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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 5, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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aveson.fierce santa ana winds and tinder dry conditions are fueling several raging wildfires burning in southern california tonight.and there's no sign of them slowing down. ((triplebox))the rye fire fire has is burning right now in los angeles county west of has burned more than 5-thousand acres.the creek fire is also burning in los angeles county..just north of lake view terrace.that fire has destroyed more than 11- thousand acres.and the largest is the creek fire, which has burned more than 50-thousand acres in ventura county.kron 4's jr stone is tracking these fires...he's live in the newsroom with the very latest...jr? (j.r.)steve and pam you can see these chopper images just into our newsroom. there was talk that the winds would die down tonight but the video shows that the wind is still blowing strong. this is all new video showing the fire lines tuesday night in southern california. the worst in ventura and los angeles counties. flames destroying many homes and
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coming dangerously close to others.sot unlike anything i've seen in my 20 year career there are three major fires burning at this hour..more than 150 structures have been destroyed by flames in ventura county in the thomas fire. more than 30 homes have been lost in los angeles county in the creek fire. and smoke and flames can be seen from magic mountain in santa clarita in the rye fire.sot we want to be really clear with folks we have lost structures but we have not lost lives. do not wait leave your homes because this wind could pick up and go a different direction.we don't know what this fire will doin total more than 66- thousand acres have burnedthat includes more than 50-thousand acres in ventura county. sot we have been here almost thirty yearswe've gone through floods and fires it's just the wind you don't know where it's going to go.tens of thousands of people have been forced to evacuate and power to homes in and out of the fire areas continue to go on and off. at one point on tuesday close to three hundred thousand customers were without electricity. the good news is that people are already helping others who lost everything.sot i said yeah is this enough food for 3 families she said yeah what is
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going on i said we all just had our houses burnshe just said i'm not charging you for the least three firefighters have been injured and the fight is far from over as the fires continue to burn. sot oc: containing this fire (j.r.) again tonight these fires continue to burn. the cause of these fires unknown but conditions are ripe. i talked with friends of mine in southern california who saw the smoke today said it was hard to miss. they said the winds were blowing the opposite direction so hard they didn't smell it. pam,
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steve. strike teams from several bay area fire departments are responding to the thomas fire .... marin county, san rafael, ross valley and tiburon firefighters left this morning. as well as alameda county, mountain view and san mateo county fire crews. they are sending down ten- engines and more than 50 -firefighters.
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a strong ridge of high pressure over much of the west coast will result in dry weather conditions likely through all of next week. overnight conditions will be very cool through at least midweek, with freezing temperatures likely in the coldest inland valleys, especially tonight and wednesday night. daytime temperatures will gradually warm through the week. (grant) more big news tonight: áfederal officials have just filed immigration and gun charges against the man aquitted in kate steinle's death. last week in san francisco...jurors found jose garcia zarate not guilty of murder and assault with a deadly weapon. he was convicted of one count of being a felon, in possession of a firearm. and today district attorney george gascon said today that he still believes zarate should have been convicted of murder. but a jury rejected that charge...apparently convinced
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by the defense that the shooting was purely accidental. regardless...gascon says the case was used by many politicians for political gain. gascon also called president trump a "madman" for a series of tweets he sent... criticizing the verdict. ((pam))((2shot)) for a second straight day... city services in oakland will be shut down. thousands of city workers walked off the job today ... affecting hundreds of operations .. that includes libraries, after school programs, and senior centers. ((steve))on one hall says the strike is illegal.however, the union respresenting city workers is pointing the finger back at the city, and the mayor.((dbl bx))kron 4's charles clifford is live in oakland tonight with the very latest. well, it now appears that this strike will continue into a second day. as far as we know there have been no negotiations today and union workers will return to the picket lines tomorrow morning. right now we are outside the
