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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  December 8, 2017 1:30am-2:00am PST

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stars' beauty secrets revealed. >> it's not good luck, genes a firry dust, in the a magic trick. >> so what is it? >> the stars tell us how they look fabulous and glamorous. >> if she can do it. i can do it. >> j-lo over 40. age old beauty, christy brinkley. her secrets at 63. i have women coming up to me saying, thank you. i have never used something that's worked this well. >> plus, celebrity weight loss tricks. what works and what to avoid. >> how selena gomez stays in shape sweating while wrapped
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like e-burr ree toe? now, this is "entertainment tonight.." >> have you ever wonders how stars look so fabulous? we are unlocking their secrets. no photo shop allowed. let's start with the one woman how does she do it? jennifer low pez. you might be surprised. >> i feel youthful inside, i guess and i think that's a trick. >> beauty comes from inside. and being the mom of twins. >> they keep you running around. i still get to dance. that keeps you in shape and youthful as well. i always feel like i just started out. when i think about all the years that have passed it's kind of lie like, wow. >> he's 47 years old, if you can believe that. on her list of no-noes, smoking,
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caffeine and tanning. on her do list, green veggies and sleep. >> sleep is important to me. i learned that earlier in my career when i got sick. mommy can't do that. >> she hits the gym regularly to keep her fizz zeke improving at any age. >> i refuse to be put in a box in that way. is it because i'm over 40? or is it because i'm a mom? how did i get my kids in the first place. >> hard too believe it's been more than two decades since she caught our eye as a fly gill on "in loving color." look at christy brinkley, she knows is secret to being ageless. >> the key is to not stop moving. >> seriously? there's got to be more to
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looking like that than just staying active. >> i would say sun block. and i think being a vegetarian really contributes to your health, to your look. ♪ uptown girl >> for this uptown girl, it's always been about taking care of your skin. >> i have always been a major exfoliater. every single day of my life, i exfoliate. >> her biggest add rice for wrinkles? >> i tried bo toks. i'm in the a big fan. filler is fine in small doses. i don't do my lips but i have done a little here. just to soften. the most minute amount. >> how does this mom of three take picture perfect shots like this? >> that was a lucky shot. you only put the lucky shots up
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on instagram, by the way. >> nothing lucky when you're naturally gorgeous. same for alicia keys. bare is beautiful. very brave doing that on national tv, but there's got to be a secret when so flawless, even awe natural. >> it's not some $500 cream for cleanse that helps the grammy winner look this radiant. it's yoga. >> it's really cool. >> i can't wait. >> i think you're going like it. >> she gave the advice to "e.t." before she went to the secret. this pose egiving the natural rush. this one eliminates wrinkles. >> our immunity is strong which keeps you vital. the real secret to going makeup
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free is loving yourself and not covering up your inner beauty. >> miss alicia keys. looks so much more radiant every time i see her. she's broadcasting and beauty sbft strength and the deep security as a powerful woman on the planet and we need that. >> very truf. now, you would think that there's nothing controversial about wanting to look beautiful wishing consider the case of victoria beckham. she's a med earn woman, beauty and fashion icon. she made news after a let ear resurfaced about always looking good for her man. >> i want to look great. everybody should be camera ready. >> victoria's rule for life may be shocking. on marriage, she says bite your tongue and advises women to never look bad in front of our husband. brush your hair, clean your teeth, take care of your brows.
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because, quote, you always want him to -- other rules, always wear sunglasses because they turn a nothing outfit into something cool. victoria says also, quote, don't mess with your boobes. victoria got her fake breasts in 2014. her tip now, celebrate what you have got. >> i'm victoria. >> she slooks back at her spice girls audition tape, writing a letter to her 18-year-old self-. she had an addiction to green juice and even shaved her eyebrows. she told us her best advice. >> i'm constantly trying to better myself, try to be the best wife i can, the best wife i can be. harper loves makeup.
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she can walk better in a pair of heels than most grown women, let me tell you. an expert. >> what about when it's time to kick off the heels and lace up the hold sneakers? when they hit the gym, some of the greatest celebs in the world turn to pastrnak. >> ariana grande, megan fox. >> if you had to pick smrng who is the most driven? >> adam levine is bigger than i am. hands down. we play basketball together. he beats me every single time. >> he has worked out with katy perry, helped lady gaga get in shape for the shup bowl. put megan fox on a crazy cardio machine to get her back in shape after baby number three.
