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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 9, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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wildfires started ravaging the area. thank you for joining us at 8...i'm justine waldman.(jr stone) and i'm jr stone. there are about 85-hundred firefighters battling the flames tonight...including some from here in the bay area. omar jimenez reports from ventura county where crews are trying to get control over the fires. california gov. jerry brown says deadly and destructive wildfires in winter are "the new normal."brown on saturday toured ventura county neighborhoods ravaged by a weeklong wildfire that killed at least one person and destroyed hundreds of homes and other a news conference, brown said drought and climate change mean california faces a "new reality" where lives and
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property are continually threatened by fire, at a cost of billions of dollars.he added that gusty winds and low humidity are continuing and warned that there's a good chance of seeing "firefighting at christmas."he said it will take "heroic" efforts in the u.s. and abroad to stem climate change and urged u.s. lawmakers to pay more attention to dealing with natural disasters such as fires, floods and earthquakes. óóó10:50 a.m.authorities say they've counted some 800 homes and other buildings destroyed by wildfires ravaging southern california for the past week. six fires driven by gusty santa ana winds have torched neighborhoods and rural communities from ventura county north of los angeles all the way south to san diego person died in a car crash wednesday trying to escape the largest fire in ventura jerry brown toured the devastated neighborhoods on saturday.the fire also is burning toward a sanctuary for the endangered california condors in los padres national forest.óóó
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(justine) governor jerry brown toured ventura county neighborhoods today... he says deadly and destructive wildfires in winter are "the new normal." governor brown also commented on the federal government's response to this natural disaster.
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briges in america. well now, we just have to clean up the mess that nature is causing." > (justine) here are some pictures of governor brown from earlier today... he said it will take "heroic" efforts in the u-s and abroad to stem climate change. and urged u.s. lawmakers to pay more attention to dealing with natural disasters such as fires, floods and earthquakes. (jr stone) in novato... the fire department is taking extra precautions to make sure they're ready in the case of a major fire. (justine) they cite unusual weather patterns.. and winds like the santa ana winds we are seeing in southern california. (jr stone) kron 4's hermela aregawi spoke to fire officials.. she joins us live in novato with the details. hermela, what exactly are they doing? (hermela)they have taken out special wild fire equipment that would normally be stored away or being serviced this
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time of year.. and have prepared the equipment for immediate use. the concern is a major fire. they say it's unsually dry for this time of year.. they would normally see a lot of green. but aren't seeing as much. there is a not a lot of rain in the forecase.. and they are getting winds like the santa ana winds that fued the fire in southern california.. although the winds up here aren't as strong as those. and of course not being too far away from the sonoma fires.. novato residents tell me a major fire is now at their forefront of their minds. i spoke with a battalion chief from the novato fire department. and he explains to why the unusually dry and windy conditions provoked the department to take action. gerald mccarthy/battalion chief, novato fire department: those conditions were not our normal conditions for the winter time at least in december and doing so recognzied there is still a threat of wildland fires to our community and communities throughout our area that we do serve and reinstituted our
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wildlands fire season and what brought to bare is the use of a little bit diferent operational deployment in that our wildland fire engines were pressed back into service that our folks staffed normally during summer time now are doing so in december. (hermela aregawi)fire officials also tell me that the novato fire district is also lending a hand in the southern california fires. they have two of their fire engines there .. and eight firefighters down there. coming up at 10.. we will hear from novato residents about what they are doing to stay prepared in case of a major fire. reporting live in novato, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news (justine) taking a live look outside....from the golden gate bridge...(jr stone) meteorologist lawrence karnow has our forecast. .
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lawrence karnow: the mostly sunny and dry weather continues for the bay area. fire danger is still running high in southern california where they continue to see dry weather gusty winds. red flag warnings are up there until late sunday with some winds again expected to gust near 50 mph. it's fairly quiet here tonight and it will be chilly if you're headed out. skies will be mostly clear and lows will fall in the mid 30s to mid 40s. on our satellite image you can see that huge dome of high pressure along the west coast. this type of ridge is so strong that it is very difficult to break down.
