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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 28, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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richmond. thank you for joining us...i'm justine waldman.(jr stone) and i'm jr stone.... that richmond police officer is recovering tonight after being hit by a car while trying to stop one of those sideshows. the driver is ánotá in police custody... it happened earlier this morning near marina bay parkway and reggatta boulevard. an officer tried to stop one car ... police say the driver then accelerated toward him and hit him. the officer suffered broken bones and cuts to his head...but is expected to recover. this is being investigated as a hit-and run. police have not released a description of the driver or the car. . (justine) and this is c- h-p helicopter video from oakland... at about 2:00 this morning...authorities say there were about 200 vehicles near 54th avenue and international boulevard. there were fireworks being shot into the air and multiple reports of gunfire. c-h-p says people began using a green laser to point it at the
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helicopter. authorities followed one of the suspects using a laser pointer and arrested him. if convicted...he faces felony state charges and a fine of 11-thousand dollars per laser strike. (jr stone) a water main break causing major problems in hayward today... take a look at this car on highland boulevard....almost swallowed up by a sink hole. the standing water is gone now, but there's still a lot of work to be done.(justine) kron four's spencer blake is live in the east bay right now. what's the latest, spencer? . (spencer)the water got turned back on at about 6:45,
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which means the pipe itself is fixed.there were 16 homes that didn't have running water during these repairs. highland boulevard might as well have been called highland river on sunday morning, when this brown water spewed from a broken water main underground and started rushing down the hill."the water was like pouring out from up top so i was like, 'oh, it's just a water pipe. it's nothing that big.' and then i noticed all the houses getting filled up with water."jose magallanes and his sister maribel had their phones out as they watched their own front yard start to flood...all the way to the top step of their patio. the water created somewhat of a sinkhole that at least one car almost fell into.water was also running ábehind the magallanes' house."we have a room in the back. it went inside the room, the water. it was pretty high up."about an inch or so in that bedroom. there was at least that much in the neighbors garage, too, as you see in the video they sent to kron four.their
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backyard was also soaked with standing crews narrowed the broken section of pipe to this spot between margaret and mission.even p-g-and-e crews had to come out."they need to expose - pull back some of the asphalt that's caving in from the water that had tunneled underneath it when the break happened. so once they get that exposed and determine that there's no other issues with the gas or electrical utilities, then we'll go from there."during the day sunday there weren't any signs of damage to other utilities, and they weren't shut off.but 16 homes on the street had their water shut off while workers pulled out the busted section of pipe, and replaced it with this new piece."i just kept calm, tried to keep my mom calm, and try and do it for the best."meanwhile people like the magallanes family...will be in contact with their insurance companies. (spencer)it's likely that the road will still be torn up for at least a little while longer - maybe a few days - while they fill in all the earth that the water carried away underneath the in hayward, spencer blake, kron
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four news. (jr stone) in the south bay... a man is dead tonight after a fire engulfed his townhome in santa clara. kron 4's camila bernal spoke to the fire chief and explains what happened. pkg:the fire started just before 2 am on sunday in a townhome on clyde avenue in santa clara.18:08 firefighters got here within 5 min and began firefighting and rescue operationsthe fire was on the first floor but it was quickly spreading to the second floora man was trapped inside 21:13 firefighters are more aggressive when there's a rescue and the advancement of the fire taking a second floor and the roof i was worried firefighters found him and were able to get him out but that was not enough18:29 firefighters provided medical treatment here on the scene took the patient via the county ambulance to the hospital and unfortunately was
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pronounced dead at the hospital firefighters worked throughout the morning to put of the flames but the chief said it was not an easy task20:45 the fire conditions made the building untamable and our firefighters had to back out and fight the fire from the exterior because it was so unsafe insidethe fire damaged two out of four townhomes in the building but all the other residents evacuated and are took hours before firefighters were able to go back into the home to investigate. so far the cause of the fire remains unknown. reporting in santa clara camila bernal kron 4 news (jr stone) protestors lined up outside an oakland bakery to demand the owner take down a mural...(justine) the mural is of a palestinian woman convicted in a deadly terrorist act in an israeli market more than three decades ago. kron 4's ella sogomonian was at reem's bakery today where the two sides met. ella what are they torn over?
