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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  October 12, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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toll continues to rise, tonight we have learned the names of the folks that sadly passed away earlier this week, we begin that part of the coverage live in santa rosa. >> reporter: we have learned the names of 10 of the 17 people in sonoma county that have lost their lives to this devastating fire, we will share those names in just a minute, this is what the sheriff told us in an earlier press conference, most of those that were confirmed dead were found in targeting searches, that means that someone reported them missing and there was enough evidence to be concerned for their lives, so they searched. the sheriff gave this example, they went looking for a missing person but they could not go in and confirm that they were in the home because the house was too hot and they had to wait
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for it to cool down, we spoke with a sheriff. >> we have been up and down the highway, we went to a devastated area of coffey park, that was an eye opener, i have never seen fires moving through an area that fast being that devastating. the thing that sticks out was how many burned cars there were. more than i have seen, that's an indication that people were surprised and had to get out fast to protect their lives. >> reporter: unfortunately some people did not make it out alive. we have learned the names of tep of the 17 people killed, we will share those with you now. the first of them is carol collins-swasey of santa rosa, lynne anderson powell, arthur tasman grant, suiko grant,
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donna mae halbur, leroy peter halbur, valerie lynn evans, carmen caldentey berriz, michael john dornbach of calistoga and veronica elizabeth mccombs of santa rosa, we are told that most of the victims were found in their homes, one was found by their car, at this point a sheriff said that it's hard to say if there are any common things about how the victims died but we are told that the majority of those on the li are elderly, the youngest person is 57, the sheriff did not have much else to say about the search but it's sad for first responders, coming up at 10:00, what officials are asking people to do if they have reported someone missing. thank you. here's a look at some of
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the numbers on the fires, the largest continues to be the atlas fire burning in napa and solano counties burning 43,000- acres, the containment on that wept up to 7%. that's good news but the containment on all of these is largely unchanged since yesterday with many of them only three or 4% contained. under 10% in most cases, all of the fires getting slightly if not largely bigger and shelter locations.... you can call the sonoma county information hotline at the number you see on your screen. you can also check to see if loved ones have marked themselves safe on facebook, or the website safe-and-well- dot-org. there are also a number of resources at kron number of resources at kron four dot com. (grant) one of the most critical pieces of information we can give where the fire is...and who it's affecting.(pam) steve
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aveson is live in our newsroom with that part of the story. cal fire has been doing a great job. the fire is approaching the 96th hour, getting information has been difficult but they have a great website that helps people understand the story. you can look at this interactive map, when there is an advisory or mandatory evacuation, you can assess where you are and how it's going to effect you. look at the map. these are the fires that are currently in the northern california area, lets look at the names that you hear, this is the so called pocket fire in the northern regions, coming
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down here, this is the tubbs fire here. in the tubbs fire it's been threatening calistoga so is am to the right of the tubbs fire, calistoga is empty because they are under a mandatory evacuation (pam)
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as you continue to look as these maps you can do it at home. you get a sense of how they are trying to tackle and it move forward here. back to you. >> in the city of napa today a lot of residents were allowed to return home today. >> here on the east side of napa
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on thursday afternoon, some residents who had been kept from their homes since this fire started, the atlas fire started this past weekend, were allowed to return home this evening. throughout the day on thursday, they kept the road closed but were taking people in to check on their homes via escort. at about 5:00 in the evening they opened almost all this evening up. people were allowed to return home. i talked to one woman. she had to evacuate this past weekend. her son-in-law lost his grabbed parents in -- grandparents in this fire. >> it has been a total nightmare. >> now debbie was also grate to -- grateful to be able to return home on thursday afternoon.
