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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 13, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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: danielle scott, mother of amon's son// "they took the wrong one. that man had his life together. he was on top of his game. may the lord have mercy on the person that pulled that trigger."(justine) tonight at 10. the family of an antioch man killed by police in the east bay are mourning his death saying he didn't deserve to be shot. good evening i'm justine waldman.(jr stone) and im jr stone. tonight family members are remembering terry amons at a vigil in the parking lot where he was killed. that's where we find kron 4's ella sogomonian live in pittsburg at nation's restaurant.ella what is the family saying? they can't believe this happened. they say terry amons
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was a changed man who gave himself up to god and was always there for his family. light vigil to mourn the loss of 43-year-old terry amons who was shot and killed by pittsburg police in the parking lot the night before around 10:45. sot: sandra talbert, amon's mom// "my son normally works at 2:30 in the morning and he'd be home asleep, but he happened to come out and want to get him a hamburger and he never returned."they say a witness called in an alleged drug deal. so officer's approached the car and saw amons with a gun at his side. his family doens't believe it.sot: cousin, "by me knowing my cousin i don't think that he would have took it as far as reaching for a weapon."they say amons was a family man who'd changed his ways and went to church every sunday. sot: terrance amons, amon's son// "i've been stripped of
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everything i know and love somebody that raised me, taught me how to produce i'm supposed to think the officer happened to think he was reaching for a gun, i think the officer was reaching for the gun." they believe amons fell victim to racial profiling.sot: d'moe rite ,brother// "theres too many black folks out here getting killed for no reaon. like every other day whens it going to stop. they say we killing each other if that's the case we don't need the help."sot: tyrone premus ,cousin// "it's a sad thing its sad how the cops keep killing a black man for no reason so it hurts." amons died at john muir hospital.he is survived by his two in pittsburg ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (justine) our coverage of this story continues.... kron four's philippe djegal explains what police say led up to the deadly shooting. (philippe)richard duncan/cousin of man killed- "it's just like heartbreaking." richard duncan is mourning the loss of the man you see here being carried away in a stretcher... his cousin -- who duncan says was shot to death friday night by a pittsburg police officer. police say the man was 43-
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years-old and from antioch -- rushed to john muir hospital in bad shape after the shooting... and, that's where he was pronounced dead. duncan and his family confirm with kron four that his name was terry amons. richard duncan/cousin of man killed- "we're just lost right now and we just know we got a murdered family member that's just never going to come back." pittsburg police say late friday night... officers pulled up to the nation's restaurant on railroad avenue... responding to a report of a possible drug deal happening in the parking lot between people in two different cars. by the time officers arrived... one car had left... police say two officers approached the car still in the lot... laurie budell, who is also terry amons' cousin... says that amons' was wheel. police say the officer's noticed a gun in the car, and told the man inside to put his hands up and to leave the gun alone. at first, police say the man
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compied... then later reached for and tried to pull up his gun. that's when investigators say one officer opened fire, striking the man. laurie budell/cousin of the man killed- "i think that its totally bs. um, i couldn't see him complying as to putting his hands up and then going to rwach his gun. he, first of all, he knows he's outnumbered. he sees what's happening in society everyday that you know these police have no issue with killing whoever you are, but mostly black men. so i couldn't see him trying to reach for his gun, um, if there was a gun in the car." police are calling this an all around tragic situation. amons' family believes it's possible the shooting was captured on the restaurant's surveillance camera's. some pittsburg police officers wear body cameras, so it may have been captured that way as well. terry amons' family describes their cousin as a church-going father. the contra costa county district attorney's officer is involved in the investigation. in pittsburg, philippe djegal, kron four news. (j.r.) another big story tonight -- the number of people missing following this week's deadly mudslides in
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santa barbara county is down to five. that's partially because the death toll is now at 19 up from 18 yesterday --- and officials expect that number to continue to rise. rivers of mud and boulders have flooded neighborhoods in and around the town of montecito. over 30 square miles have been affected. rescue teams using "bear cat" swat vehicles...are the only ones that can get through the debris. one family was finally rescued from the upper level of their home after trying to ride it out on their own. they were rescued by a search and rescue team that has pulled more than 30 people from danger.sgt. joe schmidt/santa barbara co. sheriff's office: "for most of us that first day, tuesday morning, was very surreal. we couldn't really comprehend the devastation where homes were wiped out and just rubble and debris everywhere." first responders have been working round-the-clock. officials say highway 1-0-1 will remain closed indefinitely.