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marriott hotel hotel where mayor libby schaaf held a re- election campaign event. union workers were here this afternoon to express their frustration with the , negotiation between the city and the union have been ongoing for months. the situation came to a head yesterday when, according to the union, the city rejected a pair of propsoals they union had put forth. that's what triggered this strike . the city meanwhile is saying that they couldn't act on the proposals until the oakland city council has a chance to review the offers. the earliest that could happen is tomorrow. this afternoon, the mayor said she is eager to sit down with the union to resolve this issue but she repeated her claim that this strike is unlawfull. the union disagrees. soti really wish we were at the bargaining table today. rather than dealing with the impacts of this strike.sotin seven months of bargaining, mayor schaaf has been to the table once for 45 minutes. it's interesting that she wants to talk to us now, she didn't want to talk to us a few days ago or months the
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mayor also has claimed that today's strike is unlawfull because the two sides have not reached an impasse. the union said today that this strike is lawfull and protected and that the mayor must be getting bad legal this point, we don't know if the strike will go any longer than wednesday. if the oakland city council acts the unions last proposals tommorrow, that could have an impact on how long this strike oakland, charles cliffod kron 4 news. (pam) this strike is affecting a number of city services. they include... senior centers... public libraries... recreation centers and after- school programs .... city hall services.. also the parking ticket assistance center... the housing assistance center... are all áclosedá. right now, there is no parking enforcement... there is also no street sweeping ... and no crime or traffic reports can be filed. (pam ) we first told you about the second day of the strike with a push alert, just before 3:30 -this afternoon... through our kron
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four mobile app. stay connected with what's happening in your neighborhood by downloading our free app today. ((pam)) a murder mystery in the south bay.the hunt is on for the person who shot and killed a man in san jose.((steve)) the body was discovered this morning on the campus on mount pleasant high school.kron 4's rob fladeboe spoke with a woman who heard the shots. yvonne sawyer/neighbor" was just two quick shots, you know, bang, bang,...."yvonne sawyer heard what she thought might have been firworks just after 11 o'clock last night here near the intersection of mt. blanc and mt. ranier court. she would later learn thatwhat she heard were probably gun shots. the parking lot just behind sawyer's home became a crime scene after students and others arriving for school spotted and reported what appeared to be a dead body just inside the northeast gate. officer gina tepoorten/san jose police"....we received a call about 7 a.m. about a possible dead body here at mt. pleasant high school. we were told the body was found by staff. when officers arrived they found an adult male was deceased on campus near the football field..."police and school officials quickly determined that the body was not that of a student of staff
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member. homicide investigators spent the entire day at the scene. evidence markers could be seen near the body. later, after the coroner had come and gone, police said the victim was an adult male and the victim of a homicide. he had died of at least one gunshot wound. neighbors suspect the shooting may be gang-related.yvonne sawyer/neighbor" was right here next to my house, that's way too's very scary...the neighborhood is going down hill, it's really gotten bad lately...." the school remained open. at no time were students in any dangerbut parent rose vasquez criticized the staff for it's slow response and for not keeping the kids away from the scene right away. she says students are now sharing videos of the grim scene on social media.rose vasques/parent" was a student who took the video and you know with social media these days, the kids had access to it within seconds so they shared's something they have seen and they can't un see it..."rob fladeboe"....police went door to door looking for witnesses and possible surveillance video that might help them solve what is san jose's 31st homicide so far this year..."
