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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 6, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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pot and other drugs.... this happening just days after recreational marijuana became legal in california..(jr stone) the driver is accused of going about 100 miles an hour.. and heading into oncoming traffic on highway 4 east. kron 4's ella sogomonian is live in concord... with our top story tonight at 8. (ella)this was a really bad crash the driver crossed a median divider then flipped over into oncoming traffic.but now that marijuana is legal and we know it lingers in the system this again brings to question how officers decide to make that arrest.
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four people were sent to a hospital, some with major injuries, after a car drivng 100 miles per hour rolled into oncoming traffic headed north on highway 242 just before eastbound highway 4 at 11 saturday morning.jayme lambert was arrested under the influence of other drugs. highway patrol smoking pot is not much has how they determine if high.clay, east bay driver // "but it's determine who's not. because be coming back from work and be need more who's high and who's not."tell kron 4 the admit to drugs before getting in the car.but if upits up to the officer to decide on the spot.they have the series of field sobriety tests training to anything that may give away high.eyelids and a film on the a blood test is later drawn but results take more than a week so an decide make the arrest before evidence comes sot: courtney driver// "that's a hard one, it you can't say for they smoked at that time or not. their system hope when they day there will be a blood test to it in their system." the freeway was shut down for an hour for the investigation. (ella)tagas that driver mentioned it will ultimately be decided in court whether lambert or any other driver arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence of marijuana convicted.and dricvers out here hope there willsoon be a tool officers can use much like a breathalyzer to know for sure if someone is high while in concord ella sogomonian kron 4 news.
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(jr stone) california is pulling ads aimed at discouring driving high after critics say it ápromotedá marijuana use. the majority of the ad featured people talking about why they use marijuana. one man says "i just like it." it closed with them saying they never drive while high... and "d-u-i doesn't just mean booze." traffic safety officials say the agency shares concerns raised over certain elements of the ad. the ad is set to be replaced with a different one produced last year that warns smoking weed...unlike cigarettes...can result in charges for driving under the influence. (justine) lines went around the block at a handful of pot shops in san francisco today. the stores were able to sell recreational marijuana for the first time today. kron 4's camila bernal was at the apothecarium on market street in the castro and spoke to the store's first shopper.
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dominic rea was the first in line and the first to buy recreational marijuana at the apo-the-carium in san francisco.1:54:52 i've been around it my whole life and everybody always told me some day it's going to happen people who taught for it all these years before i was even born and it's finally happened nowhe spent about 100 dollars on cannabis but said for him, it was about more than just the product. 1:55:38 this is history i had to be part of history you know and like i said all the people that advocated before all these decades that they are no longer with us or can't he here that's why i'm in line for todayfrom now on, customers will be allowed to purchase 1 ounce of recreational cannabis or 8 grams of concentrated cannabis. all they need is an id.2:06:23 by making it into a business where you have to be 21 in order to access it, it will actually be harder. it's harder today to aces cannabis than it was 5 days ago, that's just a realitythe regulations prohibit the use marijuana in public spaces but allow it at a home or at an approved area. 1:30 we are expecting a lot of changes and obviously we are going to learn as we go along we are expecting to see a lot more people and a lot of different types of peoplethose in the industry believe legalization will also make people more comfortable with marijuana and increase the amount of customers seeking it for medicinal purposes1:56:07 i think that as long as you're not harming anyone you should be able to do what you want in lifein san francisco, camila
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bernal kron 4 news (justine) new tonight at eight... three cars crashed after a shooting in fairfield. it happened earlier this afternoon near the corner of waterman boulevard and hilborn road....just west of interstate 80. police say people in one car shot at another car...hitting the driver. the driver lost control and crashed into two other cars...causing more injuries. the shooting victim was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. the incident forced the closure of the off-ramps from the highway to air base parkway and waterman boulevard. there is no word of any arrests... and
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police have not yet released a motive in the shooting. (justine) another 'swatting' attempt targeted an east bay home... but this time alameda sheriff's deputies were able to stop the hoax.(jr stone) we've been reporting on a few swatting incidents lately - where someone makes a fake phone call trying to get swat teams to show up to another house for no reason.(justine) kron four's spencer blake is live in castro valley tonight. spencer how did this latest case turn out differently than others? (spencer)this time, nobody got hurt, and law enforcement didn't have to use their tactical methods...because they noticed some clues early on...that pointed to the whole thing being a fake. there's nothing terribly loud or busy about grove way in castro valley.but thursday night, one neighbor wondered just áwhat was happening. "helicopter flying behind my house and then i seen a bunch of sheriff's and chp coming down grove at about 50 miles an hour with their lights on."
