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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  October 27, 2017 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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man arrested for looting during the bear fire...has now been charged with starting the blaze which burned hundreds of acres in the santa cruz mountains. (grant)tonight that suspect faces several charges..includ ing arson.(vicki)nine firefighters were hurt battling the fire. now we are getting new details about the man accused of setting the blaze...and trying to profit from it. kron 4's rob fladeboe has the details. this is the booking photo of 54 year old marlon dale coy, of boulder creek. he is in the santa cruz county jail tonight, accused of intentionally starting the bear fire, that erupted off bear creek road on the night of october 16 in the santa cruz mountains.sgt. chtris clark/santa cruz sheriff's office".....during the initial response we received some information that a person by the name of marlon coy was in the area at the time of the fire and from that time on he became a person of interest...."deputies say at least three people witnessed coy start the fire near a
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property on bear canyon road. hundreds of people were evacuated, one of whom reported that her home on diane lane, had been looted. deputies say marlon coy was responsible for that too.sgt. chris clark"....we developed some information and tracked him down to the live oak section of santa cruz and he was in possession of some jewelry and other property stolen from the diane lane residence..."the bear fire was finally just under 400 acres. nine firefighters were hurt battling the blaze in the rugged bear creek canyon drainage northeast of boulder creek.those in harm's way say coy's actions put people's lives at risk.sgt. chris clark ".....yeah, i mean, you look at that area and the word fire just strikes fear into the hearts of the people there, it's terrible..."rob fladeboe/santa cruz "...marlon coy faces multiple felony counts of arson. he is scheduled to be arraigned next week and is being heldon
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$800,000 bail. in santa cruz rob fladeboe kron 4 news (vicki) cal fire says full containment of the north bay fires will not happen until tuesday. earlier this week, they said they expected full containment by today. (grant) either way firefighters have clearly gained the upper hand. let's take a look at the numbers. the nuns fire in napa and sonoma counties has burned more than 56-thousand acres and is 95-percent contained. the atlas fire in napa and solano counties has burned 51-thousand acres and is 98-percent contained. the tubbs fire -- which destroyed thousands of homes in santa rosa -- has burned 36- thousand acres and is 95- percent contained. and in sonoma county, the pocket fire has burned more than 17- thousand acres and is 95- percent contained tonight. 23 people died in the sonoma county fires. 7 died in napa county. (vicki) students returned to school in santa rosa today for the fist time since the north bay firestorm broke out nearly three weeks ago. kron 4's lydia pantazes has
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the latest from piner high in santa rosa. you can see behind me a sign you can see behind me a sign that says welcome back here at piner high school in santa rosa.this is just one of 13-schools that will reopen after three weeks. (take vo)there are several schools that burned during the fire, others served as shelters. elsie allen high school and lawrence cook middle school served as shelters during the evacuations caused by the tubbs and nuns fires. counselors will be present at the schools for students who aredealing with the stress and trauma after the fires. school breakfast and lunch will also be available to any studentwho needs a meal. 11-more schools are scheduled to open monday.reporting live in santa rosa, lydia pantazes kron 4 need.
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(vicki) in southern california... the wildomar fire is forcing hundreds of homes to go under mandatory evacuation orders tonight in western riverside county. it doubled in size overnight and is now at 700 acres. c-h-p says the fire started after a teenage motorcycle rider crashed into a tree yesterday afternoon in the wildomar off-highway vehicle area. that's 70 miles southeast of los angeles. the fire is 15 percent contained right now. there are no reports of injuries. (grant) new at five: this weekend... and especially tomorrow...we're anticipating warm weather in the bay...and for many that could mean a nice fall beach day. but,,,forecasters expect large waves .. rip currents and sneaker waves from san franicsco south to monterey
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bay... now through sunday evening. so if you are headed that to the coast... best advice is... stay out of the ocean... stay a safe distance from the waves.. and never turn your back to the water. (vicki) time now to check on our weather... with chief meterologist brittney shipp. a gradual cooling trend will continue through the weekend along with ongoing dry conditions. high temperatures will cool down to near seasonal averages early in the week with rain chances returning late next week.
