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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 7, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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joining us...i'm justine waldman.(jr stone) and i'm jr stone. we are joined with meteorologist anny hong with more on the timing of the storm. . (anny hong): partly cloudy skies and mild temperatures are forecastthrough this evening. the storm system developing offshore isexpected to be the strongest so far this season, producingperiods of heavy rain and strong winds, especially monday and monday night. showers will continue into tuesday. dry weather isforecast for the second half of next week.
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(justine) this next storm could do serious damage to parts of the north bay...left scared by last years fires.(jr stone) a flash flood watch will be in effect until tomorrow. and kron 4's camila bernal explains why this could be dangerous for those that live in santa rosa. this area is particularly at
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risk because of the debris and the ash that was left behind after the firestorm. when the rain comes, it can carry that debris further into residential neighborhoods and it could cause mudslides. that's why authorities are asking the public to be ready and prepared in case that rain does come but this is a warning that spreads across the entire bay area.officials asking people to:-keep leafs and debris out of the streets -keep emergency materials handy -watch out for road hazards -don't forget your petsif you need sandbags, sonoma county and other bay area counties will give them out for free. another thing to keep in mind is that if you have a creek near your home you should check that it is not carrying debris, if it is you should call the city for cleanup.this cold and wet storm is expected to have a significant impact as far north as santa rosa, sonoma, napa and as far south as santa calara, san mateo burlingame and the other south bay counties so officials are asking you to be extremely careful while you're driving in the rain, especially during the commute hours.reporting in
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santa rosa, camila bernal kron 4 news. (justine) the national weather service is expecting fast-moving landslides to become more likely when the rain hits the burned areas.... and offers these ways to prepare yourself... identify vulnerable areas on your property. use erosion control techniques. such as installing straw wattles and rock bags, and clearing fire-related debris from creeks and drainages to reduce flooding. have an evacuation and emergency plan ready. and keep your cell phone turned on at all times to receive emergency alerts. (justine) you can always get the latest weather forecast... track live radar and get traffic alerts ... just download the kron4 mobile app! (jr stone) in national news... a "bomb cyclone" may have passed, but its hangover persists.. a winter weather advisory
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remains in effect for millions of people through monday morning..(justine) and if that wasn't bad enough, travelers at one airport are dealing with a baggage claim nightmare. and a flooded terminal that's causing even more delays. david daniel reports. natsthe monster storm that dumped more than a foot of snow across nearly a dozen states ... is now bringing strong northwest winds and frigid arctic air to the region.mos: "i'm really bundled up. i have like so much layers on me." more than 20-million residents in the midwest remain under a weather advisory..but there is good news... the national weather service says some reprieve is on the way for later this week..temperatures are predicted to reach 10 to 20 degrees above average. a welcome change that can't come soon enough.mos: "i just want to leave. i just want to get my ticket and leave. go somewhere way more warmer."the storm was ..and remains... especially painful for travelers...many were left stranded at airports like j- f-k since thursday..and as of
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saturday ... more than 450 flights were canceled across the country.. mos: "i don't have clothes to even change my clothes."frustrated doesn't even scratch the surface... mos: "we know it's difficult we know it's out of their hands but there needs to be crisis management."some resorted to venting on social media..mos: "everyone video this because we need answers.." according to an f-a-a spokesman, the congestion at j- f-k has started to clear... but with images like these... it's hard to say when travel operations will return to normal. i'm david daniel reporting. (jr stone) police are looking for four connection with robbing a car in fremont...and shooting the residents... when they tried to stop them. it happened around two thirty this a house on summit drive. there officers say the two residents of the home... heard loud noises outside...and when they openend the front door...they spotted four people robbing a car in the driveway. when
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the men tried to stop the of the suspects shot them. the suspects ran off on foot. the two victims are being treated for injuries not considered life threatening. the four suspects are still on the loose tonight. (justine) a popular san francisco coffee chain is facing a lawsuit from former employees who say the founder sexually harrassed and assaulted women who worked there.(jr stone) eight women listed in friday's suit were former employees of four barrel coffee, who say they were either victims or witnesses.(justine) kron four's spencer blake spoke exclusively with one of those witnesses. he joins us live tonight in san francisco...spencer? (live)from what that witness told me, the suit is more than just complaints of assault and also talks about a toxic work environment for employees, particularly for women. (pkg)two days after women