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alameda county sheriff's deputies were responding to a 9-1-1 caller who said he was holding three hostages on this very street.he claimed he had an assault rifle inthe home, and demanded a ransom of 15- thousand dollars from arriving paramedics.but deputies had been at this particular address before, and had heard similar threats and demands within the last year.that's how they knew it was a so- called 'swatting' call."it's kind of scary, to be honest. i mean, you never know what's going on in your neighborhood, and to just find that out through you, it's kind of scary."because of their observance, officers were able to deem the scene safe, and they didn't have to use any high-risk tactics."not to mention it wastes a bunch of money and manpower, i'm sure." that it does.the sheriff's office says this is a good opportunity for parents to talk with their kids about how dangerous and needless this type of prank can be...especially after a kansas man was accidentally killed by police in a separate swatting hoax just after christmas.a hercules family also had their home 'swatted' last week. fortunately they weren't hurt either."it does bring me comfort just to know that the sheriff's department is ahead of it so they can focus on real crime."often, swatting
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victims are random targets...but in this case in castro valley, deputies figured out that the threat was meant for the person who áused to live at the home's address. (spencer)with all the technology that can block or disguise phone numbers, the sheriff's office says it will be pretty hard to track down whoever made the actual prank phone in castro valley, spencer blake, kron four news. (justine) a marin county family found a device inside their bathroom... that the sheriff's office says was capturing images of their naked child. the sheriff's office shared this picture with kron 4 news... of detectives arresting the man they believe installed the device. 18-year old marcus allen williams had recently been a guest at the family's home in unincorporated mill valley. detectives arrested him at the san francisco
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airport on friday night. .. as he returned to the bay area from his home in los angeles. they found other recording devices on him, and are looking to see if those contain other pornographic images. williams is now booked into the marin county jail for producing and possessing child porn. (jr stone) three officers from the san francisco police department are recovering tonight...after two separte car accidents. the first accident happened around eight forty-four this morning... after an s-f-p-d patrol car and another car collided on geary and arguello boulevards. the two officers in the patrol car were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. the driver of the other car... was treated with minor injuries at the scene...and released. a third officer en route to the original accident scene...crashed with another car on third street and geary. the second civilian driver and responding officer were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. the cause of both accidents...are
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under investigation. (justine) this is a picture from c-h-p san francisco after officers pulled over a car allegedly involved in a sideshow on treasure island.. the driver was arrested and faces multiple charges including reckless driving. police have not yet released any additional information about the suspect. (justine) taking a live look outside saturday night... we got a chance to dry out today before the next round of rain comes our way.(jr stone) meteorologist dave spahr has the forecast... (justine) in national news... president news... in
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national (justine) (justine) in national news... president trump, the vice president and many g-o-p leaders convened for a retreat at camp david this weekend.(jr stone) they are discussing important economic and national security priorities for the 20-18
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legislative session. ashley corum reports. nats the first weekend of the new year and president trump got a working start meeting with gop leaders and members of his cabinet at camp david... to outline this year's legislative agenda. president trump: "security discussed, infrastructure discussed, military...butt sot "we are very well prepared for the coming year." also on that agenga...economic growth... rep. paul ryan / -r- house speaker: "we had historic achievement in 2017 that we want to build on. historic achievements that will get our economy growing much faster." the fight against the opioid crisis... president trump: "one of the things we are discussing is drugs pouring into the country and how to stop it."and a lot of talks about finding common ground with democratic lawmakers... sen. mitch mcconnell / -r- senate majority leader: "we hope that 2018 will be a year of more bipartisan corporation."one area in particular g-o-p leaders are looking for that bipartisan cooperation is with d-a-c-a.
