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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 1, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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(catherine) now at 8. two pedestrians have been critically hurt tonight... and a family of five also injured. after a delivery truck hit the two pedestrians and then rammed into that family's car(catherine) good evening im catherine heenan..(steve) and i'm steve aveson. this happened on geary street and 21st avenue at 3:30 this afternoon. police say the driver has been detained for questioning. kron 4's ella sogomonian joins us
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live from san francisco... with the details. police say the driver of the truck was making a frozen food delivery possibly to this corner restaurant here where he was parked just before running through a red light and into seven people. two elderly men are fighting for their lives in a hospital after they were hit by a box truck while as they crossed geary street at 21st avenue in san happened around 3:30 in the afternoon after the driver made a victim is a 79 year old man who has life threatening injuries and is bleeding internally. the second is a 66 year old man who has broken ribs and a punctured lung. the truck then hit a family of five who were sitting at the light in their car.they got out with minor cuts and bruises but are still shaken up.sot: alden king, car crash victim// "yeah the truck it smashed into my
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door. and glass shattered onto my face and it was scary we were in shock at first."police say the driver was detained in a citizen's arrest by a homeland security officer who happened to be there at the time. sot: sgt. john bragnolo, san francisco police department// "he saw the back up lights going on. see the box truck? at which point he jumped out and he did something i don't know if he put the car into gear, parked the car or turned it off or what he did but he made sure that the truck wasn't going anywhere and at that point he detained him until police were on the scene."they add that the driver only speaks cantonese so they took him in for questioning with the help of a certified translator. police are reviewing footage from this restaurant to piece together what led up to this in san francisco ella sogomonian kron 4 news (steve) the recreational marijuana market is open for business. people lined up today to ring in the new year with legal pot. as the
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state ends its prohibition on the drug. (steve) adults 21 or older can now possess and transport up to one ounce of cannabis flower, as well as up to eight grams of extracted or infused foods.(catherine) smoking weed in public is still prohibited. and using the drug at all is still illegal in the eyes of the federal government. the new laws have confused some bay area residents who wanted to buy some today... kron 4's gabe slate breaks it down recreational marijuana is on the menu for california residents 21 and older but not every dispensary is serviing.. sound from eliot dobris - the apothecarium, medical cannabis dispensary eliot dobris is head of marketing and communications for the apothecarium medical cannabis dispensaries, they have 3 locations in san francisco all of which had a steady stream of people thinking they could buy pot today without a medical card. sound from eliot dobris - the apothecarium, medical cannabis dispensaryand it's not just san francisco there are no dispensaries selling recreational weed in marin, sonoma, or the peninsula.. a dispensary has to have a special permit to sell
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recreational. some cities and counties are still working all that out bay area customers looking to purchase weed without a medical card need to visit oakland, richmond, berkeley, san jose, or santa cruz where there are recreational dispensaries. eliot says most of the medical marijuana dispensaries have applied for the recreational permits in san francisco sound from this was the scene this morning at harborside dispensary in oakland when they opened their doors.. they are selling recreational marijuana long lines if this goes like other states in the past you might want to line up before it's gone. sound from in san francisco gabe slate kron 4 news (steve) to the east bay where oakland polce are investigating their first homicide of the year... after a deadly shooting this
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morning. police got a call around 7-thirty a-m about a shooting on crittenden street near 55-th street. an adult was found dead at the scene.... police say they have made an arrest. however, they did not release further details. (catherine) bart police have arrested a man accused of battering another passenger. it happened at the north berkeley station. investigators say danny rodriguez of san francisco was arrested saturday afternoon. and booked into the santa rita jail. (catherine) one of the more somber new year's day traditions in the east bay, is a vigil for oscar grant.(steve) the 22-year-old black man was shot and killed by a bart police officer at oakland's fruitvale station back on january first, 2009.(catherine) kron four's spencer blake has more on the annual vigil.. (nats - rapping)the ninth anniversary vigil for oscar grant urged the one or two hundred people outside the fruitvale station, to take action when they see injustice. one speaker held a brief moment of silence for all those who have been lost to what she called state-
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sanctioned terror."and i call it terror because it's not violence. we can't speak in euphemisms about what is happening in our community, right? we have to call it what it is. this 2009 cell phone video has been viewed millions of was part of the evidence in the case that convicted the officer who shot grant...of involuntary manslaughter.grant's mom, wanda johnson, still feels the pain, but says mothers of other black men killed by police...have reached out with supportive words again this year."we come here to bring togetherness, to bring a closeness, to bring solutions." standup"over the last nine years it seems each of these vigils has grown. this year's vigil was slated to be four hours long and also had things like poetry and prose performances along with singing and even interpretive dancing.""we will strive - to bring new values - to bring new values - and new life - and new life - to our people - to our people."y-g-b, or young, gifted, and black, performed this african pledge. i spoke to one woman in the crowd whose friend's brother was killed by a bay area police officer just last year. "i'm just now starting to really tap in, so i'm really still like an outsider, kind of. but i mean it's growing though. like i see a lot of younger people here and that's good to see because they don't do nothing sometimes."even nine years later, oscar grant still serves as a beacon for those who demand justice."you have to recognize and study and read the people whose shoulders you stand upon. if you do not do that, you stand upon a web. a spider's web." johnson expects next year's tenth anniversary vigil to bring in about twice as many oakland, spencer blake, kron four news.