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(justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist anny hong has our forecast. (anny hong): a ridge of high pressure over the region will maintain dry and mild conditions through the remainder of the weekend. unsettled weather conditions are then expected to return early in the workweek as a storm system approaches the coast. periods of rain/rain showers are then expected through late week and potentially into
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next weekend as a series of storm systems impact the region. (justine) new at 10. a woman is recovering ...after being rescued from a clff on the coast of san francisco. it happened around six this a cliff near baker beach. once at the scene...rescue crews found a woman stuck on the side of the cliff. crews performed a
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techincal rope rescue to save her. the victim is being evaluated by paramedics. rescue crews say they were challenged by the steepness of the cliff... heavy brush...low lighting and unsteady footing. new at 10 -- police now say they've arrested a san francisco man suspected of trying to sexually assault a woman in walnut creek. 35-year-old jeremy mickens was arrested today around noon outside a walnut creek safeway. he is accused of trying to assault a woman on thursday evening around 5:30 p-m on iron horse trail near newell avenue and south broadway. investigators say... based on the man's actions and comments... that he áintended to sexually assault or physically harm the victim. but suddenly he ran away. the victim was treated for non-life threatening injuries. mickens has been booked on multiple felony charges. (justine)(2shot)three months after the north bay wildfires, a marin county man is building
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his legal defense after getting arrested for going into a barricaded evacuation zone.(jr stone)the flames were long gone when evan neumann and his brother went in.. and they admimt they did not have permission from police to enter.(justine)as kron four's spencer blake reports from santa rosa, the men feel the charge against them blows their minor crime out of proportion. when the flames of the north bay wildfires died down, mark and evan neumann waited until they thought it was safe to go back to their mom's house - mark's childhood home...the place where their dad died in 2011."we wanted to figure out what was there. we wanted to figure out what was left. you know, what could be saved of my dad's things, my mom's things."they especially wanted to beat the rain that was on its way, so about a week after the fires began, they went around a police barricade
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about a half mile from the home on lyon court.they hadn't gotten express permission from any law enforcement officer (though they tried to get it)...but they also say neither a national guardsmen, nor a police officer who talked to them inside the evacuation zone...directly commanded them to leave.then, before they reached the house..."the police came screeching up with squealing wheels and everybody jumped out of the car and said, 'freeze!' which we did. they said, 'drop the tools.' we did. 'put your hands behind your back.' we did."they were arrested for unlawfully entering an area where, as the california penal code describes it, 'a menace to the public health and safety' was created by the fire.after mark spent six hours in jail, mark's father-in-law paid one- thousand-dollar bail, and mark in turn bailed evan out."after their short time in jail is when the brothers took slightly different paths. mark took a plea deal, but evan is fighting his charge in court." "i'm the sole breadwinner for my family and i have a nine- month-old daughter. ya know, like i can't risk being put in jail for six months with a nine-month-old baby."mark must complete 180 hours of community service, and faces three years of probation, which could possibly affect his application for a contractor's license in california.evan is confident in his research, and the evidence he's been collecting,
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which he says will show officers weren't following the letter of the law."i'm right. they're wrong, i'm right, and i will win."in santa rosa, spencer blake, kron four news. in national news. the governor of hawaii is confirming that an emergency alert about a missile threat...was a false alarm. the alert went out today... saying there was an inbound ballistic missile threat to the state. the message also told people to seek shelter right away - and that it was not a drill. however... governor david (e-gay) ige says that was an error... caused by someone pushing the wrong button during a shift change.(sot) "what happened today was totally unacceptable and many in our community were deeply affected by this and i'm sorry." /butted to/ "i'm too very angry and disappointed that this happened."(jr stone) a second alert that clarified that the threat was not real was sent out 38-
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minutes later. hawaii's emergency management administrator is working to find out what went wrong in the agency's operations center. (jr stone) after the break.. we'll talk to someone who was in hawaii today and get átheirá account of what happened. (justine) and we'll tell you why angry protesters are boycotting h&m and trashing stores. (jr stone) plus... the mavericks surf comepetition hits a long surf fans are going to have to wait is up next.