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((steve)) police are trying to reassure shoppers at an east bay target store... that the location is safe. this comes after a double shooting in the parking lot of the emeryville target last night. gunfire erupted around six- p.m.... while the store and parking lot were full of shoppers. emeryville police detained one person.. two others remain in critical condition in a local hospital. at this time ... police are not releasing the names of those involved. luckily people we talked too... are not letting this crime affect their holiday shopping.(sot) this is not the only crime to occur at this
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emeryville target. back in september, a brazen robbery involving three masked men with guns occured at the store. no one was hurt. then just over a week ago, on sunday november 26th, hundreds of cars gathered in this target parking lot for a sideshow. over 500 spectaters were on hand. ((steve)) now a story you will only see on kron 4.the victims of a car theft in livermore say whoever stole their car used it to work as a lyft driver for months.((pam)) the couple w just got their car back yesterday... months after it was stolen. kron four's spencer blake explains the details and the couple's concern this car was basically brand new when somebody stole it from this parking lotand when that happened, it didn't have these lyft stickers on it.(pkg) since getting their car back, joshua and cierra barton have been able to find everything out of place with their honda h-r-vwhich was stolen in augustand recovered in a hayward tow yard monday."oh, it smells."aside from a stench of cigarette smoke.(nats)and some damage to the hoodit
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also has these very recognizable pink stickers that it didn't have before. cierra had expected it to have been burned or stripped down to the shell."but the lyft stickers was actually worse than all of those scenarios because this whole time the car was actually in perfectly fine condition and was driving around on the road, which should have made it easier to have been spotted."and whoever drove itdid a álot of driving - 11 thousand miles of driving in the few months it was gone. "it's tough when somebody takes your personal property. it really, really just bums you out."now the bartons want to know what happened that allowed a thief to apparently sign up as a lyft driver with a stolen car.we reached out to lyft, and the company is trying to track down details about this specific casethough it is a little difficult because the car only ever had paper dealership plates on it before it was stolen.the whole thing is reopening wounds the bartons thought had healed."we had actually come to terms with the fact that it was gone, so we had grieve, kind of gotten over it, moved on. we got a new car."which is why they are sure to use a steering wheel lock now."no, we use uber, and we'll be using uber exclusively after this!" (looklive)the bartons say
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there was also a sticker put on the car by law enforcement. apparently it had been abandoned for a couple weeks before it was finally towed by that company in livermore, spencer blake, kron four news. next at 10...police finally make an arrest in the murder of a bay area father... trying to sell his cell phone to make some extra former residents of a warehouse, shut down last year are still fighting to move back in.and next...he is one of two men charged in the deadly ghost ship, derick almena is speaking with kron 4 from behind bars.who he thinks should be held responsible for the fire.
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last saturday marked one year since the deadly ghost ship fire. 36 people were killed when fire broke out at the warehouse during a dance party.((2shot/pam)) while blame has been pointed in many directions, only two people face charges so far.and tomorrow.. they will be in court. ((steve))max harris and derick almena face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter kron 4's dan kerman sat down with almena at the santa rita jail today to for his take on the fire and the charges. i've been here 6 monthsghost ship warehouse master tenant derick almena is in protective custody at the santa rita jail, meaning he is alone 23
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hours a day. it's given him a lot of time to think about the fire and the multiple counts of involuntary manslaughter he is facing sot of course i'm being scapegoated almena is frustrated and angry. he says almost from the time he rented the place in late 2013, he had numerous visits from oakland police officers, firefighters, and even child protective services who said nothing negative about the space. ááásot derick almena/charged with involuntary manslaughter 34-44if you're going to hold me responsible i want the fire department , the police the landlords, my kids school teachers who had parties inside my space and knew we were living there and one of the teachers husbands was a firefitghter who said this is a great space this is awesome. almena maintains the lease he was given gave him the right to build rooms and have people over. and he maintains what he created along with others was a safe spacesotit's a fire it happened, they don't know how it started. i want to talk about how people got trapped, who was the cause of that, it wasn't me , those were staircases we brought pianos and organs up every day. that staircase saved people . if i didn't put that staircase in there would have been no way out.and still, not a day goes by that almena doesn't think
