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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  December 15, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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hesperian boulevard and aldengate way in hayward.... that's where we find kron four's spencer blake is live there tonight. spencer - how do we know what the bad guys were doing? some pretty astute employees actually approached them at the extra mile convenience store at this chevron.the skimming device never had the chance to record anyone's card info.but there are other places where your information might have been compromised. compromised.been might have information might have been compromised. surveillance video shows these guys were spending an awfully long time in front of the a- t-m at the chevron gas station at hesperian and aldengate. employees at extra mile say the clerks working sunday recognized these two menm who had been in the day before. "they're really on top of everything. they were just kind of suspicious because they were here the next day - what are they doing the next morning, right?"as it turns out their suspicions were valid.not only had they installed a card skimming device on the machine...but they had also begun to attach a fake side panel with a camera to capture people's pins."right here, and then they put the device right here."manager john huh wasn't
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working when it happened, but he's reviewed the surveillance thoroughly."david was kind of suspicious of them, so he told the other person to watch the camera and watch out for them, keep an eye on them, and then he realized that they were doing something with the atm machine so he decided to approach them and they just took off."immediately, the employee began removing the add-on pieces he could tell shouldn't be there.look at all the technology the crooks had been order to steal people's money.police haven't caught the two men, but they have been sharing these pictures, hoping to get help finding them.officers also found a skimming device the same day at the 7-eleven across the street from teh chevron, so check your accounts carefully if you used that one last week."i am concerned, but i try to like keep on top of things."huh already has seals on the card readers at his gas pumps, and doesn't recall a skimming device being placed on the indoor a-t-m before this attempt.
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coming up at ten, we'll show you some of what you can look for at a card reader to know whether there might be a skimmer or some other fraudulent device attached to the machine you're in hayward, spencer blake, kron four news. (vicki) aquatic park in san francisco is now closed tonight... after yet another swimmer was bitten by a sea lion.... this is the second time in two days first responders have had to come and help out.... and earlier this week... a third swimmer came close to getting bitten... kron4 hermela aregawi is live in san francisco....she talked to marine wildlife experts, hermela what are they saying tonight.... (hermela)marine experts tell me fortunately these incidents are rare.. they say there have been lots of sea lions and swimmers near pier 39 over the
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years.. but less than a dozen bites in the last three years.. and certainly not severe bites like the ones we saw the last couple of days. california sea lions attack two men in two days.. leaving swimmers wondering if the bay waters are safe. the first victim yesterday afternoon. was bitten on the arm and is being treated for serious injuries.dr. shaun johnnson/head veternarian, marine mammal centerto have a severe bite likes this is very unusual. it's really hard to speculate if it was the same sea lion and what the reasoning was. sea lions are wild animals so if they feel threatened they will protect themselves or they're very curious as well so it's possible that they were exploring what this person was doing in their enviornment.the latest victim was bitten this morning.. and is being treated for non-life threatening injuries.i came into the club and here comes my friend rick coming out and his friend was pulling him out said call 911 hes been bitten. he seemed a little shock. he was not bleeding profusely. he was holding a towel over his wound. we called 911. i think he's going to be okay but it has spooked a lot of us out. experts say.. they can only speculate on what is sparking these attacksdr. shaun johnnson/head veternarian, marine mammal centerclimate change basically changes their food availability. when there's less food their body condition is often affected. they're unable to find enough food to make them happy and you know a hungry animal is certainly not a happy animal. (hermela aregawi)experts say.. if you are bitten, leave the water as soon ass possible because there is a chance of what's called a microplasm infection that can cause fever, sore throat and other flu-like symptoms. reporting live in san francsico, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news.
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(vicki) we first told you about
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this second sea lion attack with a push alert at 10-17 this morning. stay connected on breaking news and top stories with alerts from our free kron-4 mobile app. (steve) happening now... oakland police and alameda county sheriff's are out in full force tonight to crack down on sideshows.... officers tweeted a photo with the warning. they say if you participate in a sideshow you will be ticketed...and you car will be towed. this comes as many people were ticketed and towed in san jose... we will continue to track this story---and bring you updates at they come in to our newsroom. (vicki) also in the east bay... an eighth grade student from piedmont middle school is being charged for making threats against the school. officers say the boy made the threats in four videos posted to youtube earlier this month. in one video... police say the boy was holding a gun telling other students not to come to school tomorrow. other threats in the videos include hate speech. the boy was cited, given a notice to appear in court... and released to his parents. the videos have since been removed from youtube.
