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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 12, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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at 1-11 tuesday morning, san francisco mayor ed lee passed away at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital. city and hospital officials are not yet releasing the cause of death.his family has asked that we share no further medical information and due to state and federal privacy laws we have to respect those wishes.the mayor was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. doctors worked on him for hours but it was too late. a number of city officials and supporters gathered at city hall to pay respects to mayor lee.he was from the dawn of his career, an advocate for the powerless a voice for the overlooked, someone who looked out for others in need before himself. that commitment to others defined the mayors 3 decades of public the last 6 years, mayor ed lee made a lot of positive changes in the city. including helping pass one of the highest minimum wages in the country. i think people will realize in the coming days what he dd for san francisco. and the reason a lot of people don't know what he did for sf is that he wasn't a boastful person. he was simply a civil servant. he loved the job. he loved sf. in addition to maintaining her position as president of the board of supervisors, london breed is now the city's acting mayor. a special election will
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be held june 5th of next year. a mayor will then be chosen to fulfill the rest of mayor ed lee's term that expires in 2020.standupflags will continue to fly at half staff for the next 30 days while the city mourns itsfirst chinese american mayor .reporting in san francisco .. ali reid kron 4news.kron 4news... ali reid kron 4news.kron 4news. .. ali reid san francisco .. ali reid kron 4news. (grant) ed lee's low=key style served him well as he dealt with the many challenges he faced during his nearly seven -years in office as the mayor of san francisco. as catherine heenan show us, he was both blamed and applauded
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for changing the face of san francisco. it is special to be the first asian american mayor of this cityed lee took office nearly seven years ago.... a longtime city hall bureaucrat who said he had no ambition other than to serve out gavin newsom's term after newsom was elected lieutenant governor.a protege of chinatown political legend rose pak, he changed his mind after a few months and filed for re=election.his priorities ... economic growth and affordable housing, two goals that sometimes came in conflict with each other. (cagle) "san francisco is hoping tax breaks will keep twitter from moving its headquarters elsewhere..."the so=called twitter tax convinced tech giants like twitter, linkedin and salesforce that san francisco was a viable alternative to silicon valley.(gabe) another big score for mayor ed lee and the blossoming tech scene in san francisobut as rents soared and apartment vacancies plunged, he faced a growing backlash from housng advocates. you know you have no heart, man. you're kicking the people who built this city out of here.getting ready for the 49ers steelers and ... embarassing blackout at candlestick ... as the 49ers packed their bags for santa appears that there will be no hail mary pass from mayor ed lee or the city of san francisco to keep the 49ers in town.sot.that might be costing 200 to 400 million dollars and nobody has that kind of money lying around.the mayor did manage to lure the warriors across the bay .... and loved to celebrate the giants world series wins.yes! plagued with police problems
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from racists text to officer involved shootings, the mayor was forced to fire his his police chief ... and suspend sheriff ross mirkarimi after he convicted of and admitted to domestic violence.mayor lee celebrated the supreme court decision lealizing same sex marriagefull marriage equality! and this year when donald trump threatened to cut off funds to cities providing sactuary to undocumented mmigrants, the mayor responded wit ha lawsuitwe are a sanctuary city, we have not changed we do not plan to (pam) mayor ed lee is being mayor ed (pam)(pam)
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(pam) mayor ed lee is being remembered tonight all across san francisco. he lived in glen park, and tonight some people held a small vigil outside his home. kron 4's j.r. stone continues our team coverage .. he joins us live tonight in that community. j.r. you spoke with a man who knew ed lee for 22 years. (j.r.)i did in fact he said willie brown was the one who made it clear to lee that if he was going to head a large department in san francisco he better be living in san francisco, not oakland. what's when he moved 22 years ago.out here this evening there are flowers, candles, and signs to remember ed lee.