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(vicki) two people in san leandro are in custody... after impersonating police officers and trying to make a traffic stop.(grant) and, as kron four's philippe djegal reports... both of the suspects are teens. (philippe) about 20- minutes after midnight... the san leandro police department says a man was pulled over near the
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intersection of bancroft and 136th avenues... by a silver crown victoria... a model similar to what police officers ron clar/slpd- "and, used some, um, used some sort of a lighting system to give the driver the impression that he was being pulled over by the police." lieutenant ron clark says it didn't take the victim long to realize that the four people inside the crown victoria, were not cops.. lt. ron clar/slpd- "as he looks in he looks in his mirror, he sees a person get out of the vehicle wearing a hoodie. hoodie gets put up over his head, zips it up. he realizes, this ain't the police and he takes off." lieutenant clark says the suspects sped off too. the victim chose to follow them, but lost them on the freeway. he called 9-11 and reported what happened. less than an hour later, the alameda county sheriff's office spotted the suspects on interstate 580 and stopped ron clar/slpd- "the , uh, driver of the vehicle was 15 years old. he was arrested for the impersonation of a police officer, stopping a vehicle. there was a 19-year-old adult in the car. he was arrested for
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contributing to the delinquency. and, the other two occupants were juveniles and they were released to their parent." police believe this was an isolated incident. and, that this case does not appear to be related to any others. in san leandro, philippe djegal, kron four news. (vicki) a massive fire destroys a k-f-c in san jose... and now arson investigators are working to determine what caused the fire. it happened just before 4:30 in the morning near cropley avenue and lakewood drive. fire crews were quickly able to put out the fire. one witness on the scene says they saw a person throw something at the restaurant before the fire started. no one was in the restaurant at the time and there are no injuries. the building does have surveillance video...and investigators are hoping that will help lead to an arrest. the cause of the fire has not been determined. (grant) bart is making changes for riders. officials will start ask for proof of payment. kron 4's camila bernal is in walnut creek to tells us what passengers can expect. come january, bart riders will
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have to have proof that they paid at all times.take vothe bart board of supervisors passed two ordinances that require this proof of purchase. if someone is stopped without a ticket, they will get a citation. it will be a fine of $75 for adults and $55 for children with the option of community service.the board of directors said that about 75% of barts income comes from the fares but they also estimate that they are losing between 15 and 25 million dollars a year from people who ride and don't pay.camila:this will all go into effect january 1st. there will be a one month grace period but in february, if you don't have proof that you paid, you will get a in walnut creek, camila bernal kron 4 news.
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(vicki) back to our breaking news tonight... a fire is burning in the east foothills of san jose. these pictures just in to kron four. you can see the thick black smoke filling the air. crews first responded to reports of a grass fire -- but it turns out it is a trailer engulfed in flames. the fire department says they believe there are propane tanks inside the trailer. we have put calls into san jose fire and we are waiting for an update and an exact location. we will bring you an update as soon as it is available. and we'll always be updating and the kron4 mobile app. (grant) two young bay area girls are approached by a suspicious man in millbrae. (vicki) and tonight police are looking for the suspect. what he's accused of doing. (grant) plus, a local congresswoman is sharing her "me too" story. how
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jackie spier says he was sexually harassed on capitol hill. (vicki) and after the break... lost at sea. how two women... and their dogs... survived for months.
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(vicki) (grant) back to our breaking news tonight... a fire is burning in the east foothills of san jose-- on the 2200 block of pleasant acres road. these pictures just in to kron four. you can see the thick black smoke filling the air. crews first responded to reports of a grass fire -- but
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it turns out it is a trailer engulfed in flames. the fire department says they believe there are propane tanks inside the trailer. we have put calls into san jose fire and we are waiting for an update and an exact location. we will bring you an update as soon as it is available. and we'll always be updating and the kron4 mobile app.
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"we honestly did not believe we would survive another 24 hours."(grant)two women and their dogs ... rescued after drifting for months in the pacific.tonight we are hearing more about their incredible ordeal.right now they are on board the u=s navy ship that picked them up near japan, thousands of miles from their destination.(vicki )it's an incredible story with an improbably happy ending. catherine heenan is here with their first=hand account. catherine? (catherine) this has got to go down as one of the most amazing survival stories in recent memory.the two women left hawaii nearly six months ago on may third.they were hoping to make it to tahiti in 18 days. this is where they were picked up ... 900 miles southeast of japan. "when we saw you guys coming
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over the horizon, it was 'oh god, we've been saved.'""yes!" jennifer appell and tasha fuiava admit the trip was star=crossed from the get=go. the mast was damaged 7=hundred miles into their trip.then on may 25th, a heavy rain squall flooded the cockpit and left them without an engine, leaving them at the mercy of the currents."we got pushed into what is known as the devil's triangle"like the bermuda triangle in the atlantic, the region known as the devil's or dragon's has a supernatural reputation."boats go in, but very rarely come out."they found instead a very natural danger ... "we learned that this was a tiger shark location."for one terrifying night the sharks battered the yacht, apparently teaching their young how to hunt.night after night for 98 days, the women sent out distress signals, all of them unheeded. they had a water purifier, but
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food supplies were running low. "beef jerky, rice, pasta, dried fruit..."when the pet food ran out, their two dogs, zeus and valentine, proved flexible ."the dogs turned out to like human food.""a lot."on the 99th day, their call was answered ... a fishing boat from taiwan alerted the u.s. navy and the u=s=s ashland picked them up."we're so grateful.""humbled." (catherine) their relief is mixed with sadness ... they had to leave their yacht, the sea nymph, behind. they're hoping someone will salvage it...and are actually talking about getting it repairedso they can set off on a new voyage. grant and vicki? (vicki) time now to check on our weather... with chief meterologist brittney shipp.
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a gradual cooling trend will continue through the weekend along with ongoing dry conditions. high temperatures will cool down to near seasonal averages early in the week with rain chances returning late next week. (grant) investigators have released a sketch of a man who approached two young girls in millbrae. the first incident the first millbrae.girls in two young approached man who a sketch of a have released investigators (grant)
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(grant) investigators have released a sketch of a man who approached two young girls in millbrae. the first incident happened wednesday morning on palm avenue. a 14-year-old girl was approached by a man driving a goldish brown minivan. a few hours later... deputies say a man pulled up to a 13-year-old girl on east hillcrest blvd...this time in a silver mini cooper. in both cases the man tried to talk to the young teens...but the girls ran away.