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president trump: "we hope we'll be able to work out an arrangement with the democrats. i think that something they'd like to see happen. it's something certainly i'd like to see happen."president trump wraps up his camp david retreat and returns to the white house on sunday. i'm ashley corum reporting. (justine) the trump adminstration is proposing to spend 18-million dollars over the next decade to extend the border wall with mexico. this is part of trump's 33- million master plan for securing the border. a u-s official says the money would pay for over 300-miles of new fencing... and reinforce another 400 miles... where barriers are already in place. if the request is approved... more than half of the border with mexico will be covered by 20-27. democratic lawmakers are against trump's request. his proposal arrives in the middle of budget negotiations that could force a government shutdown later this month if no deal is reached
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(jr stone) it's official. jon gruden will be the next coach of the oakland raiders. the team sent out details about this in the last two hours. gruden who's been working as an espn analyst for the last nine years... broadcasted his final game today. he will be welcomed in oakland on tuesday. the silver and black made the anouncement 90 minutes after the chiefs-titans playoff game. gruden is expected to sign a ten-year deal likely worth around 100-million dollars... making it the richest contract in nfl history. coming up at 8:45 in sports... you'll see what gruden said about this today at the game. (jr stone) coming up... o-j simpson could be heading back to court....this time he is threatening to sue. more on the potential lawsuit. (justine) plus... a man calls 9-1-1....on himself.... we'll explain up why ahead.
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(jr stone) the largest automative recall in u-s history just got even bigger... the details after the break.
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(justine) tonight, takata is recalling another 3-million air bag as it continues to expand the largest automative recall in u-s history. the latest recall covers front
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airbags in certain 2009, 2010 and 2013 vehicles. including and general motors. the air bags can explode with too much force and throw shrapnel at drivers and passengers. at least 20 people have been killed worldwide and more than 180 injured. for more information on the automakers involved in the recall head to our website at kron four dot com. (jr stone) we are learning more information about the failure of the oroville dam spillway...the one that forced the evacuation of nearly 200- thousand people... now a new report says america's tallest dam was flawed from the moment is was built a half- century ago. a federal panel blames the near- catastrophe on faulty design, sloppy construction...and decades of second-rate repairs. julia avery has the details...
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the report says that the department of water resources, or dwr, was quote "somewhat overconfident and complacent" and gave "inadequate priority for dam safety."the panel explains that problems started shortly after the dam opened in 1968.the chute cracked above and along under-drain pipes, leading to higher-than- expected flows of water directly beneath the reads: "the slab cracking and underdrain flows, although originally thought of as unusual, were quickly deemed to be 'normal,' and as simply requiring on-going repairs"but repeated repairs over the years were said to be ineffective and possibly detrimental."the chute then slowly was revealed that the chute was built on "poor foundation conditions" beneath the concrete.this all came to a head as they were releasing the water on february 7th after a massive season of rain and the spillway started to the hole was forming, dam operators decided to slow down water releases on the chute for the next few days in an effort to limit the damage and protect a nearby power plant.well, the rain didn't stop and water levels at lake oroville rose so high that water started pouring over the nearby emergency spillway for the first time ever.the forensic team said the dwr dam
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operators didn't realize just how risky it was to let water pour over the emergency spillway.quote "the decisions were made with the best of intentions, but against the advice of civil engineering and geological personnel, who had by then recognized the poor bedrock conditions and the potential for unsatisfactory performance of the previously untested emergency spillway,"this report draws the curtain of that day...and the debate internally on how to handle the issues.once the emergency spillway was being used, there was worry that it wouldn't do it's job.that's when the entire city was evacuated.
