take a look at some of the evacuation centers. let's start with the and the
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evacuation areas there. >> this is new this morning. >> yeah, overnight don't think we are in a rebuilding stage at all. >> yeah, this is concrete area the eastern slopes of the hills in napa county. that's the new area their outlined in magenta. if you are watching our broadcast they would like you to evacuate now. this is the green valley area. we have mandatory evacuation areas in santa rosa. that's outlined in the red. both sides of the freeway and the separate section along highway 12. the fire is a danger to you. >> yeah, we are looking at what started as one fire whipped by
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the winds and embers carried miles a way it was a chain of fires that formed. let's get the latest from will. >>reporter: the fire is still gunning on the ridge line. the fire will continue to burn without anybody putting water on it overnight they usually do not attack the fire. crews will come out and try to
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put it out. this is a gated can community. there are nice homes here. there are plenty of fire trucks along the route. they have their fire trucks parked in peoples driveways incase anything should happen. if an ember catches a home on fire they can rush back here and put them out. it's different this morning then 24 hours ago. absolutely you can still smell the smoke in the area. it hits you but not as powerful as what we smelled yesterday. definitely not as windy. what will happen two and half hours from know they will have another briefing. they will have a briefing. crews that spent the night in the ridge line and hills will come down and change shift.
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they will talk to nose screws about the acreage. we are sitting at 65,000 acres. 1500 homes badly damaged or destroyed. that number will stay the same for the next few hours. the fire is still burning. not badly but running along the ridge line here. fire crews are not just along the route in case the emif we ares flew up. >> it's sad but true this fire was the great equalizer. this neighborhood had mansions. we have seen giant mansions go up in names and burn to the ground also mobile home parks.
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areas that are detentionly packed like you are in with the mobile homes or subdivisions and areas were people are surrounded by lush trees. >> absolutely, the fire doesn't care what's different from yesterday. why are stay protecting these to the mobile homes. in case you were wondering they have a handle on it. it's over 24 hours long. they have the crews and you see the fire trucks along the line here. we continued four or five trucks along the way. yesterday, they were over whelmed. they couldn't throw all the of the resources to those areas. i'm sure people will take to social media or talk about the coffee shop about why they are
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protecting the mobile homes. it's not that they care about them. now they have a game plan. >> you were in the mobile home parks and you see how close they are together. those homes were close together. the fire can rip through the block quickly. >> these are no different than the mobile home park. these homes, yes, they are very nice. they have brick exterior but right next to each other with long driveways. you know fires don't care what they burn. once they get their hands on the homes those homes just like what we saw yesterday will go up in names. >> all right, thanks a lot. we will check in with will. >> the big difference compared to yesterday we don't have embers whipping sideways because the winds were so strong. it's an slow gradual punisher behind him.
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it's not the wild scene we saw. >> all the of the elements are better today. the winds are taken out of the equation and cooler temperatures. there is an onshore wind that will pick up by late tonight and early tomorrow morning. they will be more localized. a quick check at the temperatures. we have the 40s in the north bay. we compare that with 24 hours ago we are double digits cooler in morning then yesterday. napa is schooler than i didn't do. there was offshore wind to provide extra heating. we have the red flag warning for another 20 minutes or so. it's some what of a dry atmosphere. very unhealthy for sensitive
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groups. still smoke and haze leftover. late in the week onshore winds kick up again. the 80s will return this weekend. it's a bit of a warmup. the next 8 hours we are up to 77 come high noon. 69 will do it around the bay. check in with bay area traffic. >> it's getting crowded. it's not a major backup that things are heading into san francisco. what about westbound 580 to the bridge. it's looking good. you can see a few cars rolling through. checking on traffic tracker no major accidents working right now. it will pick up within the next
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hour or so. 680 to danville 12 minutes. 24 looks really good. over to the oakland no problems from the upper east shore. mid to lower east shore heading west. seven minutes from the northbound compute from san jose. >> thanks a lot robin. southern california has the same story. anaheim in the hills they have wind driven brush fire that raced through orange county cities. 6,000 acres have been charred. >> one question we have is if we lost homes there? >> many were wondering if this was near disney. this has not come that
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direction. >> our fire jumped highway 101 in santa rosa. the fire near 2 interchange is where they first responded and it jumped their fire lines there. it spread over their which was very densely populated. you can see the glow. a very familiar site. a horrible situation right now with if you look at the entire country there are millions of acres on fire right now. we understand we are so stressed trying to keep up with our fire departments. they are responding from all over. there are many other boarding as well. >> the photos are identical with homes down south and right here. we continue to track the latest with the fires this morning. you can see the information at the bottom of the screen. boil water advisories in effect. if you saw fire damage you are being asked to boil your water
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before drinking. there are a lot of chemicals and debris on the ground. they don't want any of that seeping into the groundwater and impacting what you get out of the tap. they ask you to boil your water. >> look at those names and the home not consumed behind it. >> yeah. >> sometimes we have seen entire city blocks leveled. there are homes standing in the middle of the rubble. these embers are what started everything. >> we'll take an quick break and have more coverage in just a minute.
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we are back. it's 4:46. we have a number of homes reduced to reasonable and a number of cases reduced to rubble.
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the gas main is sending up jets of fire. the curfew doesn't lift until 7:00 a.m. >> they have seen looting. you look at the neighborhoods and they say it's other areas that has something left to lose. this is why they don't want you to go back into neighborhoods because there are hotspots. it's dangerous for people to go back in and unstable. we also have new video to show. there is video out of napa as well. this is video of a restaurant in santa rosa. they will have to rebuild from the ground up.
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when you said danger i thought about the gun shop were ammunition was going off. they were worried about the hospital and the tang tanks. they were able to get most of them out except for those in labor and critical care patients. they were stretched so thin it was great they were able to do that. the said and grimace cans that continues today. going in these areas and seeing if any one else was saved. >> the death toll stands at 10. we have a reporter that
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documented in a effort at the kaiser in santa rosa. this morning he's standing by at the newly evacuated area at the wild oak neighborhood. let's grow to him now. will, last we checked with you the fires were burning behind and they still are. >>reporter: the smoke smell has gotten stronger and you can here it crackling. no one is attacking the fire. they usually don't. firefighters could fall or get hurt. they don't know what they are fighting. they usually month the situation. we saw a lot of trucks parked along the roadway in this gated community should the embers fly from this location to the mansions they will be able to jump on it much faster than
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yesterday. they will have a news conference. the numbers will go up in the overnight hours. crews spent the night in the hills on the ridge line will come down and talk to their commandeers. we are standing at 1,500 homes that are badly damaged and destroyed. 59,000 acres on fire. all of the mansions right here are intact. they don't appear to have any damage. the lights are out. there are plenty of police along the main road. only the media and authorities are allowed to roam around the area. our live truck is parked down the road. if anything were to happen here. this is a dangerous situation.
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we are prepared to run a way from the scene. we are in good conditions as far as no winds. that's good for us and the firefighters because the embers can't carry. >> i don't know if i trust your judgment to run when you need to run. yesterday, you were outside of the gun shop and someone had to tell you to leave. you heard the popping. you heard the popping from the ammunition. will, we may ask the firefighters when to leave or we may tell you when to leave. >> i didn't eat breakfast so i'm heavy. question had you covered all day yesterday. i lost a few pounds for the viewers. you all did a great job yesterday as well. >> always with the sense of humor. i'm serious. >> you have to laugh to keep from crying. >> people have this huge sense
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of relief even when they lost everything. they have their lives and that's the story. when you look at the glow it erie. it was like we were under seize. >> it looks like lava. >> it does. to see it at night like that and people running in the middle of the night. the fact that you didn't know where it was. the names seemed like they were surrounding you. you couldn't tell in the light of day. it was easier to get a grasp what was happening. this was just so frightening. >> even in the light of day yesterday because all of the smoke kept it looking like it was nighttime. >> that's true too. >> so this, what's from moments ago; and james. we thought this was highlights
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from yesterday morning in the dark but this is this morning. this is night. >> we were told we had new photos on the way. >> this is scary too because you feel like so much has been burned out and is it over yet. >> clearly not. >> we talked about rebuilding and damage this is new. this is from last night. >> this is the situation up in the hills. dave is checking conditions on the weather front. he said the good news is we don't have the wind like yesterday. >>reporter: exactly. we have cooler temperatures and humidity sneaking in. however, i want to start with the winds really quick. they will return and be onshore starting up in the north bay.
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this is about 24 hours from now. one of the advantages is this will help clean out the atmosphere. 73 for oakland and hayward. we are in the lower 80s territory. to the south bay we are at 80. san jose. sunnyville at 80. san francisco we are looking at 68 for a high. 66 pacifica. 75 redwood city. the north bay 81. the numbers are droppings by tomorrow. napa at 78. 81 for sonoma. by the weekend we'll have a bit of a warmup coming our way again. let's check traffic. >>reporter: there is a slowdown
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coming your way if you head to san francisco. it's backing up but not a bad commute. if you plan to leave now expect a wait. there is an accident that has the right lane blocked. be on the lookout for it. let's head over to 92 to check in on the bridge. no trouble spots here. westbound it's a little crowded. 12 minutes to connect to the 1 o 01. golden gate still at the limit in both directions. checking in on traffic tracker it's looking good. we still have green all around.