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about the friends he lost in the fire and their familiessot i'm a father of three children, i would never want this to happen and i wish i could have been there to save your children to guide them out of that , it wasn't a horrible place they were in it was an amazing place they were in with wonderful artists ááástandup dan kerman/dublin 145-155almena and max harris each face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. they're preliminary hearing is expected to get underway wednesday morning in oakland. at the santa rita jail, dan kerman kron 4 news. ((2shot)) ((steve))almost immediately after that deadly fire other live-work spaces across the bay area were shut down in what many opposed to the move called a witch hunt. ((pam/cross shot)) kron 4's ella sogomonian met with the former residents of one such warehouse in richmond, who have been
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homeless ever since. she joins us live in the studio .. ella what have they been doing for the past year? ((ella))it's hard to believe next weekend will mark one year since they were evicted on the same day of a city inspectionbut they haven't given up.former tenants have been struggling to survive on the streets while fighting to keep the warehouse here known as burnt ramen which they called home. two weeks after a fatal fire erupted at the ghost ship warehouse in oakland -this richmond live/work space known as burnt ramen was redtagged by the city and six tenants were kicked out.sot: sadaf zahoor, fighting to keep warehouse// "spaces were just getting immediately shut down after the fire and it just wasn't the reaction people would think cities would have to a tragedy. they were thinking about liability rather than saving lives." about 60 people protested the eviction last decemeber alongside the former tenants who say they weren't given a list of violations until after they were forced out with no time to find a safe place to live.sot: brandon bailey, fighting to keep warehouse// "this past year has probably been the most dangerous time
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of all of our lives. homelessness is an epidemic out here. having to protect the building from a constant threat of break ins has been dangerous. that's ironic because we were evicted supposedly for safety."an artichect has volunteered their time and expertise to help get burnt ramen up to code.the group is prepared to present their plans to the city in the coming weeks for a chance to call burnt ramen home again. ((ella)) burnt ramen also functioned as a multi use space people live there and host events. so former tenants say the city has required they install hand railings and proper signage among other things before they can discuss moving back in. pam ,steve. now to the weather...wild winds left quite a mess in parts of the bay area.strong gusts knocked down trees,
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branches and leaves.this was the scene in walnut creek. several companies say they were flooded with calls monday. the wind is gone...for now.but tree service crews say it could take months to catch up with all the calls they received yesterday alone. (pam)lets take a live look outside.. (steve)brittney has the forecast. a strong ridge of high pressure over much of the west coast will result in dry weather conditions likely through all of next week. overnight conditions will be very cool through at least midweek, with freezing temperatures likely in the coldest inland valleys, especially tonight and wednesday night. daytime temperatures will gradually warm through the week.
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still we head into a new know what that bart fares.find out just how much it's going to cost you to hop on a train in 2018. a jury is deliberating the fate of a man accused of committing one of the most gruesome murders in san francisco history.the two theories jurors must decide on
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get a free pecan or pumpkin pie with every $20 order from you can eat it wherever you want, even if you are in someone else's house... santa. enter promo code, freepie, on your next order at (steve)attention bart
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riders...hopping on a train is about to get more expensive. (pam) fares will go up by two -point- seven percent starting january first. that includes discounted fares... the minimum fare
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will increase to two- dollars for adults, one- dollar for kids, and 75- cents for seniors and disabled clipper users. this is a standard inflation- based increase that was re-authorized by the bart board of directors in 20-13. they will also increase the age for a youth discount to 18. san francisco is one step closer to "green" lighting recreational weed sales in january after supervisors approved marijuana regulations in a mandatory second vote. mayor ed lee's office said he will sign the rules.san francisco will not be ready for recreational weed sales new year's day when adult-use becomes legal throughout california.the legislation will take effect 30 days after the mayor signs it, so san francisco could have recreational marijuana for sale jan. 5 or 6 if mayor lee signs it tuesday or wednesday. (pam) the trump administration is proposing a labor department rule change
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for workers who earn tips. it would let employers ask workers earning at least the federal minimum wage to share tips with co-workers who do not. the controversial part is a line in the document that says managers can use workers' tips to make structural improvements or lower menu prices. critics say, that provision would allow employers to essentially pocket their workers' tip money. monday's proposed rule change reverses an obama-era rule that tips could only be pooled among employees who all earned gratuities. coming up tonight...ever search a website... and see advertisers specifically tailored to you?well there is a way to turn that off on your cell phones... we'll explain. plus...we'll give you a sneak peak at the brand new whole foods "365" opening its doors in the east bay. and next... police finally make
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an arrest in the murder of a bay area father.. gunned down while trying to sell a cell phone.we'll show you who is now in custody.
