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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 9, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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on the identity of the driver killed... but we will continue to monitor the situation.. and bring you any updates as soon as they come in to our newsroom. (pam) developing tonight... homes, cars and lives -- swept away in the upscale santa barbara county town of montecito. mudslides have killed at least 13 people in southern california... more than 50 others had to be rescued by helicopter. a powerful storm dropped almost an inch of rain in 15- minutes ... on hillsides left bare by last months wildfires.(steve) reporter john palminteri shows us just how quickly the new catastrophe happened... summary: residents in several southern california towns were abruptly woken up in the early morning hours tuesday, to rivers of mud and debris flowing through their neighborhoods.heavy rains over the last two days drenched areas that had been recently devastated by wildfires. and with no vegetation left to
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hold the hillsides together, they came crashing the small affluent coastal town of montecito, just south of santa barbara, several people were killed, and at least six homes were wiped clean off their foundations. roads are impassable... and even part of the 101 freeway had to be shut down when the flooding and mud made its way least fifty people had to be rescued, including a 14- year-old girl who was trapped in her collapsed home for hours.thousands in recent fire- ravaged areas in los angeles, santa barbara and ventura counties, had been given evacuation orders ahead of the storm. (steve) the situation in southern california is something many people feared happening in the north bay firestorm burn area. kron4's spencer blake shows us of the storm.orders ahead evacuation been given counties, had been given evacuation orders ahead of the storm.
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(steve) the situation in southern california is something many people feared happening in the north bay firestorm burn area. kron4's spencer blake shows us what's being done to prevent floods and mudslides locally. (looklive)"in santa rosa the rain wasn't as bad as forecasters originally thought and the assistant fire marshal says that's a two-edged sword." (pkg)before monday, this year's winter has been almost bone dry."meaning that we've had a lot of time to put in erosion control measures, storm drain inlet protections, whether it's hydro seeding, hydro mulching."burned-out fountaingrove in santa rosa is filled with those measures, because the hilly neighborhood
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could easily face flooding and/or mudslides during a big rain event.monday's storm was forecasted to be big - and it was indeed very soaking -- ...but then it died off sooner than expected.the winds slowed down and the flash flood watch got lifted hours early."we made it through it well, but again we just didn't get that amount of rain that we had initially forecasted and had planned and prepared for." assistant fire marshal paul lowenthal with the santa rosa fire department says he's comfortable with how erosion control went, but knows that the measures in place are still untested.the city won't know if their preparations are sufficient, until they make it through a big storm. "fortunately we have another dry break. it's a time to regroup, it's a time to check on your properties, make sure that you're ready for the next round of rain."and crews will be checking gravel bags, removing debris around storm drains, and double-checking that everything is on the up-and-up before more rain comes through next santa rosa, spencer blake, kron four news. (pam) the rain has moved out of the bay area for now.. but not before creating a series of problems along highway- 17 in the south bay. take a look - we counted at
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least nine accidents during the morning commute.. i'm here in the weather center with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. are we in the clear for a little while? lawrence karnow: the biggest storm of the season is finally winding down but not before leaving impressive amounts of rain. some local mountains saw almost 6 inches of rain from the storm. on doppler radar you can still see a few scattered showers but most of them are very light. showers will decrease tonight and skies will become partly cloudy. on the satellite you can see the storm now headed into southern california bringing them flooding rains. theres another weak storm that will bring more clouds and a slight chance of showers to norht bay tomorrow. the rest of us will see passing clouds. high pressure will then build in sending the jet stream and the rain to the north. highs tomorrow will be in the 50s to
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low 60s under partly to mostly cloudy skies. high pressure will continue to strengthen on thursday and into the weekend. other than a few passing clouds, we should see some sunshine and warmer temperatures. more rain is possible next week. (steve) another big story tonight..we have just learned that a federal judge temporarily blocked president trump's decision to end the daca. today - republicans and democrats coming together at the white house -- discussing daca, the border wall, and so-called chain migration. there are a lot of sticking there are a lot of sticking points for president trump--any agreement must include three things ... a wall, as well as an end to chain migration and to the visa lottery. (pam) new video ... showing a school bus crash in the east bay.. the chain reaction starts, when a white truck hits another car and veers into oncoming traffic.. and then -- the violent colllsion with the school bus full of children....