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(vicki) bay area congresswoman jackie speier becomes the first member of the house of representatives to publicly share her story of sexual assault. the congresswoman took to twitter sharing a story about being attacked by a congressional staffer. she posted this video online sharing her story. (vicki) congresswoman speier who represents the peninsula... says she is sharing her story as a part of the "me too" campaign. it is a campaign started after hollywood director harvey weinstein was accused of years of sexual misconduct. (vicki) now
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the congresswoman is urging other members of congress to come forward and share her their stories. (vicki) coming up... contaminants found in popular food for infants. and tonight a major baby food company is responding. (grant) plus... a new warning if you drive a ford fusion. something could be wrong with your steering wheel.
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(grant) a warning for ford fusion drivers. your steering wheel can come loose. (vicki) the national highway traffic safety commission is investigating reports about the wheel completely detaching from the steering column. two others complained that a bolt holding the wheel down came loose while they were driving. (grant) no crashes or injuries have been reported. this investigation covers over 800-thousand cars made from 2014 to 2016. ford has not yet issued a recall. (vicki) coming up... a popular clothing company is hit what a lawsuit... claiming they took advantage of women buying and selling
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their products.
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(grant) back to our breaking news tonight... a fire is burning in the east foothills of san jose. these pictures just in to kron four. you can see the thick black smoke filling the
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air. (vicki) it's happening on the 2200 block of pleasant acres road. crews say a trailer is engulfed in flames. the fire department says they believe there are propane tanks inside the trailer. we will bring you an update as soon as it is available. and we'll always be updating and the kron4 mobile app. (vicki) an east bay teacher
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resigns following an investigation into complaints of inappropriate behavior with students. (grant) today kron4's haaziq madyun spoke with police investigators about the details in the complauints against the teacher this is the letter from the piedmont unified school district informing parents and staff that history teacher mark cowherd has resigned
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and the former students">five former students recently came forward with complaints regarding cowherd's behavior dating back to 2015. at the school district placed cowherd on temporary leave while piedmont police investigated the complaints which consisted of... however...when piedmont investigators turned their finding over to the alameda county district attorney's office...? because...?after briefly being reinstated and now resigning mark cowherd's behavior is no longer being tolerated in piedmont either and piedmont
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city council member tim rood is glad to hear itin piedmont haaziq madyun kron4news (vicki) a man from oakland was arrested and accused of abducting his two-month-old baby boy. police say keith ruffin forced his way into the mother's home in emeryville...and ran off with the baby yesterday morning. ruffin does not have legal custody over the child. the baby was recovered safely several hours later...and police reunited the child with his mother. ruffin is expected to make his first court appearance on monday. (vicki) a man was shot in san francisco's mission district...and then drove himself to the hospital. the shooter is still on the loose tonight. it happened just before 3:00 in the morning... near the corner of 22nd and florida streets. police responded after a "shotspotter" ---which is a gunshot detection system --- indicated that a gun had been fired in the area. the victim suffered life- threatening injuries. police have not yet released any information about the shooter. (grant) time now to
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check on our weather... with chief meterologist brittney shipp. a gradual cooling trend will continue through the weekend along with ongoing dry conditions. high temperatures will cool down to near seasonal averages early in the week with rain chances returning late next week.
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(grant) a california- based company known for its brightly colored clothing is facing big problems - including a lawsuit.(vicki) catherine heenan is here with the latest on the billion dollar enterpriseknown as 'lulu-roe'.... (catherine) the company advertises itself as a way for people to hold profitable jobs withflexible hours... but it's
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coming under fire for both its business practices and the quality of itscolorful womens' leggings... people have been posting photos online....claiming the clothing is not well made... the photos showing holes and tears in the leggings. and now - several sacramento area women have filed a federal lawsuit claiming the business is a pyramid scheme. it says lula-roe recruits hopeful employees to sell its products from home- but leaves them in 'financial ruin.' it claims that they're pressured to keep buying wholesale inventory....even if what they have isn't selling....and that the company falsely claims they can earn full-time pay for part-time work. lula-roe was founded by a husband and wife team in 2012. the company says the allegationsare not true....and they'll fight them. vicki and grant? (vicki) an update to an alarming story about baby food and toxic chemicals. we are now hearing from one of the biggest producers of
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baby-food on the market. that new study showed that out of some 500 samples of popular baby food - a high percentage showed levels of arsenic and lead. certainly not what you want to feed your baby. we heard back from gerber--- and they said they want to reassure parents that the health and safety of babies is their number one priority. the went on to say that all gerber foods meet or exceed u.s. government standards for quality and safety. and encourage parents to reach out to gerber's parents resource center if they have additional questions. you can go to our website at for more details. (vicki) a man looking for love -- is threatened with arrest. we'll tell you about the dating website scam ahead. (grant) and after the break... why tiger woods could avoid jail time for reckless driving. with the alaska airlines visa signature card you get a companion ticket every year. so why not i mean i always spell your name right. seriously, take me, i can't listen to this playlist any longer. i'm thinking mexico, and i'm a quick packer.
