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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 3, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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representative mike thompson hosted a town hall meeting to... answer questions about a bill he co-authored on gun violence prevention. kron four's spencer blake reports from vallejo... where some people pushed the congressman to go even farther with his proposed legislation. (looklive)democratic congressman mike thompson invited people here to the vallejo high school gym to learn more about house resolution 42-40...which he says will save lives.(pkg)the basic concept behind h-r 4240 in congress is simple:"it would expand background checks to include background checks for all commercial sales of firearms. so if you're at a gun show, an internet sale, a newspaper advertisement - someone that you don't know - you would have to have a background check." representative mike thompson, chair of the gun violence prevention task force, explains the bill would also provide reasonable exceptions to background checks for gun transfers between family members, for he
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took questions at a town hall meeting, some people expressed that, though they support what he's trying to do....they think it's still not enough. but thompson is taking the realistic approach, he says - working with something bipartisan that actually has a chance to pass."please don't minimize the background check expansion as something that's going small. because the background check expansion is going pretty big."in the audience was a group of high school students who, ever since the parkland, florida shootings, have tried to get more people locally to speak out against gun violence. "representative mike thompson sent down a letter and had somebody read it and he said that he supported our movement and he invited us to come down to the town hall."many of the teenagers were asking questions themselves."it was wonderful! they researched the legislation, they've researched the issue. they came to the town hall meeting fully prepared.""if the house seats flipped so that there's democratic majority during these midterms, do you think that you will push for stricter control?if the house flipped tomorrow, background checks would pass, and without any question."there are more hundred co-authors on thompson's bill, but he that not one california republican is among vallejo, spencer blake, kron four news. (justine) áhow people purchase a gun... has become
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an issue after the deadly school shooting in florida. today, in fairfield, kron 4's philippe djegal stopped by a gun expo... where longtime gun owners and beginners checked out the inventory... and weighed-in on the gun regulation debate. (philippe) rifles... shotguns... pistols... and a ton of ammunition. if you're a gun owner -- the fairfield gun expo is a convenient one-stop shop.iris page/visitor- "i did see one that i like, but he sold it." and, if you've never owned a firearm before, and are looking to buy, like iris page... this experience can also be educational.iris page/visitor- "just kind of like for protection, or to feel like i have extra protection." iris wanted to know how easy it'd be to buy a gun at a gun show.iris page/visitor- "(philippe) and, what'd you find out? (iris) it is kind of easy. (philippe) what'd you gotta do? (iris) i had to take a test, and pay $25 and now, i'm guess, legally authorized to purchase the gun." but by state law, she's not legally able to walk out of the expo with a gun the day it's purchased.guy meyers/organizer- "this phrase that we hear often, gun show loophole, it does not exist in california." guy meyers produces the fairifield gun expo which continues through sunday... he reminds us that automatic weapons are illegal in the united states...
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and, they're not sold here.guy meyers/organizer- "in california, we have a very in- depth background check that you have to go through and you have to wait until the 11th day to pick up your firearm." meyers says gun violence in video games and movies has distorted the reason most people use and own guns.guy meyers/organizer- "obviously, these, these school shootings are something that affects everybody and everybody wants to see that not happen. you know, my condolences go out to those parents." vendor russell keith says the debate around gun control should focus on the people and not the weapons.russell keith/vendor- "it's always somebody behind the guns."iris page/visitor- "i think everybody does, should have the right to bear arms." and, as long as you follow the law -- then it is, indeed, your right own one. in fairfield, philippe djegal, kron four news. (justine) (justine) (justine) to
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prepare for shooter on campus, folsom high school teachers and school staff .. took part in an active shooter drill. the folsom police department did the training. several nearby schools participated in the drill that simulated gunfire and mock evacuations. it's all part of the department's multi-level approach to stopping gun violence at schools... that includes officer training drills, school safety training, and parent forums. " ... to every community " (justine) this training was planned back in october, well before the shooting in parkland, florida. these police drills have been going on for several years. (justine) what wild weather we had this past week! and this weekend... hail was reported all around the bay area today. this was the scene in pacifica ....