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(steve)12 people are hurt - including the pregnant woman who was driving the bus. it happened in el sobrante this morning on san pablo dam road...kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story and joins us live there tonight. j.r. how are those 12 doing this evening? (j.r.)two of them are in serious condition tonight. the 7 kids are okay. the pregnant driver and her baby are okay as well but is being kept in the hospital for observation after what was a wild few seconds. natsthe chilling moments on board a school bus seconds after a chevy silverado crashes into that bus. natsin fact the accidentthat happened in el sobrante and involved four vehicles was all caught on surveillance video. watch the upper left hand part of your screen as one car slows down to make a left hand turna volkswagon behind that car then slows down and a chevy silverado plows into
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that volkswagon sending it into oncoming traffic before slamming into the school bus. sot so a lot of big trucks go by sometimes but this sounded bigger than most big trucks it just went boom boom boom.this is what the volkswagon looked like after that head on collision. at last check the driver is in serious condition. it's unclear who is to blame but just looking at the video you can see the silvarado is going much faster than both cars in front of it. cheyenne boyer heard the accident and then saw the aftermath. he said one of the three people inside the silverado had serious injuries as well. his concern though was telling the kids on board that everything was going to be alright.sot they said what happened.i said it's alright just a little accident you guys will be alright.when we talked with last talked chp officers they had yet to see this video. something that will likely change in the coming daysat which time we could see charges against one of the drivers.
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(j.r.)just from being out here today i can tell you this is a very dangerous intersection. cars going very fast and many crossing lanes of traffic. neighbors tell me that they accidents here as well. there is not a stop light or any stop signs. reporting live in el sobrante, j.r. stone kron 4 news. (steve) also in the east
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bay....even though the holidays are over -- package thefts still a probelm.. this is surveillance video sent to us from hercules of suspected thief.the woman first tries to knock on the door... when no one answers she crouches down to put a box on the porch... into a bag she brought.hen she spots another box which she tries to hide in her jacket. but as she's walking away the owner speaks through the camera's built in mic...and the thief drops at least one of the packages while running away. (steve) also in hercules tonight -- another warning about coffee shop robberies.. this latest snatch and grab crime was violent - robbers targeted a starbucks customer to get their cell phone. it happened at the starbucks on willow road near interstate 80... but we've seen crimes like this all over the bay area targeting laptops. kron4's gabe slate talked to police about how to protect yourself in a cafe. in broad daylight around noon on monday to african american
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males entered this starbucks at 842 willow avenue in hercules armed with a gun and started robbing people of their smartphones and laptops. before it was over it turned violentsound from - connie van putten, hercules police, reserve detective and pioone of the victims was hit in the face with the gun and had to be transported to a hospital for treatment labor non-life- threatening injuries he was released from the hospitalthe armed suspects took electronic devices from three starbucks customers. they are still at large.sound from - connie van putten, hercules police, reserve detective and piothey were described as wearing all blackconnie van putten with the hercules police says like a lot of bay area cities over the last two years they have had their share of snatch and grab thefts of laptops and phones at local coffee shops but this was more serious. sound from - connie van putten, hercules police, reserve detective and piowe are concerned about the level of violence it's an armed robbery assault with a deadly weapon it's over there are two distinct felonies involved here i asked about surveillance videosound from - connie van putten, hercules police, reserve detective and pioit is
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being used in active investigationno one from the starbucks could talk to me on camera.. i reached out to their corporate office who told me they are assisting local authorities on this investigation, that was their only comment. police have this warning for people using electronics in coffee shops.. sound from - connie van putten, hercules police, reserve detective and pio"we always encourage anyone who is the victim of a crime if that they're only after property to give up the property and cannot fight back we do suggest that you try to keep a close tab on your devices he'll keep him and your hand if you can don't lay them unattended on the tables"in hercules gabe slate kron 4 news. (pam) in the south bay.. new details about a police shooting in san jose.. it happened at the metcalf energy center.the company confirms ... there was a situation involving an intruder .. and police responded. we do not know the condition of the person shot.. all employees of the power plant are safe. coming up new at ten: najee harris making the bay area proud... he led a big comeback in last night's college football championship game.tonight -- we're hearing from his very excited local community... (pam) then - a bay area coffee company -- dealing with an explosive sexual harassment lawsuit..tonight - how the owners are hoping some
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re-branding will save their business,. (steve) and next:new at ten - the outpouring of support as the children of a chp officer killed on christmas eve - return to school. for sleep number's 'lowest prices
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of the season' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. does your bed do that? right now our queen c4 mattress is only $1199, save $400. ends soon. visit for a store near you. (pam) the two children of c-h-p officer andrew camilleri are back in school for the first time
