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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  October 20, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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they were able to show support for those who are facing an uncertain future.(grant) kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight in santa rosa with details.... (grant) (grant) in santa rosa
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alone....twenty eight hundred homes were destroyed when the tubbs fires swepth through neighorhoodsand that number is expected to rise once the final assessment is done. today, people who live in some of the hardest hit areas were allowed to see if they could find anything among the ruins. kron four's terisa estacio reports. warren luke delicately wiped off the soot of his wives figurines. he was able to find several under the ash. warren luke. my wife collected these over the years when i was in the coast guard. warren says although he and his wife are thankful for finding something they are more than overjoyed about this inside their home on kerry lane as the flames began to ripe through the neighborhood on the night of the fires his daughter, autumn 31 was asleep autum is deaf. warren. we raced back and we got her out i don't know what i would have done warren's brother in law came down from oregon to help out -
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warren. my daughter says it looks like apocalypse, hard to fathom.
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(vicki) tonight many people are still under evacuation orders... and unable to go home. that includes the mark west springs road area of santa rosa. neighbors there gathered at a town hall meeting tonight. and as kron 4's gabe slate tells us they want to know when they will get back in and how the rebuilding process works. ((pkg)) the mark west springs road neighborhood in north east santa rosa got hit hard hundreds of homes burned down here it looks just like coffey park you have not heard about it as much because it's still evacuated it's hard even for member of the press to get it. it's narrow roads and pg&e is doing a lot of repair work for the area here nats/sot - cal oes that is eric lamovreux,
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with cal oes, the california office of emergency services.. his agency and others like fema, cal fire, and local community leaders put on a town hall style meeting friday night to update people and take questions. it was standing room only people wanted to know.. when will they get back in ? nats/sot - james gore sonoma supervisor district 4 the schools that are still standing will resume october 30th. for the homes that are not salvagable fema and cal oes need to clean out the property before people can rebuild. nats/sot - cal oes people wanted to know that their homes are safe we've all heard about the looting the sheriff's office said it is their priority to keep looters out.. they have made several arrests and are shocked by how creative the thiefs are getting. nats/sot - sheriff office sheriff engram nats/sot - melissa melissa and her husband said this community is strong and they will survive with eachother's help. nats/sot - melissa in santa rosa gabe slate kron 4 news (vicki) kron 4 news gabe slate kron 4 news
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(vicki) as fire fighters are gaining the upper hand on the deadly fires in wine country.... we are now learning the number of northern california homes and buildings destroyed by this wildfire this up to 84-hundred.(grant) here is a look at the new containment numbers tonight.... the 'atlas fire' in napa and solano counties... has burned over 51-thousand acres.. and is 88-percent contained. the 'tubbs fire' burning in napa and sonoma counties has
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burned more than 36-thousand acres.. it is 94-percent contained. the 'nuns fire' in napa and sonoma counties has burned more than 54-thousand acres ... and is 86- percent contained. and the 'pocket fire' burning north of geyserville in sonoma county ... has burned over 16- thousand acres ... and is now 83-percent contained. (vicki) napa is trying to revive its economy after the fires slowed down business. tonight.. nearly a dozen businesses are participating in a fundraiser for victims. kron 4's hermela aregawi is live in downtown.. tell us what's going on.. are there a lot of people? still a lot of activity going on here in downtown napa tonight..people are out here eating and drinking at a discount.. and lending their support to rebuilding the local economy here.for most of the last two weeks, business owners say it has been a ghost town.the only clientiele they have had are emergency
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personnelpg & e crews and the like. rita osborn/local residentyou know, we have been napa strong ever since the earthquake. and it really has struck, everybody's been very supportive. and it is just people helping people. i'm just trying to be supportive
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and get the town back to its normal self, every one is bustling around. we went over to the andaz and we went up and listened to vince costanza play and you know shared in some appertizers and visit with some of the peo
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lawrence karnow: after a stormy night skies began to clear today. some parts of bay area had over a half an inch of rain. it is brisk and breezy outside right now. the winds are pickinig up again around the fire areas. if you're headed out tonight it should be cool and dry so bring a jacket. doppler radar is picking up a few remaining showers but those will soon end. on the satellite image you can see the big trough of low pressure along the west coast. it will make for a chilly night tonight as the air dries and as skies begin to clear. a huge ridge of (grant) (grant) in the east bay... a young girl is in critical condition tonight... after she was hit by a car...
