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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 13, 2017 4:00am-7:00am PDT

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we are following breaking news this morning... the sonoma county sheriff has now identified 10 victims of the north bay firestorm. the victims range in all ages. this is some of the devastation in santa rosa.. we've have now learned that containment on the atlas fire burning in napa and solano counties is now at 7 percent... (robin) here is what else we know at this hour... the death toll is now at 31 from the wildfires. 17 of those deaths are from sonoma county alone. more than 35- hundred homes and businesse have been destroyed. and we learned 28-hundred of the homes lost were in
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santa rosa. right now there are 400 people missing in sonoma county alone. and more than 191-thousand acres have burned state- wide... and that number could rise. (james) good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm james fletcher. (robin) and i'm robin winston. and we are continuing our coverage of the deadly firestorm in the north bay. another big story from the fires, the smoke. and winds are pushing the fire smoke all over the bay area causing bad air quality and forcing hundreds of schools to close.( james ) the state schools chief says nearly 600- schools with about 260- thousand students are affected. here's the list of school closures... let's go ahead and begin cycling through them.(adlib over full screens of school (robin) (robin) (robin) fire officials
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have began the process of identifying the bodies of loved ones who were reported missing. the search itself has been incredibly challenging because the fire is still raging. homes are too hot to search. even when they know there is likely someone in there. they have to wait for the house to cool down to search. the sheriff says identifying some of these victims was very challenging because there wasn't much left of their remains.
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identification in some of those cases through medical devices. so a hip inplant for example has a serial number on it so when you find the ashes in the hip implant. you can use the serial number to identify the person so we actually did that in this case. two of the identifications were found through medical devices or implants. two were done throguh dental was done through distinct tatoos. others were by fingerprints visually and id'd through investigation so they had to combine what the family told us about where they lived where they went, maybe we got some fingerprints with it and the circumstance that led to it.>(robin) officials say most of the victims were found in their homes. one person was found by their car. at this point the sheriff says it's hard to say whether there are any commonalities with how the victims died. most of the victims are elderly. the sheriff reiterated if you have reported someone missing and you've found them, please
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let the sheriff's office know because they are likely dedicated resources to find that person. and obviously it's a waste and takes away resources from those who need it most if they're searching for someone that has been found safe. ( james ) and here are the names of those who have been identified.é carol collins-swaseylynne anderson powellarthur tasman grantsuiko grant.then we have donna mae halbur of larkfield. leroy peter halbur also of larkfield.valerie lynn evans of santa rosacarmen caldentey berriz of apple valley.we are told she was on a family
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vacation here.michael john dornbach of calistoga.and veronica elizabeth mccombs of santa rosa. ( james ) we want to show you now where these fires are burning this morning. we are going to start with the tubbs fire burning near calistoga and in santa rosa. that fire has spread now to more than 34- thousand acres and is just 10-percent contained.(robin) then there is the adobe fire... that fire is burning in sonoma county. you can see it is burning in part of annadel state park. that fire is now more than 75-hundred acres and it is just one-percent contained.( james ) then there is the nuns and norbbom fire. those two fires merged together. they have now burned nearly 18-thousand acres. they are burning near highway 12 north of glen
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ellen. there is just three percent containment this morning.(robin) then there is the par-trick fire burning on par-trick road west of napa. that fire has burned nearly 11-thousand acres. it is just 3-percent contained this morning.( james ) and the biggest fire is the atlas fire. that is the fire threatening the eastern part of napa. it has now burned just under 44-thousand acres. but firefighters are making a little progress... the atlas fire is now 7-percent contained. ( james ) mandatory evacuation orders have expanded in eastern sonoma valley.(robin) this is north of east napa street from 4th street east to the end of east napa street. and there is a lot of uncertainty in sonoma as well. kron4's
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danny freeman with more.
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( james ) and the entire city of calistoga still under a mandatory evacuation order this morning. this video showing the flames from the tubbs fire reaching highway 29 early yesterday. at last check the fire did not jump
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the highway. (dave)seasonably cool conditions will persist overnight into friday before a warming trend develops over the weekend and into monday. another round of very dry conditions along with locally strong and gusty offshore winds will return friday night into
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saturday, especially over the north bay mountains and east bay hills. a cooling trend will begin next tuesday and rain chances are forecast to develop late wednesday into thursday.
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major hot spot in aoakland eb 24 at the caldecot tunnel. earlier big rig fire has the right bore closed, no major delays. bay bridge wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze to sf. san mateo bridge less then 30 min from 880 to 101 ( james ) the north bay
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firestorm has forced a lot of people from their homes many are staying in shelters... (robin) the sonoma raceway has opened its doors to evacuees kron4's dan kerman has more. sotsotpeople from sotsotsotsot people from all over sonoma county have spending the day and night at sonoma race way there's no one on the track though. these are evacuees from the firestorm, who have taken up residence in the raceway's rv parking lotsot it's not just one family taking refuge from the fire, but extended families parents, kids, grandparents, aunts, uncles and their families and their pets not only dogs, but chickens too sot sonoma raceway canceled 7 days of events and opened its doors wednesday evening both for
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campers in the rv lot and cars inside the track sot jere starks/vice president, sonoma raceway 52-57they've also prepared food for evacuees, much of donated. as well as clothing water and securitysot molly gamble and her son henry live in marin, and stopped by around dinner time with some home made food and drinks for the evacuees.sotsome of these evacuees had the chance to check on their homes thursday, and while they are still standing raging fires continue and evacuation orders remain in place that's why most are spending another uneasy night at sonoma raceway sot140/at sonoma raceway (robin) there have been many heroes in the north bay firestorm.. ( james ) that
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includes one kaiser nurse in santa rosa. she lost just about everything. but that has not stopper her from helping others. kron4's philippe djegal has her story. (philippe)julayne smithson/nurse- "it's so much area and so many people have been displaced, and have faced tragedy, that it's almost unreal." but it is real... the damage, the disaster and the pain. i wouldn't say julayne smithson is in good spirits... she's just strong... and, she has to be... she has no choice. this is the first time she's returned to what's left of her home at the journey's end mobile home park. it's just a block or two away from kaiser permanente santa rosa, where she works as a registered nurse... sunday night, she was caring for sick patients in the intensive care unit.julayne smithson/nurse- "and, then, uh, one of the nurses, came up to me and put her arm around me and said, julayne, i'm sorry, but your home is not going to make it. and, i looked at her and i thought, 'what is she talking
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about?' because i just live right there. so, i went to the window and i saw the complex there was engulfed." but as you can see here, julayne kept working, caring for her paitents... helping them evacuate... she went back home briefly, before it melted, to grab her nursing documents, and then returned to the hospital, where she finished up her shift.julayne smithson/nurse- "we were busy, because our patients were very sick." julayne moved in here back in decemeber as a renter... and, then about three weeks ago, she bought the house. it's where she intended on settling down with her new husband... who was supposed to move in from indiana this week. those plans have now changed.julayne smithson/nurse- "and, now, my focus is on work, and um, plans have changed a lot. and, at this point there's not really thought on what the plan is for me. because, right now, we're still working." since monday, julayne has been working at kaiser hospital in san rafael... one of her managers has opened up their home to her, while she rides this disaster out. friends
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have set-up a fundraising page for julayne on you-caring-dot com. she's not asking for help, but can certainly use it. julayne smithson/nurse- "i just can't let myself think about it right now. i just need to keep working because thats the priority." she'll continue caring for others, and sometime down the road, re-focus on herself... compelled by her strength that she hopes will ensure the journey's end isn't the end of her journey. in santa rosa, philippe djegal, kron four news. (dave)seasonably cool conditions will persist overnight into friday before a warming trend
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develops over the weekend and into monday. another round of very dry conditions along with locally strong and gusty offshore winds will return friday night into saturday, especially over the north bay mountains and east bay hills. a cooling trend will begin next tuesday and
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rain chances are forecast to develop late wednesday into thursday. no major hot spots. bay bridge wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze to sf. richmond bridge drive less than 20 min from the toll to 101 (dave)seasonably cool
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conditions will persist overnight into friday before a warming trend develops over the weekend and
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into monday. another round of very dry conditions along with locally strong and gusty offshore winds will return friday night into saturday, especially over hot spot eb 24 at the caldecott tunnel right bore closed due to an earlier big rig fire. . bay bridge wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze to sf. golden gat bridge drive time less than 30 min from 37 to the toll plaza.