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since their father's death. (ááávoááá) here are some pictures from their first day back, yesterday.camilleri was killed while on duty christmas eve. officers from the c-h-p- hayward area ... escorted elizabeth and a-j to shool. the moment was posted on the department's facebook page with the hastag c-h-p-family. (steve)san francisco (steve) san francisco based chain four barrel coffee is changing it's name and handing over ownership to its employees, this comes as a response after a sexual assault lawsuit was filed against an owner who has since stepped down. kron4's ella sogomonian is live in san francisco with the latest. although they've lost some business four barrel coffee is pushing through the scandal staying open and vowing to make good with their remaining employees who get to keep
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their jobs and soon become decision makers. in response to sexual assault allegations from 8 former employees against former co-owner jeremey tooker - four barrel coffee has announced some big if to reflect those changes the company will now be called 'the tide'. the san francisco coffee chain will also work toward shifting their business model to a co-op.all of their employees will become owners of the 9-year-old company and have one share and one vote in all matters.sot: kevin mowen, four barrel coffee employee// "and in this situation i think there were mistakes made and at this point i think they're being dealt with head on and there's this huge opportunity to service this model that may or may not work that's like working really hard and giving everything up to basically put that faith and that trust into people that are needing it."a frequent customer agrees with keeping the company open but is skeptical about the practicality of giving all 75 employees a say.sot: frequent customer// "i think that is a very noble concept however i wouldn't want to be in the shoes of someone running the business simply because the more cooks you have in the kitchen the harder it is to run a business."on saturday tooker agreed to give up his half of the shares and
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ownership of the company.the two remaining owners jodi geren and tal mor say they will then work on increasing shares available from their remaining ownership until they divest from the business and the tide will be 100% employee owned. ((fullscreen))tooker resigned last novemeber before the suit was filed.owners jodi geren and tal mor released a statement saying quote, " today we can safely say four barrel has died with his departurehow had we not understood the gravity of his actions?...the responsibility lies squarely on our shoulders. we are heartbroken and we are sorry." tooker resigned last novemeber before the suit was filed. owners jodi geren and tal mor released a statement saying quote, " today we can safely say four barrel has died with his departurehow had we not understood the gravity of his actions?...the responsibility lies squarely on our shoulders. we are heartbroken and we are sorry."the company aimed to have an all-staff sometime tonight to go over these in san francisco ella sogomonian kron 4 news. a former
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antioch high school football player is making headlines... after helping alabama win the national championship. najee harris was the nation's top recruit last year, and his former coaches tell kron- 4's ali reid... they are certain he has a lot more good coming.. in his future. coaches here at antioch high consider najee harris family. they watched with pride as he helped his team win this year's national championship. pkghe did not disappoint. he was on the big stage and took advantage of itthis alabama freshman running back has always been focused. najee harris started playing varsity football his freshman year of
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high school.he didn't just show up on a friday night or saturday and played the game. he put so much hard work into where he's at right now, on the field, off the fieldthe 6-foot-3 225 pound rising star moved halfway across the country to play for the best football team in the ncaa. and he's been getting a lot support from former coaches.we knew going there his playtime would be limited going to alabama, but he stayed focused and positive and when he got his chance he did what he did. during the 2nd half of the game, harris rushed 64 yards, helping the crimson tide take home a 26-23 overtime win over georgia. antioch's head coach says there are so many reasons why the freshman was the nation's top recruit last year. that's his dream. that's what he's focused on. he wanted to play with the best, against the best. and that's his determination and his competitive nature. he's an amazing young man.and a positive role model for teammates and the community at largefor my players now to see what he did in the classroom, on his saturday mornings and sunday nights, that's the work you have to put in and a lot of these kids are doing that now.i texted him last night to say i love ya and he said i love you too coach. we're just so proud of him.standupas a constant support system, coach lucido tells me one piece of advice he gives harris is to stay patient, and seize the
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moment when it arrives.and that's exactly what he did. coach says harris is showing by example that when you work hard, you will see results. reporting from antioch ali reid kron 4 news after parting ways 20-years ago...jon gruden has
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returned to be head coach of the oakland raiders. the official announcement was made today. grant lodes is here with the details on the deal that brought the legendary coach to the silver and black, (grant) gruden returns for a decade-long deal worth 10 percent of a billion dollars.....that's 100-hundred million bucks. most recently, he was an analyst on monday night football.....but now, he's back in the city he loves....oakland...and he's ready to roll. (sot :20) "i never thought i'd be back, but here i am and i'm ready to get to work....i'm going to do everything i can to hire a great coaching staff and put the raiders back on track...i never wanted to leave the raiders....i'm at a point in my life where i need another challenge, and i know i have a lot to prove. and i'm eager to prove that i can do it."