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filed the lawsuit in san francisco superior court friday, this four barrell coffee location on valencia street...was locked up...with this sign on the door - 'we are closed today, taking care of each other.'"we thought maybe it was just for the holidays, but just didn't know."umeko motoyoshi worked for the company for two years starting in 2013.she is listed as a witness in the suit, which alleges founder jeremy tooker did sexually explicit things like grab the breasts of a female co-owner and shake them in front of other workers. the document also says employees were forced to play a game in which they either kiss or slap tooker at a work function."the ownership group and hr did not respond to employee complaints about that assault and harassment." saturday co-owners jodi geren and tal mor released a statement, saying though they take the suit seriously and are saddened by it, they take issue with the claims being made in it.they also said they will take prompt action to address any and all employee concerns."the complaint is not
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just against jeremey tooker. the complaint is against four barrel coffee."motoyoshi says she takes issue with the entire environment of the workplace."there was this pattern of releasing multiple items of merchandise that used women's bodies and breasts." geren and mor call that a mischaracterization of the current culture.they also point out that tooker withdrew as c-e-o of the company back in november, before the suit was filed.motoyoshi says the response from the community towards the suit has been positive, and she hopes it empowers others to speak up when they see abuse."anyone going in to four barrel, be sensitive to the baristas working there because they're probably dealing with a lot." (live)the letter from the owners of four barrel also says tooker has agreed to divest his remaining ownership in the company, regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit. live in san francisco, spencer blake, kron four news. (j.r.) now that pot is legal
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there are serious questions on how a driver is busted for d-u- i involving marijuana. sunday we went out with chp officers to answer that very question. kron 4's ella sogomonia is on the road with chp and picks up the story. smoking marijuana is now legal in california but highway patrol officers have been on the look out for drivers under the influence of the drug way before january first of this year.there are a few tell-tale signs they look for to make a stop.(nats) sot: officer charlette brannon, california highway patrol// "impaired driving it can be extremely noticeable or not that noticeable. some indicators are swerving back and forth across the lanes accelerating excessively and then decreasing in speed. fluctuating drastically in speed. maybe making unsafe lane changes swerving back and forth between traffic. could just be speeding those are the main ones."once pulled over an officer will take a closer
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look for things like a greenish white film on the tongue and of course the obvious smell. sot: officer charlette brannon, california highway patrol// "red bloodshot eyes, maybe their speech, they demeanor sometimes they are a little bit slower. slower reaction time."if an officer has reason to believe you are impaired regardless if it's weed or alcohol they give you the same sobriety test.(nats) it starts with a series of about 20 questions that gauge your consiousness and memory. (nats) then you're asked to follow a pen using your eyes without moving your you're asked to take nine steps heel to toe and turn in a stepped pivot motion to repeat.and finally if you have no injury your balance is put to the test by lifting your choice of foot pointed downward for 30 seconds at most or however long the officer tells you to keep it up.if they suspect you're not sober you may see this tool known as a pas test
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for short that detects alcohol levels like a breathalazyer. sot: officer charlette brannon, california highway patrol// "so this is a preliminary alcohol screening test. this is not a standardized test so its optional. so it is a test to determine blood alcohol content."but unlike alcohol there is no device yet available to law enforcement to gauge t-h-c levels in the system considering it can stay in the body well past smoking or ingesting.sot: officer charlette brannon, california highway patrol// "it would be a helpful tool just like the preliminary alcohol screening tool again that's optional though. so if we had that it would be able to determine limits. but with our standard filed sobriety test we are able to determine if the driver is impaired."until then, officers will continue making arrests for drivers they believe to by high based on their contra costa county ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (justine) a virutal black-out on the red carpet at the gloden globes. as actors and actresses are
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wearing-black in protest at the awards ceremony. it is part of the "time's up" initiative... which was created to fight sexual misconduct across the country. many men put a "time's up" pin on their tux. also, some actors are attending the globes with advocates for gender and racial justice. one guest is the founder of the #metoo movement. the black-out is also an effort to raise money for a legal defense fund for victims of sexual misconduct in the workplace. (justine) here are some big winners from the 75th golden globe awards. for motion picture: best drama-- three billboards outside ebbing, missouri. best musical or comedy-- "lady bird." best actor-- gary oldman for "darkest hour." best actress-- "frances mcdormand for "three billboards outside ebbing, missouri." for television series: best drama series-- "the handmaid's tale." best musical or comedy series-- "the marvelous mrs. maisel." best actor-- sterling k brown for "this is us." best actress--
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elizabeth moss for "the handmaid's tale." also, oprah winfrey received a lifetime achievement award. (jr stone) coming up... a heavily recruited bay area football star is headed off to college... we'll tell you why more than football was involved in this story. (justine) plus... an army sergeant home for the shot and killed... now his family is looking for answers. (jr stone) and... there is a new legal fight over charles manson...and his remains... we'll explain after the break.