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and the driver... took off... the crash happened just before one-30 this afternoon on 15th street near 8th avenue in oakland. police quickly tracked down the driver and arrested her. few details are available about the victim... but the child is in the hospital with serious injuries... investigators say speed was a factor in the collision. (grant) the san francisco police officer who was ran over by a s-u-v... remains in the intensive care unit....after having surgery two days ago. officer elia lewin-tankel was working his bicycle beat when he was hit by a car on wednesday...after officers say the suspect realized police were tracking him. tonight we are learning more about the man accused of hitting him... he is 50-year-old maurice johnson... and he made his first court appearance earlier today. he faces multiple charges including attempted murder. johnson is being
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held without bail. (vicki) coming up... it's beginning to look a lot like winter in the sierra as the first rain of the season brought snow to tahoe... find out when the resorts plan on opening this .(grant) plus... a political feud on capitol hill. and florida congresswoman frederica wilson fired back... accusing white house chief of staff of lying ... hear what she had to say....(vicki) and more than two weeks after the death of four u.s. servicemen... there are still many unanswered questions about what went wrong in niger... details next.
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(vicki) it has been more than two weeks since four u-s soldiers were killed in niger... yet there are still many questions about what went wrong. 16 days after four u-s service members were killed in an isis-led ambush in niger... it seems there are more questions than answers. the defense department is conducting an initial review of the attack.
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the f-b-i says it is now assisting niger authorities on the ground. but senator john mccain says he might not wait for the department to finish its own investigation. question: you brought up the possiblity of issuing subpoenas to the pentagon to get information. is that still on the table?sen. john mccain/ (r) arizona: depends on whether we get the witnesses we want. defense secretary james matris met with senator mccain on capitol hill today... he says he is demanding answers as well. among the most pressing questions -- why the body of sergeant la david johnson was not recovered until 48 hours after the attack. (grant) a condolence call to a grieving widow sparks a no=holds barred political feud. a florida congresswoman, the target of insults and criticism from the president, his cheif of staff and his press secretary. and representative frederica wilson not backing down ... and the facts seem to be on her side. reporter andy
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rose has more on the feud. florida congresswoman frederica wilson fired back friday, accusing white house chief of staff john kelly of lying ...rep. frederica wilson/ (d) florida: "i heard his remarks and i heard him say that i bragged that i secured the money for the building of the fbi building in miramar. he can't just go on tv and lie on me."the congresswoman was responding to kelly's personal attack on her from the white house podium on thursday...john kelly/ white house chief of staff: "the congresswoman stood up, and in the long tradition of empty barrels making the most noise, stood up there and all of that and talked about how she was instrumental in getting the funding for that building"but a review of video from that 2015 ceremony posted online by the south florida sun sentinel shows that kelly misrepresented her speech, and that she actually talked about turning
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to republican house speaker john boehner and president obama to speed up approval for the naming of the building. rep. frederica wilson/ (d) florida/ april 10, 2015: "everyone said that's impossible. it takes at least eight months to a year to complete the process i said, 'excuse my frenchoh hell no! we're going to get this done.'" kelly was responding to wilson's criticism of president trump's call to the pregnant widow of sgt. la david johnson.the soldier's mother, as well as the congresswoman, accused trump of disrespecting sgt. johnson by saying "he knew what he signed up for."when pressed about the inaccuracy, white house press secretary sarah sanders said it was "highly inappropriate" to question a highly decorated marine like kelly.i'm andy rose, reporting. (vicki) the costs to repair the nation's tallest dam after a nearly catastrophic failure of the spillways will top 500-million dollar... that's nearly double the original estimate of 275 million... reporter joe khalil
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has the latest details on the construction of the oroville dam spillway. (nats-constructions)a race to beat the rain--(nats-repairs) hundreds of construction workers, planners and engineers rushing to bring the once damaged oroville dam spillway-- (drone 40) back to its full glory-- trying to do it all before the rainy season begins. sot"........."erin mellon with the department of water resources says.....but its going to be costly. the original estimate for repairs back in february following the mass evacuation-- $275 million. just this week--dwr says the real figure will be closer to $500 million--if not more.sot"......."for the ááextraáá 225 million--mellon says--the dam gets stronger. concrete slabs 5 feet thick line the new spillway floor-- the old spillway's concrete was just 18 inches thick. and if the fortified new spillway prevents another mass evacuation--or potential flooding disaster-- people living in oroville say--it's worth the investment. clare
