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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 12, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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funny lady. here's what you should expect from her twist on the late night game. >> sketches, music, special guests, and free cocoa butter for everybody. >> your dream guest on the show? >> beyonce. >> isn't she everybody's? >> there's no question. beyonce answer is the -- that's my heart, and it's true. and i'm a bit of a stalker. >> tonight, robin, we will be stalking you. and your new show. >> bye, everybody. this is the bay area's news station, kron four news starts now with breaking news. a rising death toll as wild fires continue a relentless tear through the north bay, now 31 people killed, 191,000-acres burned so far and widespread evacuations turning cities into
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ghost towns. >> it's erie. the whole town is empty. >> thick smoke bank ets the whole bay area. >> it burns my throat and nose and makes my eyes water. >> 8,000 firefighters are on the front lines, facing down the raiming wild fires with continue to threaten thousands of homes. thank you for joining us tonight. i am pam moore. here's the outlook, the death toll is at 31, 17 of the deaths from sonoma county alone. 2800 homes destroyed in the city of santa rosa 400 people are missing in sonoma county. tonight we are learning the names of some of those killed in the wild fire, we are live in santa rosa with the latest.
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>> reporter: the majority of those missing have been found safely but unfortunately the death toll has gone up and it's expected to climb. tonight we learned the names of 10 people that lost their lives to this fire, the majority of them were from the santa rosa area. on that list is, carol collins- swasey, lynne anderson powell of santa rosa, arthur tasman grant of santa rosa, suiko grant, doll hal hal, leroy peter halbur -- donna mae halbur, leroy peter halbur, valerie lynn evans, carmen caldentey berriz, michael john dornbach and veronica elizabeth mccombs. we are told that most of the victims were found in their homes, one person was found by their car, at this point it's
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hard to say if there are any common conditions about how the victims died but the youngest person on the list is 57, the majority of the victims are elderly in their 70s and 80s, the sheriff explained how the victims were found. lets listen. >> they were found in targeting searches. people called and gave us enough information that we needed to go look for them. again, we had to be able to get into the spot. there were, in the last couple of days, there was enough evidence to go look at houses that we could not get near because the houses were too hot. that's how we handled that. these were done after we were september to a house to find someone. >> reporter: as far as the
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missing, there were 1100 people reported missing, 745 of those people were found safely. they are making great progress in terms of getting the list down, 400 people are not accounted for but the sheriff is hopeful that the majority of people will be found safe. power is starting to come on and people are getting cell service, people will be able to call their loved ones to let them know that they are safe. coming up, we will hear from a cal fire official who said he has never seen devastation like this. >> thank you. the tubbs wild fire continues to spread tonight as well. it's just reached highway 29, 4 miles short of calistoga, is .25 miles from the highway, we have the latest from the scene with spencer. >> reporter: gene, 4 miles
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north on highway 29, right where it meets the north end of the eeld toll road. if you go that far, you can see what i saw, the thick smoke, the flames, but it's very interesting, the flames there are not as big as you might expect because they were intentional. there were three or four engines and a couple of dozen firefighters ahead of the flames, the reason, like i was saying, that the flames were not so big is because they were set by firefighters who have the drolled burns going on. they want to deprive the main fire of its fuel as it gets to the highway. >> the embers can cross the road. it's important to take strips at one at a time and make sure nothing crosses the road. >> reporter: as of this afternoon, firefighters said so far, so good. they have been able to keep the
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flames from crossing 29, this is just a small portion of that huge fire bust firefighters will use any existing barrier that they can find like a road or river to keep the flames at bay, then they use those barriers as part of the containment line, calistoga is still under a mandatory evacuation order. it looks like a ghost town, nobody is driving around except emergency vehicles but there was a special group of volunteers that came back into town to help out. i will tell you about their story at 9:00. >> thank you spencer. we look forward to that story. all of the evacuations, mandatory and advisory, we are keeping track of them all as well as the fire line, grant is in the news room with that part of the coverage.