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>> megan fox, she's keet "e.t."ing the same thing every day. find what works for her for breakfast lunch and dinner. >> ariana grande, she's just really great at finding balance. she's constantly flooring. >> what does he say about the cleanseds which are so popular with celebrities? >> cleanses are horrible. if you lose weight on a cleanse, it's because you're starving yourself. as soons you eat again, it's going come back. >> he's one of kim and slow way kardashian's trainers. pastrnak was at the house when the rapper had the meltdown. >> how has working out helped kanye? >> it's a structural relief. >> now a little how-to. showing etonline lauren zima moves for getting rid of this
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and getting a booty that pops. >> you work with the kardashians, i'll etake all i can get. >> pain scale, 1 to 10, i give it a 4. >> victoria beckham to amal clooney. >> hollywood hair
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the palm springs international film festival just announced they will honor
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that is actress bella thorne sharing the moment she got her new eyebrows. she got them tattooed on. it's all the rage in hollywood. so we're saying, hey, if it works if for bella, maybe it will were for carly steel. >> my first client was kinsey crawford. i asked her if i could shave her
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eyebrows. >> for more than 20 years, an stay sha did the the eyebrows of hollywood's elite. >> all the kardashians and everyone else. sharen stone to aam clooney. >> product after product by her cult tolling and now he's kicking things up a notch for those not blessed with big drous. >> it's a tattoo that creates stokes of hair. >> first, happen out the draws. >> here's the numbing cream. >> fill it in witiny needles. >> once the skin is opened up, i'm rubbing the ink on it. letting it sit to the ink goes into the isolated areas i just
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scraped. >> on a pain scale, i give it like a 4. >> is that from 1 to 5 or 1 to 10? >> 1 to 10. >> we're taking off the ink. this will show me if i did it right or not. >> i love it. i cannot believe this is me. this is insane. >> still ahead, secrets from hollywood's hair sigh list to the stars from j lo to jen garner. >> she did pay for me to go to beauty school. >> then the sweaty secret from star like selena gomds. plus, gwyneth paltrow shares her unconditional beauty regimen. >> five days a week. closed captioning provided by --
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. ♪ can't keep my hand to myself ♪ selena gomez put her body full on out there. why not? she looks amazing. what is her secret? would you believe a sweat like crazy while wrapped like a burrito? i'm not kidding. we sent lauren and danny to give it a try. >> she was not feeling so well. it was about her giving her the space to take care of herself. >> an urban sweat lodge. >> emma roberts comes. they look vibrant and glowy. >> we just had to give it the a try. >> walk me through what we are going to do today. >> you're going sweat a lot. they have infrared technology.
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you're watching tv. mostly super comfortablement for the last ten mines you're going to be like, get he off here. people burn calories, lose weight. really good for your skin and life in general because you have an hour of me time. >> step one, get suited up. >> here you go, hot stuff. >> thank you. >> have a great sweat. >> already happening. >> set the clock for 55 minutes. >> just watching my favorite tv show. >> with just 15 minutes to go, the lavender sentenced towel is a relief. >> we are done. >> it's about to break, you guys. oh, my god! now to the relax room. to keeping fru feeling chills while your body cools off. >> i feel amazing.
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>> endorphins are running. >> what's the estimate of how many calories in there? >> between 70,900 depending on the cardio you were able the chief. >> burning those cals. >> in case you're wondering how much it's going to cost for you to sweat. it's 50 bucks a session. i don't know if gwyneth paltrow has given that a try, but she's doing everything this healthy way. we are going tell you exactly what it takes to be like gwen. >> i work my ass off. that's it. there's no secret. >> we have known gwyneth a long time. she shared a thing or two with us. >> i love the infrared sauna. that changes my life. >> the sauna is all about releasing toxins. >> she has done bee stings. she follows a strict workout routine.
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>> i don't feel pressures to look young. i feel like i have earned my wrinkles. >> we agree, but she's serious, so not many wrinkles there, even creating her own line. >> i have been using the instant facial and it really brings out the glow. >> take another look at this mom of two and her killer abs. nutrition is key to looking like that. >> i find when i eliminate gluten and dairy and anything processed i have tons of energy. >> even gwen cheats once in a while. that's her guilty pleasure? >> french fries and mar tee anies. >> totally feel your love from the fries, gwen. there's one thing that can ruin it all -- that's a bad do. we went to get secrets from hollywood's hair stylist to the
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stars. i'm highlighting and low lighting like i do on chrissy tiegen and khloe kardashian. >> hey, guys i'm getting my hair done. >> this big names in the business trust their tresses to this woman, tracy cunningham. they get their golden glow from tracy. >> who are some of your bronze? that's some one of your signature looks. >> jennifer garner, jessica biel, ariana grande. >> no big deal. >> bella powers, emma stone. >> her career started with one name. bette midler, a job opportunity of a lifetime. >> bette midler's nanny quit, so they needed a nanny. >> your first job was nanny to
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bette midler. >> when her stylist wasn't around, she stepped in. >> i said, i can do your hair. ky blow dry. >> i read that she paid for you to go to beauty school. >> she did. isn't that amazing? mow the own of oaf meche in hollywood, she doesn't take vacations. it will set you back about 650, haircut not included. with a client list like that, it was time for carly steel to get the treatment. >> this is the final stage. >> yes like chrissy tiegen. >> you're going look just like chrissy tiegen. oh, many i gosh, you look so good. >> to quote john legend, all of me loves all of this hair. >> one of tracy's best tips,
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don't just ask for a color. bring in a photograph so you can get exactly what you want. stick around. we'll be right back with kardashian's revenge body.
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it's "e.t." >> this is "e.t." >> whoa! "e.t."! >> this is the best time of my life. >> oh, wow. >> nobody knows hollywood like "entertainment tonight." >> would you like to see something amazing that no one's seen? >> bigger, better and before everyone else. >> i love you, you love me. >> now "e.t." is everywhere you go. >> megan, selfie. 1, 2, 3. >> on instagram facebook and twitter. travel consideration provided by -- . as we say good night, we have time for one more beauty revelation.
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khloe kardashian is looking better than ever. is she using her body to send a message to her ex? >> who did you get your revenge body to get back at? >> i was always chubby and like, i'm just big boned. by i used to be told by stylists, i don't style people your size. it's for everyone who was so cruel to me and really shunned me and it's now like, i have revenge on -- on my old self. >> years of pay back for being called the fat kardashian sister. she lost 40 pound thanks to a year of 5:00 a.m. workouts. >> i started working out during my divorce for sanity reasons. i drink three to four liters of water a day. when i cut out dairy i lost 11 pound in two weeks it was the
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hardest thing i have ever done. i believe jump roping is one of the best cardio things ever. white starch is good to cut out and i cut out all sodas and juices. >> do you need to be thin and beautiful to be happy? >> no, not at all. i don't believe that a weight defines you. i don't weigh myself because i don't care at all what number i am. i think to be happen, that comes from within. i think t
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