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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 14, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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teachers have come down with the stomach bug. kron four's spencer blake is live at mckinley elementary school in san francisco tonight. spencer, how far back does the outbreak go? . staff at the school noticed kids with symptoms right at the beginning of the new semester. the k-through-fifth-grade school had a lot of people absent leading up to this holiday weekend.53 students and four teachers.who knows how many people have been showing symptoms since school got out on friday.i spoke to the father of a kindergartner who caught the virus, and he said it didn't last long. "his was pretty okay. well, sick in the morning and then by the evening he was eating butter noodles."(vo)the man says his wife has it a lot
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worse, though, and he's hoping áhe doesn't get it.norovirus is very contagious, and it goes after the stomach and intestines, which means vomitting and diarrhea are some of the worst symptoms. health officials say its crucial to disinfect everything and often when the virus is going around. hopefully the day off tomorrow for martin luther king, junior day will be enough time for a lot of these sick kids and teachers to make a recovery. live in san francisco, spencer blake, kron four news. (j.r.) tonight the health department in alameda county is trying to determine what caused an elementary school student to die. the case involves a student in dublin who went to kolb elementary school. health officials say they do not believe that other
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people at the school were exposed to or at risk of getting this disease from the ill student. counselors will be on campus tuesday for students who may be having a tough time dealing with the death. (justine) a man wearing a hospital gown was arrested after running on to highway 101. it happened near the cesar chavez street off-ramp in san francisco. c-h-p had to shut down parts of the freeway...causing heavy traffic in the area. it is now back open. the man was taken to s-f general hospital for medical evaluation. (jr stone) crews continue to search through debris after deadly mudslides hit southern california. 20 people have been confirmed dead with at least five people still missing. alys martinez has the latest. --nats--it's day five for the santa barbara county sheriff's search and rescue the aftermath of the montecito floods.we rode with them in a
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new a-t-v provided by direct relief, a santa barara medical relief non profit mark hall: "this will get us places that other vehicles can't its invaluable to what we do." --nats--today, the team is working with these search dogs from the orange county sheriff's department. mark hall: "were here strictly in a support level making sure they get from point a to point b, making sure if they get in somewhere they get out."the dogs searched debris fields near homes and creeks, where an earlier scent was picked up, or where rescue crews heard cries for help. the searches turned up empty. --nats--the santa barbara county sherrif's search and rescue team was the first on the scene when mudslides and debris flows came barreling down the mountains behind montecito on tuesday morning . mark hall: "what we dealt with initially was very deep mud
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chest deep mud."they did the initial rescue of dozens of people from overflowing creeks, and homes...and also recovered some of the dead. team members were also dropped in by helicopter to do searches in inaccessible areas. and, these volunteers say although the work is tough, it is also rewarding. mark hall: "we all have one common goal is that we are all there to help and assist in a time of need. this was a time of need." (justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone)(jr stone) meteorologist anny hong has our forecast. . (anny hong): a ridge of high pressure over california will maintain dry and mild
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conditions through the rest of today. rain chances will develop in the north bay by monday afternoon and across most of the region by late monday night. a period of dry weather is forecast from tuesday afternoon through wednesday. periods of rain/rain showers are then expected from wednesday night through the end of the week, with more rain possible by late next weekend.
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(jr stone) new tonight at eight... president donald trump is defending himself tonight... after several days of controversy over his reported remarks about haiti and african nations. here's what he told reporters at his mar-a-lago resort in florida sunday night.(jr stone) president trump was at a dinner photo op with house majority leader kevin mccarthy when a reporter asked if he is a racist. president trump has been widely criticized for reportedly making vulgar comments during official immigration discussions on thursday. (jr stone) happening now... martin luther king junior weekend and there's a
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rally in oakland that's calling attention to hundreds of thousands of people whose lives may be in danger if the trump administration repeals their temporary protective status.(justine) kron 4's ali reid joins us live from oakland city hall with different groups that have come together, saying their commited to this fight. ali? people are here standing in solidarity with all immigrants but tonight specifically they're calling attention to salvadorans and the fact that the current administration wants to repeal temporary protective status for hundreds of thousand of immigrants.the people here tonight are showing support for the central american community that they believe is being targeted. the bay area chapter of the association of filipinas feministas fighting imperialism refuedalization and marginalization has joined forces with other groups to
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bring attention to yet another group of immigrants that are now in danger of being deported.denise castillo / affirm - this organization is being very deliberate in attacking people who are most vulnerable. we saw the muslim ban that was happening last year. we saw the attempt of the administration to unravel daca, and now it's tps. who is it going to be tomorrow? previously the administration decided to end tps for haiti and nicaragua. so this is a very systematic approach from the administration and so we really do need to band together and be aware and come up with an action plan and know that we have people who support those who are tps holders.standuppeople here say it was important for them to come out and show solidarity. and it's a great opportunity for organizations to work together for a better good. reporting live in oakland ali reid kron 4 news. (justine) outside the west county detention facility in richmond today, a protest against mass incarceration and immigrant detention.