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(jr stone) a big story we're tracking tonight. a pedestrian is dead... following a collision in san francisco. it happened just after four this afternoon on 19th avenue at quintata an elderly woman was walkingwhen a woman driving a blue toyota sedan hit her. the pedestrian died at the scene. the driver remained at the scene and is cooperating with police. south bound 19th avenue is closed between pachecho and santiago.while officers continue to investigate. (justine) a body was found this morning in some brush at the warm springs bart station in fremont. a bart station agent reported the body at around 8:15 this morning. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. police say there is no evidence of criminal activity. in the east bay -city employees are in their fifth day of a strike that calls on oakland to meet their union's contract demands.but one mother worries the people
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fighting to better átheir jobs could cost her, áher own job. kron 4's ella sogomonian is live in oakland.ella how is the strike impacting that family? she's upset the strike has no end in sight and that the city's afterschool program is closed so her son has no place to go. the city of oakland is done negotiating so about 3000 employees continue their strike now in its fifth day. the union says salary increase aside- the city's offer doesn't address key issues of
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understaffing, excessive mandatory overtime hours, unsafe working conditions and a heavy reliance on parttime staff.but now with city services cut off this strike is affecting oakland residents. one mom tells me she paid $200 for this month's after school program at the parks and rec center now closed with short notice. so she's forced to pay another place too and doesn't know if she'll get that money she is worried if the strike goes on much longer that she'll have to cut her work hours to care for her son. sot: janae perkins, impacted by strike// "its stressful because it's supposed to be a secure and safe spot so i know my son has somewhere to go every day after school and now every day i don't know what to do. and we're not getting any answers everything is indefinitely and i don't want to lose my job because i can't find child services, child care services."((cont vo))a union rep commented on
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the latest today saying the strike continues as they wait for the city to come back to the table.while mayor libby schaaf will remain responsible for both workers and residents but will not spend money the city doesn't have. while mayor libby schaaf will remain responsible for both workers and residents but will not spend money the city doesn't in oakland ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (justine) tonight most of the people who were injured in friday night's bus crash in san franciscoare now out of the hospital. kron four's spencer blake was live at the scene ..on 101 ..last night where the bus rolled onto its side. and he's continuing our coverage live from zuckerberg san francisco general hospital tonight. spencer, what's the latest information we have on the victims? there are only two of the bus crash victims still here at s- f general.and their conditions have improved to
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fair. overall, 22 victims came here last night after the bus crash. it was after eight p-m when california highway patrol says this private charter bus started fishtailing on southbound 101, just before cesar ran into the center divide, then swerved back to the right and tipped over onto its right side.29 people got hurtand two people even got stuck in the sideways bus, and firefighter had to pull them out.most of the victims got out through the front of the bus after the windshield was broken s-f general attending physician credits both his team and the pre-hospital team of e-m-t's for their quick work. "people are very lucky that they weren't more seriously injured, although there obviously are some serious injuries that we're taking care of."(vo)we don't know how long those final two victims will stay here, but the best news is that there were áno
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fatalities in this far c-h-p doesn't believe there were any other cars involved in it, either.about half of the victims had minor injuries - 19 of the patients who came here were discharged last for the driver, c-h-p says they tested him, and he was ánot impaired while driving, but they're still trying to figure out whether the bus had any mechanical problems that might have made it fishtail. big accidents like these, or mass casualty incidents, as the hospital calls them, are something they train for.i'll tell you a little bit more about that coming up at ten o' in san francisco, spencer blake, kron four news. (justine) new tonight at eight... fights broke out after a patriot prayer march to honor kate steinle. here is video from the march in portland...which also focused on immigration policy. patriot prayer and antifa
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exchanged insults before a few fights started. members of patriot prayer were yelling "justice for kate" and to "deport illegals." jose ines garcia zarate - a mexican citizen - was recently found not guilty by a jury - reigniting the debate over immigration policy at the rally, one person was arrested for harassment and assault. (jr stone) coming up... police officers in the south bay gathered for an event to help children battling cancer this holiday season.... (justine) plus... we'll show you how a group of bikers helped make sure kids in need get a toy for the holidays.(jr stone) and... backlash in san francisco... after president trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. that story is after the break. sfx: squeak sfx: stair creak sfx: clink sfx: deep breath sfx: grunt
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sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling sfx: slice sfx: gasp sfx: inhale. exhale. sfx: lights scraping on roof sfx: metallic scrape sfx: grunt covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care. (justine) global criticism