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rabbiosioroville resident"if they're gonna do it and do it right, they're gonna have to spend the money."judy loseth former evacuee"they should do whatever they have to do to keep our city safe, and the surrounding areas."residents we spoke to--impressed with the progress crews have made so quickly. hoping those efforts will permanently protect their homes--and their lives. (vicki) that was joe khalil reporting... the lake has been drained about 80 feet below its typical level for this time of year to provide extra storage for runoff. (grant) the first storm of the season brought snow to the sierra... youu're looking at pictures from mount rose.. homewood and sugar bowl resorts... snowmaking is
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underway at mount rose.... some resorts even say their targeted opening day is next and conditions permitting. but it sure is starting to look a lot like winter up there. (anchors) joining us now is meteorologist lawrence karnow... lawrence karnow: after a stormy night skies began to clear today. some parts of bay area had over a half an inch of rain. it is brisk and breezy outside right now. the winds are
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(grant) still ahead... find out what americans think is the most reliable auto brand....(vicki) and after the break... burger king takes on bullying -- surprising its customers with a compelling, and provocative social experiment... (vicki) october is national
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bullying prevention month, and fast food giant burger king is out with a compelling video to support the effort.(grant) it was a video-taped experiment to see what people would do when they witness bullying... the company hired teenage actors to bully another teen at one of their stores.(vicki) and to the real customers -- it looked like a real incident... but a few people spoke up.
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(grant) behind the counter, actors playing employees served mangled burgers to customer... who promptly spoke up in irritation. during this experiment... 95-percent of customers reported the "bullied" burger to the manager and only 12-percent of customers stood up for the teen who was getting bullied...
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so the message of the video... be as willing to speak up about a bullied person as you are about a "bullied" or mangled burger. the c-e-o and founder of "no bully dot org" says the group's partnership with burger king is an example of how companies can raise awareness on important issues. (vicki) the votes are in and the most reliable vehicle brand in the u-s... is toyota ... that's according to consumer reports' newest survey... it topped more than two dozen other brands. toyota was followed by lexus and kia. in fact.... international brands dominated the top 10 of the consumer reports survey. buick was the only american brand to crack the top 10, checking in at number 9. three u-s brands -- ram, g-m-c and cadillac -- finished in the bottom three. (vicki) coming up.. a man in utah takes to the streets to find an organ donor for his wife suffering kidney failure... the unique
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thing he did that is gaining online attention...(grant) plus... a young girl's prosthetic legs destroyed in the deadly north bay firestorm.... we'll tell you which company helped her out...(vicki) and a dentist in san francisco...tar geted by hate crime.... the upsetting message that was found on his office window.. next...
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now at 9:30... the
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instances of hate speech and racist graffiti appear to more and more commonplace than in past years even here in the bay area. (grant) it has happened again... this time in san francisco's financial district... kron4's dan kerman's tells us about a local dentist who is the latest victim of a hate crime... racist graffiti has reared its head again, this time in san francisco's financial district sot jeff cox, d.d.s./san francisco dentist 05-12they saw this swastika with the n-word , die. and of course that was very upsettingsan francisco dentist jeff cox says employees arriving to work thursday morning saw this on the front window of his pine street office.sota very disappointing though that there are people like that.his staff immediately took photos and then wiped the graffiti away before patients arrived. cox says he's had no issues since becoming the first african american dentist in san francisco's fianancial district 25 years ago. and as disappointing as he finds this, he he believes the current political climate has emboldened those with these views.sotit's a different time
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right now, of course i grew up in the 60's and i grew up with a lot of stuff all the time and i don't think this is as nearly tumultuous, but i wonder we called it the tumultuous 60's are we going to call this the bigoted 20- teens., what is this era going to be labeled.standup dan kerman/sf 107-117police have been contacted about this those are this office are waiting for authorities to come and take a report. in sf, dan kerman kron 4 news. (grant) an east bay high school temporarily put its curriculum on hold after two students hold after curriculum on (grant) an east bay high school temporarily put its curriculum on hold after two students were expelled for a racist display. it happened at moreau catholic high school in hayward. one student went through the alphabet and made a list of racist terms that started with each letter. then another student read some of those terms out loud in a classroom.
