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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  October 19, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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♪ well, i won't back down ♪ no i won't back down >> it's like you kind of hug a little longer now. it puts a whole new level of perspective on everything going forward. ♪ >> the back street boys, who have a vegas residency sang florida georgia line's "holy." >> music is healing, you know, so we just got to keep at it, keep doing it, keep bringing people together. >> ♪ >> luke brian was introduced way lionel richie. luke bryan told us his new job doesn't feel like work. >> has he given you any words of wisdom? >> when he found it i was going to be a part, he sent me a text
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saying congrats. i'm enjoying it. i mean, we're putting in 10-, 12-hour days, and they fly by. >> he and his wife cuddled on the red carpet. >> i asked keith yesterday about working on new music in the studio. very excited to hear it. what do you think of what he is cooking up? >> i am dancing around the living room to it already. i am like, put it out. >> you are ready for the album b to be out. >> nicole posted a photo of her in her gown saying, off to support by husband. >> gwyneth paltrow's mother is standing up for her in the wake of the harvey weinstein struggle. alyssa milano is revealing she too is a victim. >> i have been harassed so many times i can't count.
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i have been assaulted. >> without naming names, alyssa told "gma" she's faced harassment and worse. >> we are not going to put up with this anymore >> alyssa re-ignited the "me too" hashtag amid rape allegations. more than 1.5 million tweets and counting followed, many from stars. >> today on "ellen," degeneres voiced her support. >> hell hath no fury like a woman with a twitter account. >> now, gwyneth paltrow's ma'am is weighing in. after her daughter detailed harrasment by harvey weinstein to "the new york times," but then a writer for that paper criticized paltrow for continuing to work with the former miramax founder on projects, including "shakespeare in love." maureen dowd wrote that the actress who won an oscar for that role, quote, put aside her qualms to become the first lady of miramax.
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now in a leader to the editor of the "times", blythe danner in a letter to the editor of "the times," wrote, quote, i cannot remain silent while maureen dowd disparages my daughter. gwyneth continued to hold her own and insist that mr. weinstein treat her with respect. >> my mom said, laura, that was sexual assault. >> she labeled the unwanted advance assault. >> that was assault. you realize how we have justified and condoned behavior as though it's the norm. >> back to the "me too" movement. it began in 2006 after launched to aid sexual assault survivors in underprivileged communities. >> nischelle turner is also wearing purple today. >> u-n-i-t-y. anna faris looks like she may be
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moving on from chris pratt. the newly surfaced photos show anna and michael enjoying a cocktail and checking out some games. an eyewitness tells "e.t." it was pretty casual. it wasn't guarded. it was friendly and a bit flirty. she was definitely happy. she met him on "overboard." who is he? a california native known for his work on "kiss kiss bang bang" and "ted," and "tall, dark, and handsome." this week, the couple dined at "modo mio" in the pacific palisades. >> her memoir includes the times
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married to chris. >> he can make a really bad situation good, or okay. >> they continue to be supportive parents by being close neighbors. a source tells us, quote, the houses are so close their son can walk back and forth from one house to the other when he switches off with his parents. sit wrong i'm industrial rooting for the two of them? well, from anna's new man to ben affleck and man's best friend. that's right, ben's got puppy love. he fell in love with the adorable stray a month ago and he's now a member of the affleck clan. just like ben, his four-legged fan also has that salt and pepper thing going on. yesterday, ben fwrougt dog to e-meeting in hollywood. his girlfriend also tagged along. our source says the father of three is focused on staying healthy and is quote, happy and
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enjoying his time with lindsay. meenl while, his exjennifer garner stepped out in new york. she rocked a michael kors gown. almost $8,000. that kept the actress from making the quick event. after that event, she traded in the heels for a good pair of comfy kicks. >> it's a woman's prerogative. >> all right, how about trading in hollywood for a big old palace? prince harry and meghan markel have everyone on engagement watch. royal sources tell "e.t." there's no question an engagement will happen. it's a matter of when. last wednesday, prince harry
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reportedly brought meghan to a tea party with the queen. >> escorted to the queen's private living room within buckingham palace and hosted. certainly it's getting everyone excited. >> the 36-year-old told producers she will not be returning for season eight. fuelling further rumors of an imminent ebb engagement. >> if she did meet the queen, that speaks to a much bigger level of intimacy between them of having that one-on-one time. >> as for when a wedding takes place, it wouldn't happen until after the birth of the third baby. >> i think this is a done deal. they just have to schedule it. >> that's because you're a meghan fan. >> you better believe it. >> up next, jason alexandria's
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return to tv. what is he saying about a sign feld reunion? >> a movie reunion 17 years after nurse betty. plus, demi lovato's documentary confession. does she want to get back with her scene of the accident. >> i still love him. >> first, josh bro lynn and his wife celebrated their one-year anniversary. >> so, i love your instagram. >> oh, you do? you love how inappropriate it is? >> i love that you celebrate your love. that's what i like. >> you go through enough relationships where you are like trying to figure it out. why am i so confused? and then suddenly you are not confused. it is something to celebrate. >> josh got ripped for his new movie "only the brave." firefighters who risked their lives battling a raging arizona wildifre. co-star miles teller arrived at the film's l.a. premiere with his fiance, model keleigh sperry. over the summer, miles proposed on safari in africa. are you going to be a groomzilla
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in any type of way? >> i said, you can do all the stuff. i don't care what color the cake is, whatever, the spoons - i'm planning the party though for sure.