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is after president trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. the move breaks with long-standing u.s. policy. it sparked protests across the arab and muslim worlds. there was a protest for palenstein today in san francisco at u-n plaza. it was orgranized by san francisco state students. they came to say that jerusalem is the capital of palestine. " people should be able to
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have peace there, non interference from our government our tax dollars should not be going to that kinda work that is why i am here."(justine) arab foreign ministers had an emergency meeting to formulate a unified response to trump's decision. some there said this raises a question mark over washington's role as a peace mediator, not just in the middle east but in the entire world. (jr stone) in national news... millions of people across the south and northeast are dealing with record amounts of snow, power outages and flight delays. officials in georgia reported one storm related death. here's kim kutcherson with more. some 70-million of people are under a winter storm warning, watch or advisory in the northeast
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today. pair that with record amounts of snow in the south... people in the northeast are preparing for what's headed their way. bts"i bought a snow blower and i'm waiting on it to be delivered on monday between nine and one. i'm too old to shovel snow." "make sure you got fresh gas for your snow blower. turn it on and check it out, run it.""how much are we gonna get it? we're not sure. so we are waiting." white-out conditions in the south left hundreds of thousands of people across the south without power...and black ice caused accidents like this one.the pileup in san antonio had emergency officials climbing through the wreckage to get drivers out of at least 15 woman in north carolina was trying to get to her doctor's appointment, when slippery conditions ruined it.... sot "i didn't want to make the news. i just wanted to make my neur eleven." reminding people to slow winter take your time. i'm kim reporting. (jr stone) taking a live look outside....from the bay bridge...(justine) meteorologist lawrence karnow has our forecast.
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. lawrence karnow: the mostly sunny and dry weather continues for the bay area. fire danger is still running high in southern california where they continue to see dry weather gusty winds. red flag warnings are up there until late sunday with some winds again expected to gust near 50 mph. it's fairly quiet here tonight and it will be chilly if you're headed out. skies will be mostly clear and lows will fall in the mid 30s to
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mid 40s. on our satellite image you can see that huge dome of high pressure along the west coast. this type of ridge is so strong that it is very difficult to break down. right now it looks dry possibly through christmas. around the state tomorrow we'll find 70s and 80s in southern california, 60s and 70s in the central valley and 60s and 70s near the coast. here in the bay area we can expect hazy sunshine with above normal temperatures. smoke from the southern california fires will make the air somewhat unhealthy too. highs tomorrow will be in the mid over the next 7 days we can expect above normal temperatures by day and chilly temperatures at night. offshore winds will be common and gusty winds are possible by friday and saturday.
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(jr stone) police officers in san jose held a carnival for childlen battling cacner or any other life-threatening illness.(justine) the entire family was invited to join.. as the kids enjoyed this christmas themed carnival. kron 4's jeff pierce has the story. on saturday morning there was a police motorcade fit for a presidential arrival with police chiefs from across the bay area waiting for the honored guests. those guests were fifty four families who had children undergoing cancer treatment at local hospitals
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and each family was welcomed by those chief law enforecment officers.nat soundit's not often that we all get together and do something nice for the community, especially for these kids so this is great.we definitely are grateful to be part of this event. the strength and the courage these families show it's inspiring. those kids were welcomed by a red carpet and a long greeting line of nearly a hundred law enforcement officers and is just an unbelievable event to see the kids getting out of the cars, smiles on their faces and what they're going through it's just amazing. it's a great day. the event known as fantasy flight is put on by the cops care cancer foundation and is funded by law enforcement agencies.i was a cancer
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survivor at lucille packer children's hospital at stanford, we came across a little girl who was trying to raise money for the hospital, we were in special ops at the time and we said if she can do it why can't we.police agencies throughout the southbay made it we're volunteering our time and our dollars to make this thing it's amazing all the cops put this together makes the children feel special it's awesome.the families spent their afternoon with music, games and prizes waiting for the guest of honor who arrived on that fantasy it turns out santa's sleigh breaks down every year so he has to be rescued by the san jose police department.the thought is this is a day without disease. the families and the children get to enjoy a day where they don't have to worry about treatments or anything like san jose jeff pierce kron four news. (jr stone) coming up... thousands of firefighters are battling the fires in southern california... hear how this weekends weather could impact the fires.(justine) plus... we'll show you the early christmas celebration held for bay area children.