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today the school gave students a chance to express how chance to express how they are feeling and share their own experiences on campus. the school also had its counselors and teachers available to meet with students throughout the day in addition to the morning discussions. (vicki) in the north bay... residents of the orchard senior community were allowed back on their property to see if their homes are still standing or not. kron four's philippe djegal reports... unfortunately, dozens of homes were lost in the fire... but most survived. (philippe) it's been 10 days since michael costantini was evacuated from his home... and, when he left, the u-s army national guard wasn't posted outside of the orchard senior community like it is now. before entering the property, people who live here, allowed to return to their homes, were greeted by santa rosa police officers, checking identification, and prepared for the possiblity that their house may no longer be there.michael
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costantini/resident- "my homes in tact. i gotta new middle name -- it's called lucky. " nats- michael costantini/resident- "the house survived, but all the house across the street did not." it's clear from the video michael filmed using his cellphone -- that the recovery for this neighborhood will be long and difficult. he says he knows eleven families who have lost everything. michael costantini/resident- "i gotta process it on a number of different levels, and the levels come and go and my ability to process comes and goes." the property manager says of the 233 units here... 66 are a total loss. six others red-tagged... eight others damaged... so, in all, 80 units affected. that's a lot of people and a lot of families.rhonda mckinnon/ameri can red cross- "that's very sad to see." rhonda mckinnon is one of several volunteers with the american red cross, that welcomed returning residents with buckets full of supplies to help them safely sift through damage and clean-up.rhonda mckinnon/american red cross- "some of them, you can tell that they're nervous and they seem confused. they're not exactly sure what they're going to be seeing. so they're
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not actually packing for the, the actual going in and sifting through debris."nats- the santa rosa fire department stopped by to check on people... which meant a lot to michael costantini, who says the only reason his house is still standing is because of the crew from engine 31. he had a chance to thank them for saving what he's called home for the past year.michael costantini/neighbor- "in the end, i think we're going to have a better park, uh, then we had before. this is a great place to live and the thing that makes it great are the people." people who will need time to get their lives back on track. in santa rosa, philippe djegal, kron four news. (grant) for the first time in days, coffey park residents are seeing with their own eyes the devastation caused by the wildfires. they are coming home to realize that very little was untouched by the fire. for many, it is emotionally difficult to drive through the streets and see the dozens of houses leveled by the fire. but despite the loss, many are grateful to
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be alive. we spoke to a world war two veteran who at once.. used to own the entire coffey park neighbrhood.... he later sold it to the community.... tonight he says the damage caused by the fire was worse than what he experienced in war... but he plans on moving forward. (grant) jack says he is not sure if he will rebuild.... in the meantime, he has found an apartment where he will be living with his wife of 72 years. (vicki)(2 shot) a little girl loses her prosthetic legs in the north bay fire wildfire. the cost for her single mom to replace them will be in the thousands (grant)(2 shot) however
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thanks to the generosity of the company that manufactures her prosthetic limbs...the child received new prosthetic running blades today in fact, and kron4's haaziq madyun was there to see her smiling face when it happened lilly biagini is back on the move in her new prosthetic bladesnat/sot haaziqhow excited are you to get your blades back?the 9-year-old santa rosa resident lost her prosthetic limbs when her grandparents home burned down in the north bay firestorm paula o'rourke/hanger
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clinic: "so we just made her a new set of legs and given them to her in september">however when these folks here at the hanger clinic in san francisco learned about what happened to lilly...paula o'rourke/hanger clinic: "we gave her, her legs for free. we gave her new legs. she was born with a complexed medical condition called arthrogryposis. it is a complication with the joints. they don't bend. they don't move properly">as a result lilly had her legs surgically removed. the hanger clinic replaced them and now has replaced again
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derek carr reminds me of kenny stabler in the clutch. what do you think?