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24 looks pretty good out of walnut creek. 580 is a nice ride. right now it's clocking in for 11 minutes from 238 to downtown. coming up i'll check more drive times and also on the 101. i'll have another traffic check in a bit. >> all right, thanks a lot robin. let's take another look at the damage. it looks like a mangled ashy mess. >> you were talking about how people were coming to help. that was a patrol car from nevada. many are descending on the north bay. crews are stretched so thin. trying to get to enough neighborhoods to evacuate let alone stand and fight. >> you can see the fire is still actively burning in the video.
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that's the case this morning with the fire at zero percent containment. five different areas of the north bay on fire. five fires that have been deadly. 10 dead already. >> i'm sure a lot of parents know. no school at all in napa. all classes are canceled as folks try to deal with the fire. it's still burning. we'll take an quick break and be back with continuing coverage in just a moment.
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( darya ) devastation in the north bay... ires sphmplet this is the bay areas' news station, kron four starts now. >> these are new pictures of the fires that are still burning out of control in the north bay this morning. look at these aerial shots from
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the hillside. this looks like a volcano with lava coming down the hills, the flames are racing down hills you through neighborhood and jumping freeways like they did yesterday. there are new evacuations just out this morning. if you are just joining is, this is a quick update. again, unfortunately, 10 people confirmed killed and unfortunately we are told to expect that number to rise as first responders are going into these remote neighborhoods where they have not had a chance to go home to home to check. 1500 homes have been destroyed but that number is expected to be increased. they are not counting structures burned but we know
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that they are homes, hotels, businesses, vineyards, mobile home parks, as we saw yesterday. they are concerning themselves, first, with stopping the flames from advancing and rescuing and recovering people. 60,000-acres plus have burned in a chain of fires that formed in five major fire areas, in less than a day it wept from zero to 60,000-acres in size, it's a testament to how fast the flames were moving and how quickly first responders were trying to get the people out in time, they were racing against time to get people to safety fast. in many cases people left with the clothes on their backs, some took their pets. some left their cars to burn,
5:02 am
look at this house, it's flattened. there is a curfew in effect this morning, they do not want people going out for safety and also for looting, there is a new evacuation area in sow last solano county county, on the eastern mountains from napa towards the direction of fairfield, we have that area outlined, solano county, you are being told if you are watching this morning, emergency personnel wants you to make an orderly exit. the flames are getting too dangerous in that section now. >> lets look at this other evacuation areas as well. this is santa rosa, the two major areas outlined in red,
5:03 am
where people got out with the clothes on their backs. many are waking up in shelters and friends house, they have gone down further into northern marin county and into san rafael. you see the large area on the left, that's the evacuation zone, on the right along highway 12, that's the oakmont area, that's highway 12, we have will there with an update on conditions there. >> reporter: homes are not too far off from the fire, over my shoulder. this is a gated community off white oak drive, they told people to get out, we do not need you to risk your lives or get in the way of emergency
5:04 am
responders, they are just monitoring the situation trying to corral it from spreading into the overnight hoser, when the sun comes up, they will throw their resources at the fire, there are firefighters along the ridge line to monitor the situation, also many fire trucks are parked in people's driveways ready to jump on any embers. it's a dark community, the power appears to be out. there is a curfew in place, getting to this location, only emergency responders and the media are allowed to move around here. even for us, they have check points where we have to tell them what we are doing so they know where we are in case anything happens, it's not windy but its smoky, you can smell is as soon as you step out of your car but not as bad as yesterday. they have a news conference in
5:05 am
two and a half hours from now, it's always at 7:30 in the morning, they talk about what happened and get new numbers from the crews on the hills, we know 1500 homes are burned or badly burned or destroyed, 65 thoi acres among the fires action we know the numbers are expected to go up. hopefully the number of fatalities will not go up. it's a tenuous situation, the fire is burning behind me, i hear crackling from the wood. if they need it the aircraft is available to them to drop fire retardant to stop the flames. >> not only do they use that to stop the fire but they have
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done rescues. they have landed on neighborhood streets to get people out. >> how close are i to the flames, it looks like you are too close. >> reporter: if i had to hike up there, it might take 15 minutes, there is a dip behind me then go straight up. it looks closer on tv, but where i am standing, maybe 15 minutes or 20 minutes to get to the ridge line, you can see the top, no doubt about it, the homes are right in front of me, they are a quarter of a mile from my location, i am standing here on a trail, you can see cars have been down here before, so just in case the fire department needs to rush here and attack the flames with their trucks, it's available to them, this is a road to get to the ridge line
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a lot of peement were bang -- people were banging on doors, in many cases it was the neighbors that went around telling people, lets get out of here, the chilling part, they did it when flames were all around them. it was windy and smoky, we
5:08 am
interviewed people live, a lot took 20 minutes to go a quarter mile from their home to the nearby streets because the visibility was so poor, it was bumper to bumper for people who wanted to get out. >> it's still zero containment. the flames, as you see behind will, are racing down hills and threatening neighborhoods. >> it's surreal to think of a wild fire burning through such an urban landscape. you have homes and cars and businesses like the k mart that went down in flames, we had the hilton hotel. firefighters have been saying, these things just have to burn themselves out. we are hmaureen with an update.
5:09 am
>> i am in front of the fountain grove inn or what is left of it, there are just some stone pillars and timber left behind. it's just charred earth. behind that, if you can see in the far distance, you can see some embers and small flames and smoke in the distance, that's the hilto thrks which is still burning at this hour, it's not a huge fire just a bit of remains but the fire is going on. there is no active fire fight, they are just letting it burn out. we are seeing fire crews going back and fourth around the area here, lights and sirens still going on. is still a very active scene, we have video of the hilton burning last night. you can see it, i was here, across the way from where the
5:10 am
fire was burning, i saw that happening, it was tremendous, i was on the other side of the freeway where the k mart is and where the gun store was on fire, to see both sides of 101 with you huge plumes of smoke and fire balls coming off the side, it was something to see, back here live, i can tell you that it still smells very much like smoke, i am happy to say i was able to beg a mask off one of the other media crews here, the air is a bit better yesterday but it still feels heavy, i can see the microscopic ash here. i wish i had one of these yesterday because i had a but of a cough today. >> i had seen reports of 200 people awful that had to be
5:11 am
treated, some for burns and some for smoke inhaggation. forget about us complaining that it's smoky here, out there, it's unbearable. so no one can get near where you are? >> reporter: that's right. the bicentennial way exit is closed. you had to flash my media pass to get by skeeter is keeping the public a good distance from this. >> thank you. the fires are now at zero pertainment. >> she was talking about seeing the ash floating in the area. when do you think we get some
5:12 am
relief. >> not until tomorrow. the camp fire smell we are getting elsewhere, it's trapped because we are not getting wind. that's good news for the fires, but you will still smell the smoke. nothing to clean things out for us, i am waiting for the soundings to come out to help us. temperatures right now 60, that's san francisco. cooler in the north bay because of the backing off of the dry atmosphere and not much in the way of winds, temperatures went to a free fall. this morning still in the teens, behind where we were for yesterday for the temperature change. a look at winds, a bit of a breeze at work but they will be somewhat modest, certainly
5:13 am
compared to yesterday. air quality not improved, unhealthy for certain groups. for the ready for school forecast, 82 degrees by 3:00, upper 70s to lower 80s in and around the immediate bay, high temperatures forecast today, 80s on the board here. napa, upper 70s, already cooling down, then we are watching another bout with some winds, i have more deals on that coming up. all right, traffic is picking up out there. we have crowding at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backing up and starting too stretch to the middle of the administration parking lot but this is still considered a pretty good commute. no big hot spots, no problems, it's eight minutes from the maze to fremont street. a crash is being pushed out of the right lane in the tunnel
5:14 am
but it's not causing any delays, 92, 13 minutes from hayward to san mateo. on traffic tracker, 580 west, south 680 and 880 society all looking good. six minutes from milpitas to sunny side. we have fires still burning and 60 thoi acres burned. one of the areas that saw damage to homes and businesses is santa rosa, these are the newest pictures in to the news room showing a first hand look from the firefighters perspective as they were trying to put out the hot spots. this is from the front lines, folks were evacuated and firefighters moved in. they could not save all of the
5:15 am
structures that they were trying to protect but they did their best to stop the spreading to downtown. we are back in a few minutes, stay with us
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5:17 am
lets go back to our breaking news coverage, the fire that was in santa rosa hopscotched from neighborhood to neighborhood where the embers would fly and ignite other areas. >> this is napa, you are getting a picture of what we saw in santa rosa, now in napa. home after home burned to the ground. in many cases, still burping this morning, hot spots with flaring up. firefighters are trying to stamp out as many as possible
5:18 am
so the fire does not spread. napa and sonoma counties suffered mortality. they expect the death toll to rice, there are 100 people missing this morning, they have not been able to go back into the burned out areas to see if maybe more lives were claimed in the flames. >> we should also point out there is a boil water advisory in place for napa and all of that burned out property you saw in the videos is the reason why, there are a lot of contaminants in the ground. if you live on hagen road, woodland drive and old coach road, you are being asked to boil your water. they want to make sure there is nothing in the water that could hurt you so they want you to boil it first.