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( james ) we have seen a lot of people making donations to help the fire victims.(robin) and some of the evacuees got a special treat in santa rosa. celebrity chef guy fieri showed up at the county fairgrounds and started cooking. fieri lives in
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the area and brought an oven and smoker to cook meat and make some mac and cheese for the evacuees. he estimates they made about 12-hundred lunches and put together another 15-hundred meals for dinner. fieri says people are stepping up from all over to help out. (robin) fieri plans to stay through the weekend and cook even more meals. ( james ) if you want to donate to victim's of the north bay firestorm.. there are several ways to do it. (robin) the red cross is
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accepting donations. to help you can text "red-cross" to 9-0-9-9-9 to make a 10-dollar donation. you can also call 1-800-red-cross or visit the website you see on your screen. we are following breaking
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news this morning... the sonoma county sheriff has now identified 10 victims of the north bay firestorm. the victims range in all ages. this is some of the devastation in santa rosa.. we've just learned that containment on the atlas fire burning in napa and solano counties is now at 7 percent... (robin) here is what else we know at this hour... the death toll is now at 31 from the wildfires. 17 of those deaths are from sonoma
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county alone. more than 35- hundred homes and businesse have been destroyed. and we learned 28-hundred of the homes lost were in santa rosa. right now there are 400 people missing in sonoma county alone. and more than 191-thousand acres have burned state- wide... and that number could rise. (james) good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm james fletcher. (robin) and i'm robin winston. and we are continuing our coverage of the deadly firestorm in the deadly coverage of continuing our and we are robin winston. and we are continuing our coverage of the deadly firestorm in the north bay. another big story from the fires, the smoke. and winds are pushing the fire smoke all over the bay area causing bad air quality and forcing hundreds of schools to close.( james ) the state schools chief says nearly 600- schools with
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about 260- thousand students are affected. here's the list of school closures... let's go ahead and begin cycling through them.(adlib over full screens of school closures.) ( james ) ( james ) we want to show
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you now where these fires are burning this morning. we are going to start with the tubbs fire burning near calistoga and in santa rosa. that fire has spread now to more than 34-thousand acres and is just 10-percent contained. (robin) then there is the adobe fire... that fire is burning in sonoma county. you can see it is burning in part of annadel state park. that fire is now more than 75-hundred acres and it is just one-percent contained.( james ) then there is the nuns and norbbom fire. those two fires merged together. they have now burned nearly 18-thousand acres. they are burning near highway 12 north of glen
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ellen. there is just three percent containment this morning.(robin) then there is the partrick fire burning on partrick road west of napa. that fire has burned nearly 11-thousand acres. it is just 3-percent contained this morning.( james ) and the biggest fire is the atlas fire. that is the fire threatening the eastern part of napa. it has now burned just under 44-thousand acres. but firefighters are making a little progress... the atlas fire is now 7-contained. ( james ) an ( james ) an evacuation order that
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had been in place for several days for eastern portions of the city of napa were lifted. there are now ánoá evacuation orders in the city of napa. that news meant some residents were able to return to their homes. kron fours charles clifford has details.
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(robin) in the face of mandatory evacuations, almost
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everyone in calistoga has heeded warnings from officials about the oncoming tubbs fire. but not everybody is leaving.( james ) kron four's spencer blake found a few people who are digging in their heels a little longer. (pkg)in downtown calistoga thursdayabout the only movement you saw, was the blinking lights at abandoned intersectionsand the lights on emergency vehicles.the whole city is still under a mandatory evacuation.the tubbs fire has been about a quarter of a mile from highway 29 from the west, about four miles north of calistoga.but firefighters started doing intentional burn outs to deplete the fuel between the big flames and the road, so that embers hopefully won't jump 29."so far, so good. we have crews that are putting fire on the ground right now and we're holding it at the road with other crews and so far it's working pretty well." there were ásome people in calistoga, these volunteers - a group of chefs
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and restaurateurs who banded together to make hundreds of meals for first responders at the fairgrounds.most of the chefs have been evacuated from their own homes."i live in monticello park, which is part of the atlas peak fire, and i don't know if my house is still there. but i can't sit around and do nothing. i have to give back and it's my privilege to give back."and while they have bagged lunches, they also have hot meals - ribs and potatoes with fresh veggies and fruit salad. "this is the napa valley! even during evacuations we feed people well."still, some people hanging around in calistoga are there just because they don't want to leave.this man watered down his property, but isn't quite ready to leave his animals - a similar story to that of michael hardison"i think the evacuation was a real big precaution, based on everything else you see on tv. we're all packed up. we're ready to go. but we just haven't seen any smoke close enough."but trust us when we saythe fire is close, and winds could bring it closer in a hurry. (dave)seasonably cool
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conditions will persist overnight into friday before a warming trend develops over the weekend and into monday. another round of very dry conditions along with locally strong and gusty offshore winds will return friday night into saturday, especially over the north bay mountains and east bay hills. a cooling trend will begin next tuesday and rain chances are forecast to develop late wednesday into thursday.
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no major hot spots. bay bridge wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze to sf. san mateo bridge less then 30 min from 880 to 101. golden gat bridge drive time less than 30 min from 37 to the toll plaza. richmond bridge drive less than 20 min from the toll to 101
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( james ) if you want to donate to victim's of the north bay firestorm.. there are several ways to do it. (robin) the red cross is accepting donations. to help you can text "red-cross" to 9-0-9-9-9 to make a 10-dollar donation. you can also call 1-800-red-cross or visit the website you see on your screen. (robin) if you want to make an in-person donation.. you can go to the salvation army in santa rosa -- on 93 stony circle, unit d. also... the united way is colleceting monetary donations at united-way-wine-country- dot-org. ( james ) as the atlas
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fire took off on the ridgeline near jamieson canyon one family scrambled to fight for their lives. (robin) the fire continues to burn as firefighters still struggling to gain some control.
4:46 am
kron four's terisa estacio has the story of one family's nerve- wracking night.
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( james ) all the smoke in the air from the wildfires is causing serious problems for air quailty throughout the bay
4:48 am
area. doctor robert blount is an assistant professor of pediatric and adult pulmonology and critical care medicine at u-c-s-f. last night, kron 4's steve aveson asked him about who is most impacted by the bad air and how you can protect yourself.
4:49 am
(robin) santa rosa has lost a fire house in the firestorm. firefighters say parts of the building were supposed to withstand high fire temperatures.( james ) crews returned to total devastation and to look for some very important items. kron 4's stanley roberts was there as they sifted through what was left.
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(dave) seasonably cool conditions will persist overnight into friday before a warming trend
4:52 am
develops over the weekend and into monday. another round of very dry conditions along with locally strong and gusty offshore winds will return friday night into saturday, especially over the north bay mountains and east bay hills. a cooling trend will begin next tuesday and rain chances are forecast to develop late wednesday into thursday.
4:53 am
hot spot eb 24 at the caldecott tunnel right bore closed to clear a big rig fire. bay bridge wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze to sf. san mateo bridge less then 30 min from 880 to 101.
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>> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. [music]
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. friday morning and the bay area choking unders a thick black smoke that is coming in from the north bay where our neighbors to the north are seeing more devastation from the firestorm as you can see
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here now this day five, and firefighters struggling to gain any amount of containment. as you can see, not very much. unfortunately, we have bad news this morning, as the death toll is on the rise. let's look at the latest numbers. >> on the right hand side, the death toll is up. it now stands at 31. as for the number of homes destroyed, 2,834, just in sonoma county. the total number of acres burned is pushing at the 200,000 acres mark. >> now, we have the ability, which us amazing and you're going to want to stay tuned throughout the entire morning, because we're going to do this regularly. we have a map here that you can see the devastation and how
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some homes survived and then the rest were flat. the area that is red on the map, that is all vegetation. >> and you can see, take a look, on this -- this is at rocky norway and ray crest court, you've got homes burned, but in the middle of all that you see rooftops where homes are actually still in tact. we've gut a cur sore over cursor over one of them there. this is just shows how random the fire was. >> if you're just joining us, we're going to use this special technology where i've overlaid satellite images and we'll pinpoint different towns and streets, and you can see, you, your friend, your family's home, whether it's standing or
5:02 am
not. this is the best thing to do because you're not allowed into these neighbors, you can not check them out yet. >> and it's amazing that they've been able to put this together. we're going to give you tours of the damaged areas and i'm hoping that you'll be able to spot your house and it's in tact. stay with us throughout the morning. here's a quick look where the people west of highway 29 are being told there's an evacuation. this is not a mandatory evacuation, but authorities say you should have your bags packed and just be ready in case the fire does turn in your direction. >> let's go now live to camillea. camilla who is live in napa. let's get to her and talk about the people affected by this particular advisory.
