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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  January 29, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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in san jose. kron-4's charles clifford has been working this story all night... he's live in san jose...... charles... what do we know? now, we don't know much about what happened here this evening. the police department has not provided the media with a briefing and is offering up minimal details at this point. we don knwo that one suspect was taken into custody and transproted to the hosiptal. we do not yet know the identity of that person or their condition. we also don't know what prompted tonights' shooting or if any officers were injured. police continue to have the 800 block of feller shutdown. now feller avenue. .this same area. . was also the scene of an officer involved shooting to year ago. in that case 18-year-old anthony nunez shot and killed by police on on july 4, 2016. an investigation into that shooting concluded that nunez was suicidal and had threatend police with a handgun. the two officers in that shootin were eventually cleared of any wrong doing. (grant) and kron four was the first to tell you about this story through our mobile app we sent a push alert at around 4:15 push alert at wrong doing.cleared of any eventually that shootin were the two officers in with a
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handgun. the two officers in that shootin were eventually cleared of any wrong doing. wrong doing. (grant) and kron four was the first to tell you about this story through our mobile app we sent a push alert at around 4:15 earlier this evening... download the kron-4 news app to always get the latest breaking news
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one to youtube. kabaniaev was arrested in his san mateo home on friday after a student claimed he raped her when she was younger than 14 years old - launching a months-long investigation.the ballet teacher had instructed at several schools across the bay area most recently at westlake performing arts but the allegations stem from a time when he taught in contra costa county. he worked as a guest teacher at contra costa ballet more than a decade ago where former colleagues were disturbed by news of his arrest saying he was very professional. sot: zola dishong, contra costa ballet director// "i'm extremely shocked and i'm hoping that it's not true and it be proven that it's not true."tag it's unclear where kabaniaev is at this time. neither san mateo or contra costa county jails were able to tell us if he is still in detention.his arraignment is set for sometime this week. live in daly city ella sogomonian kron 4 news. ....
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(grant) a convicted sex offender was arrested in the east bay... after police say he used an alias... and tried to offer private basketball lessons to an unspecting teen. now we're learning --this man ---melvin flemings has been arrested before for a very similar crime. kron four's terisa estacio reports on what we know about the suspect's past. (estacio)sgt. rueben pola. he is from citrus heights, so we are contacting ch pd, we are reaching out to other police departemnts, sacramento and bay area to see if he contacted other students, and failed to disclose.sgt. pola is with the hayward police department and he is talking about melvin allen his alias here in hayward, but his real name is melvin flemings. in 2011 he was convicted on using a minor for production of an obscene matter. part of his sentence, a lifetime sex
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offender registration. however, recently police say he used an alias melvin allen. police say melvin offered basketball lessons here at city sports in hayward through his company evolution sports - the teen mentioned the interaction with melvin to his mom who got involved.sgt. rueben pola, hayward pd. 'the parent met with the person and after meeting got on the internet and found melvin allen was not allen, he was melving flemings and he is registered sex offender.sgt. pola says the mom then went straight to the police, a sting was set up, and on friday night, flemings thinking he was meeting up with the teen at a friday night game, was cuffed at mt. eden high school. sgt. pola. he was arrested on failure to devuldge that the was a registered sex offender to a parent. and failure to notify school to come on campus. and check this out, in july of 2017, flemings busted for the same offense in roseville. now police very concerned are launching an all out investigation on flemings and his activities. sgt. pola. how did he gain access to the student? that is part of our investigation, how did he get access to school, how did he find out these individuals. we want the public to know about him. if they know about evolution to tell us about it.(estacio) to be clear -melvin flemmings has no affiliation with mount eden high school or any other school in this district. also, he is not affiliated with city sports. so some big questions remain about why he landed in this area and whether there are other victims out there.
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here in hayward terisa estacio kron-4 news. (vicki) new at 9... a teen arrested in the bernal heights shooting last week appeared in court today and was ordered to be held without bail. 18-year-old oscar
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guadron-diaz was arrested on thursday afternoon following a shooting that occurred on tuesday. of the two victims...20-year-old duby ortiz-guardado was pronounced dead at the scene...and the other, a woman in her twenties, was shot and left in coma with brain damage. guadron-diaz has been charged with nine felonies including murder and and illegal possession of a firearm. he postponed entering a plea today and is scheduled to return to court on thursday.