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finally authorities are reminding people that not every road in this neighborhood is open. there are still some road closures. they are asking people be very careful because there could still be some downed power lines, some trees that may be structurally unsafe. they are asking folks to obey road signs and be very cautious as they return home. back tow. you. >> well the being evacuated from your home obviously traumatic. when you talking about having extended family and pets, that can be even more challenging. shelters are filling up. space at a premium but the sonoma race way has come to the rescue. dan is live at the race way tonight with details on how the folks there are trying to help. dan. >> that is right. the rv park filled up with sometimes 2,000 during various races -- now they have canceled the next seven days of events and have opened up the park to
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those evacuated. they are here, their pets are here and they are making plans as to what is next. since wednesday evening evacuees have been pulling into the rv parking lot at sonoma race way which is now doubling as a temporary shelter. >> racetrack has done a hell of a job. >> they have provided food, water. pretty much anything you need. >> the rv parking lot is allowing extended families to stay together. >> we have three generations here. we have about seven people. we have eight dogs, 14 chickens including three roosters, two parrots. i think that it is. >> the race way is also providing food. much of it donated, as well as water, security, clothing, bathrooms. >> we just decided as a company and a community member that we
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should do it. >> many of the kids and pets are treating it as if it were a camp trip. while their parents remain concerned about the homes they left behind. >> i really worry. i have 21 years in sonoma and this is the first time being in this problem. >> on thursday some did manage to head north and check on their homes. >> everything is fine there but just as a precautionary measure we will probably spend at night here. >> another night of worry at sonoma race way as raging fires continue. back to you. >> dan, thank you for that. many people are trying to figure out how they can help the victims affected. >> a lot of people are donating
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things like food and blankets to shelters but there are other ways that people can help. the red cross is accepting donations to help the victims. you can text red cross to 90999 to make a $10 donation or vest e -- visit the website you see on your screen. the tubs fire inches ever so close to highway 29. fortunately firefighters are kept the flames from crossing the highway at last check. we say at last check because spencer blake was there with the crews just about four miles north of downtown. >> i'm inside after i saw that. they were keeping that from jumping highway 29. as far as i know it still stayed
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to the of there. i'm at the fair grounds. dinner time just happened for several first responders. it is pretty empty right now. the whole town is kind of a a ghost town right now. the interesting thing is there is a whole group of chefs and people in the restaurant and winery industry who teamed up and came back because they wanted to feed first responders. an true is the executive chef with the culinary institute of america. he it was one that kind of formed a team earlier this week of all these people that wanted to cook for evacuees. they fed hunts of them for the first couple of days of the fire storm. than they lot of these chefs themselves had to evacuate their homes. the mayor asked this group to come back to make meals for police, firefighters and medics. >> we are so grateful to all of them. we must give back. i don't want them eating
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anything but real home cooked foods. these people put their lives on the line to san francisco -- san francisco us -- save us. that is our way of saying thank you. >> up here they served probably 200 hot meals today. we are not just talking simple things. we are talking ribs and poet -- potatoes and fresh fruits and veggies. some of these chefs by the way weren't even sure of the status of their own homes. some them told me they didn't standing. they got pretty emotional when they said they couldn't just sit around and do nothing and they wanted to help. back to you. >> thanks spencer. still to come, thousands of people are still without power. however crews are making some
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progress. we will vup dated numbers on that front. plus the smoke i just sky -- smoky skies across the bay. we will talk live in studio with the doctor about the potential health risks you need to know about. keep it here. we are back right after this.
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(grant) continuing our coverage of the deadly firestorm in the north bay....the winds are pushing the fire smoke all over the the winds are pushing so much of that smoke all over the bay. it feels like creating a dangerous situation and forcing hundreds of schools to close. the state school's chief said nearly 600 schools and about 260,000 kids are affected. we will start in napa county. many districts are closed in
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napa including napa valley unified, st. helena unified. in smeen county many districts are closed including sonoma valley unified school district, wall elementary, pittsburgh and martinez unified are among several other districts. [ indiscernible ] we have posted all of this information on our website. that is if you haven't heard your school you can check it there on our website. we will but -- be updating the list as we go. we continue our conversation about this air quality problem. joining me now, she is an internal medicine physician at local hospitals around here in the bay area. we want to start with the fact
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that you are actually seeing an uptick in people coming in respiratory issues. describe the symptoms. >> some of the symptoms are shortness of breath, a cough, burning eyes, congestion with your nose, nausea. >> is it a swath of the population you are seeing? >> it really depends on how the air quality is. you can see that on basically there is different levels. the people who have under lying diseases will start noticing the symptoms and have worst symptom than rest of us. >> so for people who don't have the asthma or those kind of things, how are you treating those kinds of symptoms? >> it is just supportive. there is nothing you can give that will make them go away.
