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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 29, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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offering basketball lessons to her son was a repeat sex offender whooshthat's gross, mani was shocked.south bay shoppers react to that viral image of a raw pig in a shopping cart. (pam) now at 8. a heavy police presence in a south bay neighborhood... following an officer -involved shooting.(pam) thank you for joining us i'm pam moore. (steve) and i'm steve aveson. the police shooting happened on feller avenue between story road and alum rock avenue in san jose. and that's where we find kron-4's charles clifford... he joins us live. charles... what do we know about the suspect involved? now, we don't know much about what happened here this evening. the police department has not provided the media with a briefing and is offering up minimal details at this point. we don knwo that one suspect was taken into custody and transproted to the hosiptal. we do not yet know
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the identity of that person or their condition. we also don't know what prompted tonights' shooting or if any officers were injured. police continue to have the 800 block of feller shutdown. now feller avenue. .this same area. . was also the scene of an officer involved shooting to year ago. in that case 18-year-old anthony nunez shot and killed by police on on july 4, 2016. an investigation into that shooting concluded that nunez was suicidal and had threatend police with a handgun. the two officers in that shootin were eventually cleared of any wrong doing. back live now, at this point there's no indication that that officer involved shooting and the one here this evening are connected, other that they happend on teh sam street. the san jose police department announced a short time ago that they will be holding a press conference tomorrow afternoon to provide details on tonight's shooting. in san jose, charles clifford kron 4 news.
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(steve) a big story we're tracking.. arrests made at a pair of illegal sideshows over the weekend. both in the east bay and both taking dangerous turns a police officer was hit by a car while trying to stop a sideshow in richmond.. and in oakland ---a laser pointer directed at c-h-p helicopter... which police say can temporarily blind the pilot if it hits their eyes.(pam) the highway patrol says, over the last several months... there has been an uptick in those green lasers being pointed at c-h-p aircraft. and this time,
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the alleged culprit is behind bars. kron 4's dan kerman reports. this is what it looks like when a laser hits the cockpit of a chp helicoptersot shaun bouyea/chp 05-13a laser will cause partial blindness, temporary blindness to the pilot, it will cause them to have spacial disorientation where they can lose control of the aircraftthe chp says this happened again early sunday morning during a sideshow near 54th avenue and international in oakland. this is chp video of that event from their helicopter the highway patrol says there were some 200 vehicles on hand, fireworks were shot into the air and there were multiple reports of gunfire. then about 2-18am, the chp says someone shined a laser into the chp chopper multiple times. it looked similar to this only this time the chp tracked the person with the laser and made an arrest.sotwe're waiting until they leave and we are following them until they get to a safe location where we can arrest them. sometimes you might see us, other times not but we're there monitoring and we will have these people arrested.the suspect , 24 year old ponciano bojorquez was arrested on multiple counts of
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discharging a laser at an aircraft and while this is a violation of state law, bojorquez could also face federal charges and fines.sot they could do several years in jail and they could have an imposed fine of 11-thousand dollars per laser strikethe chp is hoping once the public realizes the penalties are much stiffer for this type of activity compared to taking part in a sideshow, the number of laser incident will drop so far the highway patrol says there have been 5 laser incidents involving chp aircraft since november, 4 at sideshows. standup dan kerman/napathe suspect is in the alameda county jail in lieu of 110-thousand dollars bail. he is expected to be arraigned on tuesday. at chp air operations headquarters in napa, dan kerman kron 4 news. ( steve ) tonight, we have new, stunning video...showing the moment an east bay police officer is hit by a car... while trying to
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stop a sideshow. and we are learning new details about the teenagers accused in the crim(pam) we want to warn you, some people may find the video disturbing. our grant lodes joins us now, with an update on the officer's condition.... and that stunning video. (grant) the officer is out of the hospital tonight, and here's the moment where he gets hit. he was standing next to a cruiser...and the sedan in question just plows into him. this was around 1:30 in the morning on sunday at the intersection of marina parkway and regatta boulevard. police say the suspects were trying to leave a side-show. two teenagers were arrested sunday morning. polcie say 18-year-old juan vargas of stansislaus county was behind the wheel. and the car was regiostered to his girlfriend...18-year-old genesis diaz castaneda.... polcie say the car was abandoned a short distance from where the officer was hit.
