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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 29, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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on aggravated assault and other charges. good evening...i'm justine waldman. ( jr stone ) and i'm j-r stone. his arrest stems from allegations that he pulled a gun on a woman in arizona. kron four's spencer blake is live at the coliseum tonight. spencer, how are a's fans reacting to this news? it's a mixed bag, but several of the ones i talked to say maxwell's alleged actions didn't do any favors for the peaceful message he was trying to spread. this is the mugshot of a's catcher bruce maxwell, taken after a food delivery woman in scottsdale, arizona called police, claiming he pulled a gun on her."well i was a little bit upset because i feel it negates everything that he's standing up for, but to pull a pistol on a female delivery person? that's not right."near the end of the baseball season, maxwell became the first m-l-b player to kneel during the national
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anthem, the trend started by colin kaepernick in 2016. because many kneeling athletes have said the gesture calls attention to racial inequality and police brutality against minorities, some baseball fans in oakland say maxwell's arrest is ironic."i mean, you can't continue to have a positive message and then change it by doing something negative like that. so yeah, it does taint it."scottsdale police showed up at the catcher's home saturday night. they booked him on suspicion of aggravated assault with a deadly weaponand disorderly conduct.but not everyone thinks this takes away from his kneeling protest."i don't know if it has anything to do with it. you know, allegations are allegations.""whether he made the mistake or didn't make the mistake, he still has his beliefs and he still has the right to protest in a civil manner."police say maxwell is being held pending his first appearance before a judge."it's obviously not the best example of him to pull a gun, and so i think it's definitely lost its meaning." the athletics organization said in a statement, quote, "we were disappointed to learn of the allegations.we take
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this situation and ongoing investigation seriously." the a's didn't have any other comment right now, except to add that they're gathering information from the proper in front of the oakland coliseum, spencer blake, kron four news. (justine) testimony in the katie steinle trial is expected to continue on monday. jose ines garcia zarate faces a murder charge. this week we could hear from ballistics experts about the gun used in steinle's death. the trial left off last week, when the jury heard from the federal agent whose gun was stolen .. and used to kill steinle on pier- 14 in july of 2015. he testified he was sure he had stored the gun securely in his s-u-v. the defendant... has claimed the shooting was accident. the trial is expected to last another three weeks. . ( jr stone ) a man in san francisco did not survive a
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house fire earlier this morning. another person was injuried, but is expected to survive. the one-alarm fire broke out just after four o'clock on molimo (mo-lee-mo) drive. kron four's philippe djegal spoke with a neighobor who alerted others in the area about the fire. (philippe)corbett campbells/nats- "it was just a flaming tower." the crackling sound of wood woke corbett campbell's wife out of bed... who then alerted him about the fire on the other side of their fence. corbett campbell/nats- "that's our window right there, and we could see the fire shooting straight up over this way, um, and what i believe to be was a tree that had caught." once he realized his home was ok... corbett jumped a fence barefoot, and ran to the house on molimo drive, engulfed in flames, while his wife called for help.corbett campbell/neighbor- "i started screaming, i got down the block. i started pounding on doors on all the adjacent houses and i got to the house that was burning and the fire was coming quick, and as i was pounding on their front door, trying to, trying to wake them
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up, or see if any body was in there, i was getting no response." the fire department says the initial 9-11 call came in at four-18 in the morning... and, that the first crew that arrived, showed up just four minutes later.corbett campbell/neighbor- "the fog was dense. the smoke was incredibly dense, and, um, i think they got there, they got there in, you know, a great amount of time and did their jobs, and thank you." it appears the home is a total loss. a man, who the san francisco fire department found on the first floor of the home at the beginning of the fire attack, did not survive. but another man did, with non-life threatening injuries. the fire department says a dog who lives here is missing. corbett campbell since the homes on this street are connected, he's surprised the fire did not extend to neighboring homes. though the family that lives here says they can't stay overnight because fire fighters had to poke holes in their roof and a wall to ventalate the smoke. corbett campbell/neighbor- "my