5:03 am
>>reporter: good morning, guys. so i am at the vineyards and i can see the outline of the fire in the mountains. it's hard to see it on camera, but as i was driving, you can see the fire right on the mountains and it's burning. so i can tell once you see it, it becomes more urgent. these people here were told to evacuate voluntarily. a lot of them said they usually work fast but they're trying to work faster. they're not only seeing the fire as well, but they're saying that the smoke can also affect the grapes, which is why they're being told to work a little bit faster. so it becomes more real, once you see that outline of the fire close to here. so it is voluntary evacuation, and people are just being extra careful. authorities telling people to
5:04 am
be ready. a lot of activity behind her as they were trying the save the vineyard. we want to remind you of the evacuation in place. the areas outlined in red are the mandatory evacuation areas. the blue section in the middle is a voluntary evacuation zone. police here want you to have your bags packed and ready in case the winds become ee erratic and the fire comes your direction. >> look at this. look at these flames flaring up. this is new video we have showing the firefighters and what they've been up against. there is some good news for people in fairfield. the evacuation, the voluntary evacuation for the city has been downgraded to an advisory, so that means those of you who are there, you still need to be
5:05 am
ready, but it's looking less likely that you're going to have to be on the run. this is the horrible part. so far all of the north bay fires have taken 31 lives. >> and as we heard from the sheriff yesterday, identifying some of the victims has been a challenge, but in other cases they have been able to positively identify the victims and notify the families. so we want to recognize now some of the people who did lose their lives in these fires as they rolled through. this is all so far out of sonoma county. one of the victims identified is carol collins swassey, lynn anderson powell, donna may halber. >> and a lot of these people
5:06 am
were elderly. leroy was 80, valerie lynn evans was 75. we're looking at so many elderly people that perished in the flames, couldn't get out of their homes. we expect to hear more stories about the situation they were in when the fire swept through. here, some younger people also lost their lives. 57 years old, michael dornback. 67-year-old veronica combs. christina hanson was 28 years old, but she was in her santa rosa apartment that was destroyed by fire and she was disabled, so she was not able to get out. >> she was in a wheelchair. >> we're hearing so many different stories, the people that couldn't get out and it's so sad.
5:07 am
>> here's another example. linda tombs, the family is confirming that the 69-year-old woman died in santa rosa. i remember seeing the e-mail from her family, her daughter, asking us if we knew anything about her mother who lived there, and she wasn't sure if she got out safely, and it's unfortunate but the confirmation that she did not. >> and i've got to -- as we start to look at the pictures of all of these people who lost their lives, and i hate to say, but you know that the numbers are going to go up. >> they are. >> they're talking about identifying, and as we show the names of the people and the ages, i'm going to appeal to the families, it's hard to do that, but if you can give us pictures of your loved ones, it's a great way to share. >> and it really does personalize this tragedy. as we all know, we know
5:08 am
somebody who is impacted by this fire. >> you know, you go back and forth from talking about the victims who have died and talking about where the fire is, and i snap right out of it when i talk about where the fire is, because this is the official stuff, where you want to know where is the borderline and how are they making progress. it's so frustrating. this is a whole week. people are in evacuation centers and we continue to look at the red areas on these maps grow, so walk us through and show us how the fires have grown. the despair takes over a little bit, but then you try to kick in and say, okay, they are making progress, there are more firefighters, and they're going to be working around the clock. >> this is the tubs fire, we're going to start there. that's the one that impacted santa rosa. here's the southern edge of it as it moved into the northern part of santa rosa.
5:09 am
30,000 acres in size. the upshot is this is fire that they've been able the make the most progress in containing. it's at 10%, which i know is a small number but it is a huge improvement over the 1 and 2% containment that we had just a day and a half ago. >> and this is the one that was the most destructive. it swept through the neighborhoods and now they're talking about how they're able to slowly get back into the homes because they're cooling down a little bit. so while it was the most destructive and moved through the highly-dense populated areas, now it's spread out. >> the northern edge is threatening calastoga. it has not jumped over -- as far as we've been told, this has not jumped over 29 yet.
5:10 am
>> and almost everybody is out of calastoga. and that's why they tell you to get out. wouldn't you rather lose your home than your life. that's why they get out, because that's what's important. as you zoom in on that area of calastoga that's under threat. >> that's the latest with that fire. let's head down to the napa valley and that's where we had these numerous fires that have begun to merge together and they continue to do so. that is the adobe fire. that's about 7,500 acres in size. 1% containment this morning. so that one still kins to burn out of control. then next to it we have the combined fires. they've merged together, so combined, those two fires, which is now large one fire, has burned 17,500 acres, just about 3% contained this morning, and you can see, look how close it is to merging with the fire just to the south of
5:11 am
it. in all likelihood, it will probably merge with that fire today, so we'll have one massive fire wrapping itself around the napa valley. the one that's affecting the so gnomea sonoma county. as we widen out, you'll see the fire extends to the north. we're looking at about 43,700 acres burned so far with only 7% containment, and its the atlas fire that is is affecting the advisories and evacuation zones that went into effect yesterday. >> and it's not surprising with all of these fires burning that
5:12 am
we continue to have terrible air quality in the bay area. what is surprising, when a fire progresses, you think monday is the first day, it's going to be worse, tuesday, wednesday, it's going to get better. yesterday was terrible. you said your eyes were burning in the morning. so here are, because of the air quality. all of the school closures. we're starting with napa county, which you can imagine is affected by the fire. napa valley unified, pope valley, no school, napa county of education, all of these districts have no school today. napa valley college, and calastoga joint unified. >> i just checked with the board of education for the county, and they're saying they're hoping to have classes resume wednesday, next week, wednesday. >> i heard that and i was
5:13 am
shocked. >> they're going to base that on of course the hopeful progress that firefighters will make and the air quality. if it is still as bad, then obviously then they'll continue with the closures, but that's their hope. >> there have been no sports the whole week, so that continues. college of moran is also out of session because of this. the closure of dominican university as well in san san rafael. >> you've got west side union, west sonoma county high school, charter, and willmar, so those are the schools and districts
5:14 am
impacted. let's get back to this map that has become available. this is where we were. >> this is paxton place and yorkton way. paxton place is the street that's going up and down on your screen, and then yorkton way is going east to west on this map. anything in red is vegetation. all of those white figures, that's all ashes and rubble. so i'm just looking in this area for any homes standing. >> are there any rooftops? >> again, we're going to be doing this throughout the morning, and the only way you can get these special images are here on kron 4. if you have family or friends or you know anybody on paxton place and
5:15 am
yorkton in this neighborhood, we're taking a nice slow tour. look to the far right, the other cul de sac. i know i'm wondering just a bit. >> you can see right there, the cul de sac, it looks like all the homes -- >> say it again. >> this is sage hill place. >> the two homes at the end of the cul de sac are gone. there's only four homes on that square there. those two homes are standing. and then as you go farther out from the cul de sac. homes three, four and five have been demolished, destroyed. >> let's keep moving. >> this is in santa rosa, and if you life in this neighborhood of paxton place and yorkton way, we're just taking a tour of your neighborhood now. we'll hit the other neighborhoods throughout the morning. we're going to go neighborhood
5:16 am
by neighborhood. we have overlaid the damage with a map so you can -- unfortunately there are no homes standing. there's one. before we go, there's one, upper right hand corner that's still standing, at least most of it. >> i see it right there. so that's a home just off rinkon ridge drive. it may be that that house right there is also standing. the satellite image before hand looks identical. you've got the two homes there. >> the little cul de sac, there are two homes that look like they're standing. again, you can't get into these neighborhoods physically but we can through our satellite imagery, so stay tuned for more on the kron 4 news. we'll be right back.
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5:20 am
and school and it's notable which way the winds are blowing. >> also, i'm watching the upper atmosphere. the new report will come out in a couple hours. we might get vertical help that we didn't get yesterday. we get help when the sun comes up. the report from last night shows that we weren't under a cap, but we'll see if it developed overnight. that gift us a little bit of help. unfortunately, longer range this weekend, more problems coming with offshore winds. there's a look at alcatraz island to get things kicked off. we've got poor air quality. winds return late tonight. dry and windy will be the story for your saturday. we talk about until around noon or so. and then dry into saturday night. we're going to be banking off this dry atmosphere because a huge high will be off to the northeast, and then a shot for showers in the middle of next week. we're going to start things off tonight. there are the winds returning.