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league announced the mavericks challenge will not happen on tuesday. a change in the forecast forced the league comissioner to call off the surf contest at pillar point in half moon bay. they say its impossible to set a new date... being that the significant swell is not expected to hit the northern california coast this weekend (jr stone) taking a live look outside....(justine) meteorologist anny hong has
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our forecast. . (anny hong): a ridge of high pressure over the region will maintain dry and mild conditions through the remainder of the weekend. unsettled weather conditions are then expected to return early in the workweek as a storm system approaches the coast. periods of rain/rain showers are then rain/rain showers are then expected through late week and
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potentially into next weekend as a series of storm systems impact the region.
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(jr stone) new at 10...
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former army intelligence analyst, chelsea manning, will be running for a u-s senate seat. manning will likely challenge democratic senator ben cardin...who is the favorite to win. she was convicted of leaking classified information and spent more than six years behind bars. known as bradley manning at the time of her arrest, manning came out as transgender after being sentenced. former president obama granted her clemency before leaving office. (justine) tonight we are learning that a 70-year-old woman died... just steps away from her home... after being hit by a city of berkeley vehicle. it happened friday afternoon... on fulton and channing way... near u-c berkeley. according to witnesses... the city employee was going 15 miles per hour. officers say the driver stayed at the scene. and drugs nor alcohol are not involved. the victim is shelly rideout. and the c-h-p tells us it may have been difficult for the driver to see her because the street is very narrow.
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"oc: cars and peds"(justine) the city employee was driving a large sewage maintenance truck. and hit rideout while she was in the crosswalk. her neighbors on fulton were horrified to find out about her sudden passing. (justine) coming up... what is causing a major shortage of blood donations in the bay area. (jr stone) martin luther king day isn't until monday -- but that didn't stop hundreds of people from coming out to honor his legacy this weekend.
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(jr stone) monday marks
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what would have been doctor martin luther king, junior's 89th birthday. but both his memory -- and struggle for justice -- live on. today, the city of stockton celebrated doctor king with its first 5k and 10k in his honor. reporter ken mash-in-chi has the story. nearly 50 years since the last time he walked calling for peace, today in stockton, people of all ages gathered to honor dr. martin luther king jr.emosi raura, coach for big valley track clubitús important because of what he stood up for. itús something for these kids to take with them as they go. i know some of them would not understand what he stood up for, but this is a good time for them to be out here celebrating what he was known for.the stockton branch of the naacp hosted the
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first dr. martin luther king jr. 5k and 10k run and walk in downtown stockton, with two goals in mindbobby bivens, president, naacppeople in the community are recognizing that we need to stop the violence primarily and that they need to be more health conscious. after dancing the wobble and cupid shuffle, mayor michael tubbs got the runners and walkers ready with one of kingús famous quotesmichael tubbs, mayor, stocktonhe said if you canút fly, run. if you canút run, walk. if you canút walk, crawl. but, by all means, keep moving.natsand move they did...7th grader michael frietas was the first to cross for the 5k, with arthur mitchum and many others accepting a medal in honor of dr. kingmichael frietas, won the 5khonestly, itús a great feeling to run in this type of event great part in butted arthur mitchum, ran 5kthis is an honor. this is probably the 2nd mlk run iúve done. my running career started in atlanta, georgia and honor him with runs and this one iúve
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honor so itús awesome feeling runners like bob tennent are looking forward to experiencing come ran 5kwell iúd like to in the 20th willing and if donút rise. but itús a great way to get meet some great people.ken mashinchi (jr) coming up -- how much of the country is bracing for another winter storm. (justine) protestors chanted... "not in my backyard." why a east bay town does no want a drug rehabilitation facility to move in. (anny) sfx: squeak
