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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 27, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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(jrstone) a rash of car burglaries in petaluma all on the same night has police alerting the public to do everything they can to avoid becomming the next victim. good evening i'm jr stone. (justine) and i'm justine waldman. kron4's ella sogomonian is live in petaluma at sprout's market at the scene of one of those thefts. ella? the car burglaries all happened at locations within a 10 minute drive of each other in pretty well lit parking lots with normally lots of
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people around. seven cars were broken into at seven different parking lots across petaluma friday night. police say it happened within 4 hours between 4:30 and 9:30 at night. most cars were targeted at businesses up and down mcdowell blvd like raley's, city sports, and safeway.sot: shopper// "i've heard about this at work. it's happened a couple of times. so it's not too surprising. it's happened at this parking lot. i'm here all the time."the thieves smashed glass at applebee's, sprout's, and the factory outlets too.sot: shopper// " i lkeep telling her put your purse under the seat don't leave it laying out. she left it laying out. luckily it was still there." sot: shopper// "i always put my stuff in the trunk anywhere you can't see it you know?"and that's exactly what police advise. not to leave out anything in a car that would attract attention. they say in
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five out of the seven cases backpacks, electronics, and purses were left in plain view. police say a witness described the suspect as a hispanic man with dark slicked back hair in his early 20's driving off in an older black or grey 4 door toyota or acura.they didn't get a good look at the in petaluma ella sogomonian kron 4 news (jr stone)(jr (jr stone) this just into the kron 4 newsroom -- san francisco police say they have located an 8-year old girl who went missing this morning. micala myres was reported missing this morning near the bayview district. she was considered at risk due to her age. police are now doing a follow up investigation with her and will release more information at a later time. (justine) another big
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story tonight, some efforts made by a company contracted by the u.s. navy to clean up hunters point may have been falsified. this is according to a review ..of what's been called san francisco's biggest redevelopment project in 100 years. tetra tech -- the company hired to test and decontaminate the area that was used by the navy to dispose of toxic waste -- was first found to have falsified soil samples in 20- 12. new claims by former workers state that as much as 48-percent of over 10 years worth of data is either suspect or has "evidence of manipulation or falsification." environmental activists have long been up in arms about the plan to redevelop the area. and now new housing projects in the area may be in danger of even more delays. at least 1 billion dollars has been spent in removing radioactive contamination from the former shipyard. the navy is expected to hold a press conference to address these concerns on wednesday.
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(jrstone) major traffic delays today in san francisco as thousands of people gathered for the 14th annual walk for life. supporters rallied against abortion... calling it both physically and emotionally harmful to women and children. kron4's jeff pierce was at the event today. tens of thousands of pro life supporters gathered in san francisco on saturday for the fourteenth annual walk for life.happy walk for life day. the organizers had bussed in supporters from all over the state and were celebrating a renewed effort to establish restrictions on abortion rights.we're here to proclaim that abortion hurts women. we're here to take back the narrative that abortion is a right.if you think abortion can be outlawed in america let me hear you.the movement has been encouraged that the conservative political atmosphere in washington has
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addressed some of their see a lot of the pro life measures that are coming up and just one right after another and are being implemented is always fantastic.activists have taken a page from the president in declaring their message. they're saying there is no such thing as the sanctity of life, that's fake news. marching down market street they were met by a small but vocal contingent of counter protesters that also were concerned about the inroads that conservative measures have placed abortion rights we're here for women. these are extraordinary times and we can't give an ordinary effort we have to be here for each other.i believe that all people should have access to abortion, health care and all sorts of things and today we are all here fighting for that. it will be conversation that both sides on the issue continue shout at each other. in san francisco jeff pierce kron four news.