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activists say they want detainees to be given the opportunity to fight their civil cases from the outside. kron 4's camila bernal explains. standing outside of the west county detention center, sophia gallon begged for he dad's release1:56:27 it's just really sad because we were a whole family and we were so happy and then this happenher step-dad, fernando trullijo was detained by immigration agents on october 11th. he had previously been deported but in 2004 decided to cross the us-mexico border a second time, causing the most recent detention and the denial to be out on bail 1:58:38 he's a father to three young girls and all we need is for him to be home so we have the opportunity to work, just to bring him homethe family is working with an attorney to get trujillo out of the detention center but they say their request for a bond has been denied2:00:35 all he wants is to be with his family to have the opportunity to be with his family to have the opportunity to be in a country
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that he has been a good citizen to maybe not in a way that others believe he should be but he in every other aspect has been a good member of societyto show their support for the family and for the many others that are currently detained, members of "let our people go" organization gathered outside the center sunday1:51:42 they're separated from their families, they don't have any freedom, they might lose their jobs, we just don't feel like that's how we should be dealing with the problems in our societythe group sang togethernatshoping that the music would help lift the spirits of those inside the center and of the families on the outside1:55:08 i was always like oh that can never happen to us because we are such great people and we're just so friendly and happy but it did happenthe family hopes to win an immigration case for trujillo but they are also considering canada as a second option. they say that no matter what, they don't want to be a family that is separated. in richmond, camila
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bernal kron 4 news. (j.r.) activists are camping on oakland mayor libby schaaf's lawn to protest the city's housing problem. this comes after mayor schaaf asked the community to offer up their homes to solve the housing crisis. protesters say the mayor is making the issue worse and she needs to close landlord loopholes. they say 20- seven-hundred people sleep on oakland's streets every night. they are also demanding the mayor to defund the police department by 50 percent to provide permanent housing solutions for the homeless. (justine) in marin city, gospel singers and a dramatic representation of the civil rights leader. actor felix justice did a portrayel of king's speeches. while san francisco native danny glover did excerpts of noted activist civil rights poet langsten
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(justine) the marin city doctor martin luther king coalition organized the event. additional celebrations are planned for monday, doctor king's actual birthday. (jr stone) coming up... everyone on a casino boat is rescued after it catches on fire... hear what led up to the incident. (justine) plus... a disturbing new trend among teens.... they are daring each other to eat tide pods... and as you can is extremeley dangerous. (jr stone) plus... we'll show you the changes being made after a missile threat alert in away...turned out to be a false alarm.
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at stanford health care, we can now repair complex aortic aneurysms without invasive surgery. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for varicose veins. and if we can precisely treat eye cancer with minimal damage to the rest of the eye, imagine what we can do for glaucoma, even cataracts. if we can use dna to diagnose the rarest of diseases, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you. (justine) state officials
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in hawaii are suspending tests of the alert system until an investigation is complete. a missile threat on saturday was found to be a false alarm. millions got this alert on their phones.. and ran for cover. state leaders blamed the error on an employee who "pushed the wrong button" during a shift change. a second alert telling people it was a mistake came 38-minutes later. an fcc
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investigation is under way. it already shows hawaii didn't have safeguards or process controls in place. hawaii's emergency management agency's administrator said he took responsibility for the mistake. and the governor promised it won't happen again. gov. david ige/(d) hawaii "we've already taken action to institute a change in the process so that there will be two people involved so that any single individual will not be able to send an alert out and we will be undertaking a more comprehensive review of the process and make the changes as necessary."//"to be a test and a false alarm" (justine) that is what kron 4's viciki livakis heard in her hotel room while in honolulu on vacation yesterday. she told us, it was a traumatic experience. as part of the investigation, state lawmakers will hold a hearing next friday. (justine) changes coming this week at muir woods. you will need a reservation to park your car there. this
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starts on tuesday. and applys just to car parking and taking a shuttle. reservations can be made up to 90 days in advance. the cost is 8-dollars per car... or 3-dollars per seat on a shuttle for anyone 16 or older. you will ánot be able to pay once you get there.. the national park service says the new system is meant to help protect the environment and ease traffic. and believes this will reduce the number of people who come to the park every year from 1- point-2 million to under 1 million. more information can be found on (jr stone) take a look at this new view video.... all passengers are safe after a casino shuttle boat caught on fire in florida.... this happened earlier this afternoon. all 50 passengers made it to the nearby shore after a rescue operation near tampa bay. officials say the boat was close to shore when it had engine problems and the crew decided to turn back. some people suffered chest pain and
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smoke inhalation...but there were no life threatening injuries. the cause of the fire is under investigation. (justine) a 7 point one-magnitude earthquake shook peru this morning. 65 people were injured and at least one person was killed. that person, was a 55-year- old man who was crushed by a fallen rock. 63 homes were destroyed by the arthquake...displacing about 130 people. emergency crews are sending tents and mattresses to the displaced families. (jr stone) taking a live look outside....(justine) meteorologist anny hong has our forecast. .
