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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  October 18, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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ness avenue and franklin street... the suspect drove away from the area... but his vehicle was eventually found near buena vista park.... that is about two- miles away from the site of the hit- and-run....(grant) the suspect was eventually found on ellis street in the tenderloin... around 3:30- this afternoon.... and taken into custody... kron4's j-r stone is live at san francisco general hospital with new video of the suspect? (j.r.)tonight that officer is in critical condition. he is out of surgery and in the intensive care unit. i have seen many other officers in and out of this facility tonight. i want to step behind the camera to show you the police presence here at sf general this evening. you see all of the police cars and suv lined up outside the hospital. here is all new video that i shot showing the suspect after witnesses identified him. i've slowed that video down so
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you can see his face. those who live in the area also took facebook live video of the suspect in cuffs. you can see that on here as well. i've slowed that down as well and zoomed in on it. police have not identified the suspect or the officer who was hit. this original case happened two blocks from city hall. police observed a man in an suv in possession of a gun. officefrs say it appears the man realized they were there and drove off. in the process he hit a bicycle cop, continued driving, and was later caught. the suv was later recovered near the dmv and the suspect was arrested in the tenderloin. the officer is in the i c u. neighbors who saw the suspect get arrested reacted to the at san francisco general hospital the police presence remains high. if we do get any new information on the officer's condition we'll update you here on kron 4 news.
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(pam) we first told you about
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the officer being injured .. through our mobile app. we sent a push alert just after 1:30 this afternoon. make sure you download the kron-four news app to always get the latest breaking news. it's free for iphone and android devices. the sea breeze brought much cooler weather to the bay area and much higher humidity too. the winds continue to blow and it's breezy in many areas now. the cooler temperatures and moist weather is helping fire fighters and there is even a chance of rain on the way. tonight we can expect increasing clouds with low clouds and fog moving into the bay and valleys. we can see the first storm of the season
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on the satellite picture. you can see it now moving out of the gulf of alaska. we could see some showers as early as the afternoon in the north bay before it spreads across the rest of the bay area overnight tomorrow. we could see a tenth to a quarter of an inch in the north bay with maybe more over the mountains. this of course is all good news since it will greatly lower the fire danger. we could see 3 inches of snow across the higher peaks in the sierra too. we can expect increasing clouds thoughout the day tomorrow with a chance the north bay in the temperatures cooler with most highs in 60s. it's going down over the next 7 days. will actually normal friday with a showers. much warmer forecast for the weekend. (grant) another big story we are following tonight... the 'bear fire' in boulder creek has now burned 300- acres in the santa cruz mountains ... and is 15- percent contained. it has already destroyed four structures... and 300 structures are threatened tonight. seven people have been injured including at least six firefighters evacuation orders remain in
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place for the las cumbres and deer creek communities.... kron four's rob fladeboe reports. nats (helicopters fight fire) helicopters like this one and other aircraft fighting the bear fire were grounded for about an hour on wednesday after a drone was spotted in the airspace over the fire. that not only led to fewer water drops, allowing the fire to spread that much more, but it put the aircraft, pilots and firefighters on the ground at risk.sot captain jordan motta/calfirethe drone did not however stop hand crews like this one from attacking the fire on the ground. bear creek drainage, where the fire is burning, is some of the most rugged terrain in all of the santa cruz mountains.sot steve chapman/firefighteri rode along with calfire up the narrow, winding bear canyon road where the fire started. the landscape still smolders with a spot fire here and there. we pass the charred ruins of a half dozen abandoned vehicles on the way. even as they hunted for that drone and it's pilot,sheriffs announced the arrest of a man suspected of looting an evacuated home.sot sgt. chris clark/santa cruz sheriffs dept. firefighters meantime are making good progress in
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slowing the growth of the fire, and they are looking forward to possibly getting some help from mother nature in the form of rain.sot captain jordan motta/calfire sot rob fladeboe/boulder creek (pam) in the north bay --- the death toll bay --- the in the north (pam) er creekfladeboe/boulder creek