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(justine) an explosive- packed ambulance killed at least 95 people in kabul today... and the taliban is claiming responsibility. secretary of state rex tillerson says the suicide bomber drove the ambulance into a commercial area. he then detonated the explosives at a checkpoint near the european union consulate. president trump released a statement saying the u-s is "committed to a secure afghanistan that is free from terrorists." this bombing comes just a week after taliban militants killed 22 people at a hotel in the city. (jrstone) a man is accused of killing two women...and sticking one body in the freezer, the other in a pond. (justine) as kevin oliver reports-- authorities say the man and two women lived together -- about 50 miles northwest of sacramento. hidden from sight by rows of almond trees.and nearly a quarter of a mile from the
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nearest paved road.this is where colusa county sheriff's deputies say 49 year old martin ehrke murdered two women.investigators said the two women lived at the house along with ehrke and others.a roommate of the victims called 9-1-1 from the home early thursday morning to report suspicious circumstances and their disappearance... when investigators first showed up they found one of the victims in a chest freezer in a separate residence attached to the house.that victim has been identified as 39 year old kimberly taylor.the dive team later checked a large pond on the property and found 25 year old jessica mazak's body submerged.detectives found an illegal marijuana grow and narcotics on the property.we also found all three have drug offenses.kevin oliver/reporting: "investigators revealed that the suspect left the home in arbuckle on wednesday evening and was checked into the colusa medical center but didn't say what he was being treated for. it wasn't until thursday he was found at another location in colusa and
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that's where he was arrested." before leaving the courthouse in colusa, ehrke was ordered to be held without bond and given a public colusa county, kevin oliver (jur) pleasanton police are searching for the man they say robbed a bank this morning. it happened around ten at the chase bank in the stoneridge shopping center. police say the man walked into the bank and handed the teller a note demanding money. authorities say the teller handed the man cash. this is a picture of the man, taken from surveillance video. authorities say he left the shopping center in a silver toyota camry. police say he is between 50 and 60 years old, standing around six foot three and weighing about 200 pounds. (justine) in the north bay... a mother and son are behind bars tonight for allegedly running a prostitution ring. kron's 4 camila bernal explains how authorities discovered this case. over the last couple of weeks, the rohnert park department of
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public safety has been focusing on human trafficking. their latest undercover operation took place last night and it led to the arrest of a sonoma county man and his mother who were allegedly running a prostitution ring. authorities say the people responsible are 37-year-old david romesburg of santa rosa and his mother, 59-year-old fay romesburg. according to authorities the two were advertising a rhonert park as a place where people could get massages and "upgrades". the online ads had pictures of women who police believe were living with the mother and son and working as prostitutes. authorities first learned of this because the manager at the apartment complex reported what he believed to be prostitution. this is a map of where it happened. the apartment was on the 400 block of snyder lane and even the neighbors were complaining about people coming and going from the apartment. finally, last night an undercover officer responded to the online ad and according to
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authorities he met a 19 year old woman who offered sex in exchange for money. then the department of public safety obtained a warrant and arrested the mother and son they are both facing pimping charges and are currently being held at the sonoma county jail. authorities say the man could also be facing human trafficking charges. reporting in rohnert park, camila bernal kron 4 news. (anny) (anny hong): dry weather conditions can be expected through the weekend and well into next week as a ridge of high pressure strengthens and maintains its position over california. cool overnight temperatures can be expected, and a warming trend is forecast through early next week. (jr stone) new at 10 san jose international airport is adding flights this year... after seeing a spike in ridership in 2017. they
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are offering 80 weekly flights... including 16 new routes according to officials over the last five years the airport has seen constant growth. last year passenger traffic increased by more than 15-percent. they say the increase is because the airport added three new gates and started to offer non-stop service flights. officials believe the numbers will continue to increase through the fall. (justine) happening tomorrow, three twins ice cream in the lower haight will scoop its final cone. a fire in 20-11 burned down its shop. the owners eventually reopened the store three years later. after a significant rent increase and new dessert shops opening in the area. their east bay and north bay locations will remain open. three twins and former giants pitcher, sergio romo teamed up to develop a new ice cream flavor in 2012. during the giants
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world series victory parade... the giants closer wore a shirt that read, "i just look illegal." sergio romo''s mexican chocolate ice cream came with grinning romo cartoon and the tagline "it only tastes illegal." (jr stone) coming up -- a homeless outreach event is giving hope and care to the less fortunate. (justine) and... watch how emergency responders got away from a mudslide... in southern california. (jrstone) and after the break -- what scrutiny michigan state is under in the wake of the larry nassar scandal for failing to protect athletes from sexual abuse. from sexual abuse. ♪ ♪ my husband is probably going to think i'm crazy. he thinks i'm going to see my sister! ♪ ♪ sometimes the confidence to be spontaneous starts with financial stability. once i heard it i was shocked. i just thought, i have to go get it! ♪ ♪
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it's our tree! ♪ ♪ see how a personalized financial strategy and access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit (j.r.)in national newsconvicte
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d child molestor and sports physician larry nassar may have already been sentenced but there is still quite a bit of work to be done involving his the michigan attorney general took action against michigan state university by naming a special prosecutor to investigate the school. sports doctor larry nassar was sentenced to between 40 and 175 years in jail this week for molesting young girls and women. nassar was a doctor for michigan state athletes and gymnasts on the u.s. olympic team. there are allegations that female athletes at michigan state university complained about abuse as early as the 1990's.