5:19 am
if you left us yesterday, we talked to mark several times live on the air, he had to evacuate his neighborhood. some of the neighbors homes were lost, he is like so many other people that are in shelters or with friends and cannot go back to their neighborhoods to see if they are homes are standing. >> he is living out the nightmare that so many other people are living out this morning. these pictures are what is left of a lot of neighborhoods in santa rosa, sonoma and napa. home after home burned to the ground. these are new pictures from santa rosa where most of the damage is as far as homes and businesses. because it's so much more densely populated. that's another thing that
5:20 am
people who live in these suburban neighborhoods, they said i am in a big development. not in my neighborhood. these people ran from giant neighborhoods. look at all of the homes, a lot of people left in other people's cars, the officials in santa rosa have said any evacuated area is off limbs, the fire is still active and people are not allowed back in. >> this is from space looking down over the north bay, the red glows are the fires and the smoke coming up from the fires, it's blanketing the whole north bay and the whole bay area with all uft smoke coming up from the fires in santa rosa, napa, sonoma and highway 37 and then all the way into san francisco. if you were at work yesterday, everyone was talking about the smell of smoke, it was a fine
5:21 am
ash raining down and blowing around all day long. >> lets go back out to our team of reporters in the field. jeff is in napa assessing the damage during these early morning hours tuesday, where are you exactly, jeff? >> reporter: i am at the command center. we are getting ready to do a briefing at 7:00 a.m. to get an update. the last ape date was last night at about 10:00 p.m. we were -- update was last night at 10:00 p.m. they talked about the atlas peak fire, the newest thing is that it has spread into solano county, the fire is not nearly contained and it's still spreading out.
5:22 am
>> how was your drive and what did you see this morning in the darkness, jeff? >> reporter: the good thing is that there is no wind. the bad part about that is that the smoke has just settled down all over the city of napa it looks like a foggy day in san francisco but it does not smell very good. this smoke is going to be around here for the rest of the week, i am sure. >> in napa they did those helicopter rescues to get to people? >> reporter: you are breaking up. i cannot hear you, we do not get very good cell phone service here. it's sporadic. it comes and goes. we are struggling with that. >> what we are hoping to find
5:23 am
out, jeff, is to find out more about the helicopter rescues and also recovery efforts, if there is anybody in burned out buildings. >> i will ask one more question, when we chatted with you yesterday, you said you were looking into the direction of the silverado trail and you saw the ridge line on fire, does it still look that intense or has it died down a bit? >> reporter: i have not gone that far up north yet but at the end of the day, when i left here, the huge flames that we were seeing were dying down because the winds had gone down, thank god that the wind has ceased. that is going to help the firefighters. >> thank you, jeff, we are
5:24 am
looking at new pictures in, helicopters hovering over a giant mansion, i guess that's a home in napa. they had to land and it was difficult for them and they saved a lot of people, those that could not save themselves. you saw a woman in a walker. there were in bad condition. >> jeff, again was talking about the wind, that's the key. >> not as much of it today. that's very good news, that will let the firefighters get the upper hand. we have a cooler day today to start. it's going to be cooler all day today >> this is the coordinated monthly test of the emergency
5:25 am
alert system, if this had been an actual emergency, you would have received timely emergency information, this concludes the test of the emergency alert system there you see the winds picking up in the north bay, this is going to be on shore. that's going to bring the marine layer, fortify it and clean up parts of the bay area in terms of the camp fire smell. hopefully the firefighters will be a good handle on that. it breaks down like this with smoke and haze today. cooler today. not as dry, then late in the week, the on shore wind not as warm. by the weekend, we are returning to the lower 80s. north bay, lower 80s along 101, 78 for napa, 81 in sonoma,
5:26 am
vallejo, 77, vacaville, 80. 82 for san jose, checking the traffic, robin has the details. >> good morning, we are checking a growing back up at the bay bridge toll plaza, san francisco is backed up beyond the 880 crossing stretching out to grant. no big problems but its crowded heading into san francisco. lets check in on the lower deck heading out of san francisco. we have a crash blocking two lanes, it's backing up to the entrance of the lower deck, keep that in mind, there is a crash heading out of san francisco. we just got word of a new accident on 13 heading north before the 24 split. no major delays, the san rafael bridge looking good with no
5:27 am
delays into the north bay. >> thank you, we are taking a quick break, back with coverage in a minute, look at some of these new images into the news room this morning. that's chilling. >> i mean, when you see the glee of the fire and how tiny the firefighters look, with that little stray from the one hose. >> i felt like that yesterday. do you remember that shot, with a live look at the smoke that was being illuminated by spotlights. there were fire trucks shooting water and it looked like little trickles of water because the fire was so massive. >> look up in the air, there is someone flying over the san francisco bay area and looking out. half of the area looks like it's on fire. that's still the case this morning.
5:28 am
if you thought it was over when you went to bed, we are seeing the glow racing down the canyons, we have fresh evacuations in solano county now
5:29 am
5:30 am
in case you are just ginning us, this is our extended breaking news coverage of the fires in the north bay, you can see the looks of dispair as people come back to their neighborhoods. here's what we know about the fire, we start with the unfortunate news that 10 people have been confirmed killed by these fires across the north bay, we have been cautioned and warned by emergency officials that the numbers will likely rise as they are able to go into the neighborhoods and look through the rubble. 100 people are unaccounted for, that does not mean anything bad
5:31 am
has happened to them, it just means they have been reported missing by family and friends, hopefully the numbers will go down but we expect that maybe the death will go up. >> also 1500 structures, homes and businesses have been destroyed. 60,000-acres have burned so far in a chain of 14 fires in the north bay, you can see them on the map. the challenge is, where do the firefighters go, we have to send them to all of the fires, that stretches the personnel and equipment thin but the governor has declared a state of emergency, that has triggered mutual aid across the state even though there are multiple fires in different areas of the state. >> i am going to go up from top
5:32 am
to bottom. this is calistoga. then santa rosa, napa and sonoma and solano county, we have new evacuations in solano county. lets look at the evacuation area, this is by fairfield. the atlas fire, where you see the word napa, that's where the fire is burning, it's spreading to the eastern side of the ridge line, they have cordoned off the area, they are asking people that live in the area to start the process of evacuating, they do not want to take any chances, the winds are going to change direction tomorrow. instead of blowing towards san francisco, it's going to blow towards fairfield tomorrow. they do not want the flames to race down into populated areas without giving people a chance to start packing up now. >> i have heard of people that
5:33 am
live near evacuation areas that were packing, they were nervous and did not know what to expect next. the fires started in such a sporadic fashion. they moved miles and miles and the embers would fly and they moved quickly. we have the main evacuation area outlined at the top of the screen, but then the embers flew and now on highway 12, you have another section evacuated. it's the oakmont neighborhood. there is the golf club there and the wild oak neighborhood. that's a anily designated evacuation area, if you went to bed last night unaware, you have a new evacuation area that you need to be concerned about. >> people see the ash and
5:34 am
rubble and think, it's gone through, like a fire storm. one person described it like armageddon. this is a restaurant here destroyed. santa rosa has taken the brunt when it comes to businesses and homes because it's so densely populated. we are going live to coffey park right now. what do you see? >> reporter: you talked about it being a war zone, it looks like a war zone. who whole neighborhood is wiped out. this is coffey park, you cannot see too much because there is not a lot of light. it's not uncommon to see small clusters of flames burning through the area, you can smell the smoke. the whole subdivision of single family homes in coffey park is
5:35 am
it gone. fountain grove is devastated as well. the two neighborhoods have a population of 8,000. also journeys end mobile home park has been wiped out. i want to describe to you what it was like driving in, all of the streetlights are out. you can smell the smoke when you drive in. that's not as uncommon as what i felt when i drove into the area. you can feel the heat from the smoke and the flames when you drive into this area, i have the heater on in the car, bit it still came in. it's very hard to breathe in these areas, little clusters of smoke all over the place, when the light comes up, you can see what is looks like, it's devastating.
