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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  October 11, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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(pam) tonight new evacuations ... as the north tonight at 10, if you evacuations as the north bay firestorm continues to threaten life and threaten prompt the death toll has risen to 23. there are at least 285 people missing in somnom ark county. this video was shot by a sonoma county deputy. look at these intense flames all around. >> it gives you a clue as who to how the fire spread so quickly and so far. much of the attention is focused on the atlas fire, and that fire is threatening new areas, including the city of napa and fairfield, and the tubs fire, also -- and the tubbs fire, also growing at
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this hour. making matters worse, the high winds have returned. >> tonight we are tracking what you need to know. we begin with just teen waldman. an update from cal fire a bit ago. just teen? >> reporter: what we've learned is that this firefight is far from over with the winds going the direction they are and being as wild as they are. let's go -- we know that some more help is on the way there are 8,000 firefighters trying put this fire out right now. but more help is coming in from across the country including agencies in the south and the midwest. we know that at least 3500
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businesses and homes have burned. that number is likely to go up. 23 people are dead, 185 are inexpwrurpd although this fire started 3 cay days ago, this is just the beginning. >> we are in this fight for the long haul. it will continue to get worse before it gets better. you all know the weather conditions. we'll see the conditions continue for the next several days minimum. >> sheriff's office job in it is evacuation, seeing security, and finding missing people. we have 300 law enforcement officers working in this county. they're from all over this state. a loft resources are being poured in toot to do that. >> stay away from the area so we can keep the roadways open. >> we will need all of the help that we can get. open not just your heart victims of the fire with but
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also your homes. >> reporter: 285 people are missing just in sonoma county alone. the sheriff's office is trying to reunite people with their loved ones. the sheriff told me that right now, conditions are just not safe for them to go into neighborhoods. the ashes are just too hot. the fire is unpredictable, so they can't go in and do widespread searches just now. the winds keep shifting, make the fire unpredictable. we also learned there are 22 fires burning in the state of california right now. the important thing for cal fire and all of over other agencies are the fires in napa and sonoma counties. we did also try to find out
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what dhaudz fire, but again, they're stay saiing that is still under investigation. pam and steve? >> thanks, just teen. 72 hours into the wine country inferno with we're tracking new evacuations in sonoma county, napa county, and solano county. >> our grant lodus standing by with the latest evacuations. grant? >> we have a couple of new mandatory evacuations, a couple advisories. we'll start with downtown sonoma. this is a cal fire map. we have learned a about a mandatory evacuation just east of downtown. you see sonoma plaza. if you look just east of that, this area right here, castle road is under a mandatory evacuation order.
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again, castle road as well as 7th street east. castle road and 7th street east, mandatory evacuation order we also have calast gorks, the entire city of calastoga as well as geyserville up here. you can see how close the fire is. this is a cal fire map from a how few hours ago, hasn't been updated in the last few hours. but you can see why folks were told to get out, manned twoish no questions asked. this is the atlas fire. it's the biggest fire in the bay. er with looking at the fire that impacted santa rosa on sunday night. there is the tubbs fire, which stretches from calastoga to the other side of the 101 in santa rosa. the atlas fire started sunday night in napa and has exploded
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into solano county wales as na parks county. that has caused the city of napa to cause an evacuation advisory. this is for the city of napa, basically the eastern edge of napa. this area right here all the way basically he's of 121, then you pick it up south of napa all the way to highway 12. you can see how close this atlas fire is here the winds have shifted. they're blowing now east to west towards the city of na parks. the concern is it will continue. the city of fairfield also seeing the western edge in an evacuation advisory for the east rimming development. pam and steve, i know you've
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been tracking this along with me. it is a harrowing night for those on the front lines. >> a sleepless night as well. thank you. the question is the high winds. that could make the situation etch borps. >> it may have started everything. britney shipp is tracking the current conditions. >> current conditions continue to shift. it's been difficult, because there is wind arrow. we back this up about 2 hours walk see for a while web saw wind speeds out of the north and the east and shifting back towards the north. but that atlas fire is just huge. you can see where it started, it's spreading just outside of napa to the east. that's the concern, that's why we saw the advisory for the evacuations. we saw the wind direction moving this way. most recently, can you see it
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moving back in from the north. you can see it near the atlas fire. it could affect the eastern edge of napa. we again will keep watching the wind direction as it shifts, and we'll switch you over to parts of sonoma. the same thing. when sonoma was evacyaibtd we had the wind direction shift to the east. to the east, you had the park ridge fire. you also have the narbum fire combined with the nun fire. that northerly direction, still sonoma in a crosshairs there. wind out the picture even more closer to santa rosa, the tubbs fire is to the north of santa roe spap the concern was also parts of calicious stoga partially, wind speeds were moving in from the northwest. that's why the entire city was evacuated.