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(justine) o-j simpson is threatening to sue the cosmopolitan of las vegas... over an incident at the strip resort. in a letter sent to media outlets ... simpson's attorney said casino staff acted "with malice and racial prejudice" toward the simpson. cosmo staffers are accused of falsely claiming simpson was banned... because he was drunk and disruptive. the incident allegedly happened shortly after simpson was released from prison. simpson is now living in las vegas. the former nfl star is considering suing for at least 100-million dollars. the cosmopolitan of las vegas released a statement saying it does not comment on potential litigation. (jr stone) the oakland a's are moving into a new office space in jack london square starting monday. the team will continue to use their current space for game day operations. the new location will offer dining, shopping, and entertainment options. a's president, dave kaval released a statement today saying:
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"it will provide the staff with an environment to easily and freely collaborate with one another." (justine) take a look at this... the snow is coming down fast at mammoth mountain in the sierra.... they have received about 20 inches of snow... and while the snow is expected to slow down on sunday...they are expecting over three feet of snow by wednesday. now here is a closer look at the forecast with meteorologist dave spahr. .
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(justine) the weather is so cold on the east coast, it is freezing lakes and rivers... in virgina, a hero came to the rescue of dog that had fallen through a pond covered
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in ice. while people waited for animal control, one man jumped into action. he used his ladder and a neighbor's kayak to rescue the dog, named atlas, from the frigid water. anthony miller said when he touched the dog, he felt like a block of frozen ice. and he had no hesitation to help. anthony miller/saved dog"i've got a dog, i've got a soft spot for dogs and i would just hope somebody would do that if my dog was stuck out on the ice."(justine) at first, the dog's body temperature was so low, it did not register on the vet's thermometer. however, thanks to the quick actions of miller, first responders and vets, atlas is expected to make a full recovery. (jr stone) the winning powerball numbers for the 570-million dollar jackpot is.... 12...29...30...33...
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61...and 26. a mega millions ticket bought in daly city matched five of six numbers in friday's $450 million drawing. that ticket is worth won $1.8 million. (jr stone) coming up... the flu is hitting california hard... some pharmacies in the state are running out of medicine to treat it. we'll show you what to look out for. (justine) plus... it was not your average d-u-i arrest.... hear why a man called police on himself.
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(j.r.)tonight a florida man is in jail after he called police
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on himself. officers say michael lester admitted to drunk driving and swallowing meth. he was driving on the wrong side of the road in a suburb of tampa. here's some of his 9-1-1 call. what is the address of your emergency right now? mmm.helloi don't know i'm too drunk i don't know where i'm at. what are you trying to report sir? i was just drunk driving. you're drunk driving right now? ya all night. where have you been all night? ummm driving around trying to get pulled over actually. sir what is your last name? ummm no i don't feel like giving that to you right now.(j.r.)lester was arrested. no one was hurt. he has a criminal history that includes multiple felony convictions. (justine) coming up... the number of flu related deaths in the bay area has
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gone up....and parts of the state can't treat people. (justine) welcome back to
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kron four news...i'm justine waldman.(jr stone) and i'm jr stone. worker's safety was at the heart of a town hall meeting held in bay point today. this after machinists in bay point recently settled a labor dispute with an industrial plant.(justine) kron four's philippe djegal explains why labor leaders say those who work at refineries deserve more protections. (philippe) more than 80 machinists who walked off the job and stayed on strike for two-months at henkel aerospace industrial in bay point -- are back on the job... two weeks ago, they resolved their issues over pay, safety and training with the germany- based company steve older is the area director for the union that represents the workers -- machinists automotive trades.steve older/organizer- "one of the