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(jr stone) dozens of motorcycle enthusiasts went out for a ride today-but this time it was for bay area kids in need.(justine) this is the 28th year that the golden gate chapter harley owners group gets together for its holiday "toy run." as kron 4's camila bernal explains, it's something they want to continue doing. for the past 18 years, gary kennie has been buying toys for kids in need 5:09 it's a way to give back to the community and i know that sounds like it's over stated but every year it just brightens your world to give presents to the kidshe has about 200-thousand miles on his bike. but it's the miles
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from south san francisco to the san mateo medical center that will make a difference this holiday season 5:22 these are really underprivileged kids that go to the particular hospital that we're giving these presents toand as its done for the past 28 years, golden gate hog collected dozens of toys saturday and each rider contributed 10 dollars4:29 they use it to buy more specialized items than we might be bringing ourselves in term of toys and gifts for so many kidsa tradition they want to continue for years to come 1:35 we're very much part of the community we do care about the people we live within south san francisco, camila bernal kron 4 news. (justine) coming up.... as a house burns to the ground... watch two delivermen help save the people trapped inside..(jr stone) plus... we'll show you a new group workign with bart to help the homeless. (justine) and... six major fires are raging in southern california right
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now... how they compare to the deadly north bay fires. - everything we stock at grocery outlet
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and our business model is... delicious. ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ (justine) tonight thousands of firefighters are still on the front lines battling wildfires in southern california. thank you for joining us tonight at 8:30. i'm justine waldman.(j.r.) and i'm j.r. stone. there are six major fires in southern caliofrnia that are still burning tonight. 8,500 firefighters are on the front lines tonight. the thomas fire is by far the largest fire down south. it's burning in ventura county. it's now 148-thousand acres in size. that's more than four times the size of the tubbs fire here in the bay area. in these six fires 793 structures have been destroyed. governor jerry brown spoke about the situation today.
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while the situation has improved there are still major concerns. 60 mile per hour wind gusts are in the forecast on sunday for the los angeles area. (justine) more than 200-thousand people have been evacuated because of wildfires in southern california.(jr stone) but some evacuees in ventura county were allowed to go back and see their homes today. many of those people lost everything. natsotdavid karian, fire victim:"a lifetime, a couple of lifetimes. like i said, they're 84, 83, my mom and dad. they've been living here 30 years, built it themselves." natsotdavid karian, fire victim:"there's not much, but if there's a few things, that help them make some connection to the past, that's what i'm trying to do. that's what it is, material stuff, but like you said, memories, of a lot
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of years. and we'll see where it goes from there. i don't know what they're going to do." david karian, fire victim: "it's a process. it's still shock, still trying to understand."natsot digging david karian, fire victim:"a little box, a little lizard. don't ask me, but if it helps, it helps."david karian, fire victim:"despite all the loss, we're fortunate. we have family nearby, we have options. material stuff. other people have much more tragedy, have nothing to complain about. focus on that. makes it much easier to deal with." with." (justine) in the central
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valley... two men delivering water in a lodi neighborhood ran to the rescue of those trapped inside a burning home.(jr stone) the rescue was caught on camera... nicole comstock has the story. before the fire department made it to this burning home in lodi...natstwo guys were in the neighborhood...nats delivering water. "yeah." "yeah, yeah.""saw smoke coming out of the window and i said to my co-worker, jorge, i think that house is on fire." scott batres says he saw the smoke getting thicker...heard the windows shattering in the flames. and then-- he heard something absolutely awful. scott batres / water deliveryman:"i heard screams coming from the window where the smoke was coming from." jorge macias, jr / water deliveryman:"scott came up next to me and said thereús people screaming in there and thatús when i.....(chokes up)" thatús when jorge macias junior lost it. "thatús when i ran up in there again and i told them to...(choked up) listen to the sound of my voice."here he is on video