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(grant) those were just some of the promising words from gruden earlier today. gary radnich will have the full story coming up shortly. (pam) a live look outside looking out over san francisco on this tuesday night.. a few clouds but the rain mostly gone.. (steve) lawrence has the four zone forecast.. lawrence karnow: the biggest storm of the season is finally winding down but not before leaving impressive amounts of rain. some local mountains saw
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almost 6 inches of rain from the storm. on doppler radar you can still see a few scattered showers but most of them are very light. showers will decrease tonight and skies will become partly cloudy. on the satellite you can see the storm now headed into southern california bringing them flooding rains. theres another weak storm that will bring more clouds and a slight chance of showers to norht bay tomorrow. the see passing clouds. high pressure will then build in sending the jet stream and the rain to the north. highs tomorrow will be in the 50s to low 60s under partly to mostly cloudy skies. high pressure will continue to strengthen on thursday and into the weekend. other than a few passing clouds, we should see some sunshine and warmer temperatures. more rain is possible next week.
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(steve) still ahead new at ten: she was attacked but lived to tell the terrifying story.. tonight - we're hearing from a woman who came face to face with a shark in hawaii. (pam) and next - also new tonight..the new effort to make preschool free in california.. california..
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at ten: in sacramento ... legislation has been introduced to send all four year -olds in california to pre-school. state senator bill dodd of napa says, the proposal will pay dividends for years to come. (ááádbl box voááá) right now, around 170-thousands children, who are eligible for publicly funded pre-school, are not in class. officials say, that's because there are not enough spots. research shows.. that a high- quality, one-year universal preschool program in california, would generate between 2- and 4- dollars in benefits for every dollar invested. state senator dodd says, the measure would build on the state's transitional kindergarten program, which was put into place in 20-10. the first hearing on the bill is expected in march. (steve) coming up... flu deaths continue to rise across
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the state... now we're seeing a spike in dogs getting the flu... tips on how you can protect your pooch (pam) then - we've told you about the car breakin problems in san a visiting olympic figure skater has been hit...what the thieves got away with. (steve) and next -- another home pacifica in danger of falling victim to coastal erosion.. ♪
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visit for a store near you. ( steve ) yet another home in pacifica is about to fall victim to the relentless coastal erosion that has already destroyed three apartment buildings and numerous houses in recent years... (pam) the home in question tonight.... is vacant. the owners did try to save it... but it is now just days away from demolition.. kron4's charles clifford was in pacifica today .. he brings us the details...