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michigan's attorney general says he wants to know who knew what and when they knew it. (jr stone) it's not clear if this review will lead to criminal charges or ncaa violations against employees, past employees, or the school. (justine) casino mogul steve wynn has resigned as finance chairman of the republican national committee... the move comes amid allegations of sexual harassment and assault. in a new report... dozens of employees accuse wynn of decades of sexual misconduct. according to the report... wynn would ask employees out repeatedly and pressure them into performing sexual acts. wynn says the idea he "ever
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assualted any woman is preposterous." he blames the news on his ex-wife, with whom he is broiled in a legal battle. wynn is a gamining licensee. this could cause further implications. (david schwartz/univ. of nevada, las vegas): "all licensees have to uphold the name of nevada and the image of nevada so that is part of the regulatory obligation." (justine) nevada gaming control board chairperson-- becky harris-- released a statement saying... "we are aware of this situation and we are reviewing information." (jr stone) the "house of horror" in southern california was not the first place where grisly things were happening in the turpin family. information is now dripping in about their old house in rio vista, texas... where they lived before moving to the golden state. the texas home's current owner says when she took possession of the property... it was so filthy inside...she would pour bleach at the home...come back
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the next day and pour even more bleach. she says the house is so unlivable, the turpin family was living in a trailer at the property... instead of inside the home. (sot) (jr stone)"it has feces on the walls in the living room and the kitchen cabinets were so dirty, we scrubbed the cabinets, all of it, trying to get them cleaned enough, but the real estate company had already cleaned it good enough to put it on the market, you know, so when we got it, it had already been cleaned considerably." david and louise turpin are accused of abusing their 13-children for years - keeping them severely malnourished and often shackled. the couple is due in court again on february 23-rd, on charges that include torture and false imprisonment. their children are recovering in the hospital. (jr stone) taking a live look outside....(justine) meteorologist anny hong has our forecast.
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. (anny hong): dry weather conditions can be expected through the weekend and well into next week as a ridge of high pressure strengthens and maintains its position over california. cool overnight temperatures can be expected, and a warming trend is forecast through early next week.
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(jr stone) homeless people are often ignored by other people who are just going about their daily routines. (justine) sometimes all it takes to remember what it feels like to be part of society is people reaching out to you -- with simple things we all take for granted sometimes -- like food, music, or a haircut. ken maschini reports from stockton. looklive introthis event
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called a meal and a show is put on by local entertainers in stockton to allow those who are going through a tough time to get some clothes, some food, and to have a good time pkgfor j cat da savage, giving back to the homeless in stockton is his missionj cat da savage, event organizerit means a lot. it puts a smile on my face to see people receive...itús just that. seeing the smile on their face, seeing them happy, seeing them get something in return and not have that feeling of being brought down. i donút know, seeing them uplifted is a gift to me.that uplifting feeling was shared by everyone at columbus park this afternoon, as members of the homeless community were treated to a meal and a show deshawn moore, homelessit means a lot for locals and other people out here. some of us donút have anything and some of us do but this is hope to move forward.buttedanthony dean, sr., homelessitús like giving us strength to keep going. i donút know how to say it. like a higher power, like jesus has not forgotten us and heús looking for us and helping usattendees could sift
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through donated clothing, sing and dance to entertainment from local artists, get a makeover and grab a bite to eat nats-foodj cat knows the impact these events have because he used to be in their shoesj cat da savage, event organizeritús basically the decent human being thing to do. these are still human beings whether their life choices have brought them into something or somebody elseús life choices have brought them down, either way they are still human beings and should be treated as suchfor christopher walker and his friend anthony dean senior, itús a moment to celebrate during a difficult time in their liveschristopher walker, homelessi didnút think as a child that people do this so for me personally, iúm blessed and i hope my son sees gives me courage to go on no matter how life sucks or how hard it is. it keeps my head upheads held high and spirits up, many are looking forward to a better tomorrow... looklive tagevent organizers hope that this type of event can spread throughout the country as local entertainers they are calling for to come together and provide these types of opportunities for homeless in their stockton, ken mashinchi, (justine) coming up... only in the bay area.... we'll explain why it looked
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like people were having a picnic on a freeway in the south bay. (jr stone) and... the flu epidemic is getting worse. what you can do to protect yourself and your kids -- coming up.