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adlib (justine) taking a live look outside.... meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. (mabrisa rodriguez)showers will gradually diminish by late tonight. isolated strong cells as well as thunderstorms are possible into the early evening hours. expect shower activity to decrease tonight and end by morning. snow levels continue around 2000-3000 feet. dry weather is expected to return by sunday. tonight and sunday night will be chilly with low temperatures near freezing in the inland valleys because of clearing skies. min temperatures sunday and monday are forecast to be around freezing in the inland valleys, generally upper 20s to upper 30s, with lower 40s around san francisco. high pressure will build into the area by sunday and persist
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into the coming week. this will bring dry weather with mostly clear skies, warmer daytime highs and cool overnight lows. the next chance of rain looks like thursday and friday as a low pressure system pushes inland across oregon and northern california. a second, deeper trough is then forecast to follow this one spreading rain across most areas late friday into saturday. (justine) new at 8. an avalanche partially buried 3 people at mammoth mountain.
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the people were able to free themselves. and officials say there are no reports of missing people. however, mammoth mountain shut down operations for the rest of today as a precaution. it will return to normal operations tomorrow. (justine) this comes on the heels of yesterday's avalanche at squaw valley. this new video shows skiers rescuing a man buried in snow. three men and two women were caught in the avalanche. two were treated for their injuries. but this man was not injured at all. he even snowboarded down the rest of the mountain once he was freed from the snow. reporter steve large has more on the skiiers and rescuers who worked to prevent another tragic death on the slopes. dramatic cell phone video shows the frantic effort to dig out people trapped in a squaw valley avalanche.skiers and snowboarders buried under heavy snow that came crashing down squaw valley's slopes. joseph breault was one of
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those rescuers on the mountain. he was there moment the avalanche hit.joseph breault/rescuer"i heard this sound, sounded like a train, coming through the woods. and i turned around and all of a sudden it just blew up. the snow went probably 100 feet in the air all over the place, you couldn't even see anything."breault says it first became eerily silent. then came the screams for help. joseph breault/rescuer"people yelling breault/rescuerjoseph help.screams for help.joseph breault/rescuer"people yelling for their wives, their kids." breault immediately went to help one man covered by the avalanche.only the tail of his snowboard exposed.joseph breault/rescuer"we just started digging, i mean furiously digging."finally, the man's face emerged. his lips were blue.then suddenly... joseph breault/rescuer"then he opened up his eyes, and he's looking right at me and he says, 'where's my wife?'" incredibly the buried man was okay-his wife was too.joseph breault/rescuer"his wife came up to him, obviously distraught and just so happy." that survival story followed the tragic discovery of a
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snowboarder dead on the squaw valley slopes only hours earlier.placer sheriffs department investigators say the body of 42-year-old wenyu zhang of rocklin was found 4 to 5 feet beneath fresh snow. he had been reported missing the night before.brian johnson/snowboarder"especially with this heavier snow out here in california. if you can't move your arms to get your board off and you can't get your arms up to your head, you just end up suffocating." for one squaw valley snowboarder, this snowstorm proving deadly.for others trapped by an avalanche, they now have a harrowing story of survival.and heroes like joseph breault -to thank. joseph breault/rescuer"people were yelling for help and we responded." (justine) in national news, the man who shot himself today... outside the white house...has died. that's from the secret service, who says the incident happened this morning just outside the north fence of the building. officials say the man pulled out a gun and fired several rounds in the
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air. then shot himself in the head. president trump and the first lady were at mar-a-lago in florida at the time. (justine) new tonight at 8... san francisco, police arrested two people today in fisherman's wharf for illegal gambling. this is video of the suspects in handcuffs, sent to us by kron 4's jr stone. officers tell him the men were scamming tourists in a card game. they say they've recieved an increased number of complaints from business owners regarding illegal gambling.. (justine) 5- years after the police shot and killed an antioch man ... the city of concord has agreed to pay the family of charles burns $1-point-2 million dollars in a settlement. kron4's ella sogomonian is live at concord city hall for us now... ella you met with the man's parents today.... the money won't bring their son back, but what do they think of the settlement? (ella)they tell me it was never about the money.they're glad the city is