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(steve) plenty of rain--
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but other than a few trees down onto some wiresin the san lorenzo valley, no major damage or mud slides reported as crews are mopping up in the santa cruz mountains. that is not to say there were no problems on the road. kron four'srob fladeboe shows you how the rain and wrecks only added tohighway 17's reputation as one of the bay area's nastiest rainy day commutes. i drove over "the hill" as this part of highway 17 is known, three times today. in that stretch, over the course of about 3 hours, i saw nine vehicles, some of them already en route to the body shop, that had been involved in accidents. it was like that all day says tow truck driver
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mike durand.mike durand/dick's towing"....they go too fast, they hit the wall, and they crash..."in one of the more serious accidents, christiano silva escaped injury despite having rolledhis pickup near redwood estates.christiano silva/crashed truck on highway 17" was raining and i lost control and then i hit the wall and went over...."on monday, in far heavier rain, there were actually fewer wrecks. lighter rain might have found some drivers picking up the pace but the pavement is still very slick and not just because of the rain said a very busy chp officer taylor griffith. officer taylor griffith/chp "....we have long periods without rain and during that time oil and transmission fluid and anti freeze leaks from vehicles and soaks into the pavement and when it rains that stuff is released and makes the surface extremely slippery..."several drivers spun out and hit the guard rail after passing through an
10:34 pm
especially slippery spot in the southbound lanes just south of the summit. one of them is experienced commuter dan casciato.dan casciato/hit slippery spot and spun out "....all of a sudden my car started turning sideways as if it was on ice or something, i tried to correct but i just kept sliding and eventually i hit the guard rail...."the accidents led in turn to several long backups, including this one when officer griffith ran a traffic break to check out a slippery spot south of the notorious big moody curve, wherethe debris field on the shoulder is evidence of a well deserved reputation. this was one of three accidents here today. offficer taylor griffith/chp "....they're going too fast and they slam on the brakes and lose traction and then they over correct and now they don't have all four wheels on the ground and they lose control..."rob fladeboe "...equally treacherous in either direction, big moody curve, where officer griffith says he has seen some fifty accidents in the past year, is north of the summit....just south of redwoodestates. in the santa cruz mountains rob fladeboe kron 4 news. (pam) happening now: police are looking for the
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person responsible for vandalizing live oak high school in morgan hill. take a look at this surveillance image. police believe this is one of the people who has vandalized the school. live oak high school has been vandalized and robbed several times over the past few months. (áááon camááá)(pam) in pleasanton police say a tree brought down by last night's storm... helped stop a man they were least stop his car. the 80 foot long oak is all cut up now but this morning it was blocking a roadway. police say marquice mc-clinton of fremont, was driving a hyundai elandra... when it hit the tree this morning. he ran off into the bushes and didn't turn up after a k-9 team searched the area. (ááásotááá)it was already down in the roadway and it was a large tree about an 80 foot oak tree. and he hit that stop the pursuit. he collision he left our officers were not involved in a collision and we lost him after a foot pursuit (pam )mcclinton is now wanted for felony evasion. he was last seen wearing a black hoodie and blue jeans. black hoodie wearing a was last seen evasion. he for felony now wanted mcclinton is (pam )
10:36 pm
mcclinton is now wanted for felony evasion. he was last seen wearing a black hoodie and blue jeans. (áááots steve ááá) today was the deadline for anyone interested in running for mayor of san francisco..the acting san francisco mayor - london breed - has filed the paperwork.(ááá fullscreen ááá) but the list of candidates - people either intent on running - or those who want- is now 26 names long. among the familiar names - former state senator mark leno. who has made it clear for some time that he wants the job... also on that list -- san francisco supervisor jane kim... the election will be held june 5th. will be held the election jane kim... the election will be held june 5th. (steve) tonight we are learning a u.s olympic figure skater had two pricey costumes and her skates stolen from a rental suv...while visiting san francisco. police say marissa castelli was competing in the u.s. figure skating championships in san jose last week. she and her parents visited san francisco's japantown neighborhood for lunch yesterday...before returning home to rhode island.
10:37 pm