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(jr stone) the deadly flu season is showing no signs of slowing down. contra costa county officials are urging residents to take precautions to avoid getting the flu -- or infecting others. that means washing your hands often -- with soap or hand sanitizer. covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing -- and staying home when sick. experts say anyone over 6 months of age should get a flu shot. her'es a look at how serious this flu season has been here in the bay area. there have been seven flu-related deaths in contra costa county.
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there have also been five in santa clara, three in solano, three in santa cruz, and one in marin. alameda, sonoma, and san francisco do not have any reported flu deaths... and we are still waiting to hear back from san mateo county. stay with kron 4 as we continue to follow this story. (justine) now at 10. video of a scary ordeal during deadly mudslides in southern california. two officers were headed to a fire... when their patrol car got swept away by mud and boulders in montecito. captain cindy pontes says her heart sunk seeing the dash cam video... but despite the helpless moments... an officer was able to get the vehicle going.(sot) capt. cindy pontes/california highway patrol: "i am so grateful and so thankful that they were able to get out of that and survived that mudslide incident."(justine) both officers were not hurt. the brave duo relayed information about the mudslide...which led to a freeway shut down in the area. (j.r.) here's something you
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don't see on the freeway everyday..a picinic. mr. people behaving badly stanley roberts shot this video today on highway 101 in san jose. it appears a group was holding a picinic for the homeless off of the highway. this happened near story road where large populations of homeless people live. we did reach out to c-h-p to find out the legalities of this. they have not yet returned our calls. if you didn't see the picnic you might have see those riding their bikes to the picnic along the highway. (justine) a new trump administration policy is being sold as a way to keep american jobs -- so why do some experts think thousands of bay area solar workers may soon be out of work... (jr stone) and less than a month after pot is legalized -- bay area dispensaries are already running out of product.
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kron4's spencer blake has the latest from san francisco after the break. there's only one place where you can get...
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more adventure, more thrills, more magic, and more happy. and now you can stay steps away from the magic for less. save up to 25% on select rooms at a disneyland resort hotel. so now's the time to get more happy! (justine) recreational
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marijuana has been legal in california for almost a month now. the demand is so high that some dispensaries are stuck waiting for pot producers to get licensed so they can get more pot products on the shelves.welcome back, i'm justine waldman.(jr stone) and i'm jr stone. kron four's spencer blake looked into the issue with a few san francisco dispensaries to see if they're running "high and dry." (looklive)it's not that dispensaries have nothing left to sell you - it's that the stockpiles they have right now...won't last forever.(pkg) at sf-fogg in san francisco, dominic lucio and his co- workers were busy filling orders saturday, and certainly didn't have to turn anybody away."before the new year we stocked up like most other dispensaries here in the area." but the initial supply of recreational pot they had at the dispensary...doesn't look
10:30 pm
like it will get refilled as quickly as customers come calling."we've also seen a supply issue as far as companies we already have that they have been unable to meet the demand, not just of us but other dispensaries as well."sf fogg used to be just medical marijuana, but with the switch to recrational weed, they lost a couple vendors who haven't yet gotten their companies licensed locally or by the state.though the dispensary on 12th street isn't running dry yet, there are fewer products on the shelves than they started the year with.lucio thinks the industry might have underestimated the demand for legal urban pharm, a manager says there are starting to run dry on some products.a dispensary c-e-o in santa cruz county says some brands are harder for him to find because of the smaller producers that haven't gotten licenses yet.perhaps with time, as the novelty wears off, supply difficulties will level off."i think eventually, ya know these companies are big enough or will be able to grow with the different dispensaries - both recreational and medicinally - to meet that demand."pot operators have to get a local license first, followed by a state one to conduct business.