5:36 am
>> we can see the flames over her shoulder, people think that they can go in and see if their home is standing but it's hot and unsafe to be there. >> reporter: this is hot and unsafe. these small clusters behind me are just a few, they are all over the place, there is downed power lines and trees in the middle of the road. the police are trying to prevent people from going into certain areas but it's hard. people want to see if there is anything left for them to salvage. it's devastating. i know this area has a curfew because the looting until 7:00 so people are not allowed in here except for the media but people will be allowed in here later to see the damage. >> do i have a mask? >> reporter: i do not. i should go to get one. >> please do. >> reporter: the smoke is really bad. >> do you see, in the
5:37 am
neighborhood where you are, coffee park, do you see any homes standing? >> no. i drove around quite a few blocks here. i drove down the street a bit and i did not see standing homes, i saw some commercial buildings but as far as homes, i did not see anything in this area, its wiped out. >> thank you so much lydia. it looks like a war battle field over santa rosa, that's where many of the pictures we are showing you are coming from. we saw homes and businesses burned to the ground. marie is reporting live in front of the fountain grove inn. >> reporter: right here, right
5:38 am
in front of me, this is a spotlight illuminating the ground in front of the fountain grove inn, you can see the scorch earth and the timbers, that's all that remains of the structure action the stole pillars, i do not remember this hotel before but people might remember the stone pillars, that's pretty much all that is left. there is nothing left of this historic inn. off in the distance you can see a little flame burning. that's where the hilton hotel used to be. that has been burning, i am going to say for 24 hours. i was here early yesterday morning and saw this hotel burning from across the freeway right off bicentennial. lets roll the video, you can
5:39 am
see what that looked like yesterday. it was a huge fire. many people i saw stopped on the overpass at bicentennial, stopping to stare and looking at both of these hotels burning yesterday. it was really quite impressive. there are no firefighters out here trying to douse this hot spot. they are concentrating on more active fires, so back out here live, as you can see, it's just some small flames, i will say that they seem nawl smaller than when i got here an hour ago but they are still there and there is still quite a bit of smoke. right now, luckily, here, it's very still, it's not like yesterday where we were feeling the wind blowing, at least not in this location where i am standing. >> when you are driving around,
5:40 am
people are asking me for details, i can imagine they are asking you, people are saying, what street were you on, they cannot access where you are going. >> i have a koison that lives in santa rosa, she was tepght -- cousin that lives in santa rosa, she was texting me, she is far from the coffey park area. she was able to get word that her house is fine but absolutely, yesterday i saw quite a few people in and around coffey park in the daylight. people were allowed access, these were people who either were residence there for friends of friends able to get access to check it out. >> right. thank you. we also have will standing by this morning as we look at some of the latest pictures and the damage and the destruction. will is in the eastern part of
5:41 am
santa rosa, in one of the newly designated areas along highway 12 at the wild oak neighborhood. lets check in with him. we just saw some flames in the distance, it's still burning back there. >> you saw me 30 minutes ago and it was still on fire at the time. what a difference 30 minutes makes, you can see over my right shoulder, that tree has gotten hotter. it's reaching up a bit higher on the tree line, i see a few embers flying from this area. i am stabbing on some dry vegetation, the firefighters parked their emergencies in the driveway, they are here but they are monitoring the situation hoping that the fire does not spread to new places,
5:42 am
they have their crews ready in case that the embers go to the nearby homes. this is a big difference from what we saw 24 hours ago when the fire was so fast and so intense and in so many places that they were stretched so thin that they could not jump on the new fires, 24 hours later, they have $÷tqlr/the ba they have a game plan, they have a new conference in two and a half hours from now to give us new numbers. right now we have 1500 homes badly damaged or destroyed. that includes some commercial buildings as well. 65,000-acres burned among five firefighters, those numbers are expected to go up. the good news as opposed to yesterday. when we got to santa rosa, it was very windy, the winds are ba bad news when it comes to
5:43 am
the embers, it's not windy at this time. a bit smoky, there is a big difference, the fire department, we saw them walk being up and down here, they are aware of what is going on. the fire behind me over my right shoulder seems to be stronger than what we saw 30 minutes ago but at least it's not spreading. >> but we are at 0% containment. the fire is spreading generally uncontrolled right now. we want to mention if you are just waking up this morning, they do not have any containment. they are still working on fire lines, they do not have containment at all. >> they have some improvement on the weather front. >> the winds have died down for today and also we have cooler themselves as well. this is our shot overlooking the baw and the city of san
5:44 am
francisco is behind that. the current winds, as we speak, calm. we have an uptick in the winds as the sun starts to join us, the sun hits the ground and the ground heats the air above it and that drives a bit of a breeze but not like yesterday. we are still in the 50s and some 40s, novato 48. feaf 55 in the east bay and oakland. 51 for livermore. the overshore winds helped support the temperatures overnight. air is unhealthy for sensitive groups with all of the camp fire smells going on. the winds that we are expecting to develop are late tonight and early wednesday.
5:45 am
they will clear things up on shore. by 1:00, 80s, 71 for much of the day. what is happening with traffic? >> a lot of slow traffic heading into san francisco right now. the morning commute is picking up. we have heavy traffic at the tolls, it's backed up beyond the 80 crossing and now is into the maze and on to 580 west. averaging 15 minutes for the drive in. here's 92, it's picking up. under 15 minutes to cross the bay and to to san san ama tai oa. -- san mateo. slow in pockets from antioch to concord. when we get to 242, south, that merge on to 680 is slow but 680
5:46 am
looks good leaving walnut creek and danville. crowding between 238 and 92, a good ride to milpitas. >> it's important to appreciate how horrible and destructive the fires have been, look at the before and after shots. this is the google earth image of the neighborhood before. >> when we were talking earlier to the reporter at coffey park, we saw a complete enabled wiped out. the fire line continues to race towards these neighborhoods. this is a good image for you, it shows you how they moved right in, unabated with the smoke and flames lingering over whole neighborhoods. a couple of hundred people went to hospitals for treatment for smoke inhalation and burns,
5:47 am
look at that before and after. it's impressive and horrifying to see, when you see tornadoes going through, and hurricanes. >> especially the tornadoes, you see the houses flattened. that's because the firefighters cannot get in there to save homes, they were saving lives and trying too get people out. that's still the priority right now. they are doing rescue and recovery as we speak put they are also trying to stop the flames from advancing, there is 0% containment. >> this is more video out of santa rosa, this is what the wineries were battling looking at the ridge lines on fire. you can only imagine what the price tag is going to be. not only the tragic loss of life but also the economic loss and the personal loss of preems
5:48 am
homes and cars and the businesses losses suffered by the wine country, firefighters are trying to get a grip on where the fire is going next. >> there are 650 wineries, we are going to see a lot of loss there, look at the gas masks, people are suffering from smoke inhalation, so many pets have taken shelter along with their families, livestock cannot go to the shelters but they have special areas for people to drop off their larger animals. we have video from yesterday morning, the aerial shot shows you what the firefighters are looking at. they to not like to fight the fire line during the overnight hours, it's not safe. all that you can do is watch and try to get people out of the area in the line of the
5:49 am
fire as it continues to eat it's way across the hills. this is a sample at what people were looking at as the fire got closer and closer. >> that's why one of our crew members said, i feel like i am driving into hell. we had neighbor accounts that said it felt like armageddon. it looks like a battle zone in mine field, it looks like it has been blown up or bombed, like an old picture from a war of a bombed out wreckage of a city. a lot of the video we are showing is from santa rosa. because the homes were closer together there, you see neighborhoods and planned vems
5:50 am
in ruins. >> we were talking about what people do living in this area that have livestock and larger animals, this video shows you the worry. you only have so many trailers and you have all of the rs to s places. >> i want to talk about safari west, those are not domestic animals, those are wild and endangered animals, they have cougars and give rafs, all shapes and sizes, what they did was -- giraffes. all shapes and sizes, what they did was hose down the animals and one caretaker took care of them. i think he saved them but he
5:51 am
lost his own house. >> this is what the ranchers were dealing with on their properties. and what home owners are dealing with that's a giant field of wreckage this morning. 1500 plus businesses and homes have been burned down to the ground, that's the story this morning, there are still active fires 0% containment. we are waiting to get any word on containment but at this point it's just fires burning out of control in the north bay. we will take a quick break and be right back.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
instead of seeing fires lets check the traffic. we have a new crash at the westbound 580. two lanes blocked. no other details yet. the back up is building at the toll plaza. everyone is merging to the opposite direction. it's backing up beyond the western drive on ramp. after that it's a good ride across the bridge when you get through the flashing lights. everyone is slowing down. if you are driving in, the rash is on the last hand side. two left lanes closed. 10 minutes from the tolls out
5:55 am
to highway 101, here's the bay bridge, 80 west into san francisco jammed from the maze but it's a good ride across the upper decks. >> lets go back to the fire coverage. we still have an active, well actually five active fires raging out of control in the napa, sonoma, santa rosa area, we have aerial shots to show you, just the amount of smoke that you see filling the bay area, it's happening again today. it's not blowing as much but look at the devastation, huge neighborhoods are gone, nobody is allowed in. the curfew going, people in santa rosa not able to go in and check out the burned out area. power is out in many areas, there are boil water orders in
5:56 am
effect for certain areas that are effected. two new evacuation orders as well. mandatory evacuation order. we tell you about that at the top of the hour. school is canceled for all of napa and sonoma counties. the death toll has just been raised to 11. they are by all accounts expecting that the death toll will rise further but in the last five minutes we just learned that 11 people have been killed in the fires. >> stay with us, we are going to take a quick break and we are back in a minute as we look at the latest pictures that come into the news room. we have foes out of santa rosa, napa and sonoma, we will be right back
5:57 am
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6:00 am
the fires are still burning out of control and north bay. these are the pictures of the devastating fires that continue to burn and glow in the darkness.>> you can see just how intense fire on the hill as. not only the large letter you see in the center of the screen, but the perimeter of the fire continuing to eat outside in all directions, creeping closer to populated communities. that is why there are new evacuation orders what's what -- we will go over in a second. we have new images to share with you.