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taking some sort of responsibility for the death of their son but say it doesn't end here. the parents of charles burns have lived with five years of grief since the loss of their son.his mother still wears a bracelet with his name in his memory.the 21-year-old was killed by concord police officers who came to his antioch home on barcelona circle to serve a search warrant back in may of 2013. he was accused of selling drugs.sot: john bounes, father// "i don't know why they messed with him like they did. he was not a bad kid at all. he worked he helped me work on bikes he worked as safeway. it was uncalled for what they did."burns was shot 10 times and there is debate whether a police dog was deployed before or after the last round was fired.their attorney says police arrived in unmarked cars and burns was unarmed.sot: peter johnson, attorney// "and they created a situation that was more risky than it had to be and the reality is it may appear that way but it wasn't there was no risk involved. they created chaos and from that he ended up being killed."just weeks
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before the lawsuit was to go on trial the city of concord agreed to pay 1.2 million dollars in a settlement. but the family says there is more work to be done. (ellaburn's father wants the two officers who shot him francisco ramirez and chris loercher off the streets.the city and police department were both unavailable for comment in concord ella sogomonian kro n4 news. (justine) early this morning-- police arrested a man for allegedly stealing two cars and four home burglaries from a gated community in walnut creek. officers responded to separate calls from neighbors. police tell us... michael kemper, who was under the influence of a controlled substance... used the resident's own "hidden key" to enter three homes. he then allegedly drove off with one
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of the stolen cars ....but crashed several miles away. kemper tried stealing another car... but police caught him. officers found the other stolen car inside the property grounds. (justine) coming up -- the worst may be over -- but the damage has been done as at least 5 people have died as a result of the "bomb cyclone" that hit the east coast. (justine) and just how close was stormy daniels to coming out with her story about an alleged afair with donald trump before the election -- we have detail from a new bombshell report. (justine)and changes to the way ice raids are conducted have some resisters up in arms -- a live report coming up after the break.
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(justine) immigration advocates say.. ice is conducting raids in a way that deprives detainees of due process. they say among other issues.. those swept up are not getting a chance to talk to attorneys.. kron 4's hermela aregawi spoke to an attorney for the regional rapid response network. she joins us live from el cerrito with that story.. hermela.. what are advocates telling you? they tell me there's a number of issues.. one is that attorneys aren't getting access to ice headquarters in san francisco where some of those arrested are processed. and they say others are being
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taken to offices like the one in stockton that hasn't been active in the last few months so therefore doesn't have immigration attorneys on standby there.. so those taken there aren't getting the opportunity to talk to a laweyer. advocates also say that some people are being swept away to detention centers outside of the north california within a matter of 12 hours. so they are not only far away from their families.. but also far away from any resources such as legal advice. we understand from legal experts that detainees do have a right to attorneys.. although it is not guaranteed the way it is in criminal cases. and advocates here say.. the way ice is operating is not only affecting undocumented immigrants.. but
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many hispanics with legal permits. hamid yazdan panah/immigration attorney what's been most disturbing to me are reports that ice is undertaking enforcement on the basis of racial profiling. especially in the central valley we have heard reports that us citizens and legal permit residents have been stopped because they are latino. they have been questioned and in some questions accused of having fradulent documents despite the fact that they do have legal status here. (hermela aregawi)we are also getting reports that some detainees are being bullied into signing documents before they are able to call an attorney or their families. as of yet we have not been able to get a comment from ice on these allegations. reporting live in el cerrito hermela aregawi kron 4 news. (justine) and contra costa county officials have launched a deportation defense hotline. they say 'stand together contra costa' a rapid response program established to ensure that all families in the couny...regardless of immigration status...are afforded the due-process rights established by the
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constitution. those needing assistance can call the 24-hour hotline at 925-900- 5151.. this info is also on (justine) taking a live look outside.... meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. (mabrisa rodriguez)showers will gradually diminish by late tonight. isolated strong cells as well as thunderstorms are possible into the early evening hours. expect shower
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activity to decrease tonight and end by morning. snow levels continue around 2000-3000 feet. dry weather is expected to return by sunday. tonight and sunday night will be chilly with low temperatures near freezing in the inland valleys because of clearing skies. min temperatures sunday and monday are forecast to be around freezing in the inland valleys, generally upper 20s to upper 30s, with lower 40s around san francisco. high pressure will build into the area by sunday and persist into the coming week. this will bring dry weather with mostly clear skies, warmer daytime highs and cool overnight lows. the next chance of rain looks like thursday and friday as a low pressure system pushes inland across oregon and northern california. a second, deeper trough is then forecast to follow this one spreading rain across most areas late friday into saturday.