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>> is there anything over the counter that people can buy? >> the best thing i would recommend is that you keep yourself well hydrated. if all of that is moist it will help alleviate. >> what about inhalers or the masks people are wearing? >> the usual surgical masks are this situation. the mask you want to use are the n-95 or p-100. if you wear this incorrectly and air is still seeping through, you are not doing anything much for yourself. >> as this continues on for days and days and days, more people at risk or does the risk go down? how do you weigh the -- risk to people who don't already have
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underlying symptoms? >> just today the air is getting better. the risk obviously is going down. it is dependant on how the air is outside. >> some people ask about pets. are pets affected the same way that humans are? >> i think so. a lot of people obviously have dogs and they need to walk them. i would take the same precautions you would for yourself. >> so if you are feeling symptoms that are severe, go to the hospital. >> definitely. >> thank you so much for being with us. >> it is ridiculous out there. it is because the winds are bringing the smoke down into san francisco, the peninsula, even the southp and probably beyond. >> now it is just spreading it all over. even the east bay. parts of the south bay. san francisco peninsula all in the unhealthy category.
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this is actually an improvement. yesterday our far north bay zone was very unhealthy. that is one of the highest level you can reach. it is an improvement. by the weekend we will start to see this changing once again. it will be unhealthy for sensitive groups. that applies to people that already suffer from different respiratory illnesses. you still want to be careful over the next couple of days until we get these fires under control. spare the air alert day has been extended through sunday. it will start to improve as we go into next week. especially into next thursday when there is going to be a chance of rain. you should be sleeping with your windows closed. tomorrow a calmer wind speeds to start. our red flag warning goes back into affect at 5:00 p.m. lasting till 11:00 p.m. we still have dry air coming in from the north. wind speeds anywhere between 15-30 miles per hour gusting upwards of 45 miles per hour.
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dry conditions expected to continue. our highest threat napa county hills, sonoma county hills. offshore wind speeds. exposed ridges will be the most concerning overnight and also heading into the morning hours. closer look at our future wind speeds tonight. breezy for santa rosa but going into tomorrow single digits for a lot of these locations. it won't be till friday night that once again we see our wind speeds picking back up again. wind gusts closer to 40 miles per hour and staying that way between the hours of 3:00 a.m. and about 10:00 a.m. on saturday morning. that is when we will see the strongest wind speeds. these will start to calm down late saturday night. our overnight lows will be cold in napa in the low 40s, high 30s. 50s for san francisco. we will talk more about your weather coming up in a bit. there are still more than 250,000 people in the north bay who have lost power since sunday because of the deadly fire storm. they have been working through the night and day since then to get power back on.
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tonight 80% has been restored. they say most of the outages are in napa and sonoma counties. 49,000 people total are still in the dark. some 5,000 customers are without power in napa. when we come back, people returning to their homes in santa rosa to get personal items. we will be back right after this.
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homes ravaged by the firestorm tonight, crews searching for bodies in the homes ravaged by the fire storm. we found this crew in santa rosa today. they are using cadaver dogs and imaging equipment as they dig through the debris looking for bodies. many of the homes they are search having been turned into piels -- piles of ash. they are extremely thorough as they look for the remains of people who died in the fire. >> so we go through the scene
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very metticously probing it. we also bring cadaver dogs to the search because the intention with the heat of the search we have houses that have been reduced to sometimes two or three inches high. we don't know what is under neither that. we also don't know what hot spots there are. we use a thermo imageers to check for hot spots first. we do know today at leas7 people have died in sonoma county because of a fire storm with about 400 people still missing. the cause of the north bay fire is still unknown. why investigators are trying to see if pg and e may be to blame. celebrity chef guy breaks out the grill to provide a good meal for hundreds of firefighters. and the death toll continues to climb in the north bay. the common denominator we are seeing in people that did not make it out alive. p
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breaking news coverage of the north bay firest we are continuing our breaking news coverage of the north bay fire storm. this is a look at some of the enormous devastation in santa rosa. an aerial view of the coffee park neighborhood which is really hard to recognize for people who have lived there for decades. welcome back to kron4 news at 9:00. >> here is what we know at this hour. the death toll total is now 31.
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17 of those deaths are no sonoma county alone. more than 3500 home and businesses have been destroyed. that number is expected to rise. we learned this afternoon 2800 of those homes lost were in santa rosa. right now there are 400 people who are still unaccounted for in sonoma county alone. the sheriff's department is working to locate them. we know more than 191,000 acres have burned across the state. >> if you are looking for information on road conditions, evacuation and shelter locations you can call the hot line. the number is on your screen. you can also check to see if loved ones have marked themselves safe on facebook or the website called >> now to the atlas fire. another huge concern tonight for firefighters.