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(steve) new at nine... san jose police have arrested three of the four people they say are responsible for the death of a san jose man last year. police say the victim was shot at the mobil gas station on winchester boulevard last december. three suspects were arrested wednesday. angel santa- cruz and jose alcantar are being charged with murder. alicia vallejo is charged with accessory to murder after the fact. the fourth suspect has been identified as joseph duran. he is wanted on an outstanding warrant for murder. authorities believe he has fled to mexico. breezy conditions likely late tonight through sunday morning... ...elevated fire danger particularly for higher elevation locations for the same time... .synopsis...dry weather will continue into next week. a mainly dry cold front will sweep south over the area late friday night and early saturday morning which then increases n-ne winds along the ridges and peaks saturday.
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(steve) a difficult day for many here in san francisco and across the bay area. as thousands came out to pay
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their respects to late mayor ed lee. (vicki) the mayor's body has left city hall for the last time.... he was placed in the rotunda all day for many to come by and honor the city's first asian-american mayor.(steve) mayor ed lee suddenly and unexpectedly died on tuesday... on sunday the city will bid a final farewell with a memorial service at city hall... kron4's terisa estacio reports... (estacio)the line started early this monring and throughout the day it has only gotten longer as people from here in san francisco as well as around the bay area are stopping by to say goodbye to mayor ed lee.(estacio reporting) the line moved slowly - but no one seemed to mind - it wasn't the place to bicker aout getting somewhere quickly, for many it was a special time, to pause and reflect on former san francisco mayor ed lee.sot. he was so kindsot he was so special.the line stayed constant for most of the day. sot/tc: i just thought it was the right thing to do to come down here.once inside, some wept, many bowed three times,
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- a chinese tradition.sot/tc: i was very proud he was chinesein addition to bay area residents, a few prominent politicans also shared some thoughts.sot scott weirnermark leno. (steve) former san francisco mayor willie brown paid is respects to mayor ed lee. this is video as he arrived to view mayor lee lying in state in the rotunda of city hall this morning. willie brown is the one you see in the long red coat. he pauses inside the rotunda for about a minute... and eventually tips his hat and gives a salute to the mayor. kron four spoke with mayor willie brown before he went inside city hall... this is what he had to say about his late friend...
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mayorship.">including the of those jobs never sought any assigned and he that he was who did the jobs purely a person who did the jobs
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willie brown is the one you see in the long red coat. he pauses inside the rotunda for about a minute... and eventually tips his hat and gives a salute to the mayor. kron four spoke with mayor willie brown before he went inside city hall... this is what he had to say about his late friend... (steve) the former mayor is one of the expected speakers at the planned celebration of life ceremony for mayor ed lee... along with lee's daughters tania and brianna. some other guest speakers are acting mayor london
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breed... u-s senator dianne feinstein... and lieutenant governor gavin newsom. (vicki) if you cannot attend -- we will be airing the ceremony live right here on kron4. the city hall celebration of life will be on sunday... from three-to-five p- m. the public is being invited to attend.... we will also stream the memorial on kron4-dot-com.