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i've always had that issue with the seeds getting under my denture. super poligrip free. it creates a seal of the dentures in my mouth. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. try super poligrip free. ♪ (vicki) tiger woods
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pleaded guilty to reckless driving in court today. he was arrested on memorial day in florida under suspicion of driving under the influence. (grant) authorities say woods had pain, anxiety and sleeping medications plus t-h-c -- a compound found in marijuana in his system. back in august, the golfer entered into a d-u-i first offender program. under the program, the state drops the d-u-i charge and the defendant pleads guilty to the
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lesser charge of reckless driving. unless woods violates probation in a major way, he will not face any jail time as a part of this plea. (vicki) justin timberlake is performing at the super bowl half time show. but not everyone is happy about it. (vicki) first it was san
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francisco.. and now it is oakland schools to report finding high levels of lead in the drinking water. let's check in now with steve aveson in the newsroom where we are working on that story.(steve) 48 different schools were tested... and six in the oakland unified school district had elevated levels of lead in their drinking water. we map out where the problems were at six. then...we'll tell you about the 11 year old who decided to drive his uncles car. he wasn;t going on a joy ride. how he was just trying to help. (steve) it's all coming up at six.. but now back to the news at five. (steve) (grant) back to our
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breaking news tonight... a fire is burning in the east foothills of san jose. these pictures just in to kron four. you can see the thick black smoke filling the air. (vicki) it's happening on the 2200 block of pleasant acres road. crews say a trailer is engulfed in flames. the fire department says they believe there are propane tanks inside the trailer. we will bring you an update as soon as it is available. and we'll always be updating and the kron4 mobile app. (grant) breaking (grant) breaking news... a federal grand jury in washington, dc, on has
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approved the first charges in the investigation led by special counsel robert mueller. the charges are still sealed under orders from a federal judge. plans were prepared today for anyone charged to be taken into custody as soon as monday. it is unclear what the charges are. mueller was appointed in may to lead the investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 election. (vicki) the nfl decision to book justin timberlake for the super bowl halftime showin february isn't going over well with everyone...(grant) catherine heenan is here with more on the backlash... (catherine) booking timberlake has triggered a backlash from women,
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minorities, and others.. they're talking about the so-called "wardrobe malfunction' with janet jackson.... that was in houston in 2004....when their performance ended with him pulling on her costume...revealing her bare breast. it was referred to as "nipple-gate." even though it's been 14 years...critics complain that jackson paid a higher price than he did...claiming it was a sexist, racist double standard... his career continued to escalate....hers was arguably damaged. the incident resulted in a 550-thousand dollar fine against cbs from the f-c-c- although it was later overturned. other fans think the timberlake backlash is overblown... some are even suggesting that janet jackson join him again in the halftime show... for a 'real show of unity.' grant and vicki? (vicki) you're looking for love, but end up in fear of arrest! (grant) even worse, you ábelieveá you've been átrickedá into breaking
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the law. .. and the allegation is so terrible, it could ruin your life and your reputation. (vicki) shannon behnken reports on the troubling twist of an internet dating scam. we all crave a áconnectioná rusty turned to the dating website plenty of fish. encouraged by friends, he dipped his toe into the pond ... and met a 27-year-old woman ... they texted .. it was exciting. he played along, sending pictures he now regrets ... and then..
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then another call: the girl's father wanted to talk.
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received, left on"caller: "my name is jim perry. i am an investigator with the greenville county sheriff's department in greenville south carolina."caller: "hello. this is srg. baker at the indianapolis police department. mr. parker i got a phone call from a james davis, concerning his young daughter britany davis.">even tampa police ..stunned by the sophistication. here is to get the crooks say it's needed things like therapy for ... or just to accountable. and when you they tend to holding the arrest over q.why are using these websites and trust the meet online? a.there are stories of meet their online dating sites... but the here .. don't compromising photos. leverage of these little power. a gradual cooling trend will continue through the weekend along with ongoing dry conditions. high temperatures will cool down to near
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seasonal averages early in the week with rain chances returning late next week. (vicki) a lot of (vicki) next week. returning late rain chances the week with rain chances returning late next week.