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(pam) in the north bay --- the death toll climbed by one today .... after a body was found in the debris of a burned santa rosa house. 42 people have now been killed. 50 people are still missing in sonoma county. however, sonoma sheriff's officials say, they don't expect the death toll to climb much higher. that is because half of the missing are reports for homeless people ... who did not live in hard hit areas. and many other reports are for people who have not been seen in years --- but are believed to áhaveá last been seen in sonoma county. eight others are still missing in napa. (grant) and tonight, we are
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learning more information about the victims who died in the north bay firestorm. at least 42 people lost their lives - and 50 people are still missing. 250 bay area search and rescue members...spent the day combing through destroyed homes and destroyed through combing through destroyed homes and ashlooking for human remains. they are searching over 100 thousand burned acres that is slightly more than 3 times the size of san francisco. they fan out and methodically through each burned home.(sot) (grant)these are volunteers, it is really something, not paid to do this. tonight... the sonoma county sheriff's department say's it's awaiting word from the department of justice... on the names of six people to identify ...that died in the north bay firestorm. (pam) as the cleanup from the devastating fires in sonoma county continues, many students are still not being allowed to return to classes. (grant) most schools in
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sonoma county are closed this week... and some have already cancelled classes for next week as well. kron 4's charles clifford is live in santa rosa tonight with details on another school that was destroyed in the fire... charles? well, santa rosa city schools has said that 70 staff members and 230 students may have lost their homes to the fires. several campuses have also been damaged or destroyed and it could take some time to make the schools that are still standing safe and move students to new classrooms. natsas the tubbs fire tore through large swaths of santa rosa last week, it damaged homes, businesses and several schools.cardinal newman high school along old redwood highway suffered severe damage. losing its library, 20 classes and the main least two other schools in santa rosa were a complete loss. very little of k-12 redwood adventist academy remains standing. the staffs there are now trying to find a temporary location for the 128 students enrolled at the school.another campus lost to the fire is the hidden valley elementary satellite school, which sits along parker hill road. . just
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a mile or so away from the main hidden valley campus. santa rosa city school has said that all 82 students from the satellite school will be able to move over to the main campus, if that works for the parents. sotoh, very scary.leslie brockman has three grandchildren who attend hidden valley elementary. . including 5 year old olive here. . she says the past week has been tough on everyone and that the damaged and destroyed schools are a heavy loss. she says she's ok with the extra kids moving into olive's school.sot i think that's great. if they have room. great. sotif they have to squeeze together that's fine. happy to do whatever we can.finally, santa rosa city schools has also said they are working on setting up counseling and support for students and faculty who may be having a tough time dealing with the aftermath of these santa rosa, charles clifford kron 4 news. (pam) amidst the search for a place to live, those
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who lost their homes to the fire .... must also do more tedious things, like cancelling utility service and picking up the mail. yet through it all... most are already planning to rebuild ... so they can stay in santa rosa. kron 4's dan kerman caught with some of them.. he has their story. 9pkgwednesday afternoon people were streaming out of santa rosa's mcbride lane postal annex with some of the mail that's been collecting since the fires broke out 9 days ago sot dave lorange/mark west area home destroyed 09-16most of these people like dave lorange lost their homes in the fire sotand lorange isn't the only one planning to rebuildsot heather hamrick/ coffey park home destroyed 34- 42and it's that neighborly feeling here in santa rosa that's has even convinced those who were not so sure.sot steve vella/ coffey park home destroyed 50-59standup dan kerman/santa rosa 112-122if you live in the fountain grove or coffee park area, the postal service says pick up your ail at the roseland station though friday, then beginning saturday you can pick it up here on mcbride avenueif you live in the larkfield are you can start
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coming to the mcbride avenue station now. in santa rosa, dan kerman kron 4 news. (pam) coming up on kron4 news at nine... a warning tonight from the u-s department of education... (pam) coming up on kron4 news at nine... a warning tonight from the u-s department of education... hackers are targeting schools across the u-s... find out