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prayers outside the glen park home where san francisco mayor ed lee lived.sot just like everyone else it's shock and sad i think we lost a great mayor.his neighbor bob who lived next store to lee talked with him just days ago. he said the mayor was tired but it was also late in the evening at the end of what had likely been a long day for lee. sot kinda showing tiredness but not in any impeding.never ended for himneighbors say they would often see mayor lee heading to work in the morning. sotsee him leave his home those who were here praying tuesday night said lee was the mayor of jobs.when he took office in 2011 the unemployment rate was almost 9 percent in san francisco. in october of this year it was 2.6 percent in the city. sot..came from seattle (j.r.) lee certainly did like to jokeas did like to lee certainly
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(j.r.) (j.r.)lee certainly did like to jokeas someone who covers a lot of sports i covered two of the giants world series parade. lee was always joking aroundand whether you thought he was funny or notyou'd always smile and say to yourself.oh there goes ed lee. he will certainly be missed. (grant) the unexpected death of
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mayor lee is prompting reaction from lawmakers. in a statement -- governor jerry brown says in part: "ed was a true champion for working people and epitomized the california spirit. he'll truly be missed." (grant) today we talked to house majority leader nancy pelosi. she says mayor ed lee was highly respected by other mayors all over the nation.
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passing. san francisco has lost a selfless leader, and dedicated public servant.... whose intellect, integrity, boundless optimism & contagious love... elevated our city. jen and i mourn the loss of a dear friend. our prayers are with anita, brianna and tania." (pam) with mayor ed lee's passing .. london breed becomes san francisco's new acting mayor. she was first elected to the board of supervisors in 2012, and re-elected in 2016. and the board of supervisors elected her as its president twice.. since 2015. kron 4's dan kerman reports from city hall ... with more on san francisco's new mayor. soti am currently the acting mayor and will assume that responsibilitysan francisco native london breed becomes san francisco's first african american woman to take charge of the citysot amos brown/ naacp sf president 10-20she's
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proven she can break the glass ceiling, that she can hold her own with men and this is what we need more ofnaacp san francisco president and 3rd baptist church pastor amos brown says breed is a member of his church and learned leadership skills through the naacp youth council. like ed lee, breed grew up in public housing, but says that did not serve as a roadblock to her success sotshe aspired for the stars, the heights she did not settle with mediocritybreed got her bacherlors degree from uc davis and her masters from the university of san francisco and brown thinks she has the qualities of a great leadersotshe has always had the capacity to relate to her elders and learn and grow and that's a great board president breed often stood along side mayor lee. while he is a tough act to follow her supporters think she is readysotshe's tough enough to do the job and do an excellent job and as a team player with all the stake holders in the community and those in city government, i am sure she will serve us well standup dan kerman/sf 147-156 in addition to her duties as acting mayor, breed will continue to service as board of supervisors president. at sf city hall, dan kerman kron 4 news.
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(pam)(pam) our coverage on the death of mayor ed lee continues on kron-4-dot-com. we are posting reaction from the community... we also have a photo gallery of ed lee during his tenure as mayor.. along with a look back at his major accomplishments. ( grant ) an overnight fire in the oakland hills has
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destroyed two homes and damaged a half dozen others. fortunately, no one was injured. tonight we are hearing from neighbors who saw the flames just feet away from their houses. kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight in oakland with details. charles? yeah, right now i'm standing along snake road here in the montclair neighborhood. the fire burned right behind me here. you can see the road is still closed down. and this afternoon, i caught up with a neighbor who live just up the hill here. he says the flames got a little close for comfort.late monday evening, norman miller walked out onto his balcony and saw flames shooting into the air just below his house here in oakland hills. this is video of the fire he recorded with his phone.sotyou could clearly see the flames above the vegetation. just a big giant fireball.while most of his immediate neighbors evacuated, miller stayed and sprayed down his trees and porch with a garden house.soti got my ladder and climbed up on the roof and sprayed down all, two homes were lost to the flames and six more were damaged. fortunately fire crews were able to get the fire under control before it spread any further. fortunately, norman's house was undamaged.sotonce i saw the hoses i could see water and they were walking around. it was a big flame at first thoughhe says fire is always a concern when you live in this