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>> we have been tracking this using a map that cal fire is updating frequently. lets look at that map. spencer was in downtown calistoga which is under a mandatory evacuation order. you can tile it in. spencer was on link on avenue he saw the fire close to highway 29, 4 miles north of that. so in this area, this is in real time, the fire has gotten closer to 29, it has jumped the napa river in some spots, that's where they taking the stand, highway 29, they to not want -- do not want it to close in on calistoga right now. right now no fire activity in calistoga proper.
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you can see the tubbs fire here sunday night. this is safari west here, it goes all the way to the city of santa rosa, this is where so much devastation has occurred in the coffey park area, all of these homes are just gone and so much of santa rosa is under a mandatory evacuation order. there are some advisories as well. i want to go to downtown sonoma, the -- advisories are coming in. the mandatory evacuations have expanded to include east napa street and lavall valley rode and castle rode and seventh street east. these are mandatory evacuation orders. it's so close to the sonoma
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square here, blocks away there is an evacuation order. some good news as it regards the atlas peak fire, it's spread to solano and parts of east ridge but the east ridge community is now only under an advisory, it had been a mandatory order but now it's an advisory. grant, thank you. the atlas fire is another major concern in the fire fight. just today officials tripled the staff on the front lines, we talked with cal fire as to where the fire is heading and the big concerns for firefighters right now. gabe is live from fairfield. what is the latest? >> reporter: there is some good news out here. the high winds that they expected did not come. the fire has not advanced at
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all. it's 3 miles outside of the fairfield city limits, by rockville valley road. you see them fighting the fire here in this video. it's 3% contained and 40,000- acres have burned. if the wind stays low they expect to get more control on this. 13 structures have been destroyed including two homes, no deaths in this fire but 400 homes are under threat. as grant said they changed a mandatory evacuation to advisory, that means people can go to an evacuation center but they do not have to. they can go to the fire field
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community center. animals and horses can go to the solano county fair grounds. we asked 5/d[w the hot spots that they are focusing on because things could turn any second. >> this is the footprint of the atlas fire. the city of napa is here, the fire is burning towards jameson canyon. the green area is under threat because the hot fire that is still burning that has the potential for northern winds to blow it south into those communities. that's why we still not comfortable allowing people in to those areas yet. along the east side of the fire there is quite a bit of heat and fire activity. we are not out of the woods yet but with the more favorable whipped conditions we are going to be seeing higher containment numbers and we are going to get
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a hand on this as quickly as possible. >> reporter: again we are at the mercy of mother nature. it's all about the wind. if you live in fairfield or solano, have your go bag ready and medication and clothes, be ready but if the wind stays down they think that the tawnment numbers will climb and we will get control over this. >> we will have more from gabe at 9:00 p.m. >> ahead at 8:00, search and rescue teams digging through rubble. >> plus firefighters are reeling from the devastation of the fires personally after flames tear through their fire station but they recovered meaningful remnants in the ash. >> a raceway opening it's doors to people who are evacuated tonight (steve) in sonoma where
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mandatory evacuations went into effect in some areas last night, local residents are still working to cope with the fires surrounding them. ma in sonoma where mandatory evacuations went into effect, many residents are wondering if their homes are still there. danny has been out in sonoma town square all day, he has an update as to how the residents are doing, i am sure there is still a lot of anxiety. >> reporter: evening has set in the city of sonoma. it's still silent, it seems like we are the only ones out here. it's normally bustling but tonight it's a smoke yu ghost town and residents are a lot of questions, jeff had to evacuate and asked perhaps the most difficult question.
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>> if you were having to leave, what is the first thing that you would take, you know, there is so much there that means so much. >> reporter: many are searching for that answer today in sonoma, helicopters circled to the east of the city today and many roads north of sonoma were blocked off. we are miles from the city center and smoke is still coming from the storeched earth of the fires. downtown was empty. >> normal yu the wine tasting rooms are full, but it was a busy 16 at sonoma high school where neighboring were helping neighbors. >> put out that you need something and they come out with it. >> reporter: this man is hunkering down with family.