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(steve) police are investigating a fatal hit and run that occurred early this morning in oakland it happened on the corner of verdese carter park off sunnyside street and 98th avenue. a woman was hit by the car -- she died at the scene. police say the suspect remains at large. (steve) turning now to our four zone forecast. (catherine) meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now...and lawrence there's a change ahead??
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lawrence karnow: it was a beautiful start to the new year with just a few patches of fog, a few high clouds and lots of sunshine. a weak ridge of high pressure continues to bring us dry and mild weather. but that is all about to change. there is also a supermoon tonight meaning the moon will be full and at it's closest point in it's rotation around the earth. a flood advisory is up for coastal areas and around the bay through tomorrow with unusually high tides. on the satellite image you can see the storms continue to spin off of the coast. as we head into the middle of the week, high pressure will flatten allowing us a chance of rain. one the pattern opens up we could see above normal rain over the next couple of weeks. the air quality continues to suffer but should improve vastly once the rain returns. tomorrow we will see increasing clouds and very mild temperatures. some highs tomorrow could be near 70 degrees. rain will become more likely by wednesday afternoon. showers will likely continue on thursday and maybe into the weekend.
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(steve) big news for raiders fans... head coach jack del rio has been fired. kron 4's camila bernal reports from raiders headquarters with what fans are saying about the team's decision. after the firing was announced, jack del rio admitted that this past year as head coach for the raiders was a disappointing one. he's been with the team for three years but described his first two years as "great years". del rio took the raiders to the playoffs but that was just
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not enough to help him keep his job. he was fired sunday after a 30-10 loss to the los angeles chargers. that ended del rio's 3rd year with the team with a 6-win season, a significant drop in wins for the raiders from one season to another. after the game, del rio spoke about his conversation with owner mark davis, who said the team needed a change. i spoke to fans who told me they bagreed, they saiod the appreciated del rio, but thought the firing was fair.sot: "if it wasn't for him we wouldn't have seen that 12-4. and it's tough having him leave like that he's a great coach but it is a business"sot: "i love jack del rio, he was a great man on and off the field, and i wish him the very best"camila:in a statement owner mark davis thanked del rio for his contributions to the team and to the community but said he would have no further comment until a new coach is announced. reporting in alameda, camila bernal kron 4 news ahead at eight..
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with the new year there are some big changes....including worker wages in some places.. the bay area cities which have raised the minimum wage plus. california tightening the state's gun laws again. the stricter rules now in place and next. as bart fares go up in 20-18...bart police are cracking down on people who try to avoid paying.
