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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  January 19, 2018 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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>> tonight blake and gwen sexy get away. when your girlfriend has abs like that, why is blake kiting someone else. >> plus kim k. reveals her new baby's name. speaking of babies why justin timberlake is ready to give silas a sibling. >> plus -- >> say yes to the dress. what will harry say? new details about meghan markle's wedding dress. >> plus dancing details. only we're behind the scenes where finding love is on everyone's mind. >> she looks like a mermaid. >> forget cats and dogs. these celebs have pigs donkeys
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and chickens. which stars own the strangest pets of all? >> this is "entertainment tonight." >> big baby news. kim an kanye have finally announced the name of their newborn daughter. here it is chicago west. >> huh? >> yep. . they're going to call her chi for short. >> chicago west. how about that. >> the paparazzi getting a smile out of dad. source tells us the name has a special meaning for kanye. he was raised in chicago and his late mother was connected to the city. it could be a tribute to her. >> it's very sweet. >> sweet. >> since we're talking babies we have the latest on black and gwen's plan to have kids of their own. their romance burning hot south of the border. ♪ >> drinks in hand, check. big smiles, yep an gwen's itty
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bitty white bikini? yep, she's got that going on too. >> the two are getting r and r in mexico. gwen posted this video and this shot of her and blake's feet d cuddled up together. look who blake was kissing? his buddy luke bryan. >> mr. blake shelton. he loves the beach. i got him in some shorts. he's going to let us crash his stage crash his playa. >> i love luke like a brother. >> as for the super hot in love couple we've got a relationship update. a source tells us the pair has discussed marriage. the source said don't expect them walking down the aisle any time source. another source said they would
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like to start a family together, but they're happy with the family they have now. >> i just like being with her. >> i think somebody that can make you laugh constantly is very sexy. >> i think i'm his biggest fan. >> well, gwen an blake are keeping quiet on the subject of babies. not justin timberlake. >> thank goodness. >> this is what candid sounds like. j.t. holds nothing back on his plans for expanding the family and being a parent. ♪ >> everybody tells you that your life is going to change. you're like yeah whatever. i got it. my wife and i look at each other when we have a night off and we sit down and watch a movie or something. we were like what did we do before this. >> calling life pre silas a blur. >> i never felt more inept in my
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life. my 3 beyond a reasonable doubt -- 3-year-old is running the house. >> their approach to parenting comes with a self deprecating approach po humor. >> despite the chaos justin said they want to make silas a big brother. >> i want to have as many as we can if i'm being honest. >> for now justin is focusing on music. his new album drops february 2 n. two days later he takes on the super bowl halftime stage. ♪ >> a lot of my music i wouldn't play for my son. although i did play "filthy" for him. ♪ >> he was like so we'll when that r kicks in. >> after first hinting to "e.t." jess can's voice has a cameo at the end of the track justin told
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zo zane lowe she's credited on the album. >> does she get points? >> she gets all the points, bro. are you married? do you know how this works? >> the real question is will she come out and dance with him at the super bowl. >> marriage is also on the mind of prince harry and meghan markle. >> the royal bride to be has picked a top secret designer for her wedding gown and has had a fitting. the course lt. reports megan's close friend is helping with the dress and planning the wedding. >> we brought so many rin ses dresses. >> jessica also helped megan pick out a dress for an episode of her show suits. her character rachel was tying the knot. >> we are picking out rachel
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zane's wedding dress. jessica mulroney is here who runs kleinfeld's. say yes to the dress. >> poor the royal wedding megan is said to want a gown that is simple an elegant. jessica has an eye for detail. >> that is a naeem kahn. it's called a transformer dress. it's two dresses in one. there's an over skirt. then it's this dramatic skirt for however you get married. then you can kind of take it off and dance the night away if you decide to do that. >> oh, my gosh. >> yesterday in waels megan and sha harry showed off how much they love kids. prince george and princess charlotte will be in their wedding. >> it's been over a week since michael douglas go ahead of his
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own sexual harassment scandal. today his accuser is speaking out. >> he thought he was the king of the world and he could humiliate meet. >> susan brody worked for douglas and told "the today show" she was constantly subjected to sexual harassment. she claims during a script meeting he performed a sex act in front of her. >> one of my friends told me you better not tell people about him. >> michael douglas did not comment today. he denied the claims before they were published. he said this is a complete lie, fabrication no truth to it whatsoever. douglas has the full support of his wife catherine zeta jones who told us it was important to quash the story. >> he did a statement. he did it. i think it's clear where he stands. i can't elaborate on something that is so very personal to him.