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(anny hong): a ridge of high pressure over california will maintain dry and mild conditions through the rest of today. rain chances will develop in the north bay by monday afternoon and across most of the region by late monday night. a period of dry weather is forecast from tuesday afternoon through wednesday. periods of rain/rain showers are then expected from wednesday night through the end of the week, with more rain possible by late next weekend.
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(jr stone) an incredibly stupid craze is dominating social media these days ... and you probably aren't going to believe it until you see it. it seems that american teens are taking what's called the tide pod challenge -- putting laundry pods in their mouths and even biting down on them. pafoua yang has more: capt. garth schumacher/fond du lac fire department: "my first reaction was, how dumb is this?"garth schumacher is a captain with the fond du lac fire department and a father of two. he was surprised to see videos of teens biting into tide laundry detergent
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pods--and daring others to do the same.capt. garth schumacher/fond du lac fire department: "even long before this, we told our kids 'if its not food don't put it in your mouth', and now we gotta tell our teenagers that."the dangerous trend, posed as a challenge among teens, has turned up on social media sites. warnings to keep the detergent packets out of the reach of children have been around for years. according to the american association of poison control centers, more than ten-thousand children five years old and younger were exposed to laundry detergent packets last year. pafoua yang/fond du lac, wi: "the company that makes tide pods started putting child-safety zippers and warnings on the new packaging. but that likely won't help with teens."capt. garth schumacher/fond du lac fire department: "i think it's a desire to get likes, a desire to get bigger on the social media scene,"shannon vannening/oshkosh resident: "it's just kind of an idiotic trend. i feel like there are plenty of other ways to get likes if that's what's important to you."schumacher says don't do it, find other ways to get likes on facebook. capt. garth schumacher/fond du lac fire department: "how about a random act of kindness challenge or something that's not going to kill you or
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create permanent damage."the detergent has ingredients like ethanol, hydrogen peroxide and polymers which can be life threatening if ingested.capt. garth schumacher/fond du lac fire department: "most of those pods and chemicals like that have an agent in there breaks down dirt and its usually caustic and cause burns and its like any other cleaning materials."if you're not persuaded yet, take it from tide itself.the company tweeted "what should tide pods be used for? doing laundry. nothing else."in fond du lac. pafoua yang. fox 11 news. (justine) coming up... the newest scam targeting p-g&e customer is happening over the phone. the two things pge will never do... when asking you to pay a bill. (jr stone) and... frightening scenes at a mcdonalds drive thru... a worker robbed at gunpoint and its all caught on camera. that is after the break.