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it's just too early to compare derek carr to kenny stabler. the snake won a league m-v-p and was a super bowl champion. carr is a great talent, but needs to prove he can win a championship. come on, give marshawn lynch credit for coming to the aid of derek carr! marshawn lynch was defending chiefs cornerback, marcus peters. both players are from oakland and lynch has been a mentor to peters since he went to mcclymonds high school in oakland. i'm not a warriors fan after they blew off the white house invitation. all your pictures are with your family. why don't you take any with athletes?
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tonight at 9 there's not telling what you might see on bart (acrobats)nats: ambiance including one woman who for some reason likes to use bart as a public toilet well now she has her own personal toilet, i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly
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new tonight at nine: a woman seen repeadely soiling bart trains is now behind bars...but for other transgressions.(vicki) stanley roberts has details on why this woman could soon be back on bart. there is no telling what you might see on bart, but it is the big city so anything is possible even people hanging upside down nats: ambiance on a moving train nats ambiance but riders have been getting an eyeful one bart lately. in the form of a woman who would basically walking between the train doors and use it as a public toilet nats: ambiance e bart police have been trying to track down woman simply known as the serial pooper . here is alecia trost spokeswomen for bart we had people email us videos into our bart police department,
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our customer service some of them have made it over to our safety department this was all brought to our attention about a week ago but one early morning the pooping bandit stuck again at 5:53 in the morning on the train heading into san francisco so passengers sprang into action one of the bart riders called and said she's here she's on the train so then we sent an officer and that person helped identify her except, for an officer to take action they have to see the person in the act however they did check her out and discovered something interesting she has active warrant and one was a no bail warrant for a fire related crime plusshe had methamphetamine products on her at the time of the arrest now she has her own personal toilet to use and not bart but many people are saying that if bart offered restrooms this would never happen your take on the bathroom thing or lack there of. the bathrooms at downtown stations remain closed but where working on it we want to open them but we're actually designing a pilot for powell street and 19th street
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basically a new design which would allow us to open the restroom, and then in the mean time, we're parterning with san francisco to bring its called pitstop restrooms which are these attended and clean bathrooms right at the street level there are right above our stations to make a long story short, since the hasn't actually been ticketed for the violation if and when she gets out of jail she may offend again imagine being caught three times in the act or have three separate riders step up and do a citizens arrest that's what is needed to even ban the person from the system bart officials hope she gets the help she needs and for now the riders get the break they deserve in san francisco, stanley roberts kron 4 news (grant) new at nine... a new report says p-g-and-e is at fault for a gas leak that cause a home in yuba city to explode earlier this year. homeowner john lee clark was
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blown through the ceiling into the garage after he turned on a coffee maker. his girlfriend was in the shower... the only thing that survived the blast... she also suffered injuries. according to the report... a joint was poorly fitted when the natural gas line was installed by the utility about 45 years ago. engineers detected bubbles along the line indicating a leak...with gas migrating into the crawlspace of the building. p-g-and-e and the couple are still trying to make sense of the report. (douglas adams, attorney): "the butt joint was improperly done and caused a huge leak and so they were certainly responsible... hip surgery and shoulder surgery he was basically blown out of the house...her back and knee and traumatic brain injuries so not good, they're not doing well." the report says the leak
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likely occurred just a day or so before the explosion. according to p-g-and-e... regular leak checks are performed in the area. the company has yet to comment on the report... other than saying they will examine it closely. lawrence karnow: after a stormy night skies began to clear today. some parts of bay area had over a half an inch of rain. it is brisk and breezy outside right now. the winds are pickinig up again around the fire areas. if you're headed out tonight it should be cool and dry so bring a jacket. doppler radar is picking up a few remaining showers but those will soon end. on the satellite image you can see the big trough of low pressure along the west coast. it will make for a chilly night tonight as the air dries and as skies begin to clear. a huge ridge of high
9:50 pm