6:01 am
>> this says at all. an entire neighborhood ablaze, with the flag in the foreground. a couple of trees still standing, but not for long, as the fires hopped into job from neighborhoods and building to building. from residential building to a home. mobile homes and mansions alike. there is a view from one passenger who was landing in the bay area, looked down and saw what looked like the bay area on fire. it is the north bay had a firestorm yesterday that continues this morning. >> this is the latest on what we know. the death toll has gone up by 1. it stands at 11 but we should clarify that 10 of those are related to the north bay firestorm that broke out yesterday morning. the one additional is actually a person who died in yuba county . there are 15 wildfires burning across all of northern california. the depth is associated with that fire. >> there are 100 people closer
6:02 am
to the bay area that are unaccounted for. they are still trying to work out whether they are in shelters or if they perished in the flames. that is what we are waiting for. maybe the next 50 minutes, to get an update. officials unfortunately it -- expect the death toll to rise. fireballs going throughout the north bay in many different areas. this shows it best, we can see that it hopped, because of the great winter that we saw yesterday from county to county. >> when you add the acreage from the different fires, it is more than 60,000 that has burned and will continue to grow because the zero percent containment. the fires are still burning at well. there was the atlas fire on the right of the map in napa. it is burned of the western slope's into napa valley and that is why we have those evacuations. the worry is that it will start
6:03 am
burning on the eastern side of the slopes and work its way down into solano county in the direction of fairfield. there is a new evacuation zone that has been instituted. the area outlined in pink that you can see. if you're in the area at your asked to prepare to leave case the fire gets too close, too fast. slacker of the evacuations that you know about that happened in santa rosa. and again, because the fire jumped highway 101 we are looking at a couple of different areas. because the embers were carried so far, the evacuations in place since yesterday. the other ones that you showed were new. but these evacuations -- a lot of these people are waking up this morning and shelters. and >> look at the area to the light. -- right. the outlined area. the oakmont area and wild oak neighborhood. that is where will tran is standing by monitoring the situation. let's visit with him and get the latest from the scene.
6:04 am
>>reporter: of the good news is that it is not windy. the embers are not carrying and the flames that are burning are not getting extra power or fuel from the wind. we showed you this tree over my right shoulder 30 minutes ago. after that time it was pretty high. it was a bright orange glow. it has since died down a bit. this is one of the ridgelines along the neighborhood. there were mansions about a quarter of a mile from my locations. firefighters are not attacking the ridgeline or any other hillside in the overnight hours. the sun should be out and about 90 minutes or two hours. they woke up up with an aircraft to look down and assess how much burn in the overnight hours. they will also talked to crews that will come down for a change of shift at that time they will have a news conference around 7:32 give us an update on what happened at the overnight hours as well as what still needs to be done. right now we are sitting at 1500 homes badly damaged or
6:05 am
destroyed. that also includes commercial buildings. 55,000 acres burned among the five fires. those numbers are expected to go up. hopefully the number of fatalities will not go up. they did their best to try to minimize injuries or deaths. the evacuated this area. this is a gated community. it is dark. the media and authorities are allowed him. just to get to this location we had to go through several checkpoints. we told the officer at each checkpoint what we are doing and that is why they know we are here in case anything should happen. as far as the area of santa rosa, it is pretty much a ghost town at this time and they did that on purpose to allow access to fire crews should they need more fire crews responded to the area. the last thing they need is for people to get in the way or be injured. they would have to tend to that as opposed to the number one priority, which are the fires.
6:06 am
>> that is a big difference from yesterday where you were walking around as were residents, and not supposed to getting dangerously close to burned out buildings and today you had to pass through -- checkpoints. seems like they are getting a better handle on controlling the situation. broke yesterday and happened so fast and resources were so thin that they could not do what they normally do, which are checkpoints. stop, check, and ask people what they are doing. now that it has been 24 hours and they were able to come were resources in other departments as well. and other police agencies to set up checkpoints. absolutely. a huge difference from yesterday when a lot of residents came back to areas, in any other fire even a residential area, they would rope it off. that would have police officers right behind the yellow tape in case anyone would try to lift the tape and head back. yesterday they were so stretched thin and had other priorities and were not able to do that. we understand it is zero
6:07 am
percent containment but as far as the grip on this, and the decision-making, and the feel of control, it is definitely a lot better today than what we saw yesterday. 6:06. let's talk more about the weather angle as we take a look at more of the damage video. you can see the look of despair on people. >> there is nothing that they can do. they throw their hands up and to just be happy that they are alive. that is what a lot of people are saying as they wake up in shelters watching tv and video we have to see if they would recognize a chimney standing, a burned-out car, or any landmark that may show whether their home was spared, or burned down in the fire that ravaged the north bay. slug other landmarks that people are familiar with to get a gauge of where the fire is. one of those was the fountain grove and. maureen kelly is standing by
6:08 am
for us there talking about that and the nearby hilton marine. -- maureen. truck right behind me to the fountain grove in or what is left of it. it is really timbers and lots of charred wood. ashley littering the ground here in the foreground being lit up by spotlights. it is really hard to see what is left of this and from now all we can see are these stone structures. if you look in the distance, you can see what remains of the hilton. that fire has been burning since yesterday. from here you can see the little bits of flames. i shot video and said, what you take a look at that. that is close-up video of the flames still burning. this hotel has been burning since yesterday. i thought myself from across the highway and it was a huge fire. and people had to stop and
6:09 am
stare. they had a lot of competition because there were fires on the other side of the freeway. street lights are out and i had to pass a checkpoint. there is no firefighting actively going on at this location. but we are seeing emergency crews coming through the area. recently i saw sf pd going by. the san francisco fire engine driving by. eyesight help here -- outside help here. we are waiting for dawn to break it to get a better idea of how terrible the destruction really is at this location. >> businesses have burned to the ground as did homes and entire neighborhoods. let's go to lydia and coffee park, in santa rosa. whereby all accounts you say you cannot find one house standing.
6:10 am
12 not one in this area. neighborhood after neighborhood are gone in santa rosa. one of the neighborhoods has -- has been devastated by the fire is a coffee park neighborhood located two miles from downtown. we actually spoke to a police officer when i first got here. he told me he has worked here for over 20 years and has not seen anything like this. he says the neighborhood is unrecognizable. he lives near the area and says that he did not know what street he was on because it looked like a war zone. if you take a look behind me can see it is not uncommon to see small clusters of flames throughout to the area. almost of the entire subdivision of single-family homes built in the 1980s is gone. other subdivisions nearby are devastated as well. the fountain grove neighborhood where a fire station burned to the ground. cutting toe nobles dates and journey is wiped out. i want to describe what it looks or feels like when you drive in to santa rosa.
6:11 am
complete darkness. none of the streetlights work. you can immediately, not only smell smoke in your car, even if your windows are up, but you can feel the heat from the fire if you roll your window down. it is warmer when you get into this area. and when you take a look at the area behind me, you cannot see it because it is dark, but the foundation is there. the walls are burned. you can see that there are beds that survived. a headboard or a bunk bed and you can tell the kids lives here. it is sad to see that these people have lost everything. they lost their homes and you can see that there are areas where you can see there were children who lived here. there are families that live here and they lost everything. we are going to be able to show you more as a lights,. i know it is really dark. but you can see the clusters of flames burning behind me. back to you. >> we are talking about a city. what did you take? what exit?
