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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  March 3, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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"the manner of these enforcement actions and the way that ice is actually taking a campaign of intimidation in our neighborhoods are really disturbing." (justine) immigration advocates say.. ice is conducting raids in a way that deprives detainees of due process. good evening... i'm justine waldman... jr stone has the night off. the allegation tonight, is that the people swept up in these immigration raids may not be getting a chance to talk to attorneys. kron 4's hermela aregawi spoke to a lawyere with the regional rapid response network. she joins us live from el cerrito. hermela... what evidence to these advocates have that this is happening? they tell me there's a number
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of issues.. specifically with the latest rounds of raids we saw thsi past week.. and they say these new approaches are designed to systematically deprive detainees of their legal rights. a call for justice.. as undocumented immigrations are swept away to detention centers.. advocates say ice is denying them their legal rights.attorneys say they werent able to enter ice headquarters in san francisco on sunday.. where many detainees were being processed and they say. some people were taken to offices far away. hamid yazdan panah/immigration attorneywe have seen a lot of people being processed in an office in stockton which again presents a challenge to bay area attorneys in terms of access.this past week.. 232 undocumented immigrants in northern california.. were arrested. prompting protesters to rally all over the bay area - demanding the raids stop.. and demanding those detained are given a chance to talk to lawyers. hamid yazdan panah/immigration attorneythey should not be pressure into signing any paperwork without understanding what it is. they should not be pressured into signing paperwork because ice says they are goign to deny
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them a call to their attorneys or family members unless they sign." (hermela aregawi)we reached out to ice.. we weren't able to get a weren't able out to ice.. we we reached aregawi)we reached out to ice.. we weren't able to get a response about these allegations as of air time. reporting live in el cerrito hermela aregawi kron 4 news. (justine) and contra costa county officials have launched a deportation defense hotline. they say 'stand together contra costa' a rapid response program established to ensure that all families in the county...regardless of immigration status...are afforded the due-process rights established by the constitution. those needing assistance can call the 24-hour hotline at 925-900- 5151...or visit our website (justine) how people
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purchase a gun has become a highly-debated topic following last months deadly school shooting in florida. at a gun show in fairfield, kron 4's philippe djegal spoke with current and future gun owners... about the on-going debate over gun regulation. rifles... shotguns... pistols... and a ton of ammunition. if you're a gun owner -- the fairfield gun expo is a convenient one-stop shop.iris page/visitor- "i did see one that i like, but he sold it." and, if you've never owned a firearm before, and are looking to buy, like iris page... this experience can also be educational.iris page/visitor- "just kind of like for protection, or to feel like i have extra protection." iris wanted to know how easy it'd be to buy a gun at a gun show.iris page/visitor- "(philippe) and, what'd you find out? (iris) it is kind of easy. (philippe) what'd you gotta do? (iris) i had to take a test, and pay $25 and now, i'm guess, legally authorized to purchase the gun." but by state law, she's not legally able to walk out of the expo with a gun the day it's purchased.guy
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meyers/organizer- "this phrase that we hear often, gun show loophole, it does not exist in california." guy meyers produces the fairifield gun expo which continues through sunday... he reminds us that automatic weapons are illegal in the united states... and, they're not sold here.guy meyers/organizer- "in california, we have a very in- depth background check that you have to go through and you have to wait until the 11th day to pick up your firearm." meyers says gun violence in video games and movies has distorted the reason most people use and own guns.guy meyers/organizer- "obviously, these, these school shootings are something that affects everybody and everybody wants to see that not happen. you know, my condolences go out to those parents." vendor russell keith says the debate around gun control should focus on the people and not the weapons.russell keith/vendor- "it's always somebody behind the guns."iris page/visitor- "i think everybody does, should have the right to bear arms." and, as long as you follow the law -- then it is, indeed, your right own one. in fairfield, philippe djegal,
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kron four news. (justine) in the east bay... the family of a man killed by concord police 5-years ago has been awarded a one-point-two million dollar settlement. kron4's ella sogomonian is live at concord city hall. ella is this what the family wanted? they're happy some sort of responsibility was taken by the city.despite the settlment the family and their attorney believe the work to bring justice to charles burns has yet to be done. 21-year-old charles burns was killed by concord police officers who came to his antioch home on barcelona circle to serve a search warrant back in may of 2013. he was accused of selling drugs.sot: john bounes, father// "i don't know why they messed with him like they did. he was not a bad kid at all. he worked he helped me work on bikes he worked as safeway. it was uncalled for what they did."burns was shot 10 times and there is debate whether a police dog was