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(televo) the nor'easter that killed at least five people and hammered the east coast with relentless rain, snow and powerful winds... moved out to sea today-- but its effects will linger for days. kim hutcherson reports. nats a sight many dread to see... hurricane-force winds and massive flooding along the eastern seaboard... mos: "you feel bad for the people but that comes with having a house on the water."the deadly nor'easter -- that morphed into a "bomb cyclone" on friday -- has moved out to sea... but the effects are still close to home. thomas p. koch / quincy mayor: "its all hands on deck from the public works side, from the infrastructure side and the cleanup will begin."the governors of massachusetts, maryland and virginia all issued emergency declarations.. and are urging people to stay indoors..james boudreau / town administrator: "this is not a time to be sightseeing and gawking. please stay at home, stay out of our way, let us get cleaned up and when we're ready to go, we'll let everyone know."the nor'easter knocked out
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powerlines.. one after the other... effecting nearly one million customers from the mid- atlantic to new england. james boudreau / town administrator: "we expect people to be without power into next week." the storm also toppled trees.. damaging homes and vehicles.. mos: "we heard a noise. we didn't know what it was. we ran out my son was still in the car with the tree on top of it."and dumped heavy snow in parts of connecticut.. and upstate new york. the winds, rain, and snow all wreaked havoc on travel...amtrak service between boston and new york, and more than 3000 flights at some of the busiest northeast airports were canceled over the weekend due to the storm.i'm kim hutcherson reporting. (justine) the washington post says the porn star who reportedly received money for keeping quiet about an alleged affair with donald trump almost called the deal off. in january, the wall street journal reported that stormy daniels -- whose real name is stephanie clifford -- was paid during the general election campaign for her silence about a relationship she says she
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had with trump years ago. the post's article cites an email from daniel's lawyer ... which threatened to end their non-disclosure deal because a payment from then-candidate trump was late. according to the paper, another email shows that 130-thousand dollars was received ten days later. last month, trump's personal legal counsel -- michael cohen -- admitted making the payment to daniels. (justine)coming up... a neighborhood is on edge tonight as the search for an alleged puppy killer continues... (justine)and two people are safe tonight thanks to the heroic efforts of the firefighters who pulled them from this burning building. that video just ahead
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we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way. my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. (oncam) people in
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sacramento are coming together to raise money after a puppy was found dead... hanging from a tree. the dog was brutally beaten.we want to warn that some viewers may find this content disturbing. lonnie wong has the story from sacramento. "three skull fractures, two fractured hips, two fractured knees and two fdractured long leg bones..."not to mention internal injuries...all suffered before this black terrier mix's body was found hanging from a tree off the sacramento river levee bike trail, a few hundred yards north of 35th avenue."i know there was extreme outrage..."so much so that neighbors and businesses joined with animal groups to collect $16 thousand dollars for a reward leading to the killer of the puppy."somebody out there knows what happened." this community meeting marked a renewed effort in collecting clues that might lead to the animal abuser...they want people to search their memories before january 19th when the puppy was found.julia
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virga, neighborhood resident:"a puppy they heard screaming next door, maybe there's a little black dog that was in the neighborhood who is no longer there."lonnie wong, reporter: "a lot of people may think it's going a bit overboard to paying this much atteniton to catching an animal abuser...but recent events in florida only hilghlights the urgency in catching the puppy killer"jace huggins:"somewhere around 50 percent of the mass school shooters have histories of animal cruelty."there's also a high correlation between animal abuse and those who commit child and domestic abuse.jace huggins: "i'm really scared about is there a child in the home with the perosn who did tehre a partner whoose to scared to come forward."a key clue.. higher end leash found on the dead and tortured dog.huggins: "a grateful dead skull symbol on kind of smoke grey's not cheap and it's not easily found."right now five police and animal control officers are working the case including a detective...resources this group believes is waranted."we have a monster in our midst." in south sacramento, lonnie wong (justine) take a look at this terrifying scene....