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(justine) happening now. police are looking for the connection with breaking into a home in hillsborough. it happened friday afternoon... on barbara street. police believe the suspect got in... by breaking a rear glass sliding door. it is unclear exactly what was taken. officers are currently reviewing security footage...caputured on a neighbor's camera in the area...for any clues. (j.r.) scary moments at a mcdonald's in atlanta recently. a man armed with a gun crawled into the drive-thru window and robbed the place. this is newly released surveillance video showing the robbery as it went down. the man dressed in all black pointed the gun at the teller and crawled right in. happened around 11:30 at night on january 2nd. police say they heard the man's voice on camera. he was also wearing blue shoes. subject decided this was a better way to do it he was small enough to get through that window.....might of got shot... no one was hurt during the
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ordeal. the suspect actually cut around cars that were in the drive-thru just to get to the window. (justine) n-b-a hall of famer dennis rodman has been charged for driving under the influence. rodman was arrested saturday night in newport beach. he was initially pulled over for a traffic violation. and he registered over the point zero 8 legal limit.... police say, he was cooperative. rodman has dealt with alcohol issues since 2000 when he pleaded guilty to a d-u-i. his long time agent told c-n-n that he believes rodman needs to get some help, again. (justine) coming up... he made a wrong turn and ended up in federal custody. what happened to allow the daca student in southern
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california... to be released. (jr stone) plus... rising from the ashes.. we'll show you the rebuilding effort now starting to take shape in santa rosa's coffey park. (justine) and... a car crashes into a dog rescue...and the driver runs off.... and this is not the first time it has happened to the business.
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(justine) welcome back to kron four news... i'm justine waldman.(jr stone) and i'm jr stone. an east bay dog rescue is faced with thousands more in damage after a second car crashed into the non profit organization's building in the last two years. (justine) kron4's ella sogomonian is in oakland at the rocket dog rescue where neighbors say drivers speed far too often. rocket dog rescue employees came to work to find their new fence broken sunday morning. the night before this silver car drove into it at the corner of 36th and foothill then was left there by a driver who ran off.the founder
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of the non profit says a six pack of beer was found inside. sot: pali boucher, rocket dog rescue founder// "we love being a part of oakland and the community and it's amazing. we don't love oakland terrible drivers. this is the second time they've run into our building."about a year and a half ago this van crashed into the side of their wall fortunately missing the dogs inside who were kept at the other end.the landlord estimates this latest damage is going to cost him more than two thousand dollars out of pocket.sot: ben marcus, landlord// "the street is pretty well marked it's got a signalized corner here. so i don't know if it's the city's issue it's just bad luck or something i don't know. i'm not sure what the cause is it's just unfortunate and hopefully people will be more careful."wreckless driving is apparently common in the area. just around the corner on 35th avenue two cars were also spotted banged up badly. neighbors say this crash happened two nights ago and that drivers fly by too fast too oakland ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (justine) a warning
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tonight from pg & e... after a spike in phone scams across the bay area. pg & e will never ask you for immediate payment by using threats of service disconnection. also, pg & e will also not ask you to pay any fees with a prepaid cash card. if you believe you have been contacted by any scammers, contact your local police department. (jr) president trump blames democrats for suspending talks on daca... this, as a few members of congress call for trump to apologize for making disparaging comments while discussing immigration reform in the oval hutcherson reports. with a government shutdown looming, president trump took to twitter sunday.. blaming democrats for stalling a potential immigration deal... trump accused the democrats of not really wanting daca...and blowing the one great opportunity they had.the bipartisan discussion came to a standstill after the president made vulgar comments describing haiti and african
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nations while meeting with lawmakers on immigration reform.trump denied making the comment but did admit to using "tough language". rep. mia love / -r- utah: "i still think that he should apologize. i think that there are people that are looking for an apology, and i think that that would show real leadership." for many lawmakers, including the first haitian-american congresswoma n, coming to an agreement on daca is essential.rep. mia love / -r- utah: "we cannot let this derail us. i think the worst thing that can happen right now is for daca. . for there not to be a fix at all. there are people that are depending on us. not just americans on border security, but families that are waiting, that are in limbo."trump's tweets came less than 24-hours after his administration began receiving daca renewal applications following a federal court order. the daca policy will continue operating on the terms in place before it was rescinded in september of last year.. i'm kim hutcherson reporting. (justine) a u-c san diego
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student and "dreamer" has been released by border patrol agents ... after a wrong turn left him in custody.(jr stone) orr yakobi came to the u-s from israel as a child and is part of the deferred action for childhood arrivals program known as daca. he can't leave the country and return without a permit.(justine) so when a friend went down the wrong san diego road and ended up crossing the mexican border ... yakobi ended up under arrest. jaime chambers has the story. as someone who is part of the deferred action for childhood arrivals program known as daca, yakobi was not allowed to leave the country and come back without a special permit. yakobi's parents brought him to the u.s. from israel at the age of 5. he is an honor student majoring in math and computer science and is set to graduate this year.because he violated the terms of the daca program, yakobi faces possible deportation to israel. but his attorney, jacob sapochnick, said the wrong turn was an honest mistake his young
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client should not be deported to a country he has never known."he's never been to jail. he's a good boy. he's not a criminal. he doesn't know how to handle it," sapochnick told kswb. "he's been here since he was 5. he has no accent. this is his country. he doesn't remember anything from israel, his israeli origin."sapochnick said he had contacted several local lawmakers, including todd gloria and scott peters, in an effort to get yakobi released. gloria sent a letter urging the release of yakobi to ice on jan. 9.assemblyman todd gloria's letter to ice on behalf of orr yakobi"by all accounts, mr. yakobi had no intention of crossing the border and violating the requirements of the daca program, " gloria wrote. "because ther are no extraordinary circumstances for his continued detention, i ask that mr. yakobi be immediately released or at a minimum, be paroled from immigration and customs enforcement while the case is reviewed."it was not immediately clear what the terms of yakobi's release were.