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deployed before or after the last round was fired.their attorney says police arrived in unmarked cars and burns was unarmed.sot: peter johnson, attorney// "they created this really chaotic situation by being very reckless and it make be as simple as those cops were amped up over this operation and the way it went down. were not acting professionally in it and by creating this chaos they were reacting and responding in a really careless fashion."just weeks before the lawsuit was to go on trial the city of concord agreed to pay 1.2 million dollars in a settlement. but the family says its not about the money. sot: john bounes, father// "the way they shot him and the way they put the dog on him i think they're very sick people i think they need to be drug tested and be taken off the street and prosecuted for what they did to a young man. a 21 year old man who had no gun no knife and i think they made
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some stuff up."burn's father wants the two officers who shot him francisco ramirez and chris loercher off the streets. the city and police department were both unavailable for comment in concord ella sogomonian kron4 news. (justine) new at ten... a man is in custody after police say he rammed into 3 police cars during a pursuit. it started around 11:30 last night when officers tried to pull over a van for a code violation on concord boulevard and clayton way. police say during the stop... the driver hit a police car and took off. and during the chase, hit two other cop cars. the driver-- joseph cormier of walnut creek-- was caught and charged with three counts of assault with a deadly weapon. as a result, one officer had minor injuries.
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(justine) early this morning-- police arrested a man for allegedly stealing two cars and four home burglaries from a gated community in walnut creek. officers responded to separate calls from neighbors. police tell us... michael kemper, who was under the influence of a controlled substance... used the resident's own "hidden key" to enter three homes. he then allegedly drove off with one of the stolen cars ....but crashed several miles away. kemper tried stealing another car... but police caught him. officers found the other stolen car inside the grounds. (justine) an avalanche at squaw valley yesterday left five people buried under snow. take a look at this video of skiers rescuing a man buried in snow. joseph breault was one of those rescuers on the mountain. he was there moment the avalanche hit.joseph breault/rescuer"then he opened
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up his eyes, and he's looking right at me and he says, 'where's my wife?'"..butted to "his wife came up to him, obviously distraught and just so happy." more than 100 rescuers responded to the scene and officials believe everybody is accounted for. one of the victims was taken to the hospital with a serious injury and another was treated and released. but this man was not injured at all. he even snowboarded down the rest of the mountain once he was freed from the snow. (justine) back in the bay area... the storm system brough hail to some areas especially the east bay today. take a look at this video courtesy of our writer rochelle. this hail came down around 1:30 today in the newark area. you can see the it blanket the back yard. the back yard. (mabrisa rodriguez)showers will gradually diminish by
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late tonight. isolated strong cells as well as thunderstorms are possible into the early evening hours. expect shower activity to decrease tonight and end by morning. snow levels continue around 2000-3000 feet. dry weather is expected to return by sunday. tonight and sunday night will be chilly with low temperatures near freezing in the inland valleys because of clearing skies. min temperatures sunday and monday are forecast to be around freezing in the inland valleys, generally upper 20s to upper 30s, with lower 40s around san francisco. high pressure will build into the area by sunday and persist into the coming week. this will bring dry weather with mostly clear skies, warmer daytime highs and cool overnight lows. the next chance of rain looks like thursday and friday as a low pressure system pushes inland across oregon and northern california. a second, deeper trough is then forecast to follow this one spreading rain across most areas late friday into saturday. (justine)(justine) (justine) in marin county-- police
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arrested a man for driving drunk and selling cocaine. an officer pulled over the driver after driving on the wrong side of the road. the man failed the sobreity tests. police say they could smell alcohol right away. inside the car... police found cocaine, money and a scale. the c-h-p booked him into the marin county jail. (justine) san francisco police tweeted out this photo from a drug arrest earlier today. police wrote the suspect was found in possession of 142 bags of heroin, cocaine and meth. the arrest was made on eddy street near larkin street in the tenderloin. he was arrested and booked on drug charges. (justine) a burglary suspect is behind bars tonight... after a k-nine officer found him inside a dumpster in san mateo.