5:21 am
the coverage in timing it's almost 12 hours you can see where all of these heavy offshore winds are doing their thing. and after the winds are gone, they're banking still off that dry atmosphere. i'm going to show you the humidity levels now. not too bad. they drop off a little bit with daytime heating. that's typical. here comes the wind overnight. then 6:00 a.m. saturday we're low and we stay low, so we're going to be in that dry atmosphere all day on saturday. saturday night into sunday morning. this is one of the reasons that the fire danger is going out until 11:00 saturday night and it kicks in at 5:00 p.m., even though the winds will probably be later than that, and the dry conditions are obviously the problem. the next eight hours, we're at 57. 1:00 a.m. at 73. good morning. it's getting better. we had a traffic alert for the tunnel. a big rig caught fire last night around midnight, so we
5:22 am
had it closed. itsback open. the traffic alert was canceled. bridges are okay. no other big trouble spots. the ride here into san francisco has been backing up off and on. here's 92 filling in but it's moving. no big problems heading west, leaving hayward over to the peninsula. 5:22 is the time. we want to go back to our maps our special maps that we can take you on a tour of neighborhoods that were decimated by the fire. we're doing this so we can see which homes are still standing. what street are we on right now? >> this is sampson drive, and then sampson court. >> this is in santa rosa. >> this is just off of coffee lane. looking around, because the aerials that we've seen up to this point have just showed
5:23 am
nothing but destruction. >> go back to the main street. there's more homes standing here. >> you can see a line of them. so this is sampson drive between sampson court and coffee lane, and it looks like homes on the south edge of sampson drive are in tact. not the entire length. once you get to sampson court, it looks like homes on both sides are burned from that point on. we're looking at rooftops that are in tact, which i didn't think was the case, so it's encouraging news for some of the residents there. >> so the southeastern corner of coffee park has more homes that are standing. >> where sampson drive and coffee lane come together. that's great news. and it looks like on the other
5:24 am
side of coffee lane too. >> and we're doing this because a lot of people are not allowed into the neighborhood. the area to the left here is still smoldering, it's not stable, and that's where we've seen no rooftops, really, to the left of coffee park area. to the west side is where most of the devastation happened. >> we've got to take a quick break. we'll be back. we've got this map on our website, you can take a look at your street. we're going to continue our tour here so stay with us. ( james ) nowcrews are
5:25 am
5:26 am
5:27 am
searching . the battle to put out the flames in the north bay continues. so do the names of victims that have perished in these fires. 31 people so far have lost their lives. we have names of those who have been identified on our website. this is video from bennett valley. the bennett valley neighborhood of santa rosa. they are now using cadaver dogs and imaging equipment, digging through the debris, just beginning now, yesterday and today to search for victims, those who have lost their lives, so unfortunately we do expect the list of names to go up. we have 31 who have been killed so far. >> our coverage will continue in just a few minutes. we'll be right back.
5:28 am
5:29 am
5:30 am
. 5:29, spread the word to maybe those who aren't watching us, to turn us on today, because throughout the morning we're going to take tours of neighborhoods that you're not allowed to go into. and this is the only way for you to see if your home is standing or not. >> what you're looking at is just newly-released satellite imagery new this morning, and we've taken it and overlaid it on a mapping system, so street names pop up. we're going to take you neighborhood by neighborhood throughout the morning and show you what is burned down and what is still standing. right now you're looking at the intersection of pinion drive. >> is that along holly parkway. >> yes. >> so four homes are standing
5:31 am
as you go around holly parkway, and then take a right and head down south, and there's more homes on that street below. >> and i know we're going to get to lydia in just a second, but just to the south, we've got schaeffer elementary school. it is still standing. >> that's good news. >> if your kids go to schaeffer elementary, you can hopefully give them the good news their school is still standing. there are still a good number of homes that are in tact. >> i don't want to sugar coat it only because more than 2,800 homes in santa rosa alone -- or was that sonoma county. >> sonoma county. >> mostly they were destroyed in santa rosa. so the odds are not good but we do want to take these tours to show you the few homes that are standing. sometimes it's better to know than not know if your home was
5:32 am
destroyed. i'm sorry to say that. we not only have the satellite view but we're live on the ground as well. >> we are. right there at that intersection of pinion drive and holly parkway, we're on the street with a street-level view of what the scene is like. lydia. >>reporter: i know it's dark, but if you take a look behind me, you guys were talking about those homes on holly parkway, the homes that are still standing. you can see one of the homes has not been touched by the fire but it's surrounded by devastation. once the light starts coming up, we'll be able to see the homes a little bit better, the ones that are still standing, but you can tell on one side, complete devastation. there's nothing there, just remnants of what used to be a home, and then right there behind me you can see that home as well. so definitely there are some homes still standing. i know that's been a worry for a lot of people. i've had so many contact me and ask me, hey, we can't get into
5:33 am
an area, but can you please pull up to see if this house is there or that house is there. some areas i can't get into because it's too dangerous. other areas, i'll tell them this is what the house looks like now. i know this area right here, i was able to get in, but it was a little bit difficult. i had to go around and i had to get in but then the officer said hey, you know what, we're letting some media trucks back there but i think i'm maybe one of two people that's back here right now, but that is a home here and it's on holly parkway on pinion drive. there are a couple homes still standing there. we'll be moving throughout the morning so we can show you the areas that still have homes standing. >> while you're live on the ground, we are overhead and showing the maps of where you are as well, lydia, but is it still smoldering at all, because i'm just wondering maybe when they might let some people go back into this area. it doesn't seem to be at risk,
5:34 am
obviously, of fire anymore. the fire is not going to spread back here anymore. does it feel hot or unstable? >>reporter: it still smells like smoke but that's going to be the case for several days. it is dark so i can't see too well back here, but there's nothing around that house that's smoldering that looks like a danger, but you never know. once the sun comes up, i'll take a better look. >> don't forget they're starring to send in cadaver dogs and they want to see if anybody in any of these homes was not able to get out, so i guess they're having that process as well. >> we've got the map over sweet gum street, and you can see, if you live on sweet gum court, the situation looks as though
5:35 am
as you head down into that court, the homes on the left side of the street are in tact, and the homes on the right are not. and the homes that circle the cul de sac at the end, it does not look as though any of that survived at all. >> as i said, you have a lot more time at home when you go onto so surf around and go to the specific street. we'll continue to give you tours on air throughout the morning with our coverage, so we can do it hand in hand that way. >> that was santa rosa. now let's jump over to napa, where we have a new evacuation advisory to tell you about. this is not a mandatory, but it is an advisory that went into place this morning. people living west of highway 29 are being told to go at a moment's notice. again, this is not a mandatory evacuation, but authorities want you to have your bags
5:36 am
packed and be ready to leave if that call should be made. >> and that's an indication that's they think the fire could continue spreading or blowing in that direction. so let's go now live to napa. camilla is there and she has a look at what they're doing this morning in some of those areas that are at risk. tell us where you are, camilla. >>reporter: good morning. i am at the robert mondavy vineyard. as i was driving here, you could see the fire. it's the outline of the mountains. the workers can see it as well. they say they're trying to work a little bit faster so that the grapes don't experience the smoke. and just in case they do have a evacuate, the grapes are all picked. so they are a little bit more worried because they see the fire. i've been talking to some of the workers and they tell me that they had to evacuate as well. some of them live in calastoga and some of them living in surrounding areas, so they're telling me they're worried
5:37 am
about their own homes but they're here working trying to pick these grapes as fast as they can. so this is under a voluntary evacuation, so they don't have to evacuate just yet but once he see that fire, it becomes more imminent, dangerous, real, because you're seeing it right there, and so like i mentioned, they're trying to work just a little bit faster. >> when it comes to the wineries, they said oh, i haven't heard from the workers. don't forget, nobody is checking in. when they ran from the flames, they left. when you go to the evacuation centers, some of the immigrants were worried, are they going to check our papers. no, they'll just let you in. there's hundreds of evacuees in various centers. a lots of them are the farm
5:38 am
workers. >> and they are providing translators too, so you can figure out where you need to go and what services are available for you. we've got to take a quick break but we wants to go back to the satellite images again. these show the current condition in santa rosa, the neighborhoods that have been burned. right now we're overhead of cashew road and pinion drive. >> okay. so just so you know, at cashew road and pinion drive, in santa rosa, i'm looking here. there's nothing standing. >> it does not look as though anything is standing. >> this is one of the hardest hit with the most des. there's nothing. there's no home. in the right hand corner we've already toured that area, those
5:39 am
are standing, but if you're in the pinion and cashew area of coffee park, we cannot see any homes standing at this point. we're going to continue to tour the neighborhoods and you can do the same when you go onto and pick out the street that you'd like to see. unfortunately it's sad to say there are no homes standing in this particular street intersection of coffee park. we'll be back with more in just a few minutes.