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(jr stone) taking a live look outside....(justine) meteorologist anny hong has our forecast. . (anny hong): partly cloudy skies and mild temperatures are forecastthrough this evening. the storm system developing offshore isexpected to be the strongest so far this season, producingperiods of heavy rain and strong winds, especially monday and monday night. showers will continue into tuesday. dry weather isforecast for the second half of next week. (justine) a man was injured in a shooting in
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oakland. it happened around 6:20 yesterday morning on eighth street near market street. police say the man was shot four times. he was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition. police say the shooter is still on the the shooter is next week.
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(justine) a man was injured in a shooting in oakland. it happened around 6:20 yesterday morning on eighth street near market street. police say the man was shot four times. he was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition. police say the shooter is still on the loose. (justine) a traffic stop in the east bay lead to police taking loaded guns from teenagers. here are the guns police in richmond say they recovered. it includes a couple of magazines and two loaded pistols, one of which was reported stolen. polcie tell us, an officer patrolling the city's iron triangle noticed a car blow through a stop sign at west macdonald ave. and curry street. the officer followed the car and police report he saw the people inside throw guns and magazines from guns out the window. after several
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minutes the driver did stop. and all 4 people inside were detained. the suspects were all juveniles between 15 and 17 years old. and they were all booked at juvenile hall. (j.r.) here's a wild one....major questions tonight about the possible "will" left by cult leader charles manson. manson died this past november at the age of 83. there is now a fight over the estate and the remains of manson. there are at least two conflicting wills and claims to his estate from an alleged son, a grandson, and pen pal. those involved could cash in on songs manson wrote that were used by the beach boys and guns n' roses. a judge will look at these claims on monday. manson orchestrated the 1969 killings of pregnant actress sharon tate and eight other people. (jr stone) new tonight at
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eight... an army sergeant survived overseas tours unscathed.... only to be killed over the holidays during a brief visit home to nebraska. (justine) police say the 27-year-old died at the hospital after being shot outside a club early saturday morning. rachel urbanski spoke with his father. there are some things in this world that don't make sense... the leflore family says the senseless killing of their son, kyle, is one of those things."he didn't have any enemies. he didn't have an enemy in the world."army sgt. kyle leflore survived overseas tours unscathed...before a gunman took his life early saturday morning during a brief visit home. police are hunting for his killer while his family looks for answers. "little did i know that just before he would leave omaha someone would attack him, steal his jewelry and shoot him in the chest. it's a coward, cowardly act, to shoot an unarmed man." on social media friends and family can't grasp that a crime so senseless happened to kyle."he could have lost his life in afghanistan, two tours in afghanistan. he could have
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lost his life on tour in iraq and yet someone here in this city thought they could kill him and go about their lives." the world was kyle's oyster as his father explains. he was working on going into the fbi."he was living his life the right way and now it's all-it's all gone."kyle's wife and high school sweetheart latasha followed him into the army. she has a 16-hour flight from seoul to omaha where she will break the news to their 5-year old son. "his little boy, he is amazing. five years old. he's going to grow up without a father and why?"the leflore
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family home is booming with love, and they say they hope it'll be enough to get them through until justice is served....rachel urbansky six news. (jr stone) coming up... a bear cub is rescued after the socal wildfires... we'll hear from the man who took action after finding the cub badly burned. (justine) and.... gas prices are going up...we'll show you what you can expect to pay around the bay area after the break.