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this is the mural of rasmea odeh painted on a wall inside the her supporters she is a freedom fighter that they believe was set up for a bombing she didn't committ - while the opposition call her a terrorist that deserves no honor. a portrait of palestinian woman rasema odeh welcomes customers into reem's bakery in oakland. (nats protestors) on sunday the mural's protestors gathered outside in rememberance of two men killed in a 1979 bombing in isreal... an attack for which odeh was found guilty.sot: faith meltzer, protests mural// "it's difficult for me to understand why anyone would put up a mural that glorifies a convicted murderer. and this woman rasmea oder placed a bomb in a kosher grocery store. it killed two people and wounded 9 others."but the bakery refuses to take it down. supporters believe odeh was tortured into confession...and to them she is a leader in the effort to liberate palestine who was wrongfully imprisoned.sot: mohamed shehk, defends mural// "our freedom fighters, people who commit their lives to
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social justice, to freedom, to self determination, are always going to be deemed a threat by the powers that they're fighting." protestors say they have nothing against the bakery's owner reem assil and that they will stop the vigils once the mural is replaced. but it seems the bakery has no plans to do that.jr justine... (justine) those in a north bay mobile home park are elated to have running water tonight.(jr stone) as kron 4's ali reid reports, about 300 families went days without fresh water and were starting to get desperate. without water since friday dishes piling up and there's no water for laundryneighbors tell me each household was given a gallon of water. but families at rancho verde mobile home park have had to make additional trips to the supermarket. unfortunately for colletta decosta's childreni can't walk for safety reasons
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and they're using the toilet so right now it's just piling up in theresome have gotten creative . using water from the fountains in their front yards.we've been able to pull gallons of water out of it to pour into the back of our toilets to flush it. you can't cook, you can't wash dishes. it's been a real inconvenience and there hasn't been any accomodations made in the park as far as porter potties. in addition, many haven't showered in days. parents are worried about their children's hygiene monday morning.they're gonna go to school a little stinky, but they'll goit's gonna get really critical in a couple days for a lot of people the park has pretty old plumbig infrastructure, so residents have gone without water before but not for this longthe water goes off here several times a year while they try to fox water main breaks and we all went without waterthat's why i have my arms folded. my armpits aren't too socially acceptable right now hahahahato their
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relief, sunday's work crew managed to find the leak and fix it. now that the water's back there's a lot residents are looking forward wateri'm going to take a shower then go from there reporting in rohnert park .. ali reid kron 4 news (justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. welcome! . (mabrisa rodriguez): look for dry weather to continue through at least the middle of next week as the main storm track remains well to our north. daytime temperatures
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will generally be well above seasonal averages, while nights remain seasonably cool. (justine) in national news... president trump will deliver his first state of the union address to the nation and congress tuesday. the president, set to sell his controversial immigration plan and introduce his infrastructure plan. here's david daniel with a preview. sotvo"the president of the united states."president trump will deliver his first state of the union address tuesday... in a speech administration officials say has been in the works for "many weeks."at the
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forefront of his speech: immigration. the president tweeting late saturday about his plan, which includes a proposal for the dreamers covered by daca, the deferred action for childhood arrivals policy"i have offered daca a wonderful deal, including a doubling in the number of recipients & a twelve year pathway to citizenship, for two reasons: (1) because the republicans want to fix a long time terrible problem. (2) to show that democrats do not want to solve daca, only use it!"trump also attacking democrats on border safety. "democrats are not interested in border safety and security or in the funding and rebuilding of our military. they are only interested in obstruction!"republican senator susan collins responding to trump's plan sunday.sot sen. susan collins, (r) maine"i think all of us realize that its going to take a compromise on this issue to get something done and to protect the dreamer population which is certainly a goal of mine."trump's plan proposes giving 1-point-8 million young undocumented immigrants a pathway to citizenship in exchange for 25-billion dollars for his long-promised
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border wall along with other immigration reforms.president trump is also expected to introduce his trillion dollar infrastructure planand take a victory lap for the healthy economy and his tax reform plan. 37-year-old massachusetts congressman joe kennedy will deliver the democratic response.i'm david daniel reporting. (justine) coming up... stars walked the red carpet at the grammys wearing a white rose. what the flower is meant to symbolize. (jr stone) plus... the bay area company that gives 10- percent...not of their profits...but of their revenue... tonight's edition of "made in the bay" is up ahead. (justine) and... a disturbing delivery in the south bay... what happened to the two employees seen pushing ..raw pork in shopping carts.