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(catherine) with the new year...your ride on bart just got more expensive. there's a two-point-seven percent increase from 20-17. the minimum fare goes up to two dollars for dollar for children five to 18 years old...and 75-cents for seniors or the disabled. to encourage the use of cards and cut down on fare gate maintenance -- 50 cents is being added in the new year for each ride using bart's blue paper tickets. also - free clipper cards are being handed out at three east bay the west oakland
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station from four to seven p-m on thursday... at the dublin-pleasanton station from four to seven p-m on january eighth... and at the bay fair station from four to seven p-m on the ninth. (steve) not only will bart customers pay more to ride in 2018, they may be asked to prove that they actually 'did' pay their fare.. (catherine) starting today bart's new proof of payment policy...goes into effect. kron4's haaziq madyun takes a look at how it works it is january 2018 and proof of payment is now required once you pass through bart fare gates. checking to see if riders actually paid for a ticket is bart's answer to a major problem...fare evasions. bart estimates is loses between $10-million and $25-million dollars a year due to folks walking in and out without paying. what do bart passengers think about the being asked for proof of payment?nat/sot haaziqexcuse me lady can i see your ticket? your thoughts?sot
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inconvenient because i have a habit of losing everything but it doesn't seem unreasonable. it happens in plenty of other places where they have public transit">sotaccording to the new proof of payment policy bart fare inspectors must proceed from one person to the next nearest person, checking as many people as possible. so basically if someone standing next to you is asked to prove that they paid, you might as well start pulling out your ticket as wellsotsot bart police department's community service officers will have the job of doing the proof of payment inspections. people will start seeing fare inspectors on platforms and on trains in about two weeks. in the meantime bart officials say bart police officers can start asking for proof of payment right now. according to the policy fare inspectors are supposed to activate their mobile video recorders prior to each inspection. a fare evasion citation for an adult is $75.00. for a juvenile the fine is $ berkeley haaziq madyun kron4news (steve) two bay area cities
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rasied their minimum wage to start off the new year. oakland raised its minimum wage from 12-eighty six an hour to 13-twenty three an hour. the city of san jose also raised its minimum wage to thirteen fifty an hour. san francisco will also see an increase in its minimum wage this year by july first. the new minimum wage in the city will be $15 dollars an hour. wages are now up in 18 states as of today. (catherine) new at 8. gun laws are getting tougher in california... starting today - the new rules about how people get and use firearms.(steve) from buying ammunition to background checks... karma dickerson breaks down the new regulations. new year new guns laws in california and from the perspective of some local gun sellers, only one thing is certain.sot- that everybody
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has a question brent dawson owns kilroysin west sacramento. he tells us he's been getting questions from all over the region from customers wanting to know what they need to know about california's changing gun regulations.sot- i don't want to register my weapon how do i modify it??that type of question is coming from people who own assault rifles but don't want to register them as the law now requires so they are modifying them so they don't technically qualify as assault weapons anymore. another major change is the in the ammunition arena. sot- now everything has to be behind the counterfor starters shoppers will no longer be able to walk into a gun store and help themselves to bullets on showroom floors.sot-people are calling saying hey how do we get ammunition shipped to usalso, like with gun sales people will not be able to buy ammo directly from online retailers. any internet or catalog shipments will have to be sent to an authorized dealer like kilroys before customers can pick it up. dawson acknowledges that as a consumer he sees that as an inconvenience, but as a retailer, acting as an middle man for online ammo sales distribution could be good for business.sot- we may get new customers and maybe we can
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move them to our selection to make their purchases.and then there is the background check law starting in 2019 anyone buying ammunition must pass a background check. but there are competing laws governing how that would work and how much it's going to cost customers.sot- the only things that's clear is that they're going to want your identification, what you're buying, how much you're buying and it has to go through a licensed dealer. (steve) for more information on the new laws now in effect head to our website... there you can read more about marijuana laws and bart changes. we also have information about changes to registering your car in california it's all on kron four dot com. (steve) now to our four zone forecast... and take a look at that... new year....super moon this is a live look at the moon right now in san francisco (catherine) it is beautiful meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with a look at the change in the weather this week. lawrence karnow: it was a beautiful start to the new
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year with just a few patches of fog, a few high clouds and lots of sunshine. a weak ridge of high pressure continues to bring us dry and mild weather. but that is all about to change. there is also a supermoon tonight meaning the moon will be full and at it's closest point in it's rotation around the earth. a flood advisory is up for coastal areas and around the bay through tomorrow with unusually high tides. on the satellite image you can see the storms continue to spin off of the coast. as we head into the middle of the week, high pressure will flatten allowing us a chance of rain. one the pattern opens up we could see above normal rain over the next couple of weeks. the air quality continues to suffer but should improve vastly once the rain returns. tomorrow we will see increasing clouds and very mild temperatures. some highs tomorrow could be near 70 degrees. rain will become more likely by wednesday afternoon. showers will likely continue on thursday and maybe into the weekend.