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(justine) four your money tonight. the average price of a gallon of gas... has jumped 3-cents nationally to 2-dollars and 54 cents . the due to higher crude oil cost. here in the bay area a gallon of gas in oakland is 3-dollars and 15 cents. in san jose the price slightly drops to
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3-dollars and 14 cents a gallon. gas in san the highest in the u-s... at an average of 3- dollars and 26 cents a gallon. (j.r.) tonight a follow up story that you can smile about. a bay area young man left fairfield this morning in route to the university of tennessee. jordan allen who you see here hugging his mom at the airport got on a plane as the sun was coming up today. allen was recruited by numerous big time college football programs across the country after playing last season at city college san francisco. he chose the tennessee volunteers. jordan's mother has been in and out of the hospital his whole life. she had kidney failure, then a kidney transplant, and has been dealing with recent colon problems. jordan has been her inspiration.... and when we last spoke with jordan a few weeks ago he talked about how his mother has been his inspiration.when you get low i definitely have her. if she can go to work for 8 years on
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dialisis every day non stop then i can practice and go to class and get done what i have to get done. jordan's family took him to the sacramento airport today. that includes his mom and his brother. look for him on the football field for the vols later this year. (justine) coming up... they may be small.... but the builders of these homes claim one thing will never destroy them... (jr stone) plus... a bay area family's dog ... attacked at a kennel... and now they want to know how it could have happened. (jutsine) taking a look at
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stormtracker four rader... dry now...but the storm is approaching...(jr stone)
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meteorologist anny hong is here with more on the timing of the storm. . (anny hong): partly cloudy skies and mild temperatures are forecastthrough this evening. the storm system developing offshore isexpected to be the strongest so far this season, producingperiods of heavy rain and strong winds, especially monday and monday night. showers will continue into tuesday. dry weather isforecast for the second half of next week.
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(justine) you can always get the latest weather forecast... track live radar and get traffic alerts ... just download the kron4 mobile app! (jr stone) homeowners and public officials in southern california are getting ready for possible floods and mudslides. a round of new storms could hit fire-ravaged orange county. public works teams there have been out cleaning debris out of
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drains. they even used a robotic camera to make sure water is flowing. gravel bags are also being distributed to block debris flow.(sot) "we can't control how much rain we get but we can control our preparedness. and what we do to set ourselves up to prepare for any amount of rain we see (jr stone) the canyon-fire-two last october scorched more than 92- hundred acres, including land at some regional parks. (justine) a bear cub was badly burned in the southern california wildfires.(jr stone) alys martinez spoke to the resident who found the bear and alerted officials. and, a warning -- some may find the images disturbing. trevor quirk gives this bear cub it's last drink of water. trevor quirk/ojai resident:"we found the poor little bear that we named sisa, actually." quirk found the cub off of
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cisar trail in the los padres national forest in ventura county. the animal, believed to be eight months old, had burns all over its body, presumably from the thomas fire. trevor quirk/ojai resident:"the bear was immobile. it had no paws basically. it was very, very sad. its jaw was burnt through on one side."the california department of fish and wildlife sent a veterinarian, and a biologist to recover the bear.but, they were too late. the vet says the bear was suffering and had little chance of survival. a decision was made to euthanize it. trevor quirk/ojai resident:"we put it into the game warden's truck and took it down the mountain and that was the last i saw of sisa."quirk is still feeling emotional about the thomas fire, which nearly burned down his upper ojai home. he managed to save it, and since then, says he's raised money to provide relief
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to the fire victims. trevor quirk/ojai resident:"we've raised $100,000 for people who have lost their homes."quirk says the fire brought the ojai community together.and, while he's devastated by what happened to the bear, he takes solace in the fact that it is no longer suffering. trevor quirk/ojai resident:"that bear is a very, very sad story. i think that bear in a better place now -- so i'm hoping so." in ojai, i'm alys martinez reporting. (jr stone) in the east bay... a family is demanding answers after their dog was attacked while at a kennel... now the walnut creek kennel is trying to defend itself. kron 4's ali reid has the story. pkgemotionally and physically scarred ..he was mauled. 18 puncture wounds. you can see him curled up there. he's in pain. no one should have to endure an attack like that.