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the suspects were arrested after they went ot the south san they went ot arrested after suspects were arrested after they went ot the south san francisoc police department to report the car stolen. that was the break police say they needed. people in area are people in area are shocked the sideshow was just blocks from the richmond police department. melinda szally/witnessed sideshow: "in fact i was feeling powerless and i was thinking law enforcement seems pretty powerless for this to happen right in their back yard"chief allwyn brown/richmon d police department: "we have to step up our prevention, intervention and enforcement efforts"(grant) the officer, an eight-year veteran of the department, who is not being named...was hospitalized with broken bones and other serious injuries. vargas was arrested for attempted is being held on more than half a million dollars bail. casteneda's is an alleged accessory to the crime and is being held on about a quarter of a million dollars bail. (steve) daly city police
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say they have arrested a ballet instructor on child molestation charges. investigators say viktor kabaniaev was taken into custody last friday. police arrested the 54 year old on 16 counts of aggravated assault of a child under 14. and say the charges stem from events that happened in contra costa county. at the time ---the suspect was working at the westlake school for the performing arts in daly city. (pam) a convicted sex offender was arrested in the east bay. that's after police say, he used an alias, and tried to offer private basketball lessons to an unsuspecting teen. now we're learning -- this man --- melvin flemings has been arrested before ... for a very similar crime. kron four's terisa estacio reports on what we know about the suspect's past. (estacio)sgt. rueben pola. he is from citrus heights, so we are contacting ch pd, we are reaching out to other police departemnts, sacramento and bay area to see if he contacted other students, and failed to disclose.sgt. pola
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is with the hayward police department and he is talking about melvin allen his alias here in hayward, but his real name is melvin flemings. in 2011 he was convicted on using a minor for production of an obscene matter. part of his sentence, a lifetime sex offender registration. however, recently police say he used an alias melvin allen. police say melvin offered basketball lessons here at city sports in hayward through his company evolution sports - the teen mentioned the interaction with melvin to his mom who got involved.sgt. rueben pola, hayward pd. 'the parent met with the person and after meeting got on the internet and found melvin allen was not allen, he was melving flemings and he is registered sex offender.sgt. pola says the mom then went straight to the police, a sting was set up, and on friday night, flemings thinking he was meeting up with the teen at a friday night game, was cuffed at mt. eden high school. sgt. pola. he was arrested on failure to devuldge that the was a registered sex offender to a parent. and failure to notify school to come on campus. and check this out, in july of 2017, flemings busted for the same offense in roseville. now police very concerned are launching an all out investigation on flemings and his activities. sgt. pola. how did he gain access to the student? that is part of our investigation, how did he get access to school, how did he find out these individuals.
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we want the public to know about him. if they know about evolution to tell us about it.(estacio) to be clear -melvin flemmings has no affiliation with mount eden high school or any other school in this district. also, he is not affiliated with city sports. so some big questions remain about why he landed in this area and whether there are other victims out there. here in hayward terisa estacio kron-4 news.
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(steve) an investigation is now underway into the alleged delivery of raw unwrapped meat by shopping cart to a san jose market.(pam) as kron four's rob fladeboe reports, the probe was touched off by photographs posted to social media. it appeared to be business as usual here at the 99 ranch market off hostetter road in san jose. but some customers told me they would not be buying any pork products just now after another customer blew the whistle on this. loretta seto posted these pictures on facebook, which have gone viral. they show raw pork being delivered to the market ina shopping cart. gurmit/sainiin a statement, 99 ranch market apologized to it's customers, pointing the finger at it's vendor. the modesto bee reports that the vendor, jim's farm meat company, of modesto, has fired the employees who were not following standard protocols.