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(jr stone) in the south bay... authorities are investigating a delivery of raw...unwrapped pork that was hauled into a south bay grocery store. take a look. these are photos of venders dropping off raw pork in shopping carts to the 99 ranch market in san jose yesterday. an investigating is now underway...and a compalint was filed. the two employees seen pushing the carts into the store...have been fired. (justine) new tonight at eight... streets in benicia just reopened... after a child found a grenade
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outside the capitol building. this started tonight at about 5:15... first street between g and h streets were closed off. the streets re-opened just before 8:00. a child found it in the water and showed his father who called the police. air force officials were called over to properly take care of the grenade and safely dispose of it. no word on who may have lefft the grenade there... police say there is no immediate threat in the area. (justine) a big deadline coming up this week... wednesday is the last day to get a free credit freeze from equifax. in september, hackers attacked the credit bureau and the personal information of millions of americans was stolen. consumers now have until january 31st to get a free credit freeze. this is a way people can freeze access to their credit history and scores... which will stop thieves from opening fake accounts in their names. for a link on how to do this... visit our website ,
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(j.r.) a warning to those who might be heading to hawaii. there have been 5 ocean deaths in the last ten days. all in south maui. and tonight -- we area hearing from neighbors who knew one of the victims. bryan beyer of oakland is one of those victims. he was one of two bay area tourists who died in maui while snorkeling. bryan's best friend described what happened this week saying, "bryan and i were on vacation in maui. we were out snorkeling and he washed ashore. we weren't out very long. not sure if he drowned or had a heart issue. it was a crowded beach. the waters were calm. i am at a loss as to what happened." bryan and the castro valley victim, who died on different days, both had full face snorkeling masks on. beyer's neighbors say they will remember him.all i know is that it was an accident during swimming or snorkeling during vacationi remember big cats and he loved hawaiian shorts..very nice guy half of all half of all water deaths in
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hawaii are snorkeling related. while cause of death hasn't been determined here. a doctor tells me there is a task force looking to see if the actual snorkels may be to blame. (jr stone) taking a live look outside....(justine) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. hello and welcome! .
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(mabrisa rodriguez): look for dry weather to continue through at least the middle of next week as the main storm track remains well to our north. daytime temperatures will generally be well above seasonal averages, while nights remain seasonably cool.
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(justine) one local company.. is putting an intense light on art, hope and healing.... through blowing glass.(jr stone) it is being created in berkeley.. kron four's steve aveson reports that the company is "glassybaby" and made right here in the bay area. (nats sot furnace) seattle
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remains the glassblowing capital of the country but 40% of all the glassybaby votives are made here berkeley because the glassblowing community here is coming on hot(byte: spencer pittinger: hot shop technician glassblower) "most glassblowing involves a team, i mean you can do it yourself, but with the number of pieces that we make in the day, it's working as part of a team that makes that possible"(nats furnace again) with the furnace turned up to 2000 degrees it takes three artisans working a delicate dance together for 9 and 1/2 minutes to make a single votive. the colorbars with minerals from europe make each votive distinct and create an illumination that glassybaby hopes will offer a healing light.that goal is inspired by the company's founder lee rhodes, who as a cancer patient, has spent a lot of time in the hospitals knows all too well the importance of hope and healing.( steve stand up ) when you buy a specific votive like this you are choosing to give to a specific good cause.( byte:
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bill cummings) mostly cancer focused , mostly we want to help people heal help the world heal, in our small way, the giving does that , and ten per cent of revenue is huge! that's not from the profits, but 8 million dollars in just 16 years right off the top. money donated directly to good causes. you buy some of the different colored votives and it generates money for a specific cause like the benioff children's hospital, berkeley humane society or 20 thousand dollars to the resiliance fund for fire victims in sonoma county. and according to glassblower kaitlin stevens the efforts help build and strengthen community in another important way.(byte: kaitlin stevens ) working for this company has been exciting, because this is pretty much one of the only companies you can work at as a glassblower and get health care and benefits, and you can support your family, and to a growing number of berkeley glassblowing artists like daniel pacifica working
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part time is important. at glassybaby he can make a paycheck, he can make his own creative work, and make a difference in the world all at the same time. (jr stone) coming up... new information into the deadly amtrak crash that killed three people.... we'll show you what workers warned the company before the incident ever happened. (justine) the woman known as the serial stowaway is at it again. what airport she got caught at last night... that story is after the break. there's only one place where you can get...