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in san francisco, spencer blake, kron four news. (live) taking a live look outside at san francisco's embarcadero.... . (anny hong): dry weather conditions can be expected through the weekend and well into next week as a ridge of high pressure strengthens and maintains its position over california. cool overnight temperatures can be expected, and a warming trend is forecast through early next week.
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(jr stone) thousands of jobs right here in the bay area could be in jeopardy because of new tariffs on imported solar panels. president trump announced the tariffs this week, saying they would boost u-s production. (justine) but as cnn's dan simon reports from pleasanton, many local industry workers could get left in the dark. natsot: workers on roofthe solar industry has been hot. thanks, in large part, to cheap solar panels from asia. jobs have been plentiful.but now the industry is bracing for a slowdown and even possible layoffs.reporter: "what did you think when you heard about it?"shiloh wernick, solar industry employee:"it's definitely nerve-wracking. you're trying to keep your head above water and get your bills paid and stuff and to have in the back of your mind this feeling of what you're thinking what could happen next."shiloh wernick saw a promising future in solar. now, he's not so sure.shiloh wernick, solar industry employee:"i personally have been working in this industry for nine years, and to figure out a whole different career path
10:34 pm
would be very nerve wracking for me and my wife."the uncertainty - a direct result of president's trump's new 30% tariff on imported solar panels. a move, he says, designed to help american manufactures, getting crushed by inexpensive imports.pres trump / no name fonts needed: "so we'll be making solar products now, much more so in the united states. our companies have been decimated and those companies are going to be coming back strong."but the solar energy industries association says it will hurt consumers with higher prices. and could cost 23-thousand workers their jobs this year. jim petersen, ceo, petersendean:"what trump did by passing this tariff is raise renewable energy rates across the country period full stop. it's a great headline. it's a promise on a campaign speech, but ultimately i think the consumer will be hurt."jim peterson owns one of the biggest solar companies in the nation. he says the move runs counter to decades of political messaging. jim petersen, ceo, petersendean: "what concerns me is we have leadership in washington that
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talks a good game about driving energy prices down. about becoming more self-reliant in energy. and what we just did was tax it." john orfali has made low prices his selling point. just look at the company name.he says a typical system in the bay area might cost 20- thousand dollars.but with the added tariffs, expect to pay at least a thousand bucks more. praying may not help, but spreading the gospel of renewable energy might.john orfali/save a lot solar:"there is quite a lot concern about the tariffs, but the solar industry will survive because it's just a beautiful thing. it's a great thing getting free energy."and in the short-term, solar businesses could actually see a spike in sales as consumers look to lock in pre-tariff prices.but long-term, a cloudy future may be on the horizon.dan simon, cnn, pleasanton, california.