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heart goes out to the families and people affected by that. it's just, its, really, really, a bad way, bad way to go. it's a bad thing to hear. that's just bad all the way around." the san francisco police department is involved in the investigation, since a person died. the cause of the fire and where it started has not been released. in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. (justine) an update on a story we brought to you last night here on kron 4 news at 8... fremont police are still looking for the man who held a nine hour stand-off with police... yesterday morning at 9, fremont police got a call from the girlfriend of thomas beltran saying he attacked her. she told authorities he was still in the home. police surrounded the house for hours... trying to talk to beltran. around 6:15... police entered the home and discovered he was not inside. beltran has not been seen since. police say beltran is five foot ten weighing 210 pounds and was wearing a
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raiders jersey. authorities say he has a violent history and should not be approached. (jr stone) a man was killed in a shooting in oaklandthe suspect or suspects involved are still on the loose tonight. the shooting happened around one thrity this morning on eighth street. the victimdied at the scene. police have not made any arrests or identified any suspects in the case. the killing...marks oakland's 59th homicide of the year. (justine) tonight, authorities are looking for the person or people responsible for a deadly shooting in discovery bay .(jr stone) one man is dead. kron 4's camila bernal explains deputies believe the suspects are teenagers. pkg:authorities say a neighborhood disturbance is what lead to a shooting in discovery bay just before one in the morning on sunday. sot: the victim appears to be someone who was walking around his own neighborhood the first 911 call reported an incident near keats court the second caller reported seeing a man who was shot on wilde drive.
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sot: as we were processing those calls, we began to receive other calls that there were shots fired a resident in the area attempted to perform cpr on the man who was shot. the medics then took over but were unable to save him. sot: fire took over cpr, unfortunately the victim eventually succumbed to his in juriesdeputies believe a group of teenagers were involved in the shooting. witnesses reported seeing two cars with various people in their late teens or early 20's. sot: i dotn think this is something they are randomly doing i don't think there's a call for people to be worried in discovery bay, camila bernal kron 4 news. ( justine ) fire crews are getting closer tonight to fully containing the north bay wildfires. the altas fire... which burned more than 51-thousand acres in napa and solano counties... is already 100-percent contained. the tubbs, pocket and nuns fires
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are now 98-percent contained. cal fire expects to have those three fires fully contained on tuesday -- as long as the weather cooperates. the tubbs fire is already been declared the most destructive wildfire in california's history... destroying over 5-thousand buildings. (justine) a couple is in custody tonight after allegedly looting homes in neighborhoods devastated by wildfires in santa rosa. (jr stone) kron 4's ali reid joins us in studio tonight ... she found out this started with calls to authorities about a suspicious truck. police believe the couple stole that truck in rohnert park then made their way to santa rosa.yesterday evening, police responded to 9-11 calls of 2 suspicious people at the overlook apartments on bi-centennial way.a neighbor noticed the couple . 29 year old johnathon leon lee conner, and 22 year old christina marsh carrying a large flat screen t-v and other items from one of the burnt areas.
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authorities spotted the stolen ford in a line of cars, waiting to get through the national guard at round barn circle.when the driver realized cops were on to him, he made a sharp turn out of the line and drove over the center median.a high speed chase ensued. due to public safety, police ended the chase near the coddington mall area. a short while later, officers set up a perimeter in a nearby neighborhood.again due to concerned citizens spotting 2 suspicious people.the ford was parked on private property . with the stolen tv and other items in the bed of the truck. conner and marsh were caught while hopping fences and trying to get away.police say they also had stolen property on them.the couple is facing more than half dozen felony charges including looting, reckless evading, and possession of stolen property. both suspects are being held on half million dollars bail. (justine) sonoma county has opened a center to help fire victims navigate through the difficult recovery process.