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this 4 year old pitbull mix was dropped off at the northgate kennels and cattery while his family left town for the new year celebration. elizabeth iannaccone (eye-an-ah-cone) says she got a 2 days after the attack, but wasn't told the severity of shadow's injuries. when they showed up, the family was his face, his head, his leg. he had to have surgery to repair his outer ear because a part of his head and ear were horrible shape. he was just crying and shaking and laying on a bed.according to workers at the kennel, shadow escaped from his kennel and attacked another dog. that pitbull then reacted. never, never, never. shadow would never. he's such a submissive dog. he would never. and i ws told there were no injuries to the other dogthe family refuses to believe that is how it went down.he's not an aggressive dog. he's never been in a fight.he's loving, playful, he'll run up and turn on his
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back so people can rub his belly. he's just the sweetest thing ever.elizabeth says the kennel will not hand over the other dog's medical information. and won't answer questions related to the attack. so she turned to social media. and her post went viral.i don't want this to happen to another family. i don't want another dog to go through what our dog has. he's not the same dog anymore. he's so traumatized right now. he's never growled before and now he growls from pain, shakes standupshadow's family is still trying to figure out what to do next.they're extremely concerned about his recovery.and they have yet to hear from the walnut reid kron 4 news. (justine) coming up... coaches in the north bay are helping young players affected by wildfires in santa rosa. we'll tell the ways they're giving (jr stone) plus... it can be a challenge to pay for rent in the bay area.... we'll show you ways to help lower your bills after the break...
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reid binion shows you ways to help lower your bills. nearly half of renters can't afford their rent.according to a harvard report -- almost 21 million people were considered burdened by the price of their rent in 2016.meaning more than 30 percent of income is dedicated to housing and utilities.some are in even worse shape.25 percent of renters pay more than half of their income for housing. losing such a big chunk of your check can impact your savings -- and force tough spending decisions down the road. like deciding whether to pay rent or pay for food.there is some good improving economy and rising paychecks have helped ease the burden for some renters.but -- affluent renters -- combined with high building and land costs -- are driving the prices may be able to lower payments.try to switch providers every your cable company to see if you can negotiate a lower rate.or cut the cord -- and switch to a streaming service.consider getting a roommate.the new person could help you cut
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costs in half.if you are a good renter -- haggle with your landlord.try to talk the company out of raising your rent when it comes time to renew.if an appliance breaks -- ask your landlord about getting credit on your next rent statement.especially if you have to spend money while you wait for that appliance to get fixed.bottom line -- it doesn't hurt to have a just may help keep your costs down.for consumer watch -- i'm reid binion. (j.r.) after wildfires ravaged the north bay....homeowners might want to consider a new option. a construction company in sacramento is building container homes that are nearly fireproof. from the outside -- they look just like a regular shipping container. but once inside -- the homes can be built to any level of finish. not only can you live in one as small as 160 square feet... but they can also be used in disaster situations.james roberts: "they're using these for medical relief facilities outside of just housing. and then you've seen all the time out at construction yards."
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the recycled containers are also practically indestructible. they're designed to be in hurricane level forces and winds for up to 50 years. with prices starting at 55-thousand dollars -- they're affordable for many looking to own their own home or rebuild.