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"e.t." was with tom hanks as he celebrated the release of his
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well, check out '09s heart throbs freddy prinz j.r. and bryan austin green getting coffee together. i'm ready to buy a tiger magazine now. >> whose poster did you have on your wall. >> >> bryan austin green all day every day. >> since we're talking '90s, jason alexander of "seinfeld" fame is back on tv. but will he ever get back with jerry and the gang? that is the question. etonline's leanne aguilera found out. >> we had a pact, you know. >> any chances that we could get
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any kind of "seinfeld" reunion >> i think we're all sure that you're anticipation of it and what you think it would be might be better than what we actually come up with. all we would do is not live up to somebody's expectations. >> all right, that's enough. >> yeah! >> even like get back together for a special or -- >> why? >> why not? we love this show. >> yeah. and maybe it's nice that you continue to love it instead of us tampering with something that went pretty well. >> get out! >> so while "seinfeld" the series is stayin' in the '90s, jason alexander is hitting the road with a dysfunctional family of musicians on a new show for the audience network. ♪ god bless america's family band ♪ >> trying to fill a niche that has been vacated by probably the osmonds and the partridges of wholesome, american family entertainment. they are so far from that in real life. >> jason plays both dad and band
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leader and is willing to do whatever it takes to make the swallow family famous. >> you call yourself america's finest family band. >> that's what we are selling. >> offering. >> how politically incorrect are we going to get on this show? >> it's a 10, and its creeping ever higher to 11. a family band, not a family show. that is correct. >> still ahead, demi lovato's ongoing battle with bullimia. closed captioning provided by -- >>
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do you want to do a monster check? yes. no monsters. ♪ how about the drawer? ♪ no monsters. nightly monster checks are how grant makes home his. and homegoods is what makes it all possible. amazing finds. always great prices. make home yours. ♪ hallelujah >> there are lots of performers out there. >> but very few singers.
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>> demi lovato is definitely a singer. her rendition of leonard cohen's "hallelujah" at the "somos live" disaster relief was amazing. >> her youtube documentary "simply complicated" is proof of that. >> food is the biggest challenge of my life. i don't want to say it controls my every thought, but it's something i'm always thinking about. >> she posted this then and now photo yesterday. >> i get en vie use of people that don't struggle with an eating disorder because i feel like my life would be so much easier. >> you get so much of this personal life through this film. was there anything you did say, no, that's disturbing. >> there wasn't much i said that i took off camera.
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there actually wasn't anything. i lay it all on the line. >> i was either craving drugs or on drugs. i was not easy to work with. >> she has been candid about her struggle with addiction before. revealing he went through 20 sober companions and once thought she was overdosing before eventually going back to rehabs. >> i wasn't ready to get sober. i was sneaking it on planes, in bathrooms. no one zblu demi touches on her relationship with her ex. >> i never loved anybody like i loved him. >> i want you to get back together. is that a possibility? >> you never know what's going happen. i don't know what's going to happen. >> i believe that cracked open. >> let's talk dancing with the stars now. a lot of people stun that gleb and sasha got eliminated.