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area but seeing it so close to home was unsettling.sotyeah, the topography and the amount of vegetation makes it really the 6800 block of snake road remains closed, fire crews will be on scene through the night. the exact cause is still under investigation. in oakland, charles clifford kron 4 news. news.clifford kron 4 oakland, charles investigation. in under cause is still night. the exact cause is still under investigation. in oakland, charles clifford kron 4 news. strong high pressure will remain in place through much of the week and result in dry weather conditions along with above average daytime temperatures. clear skies and weak offshore flow will allow for cool overnights
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which will warm slightly late in the forecast period as onshore winds return. (pam) coming up (pam) coming up new at ten: avoiding makeup store bacteria.. what you need to know before you or a loved one ... tries any samples... (grant) then - for the first time in 25-years a democrat from alabama has won a senate seat. what it could mean for president trump's legislative agenda. (pam) and next - also new tonight..a racist rant in a bay area starbucks going viral.. we have the story behind it. ♪ toyland, toyland
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♪ little girl and boy land ♪ while you dwell within it ♪ you are ever happy there daddy, it's christmas! ♪ childhood's joy land never let go of your dreams. the mercedes-benz winter event is back. lease the e300 sedan for $569 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. (pam) new at ten:video
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of a heated exchange in a walnut creek starbucks.. it shows a woman .... appearing to get angry at other customers ... for speaking in their native language of korean. it caused such a stir.. she was eventually escorted out. tonight kron four's spencer blake is live at the walnut creek starbucks where it happened. spencer, how did this all start? i spoke to one of the korean speakers involved in the video, and he doesn't know áwhy the woman you're about to see had such a problem with hearing a language other than
10:16 pm probably comes down to ignorance. "especially that oriental. i hate it.i'm sorry, but they are allowed to speak their know what, president obama said that everyone in here, the majority in america, should speak english."this encounter caught on cell phone video inside this walnut creek starbucks sunday shows a woman who absolutely did ánot want to hear other customers speaking in korean."(speaks in korean)." that might have been one of the sentences the woman heard from sean lee, who was tutoring a community college student, annie.that sentence basically means 'we might need to brainstorm this way and write the essay that way.'"out of nowhere - we didn't provoke her, we were just minding our own business - this lady just suddenly says, 'don't you dare say that again.'"at first they didn't realize the woman was talking to them, because she was a complete stranger to them.annie pulled out her phone and hit record.for a while, the woman tried to hide her face behind her binder."if they want to sit and be quiet, that'd be great.if you don't want to hear it, they're
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welcome to be here. they're doing nothing wrong; you're the one that's causing an issue."the other voice you heard was one of two starbucks baristas who came to annie's defense.they politely asked her to leave, but the woman refused, so they called police. "this was actually my very first time interacting with someone like this, and that's why i was even more surprised. i mean, i see videos like this online, ya know i see it on the news, but it's not something i would ever imagine happening to me or anyone i know."lee says the woman didn't say much more until police arrived, but then again berated annie as officers finally got the woman to leave. the video has gotten over a hundred thousand views, and comments very supportive of lee and his student.he hopes the surprising conversation will spread awareness, and help erase some ignorance. lee told me he doesn't hate the woman in that video, but he wants her to know she made a lot of people mad.he says this is a good opportunity for her to explore the different cultures around in walnut creek, spencer blake, kron four news. (grant) a democrat from
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alabama is headed to the u-s senate for the first time since 1992.but his controversial republican challenger is not ready to concede just yet.. here are the numbers with 99 percent of the vote in... doug jones.. projected to beat roy moore.... write-in ballots may have actually decided the race.. with many republicans promising to do that -- after allegations against the gop candidate involving teen girls. reporter natasha chen is in birmingham tracking developments. alabama republican senate candidate roy moore is not conceding to democrat doug jones, telling campaign supporters "it's not over." "it's going to take some time," the candidate says during a brief appearance before supporters.campaign chairman bill armistead says that because the vote is close and approaching the state's recount requirement, "we do not have a final decision on the outcome."alabama state law calls for a recount if the margin of victory is less than one-half of one percentage point. with all precincts reporting, jones leads by 1.5
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percentage points - three times what's required to trigger a recount.if the secretary of state determines there were more write-in votes than the difference between jones and moore, the state's counties would be required to tally those votes. it's not clear how that would help moore, who ended the night trailing jones by more than 20,000 votes. votes.more than 20,000 votes. (grant) president trump just tweeted a little bit ago..