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just today officials say they were able to triple the staffing on the front lines. would have loved to have done that monday or tuesday or wednesday but the reinforcements didn't arrive in time. they are here now and it is helping. we talked with a state senator about the problems some of the evacuees are having. gabe. >> yeah, so there is some good news out here. things are slowly starting to go the right way. they still have the roads closed in some areas so we are still about three miles away from where the fire is. they have been able to contain it. here is some video of them fighting this fire. basically they saw what happened in santa rosa and they saw how close this was to fairfield and they didn't want that to happen
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here. lots of businesses, homes, neighborhoods. they really attacked it. those extra crews helped a lot. it is now 7% contained. it has 43,000 acres that have been burned. 13 structures have been destroyed. two homes. 400 homes are still under threat. people still really need be on alert. there is still a lot of fire fighting to do out here. if the winds stay low, we could continue to grow the containment number and hopefully there will be no more evacuation here. there are still evacuation centers if people are not comfortable at being at home. basically the word here is if things stay the same, there will likely not be anymore evacuations. if the wind does pick up, which could happen, people still need to be on alert and be prepared. they need to have their bags packed. so the senator bill dad wanted to share with people a big
9:34 pm
problem they were having with evacuees not packing properly and then answer to interrogatory go back interrogatory -- having to go back home. >> when people leave they bring maybe one day supply. we are having a difficult time over the hills both in sonoma county and napa county where people want to get back in to get more medication. its -- until these areas are deemed safe by the fire professionals, you are not going to get back in. you need to pack. i wish i had that note to myself before i left. >> right now he represents this area. here is good news on that front if you do find yourself evacuated and you need medications. they have nurses andy/r hand who will prescribe you
9:35 pm
other than that, have your bags packed. they told me you can sleep peacefully in if you are a hard sleeper. they said they will go door to door and with loud speakers and sirens, they will come through the neighborhoods in fairfield if they do need to evacuate overnight. it just all depends on the wind. it is a wait and see game. back toçvb8 >> thank you for that. at this point no one really knows what started these wildfires. tonight investigators are trying to determine whether or not pg&e is to blame or if the fires were caused by some other human error. >> we are investigating the fires. investigators are going right to the cause and areas where these fires started. >> [ indiscernible ]
9:36 pm
>> possible transformer explosion. >> a series of emergency calls sunday night leave no doubt downed power lines and blown transformers were a concern amidst the high winds. in a statement a pg&e spokesperson said crews working for the energy giant are focused on safety and restoring service. pg&e won't speculate about a fire cause. >> there]8 that is what pg&e knows before this ever happens. that is what they have to guard against. then we will find out whether they did. >> steve knows an awful lot about fires=ç infrastructure. he recovered millions for victims of the gas explosion which killed eight and the butte killed two andd
9:37 pm
70,000 acres in 2015. he says pg&e does have a rigorous safety program in place. >> but they don't pay attention to whether it is being mried. they don't follow through to make sure it is being applied. that is the history of pg&e that i know since 2008. >> that was ben reporting. still ahead, a fire station in santa rosa goes up in flames as the fire storm rolls through. everyone thought the building was fireproof. we will take a look at what was left as the firefighters were digging through the rubble. plus we have been talking a lot about air quality across the bay. look at those raiders players wearing masks during practice. we will see if they maybe need to move football games that are set to be played this weekend. there is a live look outside right now. san mateo you bridge, you can see it looks hazy. poor air quality expected to
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sonoma native jonny gomes has teamed up with "so so jelly" "707 stronger togthe all right. good evening everybody. if you are interested in attending that raider game on sunday, for the second day in a row the raiders did not practice because of the haze hanging over their training site. poor air quality the reason. they are scheduled to start around 1:25 versus the chargers on sunday. nfl is already with a what if. they say santa clara, the 49ers home or they could return to san diego. back and play.