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(steve) in the east bay, the salvation army is making a plea for donations... specifically, for turkeys. during the holidays many families receive help from the salvation army, but the non profit says donations are down by about 15 percent this year. and they need about 500 frozen turkeys that will be given out to families in need. kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight in concord with details. charles . . . . natsmajor glen madsen is with
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the salvation army in concord. he says there is a great need for donations this holiday season.sotwe have a great need here in central contra costa county. we just helped 250 families with our adopt a family program.but even though demand is high, madsen says donations to the salvation army are actually down by about 15 percent. he suspects donor fatigue has set in this year because many people donated to the victims of the north bay fires.soti think it might be fatigue. the fires. in fact, people have donated items and instructed that we send them to the north bay . which we are happy to doin just a few days, the salvation army is set to kick off it's annual toy and joy program where families in need will receive donated toys and a frozen turkey. but, madsen says they are about 500 turkeys short of their goal and they are now hoping that the public will help them fill up this trailer.sotif they can donate turkey, or if that's a hardship they can give us a gift card that we could distribute on tuesday that would be great as well.madsen says that through no fault of their own, many families struggle during the holidays. he hopes the salvation army can ease the burden for as many people as possible.sot life gets pretty messy at times and we in the salvation army try to meet the needs of people at their point of need. if anyone wants to donate they can drop off a turkey here at the salvation army at 3950 clayton road tomorrow or monday and tuesday of next concord, charles clifford kron 4 news.
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(vicki) the warriors new arena is sprouting up fast. it's being built off third street in the mission bay area of san francisco... the developers say when its completed... it will be a lot more than just a basketball
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stadium it will bring all kinds of new events and attractions to the water front south of market. kron 4's gabe slate gives you a look at the progress so far. i did i spoke with the man in charge.. got a project update.i was shown new renderings of what this will all look like.and kron 4 has been doing something really cool..our drone pilot mark burnnette has been coming out to this construction site and getting aerial video of the progress every 3 months..take a look at the progress so far. on the left side of your screen is quadcopter 4 aerial footage from march at the warriors stadium construction site off third street in the mission bay area of san francisco. the right side of your screen was captured two weeks ago you can see how much they got done over the summer. it's going up fast. and here is new video from this week. from the other side of the project. you can see the shape of the court the inner circle of the arena taking shapesound from rick welts, warriors team president & chief operating officer warriors team president & chief operating officer rick welts says they are designing the areana with the fans in mind. sound from rick welts, warriors team president & chief operating officer here is a rendering of what the main lobby will look like inside when you walk inand
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here is a look at the concorse which will be much wider than your typical stadium for those quick runs to the bathroom during time outs. bedises the warriors games the chase center will host big sporting events, family shows, and concerts.. here is a new rendering showing how they can move the walls around inside to create a smaller concert venue if the artist wishes.. or they fill out the entire 18,0000 arenathe warriors believe they are helping to create a new neighborhood in san francisco that will offer all kinds of different art and entertainment events. sound from rick welts, warriors team president & chief operating officer in san francisco gabe slate kron 4 news.
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(steve) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... joining us now is chief meteorologist brittney shipp... breezy conditions likely late tonight through sunday morning... ...elevated fire danger particularly for higher elevation locations for the same time... .synopsis...dry weather will continue into next week. a mainly dry cold front will sweep south over the area late friday night and early saturday morning which then increases n-ne winds along the ridges and peaks saturday.
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(vicki) new tonight at 9... select post offices in the bay area will be open on sunday december seventeenth. the week before christmas is anticipated to be the the busiest week of the year... the postal service wants to ease the stress for customers who need to pick up their shipments. those post offices that will be open include: walnut creek, san jose, oakland, and napa. to see a full list of the bay area locations that will be open, visit our website at kron 4 dot com. (steve) is your house decked out for the holidays? kron4 wants to show it off. send us a photo or video of your holiday display and we'll include it in our christmas day show highlighting the best decorated homes in the bay area. use the kron 4 mobile app - report it kron 4 mobile use the bay area.
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use the kron 4 mobile app - report it tab - to send us your holiday lights. (steve) still ahead... republicans have released the final version of their tax bill... and it could pass as soon as next week... find out how it may effect your money...(vicki) and sherri papini... the mother who claims she was kidnapped, branded and left on the side of the road... now out in the public eye... where she was seen, coming up...