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congragulating doug jones on a hard fought race.. but he goes on to say republicans will have another shot at this seat in a very short perioid of time (grant) the election of doug jones means there will be 51 republican senators... compared to 49 democratic votes. that could be a problem for the president's agenda... since the gop has needed every vote to pass some bills. some have even been ties that had to be broken by the vice president. (pam ) a live look outside on this tuesday night... (grant) chief meterologist brittney shipp has the dry weather forecast for the week... strong high pressure will remain in place through much of the week and result in dry weather conditions along with above average daytime temperatures. clear skies and
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weak offshore flow will allow for cool overnights which will warm slightly late in the forecast period as onshore winds return.
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(pam) (pam) still ahead new at ten: how the mother of a boy whose anti- bullying video went viral.. is now responding to backlash over confederate flag photographs she posted online. (grant) and next:meet a man working to spread some holiday spirit. in one of the neighborhoods devastated by the north bay firestorm.
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parts of the north bay
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are still reeling from october's firstorm... but in santa rosa there is a secret santa at work...and residents tell kron4's gabe slate -- the effort is actually helping them heal. at first glance the coffey park neighborhood in santa rosa is still very dreary depressing lifeless the trees are gone, the houses gone, the north bay firestorm wiped it outbut if you look closer something is sprouting up. something colorful something joyful lookingit's christmas.sound from - ronnie duvall - holiday decorating coffey parkronnie duval had several friends who lost homes here in the coffey park neighborhood and he wanted to make it easier for them when they have to visit their burned out home.sound from - ronnie duvall - holiday decorating coffey parkso ronnie started stringing up battery powered christmas lights around the neighborhood to bring some light to the darknessonce the locals who lost homes here expressed gratitude for what he was doing he kept it up..more lights more decorations and now he is putting up dozens of real living christmas trees around and decorating them.. sound from - ronnie duvall - holiday decorating coffey park sound from - nicole medeiros - lost home to fire, coffey park nicole medeiros heard about what ronnie was doing and had to see it for herselfnicole requested a tree to be put on her lot where her home once was so she could decorate it. nicole said after what she
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has been through it's healing sound from - nicole medeiros - lost home to fire, coffey parkronnie was right.. sound from - ronnie duvall - holiday decorating coffey park in santa rosa gabe slate kron 4 news. (pam) (pam)
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kron 4 news. (pam) coming up: the man convicted of kidnapping and murdering sierra lamar has been sentenced... we have reaction from the victim's parents. then -new details in the death charles manson.. the health condition that killed the convicted cult leader and murderer. (pam) but first..many, still stunned by the sudden and unexpected death of san francisco mayor ed lee... how he is being remembered tonight across the bay area.