5:40 am
trusted battery for your son's favorite toy?t maybe not. maybe, you could trust he wouldn't leave the upstairs water running. (woman screams) or, you could just trust duracell. ♪ our bodies grow babies... ...we run marathons... ...companies... ...solve problems. how? we eat. we eat almonds... ...strawberries... ...quinoa. and yeah...we eat chocolate. ♪ we eat in sweatpants... skirts. we eat alone... ...and together. women are strong. we eat, and we own it. special k. back to the kron 4 morning
5:41 am
news. let's get a . we are covering our air quality. i don't want to complain and i notice people haven't been complaining but they're wearing masks. >> it's getting more and more difficult every day. >> even in san francisco. >> let's find out more how the smoke might shift today and how the fires might react. i guess strong winds expected? >> again. this is still very dark outside, but i want to show this shot. there you see the golden gate in the background. at least we can see the lights
5:42 am
on the golden gate this morning, a nice sign to get things started. however, unfortunately, that cap has redeveloped again. we have the marine layer around the perimeter of the bay. it's going to get hard to get vertical clearing with all of this. winds are relatively calm right now and they're going to stay that way during the day. napa at 85%. that will not stay. at 10:15 tonight going forward, these are offshore winds. look at the coverage and look at the time. 12 hours of all of this. after that's all said and done, we'll have a dry atmosphere remain for about another 24 hours after all of that is said and done. upstream do i have any good news? i do. by the middle of next week, wednesday night, there's a possibility of moisture our way. onshore winds wednesday into thursday, maybe scattered showers into parts of the bay area. checking now for the bay area
5:43 am
traffic, what's going on. good morning. keeping my eyes on flashing lights at the toll plaza. i see a tow truck. it looks like they may be assisting a person that stalled out. we have slow traffic there getting up to the scene. you're backing up quickly at the toll plaza. no big problems reported so far in san francisco, but it's already backed up to west grand. here's 92. a good ride across the san mateo bridge. no problems connecting to the peninsula. here's an accidents left over from the 4:00 hour, souths 68 0. if you say 680 south, there's an early backup here because of that accident blocking one lane. that's why you're at 31 minutes now, dublin to fremont as crews work to clear the vehicles. these drive times are normal for a friday morning, 580 looks
5:44 am
great. 680 dublin to fremont. i told you about the accidents. so it's slow there. and no big problems for the southbound or 237 west. thanks a lot. 5:43. back to our team coverage of the fires in the north bay and the entire city of calastoga is under mandatory evacuation orders. this is off of highway 29 near calastoga, and you can see the firefighters trying to guard the city and make sure that the flames don't jump 29. >> don't forget, as we've been saying, calastoga, mandatory evacuation order. if you've decided to stay there or if you're unaware the town has been evacuated, if mayor him self said you need to get out, and if you're saying, you're a distraction, you're not welcome in calastoga right now. >> and you can see what happened to things that stayed
5:45 am
in santa rosa. these are desserted police cars that were burnt when the fire swept through santa rosa, causing devastation. and we do want to let you know that we're going to continue touring neighborhoods throughout santa rosa so you can see the damage there. >> coming up next here in just a couple minutes, we're going to take you down into the fountain grove area, the communities that run along fountain parkway. so stay tuned. we'll show you which homes are burned to the ground and which homes are hopefully still standing.
5:46 am
5:47 am
5:48 am
. welcome back. it's 5:47. we're going to zoom into a neighborhood in santa rosa so we can see the damage and you can pick out for your friends or family and see whether their home was spared in these devastation fires. this is the fountain grove area. >> this is the fountain grove parkway and stage coach road. right now we're looking at a development of homes, and there is a little outdoor strip mall- type facility in the center of your screen. it looks like there's quite a bit of damage done to that. we're continuing to follow the map along stage coach and we continue to see homes burned at the top edge of your screen. that's vintage circle. that community looks as though it's been destroyed. >> we're heading from stage coach. >> we're hopping over to
5:49 am
vintage circle now. >> this is this street here. not one home. not one home. >> every home in that circle is burned. now we're sliding across parker hill road. >> and there is one home. >> it looks like we have one home. >> that's off of parker hill. so if you're the first house, that one is gone, and the second house on parker hill is standing. >> it looks like, yeah. >> and really untouched. and there's one more untouched home way back there by itself. >> now, that home in the center of your screen is a home off of bent tree place, which is that little street that's sort of cutting across to the center of your screen, and that home, the only one standing on that street. >> and again, the people who live there can't get back in because most of the neighborhood has been decimated and you're still not allowed into these areas, so our
5:50 am
special satellite images is a way that you can tour the neighborhoods. it looks like there is a structure standing there on the corner. what street is that? >> this is parker hill and manor park place, and that home on the corner looks as though it is still standing. now, don't quote me on this, i'm just clicking on the map. it's coming up at 3607 crown hill drive. so if the street numbering system is accurate on the maps that we have, it looks like that survived. it's the house right on the corner there of crown hill drive and parker hill road. >> as we take a look, i want to let you know if you're just waking up, that unfortunately, the death toll from all of these fires in the north bay is up now to 31. they're just now, they started yesterday and today, they'll be just now going into neighborhoods like this in santa rosa and looking for bodies and looking for victims with cadaver dogs. they haven't done that yet, so
5:51 am
i'm sorry to say that this death toll at 31 has not even gone through the specific door- to-door searches. and they just started yesterday and today, because these fires are still raging out of control. they've hit this neighborhood and moved on, so they still have very little containment, in the single digits, as we're looking at close to 200,000 acres that have burned with these fire storms that have chased people from their homes. those that were lucky got out of neighborhoods like this one. >> what you're looking at is a new map that's available to us this morning. this is not google earth. this is a brand new mapping system that was available to us this morning. the red that you see, that's
5:52 am
not fire, that's not flames. that's just how they color coded it so you can pick out burned homes from vegetation. everything in red, that's the trees and bushes that's still standing, but it's the white that you want to pay attention to. that is the ash of the burned- out homes. >> we're going to try to give au five-minute heads up when we head to a different neighborhood. what street is this. >> this is leet avenue. off of that we've got aaron drive closer to the right, and as you can see as you go down aaron drive off of leet avenue. >> nothing. >> there's nothing there. >> so we'll be back with more. again, we'll try to give you a heads up so you can get to the tv, but i would say if you have family, friends, relatives or you want to check for somebody you know in santa rosa, we'll be doing this all morning long, so keep it tuned to kron 4. our special fire coverage continues in just a couple minutes.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
( james ) . so many people are waking up displaced in evacuation centers this morning. we want to take a look at how they're doing. >> it's been incredible to see the number of people stepping up, helping to donate, trying to serve the people being victimized by these fires. in fact, some folks at the shelter there in santa rosa got treated to a treat. >> guy fieri, celebrity chef and he is local. he went to the fair grounds to cook up food for people, and in some cases it was mac and cheese. some people like comfort foods like this. it's nice to have a hot real meal. >> it's people like him, it's people like restaurant owners that can mobilize larger
5:56 am
efforts and feed more people and care for more people. so it's great that they're using that notoriety, that ability. >> it's devastation, and it's terrible, but -- it's terrible in so many ways but it's wonderful to see great people coming together and making something happen. and people that we don't know, people that aren't from this area. these guys coming into town to give us a hand. >> absolutely. these people, don't forget, they're living on cots and outdoors in some cases or in giant areas, and they've got donated food and, again, i was talking about like the power bars and that kind of stuff that's easy to eat has been the go to but this is how they get hot food. speaking of a restaurant, i just heard a story about a guy that worked at arby's. this is a worker, and he had to flea, and their child has
5:57 am
autism and they're at the civic center right now, so it's these people who have been displaced. a lot of people you hear stories like this, you want to donate, you want to help. right now cash is the number one easiest and quickest thing that you can do to help. >> and don't click on things that are e-mailed to you by organizations asking for money. a lot of that is starting to turn into scam things. go to the official websites like red cross. that's where you want to send money. >> every time we do this, my sister donates. she's not rich. every time we do this, she clicks on and gives more money. as we go to the break, we're going to be back with more of our special coverage going into the burned-out zones. we're going to zoom in on these neighborhoods. i do want to tell you we're overloaded on have that up on the computer,
5:58 am
but have our tv station ready, because you might not be able to get on the map online. we'll be back in a second and take a look. ( darya ) wildfires still
5:59 am
6:00 am
burning out of control he nort . day five, and the wildfires in the north bay are still out of control. we're looking at some of the damage here already done to neighborhoods as you know with significant damage in santa rosa. there's not much left standing, and we're going to take an exclusive tour of neighborhoods, so you can see home by home which are standing and which are not. i want to update you first on the numbers. so far the death toll has reached now 31 and today they're going to be going out to cadaver dogs, so we do expect that number,
6:01 am
unfortunately, to rise. we'll have names of victims as well as we move throughout the morning, but 17 alone in sonoma county. 17 of that 31 were in sonoma county. >> 2,834 homes destroyed, 400 people still missing this morning, and in terms of total acreage, all these fires burning across northern california now have scorched almost 200,000. it stands at 191,000 this morning, and with the update, the briefing we're expecting in the 7:00 to 8:00 hours this morning from the various agencies, that number is sure to go up. >> we have something new at our disposal. we're able to go into those neighborhoods when the evacuees cannot. a lot of people want to know is my home standing or burned down. one of the hardest areas hit was the coffee park
6:02 am
neighborhood. right now we're going to zoom in. which streets will we look at? >> this is holly park way and pinion drive. we saw this intersection a little bit earlier this morning. there are a few houses standing, and we're going to get to the ground in a little bit. let's look more to the east to see -- the other direction, actually. we'll want to see because we saw those homes standing in our last update, but we want to look more to the east and see if we can find anything else here before we go to the ground. this is coffee lane coming up on your screen, and that's burwick court. >> unfortunately there's no homes standing in that area of the neighborhood. let's keep going down the street. >> this is pine meadow drive. we're going down that's drive and it looks like all those homes are destroyed.