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sfx: stair creak sfx: clink sfx: deep breath sfx: grunt sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling sfx: slice sfx: gasp sfx: inhale. exhale. sfx: lights scraping on roof sfx: metallic scrape sfx: grunt covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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>> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. (jrstone) time now is 10:30....welcome back to the kron4 news. i'm j.r. stone. (justine) and i'm justine waldman. a small east bay community is worried about a methadone clinic in their neighborhood. over 14- hundred people in el sobrante signed a petition opposing the move.(j.r.) kron4's jeff pierce talked to community leaders and has the latest. this is the unicorporated community of el sobrante where the city of richmond wants to
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relocate their city's methadone clinic. on saturday el sobrante residents staged a protest of the proposed move at richmond civic plaza. residents voiced their concerns about the move to their community.the patients won't be supported properly.we don't have a police department, we don't have public transportation for these patients we don't have supporting community resources like other medical facilities, counseling services.there's a lot of crime and drug use and other phenomena that occur right around these methadone clinics and what that's going to be is a big punch in gut to our local businesses.the current methadone clinic is in this building on cutting blvd on a busy bus line that has a
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significant police presence. this is the building in el sobrante located on a narrow strip of land that is part of richmond.right side el sobrante, left side el sobrante, ninety feet richmond. there is so many locations on cutting blvd where it's needed. where's john goia represent us. the protesters feel that contra costa county supervisor john goia has not taken their concerns seriously.he remains a little bit on the fence about it. i think the issue for us is that he is tasked with representing all of west contra costa equally and he seems to be favoring richmond in this instance.supervisor goia did not return calls for his response. the citizens of el sobrante plan to continue their activisim regarding proposed move of the clinic. this is the first of a series of protests. we plan on speaking further with the planning commission and the city council and reach out to the community all of whom are interested in finding a suitable location for this richmond jeff pierce
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kron four news,. (justine) more winter storms are bringing bring snow, ice, sleet and rain across parts of the u-s. this as the east coast... is still digging... and thawing out from the last storm. kim hutcherson reports. chaos for millions of people from the east coast to the another winter storm moved in with temperatures dropping dramatically by 40 or 50 degrees in some places. strong winds whipping up huge waves in chicago.but that didn't stop some from venturing out. sot luke smester/jogger"i've never seen anything like it. i'm from michigan, so i've seen big waves on that side. nothing like this." temperatures in the northeast are expected to plummet throughout the day as the
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front continues to move east. southern states are also dealing with snow, ice, and freezing rain as far south as louisiana.a weather-related accident in tennessee caused a massive car pile up.millions remain under a flood watch in the northeast through saturday, as officials warn ice jams could cause river flooding.frigid temperatures are expected to stick around through the beginning of next week.some areas could see wind chills of thirty to 45- degrees below zero.i'm kim hutcherson reporting. (live)(jr stone) taking a live look outside at san francisco's embarcadero.... (justine) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist anny hong. (anny hong): a ridge of high pressure over the region will maintain dry and mild conditions through the remainder of the weekend. unsettled weather conditions are then expected to return early in the workweek as a
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storm system approaches the coast. periods of rain/rain showers are then expected through late week and potentially into next weekend as a series of storm systems impact the region.
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(jr stone) in south africa-- a mob of anti-racism protestors trashed h-and-m stores today. it was in response to the company using a black boy to model a sweatshirt with a "coolest monkey in the jungle" slogan. protestors marched through a mall carrying signs on monday, h-and-m offered an apology and removed the ad from its website after hundreds of social media users accused it of being racist.