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... this man 24 year old ponciano bojorquez is behind bars potentially facing prison time and thousands of dollars in fines for allegedly shining a laser at a chp helicopter.sot shaun bouyea/chp 12-22it's a federal crime for shining a laser at an aircraft, it has federal penalties and this one has been forwarded to the fbi laser task force for federal prosecution.the chp says this most recent laser strike happened early sunday morning during a sideshow near 54th avenue and international in oakland. this is chp video of that event from their helicopter the highway patrol says there were some 200 vehicles on hand, fireworks were shot into the air and there were multiple reports of gunfire. then about 2-18am, the chp says someone shined a laser into the chp chopper multiple times. it looked similar to this only this time the chp tracked the person with the laser and made an arrest.sotthese are adults who are committing crimes usually between 18 and 35.
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they should know better, it's dangerous.just how dangerous? the chp says pointing a laser at the cockpit of an aircraft can cause temporary blindness to the pilot. since november 5 chp aircraft have been targeted by lasers, 4 times during sideshowssotwe anticipate the number of arrests are going to increase increase until people get the message that pointing a laser at an aircraft carries much more significant penalties than just taking part in a sideshowstandup dan kerman/napa 129-139the suspect is in the alameda county jail in lieu of 110-thousand dollars bail. he is expected to be arraigned on tuesday. at chp air operations headquarters in napa, dan kerman kron 4 news. (vicki) and tonight, a police officer is out of the hospital, after he was hit by a car while trying to stop a sideshow in árichmond...and two teenagers have been arrested... we want to warn you some people may find this video disturbing.... police released video of the moment he was hit... the officer was standing next to a
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cruiser...and the sedan in question just plows into him. this was around 1:30 sunday morning at the intersection of marina parkway and regatta boulevard. police say the suspects were trying to leave the side-show. two teenagers were arrested sunday morning. polce say 18- year-old juan vargas was behind the wheel. and the car was registered to his girlfriend...18-year-old genesis diaz castaneda.... police say the car was abandoned a short distance from where the officer was hit. the suspects were arrested after they went to the south san francisco police department to report the car stolen. and that was the break police say they needed. (vicki) the officer, an eight-year veteran of the department, who is not being named...was hospitalized with broken bones and other serious injuries. vargas was arrested for attempted
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murder...and is being held on more than half a million dollars bail. casteneda's is an alleged accessory to the crime and is being held on about a quarter of a million dollars bail.
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(grant) coming up... why walmart is facing a discrimination lawsuit...becau se of beauty products mostly used by african americans... (vicki) plus... they're colorful and bright, and they come with a warning to keep them away from kids. and with the latest craze, some stores are opting to have tide pods in a secure spot since more and more people have been stealing them. details ahead... (grant) and after the break... deadly crashes are on the rise in one bay area city.... hear what police are doing to help stop the problem next ina live report....