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running toward flames--running into this burning home. in the next few moments...the people inside did listen to his voice. first-- a badly burned teenager emerged within the smoke. he says he pulled her from the floor to the front yard."and then i looked down again where she fell and thatús when i saw the baby. face up and trying to catch her breath. and then i told scott i have a baby, i have a baby."here scott is on camera cradling that burned baby in his arms-- taking her to safety. "her hands were burned, her face was burned right here."soon-- flames shoot out of a back window. with that baby in one arm...scott uses his other-- to roll this dolly loaded with water to safety too.itús must be tough job. "it can be, yes it can."carrying 45-pound water bottles and 18 pound babies.being both a delivery man and hero, but..."i'm, iúm a father. that's just their job...(clears throat).""i have two."both men say thereús another parent whoús courage rose above the choas..."kinda
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got distraught inside there and didnút know what to do." the childrenús mother. they say she guided them through the smoke and into their helping hands. "to remember to grab her baby and to get her even though she couldnút breathe herself, you gotta give her credit for being as brave as she was." (justine) a shooting near two high schools in san francisco sent a teen to the hospital with unknown injuries. it happened friday afternoon in the excelsior district... on sunnydale .. just in front of june jordan school of equity and city arts and tech. june jordan was placed on lockdown until officers deemed the area safe. police say the 19-year-old was ánot a student... and that the shooter was not targeting the schools. the suspect left the scene before police arrived. (jr stone) this holiday season a new group is working at a few of san francisco's bart stations to try and help the homeless. they're getting people connected with various resources. kron four's spencer blake reports
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from the embarcadero station with more on how many people this team has been able to help. if you've ever been in a bart station, you've probably encountered homeless people in a station or two.district nine bart director bevan dufty says homelessness is one of the problems the board hears about from riders frequently. recently bart and muni started working together to do more for the homeless at the stations than just kicking them out."i think it's really important to have professionals that can really guide people into services and care and i think it's gonna have a big impact."each transit agency pitched in 125 thousand dollars to form a homeless outreach team at four downtown stations - embarcadero, montgomery, powell street, and civic center.similar teams have existed before under the department of public health, but they had a rule that they couldn't go into the ticketing or train levels of the stations.but the new team, which started in november, made contacts with 39 homeless people at the stations in the first two weeks to offer services to them."it's a range of things; some might go to shelters, some might simply
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need an id in order to qualify for benefits. someone might want to return home."29 of those people accepted the services.currently the bart board is working with alameda, san mateo, and contra costa counties as well to hopefully start similar teams around the bay area."i think it's a good step in the right direction. yeah, i've definitely noticed there's been a lot the longer i've rode bart."riders like that man say they see more homeless people at the shared stations we mentionedand though he said there's not a noticeable difference in homeless numbers yet, bart hopes it the services the connect people with will keep them from coming back."ya know, i think we're kind of turning the corner. i think this is definitely a priority for us at bart to respond to riders who experience this and really want to see us involved." (jr stone) that was kron four's spencer blake reporting.... there is also a program bart has going with their own police and san francisco police called lead s-f. coming upin a long stretch of highway in southern part of san jose sits things that probably should never be there however, only 25 feet prevents much of it from getting
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removed so there much of it sits ..i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly
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some people in san jose have been complaining to city officals about the illegal dumping on one long stretch of monterey road. and much to their dismay, it appears that nothing is getting done... but, there may be more to the story .. this is the union pacific right of way people behaving badly, you came up with that one right the people behaving badly and everyone with the exception of the guy in the grey shirt are san jose contract workers . they are cleaning up debris along monterey road nats: ambiance im going to tell you
8:40 pm