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two people had to be rescued from this burning building in carnegie, pennsylvania late friday. they were both hospitalized for their injuries. according to the pittsburgh post-gazette, fire fighters were still beating back flames nearly eight hours after the blaze began. the building is also home to a popular local pizza restaurant. the paper reports employees knocked on doors to let people know they needed to get out. (justine) up next.bitcoin has been pretty hot recently -- but in las vegas --- the crypto currency has been even hotter in one of the strip's raciest venues. (justine) and a man is safe after a dangerous rescue at sea off the coast of california today. (justine)and home prices are out of control in the bay area... up next -- an in depth look at the tiny sillicon valley home that broke a record for price per square
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oor bell rings) (cell phone vibrating) hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. hello, i got your package. you can just leave it, thanks. (cell phone vibrating) hello, can i help you? hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. ♪ at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee.
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visit to learn more. (justine) the red - hot real estate market here in the bay area just set another record. a 2-million dollar home sale ... for a 2 bed 2 bath would't make most people bat an eye. it is the price per - square foot... that has jaws dropping in silicon valley. this story is going bonkers on tonight... pkgthis sunnyvale home just sold for 2-million went for 550-thousand dollars over asking price.the real estate market here is on fire. sot low supply and high demand no new housing and lots of ne jobs listing agent doug larson tells me the 2 bedroom 2 bath house on plymouth drive in the cherry chase neighborhood... was on the market for2 days. listing photos show the modest home with hardwood floors
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throughout and a large is just 848 square feet on a 6-thousand square feet sold for a whopping $2.358-dollars per square foot - setting the highest price paid per square foot ever recorded by the mls in the city.sot well haha i was kind of blown awayjustine waldman standup- the new buyer does plan to live here, he is young single man who works in tech.and paid all cash for his new home.sot cash no conting and close in 10 daysneighbors wonder what the sale will mean for other sales on their street.sot what can you do that is the gameaverage homes here go for 1.5 million dollars, according the zillow. sunnyvale is close to google, apple and yahoo's headquarters..making the area more attractive to people looking to limit their commute. sunnyvale is getting more attention... and after this record breaking sale, doug says buyers need to bring their best offer to the game. sot you get one turn at bat and you better hit a homerun or you go back to the dugout . (justine) members of the california
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air national guard based at moffett field... took part in a dangerous rescue mission today. guardsmen from the 129th rescue wing departed this morning. they went to save the life of a seriously ill 54-year-old croatian man on-board a container ship from panama. the operation took part 676 nautical miles off the california coast. here is the hawk rescue helicopter arriving at san jose regional medical center today... to get the man medical care he needed. (justine) police are
8:34 pm
investigating a fire that damaged a home in the east bay that displaced four people. it happened on anjou place in newark near the newark junior high school around two-30 in the afternoon. police closed down cherry street between mirabeau drive and rochelle avenue for several hours. officials say the fire was contained and did not spread to nearby homes. two people were treated at the scene for minor injuries. no other injuries were reported. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. (justine) crypto- currency is making strides towards gaining mainstream acceptance... but it remains highly volitile. when bitcoin first came on the market .. one coin wouldn't buy you a can of soda. now, 8 years later one bitcoin is worth. more than ten- thousand dollars. one of bitcoin's selling points is that you can pay for goods... or services... annonymously. tonight reporter vanessa murphy takes an in-depth look at one venue the las vegas strip .. where the electronic currency has become a hot
8:35 pm
commodity. nick blomgren is a martial arts master and also a businessman who had cryptocurrency, think digital money, on his radar.sot((nick blomgren/legends room: we came up with an idea probably about a year and a half ago of how could we turn this bitcoin into something.)) ((nick: so we were brainstorming.)) he says a few ideas came up but one stood out... ((nick: i was like well that would work better in a strip club...)) and that's how the legends room was born last year. ((nick: it's the best place to spend it if you don't want your wife to know or you don't want your boyfriend to know (laughs))) here's how it works: customers who already own cryptocurrency can spend it by providing a lengthy number from a digital wallet.if they don't own cryptocurrency, they can still spend their money...without cryptocurrency or use an a-t-m to buy it.some of the strippers wear temporary tattoos like this one so they can be paid with a scan. ((vanessa