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at&t has a network with thousands of best-in-class security experts. which means... more of the eye balls you want watching the network... & less of the ones you don't... more experts preventing security issues & less security threats impacting our customers. more of a highly secure network with more security products available for further protection & less per month than comcast for business internet. switch to at&t internet for business. more & less - that's the power of &. department is investigating a series of deadly car accidents
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that happened this ámonth. and what's alarming, is that the number has already surpassed the total from last áyear. kron 4's ali reid sat down with the leuitenant in charge of the traffic division... and joins us live with a story that's new tonight at nine... ali, is the department concerned? vallejo p-d normally averages anywhere from 6-8 fatal accidents each year. last year was really low, with a total of 3.right now we're still in the first month of the year, and so the number is a cause for concern.pkgthe month of january has the valejo police department on edge. so far, the number of fatal accidents has surpassed last year's total. this morning just after 6-30, a mercedes struck a pedestrian and his dog. the 63 year old was crossing springs road, east of oakwood. both of them were this point it looks like the pedestrian is at fault for crossing outside of the crosswalkon friday evening, a 27 year old woman was hit and killed on sonoma boulevard north of lewis brown road. that driver didn't stop. we're not sure if she was on the bicycle or walking with the bicycle. we have some forensic evidence. some car parts and other
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evidence.with the debris that was left at the scene, investigators are trying to piece together the type of vehicle that hit the victim. right now we believe it's a suv or minivanthere was also another deadly accident on sonoma boulevard on january 4th. a week later on the 10th, police say a man riding a stolen motorcyle, blew through a red light, broadsided an s-u-v and was killed. police are still reviewing surveillance footage from both this morning's accident as well as the hit and run from friday. right now extremely short staffed and need the public's help to find the driver involved in hit and run.the traffic division right now has 2 motor officers. we used to have 14.standup authorities believe the vehicle that hit the woman last week should have extensive damage.they're urging, if you see a vehicle that looks like it may have been in a pedestrian accident, to give them a call.reporting live in vallejo .. ali reid kron 4 news.
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(vicki) on the peninsula... a motorcyclist was killed today in an early morning crash on highway 101. the collision happened around two am on southbound 101 near whipple road. chp says edwin sandoval of hayward was speeding between lanes. authorities say the motorcyclist first slammed into the of a gmc van. authorities say he ricocheted off that van and crashed into another car. that crash sent sandoval flying off the motorcycle and into another car. chp says at least six cars were involved in the collision."as soon as officers arrived the performed cpr and tried to revived the man, unfortunately he secumbed to his injuries." chp is investigating if
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drug or alcohol were involved. (grant) in the south bay... crews worked through the day to clean up and fix a water pipe that broke at san jose state university yesterday. the pipe runs underground between residence halls. water came gushing out of the pipe. san jose water company workers were out last night and through today fixing the pipe and cleaning up debris.(eugenia ayala- servellon/student): "i just saw niagara falls on just came out of nowhere."(shadi ebrahim/student): "i was hoping going to be cancelled but i the extent of the water was." school officials say the burst pipe did not affect classes or any campus activities. water services on campus were not affected. (grant) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow...
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lawrence karnow: there were plenty of high clouds today that helped to keep temperatures down today. it was still dry and that is a trend that will take us throught the rest of the week. a look at doppler radar shows dry conditions around the bay area and most of the state. on the satellite image you can see that most of the rain is going well to the north as high pressure begins to build in. this will become a very dominant ridge that will keep the storm track north with above normal temperatures and maybe even some record warm temperatures late in the week. for tomorrow we'll see a little more sunshine with slightly warmer weather. highs will be in the low to mid 60s. the weather may cool a little on wednesday and thursday. by friday an offshore wind will bring some temperatures back into the 70s through the weekend. (vicki) new at 9... (vicki)
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(vicki) new at 9... the tide pods challenge has gone viral it dares people to bite into the soap on camera tonight we are learning that a walmart store is locking up the capsules according to a company spokeman... the extra security is to prevent thieves from stealing the pods. they didn't say if the tide pod challenge affected their decision. the nation's poison control center reports in this month alone, more than 130 teenagers
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have purposefully bitten into the pods and gotten sick compared with just 53 people last year. "it's like you want to follow everybody else, nobody else does their own thing or follow what they think is right?""not have enough oxygen, you can have pulmonary edema and end up with stop breathing ,and you can die from that part". (vicki) some university of pacific students say they would never put a tide pod in the mouth. (grant) a local donut chain in kansas used the latest social media stunt to promote their newest delicacy. they are selling tide pod donuts to customers. many had very positive reviews...and the store says it sold more than 50 tide pod donuts one day last week. others are concern...that the gimicky pastry kids might make some teenagers...want to eat actual tide pods. (vicki) still ahead... a new type of cyber-attack now
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targeting a-t-m's... and it spits out huge amounts of cash -- like a jackpot in a casino. details aheas... (grant) and after the break a warning if you recently shopped at panera... we'll tell you why they are recalling some of their cream cheese products...