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he has not seen his house since monday and does not know if its standing. >> it's a waiting game. you cannot go to work, it's not fun, you try to do what you can, you evacuate who you can, i got my parents out yesterday afternoon, a lot of people are evacuated. i know at least a dozen people that lost their homes already. it's difficult. it's something that you do not want to live through. >> reporter: we have a bright spot for. you the historic hotel sonoma which has been giving refuge to reporters, they managed to have their nightly wine hour, it's a bill of normalcy among the chaos. >> that's a reassuring tradition to continue. being evacuated is traumatic enough but when you have
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everyone staying together this a shelter, it can be difficult. the sonoma raceway is opening it's doors to the public. we have more from dan over there. >> reporter: that's right, dozens and possibly hundreds of rv's are here, tents are popping up. people have come here to take refuge from the fires just up north. there was nobody circling the track at sonoma raceway bhut it's rv parking lot was -- but it's rv parking lot was loaded with vehicles. >> we live in again allen. >> reporter: it's not just one family taking refuge but extended families, kids, parents, aunts, uncles and their families and their four legged friends. some have as many as nine dogs,
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others just two. >> we have lucy and grace, for them this is just another camping trip. >> reporter: if you look around you can find chickens, they are part of one group's extended family. >> we can be together with our animals, that would not be possible without sonoma raceway. >> reporter: they opened their doors for campers in the rv lot and cars on the track. >> we are part of the meunt. >> reporter: they have also prepared food for evacuees. >> we feel safe here and we can breathe the air. >> reporter: some of the evacuees had the chance to check on their homes. >> everything looked great. >> reporter: while they are still standing, evacuation orders remain in place that's
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why most are spending another uneasy night at sonoma raceway. one of the things that stands out here compared to the other areas where i have been the last three days, santa rosa and sonoma, is the air, the air is so clear here and easy to breathe, it's unusual compared to the other areas where i have been. even san francisco, the air at sonoma raceway is cleaner and easier to breathe. thank you, dan. firefighters are also reeling after a santa rosa fire station was burned to the ground. they thought their building was fireproof, tuns out that was not the case, they returned to total devastation, they looked for some important items. >> they were digging through the rubble to look for their badges and the american flag.
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>> if you go to santa rosa, you will see the american flag still flying but the station did not do so well. >> we were hoping that it would survive knowing that we had a great fire system and cleared space but this is a different fire than we have seen before. >> we came to the fire house that we lost looking for the most important things we could find, the badges and the flag, we found them both, we are looking for nine of these for the guys, everyone lost their homes and property and belongings and in many cases people lost their lives and the fire house but if we can get one piece that reminds us how hard we worked, that means a lot. >> cars in the parking lot survived but the building that was not supposed to burn went
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to the ground. it's ironic. people lost stuff, we dig through this looking for things that do not mean much they are just symbols. >> reporter: they returned one of the badges to the firefighters as they searched the rubble. >> thank you, that's awesome. it's one thing that you can hold on to. thank you. >> thank you. how are you doing? >> i got my badge back. >> highway are you feeling. >> like imgoing to disney land. >> reporter: there were nine badges lost but five were recovered. even with all of that, the firefighters know that they must go on. >> the first thing that they did was take down old glory and put up a fresh one which is now flying above the station. thank you. now to a character that played
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a feature role in the story, that's the weather. britainbrittney shipp is here for tus -- brittney shipp is here with us. >> the red flag warning has been extended. it goes back through 5:00 on saturday. have drier air moving in. north easterly wind gusting up to 45 miles per hour for our north bay hills. napa county hills, sonoma county hills, those are the highest threat. offshore winds moving back in, dry conditions, lets time out the wind gusts, as we go into the rest of tonight, things are calming down. single digits for yachtville, sonoma, calm conditions in