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what i can say it touches all of us. >> the oscar winning actress is focused on her latest project which premiers tomorrow on lifetime the griselda bianco story. >> i wanted to play this role forever. >> it's based on the real story of the woman who was a pioneer in the miami cocaine trade. >> call me mother again and i'll strangle you with these pearls. >> there were a few times a few days she gave us that look of the cocaine god mother and we say whoa. >> i couldn't wait to get to work every morning. >> you know, i can see catherine zeta jones getting nominated for that role at this year oos sag awards. keltie you'll be there talking to all the nominees at this
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year's awards. >> have you voted yet. >> i voted a long time ago. >> how will it be different. here are the sag awards by the numbers. >> a lot of ladies involved. >> the show's first ever female host kirsten bell isn't kidding. we got a look at 86 star studded tables. sunday is going to be lady's night. table eight is the wonder women. goldie hawn, her daughter kate and jane fonda and lily tomlin. >> table 19 no big little lie is all girl power reese nicole and hong chau who also had a role on the hbo series. who's the guy that gets to switch tables. >> timothee chalamet. >> on the menu chicken, salmon and a whole lot to drink
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including wine. >> we bought a lot, about 130 cases. 80 bottles of tequila and 75 bottles of vodka. >> we know how kristen bell is getting beaut fieed for sunday thanks to dak shepherd. >> please tell people this is real. >> that is real. >> it's an l.e.d. beauty mask. dak prefers to call it electronic monster. >> carrie underwood still recovering months after a nasty fall. we'll explain the shocking x-ray. >> forget an suv. which oscar winning went for an actual tank. what we found out about this crazy car with a jaw dropping price tag. >>
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>> "e.t." talked to alex crow about his
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>> you are looking at carrie underwood's new wrist. that is a titanium plate with screws holding her broken bones together and remember carrie took a nasty fall at home that required more than 40 stitches to her face. good news she said she's good to go now. >> absolutely. we love to hear that. also good to go mama june after she lost 300 pounds after weight loss surgery. is she putting the weight back on. we had three questions for mama june. >> we have seen you go through this journey and you told us recently you gained a little weight back. >> 10 pounds in a year and a half. that to me is not bad. >> do you want to see yourself hit a certain number? >> i'm happy where i'm at.
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i don't want to go over 170. if i go over that, i'll start beating myself up and getting on the scale. >> june's other strategy for keeping weight in check sleeping until 1:00 p.m. so she can skip breakfast. since june hasn't been shy about her weight loss that brings us to question two. >> would you ever pose nude. >> i was offered over one million to do a porno. >> would you ever pose nude? >> it's not good for the kids. >> would you ever do "dancing with the stars"? >> it's been talked about. i ain't got no rhythm. >> well, another reality star who dropped a lot of weight abby lee miller. she's been in prison since july. a source close to her said she's 100 pounds lighter and scheduled
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to be released on february 20th. abby must then report directly to a halfway house in van ice. no word on how long she's going to have to stay there. back to "dancing with the stars." only we're taking you behind the scenes of their tour and how the cast is lobbying abc to make sharna the next bachelor rhett. >> then celebrity pets from pigs, to pigeons, to babily sarly sards. >> closed captioning provided by -- you can get...
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dancers in getting their ears pierced. only we were invited exclusively backstage before they lit up radio city music hall. >> not my first ear piercing rodeo. >> i didn't expect how much it was going to hurt. i like it. >> not sure how much sleep sharna is getting on this tour. 61 cities in 11 weeks, 600 costumes, 20 changes per person. it's huge. >> light up the night. >> you ready? >> it doesn't leave much time for wedding plans. sasha and emma's i dos are happening early this summer. sasha tells us he's got two priorities. >> i want to be a dad tomorrow. this is my kid right now. ruby, say hi. >> oh, my god. >> move on to next question.