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the wind speeds pick up. eventually shifting back down towards the north overnight, and take a look at the numbers. these are different models that they're bringing in. breezy to windy conditions at least through 8:00. all the way until 5 p.m. wind gusts town 40 miles ab an hour until 5 p.m. tomorrow. that's coming in from the north. we're keeping a close eye. fire systems always create their own weather. back to you guys. >> at 3:11 this afternoon, calistoga got mandatory evacuation order. >> that is covering basically the entire area of cal circumstances toga. if you're not familiar with the area cal circumstances toga is about 30 minutes southeast of
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santa rosa. justin lum is there. do officials believe everyone got out? >> reporter: pam and steve, it sure looks like that. we've seen use driving through constantly. i talked to one cal fire crew member. the flames are on mount he lee that. the winds could bring the fire down to calistoga. it's a good sign that thousands of people evacuated to safety. take a look at video from earlier. we saw dozens of people packing their cars with belongings and animal, filling up gas tanks, and preparing for the worst. the intersection was like gateway for evacueesies, some traveling to nampa county colt
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ever college for shelter. i spoke who to one man who ironically is heading to cal circumstances toga. >> it slows that fire this way and that fire over. it would be bad. >> reporter: the smoke in the sky was a thick haze earlier. at last check, the tubbs fire is more than 27,000 acres and 10% contained. live in a krrks lakes stoga, justin lum, kron news. >> here's a look at the voluntary evacuation for the part of santa rosa.
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>> the extremely poor air quality is prompting a number of school districts around the bay area to cancel classes. schools in the march deep easy, antioch, pittsburgh, maldiblo, john sweat, and west contra costa -- contra costa districts will be closed form schools in the fairfield, sassoon, and fairfield districts will be close tomorrow and on friday. 234valejo they'll be closed op tuesday. classes at cal state freufort university have been can eled through sunday. >> we'll be right back. visiting jr stone on the fire lines right there when we come back. (steve) our breaking news
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coverage continues..thousands of firefighters 72 hours in, our breaking news coverage continues. thousands of firefighters, 8,000 at moment, on the front lines, many from around the state of california. >> many of the men and women who are battling the blazes have been affected. at least 40 have v lost their own homes. jr stone join us live from eldridge. jr, swhat situation like there? >> reporter: i can tell you, it was a busy afternoon for firefighters. it will be a very busy night for firefighters who are closely northering these hills. i want to give you a vantage pony of what i'm look at. i know it is dark, but i'll do my best to zoom in, to show you
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one of the fire lins on the hillside. it's died down in the last 5 memberships or so, but ki tell you at times, it lights up and can you see that whole line we're neither ham ill family wines. the owner has been out here, keeping a close eye on this. this is the same area i was in today, and i came across fires that came up along the roadway. people waved down some firefighters for their help. we got video of them putting that fire out. those firefighters told me it's been from one location to the next location. out here tonight, all eyes are
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on this i'd of the while and another. i was in the oakmont area a short time ago. they have confirmed 2 houses were destroyed within but boacht them were destroyed yesterday. those fire crews i talked with in that area also keeping a close eye on things there, especially whrit wind that's expected to come in here later tonight. but at this point, haven't seen that strong wind which is faring well if you have a home in this area. back to you in the studio. >> let's hope you don't see the strong winds, jr. we mentioned that the fire is threatening sonoma. there are hand story evacuations in eastern sonoma valley. >> you have to be ready to