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new ahead at 8 big changes in store for one of the bay area's most popular spots... what you'll have to do now before visiting muir woods. and next. president trump didn't wait long to get on twitter in the new year... the target of his first tweet of 20-18 ((j.r. sports tease))"happy new year's to you. we've got a big night in sports. all sorts of football games. and jon gruden is in the news. the latest on the search for the raiders head coach." it's value jack's way. like jack's one-of-a-kind breakfast pockets for $2 each. three of jack's famous tacos and a small drink for $3!
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or a classic bonus jack combo for $5! it's like i tell jack jr., it's all about big values, jr. prices. didn't waste anytime going on
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twitter. in his first tweet of year, he is lashing out at pakistan's governement... after they said
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the united states is helping terrorists. the tweet reads, quote... "the united states has foolishly given pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years... they have given us nothing but lies and deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools. they give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in afghanistan, with little help. no more!" the president also took aim at the regime in iran, expressing support for anti-government protesters. (catherine) the new year brings new hope for transgender individuals who want to join the military. the defense department is taking steps to take transgender recruits into the ranks this week.. still - the legal road ahead could be bumpy. president trump announced a transgender ban in august.....but it has not been put into effect. . last month, a second federal judge blocked enforcement of the prohibition. coming up at eight.. new details about the gunman who killed a deputy in colorado. the online
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posts that prompted police to warn a school... plus. a teen boy arrested after allegedly killing his parents, sister and a family friend just minutes before the new year. and next. recreational pot is legal but there are some important things to know before you light up ((brittney tease))i'm kron 4 meteorologist lawrence karnow. coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break.
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now at 8-30 today marks the end of pot prohibition in the state of california. that will almost certainly bring new users into marijuana dispensaries..(steve) people who want to do something that - until now - was a criminal offense.(steve) kron4's maureen kelly got a primer from one pot shop which is already doing brisk businesses today. the lines were long here at oakland's harborside cannabis registers chiming non stop....for those browsing the bud displays for the first time.... it's a bit much.(unnamed customer)it's overwhelming for me because i know so little but it's interesting to see the different types (steve deangelo, harborside dispensary)for the newbies are people i call lapsed stoners who what a good experience with cannabis in their youth and are returning to back it welcome to the world of modern cannabisfor don't have to smoke it anymore....pot extracts can be smoothed on in salves, taken in drops....and vaped like e-
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cigerates. if they last time you toked a joint jerry garcia was still alive....since then scientists have determined that while thc is what get's users high....another cannabinoid called cbd is good for reliving pain and anxiety. now some products allow shoppers to decide the ratio of those compounds they want to ingest. cannabis extracts also now infuse all sorts of edible chocolate bars or brownies. (maureen kelly)and edibles aren't limited to things you can chew you can also drink your weed like with this iced latte but while drinks and sweets might go down easy.....harborside's co founder says a little goes a long way....and it's effects can last 6 to 8 hours or longer. so watch your dosage. don't eat more than 2.5 or 5 mg of thc out of the gate. number one, number two it takes about 45 minutes to an hour for people to feel the effects of eating cannabis so you need to be patient and not redose yourself too soonhe says you can always eat more....but you can never eat less.maureen kelly kron4 news
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(steve) new at 8. big changes are coming to one of the bay area's most popular spots. muir woods will soon require you to make parking reservations before you visit.(catherine) the parking and shuttle reservation system was unveiled today. starting january 16-th - if you're visiting by car, you have to reserve parking ahead of time. reservations can be made up to 90 days in advance. the cost -- eight dollars a car or three dollars a seat on a shuttle.anyone under 16 is free. the national park service says the system is meant to help with crowds, traffic congestion and parking problems. (steve) now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge.(catherine) kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us with a
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look ahead lawrence karnow: it was a beautiful start to the new year with just a few patches of fog, a few high clouds and lots of sunshine. a weak ridge of high pressure continues to bring us dry and mild weather. but that is all about to change. there is also a supermoon tonight meaning the moon will be full and at it's closest point in it's rotation around the earth. a flood advisory is up for coastal areas and around the bay through tomorrow with unusually high tides. on the satellite image you can see the storms continue to spin off of the coast. as we head into the middle of the week, high pressure will flatten allowing us a chance of rain. one the pattern opens up we could see above normal rain over the next couple of weeks. the air quality continues to suffer but should improve vastly once the rain returns. tomorrow we will see increasing clouds and very mild temperatures. some highs tomorrow could be near 70 degrees. rain will become more likely by wednesday afternoon. showers will likely continue on thursday and maybe into the weekend.