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especially to children. protect your family. visit (pam) back to our top story... tonight, many san franciscians are still absorbing the shock.. of the sudden death of mayor ed lee. (grant) the mayor passed away suddenly early this morning... the exact cause of death has not yet been released.(pam) today kron4's maureen kelly talked with people .... as a procession carried the mayor's body to a funeral home. motorcyclesa san francsico police officers on motorcycles drive off in advance from general hospital to escort the late mayor has he taken away in a coroner's van. a small crowd gathered to watch the motorcade drive by.some still in shock by the news.and i said this i said no this can't
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be true, man i just saw him yesterday he was downtown doing some homeless coalition work yesterday and i said well manshocked and very sad and i'm still very sadat noon there was a moment of silence for mayor lee.trains stopped in their an announcement overhead called him a champion for public transportation and offered thoughts and prayers to his family.commuters at the glen park stop expressed their feelings over his passing.very sad and somber it's very unfortunatei'm sorry for the people who are having trouble with homeless because he was such an advocate for the homeless and low income families so that's my saddest thoughtcythnia choi with chinese for affirmative action says mayor lee's appointment in 2011 was culturally significant.first is the first asian american first chinese american mayor of san
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francisco arguably the most asian american cities in the country it was a big deal for him to become mayor especially if you think about the early days of the history of the city where asian americans face a lot of discrimination so it was more than symbolic that he became the mayor of the citybut choi, who first meet lee in his early days as a tenent advocate says his tireless san francisco will be his i think he'll be remembered most for being a public servant and really wanting to make the city work for all its residents he served in the city for 25 years starting off in the nonprofit sector as a as an affordable housing advocate fighting for the rights of all tenants and that was dear to my heart in terms of what i remember about himhis last tweet showed how his heart never strayed from his roots.promoting the introduction of legislation to recoup costs from landlords illegally housing tenants in unsafe dwellings.maureen kelly kron4 news. (pam) our coverage on the death of mayor ed lee .... continues on kron-4-dot-com. we are posting reaction from the community... we also have a photo gallery of ed lee during his tenure as mayor.. along with a look back at his major accomplishments. (grant) today the sentence was handed down in the kidnapping and murder of sierra kron4's rob
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fladeboe reports.. antolin garcia torres will spend life in prison without the possibility of parole. nats (la mar family celebrates outside courtroom)this was the scene outside the hall of justice late today as marlene and steve lamar and their supporters exchanged hugs and handshakes following an emotional day in court that saw the man convicted of murdering their daughter sierra sentenced to life in prison without parole.marlene lamar/sierrra's mothersteve lamar/sierra's father surrounded by these and other photos of sierra, marlene and steve lamar read powerful victim statements blasting garcia torres for robbing of them of their daughter sierra, who vanished on her way to school in march of 2012. a jury convicted him last summer. sierra's body has never been found.jeff rosen/santa clara county dist. attorneyearlier in the day, the judge denied a motion for a new trial, after a detective denied that he planted evidence. the defense is setting the stage for an appeal says legal analyst steven clark.marlene lamarin san jose rob fladboe kron 4 news
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(pam) in the east (pam) newsfladboe kron 4 in san jose rob fladboe kron 4 newsnewsnews newsfladboe kron 4 news (pam) in the east bay... new testimony today the preliminary hearing for the two people charged with the ghost ship warehouse fire deaths ... (pam) a
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contractor says, he previously talked to defendant derick almena, before that deadly night. the contractor discussed electrical conditions inside the warehouse.. and calling them quote -unsafe. when almena was presented with this, the contractor says, almena did not want to do anything about it. now the victims attorney is speaking out. (pam) another person who was living inside the warehouse at the hearing saying, the night of the fire was like a horror show. the proceeding will continue wednesday. it is expected the judge will decide whether there is enough evidence for both suspects to face a jury trial. (grant) also in the east bay... the man accused in the death of a bay bridge toll worker has been officially charged.(grant) daniel berk was charged with gross vehicular manslaughter while
10:36 pm
intoxicated and six counts of felony d-u-i. berk is accused of driving his truck into a booth, killing 46-year-old caltrans worker si si han. c-h-p officers say they could smell odors of alcohol and marijuana on berk when they arrived on scene. berk's next court appearance has not been released yet. han leaves behind a husband and 10 young daughter. (pam) in oakland... now that the city and its union employees have agreed to enter mediation... the labor strike has been called off. today... city services resumed, which is good news for everyone except for those who have enjoyed not paying the parking meters in recent days.. kron4's haaziq madyun shows you why.. from the looks of this video you know what this means? parking enforcement is back in oaklandsotthat is because oakland city employees are back on the job doing among other things, issuing parking
10:37 pm
tickets, now that mediation has begun between the city and the union representing city employees...suspending a seven day strike and ending free parking in oaklandsot parking meter enforcement is not the only city service that has returnedsean maher/oakland public works: "the workers of oakland are excited to be back. we are picking up dumping, cleaning up encampments, we are street sweeping. we are fixing up potholes. we are responding to safety scenarios. we are back. there is a fair amount of backlog for us to catch up on this week. we are bringing every force we have to get it done. in the meantime we ask anyone who has a concern, who sees dumping that needs picking up, potholes that need filling to give us a call">and don't forget to feed the oakland haaziq madyun kron4news (grant) (grant) new at ten:the mother of a boy who went viral for his anti-bullying plea...