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believe if necessary. dan, what's the current situation? >> as -- >> reporter: as you mention mentioned, eastern sonoma valley under mandatory evacuation. sheriff's deputies telling people they have no to go because the fire is coming. >> shortly before 8:30, fire crews and sheriff's deputies went to eastern sonoma valley. >> sheriff's office, evacuation advisory. >> the sirens started 4 in the afternoon. dozens of sheriff's deputies
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crossing the downtown. >> people are in navpa. >> reporter: they started packing up what was important. >> some albums, clothes, and my kids. >> reporter: police officers made sure that everyone was alerted. >> people were knocking on doors, talking to community members, letting them know that the near is heading this way. >> reporter: while fires are railing all over the bay area, most thought or at least hope that sonoma was out of harm's way. >> we thought that the hills were going to protect us. >> reporter: they hope that the fire got down the hill, it will reach people's homes. >> it's very terrifying. >> the play say sha is very
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much deserted o'than a few ducks. we can tell you that things are ever-changeing. it started with just an advisory, now a man story warning for eastern sonoma valley. >> thank you, dan. we have been tell ugh about the coffee park neighborhood. >> was devastate bid the tubbs fire, homes destroyed within at least one life also lost in the neighborhood. we return there again today, here's some of the damage that remains. while firefighters make certain everything is safe for a return, a lot of people are in evacuation centers. that's where we find matt mendes. matt? >> reporter: we're at the fenly community center.
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this is one -- at the fennely community center. the fire devastated a mobile home park. all but 4 mobile homes were destroyed. a firefighter said he grabbed a fire hens protected his neighbor's home and his own home. neighborhoods were left unrecognizable. but the fire skipped some homes. this man describes the chaos. >> i caught some footage on my phone, and everything was on fire. it was like an apocalyptic war zone with just fire everywhere. >> reporter: much of the neighborhood is destroyed.
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it's been emotional to see family returning to their houses and seeing nothing left. matt mendes, kron4 news. >> speaking of the looting situation, santa rosa police say looting is on the rise. 3 suspects are behind bars. a 3rd looting arrest happened in peterson lane and v lexer ma avenue. progress being made, but mandatory evacuation on the rise. we'll continue to cover the wine inferno when we come back.
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we've been felling you there are still 285 people missing in the fires in sonoma
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county alone. a man whose family said they found their missing loved one. the family of dieg o pacheco were searching high and lore for the 71-year-old. they searched as far north as cloverdale. turns out he was staying at a friend's house the entire time. he does not speak english or own a cell phone. that made it difficult for him to reach his loved ones. >> unfortunately, not all of the stories have a happy ending. a windchill-bound woman who went missing in tubbs fire has been found dead. christina hansen got stuck in her home and what you was not able to get out. amber tunes has also -- linda tunes also died. she was found last night.
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jessica, her daughter sways her mother called her and said she was trapped inside and the phone line went dead. >> we've got. a lot of phone calls about how people can help in the north bay. if you want to donate to victims of the fire, there are several ways to do that. >> the red cross is accepting donations to help. you can make a $10 donation. the salvation army is in unit d. the united way is collecting money at website. >> we'll have more when we come back.