something that may or may not surprise you . you see they are limited as to what they can clean up let me try to make it easier to understand .. that is the imaginary 25 foot line anything on this side is the citys responsibility, anything on this side is union pacific property. according to a source, one day while workers were cleaning up garbage, a union pacific official scolded them for trespassing nats: ambiance so basically, any trash within 25 feet of the first rail is off limits even to city clean up crews or they risk getting ticketed for trespassing strange but true so if you drive up and down monterey road you will see all types of trash that just sits there because of the 25 foot rule .it's something i call the politics of illegal dumping . people ger upset with the city because they see the trash sitting there for days or even weeks. the best thing to do is contact union pacific railroad and bug them until they see results nats: ambiance now, what the city is responsible for is let's use this big cup as an example, it's sitting inside whats left of suv that is city property
8:41 pm
and do are these trash bags this is a good reason to contact the city and have it removed . but stand down i already reported it for you . but keep this in mind the next time you report any illegal dumping in san jose stanley roberts kron 4 news (jr stone) coming up... coming up on the kron 4 news. a story you will only see on kron 4. hear from a lyft driver who says she was carjacked at gunpoint after picking up two passengers from a bart station. it was a sunny start to the weekend but will it continue? i'll have the answer next. ♪ [vo] the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event. (justine) a reminder to
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lock your car even when it is parked in your driveway. in danville, on tuesday a home owner caught this is survelliance video of a car robbery... police say it shows the man going into this car and putting things into his bag. according to police -- the suspect was apparently going through people's cars in the area of hartford road. (jr stone) in national news... voters in alabama will be hearing a robocall from president trump, urging them to support roy moore. the white house is confirming that trump recorded the robocall in favor of the g-o-p senate candidate. the president threw his support behind moore earlier this week. moore is facing accusations that he pursued relationships with teenagers when he was in his thirties. that includes allegations that he molested a 14-year-old girl and sexually assaulted another 16-year-old. moore repeatedly denied those allegations. he's facing
8:45 pm
democrat doug jones in a tight special election this tuesday. (justine) california assemblyman matt dababneh (dah-bob-nay) is resigning...after a lobbyist says he sexually assaulted her. the los angeles democrat says in his resignation letter yesterday...that the allegation is not true...however he no longer believes he can effectively serve his district. lobbyist pamela lopez says that dababneh pushed her into a bathroom during a las vegas social event...and inapproptiately touched himself in front of her. dababneh's resignation... is effective january first. (jr stone) only on 4 tonight frightening moments for an east bay lyft driver. she says a man stuck a gun in her face -- and then took her car, her wallet, and phone. it happened sunday night in pittsburg.. i talked with police yesterday who tell me the thieves are still on the loose. i spoke exclusively with the victim.. who's still pretty shaken by the ordeal. he said get out and i said huh
8:46 pm
huh...he said get out of the car or i will shoot you.that is what happened sunday night when robin langston was robbed at gunpoint as she was working for the transportation company lyft on the night of her birthday. she picked up two people near the pittsburg bay point bart station in her chevy sonic car that you see here. she then went to drop the two off at mcdonalds.when i looked back not even a foot from my head was a barrel of a gun. and all i could do was like stare at him like i didn' tknow what to do. he clicked off the safety and said the safety is off get out of the car and let my girl in.robin was forced to give up her purse and her cell phone. she then got out of the car and ran into mcdonalds for help after the two sped off. the onstar satellite service located her car in oakland a
8:47 pm
short time later but police there weren't able to respond to the call for at least two hours.i thought you had...i gave you a had onstar you had these people moving you had this guy with a gun that said he was gonna kill me if i didn't get out. i literally gave you these people on a platter but because there is so much crime in oakland her comment was we have killings we have things that are actually happening. oakland police dispute that claim and say that to their knowledge no one was in the car at that time. robin was eventually able to get her car monday after it was towed and after she paid 400 dollarsa large cost for someone living paycheck to paycheck and on medical leave from her main job at hospice.i'm having surgery thursday i don't have any id i have nothing i don't have none of my cards i have nothing. so i don't even know if i'll be able to have surgery on thursday.fearful news for a woman who was just trying to earn some extra money. j.r. stone kron 4 news.