a burglar broke into her rental suv... and stole several pieces of luggage...that included two skating costumes worth at least a grand each...and her figure skates. castelli... competed in the 20-14 winter olympics in sochi , russia...and is the 2017 u.s. national silver medalist. (pam) newly released 2017 crime statistics.... show the city of oakland is getting safer ... but there are still some big challeges ahead. kron 4's terisa estacio breaks the numbers down . (estacio reporting) gunfire erupts in an oakland neighborhood - glass litters the street from an auto burglary - newly released figures show the city of oakland had 31,032 reports of violent crime last year in 2017. mayor libby schaaf, oakland mayor. as mayor, i am pleased to be releasing 5 year trends in making oakland considerably a news conference tuesday, the mayor,
10:38 pm
police chief, and others involved in crime reducing efforts addressed statistics drawn from the oakland police dept. database over the last 5 years, including a look at some of the highlights from 2017. overall, crime is down, significantly, take a look on your screen - homicides down in 2017 by 15 percent shootings of an occupied home or vehicle down 29 percent and carjacking down by down by 22 percent. anne kirkpatrick, oakland police chief "let me show you, ,the use of force down significantly drop. oakland police chief anne kirkpatrick - a year on the job - said she was pleased with the findings. she and others credited the improvement to a more focused and strategic department and working with partners with cease fire, a crime fighting community and faith based program. however while the figures show safer streets
10:39 pm
some problems continue to plague the city such as auto burglaries which increased 32 percent from 2016 to 2017 and up 25 percent over the last 5 years kirkpatrick. q what about burglaries yes, well, we are going to make that a subject of 2018 goal. but getting back to the positive part of the picture in oakland - for the first time in 5 years, homicides were down, less people were killed, and as officials expanded on that fact, that figure means, a lot when it comes to familes torn apart by violence. reygan cunningham. we have a long way to go, but less shootings, means less people shot, less homcides, means, that means, 52 mothers were not told their children were not coming home. in oakland, terisa estacio kron four news (pam) today an alameda county judge granted a motion.. allowing the use of taxpayer money to cover legal fees of ghost ship defendant, max harris. (ááávoááá) harris is accused of 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter in connection with the 20-16 fire in oakland. his attorney - curtis briggs will be reimbursed one-hundred- 15-dollars per hour. that
10:40 pm
money coming from county funds through a court appointed program. briggs says he has already worked around 8- hundred billable hours, which he calls an "investment in a person who's innocent." if convicted- harris could spend up to 39 years in prison. . now at 10. there is actually a version of the flu... that effects dogs and doctors are reporting an outbreak of the canine flu in the south bay. 11 year old izzy, a boxer mix is currently in isolation and on iv's at a campbell vet hospital after coming down with canine influenza also known as the dog flu. dr. stephanie la plume says in her ten years in the south bay... she has never before seen an outbreak of dog flu. doctors believe izzy got it from an infected dog at a south bay day care facility. (sot)
10:41 pm
in just the last two weeks... authorities have seen three confirmed cases of dog flu... and nearly 50 others that are suspected of having dog flu from the greater san jose area. doctors say if your has a cough...get to the vet as quick possible. (steve) san francisco canine "cavik" recently passed away due to an illness. cavik was part of the s-f police department tactical canine unit. he was a belgian malinois shepard that trained in patrol and explosive detection. born on april 29th, 2009 in the netherlands...cavik traveled to the u-s where he joined s-f-p-d in 2011. officer maciel and cavik made countless arrests together....and secured some major events including the 2012 and 2014 world series and super bowl 50. he will be
10:42 pm
missed by the maciel and s-f- p-d family. (pam) the takata air bag recall is getting bigger... now, toyota is recalling 600-thousand additional vehicles .. in order to replace defective and potentially deadly takata air bag inflators. some of the vehicles included in the recall..... are the toyota corolla, matrix, 4-runner, the yaris and the sienna from 2009, 2010 and 2013. as well as seven lexus models listed on your screen... at least 20 people have died worldwide... and more than 280 others have been hurt by the takata recall... owners will be notified by march .... and dealers will replace front passenger inflators or air bag assemblies. , (steve) coming up in tonight's edition of people behaving badly. stanley roberts shows us just how bad the litter problem can be here
10:43 pm
in the bay area after the first big storm of the year... (sports) coming up i'll have all the day's sports highlights and scores.