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police arrested 36-year-old kethen hubbard...along with his alleged accomplice...34- year-old kayla mitchell. the incident happened thursday on gateway drive...after a business owner spotted two burlgars sneaking around his building...and contacted police. once at the scene...officers chased the suspects ... authorities say the k-nine smelled out hubbard...who was hiding in a dumpster.. (justine) coming up... how authorities tracked down man accused of killing his parents at the central michigan university. (justine) then... a california couple is facing charges after their three children were found living in a box. family friends are now speaking out, about what kind of parents they are. and are running active shooter drills. more after the break.
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to prepare for shooter on campus, folsom high school teachers and school staff .. took part in an active shooter drill. the folsom police department did the training. several nearby schools participated in the drill that simulated gunfire and mock evacuations. it's all part of the department's multi-level approach to stopping gun violence at schools... that includes officer training drills, school safety training, and parent forums. " ... to every community " (justine) this training was planned
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back in october, well before the shooting in parkland, florida. these police drills have been going on for several years. (justine) new details on... the college student who is accused of killing his parents at central michigan university on friday is now in custody. james davis junior wa arrested overnight the teenager has been on the run after allegedly killing his parents in dorm building. police say a call from a train employee led to the arrest. chief bill yeagley/central michigan university police: "within two minutes, cmu police officers were on scene and within a minute after that, had the suspect in custody, which put an end to the threat of violence to our community." davis is alleged to have shot his parents -- 48-year-old james davis, senior and 47-year-old diva davis -- when they came to pick him up for
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spring break. university police also said that someone from their department spoke with davis on thursday night. he had been transported to a local hospital due to what officers believed was a - quote - "drug-related" incident. (justine) at least six people have been killed in the fierce weekend storm that has hammered the north-east coast. more than 600-thousand people were without power from virginia to massachusetts. the storm also dumped heavy snow from ohio to new england and into upstate new york, where more than three feet of snow was recorded. nearly 15 million people remained under a coastal flooding warning today. reporter john cuoco spoke to people in plymouth county, massachusetts who have been inundated with flood water. waves higher than houses spilled into neighborhoods in scituate, taking the brunt of a massive storm that saw widespread flooding and heavy winds.midnight's high tide
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crested at 14.5 feet - three feet above flood stage. saturday morning, residents woke to serious damage.roads along the ocean were flooded and a travel ban was implemented to keep people away from dangerous road conditions.trees and power lines are down throughout the area. at one point, the entire town was without power. as of saturday evening, that figure was at 92 percent according to town officials.crews were working through the night hoping to restore power, but many are still in the dark with nowhere to go.the force of the nor'easter pummeled the coast, slamming seawalls and sending the ocean spilling into roads, backyards and homes.the full extent of the damage won't be known until some time today, as cleanup begins and waters finally begin to recede.