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(jr stone) a rolling stop
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does not count, especially when police are posted up at the intersection just waiting. (justine) kron four's stanley roberts was there for the police crackdown. what am like a actress you have to take a picture? i am the paparazzi and today i get to track down all the people behaving badly superstars the but to find them they must first reveal themselves.. like running a stop sign right outside the department of motor vehicles . did i mention i'm not alone i'm with officer grant from the pacifica police department you have to make a complete stop before the limit line this is all part of the san mateo county saturation traffic enforcement program, aka step, every month officers from all over san mateo county including the california highway patrol and the sheriff's office their sole purpose is to focus on people driving badly this time officers were in colma and daly city where there were was no shortage of issues like this white lexus which rolled the stop sign . it turns out he was an uber driver and he already had one passenger and he was picking up his second funny thing his first words to
8:46 pm
me washow long does it take, how long does it take? back over by the dmv in daly city yet another driver straight up ran the stop sign .. you did not come to a complete stop at the stop sign do you have driver's license registration when i asked him what happened, he said he stopped early stop (early stop like a block back yea i think so, well you know you have to stop at the block you're at (shrugs shoulders) there was also the problem with drivers on cell phones like this on gellert were you talking on the phone or were you texting what were you doing on your phone i was just on it really quick huh i was just checking it really quick where is your do you have hands free no i have it but i having installed it yet every driver shown was issued a ticket for the various violations for being on your cell phone the handsfree tickets will set you back 167 dollars but no point not stopping for a stop sign .this is a citation for not coming to a complete stop at the stop sign ok 238 dollars and one point but getting a
8:47 pm
passenger to read whats on your hat people behaving badly i'm not a badly like that .. priceless keep doing your thing in daly city stanley roberts kron 4 news (justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist anny hong has our forecast.. .
8:48 pm
(anny hong): partly cloudy skies and mild temperatures are forecastthrough this evening. the storm system developing offshore isexpected to be the strongest so far this season, producingperiods of heavy rain and strong winds, especially monday and monday night. showers will continue into tuesday. dry weather isforecast for the second half of next week.
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(justine) tonight at sports has a healing effect. in the fire ravaged areas of the north bay ... there was proof ...that with the right spirit.. the game will go on. kron 4's jeff pierce reports from santa rosa. dozens of coaches and professional baseball players put on a baseball clinic for young players in santa rosa on
8:51 pm
friday afternoon.but it was more than just a baseball clinic, it was a fund raiser to help those ball players who lost everything in the north bay fires replace their equipment before the season starts.little league tryouts and spring training around the corner, it's the perfect time to do it.we have a list of a hundred and eighty six players, young players that were displaced by the fires. every kid that was displaced is going to walk away with gloves, bats, helmets, shoes, an unbelievable amount of gear they can walk away with.but more than replacing gear they got to recieve tips from no less a player than oakland a's marcus semian.a lot of families who may have lost their homes, lost their equipment, wed just raising money to help these families rebuild their liveswhen the shortstop for the a's comes out and donates his time it's pretty impressive. we can't
8:52 pm
thank them enough and it just goes to show you it's more than a game.gabe cramer who pitches for the kansas city royals minor league team and went to santa rosa high school would not miss the event.when you can help out kids and families that have lost most of their possessions it's the best thing you can do and baseball allow us to do that so it was a no brainer.for cody guy it was about replacing his dreams.i'm just trying to collect them all back, baseball cards, bobble heads, signatures.dreams shattered by the's just been my whole life since i started watching santa rosa jeff pierce kron four news. (jr stone) that was
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woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
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first off, we're going to give you all... "what's wrong with all the reading i've done. i don't see your name up here in these mock drafts. is there something i'm missing?""no sir.""is there a flaw, a dramatic flaw?" "no sir.""get ready derek carr... get ready bay area... chucky's back!... jon gruden gets a king's ransom to be the raiders head coach... we talk raiders future under their new leadermeanwhile... the49ers are feeling good after winning their last five games and 6 of 7... now the focus?... gett jimmy garoppolo signed long term... we will discussthe second day of wild card weekend brings tough defense... and high drama... highlights and reaction... plus a look ahead to the divisional round... coming up and steph is back.. we will look at the epic return of the baby-faced assassin... plus his funny... and kinda wierd... new commercial


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