6:03 am
i'm in the seeing any intact rooftops. that's what we're looking for. the white patches are where homes once stood, but every now and then we see a roof of a home that's survived. >> and we have these interactive maps on, but our website has been overloaded. >> this is san miguel drive, and as we zoom in here, that house looks like it faces -- it looks like those train tracks, actually. so right there along the tracks, right where san miguel crosses over those tracks, it looks like we have a home. all these other homes on the west side of those tracks, as you cross over those tracks on san miguel road, those homes look to be intact, so the train tracks look like they provided an actually fire break. >> you can't get into these neighborhoods, we can with our
6:04 am
maps. let's go live ground view. lydia is in santa rosa. what corner are you on? >>reporter: i'm on holly parkway and pinion street. most of the houses here are gone, but there are a few here behind me. can you see the garage of this home behind me. that home untouched by the flames. this is the case in several neighborhoods. the first day i was out here, which was tuesday, we saw several of the neighborhoods just devastated and there was one or two homes and you can see people were inside the home, they hadn't been told to leave yet, but you might not be able to get to your home, so you might not know that it's still standing, which is why we're reporting from here to let you know it's still standing. if you live in this air why and you're worried about your home, you can't get back here, you can send me a twitter message and then i can drive to that area and actually show you what your home looks like, if it might be still standing there. i don't want to give people false hope, but there's several homes in this area still standing. also i wanted to tell you, a
6:05 am
lot of people lost their pets during the fires, especially cats that ran away. i just saw a cat in this area. i know it's kind of a long shot but i spoke to a guy a couple days ago. he lost his gray and white cat, and that cat was a gray and white cat. i couldn't get to it, it ran away from me quick, but there's still pets running around this area, so that cat was running behind that home there that you see there trying to figure out where to go. >> oh, that's such great news that there is a cat there. i know it's not like lydia has a crate on her, but that cat is so scared but it's good that it's alive, and there will be plenty of officials out there. again, you can't get in but they'll be out there and maybe they can gather up any animals they see. >> we're going to continue to show you these overhead shots out of santa rosa with this new mapping system that's become available for us this morning as we continue to track the
6:06 am
situation here over santa rosa, and that's the only place that it's available for us to get an overhead view so far. >> i'm told that's keiser hospital. remember it was at risk and they evacuated it, but then the neighborhoods at coffee park, they burned. >> this is the journeys end mobile home park, and you can see a row and a half of those mobile homes along the southern edge, it looks like they're at least somewhat intact, but you see about half of it gone, the other half survived. >> but the people can't get back into the mobile home parks, so we should tell them the main street. what is that street? you know they're not allowed back in. >> the main street outside that leads into the mobile home park, but down there in the mobile home park itself, we'll zoom in, that's sahara street. it looks like all the homes along sahara street are fine,
6:07 am
at least on the south end of it. on the north end, half of that row is gone. >> i just want folks to know who can't get back in there now, that sahara street in large part is the only intact area of that journeys end home home park. this is our first look, our first look inside that neighborhood with the map. >> you know what, let's hop to the left here, just over 101 because there's that over mobile home park. >> was that the kmart side of the highway? >> yes. so this is the mobile home park that you can see in the upper left corner of your screen. the trailers look to be -- well, it's sort of hit and miss. you've got a row that's destroyed right there along the main road, loretta way, on the right, but it looks like the majority, a lot of the trailers are still there so that's good news. >> that's amazing news for a lot of people that aren't able
6:08 am
to get back in. the one on the kmart side of the highway in large part is still standing, though it is still evacuated. should we -- again, i'm going to let you know that we have these maps on our website but please don't be frustrated if you can't get on, it's overloaded right now. that's why we're continuing our live tour on the kron 4 news. keep your tv on, tell your friends and neighbors. we're on the air all the way until 10:00. most mornings we've been going longer. we want to take you to not just sonoma county and santa rosa, but we've been covering this in napa. we've got new advisories for people in napa. >> this is for folks living west of highway 20. you're being told to be ready. when the advisory comes to your town, you need to have your bags packed, maybe standing by
6:09 am
the door, if not already in the trunk, and just be ready when the police come and say okay, we've got to go now. this is people living between the oakville grade and rutherford area. have your essentials packed in a back and ready. >> we have a live reporter there, camilla. she's been over at a winery. >>reporter: good morning. i'm on robert mondavy vineyards. they're all working. the workers are picking the grapes. they all have their masks on and they tell me that its hard labor. it's hard for them because it's physical labor and they're trying to pick these grapes and they're surrounded by the smoke. they tell me it is a complicated situation. one of them told me this is a
6:10 am
sacrifice, because of the physical labor and because they are evacuees as well, so they're worried for their own homes but they're here and working. here in the vineyard, if you look up, you can see the outline of the fire, so it becomes a little bit more real for the people in this area. right now this area is under a voluntary evacuation, so they don't have to leave just yet, but seeing that fire makes things a lot more real, it makes it more imminent, so they're work harder. they say they're trying to work faster as well because the smoke could affect the grapes. they're worried that the grapes will take in that smoke and maybe be damaged. they're trying to just pick them as fast as they can so they can avoid any damage to the grapes and the wine. reporting live in napa. >> thanks a lot. the loss of property has
6:11 am
been devastating, the loss of life far worse. we want to look at some of the people that we know has died in these fires. there's 31 confirmed fatalities right now. 17 of the victims were in sonoma county alone, and 10 of those people have been identified. their family has been made aware. if you're a friend of them if you haven't heard, and this is the first you've heard, i'm so sorry for your loss. i just want to go through the names of the people who have lost their names. 76-year-old carol swaysy. these are all santa rosa victims here. arthur grant was 92. swico grant was 75. 80-year-old leroy was killed as well. >> and donna halbur as well.. valerie lynn evans.
6:12 am
we have carmen berez, 75. 57-year-old michael. 67 veronica mccomb of santa rosa. all their family members have been notified and now their names have been made public. and we have the story of this person too earlier in the week. we should remind you. 28-year-old christina hanson died. her family letting you know they were working for her. she was in a wheelchair. it turns out she did fall victim to the fire. >> and also family members are confirming to kron 4 that 69- year-old linda died in the fire. she was at the journeys end mobile home park. and i am so sorry to say that they're just now sending in cadaver dogs to many of these neighborhoods in santa rosa, so we're unfortunately going to have terrible news as the kron
6:13 am
4 morning news continues today and through the weekend. we've been covering this more than any other station. if you have any other pictures, if you've lost family members and friends, we will share those with our viewers and i think it's a way to bring how horrible this is, to see the victims and put a face to a name, and our hearts go out to you if you have family members. >> we're going to take a quick break. the time is 6:13. you're looking at new satellite imagery of the burned-out areas in santa rosa. it's going to be difficult for you to access this yourself on line, but we have the link. we're going to take you through the fountain grove neighborhoods again when we come back from this break, so stay tuned. we're going to give you that tour in just a moment.
6:14 am
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6:16 am
weather and traffic... . 6:15. the story is that the air quality is bad again, and schools have been canceled in a lot of places. if you have kids, you know which schools are canceled, so we're not going to spend a lot of time going over school by school because you've been notified of that, but it just proves how bad the air is. >> the smoke has been a
6:17 am
problem. following the story with the winds, which are expected to increase. >> they are for tonight and for a good 12 hours or so. sfo first, it looks like a pretty clear shot that we have. incoming flights, three-plus hours delayed, so that may have an effect on your travels. you can see a nice shot of the golden gate bridge. we had a little bit of clearing out overnight. unfortunately the cap has redeveloped above us, so vertical clearing may still be an uphill battle. winds return late tonight. weekend, it's a dry northeast to north wind that we're going to have for an expended period of time. dry saturday night when that's all said and done. and showers by the middle of next week out there. the coverage lingers all the way to noon and early afternoon for tomorrow. so it's a long period of time.
6:18 am
it's going to give us a dry atmosphere that we're going to be stuck with. today's effort, we've got moisture coming in from the marine layer overnight. these numbers are elevated in the north bay. they dry out a touch for this afternoon, but tonight they deal with the strong northeast winds. we jump down into the single digits in napa a little bit, so it's going to be a dry saturday, saturday night into sunday. so the fair danger with the red flag warning reinstated until saturday at 11:00 with those dry conditions i just outlined. temperatures are somewhat moderate today and we're starting things off with a little bit of elevated humidities in the north bay. it is friday, so commuters are getting a break out there in some spots, but the bridges are packed.