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(steve) it was a horrific end to 2017 in one new jersey neighborhood. police say it was a domestic incident that led to deadly violence against a family by one of their own. reporter, alex zdan tells us what led to the killings. less than half an hour before midnight, multiple shots rang out in this quiet suburban community. james roskowinsky, west long branch resident: "well we all thought it was fireworks because they were going on in the background, on the beach, and, uh, i was telling my roommate and my younger brother, that it sounded like gunshots."one minute later, police arrived to a scene of horror - four people dead inside a home, allegedly at the hands of a teenager wielding an assault rifle. steven kologi, his
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wife linda, their 18-year-old daughter brittany, and a 70-year-old family friend named mary schultz ... all according to police, slain by the kologi's 16-year-old son ... all dead by the time police arrived. maria eva iraiys called linda kologi her friend.maria eva iraiys, long branch resident: "gosh, a family. four people? four people. (inaudible) my gosh." unscathed in the shooting, but victims as well - other members of the shooter's family who authorities say were inside the house when the violence started. christopher grammicioni, monmouth county prosecutor: "the grandfather of the suspect as well as the brother of the suspect thankfully left the home ... came out okay."reporter question: "were they targeted though? did he mean to kill them as well?"christopher grammicioni, monmouth county prosecutor: "no, we have no reason to believe that's the case here." (steve) the 16-year-old suspect surrendered to police without a struggle. the prosecutor believes the assault rifle used legally belonged to a family member. it's not yet been determined whether the teen will be charged as an adult. no motive has been given.
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(steve) we're learning new details about the deadly apartment shooting in colorado that killed a sheriff's deputy and injured 6 others. (catherine) the suspect-- matthew riehl-- had been posting online videos - railing against the local sheriff and police. riehl was also the subject of a warning to university of wyoming students in november. the school sent out an email that included a picture of the suspect and his car. they told people to call the police if they saw him near campus. the school had been investigating social media posts where riehl mentioned the campus and some of its employees. (catherine) a new york family who had been looking forward to celebrating the new year in costa rica, was killed in a plane crash on new year's eve. costa rican officials say six other americans were among the 12 people killed on sunday(steve) tonight -- reporter, lisa reyes is with a community that is mourning the
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loss of the family. burnt wreckage of a cessna plane discovered by emergency responders in costa rica sunday -- all 12 on board perished -- including a scarsdale family.jon mark / scarsdale: "rabbi jonathan blake of the westchester reform temple sent a letter to the congregation."that letter -- jon mark says -- revealing longtime congregant bruce and irene steinberg died in the fiery crash -- along with their children: william, zachary and matthew.jon mark / scarsdale: "accident like that, at any time is tragic and poignantly at the end of the year, it's an awful way to go into the new year."messages of sympathy pouring in on social media where bruce steinberg's sister thanked those online for calls, thoughts and prayers.margaret reiniger / scarsdale: "if they were on a trip together, to have something happy, and to have something like that, that's really a tragedy... tragedy."reports say the family traveled internationally often -- the steinbergs wanting to expose their children to different cultures. william and zachary were in college -- matthew the youngest -- in 8th grade.the doomed plane went down just ten minutes after take-off from an airport in the western part of the country -- into a wooded area -- carrying ten american tourists.the prime minister of costa rica posting on facebook: "i am in solidarity... with the
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families who lost loved ones," adding committed to doing everything they can. (catherine) the crash happened as heavy winds forced other pilots to change course..and land at different airports. still ahead at 8. some big names in hollywood are calling for change with a new campaign. what they say women should do at this year's golden globes. and next. how some doctors are now the target of federal police in the fight against the opioid crisis.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ federal prosecutors are
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cracking down on doctors who irresponsibly prescribe
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painkillers. it's a new strategy in the fight against the opioid crisis. a fraud and abuse unit at the justice department's is using health care data to alert authorities in 12 different regions. they provide information on which doctors prescribe the most... how far patients are willing to travel to visit them and if anyone has died within 60 days of filling a prescription. the unit's first indictment involves a doctor accused of providing opioid painkillers to people who never needed them. (steve) new at 8 some big names in hollywood are among hundreds who have formed a new anti-harassment coalition..(catherine) it's called the "time's up" initiative ...and was launched today. actresses reese witherspoon and jennifer aniston are among the founders. an open letter is promising support for women in the entertainment business and beyond. time's up will push for new legislation to fight workplace harassment... and will set up a legal defense fund.. early donors include meryl streep...and taylor swift.