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coming upgotta get you off the tracks hard as try to stress the importance of being safe around tracks people just don't get it . what's left of this bmw is proof we have a long way to go .i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly
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(jr stone) it just keeps happening, crews here in the bay area having to deal with train crashes.(justine) stanley roberts shows us one specific area on the peninsula known for the problem. this is what's left of a bmw 325i after it was struck by a train in burlingame it's being hauled away on a flatbed and it seems like your typical train versus car story except plot twistyou see this
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it the second time this bmw was on a tow truck . the first time it was being pulled by this tow truckyou see the tow truck drivers didn't take into consideration that he couldn't clear the tracks . the hit at 60 miles per hour and snapped the tow bar it is lying on the sidewalk waiting for yet another tow truck to clean it up .nats: ambiance while this is going on, the entire intersection is blocked off while all the debris is removed and caltrain workers fix the crossing arms the fact that the road is closed doesn't seem to prevent drivers from trying to cross the tracks .as if they are somehow magnetically attracted to them nats: ambiance and even after all the police, and sheriff leave and open the road drivers go right back to stopping on the very same trackssometimes it's because the driver was cut off they end up on the tracks just like what happened here gotta get you off the tracks man. (this guy cut me off) i know you gotta go around you don't get hit by a train i watch you on tv every day get off the tracks ...thank you he'll get to watch kron 4 another day outside of people stopping on the tracks and looking around to see if there is a train approaching another issue there are the
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people who see the flashing red lights nats ambiance ááand speed up to beat the crossing arms . the fine for that is 490 dollarsthere may be a crackdown in the works maybe that will catch some drivers attention . but for now it's reset the crossing and wait in burlingame stanley roberts kron 4 news news (justine)still ahead ... one of the last family owned video stores in the east bay is closing it's doors for good. but not before getting rid of thousands of dvd's.we visit with the family ... after the break.
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(jr stone) it appears someone took christmas tree disposal to another level today in san francisco. this christmas tree was spotted on fire in north beach near broadway and battery street. our crews actually called 911. firefighters were able to put the fire out before the flames spread. yesterday was the last day to leave your tree out for compost in san francisco. at this point you can take your old tree to a recology center. no arrests were made in this case and while it appears someone set this fire it is unclear as to how exactly it started.
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(justine) the last video rental store in contra costa county is going out of business. "take one video" in pleasant hill has been open since the 90's. (jr stone) it will close its doors for good at the end of the month. kron 4's charles clifford has the story. natssotthese are our blue ray rentals. . .. jason wood and his business partner tony ibriham purchased take one movie rentals back in 1999 right at the time, when dvds were becoming the primary way people watched movies at home. they had high hopes for the storesotwe were going to ride the dvd wave and just get our foot in the door. start from there.over the last 18 years, the pair has rented tens of thousands of movies. the store also became a fixture in the neighborhood with regular customers returning year after year. sotseeing the same people come in and just talkin to them once a week and i know them and they know me.sota lot of our customers we have known since their kids were babies and now they are off to college.brian zemina has been coming here since the store opened. he really appreciates jason and tony's deep
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knowledge of cinema.sotthey were always good at recommending things i liked. they ordered a lot of stuff for me but in recent years, the rise of digital downloads and streaming services like netflix has devastated take one's bottom line. jason and tony started dubbing video tapes on the side to make extra money and that helped keep the doors open but they says the writing is on the wall for their industry.soti feel unfortunately that people are going to be rid of media completely. from books to newspapers. youre content is only going to be online.the pair are now working to clearout their remaining inventory of 19,000 movies. they plan to around the end of the month. they are also taking this opportunity to say goodbye to longtime customers. sot i hope someone will seek this out somewhere. maybe open a retro, the pair says that if there's enough business they might stay open a few extra weeksin pleasant hill, charles clifford kron 4 news.