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ki) republicans are claiming they will have the votes to pass their tax bill next week. (steve)but leaders had to make some final adjustments to get their g-o-p colleagues on board.natasha chen explains how those details may affect your wallet next year... rep kevin brady/-r- texas: i'm
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very excited about this moment. republican leaders are one step closer to fulfilling a promise of passing tax breaks by christmas.rep kevin brady/- r- texas: americans deserve a new tax code for a new era of american prosperity.what it does - is give corporations a big break - by permanently cutting their tax rates from the current 35 percent - down to 21 - as an individual taxpayer - will see some benefits too - like a doubling of the standard deduction - though that's set to go away after 8 years.your personal income tax rate may also lower by one or two percent, depending on how much you make. if you have kids, that child tax credit doubles to two thousand dollars. if that credit is more than what you owe in taxes, you get to keep most of that extra money. that refund initially wasn't enough for florida senator marco rubio.sen. marco rubio / -r- florida: i remain surprised that there is not more consensus to support the reality that we need to do more to help working people in this countrybut an increase in the refund brought him on board friday.senator bob corker also made a late decision to say 'yes' - saying it's imperfect, but that we're better off with the bill. president donald trump: "i think it's going to do very, very well. i think that we are going to be in a position to pass something as early as
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next week which will be monumental.a monumental achievement for republicans who have yet to pass any major bill promised to their voters. but there are senators who have yet to make their decision public - like mike lee, jeff flake - and susan collins.and it's whether the health of senators thad john mccain will allow them to come to the floor next week. in washington, i'm natasha chen. chen. (steve) coming up on kron4 news at nine... a cat goes missing in georgia... and the little guy is found here in california... find out how five-year-old "kitty bitty" managed to make his way to the west coast...(vicki) plus... a woman in the east bay tries to fight off some robbers at a starbucks... but the thieves managed to get away with her purse... we'll tell you how police are one step closer to catching the thieves...(steve) and after the break... a grand jury has indicted three men for the 2016 beating death of
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88-year-old "miss flo" douglas.... how soon they may go to trial next...
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(steve) now at 9:30... a new development in a story we've been following for months out of the south bay. (vicki) you may recall the tragic murder of 88 year old "miss flo" douglas during a botched home invasion robbery last year in san jose.(steve) tonight, as kron four's rob fladeboe reports the case could come to trial soon...
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amid a grand jury indictment against three alleged perpetrators. these young men, zachary cuen, johnny brown and willie king, all three just 20 years old. have been indicted by a santa clara county grand jury. they are accused of murder in the september 2016 beating death of floavis douglas, who was known by one and all as "miss flo."lance daugherty/dep. dist. attorney ".....miss flo was a vital member of the community and her loss has been felt by a tremendous amount of people. our office wants to move this case along and bring justice for what happened..." 88 year old flo douglas died as a result of a beating she suffered during a home invasion robbery at her home here on cragmont avenue. zachary cuen and johnny brown are alleged to have punched and kicked douglas during the botched robbery while willie king, whom was first charged with being an accessory after the fact, is now said to have helped hatch the plot.lance daugherty" king, based on the evidence presented to the grand jury, they found that his criminal liability
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was more than just assisting brown and cuen after the fact but that he had a vital role in making it happen..."johnny brown entered a plea of not guilty on thursday. zachary cuen, shown here at anearlier court hearing, and willie king were arraigned today, both say they are not guilty.cuen and brown face a special circumstance allegation making them eligible for life without parole while king faces 25 years to life. cuen's girlfriend jennifer jimenez has been charged as an accomplice after the fact. lance daugherty/santa clara county deputy district attorney ".... there have been a number of individuals who have been charged with assisting in this crime, based on the investigation we believe there was a conspiracy that led to miss flo's death....the grand jury indictment precludes the necessity for a preliminary hearing. zachary cuen, johnny brown and willie king, being being held in the county jail, could go to trial as soon as january. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. (steve) 4 news. fladeboe kron 4 news.