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the threats they already received from digital thieves...(grant) plus... a phone conversation between president trump and the widow of a soldier killed in niger has turned into a war of words... new details in this controversy. (pam) and after the break... how shelters in the north bay are helping lost pets from the fire find their owners... at stanford health care,
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we can now use a blood sample to detect lung cancer. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for asthma. and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients with a small pacemaker for the brain, imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis, even migraines. if we can use patients' genes to predict heart disease in their families, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you. (grant) new at nine:
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tens of thousands of people in the bay area have been directly impacted or know someone affected by the north bay fires... so many have been seperated from their dogs, cats and other animals...and pet rescue groups have been stepping up to help shelters in the north bay.. that are overwhelmed. kron 4's hermela aregawi spoke to one shelter...helping in alameda. (hermela aregawi)a lot of shelters in the north bay are taking in animals that for one
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reason or another have been displaced because of the fires. and they just don't have room for shelters like this one are helping them make space. more than a dozen animals from napa and sonoma have moved to alameda.11 dogs and four cats that are hoping to make the east bay their permanent home. steve ferguson/manager, friends of the alameda shelterwhat we did is we took adoptable pets. that were already up for adoption. this freed room in the shelter so they could take more emergency boardings. when shelters affected by the devastating fires reached out for help.. rescue groups across the bay area sprung into action. steve ferguson/manager, friends of the alameda shelterthey contacted us late sunday night saying they could definitely help pulling some animals out. we talked to napa county animal shelter and they had taken in over a hundred emergency boardings the day before so they needed space cleared so we rushed up there in 3 vans 3 employees full of crates meanwhile volunteers reached out to foster homes to take in some of the more than 100 animals that live here at the friends of the alameda shelter.. to create space.é
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carla thornton/spokersperson, friends of the alameda shelter the shelters help each other out. anytim that one shelter has gotten so full that it needs some animals pulled, we try to help out and same goes for themthe napa fires were close by and we wanted although we are a small shelter to do our part. (hermela aregawi)the shelter's managers say of the 15 animals that came from the north bay, 1 cat is in foster.. another adopted.but they are still looking for homes for the rest. reporting live in alameda, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news. (pam) a north bay pharmacy had to act fast to refill existing prescriptions for customers who lost their medications in the firestorm. in some cases, money was not necessary to get residents the pharamcutical help they needed... kron4's haaziq madyun shows you where the pharmacy is located...
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when the north bay wildfires blazed through the town of santa rosa thousands of residents were evacuated from their homes and as a result separated from their medications. well, that is where tuttle's doyle park pharmacy comes inhow important is that, in the time of a crisis the pharmacy has been open for the past 11-days? how long has tuttle's pharmacy been open here in santa rosa?
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pharmacists has been here since the start of this crisis and it doesn't look like they are going home any time soon"> in santa rosa haaziq madyun kron4news (pam) in national news tonight... it's a story that's caused quite a controversy.... president donald trump's phone conversation with the widow of a soldier killed in niger... white house officials say, there is no recording of mr. trumps call with the widow of a fallen soldier. (grant) the commander in chief called sergeant la-david johnson's widow, myeshia johnson, to offer his condolences.(grant) florida democratic representative frederica wilson, who was with johnson at the time of the phone call....said mister trump told mrs johnson that her husband quote "knew what he signed up for, but i guess it still hurt." the president
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denies using those words and says president obama and others... never called the families of fallen soldiers. (sot) (grant)"i had a very nice conversation with the woman, with the wife who sounded like a lovely woman. i did not say what the congresswoman said and most people aren't too surprised to hear that.""if you look at president obama and other presidents, most of them didn't make calls. a lot of them didn't make calls." white house officials say multiple people were in the room with the commander in chief during his call to myeshia jonhson...and that president trump... was completely respectful...and very sympathetic. (pam) a warnining to teachers, parents and school staffs... hackers are targeting school disctricts across the country... that is according to the u-s department of education. at least three states have been targeted. officials say, hackers are asking schools to give them money... or the group will release