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so now's the time to get more happy! (justine) the woman with a history of sneaking onto planes has been arrested again. if she can stay on the ground, she's due in court again on wednesday. she is known as the serial stowaway.... 66-year-old
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marilyn hartman, was taken into custody overnight at chicago's o'hare airport. after her arrest 10 days ago for sneaking on a plane to london... ..the judge then warned her to stay away from airports. now, she faces charges of criminal trespassing on state land and violation of bail bond. she is being held without bond and has been ordered to electronic monitoring. (jr) scott baio is the latest actor being accused of sexual assault. baio's former co-star, nicole eggert, tweeted earlier today that the star molested her when she was a minor. the two worked together on the 80s sitcom "charles in charge." baio responded to the allegations in a 16-minute facebook live video, denying the claims. he says they had a consensual relationship when she was 18. (justine) tonight, celebrities took to the grammy awards red carpet to show their support for women. stars wore white roses... to
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rally to against sexual harassment and inequality. it's part of an effort organized by a group called "the voices in entertainment". the group said that they were inspired by the "time's up" campaign. they said they chose a white rose as a symbol because it stands for hope, peace, sympathy and resistance. (justine) the recording industry handed out its coveted awards tonight at the 60th annual grammy awards. album of the year when to "24 karat magic" by bruno mars... who swept the awards with six. mars acknowledged fellow nominees in the alessia cara won the grammy award for best new artist. she nervously accepted the award urging people to "support real music and real artists." (jr stone) coming up... good samaritans stop an attack at a san francisco gas station... we'll hear from the man that jumped into action. (justine) and... a
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pair of d-u-i arrests in the bay area this weekend... it's all part of a c-h-p crackdown... the details after the break.
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(jrstone) in marin county... two people were arrested over the weekend for driving under the influence of alcohol. welcome back..i'm jr stone.(justine) and i'm justine waldman. the arrests are part of the "enough is enough" campaign. a zero tolerance approach to drinking and driving. the first arrest happened around 11 at night on highway 101 in mill valley. authorities say the man was ... going about 80-miles an hour... with a four-year-old in the car. he was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and child endangerment. then around two saturday morning... chp pulled a car over for swerving across lanes in novato. chp says the woman was driving under the influence of alcohol...and she was arrested. (jrstone) this maximum enforcement period for driving under the influence is in place through the end of the month. the enforcement period is due in part to the
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d-u-i crashes that injured three c-h-p officers and killed another. back on christmas eve... officer andrew camilleri was killed when a suspected d-u-i driver slammed into his partol car. kron- 4's dan kerman takes a look back. 2018 was supposed to be kassy badger-morse and her brother michael fosterús chance at a brand new life... (michael foster, injured in crash) 'severe pain. constantly. thereús not a second of the day that iúm not in pain.' instead... the siblings are bandaged... physically broken... and upset at a driver they say was drunk (kassy badger-morse, injured in crash)'iúm really angry......... iúm really angry.'the brother and sister say they — along with kassyús boyfriend rich — were heading to a concert in oakland on highway 108 last wednesday night... they tell fox40 a woman in a mercedes crashed into their honda civic east of stearns road in oakdale (foster)why? why drink and drive? why take somebodyús parents away from their kids?' kassy -- who was driving
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suffered broken bones... michael -- the front passenger -- fractured 10 of his ribs... (foster)"thatús my biggest fear. when i was in the ambulance i asked them, úam i gonna live úcause i have two kids?ú"and rich — who was in the back seat.. is still fighting for his life in the icu.(fawn foster harbour, mother of siblings)'whole face is just filled with screws, heúll never see out of his left eye again.'while the accident has taken a toll on their bodies(kassy)'i want to be able to walk, i want to be able to go to the bathroom by myself, i want to able to take a shower.'both see the collision as an opportunity to rebuild their lives(foster) 'and iúm gonna be an amazing father úcause this is the second chance and iúm not gonna turn it down.' (justine) as new information is being released
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on last month's deadly amtrak train crash in oregon. three people died and more than 100 were injured. drew griffin reports that days before the crash...amtrak workers warned their supervisors that they did not feel adequately trained on the new route. é911 audio: "amtrak 501. emergency, emergency, emergency."days before amtrak 501 jumped off the tracks in a deadly crash, some engineers and conductors for the brand new route warned their supervisors that they did not feel adequately trained, according to a dozen sources familiar with the training. the new route was nonetheless opened on december 18th... derailing on its very first trip.those sources, including several who were part of the training, tell cnn they believe amtrak managers rushed their training, in order to open the new point defiance bypass on time - taking dangerous shortcuts. engineers and conductors who spoke to cnn say their practice runs were abnormal:six people in a