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(j.r.) i spoke with those from lyft yesterday to ask if they would cover the four hundred dollar tow fee the victim had to pay here. at this point it appears they will not be covering that fee thankfully a number of viewers came forward to help with that cost. (justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist lawrence karnow
8:49 pm
has our forecast. . lawrence karnow: the mostly sunny and dry weather continues for the bay area. fire danger is still running high in southern california where they continue to see dry weather gusty winds. red flag warnings are up there until late sunday with some winds again expected to gust near 50 mph. it's fairly quiet here
8:50 pm
tonight and it will be chilly if you're headed out. skies will be mostly clear and lows will fall in the mid 30s to mid 40s. on our satellite image you can see that huge dome of high pressure along the west coast. this type of ridge is so strong that it is very difficult to break down. right now it looks dry possibly through christmas. around the state tomorrow we'll find 70s and 80s in southern california, 60s and 70s in the central valley and 60s and 70s near the coast. here in the bay area hazy sunshine with above normal temperatures. smoke from the southern california fires will make the air somewhat unhealthy too. highs tomorrow will be in the mid 60s to low 70s. over the next 7 days we can expect above normal temperatures by day and chilly temperatures at night. offshore winds will be common and are possible by friday and saturday. (j.r.) it was a big saturday night in college football. the heisman trophy was awarded this evening. stanford running back bryce love finished second in the voting. the
8:51 pm
heisman trophy was given to oklahoma senior quarterback baker mayfield. mayfield is the only heisman winner ever to start his college career as a walk on. mayfield threw for more than 43-hundred yards, 41 touchdown passes and just 5 interceptions this season. during his speech tonight he thanked his family. (j.r.) the 118th (j.r.) (j.r.) the 118th army versus navy football game was held today in philadelphia and it was a good one. the snow was coming down in this one. beautiful day for football if you ask me. first quarter handoff to army's kell walker...he goes right
8:52 pm
side....with a big pickup. these army uniforms were perfect camouflage for the snow...white on white. that would set up this...darnell woolfolk...up the gut for the touchdown...i gotta laugh here because i can barely see anything. those are the kind of conditions they had in this game. navy with a chance to win this from 48 yards out but they miss the field go. army wins 14 to 13. (j.r.) some tough news for san francisco giants fans tonight. sources say miami marlins slugger giancarlo stanton is headed to the new york yankees. it's a deal that
8:53 pm
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(jr stone) an unlikely thief is stealing snacks from a new jersey porch(justine) and the furry culpirt.... is busted on security cameras in the act. take a look. turns out an obese squirrel
8:56 pm
can't keep it's furry paws off of these yummy ghirardeli chocolate squares. the new jersey family leaves out candy...lip balm... and other goodies yearly as a holiday treat for delivery people. however this season...they say this fat squirrel raided the entire basket. (sot) the family the family now keeps the chocolate in a jar...that requires opposable thumbs.
8:57 pm
even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children.
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protect your family. visit >> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. [music] jack del rio says:"we're all
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good football teams and we're all alive right now. we all have an opportunity."( mark ) the raiders, not just in the running for a playoff spot, but division title after back to back wins. now it's off to kansas city to take on a chiefs team that's lost four games in a row. we'll break down this pivotal afc west matchup. plus.. hear why the raiders have a major edge on offense, thanks to some wild antics from chiefs defensive back marcus peters. the details from kc. also, we'll introduce you to james superstar. football isn't the only skill for the raiders pass rusher... hear how he's become a major celebrity in china. all that and more coming your way on the sword and shield zone.


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