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it is called the "debris removal right-of-entry processing center." environmental health staff will be on hand to help residents file paperwork for the voluntary program. the center is located in downtown santa rosa on fifth street between riley and humboldt streets. it is open daily between nine am and six pm. go to kron4-dot-com for more information about the center and its resources. (jr stone) as the north bay firestorm dies down. a collection of service groups are paying homage to first responders and fire survivors. congressman mike thompson , local politicians, and volunteers joined forces to stage a special halloween pancake breakfastheld at napa valley college. hundreds of firefighters, first- responders and fire vicitms enjoyed pancakesbacon and sausage. the event was free to attendhowever many people donated to those who
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lost homes and property in the north bay firestorm.(sot) happening happening tomorrow.... congressman mike thompson will attend a halloween carnival hosted by the boys and girls club of central sonoma county in santa rosa. members of the community is invited. ( justine ) you can cross one name off the list tonight when it comes to those vying to become the next governor of california. los angeles mayor eric garcetti tweeted out his decision this morning. saying he wants to keep serving the city and is passionate about his family. garcetti won a re-election bid in march... but is termed out in 20-21. some political experts have suggested he may seek the democratic nomination for president in 20-20. the
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list of candidates for california governor is long... and includes lt. governor gavin newsom. coming up at eight. chaos at great america in santa clara. what happened late last night that caused the park to close early. and the changes there tonight. and a controversial deal to rebuild part of puerto rico's infrastructure appears to be off tonight... the reason for the cancelation a little later: could the north bay firestorm create a new housing a crunch? we will look into the impact it could have on the thousands of people who lost their homes.
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police say they have added more security tonight at a popular amusement park in the south bay.( jr stone ) this after chaos erupted during a halloween event last night. kron 4's hermela aregawi is live at california's great america with the details..hermela? according to santa clara police - they received reports of fights and thefts happening in the park here around 10:45 last night. apparently, multiple peoople suffered minor injuries and several cell phones were stolen amidst the chaos. (hermela)a kron 4 viewer sent us some video just outside the
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park here.. shows emt police and ambulances rushing in. police confirmed that a taser was used on a person who was trying to steal a cell phone. that person got away.two people were arrested. one for theft and the other for public drunkenness.we spoke with people dropping off their kids here tonight.. and others who were concerned to hear about these reports. (hermela)
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(justine) in the east bay... five people were arrested following a motorcycle sideshow. it started around 1:00 in the morning with about 200 motorcycles on highway 880 in oakland. c-h-p chased several motorcycles into the castro valley area. officers followed them onto city streets where they arrested four motorcyclists. another biker was found and arrested in redwood city. the riders are facing charges of suspicion of reckless
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driving and felony evasion of a law enforcement officer. (jrstone) scienctists are getting ready to study the brain of las vegas shooter stephen paddock. paddock's brain is being sent to stanford university. no abnormalities were found during the visual inspection during the autopsy. now doctors will perform multiple forensic analyses. this includes an exam of brain tissue to find possible neurological problems. experts say evidence of a disease may not necessarily be a contributing factor to the shooting. brain examinations like this are common in high-profile cases... where all forensic options must be exhausted. (jr stone) puerto rico's governor says the $300 million dollar contract with a small utility company... will be canceled... whitefish energy was awarded the contract... to help restore power to parts of puerto rico, even though it
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only had two full-time employees before hurricane maria. the contract has come under scrutiny... because the company is in the same hometown as u-s interior secretary and only had two full-time employees at the time. roughly 70 percent of puerto rico remains without power tonight. (justine) turning to weather now, meteorologist lawrence karnow has our forecast. lawrence karnow: temperatures cooled again today with cool air even filtering all the way into the valleys. high pressure continues to weaken and low pressure moved to the
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south of us today. this allowed for the fog to linger at the coast and the much cooler temperatures inland. other than being cool with some creepy fog, it looks like a nice and dry halloween. if you're going out tonight make sure to grab a jacket since it will be much cooler and breezy too. big changes are expected next week too and we could be looking at more rain. on the satellite image you can see high pressure but it's now weakening. it will continue
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to weaken as another low drops into the bay area tomorrow to cool us even more. you will still find 80s in the central valley tomorrow but 60s in san diego and los angeles. highs around the bay area will be cooler on sunday with upper 60s to low 70s inland, 60s around the bay and 50s and low 60s at the coast with patchy fog. the weather will cool through monday before warming slightly again on tuesday. clouds will gather late on thursday leading to a chance of rain on friday through next
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weekend. a little later: now comes the rebuilding. a look at what could be a whole new set of problems for those who lost their homes in the north bay firestorm. coming upin the city of concord, the almost perfect crime was committed . the only thing that give them away was the trash can what we noticed was the garbage can was missing so we pulled the videooh and about a half a dozen security cameras, i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly
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this is the new comfort food.