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at stanford health care,
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we can now repair complex aortic aneurysms without invasive surgery. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for varicose veins. and if we can precisely treat eye cancer with minimal damage to the rest of the eye, imagine what we can do for glaucoma, even cataracts. if we can use dna to diagnose the rarest of diseases, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you. (vicki) a sacramento area
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-based coffee company has launched 'no waste' single serve coffee pods.(grant) reporter rina nakano visited the company to see just how the pods are created. if the aroma doesn't wake you
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up... the taste sure will.this is the rogers family company warehouse... where they store, roast, and package hundreds of millions of pounds of coffee beans each year. their fastest selling product -- single cup coffee pods. according to the national coffee association, more people are ditching the traditional coffee pot. now, one in three consumers owns a single cup brewing system. the reason -- convenience. but that comes at a cost.(jim rogers/vice president, rogers family company): "estimates are about 11 billion single serve cups are thrown into a landfill every year. that's 30 million a day if you want to do the math. so we're trying to take a piece of that out of the waste cycle."reporter "it took six years to go from research, development, to certification. but this lincoln based company is proud to say they are the first in the nation, to go national with this 100% compostable product."the lid... made of wood pulpthe mesh filter... a plant based fabriceven the ring is made of corn.(jim
5:57 pm
rogers/vice president, rogers family company): "they're all renewable resources rather than petrochemical plastics." starting today, their french roast will be sold and promoted at every costco wholesale nationwide. rogers says composting is a lot easier than you think. (jim rogers/vice president, rogers family company): "if you put it into an industrial compostable facility or your green bin at home, it'll work fine there."90 days after it arrives at the compost facility... this pod becomes hopes other companies follow suit.(jim rogers/vice president, rogers family company): "the hope is that everything is compostable in the future. these new age plastics, if you will, the ones made from plants... imagine cliff bars and cereal bags, things like that... if everyone did this, it would be a much better place... a lot less waste." (vicki) that was rina nakano reporting. and that wraps up kron 4 news at 5.(granti) steve
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aveson and pam moore are here with kron 4 news at six. (steve) we are keeping an eye on that fire in san jose.. that is billowing thick dark smoke over the area. (pam) and we are getting late word tonight from washington.. that robert mueller.. the special counsel investigating russian meddling in the u.s. presidential election... has filed its first charges on the matter. (steve) we are just getting information into the newsroom and will have more for you in our next hour of news. kron 4 news at six.. starts in 70 seconds.
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( steve ) breaking news.. we are
6:00 pm
following a large fire tonight in the south bay. ( pam ) it started just about 90- minutes ago... and is putting up a big plume of smoke in san jose. let's get right to grant lodes in the kron 4 breaking news center. ( grant ) here is what we know right now. it started with a trailer... and spread from there. the fire is off pleasant acres drive and klein road in san jose... that is in the east part of the city. there are homes in the area... and from what we have seen... the flames are dangerously close to them. kron four viewers
6:01 pm
have been sending in pictures and video... this came into our newsroom just about 30 minutes ago. you can see thick black smoke is a little hard to see however what exactly is burning. we do have an idea from the fire department about what could be fueling the flames. we have been told there could be propane tanks inside the trailer that ignited. again... we are working to get more
6:02 pm
information as it comes in. and we do have a crew on the way to the scene. joining us now for an update in daniel vega... he is with the san jose fire department... for a look at the conditions in san jose right now...(pam) as we get our first look at the four zone forecast with chief meteorologist brittney shipp. a gradual cooling trend will continue through the weekend along with ongoing dry conditions. high temperatures
6:03 pm
will cool down to near seasonal averages early in the week with rain chances returning late next week. ( pam ) more breaking news tonight: c-n-n is reporting .... the first charges are going to be
6:04 pm
filed... in the investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. the investigation is being headed up by special counsel robert mueller.. who you see here. c-n-n says ... a federal grand jury approved the charges today .. they are sealed. the person being charged could be taken into custody possibly on monday. few other details are available at this hour. (steve) an east bay teacher accused of inappropriate behavior with his students.... has now decided to leave the school. (pam) this.. after an investigation concluded that he did not commit any crime ... and had been allowed back on campus. kron 4's haaziq madyun reports... on this latest development. repeatedly asking students to meet privately, touching, grabing student by the shoulders, head and backs, consuming alcohol in the presence of students...these are some of the investigative findings that led to piedmont high school ap history teacher
6:05 pm
mark cowherd resigning from his job on fridaypiedmont city councilmember and parent of a piedmont high school student, tim roodrood says he troubled to learn that cowherd was recently reinstated following an investigation confirming the inappropiate behaviorhe says special training should be put in place to establish boundries between teahcers and their studentsnat/sot haaziqis that something the city council can get involved with to make sure that happens? piedmont police investigators say there will be no further police action beyond the investigation because they found no criminal piedmont haaziq madyun kron4news
6:06 pm
( steve ) new at six: kron four news has learned six schools in the oakland unified school district had elevated levels of lead in their water. the district tells us the problem has been fixed. it tested 48 different locations... six came back over the standards set by the environmental protection agency. you can see the schools on this map they are: brookfield, burckhalter, fruitvale, glenview at san fe, joaquin miller and thornhill. the school district says it goes to do more testing at each site. yesterday we learned three schools in san francisco had lead in the water.
6:07 pm
(philippe)lt. ron clark/slpd- "if you look in your mirror and you realize that the person that you're, that's approaching you're vehicle is not the police. uh, the most prudent thing to do is call 9-11 and leave." and, that's exactly what the victim in this case did, shortly after midnight. when the a silver crown victoria pulled behind him intersection of bancroft and 136th flashed what appeared to be police lights, and approached his car. lieutanent ron clark with leandro police department noticed the got out of the hoodie over his head, then cover his face.the victim drove off.clark/slpd- actually sees the vehicle take off in the and winds up a distance and calls 9-11, reports what he onto the freeway sight of it. our with him, get the give a, uh, be on the lookout to surrounding agencies. less than an hour later, the alameda county sheriff's department -- a deputy spotted the vehicle. we made a stop with the four people inside and, as a wound up making two arrests." the 15-year-old driver was (2-shot/steve)
6:08 pm
news.kron four philippe djegal, leandro, in san leandro, philippe djegal, kron four news.