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the viral photos show the raw pork in a costco shopping cart. across the street, at costco, i spoke with a very concerned brenda hamid, who shops at both stores.brenda hamid/customer"....absolutely, i was shocked when i saw that a shopping cart was being used to transport raw meat..."the health department confirmed it will be conducting a thorough investigation into the complaints and will take appropriate action as needed to ensure public safety. 99 ranch market says that it is committed to food safety and customer satisfaction but gurmit saini, for one, says he will be avoiding the meat counter altogether for a while just the samegurmit saini "....i bought fish today instead, no more meat for me...."in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news
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coming up at eight.. some drivers coming into san francisco ... greeted with a message from a white nationalist group. plus. rigging a-t-m's to give out cash like a slot machine. the new trend criminals are using to get money fast. and next. the u-s has been in the grip of a deadly flu season... the signs that things could be taking a turn for the better in california.
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(steve) state officials say the flu has claimed 20 lives in the bay area ... that's nearly a quarter of the 97 deaths in california.(pam) that is already a higher number... than the total of all flu deaths last year.catherine heenan says,
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this year's epidemic is scary .. but we may finally have seen the worst of it. pkgit worries me that young people are's very shocking ... usually we have antibiotics to take care of that stuff.california hospitals have been flooded with patients complaining of flu symptoms ... this one in orange county had to set up a triage tent outside the emrgency the year began, flu=related hospital admissions soared ... then in the third week of january, they dropped sharply.there is always a chance that some hospitals may be slow in reporting the data, but the pattern seems to be following last year's: peaking in january then dropping quickly. across the country, fear of the flu is an epidemic of its own.nata virginia hospital warns all visitors to wear masks.natschools in kansas, florida and texas closed down so classrooms could be disinfected i heard people get sick and they die.on sunday, some catholic priests made changes in the communion tasting, you have the wafer and just dip it in, the trouble is when you have kids doing this they dont just
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dip the wafer they plunge their whole fist parishioners at a presybyterian church in pennsylvania exchanged fist=bumps instead of handshakes.a lutheran church put tissues in every pew. "it is a house of worship and a house of germs..." (pam) the c-h-p has identified the motorcyclist killed this morning ... in a crash on highway- 101 . the collision happened around two-in the morning .. on southbound -101 near whipple road. the c-h-p says, edwin sandoval of hayward... was speeding between lanes when he slammed into the back of a g-m-c van. authorities say, he ricocheted off the van and crashed into another car. that crash sent sandoval flying off the motorcycle, and into another car. sandoval was pronounced dead at the scene. the c-h-p is
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investigating whether drugs or alcohol were involved. (steve) if you passed through the yerba buena tunnel on treasure island yesterday... you may have noticed this controversial banner. it cautions drivers headed to san francisco that they are about the enter a sanctuary city. as kron 4's lydia pantazes reports... a white nationalist group is claiming responsibility for the banner. the sign was put up on the north east side of the north east side of the yuerba buena read "danger" in red letters and "sanctuary city ahead" with a skull and crossbones on both sides of the poster. it was visible to bay bridge motorists driving west on interstate 80 but was quickly removed.identity evropa claimed responsibility for the sign on twitter and said it was a public service announcement. identity evropa is a white supremacist organization and designated as a hate group, according to the southern poverty law center. the organization attempts to recruit college-age, white students to discuss white was founded in march 2016 by nathan damigo, a 31-year-old marine and student at cal state stanislaus.we spoke with pepople on the embarcadero about what they thought about that sign. "everyone is entitled to their own opinion, i think it's a very stupid one. but at the end of the day the world takes a lot of people to live in it.