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the items outside."oh really ... so if everything was done absolutely correct to this pile of debris , why am i still here?i"ll sort fact from fiction in the next edition of people behaving badly. > (jr stone) also coming up... plenty of excitement in oakland today... as a's fans gathered for the annual "fan fest" (jr stone) some cities
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like san francisco ...offer a free service for picking up large unwanted items.(justine) but there are certain rules that go along with that. stanley roberts explains in this edition of people behaving badly. while driving home i noticed this pile of debris located on the corner of fifth and king street, in san francisco while i was there i watched where is
10:39 pm
all this stuff coming from . big item pickup for tomorrow morning .more stuff being added to the pile .. a pile which covered the entire sidewalk and spilled into the street i also noticed a do not leave bulky items here sign hanging from a tree by a piece of string . this was all outside of the arterra condominium complex the pile had everything in it including the bathroom sink fast forward to the next day i return only to find the pile still therethese always some kind of trash there from the apartments and all that it always a mess so start making phone calls .while i was waiting i noticed more items being added to the pile at one point workers from the department of public works were passing by so i flagged them down .. they started
10:40 pm
documenting the site it turns out the someone in the complex on january 4th scheduled a bulk item pickup for the morning i returned .and according to dpw they did everything absolutely correct which was contact recology, recology gave them the ok to put items outside.what was not done right was the resident the way that they put the items out they didn't put them out as they should have i put in a call to recology and they confirmed the bulk pick up it was for 9 miscellaneous boxes and 1 end table. .the max for bulky there must be a sign attached with the letter bir which means bulky item recycle and the most it must not block the sidewalk apparently the complex ordered the everyone in the building know know so everything was dumped . one free bulky permitted per year if you fail to follow the rules you could be fined for illegally dumping or as my followers in the united kingdom called it fly tipping i placed a link on kron for more information on bulky item recycling so you neighborhood doesn't look like this in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news
10:41 pm
still ahead -- did we just witness the n-b-a finals preview between the warriors and celtics? we'll show you the highlights coming up (justine) a southern
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california woman has filed a discrimination lawsuit against walmart. the issue - many beauty products primarily used by african-americans are kept under lock and key. but those without ethnic packaging are not. greg mills reports from los angeles. this walmart in perris is just minutes from essie grundy's home.but essie grundy was in for a big surprise when she came here on her birthday two weeks ago, looking for a
10:44 pm
certain lotion she saw at a riverside walmart."i couldn't reach it, i couldn't touch it, i couldn't read ingredients." that's because that lotion and other skin and hair products designed to appeal to african- americans were behind glass, under lock and key, and not because they are incredibly expensive items either.natsot: "this comb here is 48 cents, but they put it under lock and key, 48 cents!"grundy was appalled. items targeting african-americans locked up. other items for anyone else - totally accessible."i just feel that we need to be treated equally and it's no way we should be treated this way just because of our complexion."gloria allred filed a discrimination lawsuit on grundy's behalf against walmart is what supervisors at this store told her and walmart put in its response to the lawsuit:"some products such as electronics, automotive, cosmetics and other personal care products are subject to additional security. those determinations
10:45 pm
are made on a store-by-store basis. while we've yet to review a complaint, we take this situation seriously and look forward to addressing it with the court." (jr stone) helicopters did a ceremonial fly-over at the 44th annual "guns and hoses" charity football game today at sacramento state. it's a yearly opportunity to honor firefighters and police officers lost in the line of duty. among those remembered was andrew camilleri -- the chp officer killed in the line of duty on christmas eve by a suspected drunk driver. 27-year firefigther veteran trent lindholt -- battling stage 4 cancer -- was on hand for the coin toss. he has participated in the last 10 "pig bowl" events -- which, over the years, have raised over 1-point-6 million for local charitites. the police ended up winning the
10:46 pm
game, 24-to-9. (justine) the major league baseball season is just around the corner... and, the oakland athletics are looking forward to what could be a promising year... as the franchise celebrates it's 50th anniversary in oakland. today, the a's held there annual fanfest at jack london square. kron four's philippe djegal was there -- and shares why fans are feeling good about 20-18. (philippe)nats- proudly decked out in green and gold...nihal rethod/a's fan- "go a's!" oakland atheltics fans are clammering for a winner... kareem williams/a's fan- "we on the uprise -- you know why? because billy, billy beane knows what he's doing." as the a's celebrate their 50th anniversary season in the east bay... the annual fanfest held again this year at jack london square... gave fans a chance to rub elbows with former greats like vida blue... and, new members of the a's coaching staff.erika jackson/a's fan- "i seen matt williams, who used to be with the giants, now he's across the way in the green and the gold." pitcher sean manea, one of the bright young arms
10:47 pm
in the a's rotation... took pictures and signed autographs. infielder jed lowrie also made an appearance. both on the club last year that ended the season 17 and seven in their last 24 games.twins/a's fans- "it's pretty cool, that uh, fans get to meet the players and take pictures. i think it's a cool opportunity and a really fun thing to do." and, considering how well this young team played down the stretch last season... a's fans are optomistic about 20-18.daniel galvez/a's fan- "very, very, exciting."cesar galvez/a's fan- "it was fantastic -- my son's loving it. it was the first time out." not long after the a's announced their plans to build a new stadium in oakland... talks broke down late last year when the athletics' desired site was pulled off the table. fans don't seem too concerned, confident that regardless of what happens... the a's appear committed to oakland.milton cardoza/a's fan- "i guess when the new stadium comes in, i'm going to be 40. i've been in my twenties when i first heard aout it, so we'll see what happens. i'm going to wait until they put shovels in the ground until i get excited about something." right now, it's about the young core of talented barragan/a's fan- "olson, chapman, a few guys -- davis." and, before you know it -- those guys will lead the charge, in what fans believe will be a winning season. in oakland, philippe djegal, kron four news.