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>> bye. ♪ >> i want this night for emma to s cherish for the rest of her life. i'm working on a few surprises. it's going to be fun, right? >> it's emotional. >> when the crew has downtime we hear the ladies watch "the bachelor." they're lobbying hard to get sharna on the show. >> i think she would be straight up and honest and not about these guys trying to impress her. >> my response is who wouldn't want a bunch of gorgeous men pining for your attention. at the same time i'm terrified of that show. >> would you kiss all of them? >> god, no. >> celebrity dancer frankie nunes not a bachelor. he said the only thing he's missing is a killer six-pack.
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>> i got in better shape on the show. i eat so bad. it's restricting me from getting the abs i should have by now. >> we all try to help him too. >> they have hot dogs there. who's going to pass up a hot 0 dog? >> not me. >> listen to this there's this secret animal game the dancers play on stage. they get assigned an animal. nobody knows who gets what. at some point each person has to make an animal sound to find out who their animal match is. how funny is that. >> they're just barking and all kind of stuff going on? >> yeah. >> animals are an extended part of every single. why stop at dogs or cats when you can go full farm. here are the stars showing off their pets. >> what would we do without you regina. >> that's the pet jennifer
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garner recently took for a walk. >> i'm surprised people are getting into chicken walking. >> maybe we'll have eggs this way. >> also raising chickens kelly clarkson and yolanda. >> reese has 20 chickens and a donkey. >> we thought the donkeys were really cute. so we got one. it's great for the kids to learn about compassion. >> tori spelling knows about that. they picked up a pig. >> you've can't bring is pig to italy. >> they can eat bruschetta. >> miley cyruss pig is
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appropriately named pig. >> there's is pig in the house? >> the big sleeps on the couch like a bad boyfriend. >> among the strangest pet is nicole ritchie's bearded dragon. she explained her choice on ellen. >> this is for my son. i'm not a bearded dragon type gal. he should be taking care of it but he's at school. >> she just gave it its first bath. >> the look on his face when i poured the warm water and took a tooth brush and brushed his body, he really enjoyed it. >> kirstie alley showed his her passion pet lemurs. >> they're very social. it's a bit like our house, run by the chick. >> finally this will surprise you mike tyson loves birds, pigeons specifically.
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>> i wanted to show you these beautiful birds. >> he raised pigeons since he was a boy growing up in new york. >> i had a big coop in harlem with like 2,000 birds. >> that's a lot of clean. >> sure is. >> coming up the bat mobile's got nothing on this. who is the oscar winning to blame for riding around hollywood in this tank? it's next. ♪ on-4 news at
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next on kron-4 news at eight: breaking news..a manhunt underway after a woman is shot and killed in san francisco. new details next in a live or no deal. the government is expected to shutdown if lawmakers can't reach an agreement within the next hour. i'm grant lodes i'm vicki liviakis. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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♪ >> this is "e.t." >> whoa! >> "e.t." >> this is the best time of my life. >> nobody knows hollywood like "entertainment tonight." >> would you like to see something amazing? >> bigger, better and before everyone else. >> i love you. you love me. >> now "e.t." is everywhere you
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high drama on capitol hill tonight .... the senate working late in order to beat a midnight deadline ... or face a government shutdown. good evening i'm grant lodes. (vicki) and i'm vicki liviakis ....pam moore
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and steve aveson are on assignment tonight. the federal government's authority to pay its bills expires in less than one hour. (grant) the senate has failed tonight to pass the bill and avoid the shutdown. throughout this process....the blame game has been ongoing between republicans and democrats. partially over the issue of daca. the program to protect young undocumented immigrants... brought in the country as children. (vicki) despite the partisan politics. ... if they cannot come to an agreement...a partial shutdown will begin at midnight. all this happens to be coincide with the anniversary of president trump's inauguration. let's go to karen caifa live at the capitol..


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