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(pam) a jury is deliberating the fate of a man accused of committing one of the most gruesome murders in san francisco history.(steve) five members of one family were brutally killed... inside a home in san francsico's ingleside district back in
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2012. kron4's maureen kelly explains ... the jury must now decide between two theories about this case.. it was an early morning in march of 2012 that a 12 year girl dropped by her grandparent's house on howth street near san francisco city college and instead stumbled into a bloody horror show.the grandparents, their daughter, son and daughter in law all dead.. bludgeoned to death with a hammer. a crime even grizzled police veterns like then chief greg suhr found unnerving. "it's a genuine tragedy at 16 howth street." bin luke was eventually arrested and charged with the mass killing. an acquaintence of the son, vincent lei, the two often played mahjong together. in closing arguments the proscutor told the jury how luke, seen here in an eariler court appearance, had recently lost a lot of money gambling and was poised to be evicted from his apartment. the alleged motive to the crime.robbery. since vincent lei was known to keep a lot of cash in the house.the defense says there was no evidence of a robbery and suggested the style of murder was more in line with a gang style loan shark style killing and that the real killers were never caught because the police stopped looking when luke was
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arrested.coincidently the trial ended up being heard directly across the hallway from where the kate steinle murder trial was held. both trials overlapped, but the quintuple slaying got a lot less media attention.but these two cases have more in common than the location of their jose garcia zarate luke is an undocumented immigrant with a criminal history. luke was convicted of robbery and assault in san jose back in 1998.but luke was turned over to ice when he was released from state prison and an attempt was made to deport him back to his native vietnam. but vietnam declined to take him back. maureen kelly kron4 news. ((pam/ots)) police have made an arrest in the murder of man who was trying to sell his cell phone. daniel carlos was shot and killed on november 18th
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.... at this 76 -gas station in san leandro. alameda county deputy sgt. ray kelly says, carlos was there to sell his new i-phone 10. he used the 'letgo app' to set up the exchange."our suspects created a fake letgo profile but they also created a real letgo profile on their phone and we were able connect those two"> on friday, 18-year-old marcus fortune was arrested in the deadly robbery case.18 year-old jordan patton, the alleged accomplice, pm was arrested shortly after the shooting. ((steve))a go-fund-me account has been setup up for the toll booth worker killed by a suspected dui driver on the bay we learned si si han came in early for her shift saturday after a co- worker called in sick.we're told her husband had just arrived home after dropping her off when he got the news that she had been killed. daniel berk of foster city is
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accused of driving under the influence and crashing into the booth were han was working. tonight he remains si han was a 10-year employee of caltrans. she leaves behind her husband and a 10 year-old daughter. (pam) new at 10. a man is behind bars tonight in connection with the death of a toddler in sacramento county. deputies say, 29-year-old frederic mcdonald had " care and custody" of two-year-old gabby doe ... when she died last week. it's unclear tonight how she passed.. but authorities believe mcdonald is responsible. gabby's family was in court today as mcdonald was arraigned... they say, the suspect... was actually in a relationship with little gabby's mother... and the couple was living together... when there was a nine- one- one call for an ambulance to their sacramento apartment.(sot) (pam) once sherrif's arrived to