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(2-shot/steve) the 2-week battle against the bear fire in the santa cruz mountains is over, the fire is now fully contained.(2-shot/pam) at the same time, we find out the fire was deliberately set... and tonight.. a man is in custody .. charged with arson. kron four's rob fladeboe has the latest on that. rob fladeboe/santa cruz ".....sheriffs deputies here in santa cruz say the man who allegedly set the bear fire back on october 16th is the same man they arrested earlier for allegedly looting one one of the homes evacuated as a result of the fire..."54 year old marlon dale coy, of
6:10 pm
boulder creek is accused of setting a fire on dianne's lane off bear canyon road. the fire scorched nearly 400 acres and destroyed six structures including two homes. nine firefighters were injured. deputies say at least three people witnessed coy set the fire following a dispute with a resident. coy was arrested the next day on suspicion of burglarizing a home on hidden springs lane. sgt. chris clark/santa cruz sheriffs' officerob fladeboe/santa cruz ".....marlon coy faces five felony counts of arson. he is being held in lieu of $800,000 bail and is scheduled to bearraigned next tuesday. in santa cruz rob fladeboe kron 4 news
6:11 pm
6:12 pm
6:13 pm
coming up.. a potentially dangerous time along the coastline .. the weather service warning for beach=goers... a juvenile boy takes the wheel.. to try and help his uncle avoid a d- u-i arrest.. details on what happened. plus, five months... two women and their dogs stranded at sea .. they say their boat was about to sink when help arrived.
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
6:16 pm
jose:hills fire in san update on east update on east hills fire in san jose:
6:17 pm
6:18 pm
6:19 pm
( pam ) two women are telling their remarkable story of survival ... after getting stranded at sea for five months. the rescue... caught on video by the u-s navy.( steve ) what started out as a simple voyage from hawaii to tahiti turned into disaster. they shared their story with allyson blair. natsafter being lost at sea five nats
6:20 pm
( pam ) ( pam ) two women are
6:21 pm
6:22 pm
telling their remarkable story of survival ... after getting stranded at sea for five months. the rescue... caught on video by the u-s navy.( steve ) what started out as a simple voyage from hawaii to tahiti disaster. they shared their story with allyson blair. natsafter being lost at sea five months -- sailors abord the uss ashland spotted the sea nymph adrift in the open ocean... 900 miles southeast of japan.on board: jennifer appel and her friend tasha fuiava -- along with their two dogs zues and valentine."dogs barking. hey howzit."the navy video shows appel ecstatic -- the honolulu woman greeting
6:23 pm
her rescuers with a shaka.... and then blew them kisses."we probably had less than 24 hours before our boat sank." "it was incredibly emotional. and it was so satisfying to know the men and women that serve our country would come and assist us."their journey began months earlier on may 3rd.that's when the women set sail from the ala wai boat harbor on their way to tahiti. but misfortune struck not long in to their voyage when the rigging on their mast broke. "we made some modifications in order to proceed but we could go no more than about four or five knots so we had limited capability to manuever."a storm later swamped the motor -- killing it... and their communication system failed. from that point on the women made a distress call every day. "it was very depressing and it was very hopeless. but it's the only thing you can do so you do what you can with what you have you have no other choice."the women survived because they had water
6:24 pm
purifiers and a years worth of food -- mainly rice, pasta and oatmeal.though the situation was unbearable at times... fuiava says they made sure to appreciate all the things they had going for them."there's different sunrises and sunsets everyday.""you're alive, you're fed, you have water, you're boys are happy and there's love." the navy deemed the sailboat "unseaworthy" and it's currently drifting at sea. but the mariners tell us they're looking forward to getting their boat back (steve) a man in southern california was arrested after police pulled over his 11- year-old nephew... who was driving the man home to avoid a d-u-i. it happened in venutra county earlier this week. the boy told police that this 29-year-old uncle was teaching him how to drive. police say that the uncle told them that he did not want to get a d-u-i. police say he had a prior d-u-i on the
6:25 pm
freeway in may and appeared to be high on methamphetamine. drivers in the area were upset to hear what happened. (steve) police say they also found a gun and open containers of beer when the man got out of the car. he faces child endangerment charges. the boy was returned to his mother. (pam) coming up.. a mentally ill northern california man .. killed.. now we have the latest on the two officers involved in the case. (steve) plus... 401-k retirement contributions are still in the mix for possible cuts .. to cover the money needed for tax reform.. the latest from congress.
6:26 pm
(vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
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and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one. (steve) the two sacramento officers involved in a deadly shooting of a mentally ill man are no longer with the department. this
6:28 pm
is video from incident in july of 20-16... police say joseph mann threatened officers and others with a knife. police say the two officers tried hitting the man with their car before shooting him 14 times. prosecutors found that the two officers acted legally when they shot mann. it sparked protests in the state's capitol. the sacramento police chief did not say whether one of the officers had been fired...but confirmed that he is no longer with the department. the other officer retired. ( pam ) a popular women's clothing company is being sued tonight ... accused of running a pyramid scheme. lularoe... which sells leggings, skirts and other clothing... had two- billion dollars in sales last year. the lawsuit claims... the southern california company pressured women who wanted to sell its merchandise .... to take out loans and other financial measures. the women would then be left with unsold goods. lularoe says, the lawsuit is baseless and calls the claims... inaccurate. (pam) coming up.. a warning from the governor to
6:29 pm
california republicans in congress ... he says their jobs could be on the line because of their votes on the tax plan.. (steve) the warriors and the wizards take to the hardwood tonight .. as controversy stirs over a comment by an n-f-l- owner .. henry wofford will be here with both stories and all the sports... ahead.(pam) the president's pledge to protect 401-k contributions.. is being challenged, as congress works on tax reform.. we have the latest next.