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(pam) a hawaii woman is sharing her story of survival after being attacked by a shark. marjorie mariano was surfing at laniakea(lah- nee-ah-keh-ah) beach on new year's eve when she was attacked by a shark. she says she was paddling back to shore when a shark clamped down on her leg. mariano says she tried to use her surfboard as a weapon. a couple of other surfers her screams, paddled over and
10:46 pm
called 911. one week and three surgeries later, mariano is getting released from the hospital(marjorie mariano/shark attack survivor): "right away i turn back and i look at the face of the shark... eye to eye, it feel like we both look at each other eyes." doctors say it's not clear if she'll recover 100 percent. mariano says the whole ordeal has been surreal. she says she is grateful to be alive and is not letting the attack keep her from getting back in the water. (steve) we just had our first big storm of 20-18 and when that happens a lot of debris gets washed into the ocean and streams..(pam) and stanley roberts shows us how bad it is ... from the so - called.. "first flush"... of walking on coast line under trashleaves, twigs, used motor oil, shoes yes i said shoesnats: ambiance
10:47 pm
those are all the things one might find after the first flush, the first flush is what happens after the first big rain session nats ambiance often when you see a storm drain like this one in belmont next to it you see this sign , it reads no dumping, flows to the bay which means it hits the bay areas streams like this blue rubber glove then its makes it way to the san francisco bay nats: ambiance ok let's do the math , according to save the bay a cigarette butt . that can take 2 to 5 years to breakdown nats ambiance what about the rubber sole of a boot? well that can take from 50 to 80 years to breakdown nats: ambiance a soda can .. 200 to 500 hundred years .nats: ambiance a plastic jug ir water bottle . are you ready for this 1 million years .for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction . the action is dropping some trash on the street thinking someone will clean it up the opposite
10:48 pm
reaction is that same trash will at some point re-appear in this case in the bay it's a lot of trasha paper bag can take one month to breakdown and the sad part is much of the sea life can't distinguish the difference so they eat it when they eat these those things it might kill them or end up on your kitchen table .. just think you thought you threw it away how's that for an opposite reactioni think we need to stop littering to tell you the truth in berkeley stanley roberts kron 4 news in what owner mark davis said was the greatest day of his life... jon gruden came back to the raiders and was introduced as their new head coach today... gruden... who is replacing the fired jack del rio... signed for a
10:49 pm
reported 100-miullkion-dollars over 10 years... al davis hired him to be the raiders head coach in 1998 at the age of 34... then traded him to tampa bay in 2001... he immediately led the bucs to a super bowl win over the raiders.... after 7 seasons in tampa bay gruden moved to the broadcast booth for espn... but now he is back with the franchise he begun his head coaching career 20 years ago...(sot: gruden)
10:50 pm
"i never wanted to leave the though i'd be back, but here i am and i'm ready to get to work. i think there is unfinished business as a coach. i was traded, i was fired. i've missed the game terribly. but i've really missed the raiders. i'm ready to roll. i'm just ready to go. i'm at a point in my life where i need another challenge, and i know i have a lot to prove. and i'm eager to prove that i can do it. i worked for al davis in 1998 that was pressure. i was 34 years old. i've dealt with pressure before. i really don't feel pressure. and the people in the black hole, if you're out there listening. i can't wait to see you guys, man . i really can't.. let's go. that's what i say to raider nation. let's get going, let's quit talking here. and let's get to work." the warriors annual "businees and basketball" meeting for the players took a twist today... former rapper... producer... and business mogul dr. dre... who made a billion dollars selling his "beats by dre" headphones
10:51 pm
business... along with legendary music executive jimmy iovine.. visited the warriors as guest speakers for this year's event dr. dre and iovine stopped by practice... visiting with players... mosrt notably draymond green... the warriors' director of player programs... jonnie west... brought in dre and iovine to help grab players' attention... (sot steve kerr & draymond green) "some jaws dropped, and that's tough to do in our group. our guys have seen a lot, they've met a lot of people. and so when jaws drop with out people you know it's a special day."é"you know we always have those meetings. they can get a little boring and redundant.... you know... but... i'm excited about this one.""we have our business and basketball meeting, which is an annual meeting. usually it's like talk abut the salary cap and stuff. so, this is a little more interesting." the two younger ball
10:52 pm
brothers made their pro debut's tadat in lithuania... in front of a packed gym of about 1,500 people... liangelo and lemelo ball combined for 29 points dad levar and mom tina were both courtside... 19-year-old liangelo... who left ucla after that shoplifting incident in china... scored 19 points... his younger brother lamelo... who is 16... came of the bench for 10 poimnts and had several no- look assists to lead their team to a 90-80 win again a league rival's 2nd-division team the ball brothers 2nd game is saturday agiast a better team from their league's 1st division (weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast.
10:53 pm
woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away) first off, we're going to give you all... we can now repair complex at saortic aneurysmsare, without invasive surgery. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for varicose veins. and if we can precisely treat eye cancer with minimal damage to the rest of the eye, imagine what we can do for glaucoma, even cataracts. if we can use dna to diagnose the rarest of diseases, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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there'... more adventure,ere you can get... more woo-hoo! more magic and more happy. so now come to the disneyland resort and get... more happy
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i remember me and him all the way back to kindergarten. he was, uh... i don't know. he was like a brother or something. and we had some good times... good times that i'll never forget... junk like that. and like now, we all gotta stick together and protect each other 'cause that's what bruno would have wanted. 'cause they say the cult is going to come try to get more of us, and we can't let that happen. so we gotta kick some butt.


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