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stolen private records. the hackers also included threats of violence, shaming or bullying the children. in one case in montana ... a threateneing letter talked about use of force... mentioning the name "sandy hook." law enforcement said.. they did not believe the threats and that the attackers are located outside of the u.-s. (grant) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... joining us now is meteorologist lawrence karnow... the sea breeze brought much cooler weather to the bay area and much higher humidity too. the winds continue to blow and it's breezy in many areas now. the cooler temperatures and moist weather is helping fire fighters and there is even a chance of rain on the way. tonight we can expect increasing clouds with low
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clouds and fog moving into the bay and valleys. we can see the first storm of the season on the satellite picture. you can see it now moving out of the gulf of alaska. we could see some showers as early as the afternoon in the north bay before it spreads across the rest of the bay area overnight tomorrow. we could see a tenth to a quarter of an inch in the north bay with maybe more over the mountains. this of course is all good news since it will greatly lower the fire danger. we could see 3 inches of snow across the higher peaks in the sierra too. we can expect increasing clouds thoughout the day tomorrow with a chance of showers in the north bay in the afternoon. temperatures will be much cooler with most highs in the 50s and 60s. it's going to be up and down over the next 7 days. temperatures will actually be cooler than normal through friday with a chance of showers. much warmer weather is forecast for the weekend.
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(grant) still ahead... the first lawsuit has been filed in the wake of the north bay firestorm. find out why a santa rosa couple who lost there home in the tubbs fire is suing p-g-and-e.(pam) and after the break.. venmo is rolling out a new feature... now you can shop online through the app... we'll explain
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recall for more than a million f-series pickups...(pam) these trucks were sold in the u-s, canada and mexico. the problem is a door latch issue. that could allow the door to open... while the truck is in motion. it can also prevent the driver from
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opening the door when necessary. the affected models include some of the 20- 15, 20-16 and 20-17 f-150's... also included in the recall - some 20-17 super duty pickups. ford estimates that repairs will cost 267-million dollars. no injuries have been reported with the latch issues. .... (grant) the popular app venmo isn't just for splitting dinner checks with your friends anymore. a new option rolling out this week lets users make online purchases from more than two- million retailers. venmo is owned by pay-pal... and its new features will work by tapping into its existing payment network. pay-pal executives say they want to turn venmo into a digital wallet on your smartphone. (pam) coming up... a 'do not drink' advisory has been lifted for people living in north sacramento after the
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water had a purple hue... (grant) plus... another business in the north bay is badly affected by the wine country fires...and it has little to do with grapes.. tonight we look at problems with cannabis... coming up(pam) and after the break... a san francisco police officer in critical condition tonight after being hit by a car while riding a bike... we're live at san francisco we're live at san francisco general hospital with an update....
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(pam) now at 9:30.... a san francisco police officer is in critical condition tonight - after being hit by an s-u-v. one suspect has been arrested....(grant) the officer was on duty... riding his bicycle when he was hit on turk street...between franklin and van ness. kron4's j-r stone is live at san francisco's general hospital j.r. what does the scene look like out there at the hospital? we're talking about dozens of police officers who have come here to san francisco general. their patrol cars are lined up in the area behind me. i'm told the officer's family members are coming here from out of state as well. as for
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this suspect. this is video of him after witnesses identified him today. he was busted in the tenderloin hours after this hit and run happened. i've slowed down and stilled some of this video for you. as for the hit and run case it happened on turk just two blocks from city hall. police believed this suspect had a gun inside the suv he was in. at one point he realized that police officers were watching him. he sped off and in the process hit this san francisco police officer we're talking