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and their view point i disagree with , yes. but as long as they do it on their own time and they sort of do it away from us" damigo gained notoriety in april when he punched a woman at a pro trump rally in berkeley.reporting live in san francisco, lydia pantazes kron4 news. (pam) the secret service is warning about a new cyber-attack targets a-t- m's....(steve) it's called "jackpotting" and it's a new way criminals are getting machines to release large quantities of cash at once... it's done by installing malicious software or hardware on a-t-m's. officials say sometimes the criminals pretend to be repair crews to gain access to the machines. typically at stand-alone machines you would find in pharmacies, or big-box retailers. 'jackpotting'
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has been a trend in europe and mexico....and now the secret service says they have information about planned attacks in the u-s. now to our four zone forecast. taking a live look outside at s-f-o. kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with the forecast lawrence karnow: there were plenty of high clouds today that helped to keep temperatures down today. it was still dry and that is a trend that will take us throught the rest of the week. a look at doppler radar shows dry conditions around the bay area and most of the state. on the satellite image you can see that most of the rain is going well to the north as high pressure begins to build
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in. this will become a very dominant ridge that will keep the storm track north with above normal temperatures and maybe even some record warm temperatures late in the week. for tomorrow we'll see a little more sunshine with slightly warmer weather. highs will be in the low to mid 60s. the weather may cool a little on wednesday and thursday. by friday an offshore wind will bring some temperatures back into the 70s through the weekend.
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new ahead at 8 fitness trackers have revolutionized how we track exercise.. but now we're learning the devices could be putting u-s military in danger. plus. why state officials say, they are cutting back on the amount of water they dole out to cities. ((gary sports tease)) coming up a little bit later in this broadcast super bowl week is upon us quick hits from minneapolis. also, the giants are welcoming back a pretty popular player during his time helped them win two world titles take a guess who it is. his nickname is the shark the white shark a little
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bit later in this broadcast. ((steve))here's what we are tracking new tonight at nine... ...a hit and run
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(pam) california is planning on distributing smaller amounts of water to cities and farms.... after a dry start to the winter. the department of water resources says, it currently expects to provide customers with 20-percent of the amount requested. the state is
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having a disappointing winter... this month, the sierra has only seen a quarter of its normal snowfall. the state water project provides drinking water to nearly 40- million people. water officials say, distribution could go up ... if more rain and snow falls. (pam) a popular fitness app is revealing sensitive information of u.s. troops. (steve) now pentagon officials are reviewing security practices. a global heat map, tracing movements from workouts -- has been posted by a company called strava -- a social network that allows users to share their running routes and other movements. but the heat map is also lighting up the locations of u-s soldiers-- wearing devices like fit-bits, and working out at military bases all over the world, including in combat zones... making those service-members more easily trackable for their enemies. coming up at eight .. the nation gets ready to hear the president's assessment of his first year in office.. we preview tomorrow nights'
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state of the union address. plus.. another dangerous internet game challenge taking off... and potentially could take a life .. we have details. also ... the final week before the biggest game, in what is arguably the most anticipated sporting event of the year.. we look ahead to the superbowl.. ((lawrence tease))i'm kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow.coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast. details are right after the break.
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the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away) (steve) happening tomorrow... president trump is set to deliver his first state of the union speech.. (pam) washington correspondent drew petrimoulx reports .... as is tradition... the president is expected to talk about his first year in office and goals for next year. for republicans -- the president's state of the union speech is a chance to tout the accomplishments of the g-o-p controlled government. arkansas congressman steve womack:rep. steve womack, r-ar: "i think the president should and i hope he does talk about the things that hes been able to accomplish in his first year." among their accomplishments republicans cite tax cuts, rebuilding the military, and cutting regulations. in addition to reflecting -- they hope president lays out a plan for the future. rep. steve womack, r-ar: "he'll talk about infrastructure, hell talk about his immigration plan, he'll talk about beefing up
8:30 pm