9:41 pm
going to happen. somethingw between now andjqot:]cl sunday. raiders and chargers asr scheduled sunday. >> definitely the air quality, somethings to you f of practicing and playing in it. i'm praying for all the victims out there who are struggling. as of right now we have to prepare like we are playing sunday. if there is any switches within the schedule, we will prepare for that. we still have to go out there, we have a job to do at the end of the day. hopefully the nfl looks into and it makes the best decision for the team and the players. >> 49ers played a little pitch and catch and then took off for washington d.c. they will play the redskins on sunday. of course the air quality down in the south bay much better
9:42 pm
than it is here. kyle did not modify any of his practices. again 49ers play washington. that is a 10:00 a.m. start on sunday. if the air quality stays as it is now, the game will go on. pack 12 rules rather interesting. if the air quality index is 200 or above, they can cancel or postpone a game. right now the index we just checked is about 110. it is always a little bit lower at night. look for that game. tomorrow night.
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(grant)in sonoma where mandatory evacuations went into effect in some areas last
9:45 pm
in sonoma there are some mandatory evacuations. some went into affect yesterday, some earlier. local residents are still working to cope with some of the fires surrounding them. some just a couple of blocks from the historic square. >> absolutely. many still wondering if their homes are intact. a mandatory evacuation order now in affect for the following area, north of east napa street from 4th street east to the end of east napa street and this reminder, the area of 7th street east, castle road and level road east of old winery road is already under mandatory evacuation. people are still trying to make sense of;59 there. kron4's danny freedom is in the area. >> danny, what can you tell us about the mood there tonight? i know this is one of the most iconic locations in wine country. not only for visitors but for
9:46 pm
residents. what is the vibe tonight? >> hey, guys. the vibe has been on the more depressed side. there is a lot of worry in the area. we have been describing the city of sonoma as a ghost town. we wanted to show you the other side. you can see people behind me just having a beer, taking it easy for a bit and trying to think about anything else perhaps some questions they have outside this bar. the city of sonoma empty. normally difficult to even find a parking spot on most thursdays in october. the smell of smoke still in the air. earlier jeff told us he had to evacuate his home due to the fires and asked perhaps the most difficult question. >> what would you -- what would you -- what would be the first thing you would take?
9:47 pm
this there is so much there that means so much. >> many searching for that answer across california. thouts -- thousands of homes burned to the ground. we are standing just outside downtown sonoma. if you see over my should, miles away from that city center, smoke is still coming out of the scorched earth of these fires. while downtown was largely empty. >> and the wine tasting rooms would be full. >> a busy scene at sonoma valley high school where neighbors helped evacuated neighbors. >> the thing about this community is you put out there to people that you need something, they are come here in droves with it. >> joe, a marine veteran is hunkering down with family. >> it is a waiting game. you can't go to work. everybody -- it is not fun. it is not fun. you try to do what you can. you evacuate who you can. i got my parentsa0m" out yesty
9:48 pm
afternoon. a lot of people are evacuating. a lot of friends and -- i know at least a dozen people that lost their homes already. its -- its -- its something you don't want to really live through. >> now one other bright spot in addition to here, the hotel down the street have a tradition where every night they have a wine hour. they still managed to continue that tradition this evening. again a little bit of normalcy in the chaos all around us. back to you. >> thanks for that live report. santa rosa has lost a firehouse in the fire storm. apparently firefighters there thought that building was fireproof. it turns out that was certainly -- you take a look at it, not case. >> this is what they returned to today. this total devastation. they did go to try to find some
9:49 pm
of the items which are very important to them. our stanley roberts was there as they were sifting through what was left. >> if you go to the fire station 5 in santa rosa, you will see the american flag still flying. however, the station didn't do so well. >> we were hoping it survived knowing hit a pretty good fire protection system. we had a lot of cleared space. this was a fire like we have never seen before. >> the firefighters returned to the station to look for some very important items. >> we came up to the firehouse we lost that night and -- looking for one of the most important things we could find. that is our badge. it means a lottous. we are looking for a tote offal -- lot to us. everybody lost a lot of their homes and property and belongings. many cases people lost their lives and we lost the firehouse but if we can get one little piece that we can hold on to that reminds us of how hard we worked to get that, it means a
9:50 pm
lot. >> what is amazing is that ten cars in the parking lot survived and the building that is not supposed to burn -- went to the ground. >> the irony. >> yeah. people lost stuff. you will dig through this looking for little things that don't -- they are just symbols. >> as we search what was left of the fire station, they returned one of the badges to one of the firefighters. >> here you go. take a look at that. >> wow. >> what do you think? >> that is pretty awesome. >> this is one thing you can hold on to. >> how are you? >> we got your badge back. >> got your badge back. >> how do you feel? >> like i'm going to disneyland. >> there were nine badges lost in total. five were recovered. even with all that, the firefighters know they must continue on. the first thing firefighters did was take down all glory and put up a fresh one.