8:36 pm
murphy/reporter: how often do customers want to pay with bitcoin? brenna: oh, quite often. like the people that come here, they are like really into crypto. i feel like is like very smart, they like, they are really into that.)) brenna sparks, that's a stage name, says she became interested in cryptocurrency at 19 years old and she's 26 now. ((brenna: it's peer to peer. it's anonymous and it's instant.)) she and her friends say cryptocurrency may be the future for adult entertainment at the club, even the dj - known as saint clare says part of her paycheck is cryptocurrency. ((saint clare/dj: when i first heard about the concept, i thought wow this is really something different, you know.)) ((vanessa: do you check your account a lot?brenna: i do (laughs) it's fun though. once you invest it becomes a everyday thing.)) ((nick: they're seeing these guys come in and spend a lot of bitcoin. so they're like wow how do i get into bitcoin or what coin can i buy?)) ((vanessa: is it a big draw? nick: it is starting to become a bigger draw. sure, some clientele is still making it rain here but for others a night at the strip club is also about the
8:37 pm
technology. ((nick: you get something for this. you get to come here and enjoy strong drinks and meet beautiful women.)) vanessa((vanessa murphy))the value of cryptocurrency like bitcoin has taken a plunge and it faces scrutiny.and there's been a crackdown by governments internationally and here in the united states. there are concerns about cryptocurrency getting in the wrong hands for fraudulent activity.but talk to fans of cryptocurrency...some will tell you...they believe it's an investment worth making. (justine) we checked with some bay area clubs. none we spoke with said they accept crypto- currency .. but at least one club said, they are considering it. coming upi have a very nice spare room with a private bath you welcome to use it in exchange for doing the household chores with your top off (sick) that just one
8:38 pm
response this san mateo parent received while hunting for a place to live i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly (justine) trying to find
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8:40 pm
housing in the bay area can be be a costly, grueling undertaking. sometimes -- it can even be humiliating. stanley roberts explains. .. i have a very nice spare room with a private bath you're welcome to use it in exchange for doing the household chores with your top off (sick) i'm on main street in san mateo and what you just heard was an actual craigslist reply sent to this woman jocelyn but why? ..i'll let jocelyn explain i been living at this home in morgan hill for about a month before i found out i had to move out so i posted an ad on craigslist looking
8:41 pm
through all the ads i noticed that some people posted a photo of themselves to prove that they're real or to show that they are approachable or friendly i was like ok why don't i find a picture of me and my daughter in front of the christmas tree here is another reply to her craigslist post may i come and kiss you i miss kissing please i live close to san mateo (oh my god)but wait there's morei have a room in menlo park nice and safe you can have it for maybe 500 if we can work something out i live alone and it would be nice to have a cute girl like you around 43 male i posted it online, and i posted a very friendly ad stating that i was a single a parent and that she is mostly present on the weekends because of school and i posted what my budget was and i put it out there for everyone to see and that's when the inappropriate comments started pouring in here's another one i have the above private rooms i might be willing for you to move in on a fwb type offer (friends with benefits) this is a free room and board and
8:42 pm
those were mild in comparison i gotten people asking for my underwear (wait wait wait) someone actually asked you to send them you're underwear) them you're underwear) yea they asked me if my underwear was for sale i didn't even bother responding to that one because that was too weird these type of random responses are not just harmless post it might not violate me physically but it definitely creates an unsafe space for me women out there so what did the people i spoke with think of what they read it seems like, the lowest ridges of humanity just needs to express themselves to such a way i don't know man it's pretty infuriating and guess what, no photo and no responses if you had a chance to do it all over again would you post another photo (heck no) no thank you i'm good in san mateo stanley roberts kron 4 news (justine) (justine) still ahead in
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sports... the outcome of u-s-f dons battle with the pacific tigers in the quarterfinals of the west coast conference tournament. we have the highlights and all the sports coming up. (justine)and the heartwarming story of a girl who sends notes to her late father ... tied to balloons ... and the stranger who helped make one of her dreams come true.