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is fighting back against allegations that she is the boy at the center of the video is speaking out.. reporter madisen keavy has the story.. keaton jones: "it takes me back to whenever those things happened. yeah... it's hard to watch it." madisen: the viral video... with millions of views... still fresh for keaton jones. nat pop: video sound madisen: just moments before this... threatened by bullies at his middle school... horace maynard. tonight he reflects back on this day... when he texted his mom kimberly, for help. keaton: "someone had walked up to me and said that someone was going to beat me up. i texted my mom, she said that had gone on far too long, and appeared at the school." madisen: overnight... celebrities, athletes, politicians, and everyday people... sharing the video and their own stories... sound justin bieber video: "this kid is all time.." madisen: all linked with the hashtag -- stand with keaton. keaton: "it was incredible..." madisen: some showing their support in person. like tennessee quarterback jared guarantano. a meeting that left keaton speechless.keaton: "uhhh... wow... i don't.. wow is what i think whenever i think of that. i just think, 'wow this is been amazing'." madisen: keaton says he knows speaking up is hard. that some victims
10:39 pm
of bullying don't talk about it because it's scary. even, he says, with all the support, he was scared too. keaton: "i was prepared that there would be negatives and positives to that." madisen: "i talked to keaton's mom about some of those negative comments on social media, she says her kids' well being and safety are her focus." focus." (grant) also tonight..keaton's mother is responding to the controversy over confederate flag photos on her facebook page.. this photo was obtained by the daily mail before her social media page was taken down.the mother said in an interview with c-b-s that she does ánotá hold racist views.... that
10:40 pm
there are only two photos she's ever taken anywhere near a confederate flag...and that she has spent most of her life being judged because she is ánotá racist. (pam) new details tonight about the death of mass murderer and cult leader.... charles manson. officials say... manson died of cardiac arrest .... followed by respiratory failure. it was caused from colon cancer, which spread all over his body. manson, who was 83-years-old, was serving time at the corcoran state prison. he is known for the murders of pregnant actress sharon tate ... and eight others in southern california. manson's cancer developed months before his death.
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have all the day's sports highlights and scores.