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main things that we're really proud of is that we got some, um, a worker's safety committee put into the contract that will have some oversight by federal mediation for a while." older is also president of the contra costa labor council. on saturday, he sat on a panel at the ambrose community center in bay point... joined by environmental justice organizers and state leaders, including congressman mark desaulnier (de-sohn-yay)... who sponsored the industrial safety ordinance in contra costa county back in the 1990s as a member of the board of supervisors. the ordinance requires refineries to submit safety plans and conduct audits of the plans and inspections of industrial plants.mark desaulnier/con gressman- "you have to make sure that the capital investment is still there, um, so they're using what's called best available technology, uh, which is a requirement in california. um, but then, the other side is to ensure that the workforce is well-educated and constantly trained on worker's safety." however, the industrial safety ordinance currently applies only to nine facilities in
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unincorporated contra costa county and the city of richmond. henkel was not one of them. neither is the benicia refinery, which experienced a toxic flaring incident last may.andres soto/organizer- "in the city of benicia, we're actually promoting that right now and trying to get the city council to adopt one." in the latest numbers available... the u-s bureau of labor statistics says in 20-16... there was a seven-percent increase in workplace-related deaths, compared to the year prior. in bay point, philippe djegal, kron four news. (jr stone) a man who escaped from a hawaii psychiatric hospital and flew to san jose is awaiting extradition. randall saito is still expected to be extradited back to hawaii with the help of the u-s marshal's service. the timing of the flight will not be made public for security reasons. a california judge extended the time that saito can be held in the state to january 29th. saito walked out of the hawaii state hospital in november,
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took a taxi to the airport, and boarded a plane to san jose. police arrested him in stockton, california three days later. (justine) a san jose man has been convicted of sexually assaulting a boy in haward... the boy was only five years- old. 22-year-old edgar hernandez was found guilty last month for multiple charges including engaging in lewd acts with a child. police say hernandez regularly sexually abused the boy at his home in hayward. he knew the child because of his relationship with the victim's mother. the boy eventually told his mother after months of abuse. hernandez will be sentenced in february. (jr stone) the flu has hit the state so hard this year...pharmacies in southern california have run out of medicine to treat it. 27 people younger than 65 have died of the flu in california since october.... four of those deaths happened in santa clara county... while another four happened in contra costa county. that's compared to three the
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same time last year. in santa monica, the emergency room saw more than 200 patients on at least one day, mostly because of the flu. (justine) coughing, fever.. and just feeling miserable.. if you are not sick, then you might know someone who is because this flu season here in the bay area .. is off to a fast sot the flu is unpredictable dr. louise mcnitt of contra costa county health services tells methe 4 people who died from the flu in the county between october and jaunary 4th, were between 50 and 64 years of old, and had underlining health conditions. though, many people are feeling that stuffy, sweaty, over-all sick feeling this years flu viruis is a nasty one.sot we have certainly seen in the last few days a rapid increase in the number of people who are sicknats washing officials want people to protect themselves from getting washing hands. throwing away used tissues.nat coughsand cough in your arm, just like 13 year old natalie hiatt from lafayette.she says
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her friends got sick.natalie hiatt / layafette 13 years old sot they all had fevers and their stomachs did not feel very goodjim bishop from concord does not want to catch the flu.sot i took a flu shot and i wash my hands as often as possiblesdr. mcnitt says it is too soon to tell just how bad this years flu season will turn out...and encourages people to get the flu shot, now.sot it is never 100% affective but it can prevent you from getting very ill even if you do catch the fluas people return from holiday travel it is possible the flu virus could spread if you are sick, the advice is to stay home. (justine) medical experts say this year's flu season may be outpacing last year's because it's peaking earlier. (jr stone) happening now. police are looking for the suspect...accused of robbing an emeryville subway restaurant at gunpoint. it happened around 10:30
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yesterday morning at the subway on christie avenue. officers say the suspect entered the restaurant...ap proaced a employee...pulled out a gun...and demanded money. the suspect then ran out the store... and got into a small red car... driven by another person. the robbery suspect has not been caught. (jr stone) nasa is saying goodbye to its first space shuttle commander, john young. the agency says the 87- year-old died after complications from pneumonia on friday. young was one of the nation's most experienced astronauts, who walked on the moon during the apollo-16 mission in 19-72. he was the first american to fly to space six times, taking part in nasa's gemini, apollo and space shuttle programs. nasa called him a pioneer whose career spanned three generations of spaceflight. (justine) comedy fans are also morning the loss of actor, jerry van dyke. he was best known for playing the