6:30 pm
6:31 pm
6:32 pm
( grant ) here is what we know right now. it started with a trailer... and spread from there. the fire is off pleasant acres drive and klein road in san jose... that is in the east part of the city. there are homes in the area... and from what we have seen... the flames are dangerously close to them. one person injured... fire is knocked
6:33 pm
down... burned about one to one and half acres... started with the trailer... ( steve ) the republican tax reform
6:34 pm
plan could change the way you save for retirement. ( pam ) g-o-p leaders are leaving the door open to 401-k contribution cuts -- that's even after the president tweeted.. there would be no changes. kron 4's washington correspondent jessica smith has the story. pkg republican tax writers are considering changes your 401(k) to help pay for their tax reform plan. some lawmakers want to cut the amount of tax-free money workers can put in their 401(k) each year, to make up for tax cuts elsewhere. senator gary peters said this would primarily hurt middle class families. sen. gary peters (d-mi): at a time when most people find it very difficult to save for retirement and people are not saving enough for a long retirement, it makes no sense to me that the trump administration wants to eliminate an incentive for people to save for retirement. jessica smith reporting: earlier this week, president trump tweeted there would be no changes to 401(k)s, but he's since backtracked.
6:35 pm
congressman kevin brady -- the man in charge of writing the tax plan -- told reporters changes are still on the table. nats camerasand house speaker paul ryan refused to rule it outrep. paul ryan (r-wi): i'm going to leave it up to the ways and means committee and kevin brady to tell you about the details. that's their job.they're writing the tax bill. democratic senators debbie stabenow, sherrod brown and others wrote a letter to republican leaders -- saying in part tax reform "simply cannot require retirement savers to foot the bill."some republicans -- including congressman glenn grothman -- don't want to touch 401(k)s either. rep glenn grothman (r- wi): my major goal is to focus on people who are working. and 401ks? that's how a lot of working people save for retirement. republicans could release their initial tax reform bill as early as next week. in washington, i'm jessica smith governor jerry brown says, congressional seats could be on the line in california, depending upon how lawmakers vote. governor brown said today ... republicans could lose their jobs because the tax plan
6:36 pm
eliminates a state and local deduction used by many californians. all 14 california republicans backed the budget that was just passed, paving the way for a one- and-a- half trillion dollar tax cut. some republicans in other states that rely heavily on the deductions... voted against the proposal. in san leandro... two teens were arrested for impersonating police officers. it happened just after midnight... when police say the teens, driving in a silver crown victoria, pulled behind a man near an intersection. and flashed what appeared to be police lights. when the victim noticed the suspects were not dressed like police, he drove off. the suspects were arrested less than an hour later on a freeway. police say this appears to be an isolated incident. in san leandro, philippe djegal, kron four news. officials here at the piedmont unified school district announced the resignation of piedmont high school history
6:37 pm
teacher mark cowherd. the esignation comes on the heels of a police investigation of students complaining about inappropriate behaviorin piedmont haaziq madyun kron4news chief chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us now with another look at the four zone forecast... a gradual cooling trend will continue through the weekend along with ongoing dry conditions. high temperatures will cool down to near
6:38 pm
seasonal averages early in the week with rain chances returning late next week. (pam) coming up .. forget football? the bay area's own tom brady is moving into automotives.. details ahead.
6:39 pm
for singing definitely dry mouth has been a problem for me.
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i'm also on a lot of medications that dry my mouth. i just drank tons of water all the time. it was never enough. i wasn't sure i was going to be able to continue singing. i saw my dentist, he suggested biotene it feels refreshing. my mouth felt more lubricated. i use biotene rinse twice a day and then i use the spray throughout the day. it actually saved my career in a way. biotene really did make a difference.
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millbrae police are now looking for this man they say he has been harassing teenage girls as they walk to and from school that story coming up tonight on kron 4 news at 8."> ( pam ) tom brady may have found a new profession for when he stops playing football.( steve ) the san mateo native has designed a car for aston martin. the patriots quarteback is the brain behind this slick
6:42 pm
looking luxury vehicle... it comes with his signature t-b 12 logo. there is only one color... aston martin is calling it "ultramarine black." only 12 of the cars will be produced... and the price tag is pretty steep. they will cost 360-thousand dollars. in sports -- the raiders and 49ers wrap another week of practice ahead of road games in buffalo and philadelphia... we'll here from both head coaches. plus -- warriors forward, draymond green rips an n-f-l owner for calling players "inmates" -- henry wofford has a full report and all the sports coming up.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
a developing story regarding nfl players protesting the anthem. today, the houston texans entire team threathened to skip practice after
6:46 pm
learning the team owner, bob mcnair, made an offensive comment at the owner's meeting last week. bob mcnair acknowledge he said, " we can't have the inmates running the prison." mcnair, issued an apology today, which included quote, " i used a figure of speech that was never intended to be taken litterally. reportedly the texans coaching staff convinced 51 of the 53 texans players to practice today. warriors forward draymond green was disgusted by mcnair's comment.