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(pam) in the north bay... the wildfires are causing the crops of some cannabis farmers to go up in smoke. it is a disaster which is hard for those growers to recover from.. because insurance is rare in an industry still operating in the shadows .. and assistance from fema is out of the question. kron4's maureen kelly talked to one marijuana mogul who has had close calls with two different pot farms. last week.there was a scramble at the acme eliirs lagunitas farm when ash started raining down from the fires in sonoma county..the christmas tree sized plants needed to be harvested quickly and brought out of harm's way. now the bear fire is bearing down on the company's other farm in the santa cruz mountains. the ceo says he knows of other growers who have been wiped out.these fires are hitting at the worst
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possible time.bite about harvestit's a loss that will harder to the pot industry to rebound from than others hard hit.bite about no insurance he believes that the extent of the damage could have an impact come january 1 when the full rollout of adult recreational marijuana goes into effect.bite about a shortage of organic weed(maure en)the marijuana mogel is hopeful his farm will be spared by this fire but even so the crop could be compromised either the quality could be affected by the smoke or it could be containminated by carcinogens. maureen kelly kron4 news
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(grant) a santa rosa couple who lost their home in the tubbs fire is suing p-g-and-e. they claim the fire was caused by negligence. the say p-g-and-e did not do a good enough job maintaining electric lines and pruning trees. their home was destroyed in the coffey park neighborhood. fire investigators have not announced any conclusions yet as to what caused the fires. this is the first lawsuit to be filed in the wake of the north bay firestorm. and it apparently won't be the last. the couple's attorney says he's preparing similar lawsuits on behalf of other fire victims. (pam) the coffey park neighborhood in santa rosa... where hundreds of homes were burned down ... has gotten a lot of attention this week, for being one of the worst
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hit spots by the fires.(grant) the visual of the devastation is bringing people in who don't live there to take pictures... kron 4's gabe slate met with a coffee park resident who is asking the public to respect what they are going through.. sot david stanford / coffee park resident, santa rosafire ash, chaos everywheredavid stanford says it's something he will never forget. the fire swept through his neighborhood, the coffey park area, in santa rosa so fasthe was one of the lucky few.. his home just a block away from the rows of burned out houses was not touched by the fire.sot david stanford / coffee park resident, santa rosait is sad, it will take 5 years minimum to rebuildafter the fire he never left. he stayed by his home which was right behind one of the road blocks keeping people out.sot david stanford / coffee park resident, santa rosalistening to people cry and ball so
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being the social guy that he is he developed a relationship with the law enforcement here working the road blocks. once they knew and trusted him they let him do runs into the evacuated coffey park area to retrieve things for his about a friend with a truck paying off.. david is a humble guy i had to drag it out of him how he helped peoplesot david stanford / coffee park resident, santa rosagetting people clothes, back and forth, back and forth, an elder couple get medicine and their cat.
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(grant) still ahead... find out what caused a massive fire to break out overnight at the largest oil refinery on the west coast. (lawrence: weather tease)(gary sports tease) ..... the first storm of the season now just hours away. i'll have the latest details coming up.
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last night losing the game and possibly losing draymond greengreen strained his left knee at the end of the 3rd quarter when he landed awkwardly after being fouled on a drivehe left the game not to return with the warriors up 13 pointshe underwent an mri exam today the results of which won't come ut until later today or tomorrowhis status for the team's upcoming road trip beginning friday is unclear coach steve kerr said today he didn't think it was serious but bet on green not playing at least friday's game dodgers with a chance to sweep the cubs and advance to the world series tonightwrigley field in chicago game 4 bottom 5th/ 2-1 cubsjavier
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baez with his 2nd home rune of the game both off alex wood 3-1 cubstop 8th/ 3-2 cubs the umpire calls this strike 3 swing and miss by curtis granderson a foul tip cubs manager joe maddon goes rightfully crazy he is ejected but granderson strikes out awyway no harm no foulbottom 9th runner on 1st for the dodgerscody bellinger who had homered earlier in the game at bat but wade davis enduces him to hit into the 4-6-3 double play to end the game cubs win! final: 3-2 cubsdodgers lead series 3-1 game 5 tomorrow in chicagoall 5 runs in the game solo home runs(wipe to astros- yankees) alcs game 4 in the bronx series tied 2-2bottom 3rd/ 1- 0 yankeesaaron judge now
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hitting .313 in the series lines one down the left-field line brett gardner comes sliding home to score 2-0 yankeesmashahiro tanaka was excellent pitching 7 scoreless innings, giving up 3 hits and striking out 8 batters yankees win three striaght at yankee stadium final: 5-0 yankeesyankees lead series 3-2 game 6 friday (game 7 would also be in houston)