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(justine) a bay area scientist is the first veterinarian to be chosen as a ted fellow. that's ted, as in ted talks. doctor claire simeone is recognized for being a young innovator who displays outstanding achievement. she works for the marine mammal center in marin county. the 32-year- old veterinarian is trying to learn about cancer in california sea lions... which could lead to a better understanding of cancer in humans. doctor simone says she's excited to be one of 20
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ted fellows who will give talks at ted 2018 in april in vancouver. (justine) this years bad flu season has caused a drop in blood donations. donations are down 13-percent according to san francisco- based blood centers of the pacific. the organization says it is in need of o- negative blood, which is down to a one-day supply. that blood type is critical, because it is the universal blood type and can be transfused to any patient. all blood types are needed right now. blood centers are asking anyone who is healthy and able to (j.r.)big day for the golden state warriors who were in toronto.stephen curry back in the lineup after being out for two games with that problematic right ankle. first quarter we're talkig ball movement againkevin durant to draymond.back to durantfor three.that's in there later in the first
10:49 pm
quartercurry saysi'm back babylittle step infade backthere's two points. we go to the second quarterdavid west with the ball down lowto draymond green.beautiful playreminds me of dennis rodman out there. warriors had a comfortable lead for most of this game. check this play out thougha bit embarassing for k-d. you don't see this much.he misses the dunk. yes misses the dunk. he would come back strong though raptors would rally in the fourth quarter herewarriors though would hold on.they win 127 to 122. (jr stone) the raiders are expected to hire former team head coach, tom cable as the new offensive line coach but in the meantime we have playoff football the divisional round kicked off tonight we head to foxborough-- tom brady and new england taking on the titans game tied at 7 -- james white came out on fire gets his second touchdown of the game... brady... split
10:50 pm
tennessee's defense apart... finds chris hogan... finds chris hogan... capping off a 91-yard drive brady... passes joe montana with 10 three touchdown passing postseason games... setting a new nfl record new england goes on to win 35-14 (j.r.) batttle of the birds in philadelphia. eagles hosting the falcons nick foles leading the eagles as their stud q.b. carson wentz out for the year. 2nd quarter...eagles down 3...handoff to nelson (ag-a- lor) agholor and the wide receiver is fast...very fast...he gets to inside the five yard line. that setup this...right side this time to legarrette blount...easy right into the endzone. eagles take the lead. falcons rally though. matt s guy is good...nobody can take him down. he even manages to find devonta freeman in the endzone. how bout those falcons. eagles
10:51 pm
go to work though. foles...looking and finding alshon jeffrey. that would set up an eagles field goal. 15 to 10 in the fourth and the falcons have one more chance. matt ryan....looking.. ..looking...throwing....julio jones can't get it. that is the game. eagles win this thing 15 to 10 and take out the atlanta falcons. you think the eagles are excited about this one? i think so...their owner jeffrey laurie...doing some sort of dance in the locker room after the game. gotta love watching this stuff. congrats to philadelphia. they will take on either new orleans or minnesota next week. (jr) keith jackson -- widely regarded as the voice of college football -- died late last night, according to his family. jackson spent roughly 50 years doing play-by-play in the broadcast booth. he began his career on the radio in 19-52 broadcasting washington state games. jackson's final broadcast for a-b-c was calling the 2006 rose bowl ---
10:52 pm
or as he called it, "the grandaddy of them all." he was famous for coining other phrases like "whoa, nellie" and for dubbing michigan's stadium "the big house." jackson was 89 years old. there's only one place where you can get... ... more adventure, more woo-hoo! more magic and more happy. so now come to the disneyland resort and get... more happy (j.r.) mark wahlberg is
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donating over a million dollars to the time's up legal defense fund in his costar's name. the actor was paid one-point-five million to reshoot "all the money in the world." that money became the subject of controversy, after news emerged about a massive pay disparity between him and costar michelle williams. williams only received about one thousand dollars a day. his agency - william morris endeavor - is also giving another half-a- million dollars to the fund.
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