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grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. ( jr stone ) as we get
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closer to the holiday season we start to see an uptick people stealing mail and packages.( justine ) but this time, as stanley roberts reports, the allegeded crooks had a postal service master key, and went after an entire building's mail. at 5 in the morning a man on foot closely followed by a white chevrolet pull into the mountain view apartment complex in the city of concord then booth enter the lobby of the complex one heads straight to the mailboxes . i'll let the owner doug smith explain they had a key they unlocked this set of mailboxes opened it up took all the packages and mail you heard him, they had a universal postal key key and started grabbing all the mail they could get their hands on . all under the watchful eye of security camera inside and outside the complex, in fact, one of the guys appears to look straight
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into the camera while the guy wearing a snap on hat and a fox racing shirt is grabbing the mail hie partner tries to remove the change machine then he switched to being the lookout man but something spooks them so one sits down for a few seconds to not be visible and when the coast is clear it's back to grabbing mail the truth is they went completely undetected .. it was a perfect crime .. except they used the garage can too haul all the mail away they closed everything back up we didn't notice there was a theft, we noticed that the gargabe can was missing so we pulled the video from the video camera to see who stole the garbage can and that's when we discovered that someone had opened up the mailbox with a postal key and stole the mail so now doug want them caught he believes someone knows who these two are and wants them brought to justice and one more thing the owner is offering a one thousand dollars if you can id the people in this video he doesn't just want them id'ed he wants them convicted ..they took mail and packages from 40 different mailboxes in just a few minutes and the
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fact that they have a postal key is even more disturbing the united states postal police and the concord police financial crimes unit are investigating this, and if more information comes to lite i'll let you know in concord stanley roberts kron 4 news if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e-mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot-com ... or reach out to us through the kron four facebook page. they lost their homes... now will the have to move to find a place to live. a look at the potential housing crunch that could be come following the devastating north bay wildfires. and could we see people being arrested tomorrow as a result of the investigation into the 2016 presidential election. what we know tonight about this case.
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steyer: he's brought us to the brink of nuclear war, accused of obstructing justice at the fbi and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations
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that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it. ( justine ) thousands of
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homes were reduced to rubble by the north bay firestorm. we know in santa rosa alone... nearly 29-hundreds were destroyed. ( justine ) now at 830, of course the numbers in the north bay could soon be changing.. especially in sonoma county. the north bay firestorm has the potential to make the housing crisis there even worse. i am justine waldman.( jr stone ) and i am jr stone. realtors and prop erty managers are keeping an eye on any price gouging in the market.... but there may be some vacation rental properties that can charge whatever they want... even during a time like this. kron4's haaziq madyun has the story. (pkg what is going on is an extreme lack of available housing due to the wildfire say the folks here at the north bay association of realtors. keller and williams realtor mike kelly is taking a look at some of the price and specs
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rental proprtites on the market to see if there is any price gouging he says his real estate brokers and property managers are working together to keep prices under controlhe says the challenge for owners of rental properties will come from the property insurance industryhe says the city council of santa rosa is working on an emergency ordinance to keep rental price increases in the neighborhood of 10%. however he says owners
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of vacation rental properties are not subject to residential rental price restrictionsin santa rosa haaziq madyun kron4news ( jr stone ) more students in santa rosa are set to return to school tomorrow following the firestorm. 13 schools reopened friday ... and another 11 more are scheduled to reopen tomorrow morning. counselors are available for students who are dealing with stress and trauma after the fires. school breakfast and lunches were also available to any student who needed a meal on friday. (jr stone) the special counsel's office has been given the green light by a federal grand jury to file charges in the investigation into the alleged russian meddling in the 20-16 election. (justine) the investigation is being led by special counsel robert mueller.