6:12 am
>>reporter: i don't know. he took me around several exits because everything is closed off. i forgot what exit but i know that i had to take a bunch of streets to get here because there are several exits that are near this neighborhood that are closed off. you cannot take the exit. i had to take streets were a couple of miles to get here. it took a while. >> talk about driving. you take an exit or expected but there is not an exit. there is the exit were the kmart is but there is nothing. there are no businesses. there is no kmart or neighborhood. it is strange. >> to hear her talking about seeing a bunk bed and evidence of a family with kids. we saw if you do earlier of a burned-out kids bike. it was sitting in the driveway.>> the kids are waking up in shelters or with friends, relatives or hotels. like it is a reminder sometimes you get desensitized looking at
6:13 am
pictures but these are people that lived here and these are their possessions. they are all gone in some cases. >> we talked about fresh evacuations. there will be a line of certain cars -- cars in certain areas. right now in the bay area we are seeing lines of cars delayed as well on the bridge. we have us accident at the toll plaza and it may be and overturned. no confirmation yet. but you see the flashing lights. the tow trucks. an ambulance on scene. the two left lanes are blocked. some of the emergency vehicles are also the parking lot. this happened at the told and right when traffic was picking up the traffic heading into the north bay. it is not a major delay but the backup is growing. it is just be on the castro street exit and the flashing lights. it is on your left if you're driving and. it is on the right side looking
6:14 am
at this camera shot. a possible overturn accident and another emergency vehicle pulling up. 40 minutes and growing from the tolls out to 101. i will keep an eye on it. the bay bridge backed through the maze. 40 minutes for the drive is normal. it is quite. no other trouble spots. the traffic tracker is picking up around the bay area but no major slowdown. we have yellow and orange which reprimands -- represents moderate slowing. miter -- miner county for 680 s. you notice traffic is filling in on the minutes and filling in on a one-to-one. right now it is good with 30 month minutes from morgan hill to san jose. good morning we check in with bay area temperatures. up in the north bay we are holding onto 40s. much cooler than yesterday. 51 for napa. elsewhere it is pretty much 50s. in contrast to yesterday, just 24 hours ago we are still double digits behind the temperatures we had yesterday. almost all locations with the exception of the south bay.
6:15 am
that was the offshore wind the help support temperatures overnight from sunday until monday. the wind right now are single digits. we will see them pick up a little bit. there is a little breeze with the normal process of daytime heating. and onshore wind is expected to develop late tonight and early tomorrow morning. it may help clear out of the air quality with north bay and coastal bay that is unhealthy for sensitive groups. moderate for the east bay and south bay. the school forecast calls for 77 by high noon. the afternoon pickup. still 80s in the inland valley. upper 70s around the perimeter of the bay. let's get back to coverage of the wildfires into north bay. we know a couple hundred people between all of the fires ended up in the hospital being treated for burns. some were serious and others were smoke inhalation. you can see there why people are wearing masks. >> in some cases it carrying water in buckets to try to put a hotspot they are finding on properties and offering support to those who have lost everything the half.
6:16 am
every possession that they have with a lot of communities. there are a lot of homeowners experiencing this and a lot more still unsure about what the fate of their homes are. >> one of ours is not here again because he does not sure he would have a home to go home to. the hardest hit area with the most homes in the densest population is santa rosa. we will take a quick break we will be right back.
6:17 am
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6:19 am
welcome back. fresh video into kron 4. we want to cycle through the highlights of yesterday. adjusted the destruction, and piles of ashes, rubble, and flames throughout santa rosa, napa, solano as well added to the list of burned-out areas and areas that are in danger. a boil water advisory in effect this morning. if you're lucky enough to have a home and live near a fire area, but your neighborhood is there you may have to boil your water. >> like yesterday we have our field of reporters in the field giving us coverage of the firefighting efforts and full recovery efforts. yesterday we talked with camille upper now at an evacuation center gauge the situation. she is back there to give us an update on the folks that are
6:20 am
dealing with trying to live in an evacuation center when they do not know what the fate of their house as.>>reporter: the santa rosa veterans building that is serving as a shelter in that capacity. the people here have lost a lot. they were the ones who are woken up in the middle of the night and told to evacuate their homes. they are sad, confused, and do not know what comes next. but what they do know is after they found a shelter. they found a place that gives them food, water, and comfort. there are a lot of people going through the same situation for helping each other out in these difficult times. it is too soon to tell how long these people have to stay in this shelter and it is too soon to tell what has been lost, and was damaged in their homes and communities. reporting in santa rosa, camila bernal , kron 4 news. we also have a new evacuation zone to report at this morning. this is in relation to the atlas peak fire impacting napa.
6:21 am
yesterday the fire was burning on the western slopes of the range. burning down towards napa. the worry now is that the flames are creeping down the other side of the ridge and heading in the direction of solano county, fairfield, -- it is not going into fairfield but burning in that direction. we instituted this new area where they are designated as a mandatory evacuation zone. you're asked to leave and you live in that area.>> we are focusing a lot of coverage on the devastation in santa rosa because that is where we see the densest population and most homes and businesses turned down. these are the areas that are burned this morning were people evacuated from yesterday. >> the larger block you see on the left side is from still rode up. both sides of 101 because he saw the fire hop on both sides and the grove area as well. been on the right you see that section outline boarded by highway 12 mac. that is a newly implement it
6:22 am
evacuation area. that is the oakmont neighborhood. a lot of high-end homes. the wild oak neighborhood as well. will tran is out there and have been talking to him.>> and we are looking at the devastation and how giant areas, neighborhoods were wiped out and then there would be a street or two that were fine. and then not. it was almost like an airplane from above dropping bombs but instead it was the air dropping embers. much like a bomb, just a whole neighborhood that went up and then a new neighborhood. chimneys standing, and you see a few pillars or the infrastructure foundation of a home. some burned-out cars meaning some people left without to their cars. they got into whatever vehicle was leaving. look at the cars, they seem to be okay whereas the homes around them are burned out. >> we should point out that
6:23 am
there is a need for volunteers since we are talking about to the santa rosa area. the red cross asking for any volunteers who want to help assist with fire evacuees at the elsie allen high school and middle school. they need immediate assistance to help people check in and distribute supplies and other activities as they are needed. both schools are open as emergency shelter locations and the red cross is asking for volunteers. if you have time, they would like you to head out and help them out.>> you see residents consoling each other and all of the children that are involved. we just showed a downed backboard for basketball and a bicycle burned out. a lot of these people are with their kids in evacuation center's this morning or huddled in with friends. not just in santa rosa but i have been driven out of their homes in napa. here we are driving down the street in napa. >> gated communities. >> you see what is left or a gate before a driveway and it is gate after gate entering the home at all and there you see the framework of a home.
6:24 am
just charred rubble and wreckage, ashes everywhere. neighborhoods obliterated at this morning. as we look at some of the bigger homes, i was running into people at regular stores and shops. had lost everything and they were buying new stuff. is unfortunate because they could be at a store buying stuff. people here at kron 4 that live in petaluma and santa rosa, they were folding donated clothes and things other people were going to look for with used clothing that people have donated to the evacuation center's. that is where they are picking up clothes. everybody feels the fortunate. because they are alive. as we reported there are 10 people dead this morning and the fires in the north bay and maybe more because there are 100 still unaccounted for. look at all the things that have been donated. they're still looking for more help. >> last to get the latest on
6:25 am
the weather ankle to all of us. dave spar tracking them from the weather center. the good news if there is any, is if the wind is not ripping through the ridges and blowing embers everywhere. but you are talking about this earlier. they're going to shift and come from an onshore direction from the west they will moisten the atmosphere more so but that will be the wind returning. hopefully today is a good workday for firefighters and they will get a handle on things because they will not have much wind interrupting and we have cooler temperatures. also more humidity. let give the breakdown for today. 64 are in the lower 80s with a lot of the inland spots. you notice that 73 will cover it around the bay. i wanted to jump to relative humidity. you see the numbers dance around in the north bay, they are the 20 and 30 percent range. when this red flag warning without they were in the teens. this is an improvement even though it is not a high number. during the day, the humidity levels drop. you have mixing of drier air in
6:26 am
the upstairs and higher temperatures. the relative humidity gap does appear drier than it is. the good news, going into tonight you see the green with elevated humidity level. onshore wind checking in. the shift in place. the buffer from the dry air starting to move out and our atmosphere will be cleaned out a little bit. here are the winds that i mentioned. you can see them in the north bay for sonoma, spreading out to napa. then a lot of inland valleys in the far east bay by that point the onshore variety. smoke and haze will be the deal. cooler and not as dry. late in the week onshore wind is still with us and not as warm. a very powerful system is coming later on. by the weekend, sunny and warm. that is towards the latter portion. sunday and monday as we look
6:27 am
into early next week. a slight increase with temperatures. check with north bay temperatures lower 80s along one-to-one looks like 76 in san rafael. 70 in napa. 81 for sonoma. san francisco is looking at 68. 73 in oakland. 82 four san jose. checking area roads. good morning robin, what is happening. struck with to have this crash at the richmond bridge in the clearing stage is. we now have an additional lane blocked and learned this is an overturn accident westbound at the toll plaza, blocking the two left lanes. it will be on the left looking at this camera from the plasma. the backup is growing. it stretches all the way beyond richmond parkway. if this is your commute to, you needed to leave early. traffic will get better but crawling across the tolls. you're at the bay bridge toll plaza lots of headlights to the pay gates. it is backed up onto 580. from 24.
6:28 am
if you come in from the eastshore freeway it is slow and go highway 4 out of hercules. traffic on 92 leaving hayward westbound spilling over towards the southbound and still holding at 20 minutes from 882 11. one more accident southbound 680. at the automall exit. it looks like we have one lane blocked but it is adding to the commute traffic. here is your drivetime. it is so coming out of dublin. buddy seven minutes and growing because of the crash to get from dublin to fremont. more drive times and traffic checks coming up in a few minutes. we will also take a look at the golden gate bridge. let's get back to breaking news team coverage of the fires that are still burning out of control this morning. these are in napa, sonoma and solano county. firefighters with her hands full and santa rosa which has seen the most destruction to homes and businesses.