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(justine) that was john cuoco reporting. (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez. (mabrisa (mabrisa rodriguez)showers will gradually diminish by late tonight. isolated strong cells as well as thunderstorms are possible into the early evening hours. expect shower activity to decrease tonight and end by morning. snow levels continue around 2000-3000 feet. dry weather is expected to return by sunday. tonight and sunday night will be chilly with low temperatures near freezing in the inland valleys because of clearing skies. min temperatures sunday and monday are forecast to be around freezing in the inland valleys, generally upper 20s to upper 30s, with lower 40s around san francisco. high pressure will build into the
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area by sunday and persist into the coming week. this will bring dry weather with mostly clear skies, warmer daytime highs and cool overnight lows. the next chance of rain looks like thursday and friday as a low pressure system pushes inland across oregon and northern california. a second, deeper trough is then forecast to follow this one spreading rain across most areas late friday into saturday.
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(just) the dangerous rescue operation that took place off the california coast. (just) and what we know about the man who fired a gun right by the white house today. (justine) the man who shot
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himself just outside the white house...has died from his injuries. that information is from the secret service. the incident happened this morning just outside the north
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fence of the building. officials say the man pulled out a gun and fired several rounds. the shot himself in the head. president trump and the first lady were at mar-a-lago in florida at the time. (justine) president trump... is threatening to slap new tariffs on european car imports. he tweeted the u-s "simply apply a tax on their cars"... further increase their already massive tariffs and barriers on u-s companies doing business there. the tweet came after the e-u threatened to retaliate if trump imposes new tariffs on steel and aluminum. officials said the retaliation would include tariffs on u-s products, such as harley davidson motorcycles and levi's jeans. trump announced the proposed steel and aluminum tariffs this week, saying he wanted to protect u-s producers. (justine) friends of a southern california couple charged with child abuse... says the pair was extremely poor and too proud to accept
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charity... but did not show signs of neglecting their children. mona kirk and daniel panico were in court yesterday on three felony counts of child abuse. investigators say their 11- year-old... 13-year-old... and 14-year-old have been living in a shack in the middle of the desert for the last four years. officials say there was no water...and very little food. children and family services now have custody of the kids. the parents are being held on 100-thousand- dollars bail. next... a new electronic cigarette so discrete experts say parents and teachers are not recognizing them.
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(justine) high school students got involved in politics today during a town
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hall meeting addressing gun violence prevention. kron four's spencer blake reports from vallejo, where representative mike thompson took questions about his bill to expand background checks for gun buyers. inside vallejo high school's gym, people lined up to ask questions of congressman mike thompson.he explained how his bill in congress aims to expand the existing background check system to include áall gun sales - whether online, in person, or at a gun show.some benicia high school students were sharp enough to ask about the provision that exempts firearm transfers between family members from the background check."i was satisfied for the most part, but i still think that that provision would greatly affect the effectiveness of that bill."carson rendell, a senior at benicia high, organized a group of his peers to go to the town hall - and no, this wasn't an assignment from a teacher.they were there as thompson bragged about his 'f' rating with the n-r-a.some people asked about a national gun registry.the congressman's bill explicitly prohibits the federal government from creating one, and thompson says the idea of a registry
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would never gain traction.but his bill would also provide grant money to states to help them submit information to the backgrounf check system."i don't think assault weapons have any place in a civilian society (applause)."so what about those teens who showed up.would they support the bill if áthey were voting in congress?"i would. because i think at this point any step in the right direction is a good step."thompson says he was impressed by the showing of high school students."it makes me feel good. it makes me feel good about today and about tomorrow. this is our future. these kids get it." (reporter)thompson, who is a gun owner himself, also explained he thinks high- capacity magazines should be vallejo, spencer blake, kron four news. (justine) members of the california air national guard based at moffett field... took part in a dangerous rescue mission today. guardsmen from the 129th rescue wing departed this morning. they went to save the life of a seriously ill 54-year-old croatian man on-board a
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container ship from panama. the operation took part 676 nautical miles off the california coast. here is the hawk rescue helicopter arriving at san jose regional medical center today... to get the man medical care he needed. (justine) heavy winds brought by the nor'easter storm made it difficult for this southwest plane to land... so much so that the airline pilot had to abort the landing. this video was taken by an observer near reagan national airport yesterday. you can see the plane swinging left and right as the pilot battles the winds. the pilot eventually increased the altitude. (live) taking a live look outside at san francisco's embarcadero.... (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist lawrence karnow. (mabrisa rodriguez)(mabrisa rodriguez)showers will
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gradually diminish by late tonight. isolated strong cells as well as thunderstorms are possible into the early evening hours. expect shower activity to decrease tonight and end by morning. snow levels continue around 2000-3000 feet. dry weather is expected to return by sunday. tonight and sunday night will be chilly with low temperatures near freezing in the inland valleys because of clearing skies. min temperatures sunday and monday are forecast to be around
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freezing in the inland valleys, generally upper 20s to upper 30s, with lower 40s around san francisco. high pressure will build into the area by sunday and persist into the coming week. this will bring dry weather with mostly clear skies, warmer daytime highs and cool overnight lows. the next chance of rain looks like thursday and friday as a low pressure system pushes inland across oregon and northern california. a second, deeper trough is then forecast to follow this one spreading rain across most areas late friday into saturday.