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tonight a warning for panera fans...(vicki) the bread and food company is recalling some of it's cream cheese products over possible listeria contamination.... the two-ounce and eight-ounce cream cheese tubs are affected.... health officials say a recent sample tested positive for the bacteria. it's recalling all products with an expiration date on or before april second of this year. so far no illnesses have been reported. (grant) there appears to be disagreement in washington about new cell phone technology. news web site
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axios reports the federal government is considering a proposal to takeover part of america's mobile broadband markets. it would involve u-s government control of a nationwide five-g network. the proposal cites threats from china as the reason for government involvement in the private wireless market. the white house confirmed a secure five-g network is part of the administration's national security strategy -- but said the reporting on axios is dated... and not representative of the trump administration's thinking. (vicki) the secret service is warning u-s financial institutions about a type of cyber-attack that targets a- t-m's.... the problem - is known as "jackpotting." the crime involves rigging a-t-m's to spit out huge amounts of cash -- like a jackpot in a casino. it happens after either malicious software of hardware has been installed. the secret service says the criminals range from individuals to an international organized group. sometimes they even pretend to be repair
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crews - 'fixing' the machines. federal agents have seen about a dozen cases across the country... and say it's only getting worse. (vicki) coming up... two archeologists ááunearth a key to a hidden story people don't often talk about... tonight we take a look what's being called the last slave ship... dating back to 18-59... (grant) plus... president trump is preparing for his first state of the union address tomorrow... the sytlistic changes aids say he'll be making (vicki) and disturbing images of raw meat being delivered in a shopping cart to a popular store in the south bay... details on the investigation next...
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(vicki) an investigation is underway into these viral images of what is being characterized as the unauthorized delivery of raw meat to a market in the south bay...(vicki) unwrapped and raw pork was delivered a shopping cart to the popular market in san jose.(grant) as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now, pictures on social media... prompted the investigation. it appeared to be business as usual here at the 99 ranch market off hostetter road in san jose. but some customers told me they would not be buying any pork products just now after another customer blew the whistle on this. loretta seto posted these pictures on facebook, which have gone viral. they show raw pork
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being delivered to the market ina shopping cart. gurmit/sainiin a statement, 99 ranch market apologized to it's customers, pointing the finger at it's vendor. the modesto bee reports that the vendor, jim's farm meat company, of modesto, has fired the employees who were not following standard protocols. the viral photos show the raw pork in a costco shopping cart. across the street, at costco, i spoke with a very concerned brenda hamid, who shops at both stores.brenda hamid/customer"....absolutely, i was shocked when i saw that a shopping cart was being used to transport raw meat..."the santa clara count health department says it is taking immediate steps to conduct a thorough investigation into complaints about about what was characterized as the unauthorized delivery of raw pork. 99 ranch market went on to say that it's committed to food safety and customer satisfaction.rob fladeboe "...late this afternoon the health department said that it has impounded the meat in that shopping cart and confirmed that the u-s department is joining the investigation. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news
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(grant) investigators are trying to figure out what caused a plane to crash in concord. the single- engine plane was discovered around ten- this morning...on military base, south of military ocean terminal concord. federal officials say, the crash happened sometime over the weekend. the one person onboard.. was killed. the victim's name has not been released. the f-a-a and n-t-s-b are investigating the cause of the crash. (grant) san francisco police are looking for a man they say threatened a muni bus driver with a gun. it happened around 9:30 last night near near sunnydale avenue and santos street...couple blocks from
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the cow palace. authorities say the man boarded the bus... claming to have a gun... the man told the driver to take him to a specific location. but after one block the man got off the bus and took off. the driver and two passengers on-board were not injured. (vicki) a white nationalist group is claiming responsibility .... for hanging a banner over the yerba buena tunnel on treasure island.... mocking 'sanctuary cities' -- . take a look at this picture from yesterday... it reads "danger" in red letters and "sanctuary city ahead" with a skull and crossbones on both sides of the poster. it was quickly removed. "identity evropa" claimed responsibility for the sign on twitter ... and said it was a public service announcement. many people had mixed feelings about the sign. (vicki) the southern poverty law center designated 'identity