6:29 am
spot this looks like a self storage facility where they have broken open doors and are trying to put out fires. there are a number of services like that in santa rosa. >> of this that weird that they are saving furniture for houses that are burned down? it is sad. there 1500 structures >> at least. >> there will be more than napa they cannot spend their time counting burned out homes when they are trying to save more from being added to the list.>> we should mention that there is a boiled water notice. since we are in santa rosa we have talked about boiled water notices for napa but there is also one for santa rosa. particularly near fountain grove neighborhood. that is where we had teresa yesterday looking at homes that were on fire a lot of those homes and businesses that burned put a lot of pollution on the ground. they want you to boil water if you live in that area of the fountain grove before you drink it or bathe with them. flex teresa is the one that said she was dry and it felt like she was driving into hell
6:30 am
because from the distance you are driving towards the fire or we have seen video or pictures of people flying over the area and you just saw this glow. you even said this morning. we have fresh pictures and video from this morning. it looks like a volcano there is no fire line cuts. it is still under control and we are looking at the neighborhood after neighborhood throughout santa rosa, especially looking like this. santa rosa took the brunt of the damage because of the tightly confined in neighborhoods where it was home to home or mobile home parks that burned down.>> one of the neighborhoods in particular that is designed like that is a copy park neighborhood. lydia showing what is left but there is not much to show. truck there is not much to show. it is sad when you look at the
6:31 am
area here. the houses or what were the houses. you can see remnants of beds that i talked about earlier. dressers. you know there was a family that lived here and you know that they lost everything and your heart cannot help to feel for those families. take a look behind me and you can see small clusters of flames throughout to the area. that is not uncommon. you see small clusters and they start going down and coming back up as well. almost the entire area of santa rosa neighborhood after neighborhood, completely gone. the entire subdivision of the coffee park neighborhood. single-family homes built in the 1980s are gone. nearby other subdivisions are also devastated. felder grove. a fire station burned to the ground. dirty santa mobile home park is wiped out. i want to describe what it feels like when you dive into
6:32 am
santa rosa. all of the lights are out because all of the electricity is out. it is completely dark. then you started to see the small clusters of of flames throughout the area and several freeway exits that are closed. if you are going to get to this area you have to get off of the freeway several miles before. if you're driving to this area i know the curfew lifts at a route -- around 7 or; 30. be careful. as i was driving to her this morning, you have to drive slow. it is very dark and there are trees in the roadways. there are downed power lines as well as all kinds of debris over the roadway. just be careful if you're driving out here. i spoke to a police officer who came up to check on me and he told me that he has been working here over 20 years. he said he did not see anything like it. he did not see the -- recognize the streets he has patrolled for decades. it is sad to see. back to you. if you're
6:33 am
looking over the various the firestorms and devastating fires we were comparing it to the oakland hills a firestorm and i think it was 25 or 26 people that died in the fire and we are looking at 10 people . as lydia talked about with that devastation they cannot get a good count with 100 people missing. we are standing by to get new information. they are going to give us a briefing and we will take that live and get you the information. we know that at least 10 people have been killed in these fires. let's continue the team coverage. back to the field, kron 4's will tran is standing by in the area of northeast santa rosa near wild oak. truck this area was the latest area to be evacuated. the good news is that they have plenty of fire engines in the driveway should the embers from the fire --
6:34 am
>> we are getting interrupted audio from you. your picture is frozen. i'm going to ask him to move. it could be a cell connection. we will go back to him but what he was talking about is the fact that the fire is actively burning behind him. there is no containment of this morning. still hotspots and still and actively moving fire that is advancing, but not as fast because the wind is last. >> some cases when it comes to structures firefighters have to make the call to just let it burn out because, we need personnel elsewhere and one of those was the hilton. you can see the sign for the hilton on the lower edge of the screen with the hotel burning to the ground in the background. we have mourned kelly out there at the nearby fountain grove in where she can still see the hilton burning in the distance. let's get the update from her now. i am standing in front of the fountain grove in which was
6:35 am
devastated. that is what the reins of the structure in the foreground. you can see some charred would and it timbers, as well as the stonewalls which other than that is just ash on the ground and like i said, charred would. just a moment ago i did some exploring and went over to the conference center and took a look at what remains. the devastation is dramatic. i will bring that video in the 7:00 our. right now let me show you behind me. you can see a lot of smoke rising in the distance. that is the hilton hotel. and what remains of that. that is a huge fire and it is still burning. let's roll video that i shot within the hour of the fire. you can see it is much smaller than it was yesterday. just a small flames going in the distance and is still a lot
6:36 am
of smoke rising from that which is not helping the air quality one bit. there is no active firefighting going on here. they're just letting it burn itself out at this hour. but there is firefighting activity we can see. we can see emergency responders driving through the area. lights and sirens going on. they are giving them outside resources. i saw's emphasis go fire department rig drive-by. i thought's emphasis go police department patrol car coming through the area because here it is closed off to the general public. there are no lights here. there are no stoplights in the immediate vicinity. bicentennial offramp to northbound 101 was closed when i got here and we are just waiting for don to come so that we can get a closer look at the devastation.
6:37 am
>> thank you. we want to go back to will tran because we have secured the connection. the audio and video so that we can see this very latest area that has been evacuated. and will, you say that the homes are bigger homes. it is a gated community and you see fire behind you? truck absolutely. the fire continues to burn. now it is adjusted this section. we have been monitoring this since we arrived here and it was along the ridge line. now it is only in that pocket. although it seems to be a little higher. it looks like it is moving out. the good news is that it is white smoke. it is burning the same material. it is a lot smokier than what we saw when we arrived about 2.5 hours ago. we know the public information officer will arrive on the scene to give us the very latest numbers before the person heads into the morning briefing. but the overnight hours did not attack the fire.
6:38 am
that is something they do not do out of fear for safety for the firefighters. they are hoping the fire does not spread in the overnight hours. aircraft is available to them should they assess how bad it is and if they see pockets that could be dangerous for people to be on the ground, they will call those people back and have the aircraft to go up and drop fire retardant. with a little bit different today as opposed to yesterday. they have a game plan. they have more resources. they have fire trucks parked in their driveways in the this gated community. and i saw four or five of them in the driveways with their lights on and some firefighters actually leaning outside against the fire truck and catching their breath. should the embers fly this location to those homes, they are ready to pounce. if you believe in conspiracy theories let me tell you that it was different, they cared about the mobile home parks. no doubt about it.
6:39 am
but they were so stretched thin that the fire was everywhere and santa rosa is not a huge city so they had to pick and choose where to fight. but because today they have more resources, not because that these are mansions, but because they have more resources, backup and a game plan in place, but is why am like yesterday that they are ready to go and as opposed to yesterday where they were responding, racing to fires, today they are parked in the driveway just in case there is a fire. back to you. >> a large part that is because of the lack of wind. we do not have a same type of wind gust with 50+ miles per hour we saw yesterday. select a with more about as we continue to check the forecast. in addition, when will the rest of the bay area get relief from the smoke hanging around? probably not until tomorrow. we do not have anything to mix this out. the only thing is that when the sun comes up it will naturally do that.
6:40 am
we really have the onshore wind coming our way later tonight and early tomorrow morning. today is a good day for firefighters to get a handle on things. there is a current to check into the wind. single digits around the permit -- perimeter of the bay. home went to the north bay. would like to see that. a look at bay area temperatures. the mid-50s on the east bay shoreline. 40s up towards the north. the temperature change and contrast from 24 hours ago is double digits. 20 degrees behind in napa compared to the process from yesterday. the air quality is not a good as james was talking about. it is unhealthy for the sensitive groups, except for the east and south bay. robin checks in with bay area traffic. good morning. still watching this overturn accident active at the richmond center bridget toll plaza. westbound at the pay gates. we had at least two cars involved in this crash. one of them flipped over and you can see flashing lights in the left hand lanes and just beyond the camera shot a tow
6:41 am
truck removed, operated and loaded vehicle flipped over. they're making progress but there is a lot to look at. they pushed it to the parking lot. at least some of it is out of the way. still have other emergency crews blocking. the three left lanes are closed. traffic is a squeezing by on the opposite side. you are at 14 minutes to make it to the north bay. bay bridge stacked up. this is normal and the flow heading into san francisco and backed up to all approaches. a quick track of traffic attacker. 21 minutes 680 s.. no big problems for the southbound. it is still in pockets and we have traffic in the north bay. 280 with 25 minutes heading north -- from the south bay on 280 n. 25 minutes from san jose . the work is just beginning and santa rosa one neighborhood to the next has been wiped out and looking like they have been
6:42 am
bombed this morning and santa rosa. here is the view yesterday as fire. they still cannot get into assessing the damage. we just know it is a significant. joining us on the phone to help get perspective and insight into how the city is going to tackle and manage this disaster, we have chris rogers, the council member of the santa rosa city council. thank you for joining us. >> a good morning. >> where do you start? what is first? >> what the city has been good about emphasizing is that the first thing we are doing is triage. we are still in life-saving mode. we are still in search and rescue mode. we have been doing a really good job of coordinating with the county and the state to get the resources we need to make sure we are protecting our community. last night i had an opportunity
6:43 am
to roll around with the governor's staff from the office of emergency services and senator mcguire's staff. 1000, for coming into our shelters. the national guard is on the scene it making sure we have pulled in about 100 strike teams of from southern california. but to try to tackle the burn, the coordination of resources has been incredible. what you will see in the next day or so is that once we have a feel for where has burned and once we have more control of the fire, and hopefully as the sun comes up we will get more air support as well, we will be able to start to assess the damage. but for the last 24 hours, we have just been in life-saving mode and in search and rescue mode as well.