national security and keeping us safe around the world." but some are not happy with the president's direction.the president's approval rating over the last year lagged historically low. a small number of democrats are boycotting the speech over what they say are his racist and divisive comments. but virginia congressman donald mc- each-in will be there. rep. donald mceachin, d-va: "i understand why they're boycotting and i respect their thought process a bully down." in washington im drew petrimoulx (pam) for his speech ... president trump's guests will include victims of flooding in texas and of wildfires in california... congressional democrats have also sent out invites ...including to dreamers. some daca recipients will be in the audience tomorrow night. including one woman in colorado who says it is her duty to be there. < kinda feels like i've been kicked into survival mode. and it kinda feels like i don't know what's going to happen in 3 months, but i know i have to fight to make sure that it's a good outcome. numbers it's people, so i hope people see that i'm a person.>(pam) trump announced an end
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to the daca program protecting the "dreamers" last year, but gave congress until march to act. (pam) kron four will have complete coverage of the state of the union.... we are airing the president's speech tomorrow night at 6:00. (steve) we're just six days away from the big game between the patriots and eagles.(pam) and tonight we are kicking off our big game team coverage with our anthony calhoun.. he joins us live from minneapolis tonight... with more on the site where these two teams will battle on sunday. anthony... hello from the twin cities - the teams are here as media day gets underway tonight. it
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can be a long week for the players gearing up for the big game taking place at this stadium behind me that cost over one billon dollar to build. us bank stadiumone of the best venues in the nflfrom its seats closer to the action than any in the nfl - to it's incredible fan experience - and come sunday it will play host to the biggest game in football.lester bagley: "the community worked on it for 12 years with the legislature to get it funded and then it took four years to designed and build it. so it actually took 16 years from the day we started to the day we opened it and now a couple years later we're hosting super bowl 52.lester bagley, the vice president of public affairs for the vikings told me the reason this building was built was to host the big game.the stadium opened in 2016 - it seats over 66-thousand and even though it's fairly new - the folks in minneapolis believe it will grab the attention of america.lester
8:33 pm
bagley: "it's got this 60 percent clear roof which lets the natural light in and then the west side to the pivoting doorsthey have five 95 feet x55 feet doors that are the largest in the world that open. so it's kind of an indoor outdoor building but we'll make it an indoor building for the super bowl." and what about the halftime show - with justin timberlakebagley feels this stadium is the perfect venue for that.lester bagley: "we've had a prince tribute here, we've had lots of good music we've had metallica, we've had u2 so the building has had some great concerts and the nfl with the justin timberlake halftime show is really excited." bagley told the only thing that would get the city even more excited would be having their vikings play in the super bowl and of course they were just one win away from doing just that!
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(pam) what is the vibe in the city right now? it's the first time minneapolis has hosted a super bowl in decades, are people excited?(steve) it's good news (steve)excited?(steve) it's good news that the super
8:35 pm
bowl is inside. just how cold is it outside? how is the city helping people deal with the brutal cold?
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(steve) for people who lost everything in those mudslides...the hope of recovering precious items can be difficult or forgotten. but one woman is doing her part to help those recover their items. she found these eaarings on a beach just days after the she turned to facebook to find the owner. she later learned they belonged to a couple who died during the disaster. she was able to return the earrings to the couple's daughter. this inspired her to start the "montecito disaster lost and found" facebook page.
8:37 pm
giving the items back to are so unbelievably grateful to have one thing.""people are going to be finding things, quite honestly, for years"> (steve) a group of people returned to a beach over the weekend to dig up the mud and see if they could find any more lost treasures. at least 21 people died in those mudslides....and destroyed an estimated 65 homes and damaged more than 450 others. (pam) a cloudy beginning the work week.(steve)lawrence has the four zone forecast lawrence karnow: there were plenty of high clouds today that helped to keep temperatures down today. it was still dry and that is a trend that will take us throught the rest of the week. a look at doppler radar shows dry conditions around the bay area and most of the state. on the satellite image you can see that most of the rain is going well to the north as high pressure begins to build in. this will become a very dominant ridge that will keep the storm track north with above normal temperatures and maybe even some record warm
8:38 pm
temperatures late in the week. for tomorrow we'll see a little more sunshine with slightly warmer weather. highs will be in the low to mid 60s. the weather may cool a little on wednesday and thursday. by friday an offshore wind will bring some temperatures back into the 70s through the weekend.
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still ahead at 8 a massive seizure of a deadly opioid.. police say it was enough to kill the entire population of new jersey and new york. and next. a new internet challenge takes a dangerous turn .... and lands a teenager in the hospital after he was shot in the head.