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car with three seats --some riding backwards, preventing them from seeing landmarks and becoming familiar with the route. the engineers and conductors also tell cnn the training runs were done at night to accommodate construction crews rushing to finish the new track during the day. the national transportation safety board, which is investigating the crash, told cnn:"investigators are aware of the issues that have been raised regarding training of the amtrak 501 crew members." n-t-s-b released details from its interview with the engineer behind the controls of the train.he missed at least two signs just before the crash. the n-t-s-b also said that engineer took seven to 10 observational training trips, but just three operating the equipment, and only one of those trips was in the direction the train was traveling when it crashed. according to the n-t-s-b, "the engineer also said that he would not have gotten behind the throttle if he had any
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reservations about his readiness to operate the train."that engineer has not responded to cnn... but more than a half dozen lawsuits filed so far in the crash, all raise questions about crew training as a possible cause. one of the lawsuits was filed by a conductor, who was training in the lead locomotive when the train crashed. drew griffin/cnn senior investigative correspondent:"the ntsb says its investigation could take anywhere from 12 to 24 months, but in the meantime, the new president of amtrak is promising to improve safety at amtrak across all operations, and especially in training for new routes. drew griffin, cnn, atlanta." (jr stone) caltrans... is investigating whether microscopic organisms are attacking critical welds on the submerged foundation of the new bay bridge tower. while engineers tell kron four there's no immediate concern about the bridge failing... an underwater survey found pockets of accelerated
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corrosion on welds... that bind massive piles that hold up the foundation. experts say the corrosion suggests something besides simple rust is eating away at the steel. the problem...could potentially endanger the projected 150-year lifespan of the $six point four billion structure. (justine) a gas station clerk in san francisco, thanking her lucky stars.. after good samaritans came to her rescue. (jr stone) the store clerk was being choked so hard witnesses say she couldn't breathe.. that's when three men jumped in to stop the violent attacker. it happened near city hall. earlier this week i talked with a homeless man who was one of those good samaritans. watch as this gas station clerk in san francisco walks towards the door and gets taken to the ground by a much larger man, then put into a choke hold. sot she couldn't even get air out of her throat.she's fragile.jesse green walked in as the man had
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the 29 year old female clerk on the ground.sot if i wouldn't have saw that i don't know what would have happened. sot i mean her face was purple.thankfully green, who is homeless, was there picking up trash outside at this shell station when all of this went down. after seeing the woman on the groundhe yelled for and two others, who can be seen in this video, then pried the attacker off of the victim.sot i almost started crying because i was thinking we would have found her with her broken neck laying right there and nobody would have known. i mean there was intent but i don't know what was going onshe's okay and that's all there is right.police arrested the suspected attacker, brian holste a short time later. the victim told officers holste had bought a water around 20 minutes before the attack. green says holste was just sitting outside with that water before going back
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inside. i asked green if he should be called a hero for his quick actions in helping the clerk. (jr stone) the woman who was attacked is no longer working at that gas station. i talked with her best friend this week and she tells me that her friend is physically okay but mentally dealing with some challenges after that attack. (justine) and let's dine and dish! a look at the delicious deals happening now during san francisco restaurant week.
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(jr stone) not that you ever need an excuse to eat out, but the rest of this month it is 'restaurant week'
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in san francisco.(justine) for frugal foodies, it might be just the nudge.. that gets you a table. tonight on dine and dish - kron four's vicki liviakis shows us how we can score a great meal at a fine restaurant for a really good price. ah sf, so many restaurants so little time, but the great part of restaurant week is that you eat out at all kinds of places and it won't eat a hole in your wallet. more than 125 restaurants are participating thru the end of the month. it's more affordable than your typical eating out might be. so many people are dining out, it's filling up the restaurants quickly. gweneth borden is behind the push to get people dining out this week. restaurant week, san francisco? it's every week for me. but if you can't be that every week diner, restaurant week offers special deals for lunch and dinner. welcome to water bar. here at the posh waterbar on the embarcadero,
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diners are eating it up. great deal, 25 dollars for two courses at lunch. and then if you want to add i dessert you can get dessert for an extra $5 dollars. it is a great deal. prix fixe menus are being offered at all kinds of restaurants. restaurant week is also shedding light on sustainable eating. highlighting alternatives to plastic straws that pollute oceans. here at waterbar - they've got compostable straws. maybe even moving away from straws and find a different way to enjoy our cocktails and drinks. bon appetite! in san francisco...vicki liviakis kron 4 news.i liviakis kron 4 news. coming upgood morning i'm with channel 4 you're at the light, you can do that huh because you're at the light huh, yea i was stopped we will have a chat with some of the people caught in the distracted drivers crackdown in san