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assistant coach on the hit series "coach". the show aired in the 19-80's and 90's. his wife, shirley ann jones said he died of heart failure in arkansas on friday. according to her... van dyke was never able to make a full recovery from a major car accident two-and-a-half years ago. he also made appearances on "the dick van dyke show", a classic sitcom named after jerry's older brother. he was 86-years old. (jr stone) coming up.... the raiders make it official...jon grudden is headed back to oakland.... more on his return up ahead. (justine) plus... a group rescue dogs...just days away from being e brought to prison to be trained by inmates on death row. that story after the break.
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woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away) (jr stone) in oklahoma...
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dogs rescued from shelters across the state....were brought to prison.(justine) not to be locked up... but to be the prisoners. reporter mycah hatfield has more from the sooner state. teva broke out of the dick conner correctional center today after 12 weeks behind bars. "it's a piece of me that's leaving. i put a lot of work into it. sometimes six and eight hours hard a day." the pup... once abandonded, starving and days away from being euthanized spent her time in lock up sharing a cell with marvin poindexter.a man sentenced to two life sentences for manslaughter and drug charges. "she sleeps right there with me. it's an every day thing. it's non stop training." that training is part of a program that gives a group of prisoners the chance
8:40 pm
to train dogs -- no one else seemed to want -- so they can find a home and family to love them. reporter: "as valuable as this experience was for the dogs... saving them from being euthanized... it was as valuable if not more for the inmates.""the guys have got something to care about, something to work for every day. it takes a lot of the prison out of it. it changes people on the inside." poindexter says teva has given him a sense of home. but today the two said their final goodbyes. the dogs and their trainers graduated from the programmost of the dogs already placed with a new family. áánat of haley with the dogáá teva is a christmas present to haley lewis' two girls. today is the first time lewis was able to meet the new addition to her family and the man behind bars who saved her life. "it's great to put a face with the person who has been with her for the last 12 weeks and that she has learned so much from and a little emotional knowing that these guys all care so much for these dogs. they've been such a big part of their daily routines." marvin
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poindexter/teva's trainer: "i can't make a mark out there no more but if i can do anything to help. i help these dogs." coming up coming up well if the tree is over 6 feet tall you have to cut it in half every year they escape bay area homes and take over city streets... it's the invasion of urban tumbleweeds and they are everywhere .... i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly
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(jr stone)(2shot) listen
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up because the clock is ticking...if you're going to recycle your christmas tree.... (justine) people in san francisco have until january 12th ... but there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. it's the invasion of what i call urban tumbleweeds and they are taking over the streets of san francisco nats: ambianceit's sort of a self created tradition to dump your old christmas tree on at the nearest corner .nats ambiance i was curious rather residents actually knew what to do with their old trees, i mean really, many people often have lavish parties to decorate trees but a week or two after christmas they get dumped basically everywhere nats: ambiance over on the avenues, you will find trees standing tall and some lying flat . can you believe the stands are still on? the stands are suppose to be taken
8:45 pm
off when they dispose of them on the sidewalk while there are no christmas tree police there are rules for properly recycling your christmas trees . the most important rule if your tree is taller than 6 feet you have to cut it in half actually that is one rule.the most important rule is remove the plastic bag and place the tree next to your trash bins on your scheduled trash day .another rule you have to make sure i has not left over ornaments in other words your tree should be clean when it goes out but in san francisco you will see piles of trees, this one looks like it was kidnapped and dumped on the nearest corner some will have lights still attached if you drive around it's almost comical . but what it is is nothing more than c clear case of people behaving badly drops mic and walks away in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news (justine) taking a live look taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist dave spahr has
8:46 pm
our forecast..