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arrests could be made as early as tomorrow. kron 4's ali reid joins us live in studio tonigt ....have any names been announced so far? as of now, that is still top secret.the charges are sealed under orders from a federal judge. it isn't public knowledge who will be facing indictments but what we do know, is that special agent robert mueller has issued a grand jury subpoena for documents and testimony related to former trump campaign chairman paul manafort and former national security advisor michael flynn. new jersey governor chris christie has words of warning for anyone who could be facing chargesgov. chris christie / (r) new jerseywe will prosecute you if you leak this stuff. because we have to have the public have confidence in the fact that the grand jury system is a secret and as a result, fair. the russian probe has been a hot topic. mueller was appointed in may. the special counsel's investigation has focused on potential collusion between the trump campaign and russia, as well as obstruction of justice by the president,
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who might have tried to impede the investigation. rep. trey gowdy / (r) south carolinai would encourage my republican friends, give the guy a chance to do his job. the result will be known by the facts, by what he uncovers. the personalities involved are much less important to me than the underlying facts. so i would say, give the guy a chance to do his job.right now the charges are still sealed --- orders from a federal judge. believe me, if you're the person, you know. you've already been told you're a target. your lawyers, if you've been asked to go in to the grand jury, you've been advised of your status. as to whether you're a target. and if you've been told you're a target, you're not sleeping anyway. the special counsel has issued subpoenas for documents and testimony to a handful of figures - including some people close to manafort... and others involved in a trump tower meeting between russians and campaign officials. ( justine ) meanwhile president trump's son-in-law has been busy traveling.
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jared kushner went on an unannounced trip to saudi arabia along with top aides. the white house says it is part of on going effort to bring peace to the middle east. it is the third time kushner has visited saudi arabia since president trump took office. in may, he helped broker a multi-million dollar arms deal between the u-s and saudi arabia. according to a white house official, kushner has also been in frequent talks with leaders in israel, egypt, the united arab emirates, jordan and the palestinian authority. it's the newest craze for coffee drinkers. we will take you to a northern california company that is launched what are known as coffee pods. and the endless voyage... is over. where two women rescued at sea earlier this week have made it to tonight. it was much cooler today but now some rain may soon come our way too.
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( jr stone ) a sacramento area -based coffee company has launched 'no waste' single serve coffee pods.( justine ) reporter rina nakano visited the company to see just how the pods are created. if the aroma doesn't wake you up... the taste sure will.this is the rogers family company warehouse... where they store, roast, and package hundreds of millions of pounds of coffee beans each year. their fastest selling product -- single cup coffee pods. according to the national coffee association, more people are ditching the traditional coffee pot. now, one in three consumers owns a single cup brewing system. the
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reason -- convenience. but that comes at a cost.(jim rogers/vice president, rogers family company): "estimates are about 11 billion single serve cups are thrown into a landfill every year. that's 30 million a day if you want to do the math. so we're trying to take a piece of that out of the waste cycle."reporter "it took six years to go from research, development, to certification. but this lincoln based company is proud to say they are the first in the nation, to go national with this 100% compostable product."the lid... made of wood pulpthe mesh filter... a plant based fabriceven the ring is made of corn.(jim rogers/vice president, rogers family company): "they're all renewable resources rather than petrochemical plastics." starting today, their french roast will be sold and promoted at every costco wholesale nationwide. rogers says composting is a lot easier than you think. (jim rogers/vice president, rogers family company): "if you put it into an industrial compostable facility or your green bin at home, it'll work fine there."90 days after it arrives at the compost facility... this pod becomes hopes other companies follow suit.(jim rogers/vice president, rogers family company): "the hope is that everything is compostable in the future. these new age plastics, if you will, the ones made from plants... imagine cliff bars and cereal bags, things like that... if everyone did this, it would be a much better place... a lot less waste."