pressure will begin to build starting this weekend. that will send the jet stream well to the north and any chance of rain with it too. highs around the state will be mild in the central valley with 60s and low 70s, sunny 70s in los angeles and san diego, and the sierra will see highs in the 50s and 60s. around the bay tomorrow we should see mostl sunny skies and warmer temperatures. highs will be in the 60s and low 70s. much warmer weather will begin next week with the possibility of record breaking heat and some windy weather too. (vicki) a 74-year-old man in utah is on a mission to save his wife's life--and he's
9:51 pm
spreading his message by wearing a sign. (grant) it's gaining the attention of drivers...and thousands of people online. wayne winters says he is overwhelmed by how many people want to help him and his wife. reporter kiersten nuqez has the story. natsbut with every step he takes...natsand every car that passes..natswayne winters gets closer to his goal.wayne winters / searching for kidney match for wife:"i'm trying to get a kidney for my wife."nats "my wife has stage 5 kidney failure she's on dialysis and she doesn't like it it's horrible."wayne found the love of his life 26 years he's on the search to find her a kidney while deanne undergoes dialysis.. "it's really hard today this is the worst i've ever seen her...she don't look good."wayne says he felt helpless watching deanne suffer. "i didn't know what to do 0941 i felt like i needed to do something."wayne got the idea of the sandwich board after seeing another man online... that did the same thing and got national attention."i thought i can do
9:52 pm
this."so he hit the streets... "look at this road how busy it is from 3 to 6 o'clock its just like this i don't know which way to face so i just walk up and down."red letters spell out the plea for his wife...and the hundreds of people in utah also in need of a kidney.natsrush hour is his favorite time. "they're slowed down they can look at my sign they can't go home in a hurry (laughs).""it feels good being out here when people pull over and talk to you you are so elated."on the first day wayne had a man stop saying he would see if he was a match for deanne. "i say deanne i think we have a good chance of getting you a kindey."but until it's for sure...wayne will keep searching. "after ii get a kidney i will have my wife back the way she was normal helping people loving people she likes to serve other people."wayne says he's overwhelmed with all the support.. "she's so miserable with that dialysis love you too, make my day."
9:53 pm
(vicki) that was kiersten nunez reporting. winters knows finding a match isn't an easy process...but says this is now his life mission.(grant) and even when he gets a donor for his wife...he won't stop trying to get people to donate their kidneys to people who need them. we'll be right back. if you encounter a downed power line, you need to stay away from it. call 911.
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let our first responders come out and handle it. police and fire will respond as well as pg&e. pg&e will make the scene safe. ♪
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aimmediately get everyone out of the building. call 911. the fire department and pg&e will respond immediately and figure out what the issue is and keep you safe. ♪ (grant) would you pay
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a-thousand bucks for a bagel? (vicki) well in new york.. some people are really emptying their pockets to eat this one of a kind bagel... starting november first...the westin hotel in times square... is offering this jewel. this unique bagel features alba white truffle cream cheese and goji berry infused riesling jelly with golden leaves. the thousand dollar bagel must be ordered 24-hours in advance.. here's the good part, though.... the proceeds go to new york city's largest soup kitchen. (vicki) that wraps up kron 4 news at 9.(granti) steve aveson and pam moore are here with a look at what we're working on for kron 4 news at 10. ((pam)) thank you grant and vicki.... at
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least 42 people killed from the devastating fires in california most of them... in sonoma county. tonight.. that community came out in force to honor the victims, and support residents who lost everything. a live report... straight ahead. plus... napa strong.businesses in wine country roll out the welcome mat to raise money for fire victims.the tremendous outpouring of support..coming up.((pam)) plus... summer- like weather is on the way for parts of the bay area. meterologist lawrence karnow has your four zone forecast. ((steve))don't go away...hour three of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break.
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(pam) (pam) today ... residents returned to some of the hardest hit areas of santa rosa. many seeing for the first time in person, the damage done to their homes by the north bay firestorm... this is video from coffey park ... today families sifted
10:00 pm
through the ashes to see what - if anything was spared. good evening i"m pam moore. (steve) and i'm steve aveson. tomorrow more people will be allowed to return to their neighborhoods.. more on that in a moment.. but first... the death toll in the northern california fires is 42... tongiht - kron4's charles clifford is live in santa rosa where a vigil was held for the victims. nats friday evening, more than a thousand people came to the old courthouse square in santa rosa for a firestorm vigil. a chance for everyone who has been touched bythis tragedy to come together face to face. mandi marrs helped put this to


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