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new at nine: we all have to share the road, and it doesn't matter if you're in a car or on a bike... attention to detail is critical.(grant) and as stanley roberts reports...there is a section of a bike lane in san francisco that might be considered the most dangerous. i have to show you this, i drive past this location on an almost daily basis and every single time i roll past i see drivers doing this nats: ambiancedid you miss it? ok ill show you yet another driver doing the exact same thing.nats: ambiance now if you are wondering exactly what they are doing. let's take a closer look.nats: ambianceyou see this is a dedicated bike lane and the lane of traffic next ot it says no turns. back before the intersection it reads right lane must turn right and after that one there's another one which reads "right lane must turn onto battery street" there is a dedicated lane for the right-
9:46 pm
hand turn everyone must go straight . that's because there is a dedicated bike lane crossing that intersectionbut you will see driver nats: ambiance after drivernats: ambiance after driver make that illegal maneuver crossing over the dedicated bike lane and sometimes you will see drivers ignore the right turn only and go straight nats: ambiance this is bike route 5 on the embarcadero and is used by hundreds of bicyclists every day which leaves the exposed to getting hit by speeding cars and trucks the driver wanting to make the right-hand turn should enter the turn lane a block back, here but instead they wait will the very last second. nats: ambiance it's not worth risking anyone's life just because you couldn't wait to enter the dedicated turn lane .. in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news the sea breeze brought much cooler weather to the bay area and much higher humidity too. the winds continue to blow and it's breezy in many areas now.
9:47 pm
the cooler temperatures and moist weather is helping fire fighters and there is even a chance of rain on the way. tonight we can expect increasing clouds with low clouds and fog moving into the bay and valleys. we can see the first storm of the season on the satellite picture. you can see it now moving out of the gulf of alaska. we could see some showers as early as the afternoon in the north bay before it spreads across the rest of the bay area overnight tomorrow. we could see a tenth to a quarter of an inch in the north bay with maybe more over the mountains. this of course is all good news since it will greatly lower the fire danger. we could see 3 inches of snow across the higher peaks in the sierra too. we can expect increasing clouds thoughout the day tomorrow with a chance of showers in the north bay in the afternoon. temperatures will be much cooler with most highs in the 50s and 60s. it's going to be up and down over the next 7 days. temperatures will actually be cooler than normal through friday with a chance of showers. much warmer weather is forecast for the weekend. (pam)
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(pam) a "do not drink" advisory for parts of sacramento has been lifted tonight.... the advisory was put in place after water officials say they had been receiving calls about purple water. city officials started warning people late last night... not to drink or use the tap water.
9:49 pm
water, you're not supposed to drink the water. personally didn't notice anything, even checked my coffee caner to make sure it did not have the tint that was supposed to be purple.">(pam) city officials say, flushing the fire hydrants in the area has resolved the color issue... and lab tests showed that the water samples were normal. but the cause of the discoloration is still unknown. (pam) authorities are still trying to determine the cause of a fire at the chevron refinery in el segundo yesterday night(grant) no one was injured and the flames were extinguished quickly. people who live nearby say they're grateful it wasn't worse. reporter kandiss crone has the story voice of laurie brashear/witness:"the flames were huge, it was -- it was scary."massive flames ripped through the chevron refinery...sending thick black smoke billowing into the air tuesday night.laurie brashear's family was on the balcony of their home nearby when the fire started.laurie
9:50 pm
brashear/witness:"we went out there and told them the refinery is on fire gotta come inside and close the doors." investigators say a pump that carries oil from one part of the plant to another failed and caused the fire.however, it's unclear what caused the pump to fail.el segundo police sent out this tweet urging neighbors to close their windows to avoid breathing in the smoke.voice of laurie brashear/witness:"it was scary for a minute not knowing if those tanks on the other side were gonna blow up what was gonna happen."mary jurey/neighbor:"we never thought it would be somewhere so close to home so it's just good to be prepared for those kind of things 8the chevron plant is the largest refinery on the west supplies 20-to southern california and 40-percent of jet fuel to lax. spokesman says since the plant is still up and running, gas prices and production should remain neighbors are wasn't worse.robin espinoza/neighbor: "living so close to a refinery that's always a little worrisome." (pam) that was kandiss crone reporting. the fire did not stop operations at the refinery. investigators are still assessing the damage.