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nking] mexican spices? ♪ [thinking] nacho cheese sauce? they don't want these coming out. who's they? the burger people. they! they! nacho fries, now serving at a taco bell near you. [bong!] (steve) a new internet
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challenge sent a 17-year-old boy to the hospital. the tenessee boy was shot in the head while playing the "no lackin challenge." on youtube, videos of the no lackin challenge show people pulling guns on their friends - and then other person pulls out a gun too. but in the videos, no one pulls the trigger. in memphis last week... a 21-year-old man was sitting at a diner with his friends, playing the challenge. that is when he accidentally pulled the trigger and shot his 17-year-old friend. the teen remains in critical condition tonight. (pam ) new at 8 two men in new jersey have been sentenced for possessing nearly 100- pounds ... of the synthetic opioid fentanyl. jesus carrillo- pineda and daniel vasquez pleaded guilty last month... and will serve ten years and six years respectively in prison. according to police -- that amount of fentanyl is equivalent to more than 18 million lethal doses...
8:43 pm
enough to kill the entire populations of new york city and new jersey. they seized the fentanyl in june of last year. it can be prescribed legally for pain, but most of it is made illegally... and added to heroin.. or used to create counterfeit oxy-contin. in sports... warriors coach steve kerr has a very short response to being called the "milli vanilli" of coaches... and super bowl is here... kicking off with tonight's madia night... the mst pressing question for tom brady?... whe is his "man crush"... gary has bradys answer... and all the sports...coning up next at 8 tom brady stops a radio interview,...over what the host said about his daughter. hi, we're alaska airlines. and we don't just fly lumberjacks to glaciers. we fly all kinds of people all kinds of places. like app developers to mexico city.
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musically inclined novelists to nashville. and pilates instructors to palm springs. sure, we love a good glacier. but we also like a little cocoa butter. from the west coast to the world. alaska airlines. that's how we fly. from the west coast to the world. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. quarterback, tom brady... cut
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off his weekly radio interview with a station in boston... after the host insulted his young daughter.(steve) the san mateo native is not sure if he wants to appear on the radio show again. the host called his five-year old daughter, vivian... quote "an annoying little pissant"... after watching the first episode of brady's documantery called "tom versus time" that airs on facebook. the five-time super bowl champion is disappointed... he says his daughter doesn't deserve
8:47 pm
that. the station has suspended the radio personality indefinately. (steve) new at 8. we're getting a look at ads running during sunday's super bowl. and fans of budweiser's super bowl ads may be in for a surprise this year. (pam) instead of featuring the brand's iconic clydesdales or talking frogs, the company's flagship one minute long spot ... will be all about water. and it brings attention to the nation's disasters this year... including the california wildfires. (pam) budweiser is touting its humanitarian work in supplying drinking water to victims of natural disasters. but the other three- minutes the company bought... will advertise its beer brands. the going rate for thirty -seconds during the super bowl is more than five- million dollars.
8:48 pm
super bowl super bowl week... kicking off with media night... the media throng gathering at xcel energy center in st. paul... one of the twin cities along with minneapolis... where the game will be played the patriots entered first... the heavy favorites... head coach bill belichick... owner robert kraft and the gang all there... but of course the main focus... quarterback main focus... quarterback tom brady... in his 8th super bowl and trying for his record 6th title... this is not a event for serious questions... brady has some fun trying on a hat from comedian "j.b. smoove"... two of the most
8:49 pm
memorable moments of the night were moments of memorable most memorable moments of the night were danville native zach ertz answering questions from his wife... usa national team soccer player julie... and brady on... who is his "man crush"...(sot: brady and ertz) who's my man crush? these are tough questions who's my man crush man. i'll say jules, danny, and gronk those guys are pretty good looking guys none of them are married either can you imagine that? justin timberlake i like justin a lot too. what's your favorite meal i make?favorite meal that julie make she makes unbelievable tacos that would be my answer she doesn't make them all the time so i'm kind of upset about it, but she does they're off the chain. the giants have an old
8:50 pm