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(steve) the investigation surrounding sherri papini remains open... she is the california woman who disappeared for 22 days a year ago - and says she was kidnapped. we are now learning that the 35-year-old mother is being seen out in public more often.. papini was seen having lunch at a restaurant in redding with her husband... neighbors and friends in shasta lake say she's seemingly becoming more comfortable with being seen....after a year of living in solitude.... papini claims two hispanic women abducted her in november of 2016... investigators also found d-n-a on her not
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belonging to her husband. papini was found bloodied and with her hair hacked off when she was found at the side of the road.. as of right now police have no new updates... (vicki) in the east bay... police are looking for two people accused of stealing prescription pills from an el cerrito walgreens. the incident happened last tuesday night... but police just released these images today. this was at the walgreens on san pablo avenue. police say, the duo rushed the pharmacy counter... jumped over it and took an undisclosed amount of pills. (steve) a woman is the victim of a purse snatching at a starbucks in the east bay... police say she tried to hold on to the purse but the suspect manage to get away with it. but the suspect's vehicle was spotted by witnesses. and as kron4's haaziq madyun tells us that vehicle has been located and is now evidence in the crime sot and here it is! you are
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looking at a suspect vehicle impounded as evidence the day after allegedly being used in a purse snatching wednesday afternoon at this starbucks on mt. diablo blvd in lafayette. sotlafayette police chief eric christensen says the male driver of the vehicle was spotted parked next to the starbucks while a male passenger went inside and got into a tug off war with a woman before snatching her pursesotchief christensen talks about the rise in robberies at bay area coffee shopssot lafayette police investigators say they have made contact with the alleged get away driver of this vehicle and are actively searching for the suspected purse snatcher lafayette haaziq madyun
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kron4news (steve) we have breaking news just coming into the newsroom... c-h-p officers say a pedestrian was hit and killed by a car. it happened around 8:30 tonight in dublin. authorites say the southbound interstate 680 connector ramp to westbound interstate 580 is closed. no word on when the ramp will be reopened... but it is expected to be closed for a few hours. c-h-p is
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investigating the collision. stay with kron4 on air and online for the latest information on this collision. (vicki) happening now... snake road in oakland is closed indefinitely... following the fire that broke out earlier this week in the oakland hills. this is a look at about how far you can go.. before you reach this 'road closed' sign. the road has been closed for several days following monday's fire which destroyed two homes eight other homes were damaged and the hillside leading up to the roadway was also torched... the closure is not blocking access to any homes, but it may require some route changes. there is no timetable for when the road will re-open. no one was injured in that fire. (steve) calming winds are giving firefighters the upper hand against the thomas fire burning in southern california. this comes as crews are mourning the death of a firefighter killed battling the fire. firefighters put these black bands on their badges in honor of cory iverson. he leaves behind
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a pregnant wife and a two-year- old daughter. iverson's death is the second blamed on the thomas fire. he was just 32-years-old when he died. (steve) the thomas fire is the fourth largest fire in state history... it has burned over 252-thousand acres and is 35-percent contained. hundreds of homes have been destroyed and thousands of firefigthers on working to put out the fire. (vicki) still ahead... it's that time of year again... thieves are out stealing packages right off your porch... and one man in washington state is fed up... so he came up with a brilliant idea to not just catch them in the act but also scare them off for good... (brittney weather tease)(gary
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sports tease)
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the raiders will have to face the dallas cowboys without amari cooper. the raiders ruled him out for sunday. cooper hasn't practice the entire week. last sunday against the chiefs he re-injured his sprained ankle. to make things worst -- the raiders secondary takes another hit with obi malifonwu being placed malifonwu hit with obi
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malifonwu being placed on ir for the second time this season. the raiders rank 25th pass... and head coach, jack del rio knows how difficult it will be to stop dak the giants made their first move this offseason. according to a report -- they trade matt moore to the texas rangers. the giants trade the left-hander pitcher in exchange for prospects physical. this will clear 9-million dollars of the giants payroll. san francisco was also flirting with the idea of trading pence. moore was entering the final year of his contract. last season he finished 6-15 with a 5.52 era... both with a 5.52 he finished 6-15 with a 5.52 era... both stats were the worst in his 7-year career in the majors. after the game between the cavaliers and lakers everyone wanted to know what lebron james was telling lonzo ball. you can how lebron was covering his mouth with his jersey. this morning everyone was making their