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(catherine) time's up is also backing a movement for women to wear black this year to the golden globes ===in solidarity with those who have been sexually harassed. coming up in sports... we have a full slate of your new years day bowl games... including the highest-scoring rose bowl ever...and immediately after the firing of jack del rio... a former raiders coach turned tv analyst is rumored to be his replacement... j.r. stone has that story... and all the sports... coming up still ahead at 8. still ahead at 8. new laws.. from the wacky to the serious... we take a look at what's taking effect around the nation
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(catherine) lots of new laws took effect on this first day of 2018... (steve) some were no-brainers - but others might seem a little strange. andy rose has highlights. at the beginning of every year, states add new laws to the books. while many of them range from no-brainers to the minute, others might be seen at down right wacky!some states have implemented laws focused on how police interact with the public in 2018.police officers in new jersey that investigate sexual assaults are now required to get training to ensure that victims are not traumatized further.and a law in north carolina that seems ripped
8:45 pm
from recent headlines... driver's handbooks there will now include guidance on how to deal with police during a traffic california, when applying for a new job, potential employers can no longer ask about your prior salary. this keeps them from being able to use your salary history as a hiring factor. applicants can also now request a pay scale for the position. and employers in vermont can no longer ask their workers to provide their social media accounts. so at least in that state, y ou may not have to worry about the tweet you sent in 2014 coming back to haunt you at work.if you're going through a divorce in illinois, and have pets, courts can now weigh in on custody agreements for the couple's fur- kids.but the most highly anticipated legal change for 2018, is in california where people over the age of 21 can now legally purchase marijuana without a medical card.i'm andy rose, reporting. (catherine) take a look at
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the first bay area baby born in 20-18. he doesn't have a name yet - but made have a name he doesn't in 20-18. he doesn't have a name yet - but made his arrival just two minutes past midnight at the u-c-s-f mission bay hospital. doctors and nurses crowded the room wearing new year's hats. parents martin dominguez and samantha powell knew it was a possibility that the baby would arrive early in the new year, after being given a december thirty-first due date. this is the first child for the couple...who are both physicians in san francisco. (j.r.) the big sports news tonight is jon gruden. will he come to the raiders to be head coach? if so when will he come to the raiders? espn reports through "nfl sources" that jon gruden is expected to become the raiders next head coach. nothing has been announced as of right
8:47 pm
now. the deal could involved partial ownership of the team as well. gruden has been in the broadcast booth for the past nine season. he was with the raiders from 1998 to 2001 before being traded to tampa bay by al davis. a year later gruden's buccaneers defeated the raiders in the super bowl. gruden has been an espn staple since he was hired back in 2009. in his 11 seasons as head coach jon gruden, or chucky as he is called has made the playoffs in five of those seasons. there is a hope that gruden could get the raiders back to where they were when derek carr led them to a 12 and 4 season. the same season where carr ended up getting injured. (j.r.) it has been a very hectic 24 hours for the former raiders coach jack del rio. del rio actually announced that he had been fired after the team's thirty to ten loss to the chargers on sunday. that is something that does not happen very often. del
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rio, a hayward native, was given a contract extension back in february coming off a twelve and four season. the excitement though was short lived as the team went six and ten this year and lost their last four games. amazing how things can change in just one year. they struggled with their identity this year. the offense struggled and at one point defensive coordinator ken norton junior was fired. gotta give it to del rio though. what a class act....speaking and answering questions about his own firing after the team's latest loss. even appeared as though he was close to tears speaking after the game on sunday. "i spoke with mark davis after the game and mark let me know that he's not going to be bringing me back. i'm very grateful. my childhood team. but, it's a results business. i understand that.""a lot goes into those decisions. we as players have to produce and he's ben at the helm of this while thing. he understands that it's a production business and when you don't do that the guy above makes changes. and you never want to see that happen, but i definitely want to see the man back up on his feet. i wish nothing but up on his feet. i see the man back definitely want to that happen, but i never want to see changes. and
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you above makes do that the guy when you don't business and it's a production understands that while thing. he the helm of this and he's ben at have to produce we as players those decisions. "a lot goes into bowman>
8:50 pm
"i'm pretty hard on myself with critiquing the film and all that, so there's obviously room for improvement i think just having time to digest the offense during the off season will really help. "it was kind of a crash course that we were doing this last couple of months. so i think that will make things a little slower for me and help me out." a great slate of college football bowl action today... incuding the first national semi-final... the rose bowl... heisman trophy winer baker mayfield and the oklahoma sooners... taking on the s-e-c champion georgia bullbogs... and this one was a classic tied 38-38 in the 4th quarter... georgia running back sony michael (michelle)... loses the ball...oklahoma's steven parker picks it up... and he is gone... 46 yards the other way... oklahoma takes a 45-38 lead 55 seconds left... georgia's nick chubb... on what they call the "wild dog" formation... takes it in from two yards ut... 45-45 tie... we go to overtime 2nd overtime... tied 48-48... austin seibert's field goal attepmt is blocked by the bulldoigs' lorenzo carter...