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3 days since the inferno began, and evacuations are still expanding. people in part of sonoma and napa being told to be ready to leave. >> here are some of the latest fire numbers. north bay firestorm has killed at least 23 people. in sonoma county alone, at least 28 peel are missing and
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unaccounted far. there are at least 750,000 acre burn in the state, 100,000 in our area. kron 4's just teen waldman has an update from cal fire. >> reporter: the -- justine waldman has an update from cal fire. >> reporter: the firefighters wanted you to know to please try and stay away. they want to leave the freeways open for emergency vehicles to be able to come in and out without any traffic and also to keep the roadways open for evacuees who may need to get out quickly. i do want to get back to the number of missing people. sheriff's office put out that there are 285 people missing. that is down from the initial
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number of 600, but the sheriff's office is working hard to reunite missing people with their loved one, but it's too danger for the sheriff's office to do widespread searches, because the ashes are too hot. the fire conditions are just unpredictable. >> what we're doing is working that -- working those missing people backwards and dog the recovery part of the job that we don't want to do but it will be part of this. >> reporter: the sheriff's office is asking people that if you find a loved one to please let authorities know. the sheriff's office also had them say they were being turned
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over without any officials. they want to keep track of who is at these e values centers. it's not part of an immigration crackdown. they want to make that clear to mom people continue. i'm justine waledman, kron4 news. >> the atlas fire has burn the most achessers we think so far. >> gabe, can you get a sense of how close the virus is getting? >> reporter: i can. i just talk stwownd who was fight it it an hour ago. 3 miles from here is where the closest fire is to here.
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they're fighting it there. they said if the wind does not pick up, -- they say if the fire picks up, it -- if the wind does not pick up, it will stop dead cold. voluntary evacuation areas were announced west of the 80 and the eastridge neighborhood. they are saying it's a voluntary evacuation. they're saying if you're not comfortable sleeping overnight, if you're worried you won't aerohabit evacuation orders if they come down, you can stay at those centers. it's not mandatory yet, but
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voluntary. they say to have your medicine, your money, your clothes, your pets with have everything ready, and stay tune to the news doifort law enforcement alert, because it could come at any time. there's no school tomorrow or friday in fairfield. for large animal, you can go to the solano county animal shelterer in valejo. they keep coming up here where the police are, staging here, because they want to seat fire, they want to smell it, they want to decide whether to evacuate. let's hear from a resident named red. >> we're out and about, looking to see if we can see where the fire is so we're prepared. i have this area in anymy front yard that i dug out to keep my
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dogs from jumping over the fence. we'll probably fill that with water, but i don't nope. >> you're staying for now? >> we'll stay for now. >> about 3 miles out from fair pealedfield, they've put up a dozer line, they call it. you can text the nixel line. it will come down from the solano sheriff's office. we'll keep monitoring here in fairfield. back to you guys. tonight, app advisory evacuation order has been issued for part of napa, also because of the atlas fire. >> that means tough be ready at
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a molt's notice. >> people have been evacuated from north further north and came down. part of this area is under an evacyays advisory. authorities are asking people to be ready to have a bag pack and be ready to leave at a moment's notice. that's because to the east of where i'm standing on the ridge, the at lice fire is burning. there are drews on the hill, working hard to keep this fire under control. i talked to a girl who says she doesn't know where to go next. >> my house has been evacuated, soy can't go home. >> reporter: a large portion of the city of napa is under an
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evacuation advisory. charles clifford, kron4 news. >> you don't see much wind bind charles, but it's out there in different pockets. >> and we do have a red flag warning in effect until 5 p.m. tomorrow. we expect the win speeds to pick up after midnight. the strongest will be between midnight and 6 a.m. but we have so much activity just burning in our north bay zone, excuse me, and one direction -- and our wind direction has shifted. around 8:00, it was moving in from the east. now it is moving in from the north, which in some cases is better than the east for parts of napa and sono marx.
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you'll notice they'll be quass gusting town 20, 25 miles per hour by 2 a.m. that's when we expect them to pick up in parts of napa. the good news is our wind direction doesn't shift too much. that could change change. it's a really fluid situation. as we head to tomorrow, you'll notice involvement wind speeds start to die down. that will give firefighters the chance to get more of those. tomorrow, we're expecting the humidity levels to drop down to the single digits throughout the day. tomorrow morning, we be in the 30s and 20s for napa.