9:51 pm
they say, only a small part of the plant burned. (grant) after the break... how one woman in the east bay is helping north bay fire victims with halloween decorations....
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(pam) the outpouring of support for people who lost everything in the north bay fires extends to the east bay. a woman in concord says a home belonging to a friend in santa rosa burned to the
9:54 pm
ground.(grant) now she tells kron four's philippe djegal that she's having a garage sale to raise money for her friend and other victims. (philippe)nats- over the years... terry nelson has collected thousands of dollars worth of halloween decor.. but her kids are grown now, and the costumes and decorations, mostly stay in boxes packed in her garage.nats/terry- "and, these are some of the tombstones -- some of them light up." before the fires in the north bay ignited, nelson intended on having a garage sale at her home in concord to get rid of this stuff.terry nelson/fundrai ser- "but then when the fire happened, a couple of my friends -- personal friends were impacted." one of her friends survived without any damage to her property... the other lost her home in santa rosa.terry nelson/fundrai ser- "and, um, she's got friends nearby that she's staying with, but she will need to re-establish another home." terry nelson says she's already personally made a 40-dollar donation to the relief efforts... but believes she can do more.
9:55 pm
the money she raises from the garage sale will go to trusted non-profit organizations in the north bay, that will distribute the money to victims.terry nelson/fundrai ser- "i'm hoping to raise at least $500, and if i get $500, out of that, i would get $190. that would be the maximum i would get. and the rest would go to the fire victims." money that will help people buy food, clothing and anything else they need to get back on their feet.terry nelson/fundraiser- "every little bit counts." so, if you're in need of halloween costumes or decorations... then come on down to 2277 galindo street in concord on saturday or sunday, between noon and three o'clock in the afternoon... meet terry in the back... she'll give you what for... and, most of the proceeds will go to a in concord, philippe djegal, kron four news. (pam) we're less than two weeks away from halloween... and m&m's have taken the top spot for the most popular halloween candy in california. (grant) californians will
9:56 pm
buy more than 1.5 million pounds of the chocolate candy, according to m&m's beat last year's winner, salt water taffy, which came in second place this year. skittles are also popular in california, coming in third on the list of favorite trick-or-treat candies. the national retail federation estimates that shoppers nationwide will spend $2.7 billion on halloween candy this year. (grant) that wraps up kron4 news at nine...(pam) but our coverage of all these breaking news stories continues, plus... meteorologist lawrence karnow will have details on the first rain of the season... don't go away kron4 news at ten is next...
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he had surgery earlier this afternoon and is in the intensive care unit right now. dozens of his fellow officers are here to support him and his family. the san francisco police chief was asked how his department was dealing with this.this is video i shot of the suspect earlier this evening after the he was identified by witnesses. police have not identified him to us but you can see him here in this video. he was arrested a matter of blocks from where this hit and run actually happened. those in the area described the suspect and the officers who were involved in his capture.police say that this is the suv that the suspect was driving. you can see the front driver's side of the vehicle is all messed up. investigators were there looking for dna evidence when i was on scene this afternoon. they found this suv just two blocks from the san francisco dmv.back out here live this evening again this officer is in critical condition tonight. family members are coming to this hospital from out of town. if we do get any update we'll bring them to you here on kron 4 news. live in san francisco, j.r. stone kron 4 news.


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