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(jr stone) the warriors... with the best-record in the league hosting the celtics. boston chasing history... under steve kerr... golden state has never been swept by a team we head to oracle arena the battle of the guards... steph curry taking on kyrie irving boston showing why this could be a preview of the n-b-a finals this season. kyrie and former cal bear jaylen brown score 14 points in the opening quarter warriors down by four at the break but here comes curry... he got hot in the third quarter drops 18 on boston... he was putting
10:49 pm
on show from three point line finished with 49 points and 8 three pointers warriors up 78-68. boston not going away kyrie over andre iguodala... celtics back in the lead in the fourth but curry playing like an m-v-p... game tied at 95 steph with a pull up three next posession... curry makes a 5-0 run for golden state celtics kept it close... but warriors hang on to win 109-105 (j.r.) nhl all-star weekend going on in tampa, florida and saturday we learned that next year's all-star game will be held in here in the bay area. a full week of festivities coming to san jose. the san jose sharks are represented this year by brent burns. tonight was the all-star skills competition. burns, known for his slapshot, was in the hardest shot competition. his first shot was 88 miles
10:50 pm
per hour. second was 92 miles per hour. unfortunately alex ovechkin took the win here with a 101 mile per hour slapshot. still though congrats to burns for representing with that killer beard. (j.r.) big day in the golf world down in san diego at the farmer's insurance open. alex norin is the leader at ten under going into the final round. but all eyes were on tiger woods saturday. this is woods's first time playing in a weekend round since 2015. you can see his short game wasn't bad today. when it was all said and done woods said it was his putting that kept him in this thing. he's two under and in 39th place going into the final round. he's eight strokes behind the leader but boy it was fun to see tiger back out there and back on the links. and a congrats goes out to
10:51 pm
caroline wozniacki who beat simona halep to win the australian open. her first major of her career comes as she knocks out the top seed. wozniacki became engaged this past november to former golden state warrior david lee. she was wearing her big diamond ring today at the ceremony. congrats on her big victory today. (jr stone) that was sports... we'll be right back.
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(justine) oregon residents are being reassured-- don't be alarmed if you see a cat riding on the hood of an s-u-v. someone reported seeing pixie perched on the hood of a car that was driving slowly in the parking lot of a taco bell. the witness took video of it... called police and talked to t-v reporters. the four- year-old domestic short-hair
10:55 pm
belongs to jesse dorsett-- along with other two felines named dixie and mister jinx. dorsett says they have been riding in the car since they were kittens. (justine) the cats wear safety gear when they're riding on the hood. they have on a leash and harness...and even wear reflective safety vests. (jrstone) new music from prince... could be released soon. that's according to an advisor for the estate of the late...legendary musician. however... it is still unknown exactly when the music would
10:56 pm
come out... or which label might release the songs. prince had a vault of unreleased music in his paisley park compound outside minneapolis. the music is now in a climate-controlled storage facility in los angeles... after it was discovered that some of the tapes had deteriorated. (jrstone) amazon's new workplace perk, the spheres, is set to officially open in seattle monday. the spheres is a trio of steel-and- glass interconnected greenhouses... crammed with more than 40-thousand plants. the building was designed primarily as a space for employees to wander, think or hold meetings. the gardens are next to one of the company's two dog parks -- for dogs registered to attend work with employees. structure uses heat generated amazon data center to help maintain the 72- degree fahrenheit
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