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coming up, we'll talk about when we expect a little relief. >> in fairfield, firefighters are working around the clock, dog whatever they can to stop the flames. >> theresa checked with one of the teams as they work out a strategy to save homes. >> reporter: there's been an intense battle as firefighters are trying to put out the atlas fire as it spread into this area. i'm the @ the intersection of sassoon valley road and rockville road. >> reporter: this is what i found just past the road block in fairfield wednesday morning. hot, scomming, dangerous flames. around the road, more flames. an air thanker is fighting the good fight. this is all part of the atlas
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fire. this fire is fierce and stubborn and not going away easily. >> have you ever seen fire like this before? >> no, ma'am. >> reporter: i caught up with captain sam lo,000,000,000si and his crew wane sortment of firefighters from all overt bay area. >> reporter: what's the challenge, captain? >> possibly early 50s. >> reporter: air tankers and helicopters worked at a frantic pace. >> the winds get very high. that's another concern. >> saving homes and lives a top priority. but as the fire continues to spread, it's hard to find anyone to stop it. >> reporter: what will you do to try to save them?
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>> structure protection. we check for defensive space. we triage. we pick. it's hard to say, but winners and losers. some houses we just can't defend. >> reporter: most of the homes evacuated. the steam is tired but committed to e see this through. >> our strike team has. going for 3 days straight with almost no rest. we got a little less rest last night. we're ready to go. could be another 3 days. who knows? but we're good to go. >> reporter: all of the firefighter says they're committed to seeing this through but ask everyone that if you get the evacuation
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order, please go. >> those hot shots to d'oh give awe bit of optimism. >> we'll stay optimistic. we'll be back after the break. ♪ hey grandpa. hey, kid. really good to see you. you too. you tell grandma you were going fishing again? maybe. (vo) the best things in life keep going. that's why i got a subaru, too. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. (steve) the smoke from the
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fires in the north bay is affecting air quality th no matter where you live in the bay area, you're familiar
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with it, the smoke makes it hard to breathe. >> it helps clear the air. it's been pushing the smoke here now. a number of school districts around bay area canceling classes because of it. >> we've been putting you outside in the haze. is it diminishing at all? >> reporter: it seems later we get in the night, the more intense the spl smell of smoke gets out here. at night it looks better, but can you see that film, that ray of smoke. it's like snowfall coming from the jibe something you don't expect see very often in san francisco, certainly when the
10:45 pm
fire is relatively far away. but that smoke and ash is coming in. school districts are look to close their doors because they're concerned ab the bad air quality. if you are concerns, go to the school district to find out the answer. the haze was unmistakable. it's something we're not used to. one thing i want to say say that we've been compiling. if you flieblg you've been affected by the poor air quality, we have a list of symptoms there. check out if you should perhaps contact your health care provider to make sure you're
10:46 pm
okay. if you can, stay indoors. we want everyone to be say out there. >> danny, thank you for that. a lot of people trying to block out that intense smoke. one walmart told customers to go to other hardware stores. >> you really need to wear masks outside. walmart doesn't have it film, so they're sending us to the nearest hardware. >> let's get a closer look at the air quality. >> dan, is there any relief at think time of day or any corn
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over the bay? >> as we push into tomorrow, our air quality will go down again. that is because we have the red flag warning that's in effect. we'll see the win speeds moving in from the north. what that does is blow the smoke into the bay area. north bay, east bay, south bay zones, you will unhealthy. it's been unhealthy for sensitive groups. it applies to everyone, specially children, elderly pets. we have a spare the air alert in effect.