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>> he's one of my favorite dancers and after seeing this story, he's kind of my favorite dad, too. etonline's lauren zima got an exclusive invite inside his home to meet his newest bundle of joy. >> hello! >> this is the first interview, and it's "e.t." i actually was on tour and when elena called me and she said, i'm about to give birth, i just jumped on a plane and flew. she gave birth in australia. it's 20 hours flight, so i was in the plane when she gave birth. so the moment i landed i just went straight into the hospital. i saw them. i saw this cute little baby. >> 2-month old zlata joins big sis, 6-year old olivia. >> what did you think when she was first born? >> she was looking like a little cucumber. >> a cucumber? >> it was so cute. >> what's it going to be like when they start dating? >> i don't want to think about that. >> the 34-year old pro and his wife met at a dance studio in moscow.
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she helps him choreograph his dances for the show and is also a judge on the russian series. >> what has been the secret to your relationship? >> i mean, we've danced together for more than 10 years, and we've been married more than 10 years, so we learn how to separate work and home. >> we do trust each other. like, you know, we've both been on the "dancing with the stars" in australia. >> so elena's totally okay with seeing her man shirtless and playing up his sex appeal. >> i like it. so its like i'm so proud to have such a handsome and good looking man. >> fun fact -- gleb actually has his own line of underwear. and each year he releases a calendar. ♪ i really like it >> when he's taking these sexy pictures, do you give him feedback? >> yeah, exactly. i'm directing it actually, like, do this and do this, open up that, more and less, and put it down. like, yeah. >> that, my friends, is what we call a dad bod. fans can see more of gleb and his abs on the upcoming winter
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tour of "dancing with stars live." and when he has a day off, he'll of course fly home to be with his family. cashly here with a family reunion of sorts. >> of sorts. oscar winner renee zellweger and greg kinnear are together again. but i had to remind them about the first time they created movie magic together. now, you two, you worked together on "nurse betty," which, my god, 17 years ago. >> ohh. >> oh, whoa. this is the slow motion portion of the interview, man. >> look who's here. >> how have you guys changed? let's be honest. >> well, we're clearly more mature. >> obviously. >> yes, yes. >> has renee changed at all since you knew her back then? >> careful. >> let it all fly out. >> uh, you know we had a -- we were laughing actually the other night just about that movie, because we had such a great time doing it. it was fun. >> it also earned renee a best actress golden globe in 2001. >> i had another dream last night.
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>> was it a good one, or was it about me? >> now greg and renee are playing a couple trying to save their marriage by befriending a homeless man -- played by djimon hounsou -- in the drama "same kind of different as me." and they're thrilled to be reunited. >> i have incredible respect for renee. she's a great human being, and i was thrilled to work with her in this movie. next on kron-4 news at eight: as full containment of the north bay fires is pushed back a few more days ... rain rolls into the region. how the wet weather is actually concerning for firefighters. and an east bay father run down...after confronting a man stealing from his truck. new information just into our newsroom. i'm steve aveson. i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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mops are stressed. >> i don't know. >> they swear. they want to have wine sometimes. that's okay. >> telling it like it is. >> every mom need a little bit of time off. >> giving "e.t." an exclusive behind the scenes look at "bad moms christmas" with "this is us" star as a sexy santa. >> i dated one of these guys. >> shut up. >> santa number two. >> tomorrow on "e.t." travel consideration provided by -- now at eight ... the first rainstorm of the season heading our way, bringing relief and new complications to wine country firefighters. whoosh95 percent of fires in the state are human caused. cal=fire just beginning its investigation of the most destructive wildfire in state history.tonight we show you just what they will be looking for in the weeks ahead.whoosh
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in the east bay, two high school athletes are charged with sexual of them reportedly a football player at concord's de la salle.whooshnew information tonight on the rapid rise of small children using mobile screens ... and the possible impact on their development. you're watching kron four news in prime time. (pam) as firefighters relentlessly push to contain the north bay wildfires... investigators begin their search for answers in the rubble. all as the first storm of the season ... brings rain to the wildfire zone.(pam) thank you for joining us i'm pam moore. (steve) and i'm steve aveson. tonight dan kerman talked with cal-fire about their concerns over the the wet weather but first we check in with meteorologist lawrence karnow about how much rain we're getting


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