9:51 pm
back to you. >> wow. that is a pretty powerful story there. stanley -- does a different deal usually. that was a special story. >> it was touching. >> the weather such an important part of the story this week. >> it just keeps changing. we are watching everything closely. we did see our red flag warning expire around 5:00 p.m. today. we still have poor air quality. however we saw fire weather watch turn into a red flag warning for tomorrow starting at 5:00 p.m. continuing until saturday at 11:00 p.m. another round of really strong wind speeds expected for us starting friday night. now tomorrow is going to be a bit calmer throughout the day but friday night heading into mostly saturday another round of strong winds. we have that one direction still coming in from the north. wind speeds between 15 to 30 miles per hour gusting up to 45.
9:52 pm
dry conditions expected. a humidity level dropping anywhere between 10-20%. our highest threat will be our napay/p hills. offshore wind speeds expected us. it is as we head into the next few hours here as we go into our early morning hours and to friday, still in the single digits or right around 10 miles per hour. you will notice overnight friday we are talking into early morning saturday by 11:00 p.m. on friday going into probably 10:00 a.m. we will see wind speeds right around 34 miles per hour in sonoma. also in napa. that is a long period where temperatures are going to be gusting upwards of 40 miles per
9:53 pm
hour. back to you. red flag warning again starting tomorrow night. keep it here. we are back right after this. ♪ with the alaska airlines visa signature card you get a companion ticket every year. so why not take someone that you see all the time. someone like, i dunno, me?
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of people making donations to we are seeing a lot of people making donations to try to help the fire victims. >> this is one of those uplifting stories. celebrity chef guy, you know the guy with the hair and the good food, showed up at the county fairgrounds and started doing what he does. cooking. lots of food. he lives in the area. he has a restaurant in santa
9:56 pm
rosa. a bunch throughout the northern california. he brought an oven andg6÷ a smor to start cooking up meat and mac & cheese for so many of the evacuees and as importantly so many of the firefighters. he estimates they made about 1200 lunches and put together another 1500 meals for dinner. he plans to stay through the weekend and he says he is going to be cooking as he goes. when kron4 left the area today, he had already started moving on to lunch for tomorrow. that is not just here is some food to get you through -- >> no this is a real investment. >> he was serious. imagine being a firefighter. you working either 12 or 24 hour shifts with a little rest. >> so appreciated i'm sure. >> no doubt. well thank you for being with us. we are not going anywhere. we have complete coverage of the deadly fire storm ingsp bay. not only on air here but online
9:57 pm
as well we have a list of the victims identified in sonoma county today. we also have ways you can help evacuees. that is at we will also be on air tonight till 11:30. we will be right back. this is the new comfort food. grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. (steve) tonight the sonoma
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county sheriff has identified ten people killed in the north bay firestorm. in total there have been 31 deaths.... 400 people are missing in sonoma county alone. this is the devestation in the miramonte neighborhood of santa rosa.. (pam) the danger remains high tonight. fairfield and napa are being threatened by the 'atlas fire'. sonoma and calistoga are being threatened by the 'tubbs fire'.(pam) those are just two of 21 fires burning in california... 191-thousand acres has been scorched. good evening i'm pam moore. (steve) and i'm steve aveson... kron4's hermela aregawi was at the sonoma county good evening, everybody. kron 44 back at the briefing -- kron 4 was at the briefing. tell us what you can about the
10:00 pm
victims tonight. >> reporter: well, fire officials and the sheriff's office told us it has been a grueling few days and a sad few days as they discover the boyd of loved ones who have been reported missing. the search it has been very challenging, because the fire is still raging. homes are too hot to search. even when they know there is likely someone in the home, they have to wait for the house to cool dune and go in and search. we have the names of 10 of the 17 people in socal -- sonoma county who are dead. karen come weres, lynn anderson powell. arthur as the minute grant. sowiko grant, and then donna may halber. valerie lynn everydy


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