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( justine ) that was rina nakano reporting. (justine) turning to weather now, meteorologist lawrence karnow has our forecast. lawrence karnow: temperatures cooled again today with cool air even filtering all the way into the valleys. high pressure continues to weaken and low pressure moved to the south of us today. this allowed for the fog to linger
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at the coast and the much cooler temperatures inland. other than being cool with some creepy fog, it looks like a nice and dry halloween. if you're going out tonight make sure to grab a jacket since it will be much cooler and breezy too. big changes are expected next week too and we could be looking at more rain. on the satellite image you can see high pressure but it's now weakening. it will continue to weaken as another low drops into the bay area tomorrow to cool us even more. you will still find 80s in the central valley tomorrow but 60s in san diego and los angeles. highs around the bay area will be cooler on sunday with upper 60s to low 70s inland, 60s
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around the bay and 50s and low 60s at the coast with patchy fog. the weather will cool through monday before warming slightly again on tuesday. clouds will gather late on thursday leading to a chance of rain on friday through next weekend. up next...the future of your 401k and who could take the biggest hit. plus we will take you behind the scenes at special effect company that specializes in creating halloween horror. see how they pull off some of the tricks you see on t-v and the big screen.
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woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away) ( justine ) the republican
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tax reform plan could change the way you save for retirement. ( jr stone ) g-o-p leaders are leaving the door open to 401-k contribution cuts -- that's even after the president tweeted.. there would be no changes. kron 4's washington correspondent jessica smith has the story. pkg republican tax writers are considering changes your 401(k) to help pay for their tax reform plan. some lawmakers want to cut the amount of tax-free money workers can put in their 401(k) each year, to make up for tax cuts elsewhere. senator gary peters said this would primarily hurt middle class families. sen. gary peters (d-mi): at a time when most people find it very difficult to save for retirement and people are not saving enough for a long retirement, it makes no sense to me that the trump administration wants to eliminate an incentive for people to save for retirement. jessica smith reporting: earlier this week, president trump tweeted there would be no changes to 401(k)s, but he's since backtracked. congressman kevin brady -- the man in charge of writing the
8:45 pm
tax plan -- told reporters changes are still on the table. nats camerasand house speaker paul ryan refused to rule it outrep. paul ryan (r-wi): i'm going to leave it up to the ways and means committee and kevin brady to tell you about the details. that's their job.they're writing the tax bill. democratic senators debbie stabenow, sherrod brown and others wrote a letter to republican leaders -- saying in part tax reform "simply cannot require retirement savers to foot the bill."some republicans -- including congressman glenn grothman -- don't want to touch 401(k)s either. rep glenn grothman (r- wi): my major goal is to focus on people who are working. and 401ks? that's how a lot of working people save for retirement. republicans could release their initial tax reform bill as early as next week. in washington, i'm jessica smith (jrstone) a rock climber suffered serious injuries after falling 60 feet last week. the man was climbing near donnor ski ranch in nevada county when he fell. two off duty firefighters were also rock climbing in the
8:46 pm
area and came to his rescue. the firefighters provided first aid to the climber while an air ambulance was called. first responders from the helecopter stabilized him and hoisted him into the helecopter. the climber was flown to the donnor ski ranch where he was transfered to a hospital in reno with serious injuries. ( justine ) two women... rescued earlier this week after being stranded at sea for five months... are back on land tonight. the u-s navy ship that found them in the pacific ocean... pulled in to okinawa, japan. jennifer appel and tasha fuiava (foo-ee-ah-vuh) along with their dogs had set out from hawaii to tahiti in may. they ran into bad weather that crippled their sailboat... and distress calls went unanswered. help came earlier this week when they were spotted drifting 900 miles off the coast of japan. the pair had been well prepared... with