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francisco in the next edition of people behaving badly
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(justine) there are always two sides to every story... (jr stone) stanley roberts gave distracted drivers...a chance to share their sides. check it out i'm giving you a citation for using your wireless device in a non hands free mode signing here is not admitting guilt it a promise to appear in court by means of protest or pay the fine it's not a traffic school issue because it's a non point violation that is the common conversation san francisco
8:46 pm
police solos had with people they issue tickets to for getting caught operating a cell phone without the hands free device this driver observed by the officer operating his for more than a block but i wanted to get his side of the story how are you i'm with channel 4 how are you doing today? (i'm good) where's your hands free (sorry) do you have a hand free device (i do not have a hands free device) you know it's required now right (what's that) you know it's required right (for what) to drive you have to have that now (hands free device what do you mean) like a mount for your phone or a bluetooth or you could choose to not use your phone but yet here we are talking this driver was scrolling through her phone pretty much the entire time she was at the light good morning, i with channel 4 i was on my phone when i shouldn't be i was looking at my emails that's why (oh you
8:47 pm
were checking emails) i'm going to advise you about the window tint too dark this driver didn't think she did anything wrong i never ever look at my phone because i have this and i never text i never do anything i didn't know that if you were stopped you can not do that. it was just one on those moments on i just don't want you getting in a crash then she told me something i simply wasn't expecting don't worry my husband was in a crash (sorry to hear that) because of textingwhen the light turn green and you are not looking at your phone you think you'd go or you think you'd stay stopped on a green light when you are looking at your phone then you impeded the flow of traffic correct vision zero has surveyors out on the streets daily watching and documenting everyone using their phone in a unsafe manner the police will be out too but trust me they aren't taking surveys .i was selecting some music when we were at a standstill that what i thought (you were selecting music what song did you pick) that ok it doesn't matter huh? doesn't matter in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news (justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. . (mabrisa rodriguez): look for dry
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weather to continue through at least the middle of next week as the main storm track remains well to our north. daytime temperatures will generally be well above seasonal averages, while nights remain seasonably cool. . and we are inching closer and we are . seasonably cool.
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. and we are inching closer and closer to super bowl 52. this week is always one of the more difficult stretches for football fans...because there are no playoff games to watch. but at least now, the teams are making their way to the site of the big showdownn. the nfc champion eagles...first to land in they landed this afternoon. the patriots won't get there until tomorrow.. and both teams dive right in to the media obligations....for super bowl opening night. . then they'll be having press conferences all week. before getting there, the pats...squeezed in one last practice this weekend in foxboro. but at least there was ásome football today-- pro bowl in orlando. derek action for tom brady who's obviously very busy this week. cal alum jared goff..suiting up and connecting with 49ers fullback kyle juzcyk. that set up a field goal to put the nfc up
8:52 pm
23-17. --then, carr...pulled off a game- winning drive. less than 2 minutes to go, carr...threads one to delanie walker for the go-ahead score. the afc wins 24-23...each player on the squad gets 64-thousand squad gets 64-thousand dollars.
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(justine) the world's most powerful space rocket is set
8:56 pm
to be launched on february 6-th.(jr stone) space-x c-e-o, elon musk, made the announcement earlier today. the launch would be a test run for the company's 'falcon heavy' rocket. it's the most powerful rocket the world has seen since nasa's 'saturn v' rocket, which was used for the apollo moon landings...and was retired in the 19-70's. during its maiden flight, the 'falcon heavy' will not have an operational payload. but it will carry a tesla sports car from musk's personal collection. if everything goes as planned, the 'falcon heavy' will later start carrying commercial satellites into space.
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very fortunate to be in this game. it's a lot of hard work to get here."(jr stone>super sunday is exactly one week away... the eagles are already in minneapilos... while the patriots arrive tomorrow.. we will break down the game... and everything that goes with it... including a halftime show tat will feature the return of justin timberlake... but will janet jackson join him?derek carr... rallies the afc late in the pro bowl... while brent burns try to get an all-star win of his own as the sharks representativeit was steph vs kyrie last night at oracle arena... we have the two-time mvp'sthoughts... as well as curry and lebron's thoughts on picking their all fr teamsso don't get fooled elsewhere... say with us... sports night live is...... next! (nats - show theme music> "this is kron 4's sports night live."


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