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we should see at lot more improvement on friday and saturday. we'll look at the red flag warning and the wind speeds overnight into tomorrow. >> appreciate it. our breaking news coverage continues. thousands of firefighters joining the front lines. >> the nun fire is nearing homes tonight as sonoma county kron4's jr stone is in sonoma county. what is happening? >> it's been a busy night for firefighters who are off in the distance up on the hillside, way in the distance, fighting the fire line that is up there. i want to give you an up-close look of what it's like. just go to give you an idea of where we are, we are at the
10:49 pm
hamill family wines. eldridge is just northwest of sonoma. this is the area where all of this is going on. a lot of this, fire crews are watching this. they're going to other parts of the area. there are some areas of concern as you are driving around. you can see those firefighters. you see some of the vineyards there, and then off in the distuans see those fire crews, which are down from far northern california. at one point, they ran out of water and had to regroup, get
10:50 pm
more water. they were flaghtd down by somebody living in this area. fortunately in this case, they were able give her help. 2 homes were destroyed, but those homes were destroyed yesterday. the good news is that they lost no homes in that area. i can tell you gnomes were lost today. i want to throw it back to you in the studio. >> thank you, jr. >> we have more coming up when we return after this. (pam) this is an amazing
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story... a man and his family were stranded on atlas peak in valley on an amazing story to share
10:53 pm
with you. a man and his family were stranded in atlas peak on saturday when a chp pilot helicopters in to rescue them. >> there were 5 family member and only room for 4, so patrick mayo stayed bind as his wife, son, and in-laws were flown to safe safety the pilot had to come back to find the father safe and rescued him as well. the family and the pilot were reunited and talked about the harrowing but heroic experience. >> we didn't think we would see pe perks again. er with wondering if we could come back and it would be burned over. it e field like we were on the titanic. pe perks was using you u.s. as a lifeboat and his feet were already wet. he said take my family and go.
10:54 pm
>> hi he said, let's go, are you coming with us? that was nice. >> pe perks and his family lost their home and their belongings. 7 bay area sports teams. we're lucky to have them all. they've step topped help and support the north bay relief efforts. >> they raised a come pinedlogical half million dollars to help vision times of the wildfires. the golden state warriors, oakland raiders, oakland athletic, and san francisco 49ers along with the earthquakes and san jose sharks announced this joipt doe nation earlier today.
10:55 pm
>> thoughts and prayers for the people affected up there, lives that were lost, pretty devastating. >> the air, it felt like somebody was barbecuing. my heart goes out to the families. when something like that happens, you think you're fortunate and you're blessed. our thoughts and prayers are with nose who lost house, friends, and loved, yous
10:56 pm
bounce. >> being 2-3 is not hard when you think about it. our player are with them. >> the 49ers still practiced outdoors today in prep race for their game on sunday in washington, d.c. head coach kyle shannahan had this to say. >> our prayers are with those poem. i've heard a lot of people are industrialing up there. industry seen a lot on tv and my wife has told me some things. it sounds like serious stuff. my prayers are with those people. >> all 7 of the bay area's major professional spotters teams, the 49ers, the raiders, the sharks, the giants, the a's, and earthquakes have all combined to donate nearly half a million collar dollars to wildfire victim relief, and the teams are urging their fans to contribute to the effort as
10:57 pm
well. >> we have more coming up, including a sense of support from helicopters and air tankers that have arrived on the scene and are helping to fight the wine country inferno. ♪ because everyone likes easy. sure do. because everyone is on the go. because we all like to save energy, but sometimes we slip up. reaching up. ssssh! because sometimes we want it cool at night, then toasty in the mornings. introducing the easy to use, energy saving, adjustable from everywhere, easy on the wallet and the eyes, nest thermostat e. e is for everyone.
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♪ ♪ ♪ (pam) tonight new
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uations as >> yes tonight at 11, new evacuations z at north by a fire storm threatens to continue lives and home. the death to at 23 now. at least 285 people are still missing. and this is new video we got today. this comes in from a sanoma county deputy. this was happening on sunday night. that's the night the fire broke out. you can see has he's driving through the neighborhood. look at the winds, the intense flames and impercent batter against his car. look at the colors along the way. tonight that fire threatening a areas include the


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