6:19 am
here's the bay bridge. backed up into the maze. but continues to move well across the upper deck. i don't see any major trouble spots or hot spots, so you're averaging 12 minutes for the drive in. he's 92. it's crowded leaving layward. southbound from 238, 292, when you finally make it on the bridge, it will be a roughly 15- minute trip to get over to 101 and san mateo. checking in on 680 as traffic recovers from an early-morning crash which was southbound. 26 minutes and growing from dublin out to fremont. slow out of pittsburg through concord connecting over to 242, so that's averaging 25 minutes. just a quick check of the south bay. no trouble spots. 21 minutes for 101. smooth northbound from san jose
6:20 am
to cupertino. we continue our breaking news coverage this morning of this devastation that's being brought to the north bay right now by these fires that are ravaging the wine country. >> the problem is you can't get in there because they've been evacuated and people aren't allowed back in, so we have a way that we can overlay a map so that you can see which homes are still standing and which were destroyed by the fire. it's the only way into the neighborhoods. right now. we have this online but we're overloaded so you may not be able to access it. >> this is right around round barn , right by the hilton sonoma wine country. there's the wine barn that's
6:21 am
been there more than 100 years. it has burned to the ground. if you can scroll up the road, i want to check on, there's a couple buildings as that road wraps around the north side. we have a retirement development. it looks like that's still standing. that's that half circle of roofline that you see at the top of the screen. we see that roof. right next to it is the meadows apartment community, so those structures look like they're standing. >> this is the only way into these areas right now, so we're going to keep these maps up so that's you can pick out landmarks and see your neighborhoods on there. jack is nice enough to join us on the phone right now. as we take a look at the areas, the first question a lot of people want to know is, the fire has already swept through the santa rosa area that we're looking at. when can people get in to at
6:22 am
least see what's standing and what's not? >> well, first of all, thanks for having me on. to answer your question, mandatory evacuation areas are still mandatory and we really want to stress that people do not go back there. just yesterday i had a chance to tour some of the areas, although from the naked eye the fire looked down, there were downed power lines, dust, toxins and other hazards and hot spots that could pick up if the wind were to pick up. so we want people to stay out of those zones but we want to reassure folks that we do have 270 police patrol cars on the streets keeping them secure. if your home is in a mandatory evacuation and it's standing, we're doing our best to keep it secure from looting and other threats. >> i think a lot of people just want to go in and see it and take a picture of it. i've run into people whose homes were destroyed and they took a picture, and i thought,
6:23 am
do you really want to see that? people want to get in there, and i guess just get a look at the rubble? what have they been telling you? >> that they do want to see the status of their homes. i think it's disbelief and they want to see it for themselves. they feel like they might be one of the lucky ones that this fire didn't choose to take their home. the city of santa rosa has developed a tool and i believe can be found on our website, but it will show areas that have most likely been affected. so that might be able to help give people some closure about what could have happened. >> yeah, that's what we're doing too as we talk to you. we have our maps on an here on the morning news. the other thing, and i have trouble even talking about it, and we've had to deliver the terrible news to so many
6:24 am
families that their loved ones have died, and santa rosa is the hardest hit area with the most fatalities so far. 31 in the north bay, but 17 in sonoma county alone, and 10 have been identified. how are you trying to get the word out about those who have been identified and not -- and the cadaver dogs and sending them in. people want closure with their homes. they want closure with their loved ones. they haven't heard from them. tell us about that process and how quickly you're able to do that. >> right now that's largely in the hands of our sheriff coroner who is doing a stand-up job of really everything at the moment. it's been really, really difficult. i knew two of the people personally who passed away, leroy and donna halbert. >> we saw that couple as well and saw a picture of them.
6:25 am
it's so sad. is it that most of the victims came from the same neighborhood and the fire swept too quickly through there, or can you tell us, you know, the circumstances that these people got caught in? >> i can't confirm the circumstances but i was going through a list of some of the folks who had passed away in this fire, and i was looking at -- i want to thank the press for giving information. it looks like a lot of folks that were affected were in areas of northeast santa rosa by fountain grove in that area, so it's pretty devastating. >> that was the first part of town i guess to catch the flames as it came over from calastoga. going order, what has been and what continues to be your biggest challenges now as you try and return the city of
6:26 am
santa rosa to normalcy. >> i think getting people back in their homes and neighborhood, getting their kids back to school. we're going to be really working so hard for our residents because we want to let them know that their city is here for them. we're going to put a lot of energy into getting them repopulated and getting their lives back to normal. we're getting our local assistance center up and running, hopefully by today, so people affected can go there to help with insurance claims, hopefully coordinate with fema and start that process up. from a policy perspective, i was sitting down with a group of leaders yesterday who was starting to coming up with ideas about how to expedite this process and rebuild. we were sitting down with supervisor rob brown, and he's such a wealth of information as he's been through this too many
6:27 am
times. so i really want to thank rob for showing us some pathways forward. >> and for people that have been displaced, you're going to try to get the kids in school how soon? >> i can't speak to that. >> thank you. so much to do to get santa rosa to even have some bit of normal life. thank you very much for joining us this morning, and we're going to be with more. >> you're seeing live pictures of the maps across your screen. coming into view, the boulders at fountain grove, and it looks like some of the rooftops are there, and some of the surrounding homes. it's hit or miss. some of the homes have survived, but as you can see, you've got ash where homes once stood. we're going to continue to work our way through this neighborhood street by street and update you on the statute us this morning.
6:28 am
status this morning.
6:29 am
♪ so we created the only bed that adjusts on both sides to 9 out of 10 couples prefer a different mattress firmness, your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. you can even see how well you're sleeping and make adjustments. does your bed do that? the most amazing part is they start at $699. that's $200 off our queen c2 mattress during the final days of our fall sale. ends sunday. visit for a store near you. ( james ) and take a look
6:30 am
at this map sent out by the city of . we have new interactive maps to show you which areas
6:31 am
are devastated by this fire. we have this online but we've been overloaded. in five to ten minutes we're be touring lincoln valley. right now, through fountain grove. >> this is fountain grove and hadley hill drive. this is the southern end of hadley hill drive where it connects with fountain grove. you're going to see every now and then you've got a roof intact and a home next door that's burned to the ground. this is closer to kendall hill drive. as we get deep into some of these communities -- >> look at that cul de sac. is that a burned home on the left? >> yeah, right there rounding
6:32 am
out the circle. >> everybody else was okay. >> this is new berry court. it looks like they're fine on both sides, so we'll continue to scroll up. >> remember, you can't get back into these neighborhoods, they've been evacuated, so that's why we're taking you in with these maps. so far these homes look okay. what's that main street that goes north and south. >> that's still hadley hill drive. >> there's the damage. >> so now we're coming up. so those houses, that's right across from buford place. hadley hill drive and buford place, two homes on the left look burned, and we have homes as we come down on what looks like shillingford place. >> as you get to shillingford, that's where on the right and left of the road, both sides are destroyed, those homes. >> now, the one on the corner,
6:33 am
that looks intact, but all its neighbors have burned. then as we get farther along, it looks like those homes are okay. >> at the end of the cul de sac, which one is that again. >> shillingford place. >> when we look at those areas alone, it was well over 2800 structures just there, and they're still counting the structures that were burned. so let's go now from the air and live on the ground as well. lydia is with us and she's been allowed into the neighborhood. she was in coffee park before. i don't know if you're still in coffee park now. >> i thing you are. lydia. >>reporter: i'm in coffee park,
6:34 am
here on holly parkway. i've going to move the next half hour to show you other areas. but these homes behind me still intact, but they're surrounded by devastation. the first day i was out here, there were people inside their houses trying to make sure the smoldering didn't get inside their houses. i didn't see much this morning. i kind of looked around and didn't see much smoke or anything in this area, but they're not letting people back here. one of the reasons, there's the issue of looting. they did arrest some looters yesterday. also they're going to start a recovery effort for those people still missing. they're going to go to the addresses and see if those people died in the fire as well. the owners of these homes may not know that their homes are
6:35 am
still standing. i did get some tweets a few days ago from people saying can you check on my home, can you look to see if my home is still standing, so that's why we're doing this now, so show you there's homes within that devastation that's standing. these homes back here, at least four or five homes in this area that i can see that are still standing as well. >> just to get -- i don't know if you have an address or street for the ones still standing. is there a number on the ground there? >>reporter: you want me to look at the mailbox right now? >> sure. i think people watching want to know. >>reporter: it's the 1300 block. i know that because i just looked down here. so this is 1338, and then going south that way. so 1338 going upwards is where the houses are that they're still standing. no, 1338 and going down.
6:36 am
sorry. 1300 block. 1338 and then going down that way. >> thank you. >> but the house right behind you, next to that one that is intact, you say that one is gone? >>reporter: 1342, yeah, that one is gone. there's nothing here. i mean, it's really crazy to see, there's one house that looks like it's untouched, it doesn't look like the flames hit it at all. the fencing was damaged but the home is intact. the one next to it, you can't barely tell there was a house there. >> thank a lot lydia. will is out where a lot of the people evacuated from, calastoga. are you at a high school, will? >>reporter: i'm at american canyon high school, and there's about 8 0 evacuees here. it's dark at this time.