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the apartment...they served a search warrant and found... they say... probable cause to arrest mcdonald. while an exact cause of death has not been pronounced... mcdonald will remain beind bars until at least late january... when he's due back in court. ((steve/landing vo))happening tomorrow...president trump is expected to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel -- and signal his intentions to move the us embassy from tel you can imagine...countries neighboring israel are not happy about the move.cnn's mary moloney has the details. president trump -- expected to announce his plan to fulfill a campaign promise -- with international ramifications. 3/21/16 candidate donald trump: we will move the american embassy to the eternal capital of the jewish people, jerusalemit's a controversial decision....a 1995 law passed by congress to move the capital to jerusalem has been postponed every six
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months by each u.s. president - citing national security concerns.on wednesdsay, trump is expected to lay the groundwork for it's move after another six months. jerusalem has religious significance in islam, judaism and christianity and both muslims and jews claim the holy city as their capital. sarah sanders/white house press secretary: the president wanted to make the decision that was the best decision for the united states.the president calling arab leaders across the region tuesday about the decision - u.s. allies expressing concerns about the detrimental impact on the peace process. amr moussa, veteran egypt diplomat: "he would be committing a major historical mis-step." jordan's king abdullah ii warning the decision could, quote, "have serious ramifications and implications on the security and stability in the middle east."turkey's president calling the potential move a "red line."the state department already issuing a travel warning for jerusalem and the west bank -- and u.s. troops are standing by -- after palestinian factions call for protests and demonstrations in "three days of rage" following the president's expected announcement.i'm mary moloney reporting. ((pam/ots)) ((pam/ots))
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just one week ahead of the special election for the u-s senate seat in alabama, president trump is fully supporting controversial republican candidate roy moore. the president... is backing moore - despite accusations that he assaulted teenage girls while in his 30s. moore vehemently denies the allegations i think he's going to do very well. we don't want to have a liberal democrat in alabama. believe me. we want strong borders, we want stopping crime. we're going to have the things that we represent and we certainly don't want to have a liberal democrat that's controlled by nancy pelosi and controlled by chuck schumer. we don't want to have that for alabama. thank you all very much the republican national committee is also shifting course, announcing it will now transfer funds to the alabama republican party
10:37 pm
-- just weeks after pulling its money out of that state over the moore accusations.. alabama's special election is next tuesday. ((pam)) embattled michigan congressman john conyers announced his resignation today. conyers is the longest- serving current member of the house of representatives and the longest- serving, african- american in history .. he had been under intense pressure to step down after several former employees accused him of sexual harassment. today's news comes weeks after it was revealed that he settled a wrongful dismissal complaint back in 20-15, when he was accused of sexually harassing a staffer. conyers has denied wrongdoing.... but confirmed, the 20-15 settlement.the 88-year-old says, he would like his son, john conyers the third, to replace him in congress. the national chain massage envy is promising changes in how it decides who is allowed to touch customers.the company
10:38 pm
came under fire after more than 180 people filed sex assault complaints against the ceo joe magnacca announced all massage therapists will now undergo annual background checks.the company hired a third party background screening company to run checks in real time. each massage envy location is also required to provide law enforcement contact to any customer who alleges assault. assault.alleges assault. (steve) whole foods is expanding the company ... making some of its groceries more affordable.its first 3-6-5 store will be opening in the east bay tomorrow morning. (pam) this store will be the 7th in the company, across the u-s.kron 4's ali reid got a sneak peak, and has details from concord. introthis store has been in the works for a while, and finally the wait is "almost" over.pkgit's awesome. we're gonna save some money on groceries. we're definitely gonna be a part of itcheck out the first whole foods 3-6-5 in northern's the same whole foods quality, with more ways to save at checkout.