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napa. santa rosa still seeing breezy conditions with wind gusts to 17 miles per hour. through friday morning everything calms down, wind in the single digits, friday evening things pick up again. by 6:45 a.m., wind calm. then 2:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., wind gusts to 35 miles per hour to 40 miles per hour. this is saturday morning, things do not die down until 1:00 p.m. saturday, the red flag warning is extended through 11:00 p.m. saturday. coming up we talk about air quality issues. >> straight ahead at 8:00, as a north bay nurse worked to evacuate and protect her patients, her home was burning down. today for the first time she returns to see the damage fire officials have
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only scratched the surface of their investigation into what almost 96 hours into the tragedy and fire officials have only begun to strach the surface into what caused the fires but today they said they are looking into whether or not downed power lines and other equipment failures were pop causes, they said it's not clear if the downed lines resulted from fires or started them. a spokesperson from pg & e said the company is focusing on quickly restoring power and will no speculate about the cause but they said they will
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support reviews by any regulatory agency. >> ahead, santa rosa evacuees return to their homes. >> plus a celebrity chef not looking for attention for himself but instead cooking for evacuees and first responders, he said he will stick around until everyone is fed (steve) our breaking
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co continue this is the bay area's news station, kron four news starts now. >> we continue with our breaking coverage at the bottom of the hour, the wild fires grow in size and the scope of
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the destruction widens, the death toll has risen to 31, seven deaths from sonoma, 10 of those victims have been identified. 3500 structures have been lost including 2800 homes destroyed this sonoma county. there are 400 people still missing and unaccounted for in sonoma county and 191,000-acres have burned across northern california. the largest fire continues to be the atlas fire in napa and solano counties, the size of the fires has gone up. >> tonight we are carefully tracking the evacuation zones and the fire lines as well. grant is live with that part of the story. >> reporter: we are going to keep you dialed in and informed. cal fire updates the map every
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so often with the fire lines, you take a broad view of this and it's pretty telling, this is just the north bay, obviously if you widen it out there are fires in other parts of california but less focus on the bay area, calistoga is under the mandatory evacuation order. the tubbs fire is getting closer to highway 29 and the city of l calistoga, no fires actively burning in the city. the warning extends into santa rosa where a slew of mandatory evacuation orders are still in effect. lets go to sonoma, that's an area of concern for firefighters tonight. there are mandatory evacuation orders for parts of the city. not the plaza here but there is a mandatory evacuation order that was issued today from east
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napa street here, from fourth street east to the end of neeft napa street here. this whole area has been added. that's in addition to seventh stree south east where runs right up here as well as castle road here and the valley road east of old winery road. you see old winery road here, a lot of areas east of downtown sonoma under a mandatory evacuation order. some good news as we get out here, as it relates to the atlas fire, it started in napa and it's now in solano, but green valley is not threatened and there was a voluntary evacuation in the east ridge that that has been downgraded to an advisory, the wind are
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cooperating and the resources that have been arriving from all over the country are helping as are the winds which are diminishing. we will continue to track the map and if anything changes from mandatory o advisory, we will let you know. >> thank you, grant. the evacuation orders that had been in place for several days for the eastern portions of the city of napa have been lifted and some residents were allowed to return to their homes last night. >> reporter: in napa thursday, residents were allowed to return to their homes in the hard hit areas on the eastern side of the city. authorities had closed down monticello road for most of the day, only allowing people in to pickup critical items like medicine but then they were asked to leave. this evening around 5:00, they reopened this area to traffic,
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allowing people to return home. we drove into the vichy springs neighborhood. we spoke to a woman and her father whose home was saved but other people had lost their homes. >> it's unreal. i knew what to expect. i had been here a few days ago to check on the neighbors properties but this is insane. these are my friends, i freu up with them. it's hard to see their properties gone. >> reporter: even though residence are being allowed to return to their homes on the east side of napa. authorities believe other areas are not safe to return to. authorities are asking people to be aware that there is a dangerous situation, there could be downed power lines and trees that could be compromised. they are asking people to use