8:51 pm
georgia can win it on the next possession... and michelle... makes up for that earlier fumble... taking it all the way from 27 yards out... the bulldogs advance to the national title game with a 54-46 win... they will play the winner of alabama and clemson.. which is curently in progress university of central florida...the only undefeated team in the country taking on auburn. fourth quarter...jarre tt stidham...intercepted by chequan burkett who goes 45 yards for the touchdown. u-c-f knocks off a seventh ranked auburn team 34 to 27. u-c-f undeafeated on the year....not in the national championship though because of their schedule. notre dame taking on l-s-u in the citrus bowl. we go to the fourth quarter. ian book finds miles handed grab...breaks a couple tackles and goes 55 yards.... nobody
8:52 pm
can stop him. what can you say other than...that guy is good. the fightin' irish beat l s u 21 to 17. jim harbaugh and his michigan wolverines trying for a big win against south carolina in the outback bowl and it was not to be. 4th quarter the gamecocks rally. jake bentley to shi smith....53 yard touchdown strike. here comes south carolina. michigan trying to respond. brandon peters picked off. peters was picked off twice in this game. south carolina wins 26 to 19. jim harbaugh facing the criticism after losses to big rivals this year and then a bowl game loss. the nation may be seeing some record cold temperatures---but people are still taking the polar plunge.
8:53 pm
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8:55 pm
(steve) in some of the most frigid parts of the country===people are taking the "polar plunge" and we're talking cold. in jacksonport wisconsin on the was one above zero. about 200 swimmers hit the water for the polar bear club plunge. some dressing up
8:56 pm
in wacky costumes for the plunge. and in milwaukee was negative three degrees with a wind chill of negative 22. medical professionals recommended people not take the plunge...due to colder than normal temperatures... and in other areas---the polar plunges were called off (catherine) here in the bay area.. about 100 swimmers joined the annual new year's day swim from alcatraz. they were facing challenging conditions... the water was about 50 degrees and there were tides to contend with... everyone swam about a mile and a quarter --- with the fastest finishing in about 20 minutes. others took about an hour. (catherine) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(steve) here is what we are working for kron4 news at nine: new tonight:a woman celebrating new year's -- accidentally shot by "celebratory" gunfire.. just how big a problem police
8:57 pm
say shooting off guns to ring in 2018 was... in one east bay suburb...(catherine) plus -- recreational marijuana is now legal in calfiornia.. but that does not mean can you just light up anywhere..what you need to know. (catherine) now at 9.
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
two people are in critical condition. and a family has been hurt -- after a delivery truck slammed into them. thank you for joining us i'm catherine heenan.(steve) and i'm steve aveson. grant lodes and vicki liviakis have the night off. we've been tracking this story since it broke this afteroon. kron-4's ella sogomonian joins us live now and ella you spoke with some of the victims.. i met with the family of five who were sitting in their car right here waiting for that red light to change when a the
9:00 pm
truck driver came barreling through the intersection and slammed into them. two parents and three children were in that car. the truck smashed into the back passenger's side where a ten year old was narrowly missed but glass shattered onto his face.the family was stopped short of heading to their friends 'house one block away when the crash happened at 3:30 this afternoon. fortunately they all walked away with a few scratches. sot: heather king, car crash victim// "his arm is a little hurt but it's not broken or anything like that. and his face got whacked but we were all checked out. and he got a big seatbelt burn but we're just all kind of in a shock." ((cont vo)) but two elderly men who were crossing the street at the time weren't as lucky. they were rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries. one victim is a 79 year old man who is bleeding internally. the second is a 66 year old man who has broken ribs and a punctured lung.


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