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(justine) an 11-year-old girl coped with the loss of her dad by writing him letters. but one recent letter ended up making one of her dreams come true. bianca beltran reports from hollister. the tradition started about three years ago."she loved the
8:46 pm
idea of being able to communicate with her dad." (natsot music)he passed away when emily was eight years old. she and her mom keep his memory alive with pictures and stories."he is a big goofball, he loves animals and he is really funny with the ways he loves them."every year, emily writes him a letter to let him know how she is doing, letting balloons do the rest.emily hinchberger, writes letters to late father:"at first it was really emotional, but now it's a lot more fun because i knew that it would somehow get to him and that he was looking out for me."bianca beltran, reporting / standup bridge: "little did she know, those balloons would end up more than 100 miles away, connecting her to a woman that would make her dreams come true."voice of veronica manzo, found balloons:"my heart just dropped when i read that letter. i just couldn't imagine my child going through such a loss."after finding her mom through social media, veronica is arranging private
8:47 pm
horse riding lessons for emily, an activity her dad grew up doing.emily hinchberger, writes letters to late father:"i was thinking with the wind that maybe he did that, maybe he pushed it in the direction to bakersfield, so it's really cool to know that he is up there looking out for me."but fate doesn't stop there. rebecca crawford, emily's mother:"the person were we able to get her into doing horse riding lessons with is her dad's girlfriend from high school, which will be very cool for her because i think she'll learn a lot of different stories and things about joe when he was younger as she goes into that age, which will be really nice."a way to cope with loss turned into a lesson about life.emily hinchberger, writes letters to late father:"even if you lose a loved one, there are more people around you who care and they will help you get through it."music (justine) taking a live look outside.... meteorologist mabrisa
8:48 pm
rodriguez has our forecast. (mabrisa rodriguez)showers will gradually diminish by late tonight. isolated strong cells as well as thunderstorms are possible into the early evening hours. expect shower activity to decrease tonight and end by morning. snow levels continue around 2000-3000 feet. dry weather is expected to return by sunday. tonight and sunday night will be chilly with low temperatures
8:49 pm
near freezing in the inland valleys because of clearing skies. min temperatures sunday and monday are forecast to be around freezing in the inland valleys, generally upper 20s to upper 30s, with lower 40s around san francisco. high pressure will build into the area by sunday and persist into the coming week. this will bring dry weather with mostly clear skies, warmer daytime highs and cool overnight lows. the next chance of rain looks like thursday and friday as a low pressure system pushes inland across oregon california. a second, deeper trough is then
8:50 pm
forecast to follow this one spreading rain areas late friday into saturday. areas late friday into saturday. (justine) the u-s-f dons taking on the pacific tigers in las vegas... the winner moves on to the semifinals of the west coast conference tournament. this game was back in forth the entire game. late in the fourth quarter... anthony townes makes a layup to send it to overtime. but former burlingame high school panther... frankie ferrari helps the dons win the game u-s-f wins 71-70. they will play the winner between gonzaga and loyola marymount. (justine) stanford playing their final regular season game against arizona state. the cardinal looking to
8:51 pm
bounce back after losing to arizona on thursday night. the game came down to the final two minutes daejon davis makes the game winning basket stanford wins 84-83 the pac-12 tournament starts next week. (justine) the cal bears playing the wildcats... it's been a tough week for arizona... head coach, sean miller was allegedly caught discussing a 100-thousand payment to ensure deandre ayton signed with the school. the bears kept it close... but the wildcats pulled away in the second half with about three minutes left. ayton finishes the game with 26 points and 20 rebounds he said after the game that he will be declaring for the n-b-a draft after his freshman season. arizona wins 66-54 they win the pac-12 regular season conference title (justine) we are about a month away from opening day.. the giants played a doubleheader today.. the first game was against the cleveland indians. in the first inning... joe panik hits
8:52 pm
a leadoff home run... cutting cleveland's lead by one giants pitcher, johnny cueto also made his spring training debut. he allowed three hits and two runs in two innings. giants win 13-4 (justine) everyone has been waiting to see something from the new giants. in the fourth innning... evan longoria hits a home run to right field the giants win both games they beat the rangers... 9-4 (justine) n-f-l teams are in indianapolis this weekend trying to find the next football stars at the souting combine central florida linebacker, shaquem griffin might not be a first round pick... but he definately inspired a lot of people. griffin bench pressed 20 reps at 225- pounds ..with an amputated hand. when he was four... he lost his left hand because of a congenital
8:53 pm
condition. griffin was a two-year starter at central florida. and a first-team all-american in each of those seasons.
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8:56 pm
(justine)police will be out in force for the oscars tomorrow.variety magazine says more than five-hundred officers will be deployed around the dolby theater. variety says the l-a-p-d is extra cautious because of last year's mass shooting in las vegas.but officials say they're not aware of any specific
8:57 pm
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
♪ >> right now we're going code 3 to a house in placerville. we've got a parolee at large who's supposed to be carrying a homemade firearm. we've got him confirmed inside the residence. one of our deputies just put out a unit code 3 cover, so we're on our way from cameron park.


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