6:47 pm
strong words from draymond. texans head coach bill o'brien said he supports his players 100 percent on this issue. he strongly doubts his team will boycott sunday's game against the seahawks. let's slide over to warriors, who face the washington wizards tonight. prior to the game the team will honor the great al attles, who joined franchise as player in 1960. and he was the head coach of the warriors 1975 championship team. he has worked for the warriors for nearly 60 decades. the 81 year old is in the hospital. but he's expected to return home very soon. the team will give out al attles bobble heads and steve kerr will wear a throw back suit...something sharp from the 70's that coach attles would wear.
6:48 pm
sunday marks the halfway point of the nfl season. the raiders are well rested after their thursday night thriller against the chiefs last week... but can they build on the momentum? oakland will take on the buffalo bills sunday. but star running back marshawn lynch will miss the game. beast mode is serving a 1-game suspension after putting his hands on a referee. meanwhile the raiders defense made nfl history. the raiders are the only team to enter week 8 of the season, without an interception. jack del rio is disappointed with what he's getting from his secondary, especially cornerback sean smith.
6:49 pm
over to the red and gold. the 49ers are 0-and-seven. and at this point, you can't blame coach kyle shanahan if he has the...what do we have to lose attitude. shanahan is shaking up the roster. pro bowl safety, eric reid will start at linebacker against the eagles sunday. reid is listed at 213 pounds. that's on the light side for an nfl linebacker. also, he's currently in the final year of his contract, and it appears the 49ers are not in a rush to offer him a new deal.
6:50 pm
there was a blowout on thursday night football, last night. baltimore ravens beat the miami dolphins 40-to- nothing. but everyone is talking about a hit that knocked batimore's quarterback senseless. late in the second quarter, linebacker kiko alonzo delivered this illegal hit as joe flacco slid feet first. flacco suffered a concussion and needed to get stitches in his ear after that punishing blow. kiko alonzo said flacco slid a second too late and it was impossible for him to pull up. alonzo was not ejected from the game but officials in the league's front office are review the play. and before we about something that makes a guy say, my wife's cooking is not that bad. atlanta hawks are
6:51 pm
selling cricket taco's in their arenathree taco's for 12 dollars. bag of crickets for 4 dollars and 50 cents. (steve) coming up .. the brand new i-phone goes on sale and is snapped up in a flash .. how long you will have to wait for the next supply...
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6:54 pm
( steve ) good luck tonight in finding the new apple iphone ten.( pam ) it went on sale this morning and sold out within minutes. if you are anxious to get your hands on one, the wait is a lenghty one. the cupertino company says, it will be about five weeks before the next shipment is ready. it has an all glass design as well as facial recognition technology-- apple has billed at as the most durable phone ever made. it also comes in just two colors. the price... the basic model of the i-phone- ten starts at 999- dollars.
6:55 pm
final look at the weather with chief meteorologist brittney shipp.
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
>> here they are, the two women lost at sea for five months. how they and their two dogs survived. >> i honestly believe we were going to die in the next 24
6:58 pm
hours. then, actress rose mcgowan. >> her message to america in the wake of the me too movement. >> we are strong and brave and we will fight. >> and exclusive, o.j. simpson's ex-girlfriend breaks her silence. down and out, struggling. trying to figure out how she ended up with nothing. >> the drug use, is it every day? then, stop that kid. the just released 911 call. >> the kid is probably going at least 90. >> even his mom is in hot pursuit. >> my 10-year-old son is running from me in his dad's car. >> tears for chloe. >> the fatal mistake that lead to the death of the social media sensation. >> it killed chloe. >> i felt like i was dying. a ticking time bomb. >> they say their implants made them sick. now "inside edition" with deborah norville. >> deborah: hello, everybody. thank you for joining us.
6:59 pm
the two women who were rescued after being stranded on a disabled sailboat for five months are talking about being lost at sea. with the communications system broken, they thought they were done for. now they consider themselves the luckest women on earth. >> here they are speaking out about the ordeal that is rivetting the nation. >> when i saw the gray boat on the edge of the horizon, my heart lept because i knew we were about to be saved. i honestly believed we were going to die in the next 24 hours. >> their two dogs look just as joyous as the women when uss ashland rescued them from near death. >> we decided we had been left for dead. >> the two had set out on may 3rd from this honolulu harbor on what was supposed to be a month-long adventure to tahiti.
7:00 pm
but their engine died in a storm and the boat drifted hopelessly in the ex pans of the pacific ocean. twice they were attacked by tiger sharks. >> they taunted us and popped up on the left hand side and the right-hand side. they had actually spent more than a week learning all of our patterns and all of -- all of the things that we did. so when they decided they wanted to attack, it was extremely calculated. >> daily distress calls went unanswered. commercial ships failed to see the flares sent up in the sky just like the movie all is lost. >> help. >> when we kept calling for help and calling for help and no one showed up, it got very disappointing. >> they lived off a year's supply of pasta and oatmeal. the navy vessel got there just in time. the boat was in such bad shape it could have sunk at any moment. >> zeus and valentine, they have been a big help.


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