friend returning to add outfield depth... gregor blanco... a-k-a... the "white shark"... looks like he's back... posting on instagram suggesting a reunion with his old team the 34-year-old outfielder spent five seasons roaming the outfield for the giants.... between 2012 and 2016, he hit .259 with 78 doubles, 24 triples, 19 home runs and 157 rbi in 649 games.... he was part of the 2012 and 2014 world series champion teams. once again... steph once again... steph curry is the western conference player of the week... it's the second time this season that curry has been chosen for the honor... and the 12th time in his career... he led the wariors to a 3-0 record last week... capped off by his 49- point perfoirmance saturday against kyrie irving and the celtics... curry averaged more than 35 points for the week earlier in the week scurry became the 5th player in franchise history to reach 14,000 career points(wipe to levar calls kerr milli vanilli) meanwhile... levar
8:51 pm
ball... who is now the head coach of the lithuanian team hios two younger sons play for... had some words about warriors coach steve kerr... basically levar thinks with the warriors talent anyone can coach the team... so he basically called kerr a "fake" coach with a reference to a "fake" musical group from the 90's... here is levar and kerr and kerr's non-reaction today...(wipe levar on kerr... kerr reax) look at steve kerr. he's the milli vanilli of coaching the milli vanilli of coaching which what i mean is you can go stand in the same spot like luke walton did and win twenty something games when you got the right horses just running. he says that you're sort of a non coach and doesn't understand the credit you get and that you're the milli vanilli of the nba. what do you think about that?we're not talking about that. basketball, we're talking about basketball. a big trade in the nba... according to multiple sources... the los angeles clippers have agreed to send
8:52 pm
all-star forward blake griffin and two players to the detroit pistons for three players and two draft picks... one 1st rounder and a 2nd rounder the two main names coming to the clipprs are tobias harris and avery bradley... the first round pick is top-4 protected griffin agreed to a $171 million deal with the clippers just last summer... he was is 5-time all-star in l-a one
8:53 pm
game... watch the to stay and watch the game... game...
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legend has it, the first voyagers arrived on canoes,
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sailing the seas day and night. they knew where they were going, by watching the clouds move in the sky or the way their boats rocked. that's how the waves and stars would speak to them. guide them. sometimes, you can find your way in the world, by getting lost in it. let your legend begin at aulani, a one-of-a-kind disney resort in hawaii (pam) a florida teen with
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a rare form of cancer has one final wish -- to marry his high school sweetheart.(steve) donations from across the world made the 19-year-old's wish a reality. truly a heartwarming story... with just weeks left to live... dustin snyder got the one thing he wanted.... to marry his high school sweetheart...sierra. she's been by his side ever since he learned he had cancer. the rings, the venue, the dresses, everything was donated. and thanks to the online donations, the couple can now
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enjoy their honeymoon at disney. (pam) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(steve) grant lodes and vicki grant lodes and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at 9. ((grant))that's right pam and at nine..we're investigating what happened today...that prompted an officer involved shooting in san jose.the suspect is in custody.we are live at the scene with the very latest. plus new tonight at nine... deadly crashes on the rise in one bay area city...including two hit and runs. what police believe is behind the spike...that's next in a live report.((grant))also...plenty of sunshine in store for the week.chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has your four zone forecast.((vicki))keep it here...kron 4 news at nine starts right after the break.
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(grant) a police-shooting rocks a south bay neighborhood...and officers are still on scene investigating what happened... (grant) thanks for joining us, i'm grant lodes...(vicki) and i'm vicki livakis.... the shooting happened on feller avenue near story road in the alum rock neighborhood
9:00 pm
in san jose. kron-4's charles clifford has been working this story all night... he's live in san jose...... charles... what do we know? now, we don't know much about what happened here this evening. the police department has not provided the media with a briefing and is offering up minimal details at this point. we don knwo that one suspect was taken into custody and transproted to the hosiptal. we do not yet know the identity of that person or their condition. we also don't know what prompted tonights' shooting or if any officers were injured. police continue to have the 800 block of feller shutdown. now feller avenue. .this same area. . was also the scene of an officer involved shooting to year ago. in that case 18-year-old anthony nunez shot and killed by police on on july 4, 2016. an investigation into that shooting concluded that nunez was suicidal and had threatend police with a handgun. the two officers in that shootin were eventually cleared of any wrong doing. (grant) and kron four was the first to tell you about this story through our mobile app we sent a push alert at around 4:15 push alert at wrong doing.cleared of any eventually that shootin were


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