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team members are putting final touches on everything as they prepare for the store's grand opening. customers are expeected to come from all's right between martinez, concord, pittsbrg, walnut creekmore than half the items in this shop is from the whole foods private label - made with natural and organic ingredients. prices are tailored to the produce you'll find that some of our produce is priced each, so that's easy pricing for you. and there's budget friendly pricing throughout the storeif you go into a whole foods market you'll find 100 different olive oils to choose from. here you'll find 3-4 of our best hits, some good value, and still some high endthere's an added focus on technology and convenience throughout the store. it's more low profile than whole foods with shorter shelves, making it easier to navigate in and out of aisles. also there are 2 restaurants inside. next level - a vegan burger joint and urban remedy - where you can get organic food and cold pressed juices. unfortunately some folks were a day early and had to be turned away today.we were in the neighborhood and wanted to grab something to eat with the kids but not today.we were just excited that it'd be whole food quality and cheaper prices so we could feed our family for a little bit cheaper. that's what we were looking forward totag3-6-5 will open at 8 in the morning and close at 10pm. now keep in mind, if you plan on shopping here, sign up for the digital rewards program so you can save even more. reporting in concord.ale reid..kron 4 news
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coming upit's the classic battle between man and . glass,? more than often the man wins and rarely it's the glass however this battle was captured entirely on security camera . who won? i'll show you more in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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(sports) coming up i'll have all the day's sports highlights and scores. (pam) if you're going to behave
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badly... and try to steal from a store... you need an entry plan that actually works. (steve) our stanley roberts found one man who thought a brick would get him past some glass in one of the bay's most exclusive neighborhoods. he was mistanken. inside seacliff optometry in the outer richmond district of san francisco sits some high-end glasses, with names
10:44 pm
like jimmy choo, tom ford, and prada just to name a fewnats: ambiance rewind to 3 am on a sunday morning when security cameras captured a random man standing outside holding a random brick just chilling outside the store this is dr lianna rudyak owner of seacliff optometry . you see him walk up to the door he looks inside smokes a cigarette, what seems like a cigarettethen as a car passes he ducks behind a pillar brick still in hand and then he puts his hood on .. at that point it becomes a classic case of man vs glass .. his first attempt the brick bounces off the glass and lands near the pillar (glass 1 bad guy 0) then he takes his second shot at the glass where he hurls the brick at full force again the glass is unphased then he tries the doors thinking the glass gave up now its glass 2 bad guy 0 then he grabs the brick again this time he picks on the smaller window and now it looks like its glasse 2 and bad guy 1 but let's take a closer look . he also proceeds to use a little place vase the we have steps on it uses that as a leverage to get higher and throw the rock this battle goes on for close to
10:45 pm
five full minutes where he repeatedly threw a brick at the window . in the end, the glass won 7 to 1 which means all the high-end glasses are safe . the owner has no idea who this guy is or why their particular shop was targeted but she thanks the double paned windows for keep the brick and the man from entering the shop . the interesting part there was no way to see what was inside the shop at 3am because normally the curtains are drawn . the shop has only been open a few months. we just need people like that off the streets this is a great neighboorhood people here are great and things like this don't really happen so it's very strange. recognize brickman? the san francisco police department wants to know who he is .. and now so do iin san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news
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(steve) g-m is rolling out an app...that lets you buy food or make hotel reservations by simply touching a button in your car. it's called "marketplace", and it debuts this month in all 20-17 and 20-18 chevy, buick, g-m-c and cadillac models. "marketplace" can be pressed on the touch screen of the car's dashboard the app is free, but the number of available vendors is limited for now. shell, exxon- mobil, starbucks, t-g-i friday's and priceline are among the companies you can choose to work with on "marketplace". ((steve/dbl bx vo))u-p-s is a little behind schedule after last week's surge in online orders.the delivery company
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said some of its packages will be delivered one to two days late.the company is trying to clear a cyber week backlog. u-p-s believes its just a small percentage of packages will be delayed.the company says deliveries should be back on track by tomorrow.and it still expects most packages shipped between thanksgiving and christmas to arrive on time.u-p-s predicts that it will deliver 750 million packages between thanksgiving and christmas. ((2shot))((steve))new tonight at ten...all it takes is one google search or amazon purchase and you'll see ads for similar products on almost every page you use.((pam)) marco villarreal looks into whether companies are taking it one step further ... and actually listening in through your phones. it's no secret -- when you use social media sites -- they have a good idea what you're searching and buying online. "yeah! exactly! exactly! kind of feel like some of your privacy is gone."that lack of privacy allows for advertisers