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(justine) a bay area figure skater... will be going to the olympics! karen chen of fremont...secured third
8:48 pm
place at the national championships in san advance to the olympics. wasn't an easy road to victory. olympic officials say the 18-year- old... has been battling foot and hip injuries since last year...and actually overcame flu like symptoms... to win third today. (sot) "i knew that for the selection for the olympic team it was going to be based on the body of work and how the skater has been performing this entire season and to be honest i haven't been performing as great as i should be and i knew that right away so i knew that coming here to san jose at nationals that i had to bring my a game, i have to skate as clean as possible, only then will i have a chance to be on this olympic team" (justine) chen's olympic debut is the culmination of a career that began when she started skating as a six year old. she won gold at last year's u.s. championships.
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((j.r.)) big night in sports. it's official...jon gruden is going to be the next coach of the oakland raiders. the former coach and current broadcaster will be in oakland on tuesday. that's when they will welcome the former raiders coach back to town. the deal is said to be for 10 years at one hundred million dollars. tonight he was calling kansas city-tennessee game....and the topic was addressed before the actual wild card game but even then he played it by the book as the announcement had not yet been made. (j.r.) again raiders press
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conference set for tuesday at noon. congrats to jon gruden and the raiders.... well the golden state warriors were in action this afternoon down in los angeles. stephen curry looking for their fourth straight win. this team has been red hot. first quarter check out the d and the ball movement....impressive...draym ond to steph. they push it down the court and draymond finishes things off with a dunk. then curry in the lane...the ball movement impressive...back to curry. for three...yesss. curry had 45 points on the night. he was 8 of 16 from outside the arc. warriors go on to win this thing 121 to 105. at 32 and 8 they have the best record in the league. wow (jr stone) that was sports...
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we'll be right back.
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(jr stone) when the weather turns cold, many of us go for something hot like hot chocolate or soup. but others - prefer to grab an ice cold ice cream cone.(justine) tonight on dine and dish - vicki liviakis takes you to the 'hip' ice creamery ... with die-hard followers.. it's called salt and straw. brrr. sure there's a chill in the air... it's cold outside the first thing you think ... ice cream. here at salt and straw on hayes street in san francisco - they're bundled up and lining up for scoops of gourmet ice cream. zanelle is our scooper. salt and straw started out in portland and is famous for
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gourmet ice cream like honey lavender... there's chocolate gooey brownie and mint chip whoopie pie... oh and a peanut buttery banana concoction named for elvis. ice cream so good you can see why they have a cult following. and they start 'em young. lucas, the young man and his mom are are sticking with the basics of plain vanilla. rufus, the neighborhood dog, is a fan of the fresh made waffle cone and will put out his paw and bark to demand seconds. these guys came all the way from the south bay for a fix. there are the salt and straw classics for loyal followers. and something new for vegans. creamy and dreamy but no dairy. and that's chill.
8:56 pm
in san francisco, vicki liviakis kron 4 news. (justine) that was vicki liviakis reporting... if you have a restaurant, bistro, cafe or bar that you'd like to see featured on 'dine and dish'... you can send an email to dine and dish at kron 4 dot com .... or fill out the submission form on our website. you can also check out our new 'dine and dish' facebook page. (justine) the winning powerball numbers for the 570-million dollar jackpot is.... 61...and 26
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♪ >> we are being diverted from the original call that i was going on to a call of the male and female in a verbal argument. the house that they broadcast, i'm fali


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