6:37 am
you can hear snoring. it is so sad, they're sleeping in cots. some of them are kind of awake, they're just sitting in the seats with blankets over them with this like i can't believe this look on their faces, and i didn't want to bother them, of course. once the sun comes up and they start moving around, we'll get their reaction. of course it's been tough for them for the past four or five days. i talked to a volunteer inside and they said they are not checking immigration status. i know that has been a concern for a lot of undocumented residents. they are not turning up to evacuation centers. if you know anybody like that, don't worry about it. tell him or her, bring your family here, you're welcome. this is a humanitarian effort. speaking of humanitarian effort, we want to show you exactly what is being done. please, i know the outpouring in the bay area is fantastic, right, we care about each
6:38 am
other. so many people over the past couple of days have dropped off water. look at the pallets of water. they're just overwhelmed. they just don't have the man power to shuffle the items around. there's also food on pallets. they brought out port a poddies. they're doing everything they can. some of them are finding out their neighborhood is okay and leaving. they do expect more people to show up over the next couple days or so. when they do, they'll be here to help. it looks like volunteers are starting to show up at that location as well. we'll talk to them. this is an around-the-clock activity. don't worry about your safety or anything. i mention safeties, because you never know with so many people huddled in such a small place getting to know each other, they even have security guards for your safety as well.
6:39 am
it's a very sad thing to hear people snoring in cots. at one time they lived in one of the most beautiful places on earth, and now, unfortunately, because of the fires, they're all together sleeping on cots in a gymnasium. back to you. >> show me again the supplies that are sitting out there, because i want to mention, you're at american canyon high where they've been inundated in a good way, but almost too much of the bottled water. over at the marin center, they've taken in people there and they still have room for people. same story. they've got so much stuff and they're accepting donations up until 1:00 today, but they're real specific about what they need. they don't need water anymore here. it's only toothpaste and toothbrushes, brand new in the
6:40 am
package, socks, underwear, diapers, soccer balls and footballs, something for the kids, dog and cat food, and animal crates. that's at the marin center, and you can bring those goods over the marin rowing. as far as the stuff goes, that's it. it's almost better to give cash. >> the red cross is pleading for that. >> it's easier for you. >> you don't have to drive the goods anywhere and drop them off. the american red cross, if you'd like to donate money, they've got all their sources. red >> that's probably the best thing you can do today.
6:41 am
the united way taking donations. if somebody sends you something solicited, don't do it. go to the website or your friends and family may not know you're okay, so if you're okay, mark yourself as safe on facebook. if you do have somebody you're still concerned, the sonoma county hotline is still the place to call. we'll be right back. i to get a great shape. i can . bene® healthy shape is a clear, taste-free, 100% natural daily fiber... that's clinically proven to help me feel fuller longer. benefiber® healthy shape. this i can do! ( james ) we want to show
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6:43 am
6:44 am
you now where these . back to the breaking news to show you the north bay firestorms and the areas that have been burned. >> let's get you updated on the fires with the map. this is the fire affecting santa rosa, and more importantly, calastoga. it's burned right up to, as i said, calastoga. it has not crossed highway 29 yet. we'll open date you as we learn more. >> then there's the adobe fire. it's the state park that's part of the area there. it's more than 7500 acres. containment on all these fires, i hate to say this, going into day five is all single digits. essentially nothing. >> right next to it we have the combined fires that were separate to begin with but they've formed one large fire,
6:45 am
burning 17,498, so almost 18,000 acres, and a low contain number, 3%. >> let's good down to the next fire. all of these -- let's go down to the next fire. >> that's the fire burning in the hills that separate the sonoma and napa valley. that's almost 11,000 acres in size, and 3% containment, and the last fire to update you on is that massive one, the atlas fire. almost 44,000 acres in size. that one is 7% contained, but obviously that's still a long ways of way from having any sort of control, so it continues to grow. >> and the winds are an issue, so we're following that for the fire areas, and for closer into the san francisco metropolitan area because the smoke continues to make our air quality very unhealthy, so we'll be back with more and weather as well, which is key here on the kron 4 morning
6:46 am
news. and more of our interactive neighborhood map of the burned- out areas for you in just a few minutes. and smoke continues to
6:47 am
6:48 am
fill . as promised now, we're going to take you to the section of santa rosa that was destroyed by fire so that you can see in this evacuation zone that you're not allowed into whether or not your home or family's home is still standing. >> i'll ask the control room for guidance on some of the streets. >> let's zoom down. >> we're going to start walking you through portions of the town, or at least portions of that neighborhood. >> this is ulupa? is that correct, control room? it looks like these homes are pretty much okay. so ulupa so far is all fine. >> looking okay, actually.
6:49 am
>> we're going to keep heading -- >> it looks like all the roofs are intact. that's the great thing about this map. you don't see it so much here. thankfully, but what this map is is the latest satellite image over the city of santa rosa showing us the burned-out homes and the homes intact. that's why we're taking you through the neighborhoods checking on different parts of town. we were in coffee park earlier and in fountain grove, and now we want to show you some of the -- well, at least hopefully what has survived. it looks like at least along this stretch, there's a good number of homes. this is right around ulupa avenue. that's the monta villa apartments. it looks like that's all intact, so it looks like weave like we've got good news to
6:50 am
share with you this morning. >> there's not one home burnt down so far in the neighborhood we're touring. anything you see in red, that's just how they mark trees. >> if we can zoom out the map a touch, i want the move the maps to the left. i want to try to make out montgomery high school. there's the campus coming into view. i just want to make sure -- >> there's the track. >> let's zoom in there because we did have, you know, half of a school burned to the ground. it looks like montague is intact. >> they're talking about trying to get kids back to school soon and trying to get people back into their homes. if you live in an evacuation area, the problem is if you say well, my home didn't burn down and it's not smoldering anymore, there's instability in the area, power lines down.
6:51 am
we talked about some areas that have bad drinking water. this is things that city officials have to keep in mind, and they want to be first in, because they're sending cadaver dogs to find victims and confirm for families to giver you closure if you've not heard. there's hundreds of people not accounted for. if you have not heard from a loved one, they get the address and go to the locations, they want to be able to find remains and give you closure. the death toll so far has been 31. sonoma county and santa rosa has been the hardest hit. >> we'll pause for a moment, get an update on weather, but when we come back, we'll head north on the map. we'll check on conditions and
6:52 am
those communities that feed into the school. that part of town we're going to check next. >> keep the tv on. five or ten minutes, we'll visit that neighborhood. in the meantime, our neighbors to the north, the fires are sending that smoke down to the south. this is a look at the bay bridge and it makes for these oddly pretty sunrise and sunsets, which is horrible because of the fire. >> unfortunately. >> this looks a lot better. the golden gate looks better. >> a little gray up above, and i'm sure that's all that smoke. there's that flag on the right hand side that's not moving. but that's going to change as we head into tonights and tomorrow, and that's why we've got dave following the winds for us. >> that will pick up probably by this evening. good morning everybody. speaking of the skies, it looks
6:53 am
better. probably the marine layer helped clear out things a little bit, however, we do still have that cap overhead, so we're not going to get a lot of vertical help here. you just saw the bay bridge shot. at least we're getting pretty sunrises and sunsets. current winds, uneventsful. we like that. it's going to be a good day for firefighters to get up there and do their job and try to get a handle on this situation because we don't have a lot of winds today. another plus for all of this. 83% the relative humidity. santa rosa at 86. those will change. i've jumped ahead to this evening at 11:30. that's when the next windstorm starts to take hold. about 12 hours of pretty good winds. in some cases it will be pretty intense. that will be offshore winds, so they will be dry.
6:54 am
let me get to this graphic. through the day today and into tonights, tomorrow morning you can see there at 5:30, fairly dry air and it stays that way all day. now, dew points do tend to fall and humidity levels tend to fall during the day, but this is going in the single digits in napa county. not good for the day after the winds. we're going to be left with a dry atmosphere after all of that. let's good ahead and check out what's going on with the traffic now. robin, good morning. good morning. busy on the roads but no major hot spots right now. the ride into san francisco looks good. we consider this a good ride. there is a small westbound near the metering lights, which is after this live shot, and it's backed up into the maze, but other than that it's quiet. here's the 580 westbound quickly filling in, but no big problems here. just lights of headlights squeezing through the tolls. you're already backed up, which
6:55 am
is normal for a friday morning. 217, all lanes open. we had a tree that came down. all lanes are open, but there is some slowing there for some of those coming out of santa cruz. a quick check of 101 out of san jose. slow in pockets.. you're holding at 33 minutes, which is good to work your way from crockett down to the maze. stay with us, the kron 4 morning news will return after the break.
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this is the bay area's news stairks kron four news starts now. >> it's


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