10:48 pm
to target consumers." occasionally you'll see that, like, wait a minute, i was just thinking that, or i need that!"that has some wondering if companies are listening to our everyday conversations through the microphones in our devices."is this possible?it's certainly possible, but it's relatively unlikely."nathan fisk, a cybersecurity expert who teaches at usf says it would take too much processing power and storage to do it right."as our phones get smarter and faster and as storage gets cheaper the capacity to do this kind of analysis exists, and i wouldn't be surprised if i saw it in the future."fisk says it's not all about the tech -- we are giving up our privacy freedoms with every download. "they are certainly allowed to listen in if you allow them to listen in."obviously this can be disturbing -- but not enough to for many to make a lifestyle change."would you get rid of facebook?probably not. i like facebook ((pam)) that was marco villarreal reporting. experts say, the best way to stay safe -- turn off your
10:49 pm
microphone or camera. but remember: when you do that -- you are giving up the ability to use certain features like video chat, or the digital assistant "siri". relatively good news on steph curry's sprained anklean mri revealed no strucural damage in curry's right ankle he sprained it stepping on etwaun moore's foot with less than a minute to go in yesterday night's win over the new orleans pelicansalthough there is no structural damage and x- rays were negatove as well the ankle is severly sprained and swollen it will be evaluated in two weeks so the warriors will be without the 2-time mvp until at least december 20th against the memphis grizzlies they play lebron james and the cleveland
10:50 pm
cavaliers in the nba's marquee cristmas day gamethe right ankle is the same one curry had surgically repaired early in his career the raiders are getting ready for an afc west 1st place showdown against the kansas city chiefs sundayback in week 7 a tursday night game in oakland the raiders scored on the last play of the game in a thrilling 31-30 winthat win snapped a 4-game losing streak for oakland the chiefs have lost their last 4 games but this sundaythey are in kansas city's arrowhead stadium one of tehe most difficult places to play in the nflthe raiders have won 2 straight but the players say they are doing nothing different than before(sot: donald penn & jalen richard) "we ain't calling new plays. we ain't doing nothing new, stuffs just flowing good, i'm happy. it's flowing good, but we still be doing the same work we've been doing since the beginning of the season." "kc's going to be a great opponent, a divisional game. it's gonna be a fun game. out there in arrowhead it gets pretty packed. it get going, so it will be a fun experiance."
10:51 pm
another honor for colin kaepernick tonight presented by none other than beyonce "ladies and gentleman i am so proud and humbled to present the muhammad ali legacy award to colin kaepernick (appleuse).""i accept this award knowing that the legacy of muhammad ali is that of a champion of the people, and one that was affectionately known as the people's champ. i accept this award, not for myself, but on behalf of the people. because if it were not for my love for the people i would not have protested, and if was not for the support from the people, i would not be on this stage today." sports illustrated's muhammad ali legacy award is given to "former athletes and sports figures who embody the ideals of sportsmanship, leadership and philanthropy as vehicles for changing the world." kaepernick parted ways with
10:52 pm
the san francisco 49ers in march and hasn't been signed by another team. he filed a grievance against the nfl alleging that he remains unsigned as a result of collusion by owners following his protests.he also was honored by the aclu of southern california with southern the aclu of honored by he also was protests.he also was honored by the aclu of southern the eason courageous advocate yesterday gq magazine's "citizen of the past winners of the ali kareem abdul-jabber bill jim brown the giants continue to wait for giancarlo stanton to decide who he wants to play for and giants outfielder hunter pence made his pitch on twitterpence tweerted these halloween photos of stanton in his "popeye" costume and pence in his "napoleon dynamite" costume with the caption"hey giancalro can you imagine our powers combined?!?.... (hashtag) come-bash-in-the-bay "stanton is expected to choose between the giants dodgers and cardinals within the next day or so
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a strong ridge of high pressure over much of the west
10:56 pm
coast will result in dry weather conditions likely through all of next week. overnight conditions will be very cool through at least midweek, with freezing temperatures likely in the coldest inland valleys, especially tonight and wednesday night. daytime temperatures will gradually warm through the week.
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built on the ether of vague memories from an experience that i could neither prove nor explain. when i was 12, my sister was taken from me, taken from our home by a force that i came to believe was extraterrestrial. this belief sustained me, fueling a quest for truths that were as elusive as the memory itself. to believe as passionately as i did was not without sacrifice. but i always accepted the risks-- to my career, my reputation, my relationships, to life itse ( shouting )


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