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evropa' as a hate group and a white supremacist organization. it was founded in 20-16 by nathan damigo... he gained notoriety last april, when he punched a woman at a pro- trump rally in berkeley. (grant) tonight...some members of congress are on their way back to washington ahead of president trump's first state of the union address... tomorrow night. and the president is expected to focus his agenda on three important topics. rebuilding america's infrastructure-- passing comprehensive immigration reform-- and investing in the nations' economy. the chairman of the president's council of economic advisors says in the speech, mister trump will promote the recently passed gop tax bill. president trump says he's optimistic his first state of the union address will be well received by both congress and the public. experts say tuesday's speech only sets up the agenda, not the outcome. (grant) on the eve of the state of the union, unexpected
9:34 pm
news from the f-b-i. deputy director andrew mccabe abruptly stepped down from his position.. rather than having a planned retirement in march. the departure comes as fbi director christopher wray makes changes to his senior leadership team, replacing two other top aides last week. such changes are not unusual, but they are notable amid trump's public pressure on wray to get rid of officials who were confidants of james comey, whom he fired as fbi director last may. wray is denying the move stemmed from political pressure. sources say in an email to fbi staff, wray hinted a government-watchdog investigation about the 2016 handling of the clinton email probe played a role in mccabe's abrupt departure. (vicki) some of the tickets for the state of the union address to congress... included a typo. they read "state of the uniom" -- with an "m." instead of a an "n." the tickets were issued by the office of the sergeant at arms and door-keeper.
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they're provided for spouses and guests of members of congress and give access to seats in the gallery. it's unclear how many of the tickets printed had typos. but officials say all affected tickets have been reprinted and are in the process of being redistributed. (vicki) and kron four will have complete coverage of the state of the union.... we are airing the president's speech tomorrow night at 6:00 p-m. we will also be streaming it live on kron4 dot com and on our mobile app. (grant) history has a way of revealing itself over time. that is what's happening more than 2-thousand miles away... in alabama.. in mobile bay.(vicki) there in the deep, dark, dank, muddy waters may be the relic of a story that dates back to 1859. as we learn tonight from reporter bill riales.. it is hidden history about slavery in america.
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things need to be verified, raines said he definitely believes it is the clotilda. "it's circumstantial at this point, we won't know anything concrete until they dig in, literally dig it up." in a story for raines said he took a shipwright and two archeologists to the site he discovered about two weeks ago, when a cold north wind brought an extremely low tide, exposing the wood and metal indicative of the mid 1850's-- when the clotilda was made. he believes there may be much more of the ship preserved in might still have all the inner construction down there which would include the pens where they had the captives, manacles--casks of different supplies.the clotilda arrived in mobile with as many as 160 slaves. but federal authorities caught wind of the illegal venture. the captain off loaded his cargo onto a riverboat and set clotilda ablaze and adrift. the africans went into slavery in various locations, but after the civil war they were freed. a group asked one mobile landowner, timothy meaher, for some land. that group settled here in what they called africatown.a lot of the survivors of the clotilda are buried here, this is the old part of the plateau- africatown cemetary and those survivors include the last known survivor of the clotilda, cudjoe lewis.what i hope is finding the ship, if this is it, gives people a
9:37 pm
reason one to investigate a little more, to pay attention to africatown.raines says he hopes archeology work on the ship can begin africatown, bill riales.> (lawrence wx tease) (gary sports tease)
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upstaged a little bit thois morning when tom brady cut his weekly radio show short..after he heard one of the hosts review of his inter-net documentary..which included a mention of his 5 year old daughterthe first scene was so staged when brady is in like the kitchen his kid is being an annoying little pissanti've tried to come on this show for many years and showed you guys a lot of respect. i've always tried to come on and you know do a good job for you guys and it's very disappointing when you hear certainly with my daughter or any child you know they certainly don't deserve that. . the young man alex
9:41 pm
reimer...all of 25 years of the third wheel on a popularboston which brady is said to be paid 500,000 a year for the 10 to 15 minute sregemts which airt every remiers stqation is in a very c0mepetive for the number one ranking in his time slot and obviouly the youngman felt the pressure to try and be provocative.....he has been suspended indefimniely and then only thing that probably camn save him is if brady says forgive and forget. brady tonight did say he doesn't want the young man to lose his jobyoung man to want the young man to lose his job most broidcasters have said something they regret....i've saidf plenty but i always remember what the general manager at kron told me when i first started 34 years ago.....many..many..many negative letters were coming into the sdtation because of my style of broasdcasting.. .the g>m....miss mccomnbs said relax..the only time to worry
9:42 pm
is when people quit complaining...that will mean you are run of the mill and nobody cares about you anymore.hopefully this kid alex reimer recieves the same support from his station...but if hes smart he learned to today never criticized someonez religion....a phusical characteristic of an individual.....and in the city of boston nver..ever knock tom bradys daugher...back talking super bowl next hour.