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caution and obey advisories. in santa rosa some evacuees returned to their neighborhood to find out whether or not their homes were still standing those that had a home were allowed to go in briefly. one woman thought she lost everything but it turns out that her apartment building so far survived the flames, but the same could not be said for the community in santa rosa that she had to walk through thursday morning. almost the whole neighborhood is gone. >> the loss that people have had and the injuries and burns, my family in coffey park lost their home. another friend lives in a mobile area and lost a neighbor that did not make it through the fires. >> she said neighbors and their
8:37 pm
friends are keeping an eye on the neighborhood. we found this crew in santa rosa today. they are using ka definiter dogs as they look for remains in the debris, many of the homes they are searching have been turned into piles of ash, it's a slow process but they are very detailed as they look for remains in the fire. we want to check back in with our chief meteorologist brittney shipp, she has the latest on the fire conditions in the north bay tonight. >> adds we head into the rest of tonight we see lighter wind speeds. tomorrow night into saturday that's the main person, the other thing that we are watching is poor air quality. it's going to improve a bit in our far north bay zones beside
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today we saw very unhealthy conditions, then it's going to drop down to unhealthy by tomorrow. the peninsula will see unhealthy for sensitive groups by the weekend but right now everyone knees to be careful as they are heading outside. limit your exercise and outdoor activities, there is a spare the air alert in effect now through saturday and sunday. it's going to improve next week especially with the chance of showers in the forecast thursday. we have a red flag warning going into effect friday night through saturday. the weekend forecast shows a warming trend. drier air manufacturing in from the north. wind speeds gusting up to 40 miles per hour. the fire danger, the highest threes are the napa county hills and the sonoma county hills. we have gusty conditions near santa rosa going into the rest
8:39 pm
of tonight. that continues through 1:00 a.m. lighter wind speeds as we get into friday night and saturday. then we have the wind speeds picking back up friday night into early saturday morning. tonight temperatures dropping down to the lower 40s and high 30s in napa and santa rosa, 50 in san francisco. tomorrow in the mid 60s, 80s in concord. 77 in napa tomorrow during the day. thank you, straight ahead we talk to a fairfield family what watched in fear as flames moved directly towards their home and their vineyard
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firefighters are still struggling to gain some control on the atlas fire.(pam) crews to fairfield where firefighters are still struggling to game some sort of control over the atlas fire, crewed said that the fire roared through this morning and it picked up speed tonight as weal. -- as well. ken said he could see the flames traveling towards his vineyard. he and his loved ones got wooried but thankfully as they were about to grab their longings, helicopters came in overhead. >> we appreciate the firefighters, i knew that they could get out the fire. >> reporter: did you get nervous. >> absolutely, who wouldn't. >> reporter: the helicopter drops saved the day and the vineyard. >> so many families have the
8:43 pm
same kind of story, we are back with more right after this break ♪ ♪ ♪ ( steve ) although the
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kaiser permanente medical center in santa r one of the first things we reported on monday was that the kaiser permanente medical center had to be evacuated and it remains closed. >> some of the nurses there have been transferred to other
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hospitals and they are continuing to work during the disaster. even one that lost everything herself. >> reporter: it's so much area and so many people have been displaced and have faced faced tragedy it's almost unreal. but its real. i would not say that jane is in good spirits, she's just strong and she has to be. this is her home at the journey's home mobile home park, a block where kaiser permanente where she works as a registered nurse. >> one of the nurses came up to me and put her arm around me and said i'm sorry but your home is not going to make it. i said, what are you talking
8:47 pm
about. i live just over there. then i wept to the window and saw the complex was engulfed. >> reporter: but she kept working, care for her patients and helping them evacuate. she wept home to grab her nursing documents before her home burned and came back to work. she just bought her house three weeks ago, it's where she was going to settle down with her new husband but now her plans have changed. >> my focus is on work, at this point there are no thoughts on what the plan is for me, right now we are still working. >> reporter: since monday she's been working at kaiser permanente in san rafael.