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(justine) that was jamie chambers reporting. the terms of yakobi's release were not immediately clear. (j.r.) one man is dead after a shooting in vallejo...and the shooter is ánotá in police custody tonight. it happened around two thirty yesterday afternoon on westwood street near hogan middle school. police found a man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. he was treated at the scene but later died at the hospital. his name has not been released pending the notification of his family. officials are still investigating the cause of the shooting. police have not yet released a detailed description of the shooter. (justine) three- months after the north bay fires... there are signs and sounds of hope for the future. the first home in coffey park is now being built. natsthe clang of construction thuds loudly in one corner of
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coffey park.this is 1613 kerry lane.a phoenix rising from the ashes of the tubbs firesot driving out i knew it was bad with the propane tanks exploding coming back that monday it was just devastation dan bradford escaped inferno with just his two dogs. determined to rebuild, he started construction of his new home ..on his old lot this week.natsthe wooden beams of the roof are now up.with each swing of the hammer.nats measurement.natsand pop of a nail gun.this neighborhood comes back to life.natsjeff sot there is progress being made and hope that this is not just a giant neighborhood full of hazardous material and debris anymorethe home is surrounded by hundreds of vacant lots it seems dan won't have neighbors for a while.sot somebody said yeah you are going to have a difficult time borrowing a cup of sugar hahanats this is a 2nd bedroomdan admits he lucked out that the foundation was solid enough to rebuild his 3 bedroom 2 bath house.and found lake county contractors were capable of taking on the challenge.sot i know there are
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people who are under insured and i feel really bad for them that they will go through a lot more than i have had to go throughnats crews will keep pounding away the home should be done in the spring.nats sot i hope it gives other people hope that they can rebuild that it wont take 3 to 4 years that it can happen quicklythis maybe the first home under construction here but it won't be the santa rosa justine waldman kron 4 news. (justine) last years the north bay wildfires destroyed more than 46-hundred homes. (jr stone) coming up... take a look at this... we'll tell you how a driver managed to crash into the second story of a building in southern california... (anny) your bay area forecast is up ahead.
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at stanford health care, we can now simulate the exact anatomy of a patient's brain before surgery. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for seizures. and if we can fix damaged heart valves without open heart surgery, imagine what we can do for an irregular heartbeat, even high blood pressure. if we can use analyze each patient's breast cancer to personalize their treatment, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you. (justine) incredible
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images out of santa ana ... after a driver managed to crash his car into the second floor of a building. take a look. police say the driver was speeding and hit a center median. that made the car go airborne ... and it ended up in a dentist's office. two people were inside the car. they suffered only minor injuries and were able to get out safety. authorities suspect alcohol may have been involved. (jr stone) and a scary scene in turkey... after a plane skids off the airport it lands in the city of trabzon. no one was hurt and all passengers were evacuated from the plane. the pegasus airlines jet was flying in from ankara.