9:42 pm
assumptions of what lebron was telling lonzo today t-n-t revealed the audio of lebron's audio of revealed the audio of lebron's message to lonzo... he told him. "find your "find your zone and just stay (explicit) locked in. the media is going to ask you what i told you right now. tell them nothing. just be aggressive every single day. it's white noise to you. that's all it is. all right? let's go." kevin durant has been on fire in steph curry's absence. in three of the last four scored more than 35 points and is averaging 10 rebounds and seven assists. but take a look at what he did last night against the dallas mavericks in the third quarter -- a woman sitting in the front row was hit in the head with a ball. durant went to make okay and gave her a kiss. game... he was asked on why he decided to do it the pass i was oh straight to her, straight to her pretty hard and on so i'm sure wanted to come over there didn't want to she thought she had a cut on her all good gave her hopefully she's
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coming up because it's free yes free 99 is free 99, however because of a viewer letter i'm at tanforan mall in san bruno where the parking lot fills up morning .long before the mall and it's not the specials i'll explain in edition of people behaving badly
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normally when we get viewer tips for the people behaving badly segment... they come to us electronically through our email inbox.... (vicki) but one tipster choose an old fashioned method to capture our attention ... which sent our very own stanley roberts to the city of san bruno... it's 7 am in the morning in san bruno and i'm at the shops at tanforan. where the target
9:46 pm
parking lot is already starting to fill up nats: ambiance you see carnats: ambiance after car nats: ambiance after car rolling in looking for a parking spot! is it because of a huge sale at target . nope , if that were the case there would be hordes of people outside the door waiting to get in .but there must be some kind of special going on.. so i asked someone and her response cause it's freeoh because it free and who doesn't like free ninty nine . but the reason why i'm here is because a viewer sent me a letter not an email an actual letter if you still remember those the viewer was upset because when he needed to shop at target the parking lot was always full. hours before target even opened and he was forced to park way in the backnats: ambiancethe reason . well let's watch this guy with tie purple tie he just parked and now he is off . no, not to go shopping in fact here he is heading in the opposite direction of the mall so where is he going? he is heading to bart .. in fact there was a steady stream people leaving the parking lot and heading to san bruno bart station nats: ambiance so
9:47 pm
what probably started off as two or people people parking in the target parking structure grew to well over two or three dozen people.and get this everyone who drove in and parked passed signs like these which read no bart parking ..i get it . bart charges 3 dollars a day during the weekdays free parking makes this lot and this lot more desirable until the property owners start towing then it will be a different san bruno stanley roberts kron 4 news (vicki) (vicki) when it comes to catching thieves... some use surveillance cameras. and the man in this story...say catching them on camera just isn't enough. (steve) he wants to
9:48 pm
áscareá them too... so they never come back. reporter jamie tompkins shows us the tool he uses to do just that... is called the blank box. nats: " its ready to go so its fully self contained you can move it around however you want you donút have to worry about it going off leave it on your porch all day and then when someone comes up to pick it up.. pop pop .. thatús when it goes off..."itús called the blank box.nats: "just real loud like a firework."and the goal is to make sure thieves get away with nothing more than a scare...jaireme barrow / 'blank box' inventor:"i got tired of all my packages coming up missing id be at work and id get home and they wouldnút be on my front porch and id watch my surveillance and see someone running away with them."inventor jaireme barrow says-- the 'out the box' idea came out of necessity.we first introduced you to him last december... when he started booby trapping empty boxes using shotgun blanks and fishing wire.thatús after he caught thieves on his surveillance cameras...steali ng multiple deliveries from his front porch in tacoma."i wanted a way to scare them safely and when you scare them hopefully they are gonna drop the package and then run away and never come back."jarieme says his blank box works-- sending theives running from his porch time and time again..."it's just like any alarm system its just a loud noise and it deters theft but
9:49 pm
it just happens to be a 12 gauge blank in this case."he says his tacoma neighbors are big supporters."it deters people from coming on their porches too cuz you know they never know what they have on their porch is a blank box or a legit package so my hope is it just makes people think twice about what they are doing." (steve) that was jamie tompkins reporting... if you want to buy a blank if you want reporting...jamie tompkins that was (steve) doing." (steve) that was jamie tompkins reporting... if you want to buy a blank box, prices start at 59-99 for a single shot and 79-99 for a double shot... breezy conditions likely late
9:50 pm
tonight through sunday morning... ...elevated fire danger particularly for higher elevation locations for the same time... .synopsis...dry weather will continue into next week. a mainly dry cold front will sweep south over the area late friday night and early saturday morning which then increases n-ne winds along the ridges and peaks saturday.