8:47 pm
about a year's worth of supplies on their boat. (justine) a new york cemetery is keeping its burial grounds routinely using goats and sheep to trim its grass. this area known as "the dell" is certified by the green burial council. having the animals eat the grass is more environmentally friendly than using gas-powered lawn mowers. ( jr stone) on the weekend before halloween... "jigsaw"... ruled the box office.the latest horror film in the "saw" franchise... opened lower than expected: 16-point-three million dollars. still...the movie had no troubles coming out on top... with the other two newcomers thank you for serving and suburbicon both severly underperforming. ( jr stone ) it's the time of year when ghouls, ghosts and monsters are cheerfully expected to be seen walking the streets and at halloween parties in many parts of the world. ( justine ) scary masks, spiders and bats fly off the store shelves and fake
8:48 pm
blood is sold by the bucket-load. but as neil curry with our partners at c- n-n reports, for one special effects company, halloween is just like any other working day. it's probably best to mention at the outset that - whatever your eyes may have you believe - no animals, children or reporters were harmed in the making of this feature. from pyrotechnics to prosthetics, artem has provided special effects for many a movie and television series.from explosions to snow guns, the technicians enjoy finding creative solutions to the on-set needs of directors and producers. mike kelt, artem special effects ceo: "i don't like horror films going to see them. they just make me feel uncomfortable. but working on them is a different matter. that's great fun because
8:49 pm
reality's sort of thrown out of the window and you can make it as gruesome or as gory or as frightening as you like. you can make innards spilling out and all sorts of stuff. halloween just comes and goes for us because we make buckets of blood at a time and all sorts of scary outfits."you get the impression that some here enjoy their work a little too muchemily pooley, make-up technician: "my perfect blood recipe is a golden syrup with some food colouring in. it's really simple but it works wonders and its edible as well so you can put it in your mouth. sometimes people put chocolate powder in there as well or coffee powder to make it darker but its good blood and very tasty."artem opened its doors to treat a lucky few to the tricks of their trade - and one device proved particularly popular.neil curry, london: "there's just ten minutes to go to the halloween party and you still haven't found that perfect costume. never fear, help is at hand with artem's mummifying machine!"it's a decidedly claustrophobic experience - but breathable bandages ensure no harm is done to the willing victim.
8:50 pm
halloween holds no fear for the technicians at artem. they've seen scary masks and fake blood before - and have most likely made them too.neil curry, cnn, london. raiders fall to the bills 34 to 14... 49ers remain winless on the season... losing to the philadelphia eagles 33 to 10...
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how would you like to own one of steve jobs's cars. the vehicle that once belonged to the apple founder that is going up for auction... and how much it is expected to sell for.
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( jr stone ) want a piece of apple history? steve jobs' former b-m-w z-8 roadster.. will be put up for auction in new york in december. (justine) the former apple co-owner had the car for about three years, from 2000 to 2003. the no- reserve price estimate is at least 300-thousand dollars. the convertible originally came equipped with a motorola flip phone that the auction house says jobs couldn't stand. despite its age, the car has been driven only about 15- thousand miles. (nats - show theme music>
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"this is kron 4's sports night live." (mark) last week's win against the chiefs had the makings of being a victory that could turn this season around. but, the bills didn't want to hear anything about a raiders feel good story. --we go to buffalo.. raiders...openin g a two-game road trip out


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