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new tonight at nine: just recently three different crashes involving the california highway patrol have made the headlines.(vicki) it's dangerous to be pulled over on the freeway shoulder...and officers are focusing on it. i have done dozens upon dozens of ride alongs with the california highway patrol looking for anything unsafe or out of place the fact is not much shocks me, until i stumbled across this scene on my day off while heading to monterey what you are looking at is 7 people standing next to a table. about 50 feet from the active lanes of traffic on highway 101 in san jose nats: ambiance they set up the table to hand out food the homeless, feeding the homeless i can get
9:46 pm
on board with... but not on the side of a freeway their intentions were good trying to feed the homeless but we have some obvious precautions we need to think about the san jose office of the california highway patrol get calls for a lot of people legally and illegally stopping on california freeways a lot of times we get reports pedestrians that are on the freeway and sometimes drivers will call it in that they are actually trying to cross the freeway to get to the other side stopping because you have a flat tres, acceptable like this driver the tire was shredded but the driver already called roadside assistance the california highway patrol has seen a lot of things ...that being said i personally haven't seen a
9:47 pm
picnic on the side of the road before but i have drivers on the side of the road usually to make a quick phone call to send out a quick text or maybe look at their gps and while it turned out not to be a picnic from the someone driving on the freeway myself included that exactly what it looked like stopping along side unnecessarily causes some risk that is not really needed that swerves off the road that could possibly collide with them of if someone has a blown out tire possibly swerves off the road as well the chp did respoond the the group and they were cited for making a non-emergency stop which carries a 238 dollar fine and 1 point but the fact is, no matter how good your intentions are. you can't help anyone if you get hit by a car . in san jose stanley roberts kron 4 news (vicki) a woman in southern california has filed a discrimination lawsuit against walmart. and the issue - many beauty products mostly used by african-americans-- locked up. the case centers at a walmart in riverside county.... essie grundy went there to buy a lotion... and she says she found it.. along with other skin and hair products designed to appeal to african- americans behind glass, under lock and key. and not because they are incredibly expensive items either. one comb costs 48-cents. but items for anyone else - were accessible.
9:48 pm
"i just feel that we need to be treated equally and it's no way we should be treated this way just because of our complexion."(vicki) her attorney, gloria allred, filed a discrimination lawsuit against walmart. she says, grundy wants an apology and a court injunction that would change walmart's practice. a walmart spokesman says the company does not discriminate. (grant) tonight we're hearing form a pilot who made a daring emergency landing on a southern california freeway. tom wait reports. a small plane made an emergency landing on the 55 freeway in costa mesa sunday evening.the pilot - a 25- year-old named izzy slod - and his passenger were able to walk away without injury.john wayne airport said the plane lost an engine over the ocean and was able to make it over newport beach before having to ditch on the road.several lanes of the northbound 55
9:49 pm
were shut while officials investigated the circumstances of the landing.slod, who said he's had about seven years of flying time, wasn't even sure how he did it.he was taking off from san diego and lost power about a mile out, over the ocean. strong santa ana winds he said made it hard to get back to an airport in orange county.witnesses told wait it was miraculous that the plane touched down the way it did, was able to go through an underpass and not clip any vehicles."it boils down to just simply turning," slod said, "that's what it is.""you don't have a choice," he said, "you have maybe a minute, or two minutes to figure something out and make decisions. and i went with my gut on the freeway. i didn't know there was a freeway there and i didn't know if i could make it. but it paid off this time. ""a lot of luck," he said, matter-of-fact, "and i'm not a big believer, but definitely a miracle."slod's passenger, daniel gross, was equally nonplussed."i fly frequently. and you're trained when you lose power to look for open areas. and we tried to make it to the airport but we winds blowing us away from the airport right now."