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people behaving badly> (justine) with seconds before a train crash... a man saves a womans life in the south bay. how he got her to safety.. (jr stone) a san jose man
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is being hailed as a hero tonight .... after pulling a woman from a car .. that had turned onto the train tracks in sunnyvale. (justine) as kron 4's dan kerman reports the man pulled the driver out seconds before the train hit the car. speeding trains rocketing across south sunnyvale avenue are a common occurrence but what happened thursday evening about 6 was not sot i stopped and saw a prius about 50 feet down the trackwalter wilson was driving east across the railroad tracks, when he
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noticed a car had turned right onto the tracks and had stopped. the 63 year old wilson stopped his car, ran down the tracks and told the elderly woman behind the wheel to back up she tried, but got stuck.sot walter wilson/good samaritan 30-38i looked up and saw lights from a train coming directly at us.wilson says he reached into the vehicle and took off the woman's seatbelt and lifted her out of the car and took her to safetysot between the time i grabbed her and the time we got to safety, i couldn't tell you how i got there, i just looked up and we were there, probably because of the adrenaline, and we were there maybe 5-6 seconds before the train hit her car.though wilson says the train did slow down, this is what the woman's car looked like after it was hit by the train. sot it sounded like an explosion; the train hit it and kind of crumpled it.thanks to wilson's fast action the driver of the car was nothurt nor was anyone on the train wilson says he was later approached by the train's engineersothe came over and said he was so appreciative i got the woman out of the car, because you
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made my daywilson says the woman spoke little english but he sensed she was grateful now some are calling this great grandfather a hero but wilson says that should be reserved for those who put their lives on the line every daysotmy act may be perceived as heroic but at the end of the day i did what a humane person would do and that is to save someone else's family. if it were my mother or my sister or a loved one i would hope another american or human would reach out to help that person as well.standup dan kerman/sunnyvale 151-201while caltrain is calling wilsons actions heroic, the sunnyvale dept of public safety is going one step further. they plan to honor him. in sunnyvale, dan kerman kron 4 news.203/std (justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist anny hong has our forecast.. .
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(anny hong): a ridge of high pressure over california will maintain dry and mild conditions through the rest of today. rain chances will develop in the north bay by monday afternoon and across most of the region by late monday night. a period of dry weather is forecast from tuesday afternoon through wednesday. periods of rain/rain showers are then expected from wednesday night through the end of the week, with more rain possible by late next weekend.
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(justine) school zones should be one of the safest areas to be walking around.(jr stone) and many complaints are of bad behavior from parents. that's where stanley roberts comes in.
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a parent is about to get a ticket for something she did just outside of diane feinstein elementary school at 25th ave and vicente street in san francisco nats ambiance at 7:30 am the cones go out to make the student drop off run smoothly.. there is a crossing guard to make sure the students can cross safely and then it starts the influx of parents rolling up to drop off kids . this is the approved drop off location and this is not so you can't abandon your car to walk your child to class nats: ambiance however, if you insist in abandoning your car, please refrain from unloading the child on the traffic side of the car . that is very dangerous nats: ambianceif you see a car stopped at crosswalk, there is probably a good reason for that so don't drive around the stopped car and roll the stop sign nats: ambiance remember there are children walking and riding bikes to school so be on the lookout so just how bad does it get lets ask frank a school volunteersive seen people illegally parked double parked this bus lane in the afternoon people park there waiting for
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their kids and the buses sometimes don't have space to pick up the kids áááthe school put out instruction to the parents which included.. drive the speed limit which by the way around schools is 15 miles per hours do not make u-turns in the middle of the street and there are street signs like this one reading not u-turns during school hours luckily, people don't do that kind of stuff when a cop is around. wait what oops .. first time, i drive that way i usually walk her to here i never driver her to here apparently she lives a block away from the schooli'm in a hurry, you're in a hurryso here's the deal around schools you simply can't be in can't be in a hurry. so i'm going to give you a citation for making a u-turn right there is a huge sign that says no u-turn so you not suppose to make a uturn at that intersection so the most common question ishow much will i be fined and normally the officer doesn't know the fine but i do its 238 dollars and a point on your record .. to be frank .i get a lot of complaints about driving around schools . remember your kids see everything you do log before the education process starts so teach them well in san francisco stanley
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roberts kron 4 news (anny hong): a ridge of high
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pressure over california will maintain dry and mild conditions through the rest of today. rain chances will develop in the north bay by monday afternoon and across most of the region by late monday night. a period of dry weather is forecast from tuesday afternoon through wednesday. periods of rain/rain showers are then expected from wednesday night through the end of the week, with more rain possible by late next weekend.
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woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
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first off, we're going to give you all... (nat pop)what a finish (nat pop)what a finish to the divisional round of the nfl playoffs... as the vikings shock everyone with a miracle play to adance the the nfl championship game...and there was another shocker in pittsburgh... as blake bortles and the jaguars derail the much anticipated steelers- patriots showdown(nat pop)jon gruden returns to the raiders... we have his thoughs on derek carr... marshawn lynch... and eventually moving to las vegaskevin durant reaches a milestone... and stephen curry returns... just in time for the warriors showdown in cleveland... we will talk about round two in


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