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(steve) a woman in alabama got a special delivery just in time for the holidays...(vicki) she delivered six healthy babies... the first sextuplets
9:52 pm
born in state since 20-11. the delivery took a team of about 40 people across different hospital departments. they conducted drill and preparation before the big day... and say the delivery went off without a hitch. all six babies were stable and cried at delivery. each baby weighed under three pounds when they were born... just about 10 weeks early. (dr. antonio gonzalez-ruiz / specialist): "it was a phenomenal undertaking and it paid off."(courtney waldrop / mother): "it was amazing getting to see them, and see what they look like, how little they are. i mean they're perfect though in every way, even though they're so tiny, they're just so perfect."(eric waldrop / father): "i think when we bring them home, and all six cries start in the middle of the night, that's when they'll really understand what this is about." courtney delivered three girls and three boys. doctors say all of the babies are doing great and getting stronger. they will stay in the hospital for several weeks before going home.
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the sextuplets will join the couple's three other sons. (steve) coming up next... a cat from georgia goes missing and is found in california... find out how the feline friend managed to get from the south to the west coast...
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a cat from georgia went on a ride of a
9:56 pm
lifetime.he turned up right here in california.(steve)the five-year-old "kitty bitty" was able to hitch a ride on a pepsi truck.the little guy was discovered in riverside county earlier this month.he was dehydrated and hungry but is expected to be just fine.the feline has been missing since the fourth of july and his owners were ecstatic when they heard the good news.he is currently resting while arrangements are being made to send him back home. (vicki) and this year... kron 4 will have expanded new year's eve converage. starting at 8-p-m we will have new years live from las vegas with musical and entertainment acts. then at 11:30... grant lodes and justine waldman -- along with j-r stone -- will host new years live from san francisco. we will bring you the fun and fireworks from along the embarcadero. join us starting at 8-p-m on new years eve. (steve) that wraps up kron4 news at nine..(vicki) pam moore is here with what we are working on for kron-4 news at ten... ((pam))thank you steve and at ten...a
9:57 pm
popular swimming spot in san francisco.... closed. that's after another sea lion attack. tonight we talk with experts about why the massive mammals are going after swimmers.a live report... is coming up. plus...a warning in the east bay after credit card skimmers are found at a busy gas police are trying to track down the suspects.the surveillance will only see on kron 4.((pam)) plus...the weekend is here. will the cool temps stick around?your four zone coming up.keep it here...hour three of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after this break.
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(pam) that is one possible explanation... to why átwo swimmersá have now been bitten by sea lions in the last átwo daysá.. good evening .. i'm pam moore.(steve) and i'm steve aveson.animal experts tell us this type of
10:00 pm
attack is unusual for a marine mammal.. both attacks happened in aquatic park in san francisco....tonight - the area has been closed to swimmers... kron4's hermela aregawi joins us live tonight..hermela - what are some of the possible explanations for two attacks in two days? california sea lions attack two men in two days.. leaving swimmers wondering if the bay waters are safe. the first victim yesterday afternoon. was bitten on the arm and is being treated for serious injuries. dr. shaun johnnson/head veternarian, marine mammal centerto have a severe bite likes this is very unusual. it's bite likes this is very unusual. it's really hard to speculate if it was the same sea lion and what the reasoning was. sea lions are wild animals so if they feel threatened they will protect themselves or they're very curious as well so it's possible that they were exploring what this person was doing in their enviornment.the latest victim was bitten this morning.. and is being treated for non-life threatening injuries.i came into the club and here comes my friend


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