9:50 pm
lawrence karnow: there were plenty of high clouds today that helped to keep temperatures down today. it was still dry and that is a trend that will take us throught the rest of the week. a look at doppler radar shows dry conditions around the bay area and most of the state. on the satellite image you can see that most of the rain is going well to the north as high pressure begins to build in. this will become a very dominant ridge that will keep the storm track north with above normal temperatures and maybe even some record warm temperatures late in the week. for tomorrow we'll see a little more sunshine with slightly warmer weather. highs will be in the low to mid 60s. the weather may cool a little on wednesday and thursday. by friday an offshore wind will bring some temperatures back into the 70s through the weekend.
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(vickik) up next... it was music's biggest night - the grammy's... and it came with an extra dose of star- studded political commentary... what topics they took aim at - next.
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9:55 pm
the bag."cordon: "in the bag ..."hillary clinton -- making a ásurpriseá appearance in a grammy awards skit featuring celebrities doing dramatic readings from the tell-all book "fire and fury."snoop dogg: "trump did not enjoy his own inauguration. he started to get angry and hurt that stars were determined to embarrass him. i definitely wasn't there."cardi b: "if trump was not having his 6:30 dinner with steve bannon then more to his liking he was in bed by that time with a cheeseburger. why am i even reading this sháá?"the skit -- prompting ábacklashá from mr. trump's allies. un ambassador nikki haley tweeting that the skit "ruined" the awards show. and the president's son -- going after clinton -- calling the opportunity to read an excerpt from the book a "great consolation prize for losing the presidency."trump's ádenigratingá comments toward immigrants from african nations -- which he reportedly called "sáááholes" -- coming up árepeatedly.á logic: "bring us your tired, your poor and any immigrant who seeks refuge."bono: "blessed are the sáááhole countries, for they gave us the american dream." prior to u2's cuban-mexican immigrant, singer camila cabello -- paying tribute to "dreamers."cabello: "tonight, in this room full of music's remember that this country was built by dreamers for dreamers chasing the american dream."a ánumberá of artists -- also
9:56 pm
honoring the #metoo movement -- wearing white roses in solidarity. monae: "we come in peace, but we mean business. and to those who would dare try and silence us, we offer you two words: time's up." (vicki) singer kesha -- who has been tied up in a legal battle with her producer over alleged sexual abuse -- had the moment of the night, giving an áemotionalá performance of her hit "praying."(grant) her producer doctor luke has
9:57 pm
consistently denied kesha's allegations. (grant) that wraps up kron4 news at nine..(vicki) pam moore and steve aveson joins us now with kron 4 news at ten...guys? ((pam)) thank you grant and at 10... a story you will only see on kron 4.a desperate plea from a bay area widow....need your help her husband was killed...the accused murderer... suspected of fleeing the she is calling on the public to help bring him to justice. plus...a bay area ballet teacher accused of molesting his authorities fear there may be more victims. a live report...coming up. ((pam)) plus... deadly crashes on the rise in one bay area city... including two hit- and- runs in the past week.what police believe can help them .. solve these crimes.((steve))don't go away...hour three of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break
9:58 pm
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south bay.. heavy police presence in san jose after an officer involved shooting. thank you for joining us. im pam moore(steve)and im steve averson. we have just learned.. that officers are searching for a female suspect armed with a shotgun. kron 4's charles clifford was there and has the latest details.


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