6:44 am
>> was most of fatalities happening there. seven people in your area have died and they have 100 people missing in these fires. how are you going to find out if there are survivors or more victims who were killed in the flames, if not now to go into areas you have not gone into? >> i had a conversation last night with the affair department and this is one of the issues he and i were discussing. the flames were moving so quickly when this first broke out, and with resources being diverted to napa and other places as well, his guys were basically just going in and trying to evacuate. as we have had a chance to circle the wagons and get a hold of this, now is when we are starting to go back and actually contain the fire. most of the work of search and
6:45 am
rescue there is a significant amount of people still missing and it is traffic. -- tragic. we do have a number of shelters that are open right now are people have been bouncing from shelter to shelter. we do not quite know where everybody is. but we are working with that in the next couple of days. >> you brought up the shelter and i don't know if discussions have started yet but as we saw with that the fire's to the north and lake county, there was a good effort to try to get to these shelters with resources terms of answering questions about insurance. what is the next step for people. has there been an organization put together to go around to different shelters to answer those questions for homeowners that may have seen everything they possess go up in smoke? >> there has. this was an effort that started quickly with the governor's
6:46 am
office of emergency services. putting out into the shelters information about how to contact your insurance company. what kind of services you picked to do so. it is important to note that if you have insurance, you're also most likely covered for a hotel room while you go through this process. putting it out there early to residents to make sure they know that from a comfort standpoint it they would probably become more comfortable in a hotel room somewhere, but also from a resource management standpoint, was limited cots, pillows and blankets, that it would actually be helpful to the whole community for those who could get into a hotel room elsewhere, to do so.>> what if they grabbed maybe a cell phone, a picture, the a spouse and i. they do not have a will or credit card. they may not have money and insurance takes a while. how are you supposed to pay for
6:47 am
that?>> we see from the faith- based community, the red cross and other nonprofits, attempts to address those issues, to step in and fill the gaps that we see in other tragedies and we know there is a successful formula for delivering these services in a way that will be beneficial to the community. not everybody will have access to these resources but really stepping up to the community to make sure we are taking care of everybody. that is an effort that will be ongoing. not just for now, until the fire is contained but really for the next few months or years depending on how much damage there is. this is a fire that has affected every single person in the city. >> it will take a long time when you look after neighborhood , after neighborhood flattened. >> yesterday the governor had to declare a state of
6:48 am
emergency. what does that mean for santa rosa? does that mean that we are getting money coming in their direction to help them out? >> yes. the means we are getting money that is being diverted. that means more importantly, cutting through bureaucratic red tape in a way that services can be delivered. as i mentioned, the national guard is on the scene helping coordinate as well. it is the calvary arriving and wrapping around support for that community. >> we appreciate the update on what santa rosa is trying to do to rebuild which would not begin for a while but right now to just take care of residence that are waking up for the first night they spent in a shelter. >> councilman rogers thank you for your time. we will visit with you again as we continue to follow the progress of the fire and the recovery effort.>> look at the piles.
6:49 am
they get the money and then they move in from the smoldering stops and take trucks and hauled the stuff away. think of the rebuilding the has to happen while people are, if they are lucky enough to just move from a shelter into a hotel room or some kind of makeshift property where they can wait for their home to be rebuilt.>> it was a good remember -- reminder that sometimes people forget what their benefits are. you may get help in paying for the hotel cost make sure that you contact your insurance company or if they have people coming onto the shelters, make sure the to ask. 's but people are not the only ones that do not have anything to go back there the firefighters that have been fighting 24 hours or more this is one of the firehouses. like you see the role top doors? spec they came out and came back .
6:50 am
>> firehouses gone. like the rest of the building on. >> many businesses and we will still will over the 1500 we have now because, look at this neighborhood. it was a standing and on the right it looks like this one, not one home was spared from the flames. >> we are seeing the exact same situation in santa rosa also. >> >> we just saw them flattened by the flames that are still burning this morning. this is the smoldering flames and wreckage in trouble from yesterday and that is the same story right now. flames of fire continue to spread. the wind is not as bad, but we are seeing zero percent containment this hour. we will be back with more of
6:51 am
our live team coverage of the north bay fires in a few minutes.
6:52 am
6:53 am
we are back. 6:53. you're looking at pictures again of the damage and destruction that the fire rot across the north bay. multiple fires. about five main fires burning. these are pictures of the kmart in northern santa rosa that burned to the ground. you can see all that is left are a few exterior walls with everything inside. nothing but a charred math as we have seen pictures like this repeated over and over not only through the business district but the industrial district -- district and residential districts. spot businesses big and small just like homes. began to fall. neighborhoods wiped out. this is a massive home and it is flaming. totally lost.
6:54 am
the car is next, the garage and very little standing. you see mansions on fire and images of the firefighters with the hose. faced by 100 foot flames and smaller homes in mobile home parks going up as well. cars on fire. looks like a bomb was dropped. on whole blocks of santa rosa. and napa also. spot this is pictures of homes and cars at the time on fire. we have seen at the aftermath of this morning when sunlight came out and we saw neighborhoods reduced to ashes. charter cars that were burned out with no tires. they had burned off. from space you can see just how widespread the smoke was from the fires. you make out the orange glow on the right. these are the fires burning at the north bay and smoke coming off looking like it is covering the entire area but it is
6:55 am
not.>> it is not over yet. we do not have the gusty winds but the fire is moving as it will. there is no control. it is just being blown and moving with its own force in all directions this morning. they do not have a containment line.>> we had video yesterday morning showing you the fires burning at the time as well and you can see from above moving down, that the fire was just angry and chewing through all of the trees and brush on the ridges in the hills. and ascending embers into the sky. the wind we had yesterday there were howling on the ridges, 30 to 50 miles per hour blowing the embers. miles ahead of the actual fire and lighting up spot fires in its path. spot the video looks like that today advancing without being stopped. it is just at the smoke isn't blowing as fast. this video really shows you what it looks like today because we had a new video where you could see the glow and the bright flames and
6:56 am
everything else in the darkness. even though we are covering a neighborhood after neighborhood, it is not like we can go in and say assess the damage because they are doing damage control. they're trying to control the plane. >> you mentioned how helicopters were used to literally land in neighborhoods and evacuate people. we have pictures of that as well. sometimes people cannot evacuate because they cannot really move that well. they came down and helicopters and pluck to these people and walkers.>> this looks like hospitals. the hospitals we evacuated a couple hundred people from all but the serious and critical condition that cannot be moved at all or mothers and labor. short of data, they moved everybody with city buses or helicopters. whatever it was. they had to get them out. >> was incredible to see that underway. we will take a quick break.
6:57 am
have a lot more to cover with this big news story this morning. the fires ravaging the north bay. we will be back in continuing coverage in a minute.
6:58 am
sometimes the best time is time you make for yourself. aveeno® daily moisturizing lotion with active naturals® oat. locks in moisture to improve skin wellness in just one day. aveeno® naturally beautiful results® (james) devastation in the
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north bay... wildfires continue to burn in napa and sonoma counties. this is video of the hilton sonoma wine devastation as wildfires burn out of control in napa and sonoma counties. this is video of the sonoma wine country. the hilton hotel destroyed by fire. a huge building glowing and up in flames. we have team coverage with cruise across the area bringing us the latest.>> here is what we know at this hour. 10 people
7:00 am
have been killed in the fires across the north bay and they are afraid the number may go up because there are 100 people unaccounted for. but there are thousands of people in shelters and they are trying to crisscross names and figure out who is a layer -- alive and hoping we don't see the death toll rise. 1500 homes, businesses, hotels, you name it. wineries destroyed this morning because of the fires burning at this hour and the acreage will go up as well. >> 60,000+ as it stands now and here is a look at the map of the fires we are seeing this morning. as darius said, there is -- there are five major fires burning. we have the calistoga fire -- the nuns fire and the atlas peak fire . then there is a fire burning along the sonoma raceway at highway 37. all told, we have tens of thousands of acres burning as we speak.


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