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♪ ♪ think of your fellow man, ♪ lend him a helping hand, ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ you'll see it's getting late, oh please don't hesitate...♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart. (vo) going on now, our subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million dollars to those in need. (pam) new tonight at ten: avoiding bacteria ... when trying on makeup samples... last month, we told you about a woman suing sephora.. after claiming to have contracted herpes from a lipstick sampler in the store... tonight -- reporter sophie heineman has what you need to know ... to stay healthy. (grant)
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(grant) it's preventable.. but it keeps happening here in the bay area.. cars getting hit by trains.(pam) and even with signs posted everywhere and flashing lights... people just can't seem to stop making some questionable decisions. oh so often drivers get a moment to reflect on decisions in life, wondering if they made the right decision or
10:46 pm
maybe they should waited nats: ambiance the only problem is they are on active train tracks . but before we delve deep in to the bad choices made ..lets go over a pressing matter there are two important rules when around active railroad tracksnats: ambiance rule number one, never stop on railroad tracks nats: ambiance rule number two .never forget rule number one if you forget both rules there is a chance you couls be in a world of trouble i'm in burlingame at california and broadway. a grade crossing for caltrain which rolls by at speeds just shy of 80 miles per hour nats: ambiance the funny thing about trains, they don't have steering wheels, they can't stop on a dime and you have to be on or neat the tracks to get hit.there are miles and miles of roadway and only a small sections of tracks you should avoid, there are even signs telling you not to stop on the track nats: ambiance so why is that rule so hard to follow . all too often when hear about cars, trucks even people getting hit by trains. what i will never understand is not only are some people stopped on the tracks, they are actually looking at their phones while sitting on the tracks. nats: ambianceif you get caught stopping on active train tracks the fine is pretty steep however if you get hit by a train while stopped on the tracks the fine wont really matter now will it? a lot of the train collisions you don't hear about are the ones where the train clips the back of the car or truck ripping off the bumper because it didn't clear the tracks nat: ambiancei don't know what's going though your head when you're sitting on the tracks . but i do know what will go though your head when you get hit by a train . the enginenats: ambiance in burlingame stanley roberts kron 4 news stanley roberts kron 4 news
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(gary ) of course the big news today
10:48 pm
san francisco mayor ed lee passed away this morning... and no doubt... he was a big sports fan..."wow... hot thrilled we are to have our world series champions back home in san francisco!" lee presided over two giants world series parade rallies plus numerous other bay area sporting eventshe also helped clear the way for the warriors return to san francisco and there new mission bay area today bay area sports teams and figures paid their condolences(wipe to giants tweets) (gary your thoughts)1: video at warriors game2: photos with ed
10:49 pm
lee and willie brown great game tonight between the lakers and knicks in madison square gardenlavar ball with sons lemelo and liangelo who will both be playing in lithuania soonlonzo ball with the ally-oop jam 17 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists for the eldest ball brotherovertimekristaps porzingis nice move for the ly-up to ice it he had 37 points and 11 reboundslavar lemelo and liangelo look on
10:50 pm
final: 113-109 knickslonzo and the lakers visit lebron and the cavs thrusday the allegations of sexual harrassment have now reached the sports broadcasting world hall of fame player marshall faulk he's the one on the right as well as heath evans (left) and ike taylor (middle) have been suspended after a former employee alleged sexual misconduct in a lawsuit.former nfl players donovan mcnabb and eric davis have also been banned from being on-air with the network pending an investigation into the allegations.a former wardrobe a former wardrobe stylist described several sexually inappropriate encounters with the retired nfl players and others who have worked for the nfl network. after being rebuffed by giancarlo stanton the giants squarely in plan b of their rebuilding stagereports have the giants taking a close look
10:51 pm
at reds taking a close look at reds outfielder billy hamilton right now it's very preliminary thoughhamilton maybe the fastest player in the majors and a great defensive outfielder would solve the giants issues in center field and in the lead- off spot in their lineup but he would do nothing to help with their most pressing need more power hitting (weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast.
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this evening marks the first day of hanukkah... the national menorah was lit during a special ceremony tonight in washington. it is the world's largest menorah.. and it was illuminated on the ellipse, just south of the white house. thousands of people attended the annual event. hanukkah will end on december 20th at sunset. (pam) and the bill graham menorah at san francisco''s
10:55 pm
union square was also lit tonight ..the menorah is dedicated in memory of bill graham ... a child survivor of the holocaust and well- known music promoter. he donated money to build the 25-foot tall, three -ton mahogany menorah. strong high pressure will remain in place through much of the week and result in dry weather conditions along with above average daytime temperatures. clear skies and weak offshore flow will allow for cool overnights which will warm slightly late in the forecast period as onshore winds return. winds return. period as onshore winds return.
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( rumbling ) ( rumbling stops ) centered somewhere under the desert, the 5.6 the temblor was felt as far away south as corona and roswell. where are you going? riding. i'll be back in a few hours. eric. leave the snakes alone today. they'll be angry... and afraid.


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