8:48 pm
a friend has opened her home for her until the storm is over. >> i cannot let mice think about it. i need to keep working, that's the priority. work has always been a priority for me, my emotions go on the back burner, i force myself to not think about it and i just work. >> reporter: she will continue caring for others and sometime down the road, focus on herself. compelled by her strength she hopes that her journey's end is no not the end of her journey. >> with the fires heading for napa. the downtown area has turned into a dpoaft town. >> reporter: on a normal october afternoon, the napa downtown city center is full
8:49 pm
but now it's almost deserted. >> it's e ear -- eerie. nobody is on the streets. >> people are weary of the wild fires and tired of breathing smoke. >> i have bad asthma. when i go outside, it burns my nose and throat. >> reporter: business is way off across here and much of the wine country, these tourists knew about the fires but decided to come any way. >> we thought, we can come here and spend a bit of money and maybe that helps a bit, our hearts go out to everyone here. >> reporter: the fire struck as napa is still recovering from an earthquake. and the fire is far from over. >> a lot of people think it might come on down the hill and the rest of the way in, we are
8:50 pm
just waiting to go. >> we have our go back and we are ready to go, we have a warning but we are not evacuated. if the wind changes we will probably be evacuated. >> we have been telling you about the poor air quality around the bay area, it's not effecting our sports teams, a lot of high school games are canceled. stanford and cal football almost canceled their games but gary tells us why they decided that they may go forward. >> the raiders, if you are looking at that index, they have to decide tomorrow if they are not playing underin oakland. -- sunday in oakland. you saw number 15 was wearing a mask today. the raiders cut short their practice. the nfl is monitoring the air quality. they have two pack up plans,
8:51 pm
one is to move the game to san diego, they are playing the chargers, the other is to move to levi stadium, home of the 49ers, the 49ers worked out this week but the air quality is improved in the south bay. the 49ers not wearing face masks. you can see the 49ers here in action. they took off this afternoon, destination washington, dc. they will play the redskins sunday. indeed, the stadium is available if something happens between now and tomorrow. saturday is too late to change the game but if the air quality changes, we will see. cal is playing washington state tomorrow, the air quality index, to move an ncaa game or
8:52 pm
kam it is over 200, right no in berkeley, is 152 so it looks like cal versus washington state will play tomorrow. we have to wait on the raiders, if they to not move it tomorrow, if you are a raider fan, you have your game. >> coming up, a celebrity chef helping to feet evacuees and first responders alike this is the new comfort food.
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grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever.
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of people making donations to help the fire victims.( steve ) some of the a we are seeing a lot of people making donations to help the fire victims, some of the evacuees got a street, celebrity chef guy fiori cooked for the evacuees, he lives in the area, he made about 1200 lunches and 1500 dinners, people are stepping up from all over to help out. >> it's devastating and it's terrible in so many ways but it's wonderful to see great people coming together and making something happen and people that we to not know, people not even from this area, these guys are from operation barbecue relief to give us a hand. >> he plans to stay throughout the weekend and cook more
8:56 pm
meals, he is not looking for attention, when we left he had already started on lunch for tomorrow. brittney shipp is here to give us a sense of the seven- day forecast. >> going to tomorrow, smoky skies, temperatures in the mid 70s more most locations including win country, next thursday there is a chance of showers in the forecast, that should help with the air quality. it's a week away, as we go through next week, the temperatures are warming up. we have a red flag warning in goes back into effect at 5:00 tomorrow lasting through saturday at 11:00 p.m. we expect the strongest wind speeds between 2:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. saturday morning. tonight into most of tomorrow, it should be calmer so the firefighters can get a handle
8:57 pm
on the fires. yes. all right, red flag warning, we have to be careful, also the spare aair alert. it's been extended through sunday. be careful out there. >> thank you. thank you for joining us, our news in prime time continues through 11:30 tonight. so many of the stories we have you can access online. if you want to stay in the know, take us with you on the go, the kron four news app is always available. the news at 9:00 continues in a few minutes
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kron four news starts now with breaking news. >> it's been berkley. >> this is the worst fire i have seen in california. >> now at 9:00, thousands of firefighters are battling the fires as we speak. 100 hours into the fires, reinforcements are offering rest and support for crews that are going on fumes. >> thank you for being with us, i am pam moore. the raging wild fires are threatening thousands of homes and unfortunately the death
9:00 pm
toll continues to rise, tonight we have learned the names of the folks that sadly passed away earlier this week, we begin that part of the coverage live in santa rosa. >> reporter: we have learned the names of 10 of the 17 people in sonoma county that have lost their lives to this devastating fire, we will share those names in just a minute, this is what the sheriff told us in an earlier press conference, most of those that were confirmed dead were found in targeting searches, that means that someone reported them missing and there was enough evidence to be concerned for their lives, so they searched. the sheriff gave this example, they went looking for a missing person but they could not go in and confirm that they were in the home because the house was too hot and they had to


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