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into saturday. areas late friday into saturday.
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(justine) new at ten... hollywood is mourning the loss of actor david ogden stiers. his agent says he died at his oregon home after battling bladder cancer. he is probably best known for playing major charles emerson winchester the third on t-v's "mash", joining the show in 19- 77. he earned two emmy nominations for his work on the series. stiers was a prolific disney voice actor-- playing cogsworth the clock in 19-91's "beauty and the beast"... and governor
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ratcliffe in "pocahontas". david ogden stiers was 75. (justine) delta airlines says it lost a major tax break over a discount used by only 13-people. that's how many customers the airline says... used its n-r-a discount. delta scrapped the offer in the aftermath of the deadly school shooting in florida. the move angered some republicans in georgia, who took out a fuel exemption for delta from a tax bill signed yesterday. that means the airline will have to pay tens of million of dollars in extra fuel costs. more than a dozen other companies distanced themselves from the n-r-a after the shooting. delta says it will remain neutral in the gun control debate. a new form of electronic cigarettes are getting popular among teens. one school prinicpal says they are so discrete... some students are even smoking in class. coming up: how parents should
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naviagate this new addictive form of vaping. then... a company invents a door they say will withstand gunfire. (vo and after the break... video catches the moments a teenager steal a police cruiser.
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(justine) new at ten... police say, a drunk teenage girl stole a sheriff's cruiser in new mexico. she then took the vehicle on a wild ride, before crashing it into a ditch. as jeannie nguyen reports ...the entire incident was caught on a police dashcam. it all started on bloomfield highway in farmington back in december.natsot / video: deputy: "can i help you sit up?"gray: "i miss my boyfriend."deputy: "you miss your boyfriend? i'm sorry about that."a corporal with the san juan county sheriff's office got a call about 16-year old -- samaria gray -- staggering down the highway and then laying down in the
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shoulder.natsot / video: "deputy: i'm just here to help you okay?"gray: "take me to jail if you want to help me." deputy: "why do you want to go to jail?"gray: "my boyfriend's there."that's when the teen's mom shows up and tells the corporal she's been having trouble with her daughter's drinking habits.she also says gray's boyfriend encourages her drinking.natsot / video: mom: "together, all they do is drink."gray's mom tells the corporal she doesn't want her daughter at the house until she's sober.natsot / video: deputy: "i'm going to have you sit in my trunk for now while i go talk to your mom."but as he was talking to her mom gray had a hard time staying patient.she begins to kick and push the prisoner cage in the truck.but when she fails to break through -- she simply gets out of the truck -- and hops in the driver seat.natsot / video:gray then speeds off down the highway reaching speeds of 99-miles per hour -- and narrowly missing a van.but her joy ride wouldn't last long as she approaches two cars -- crashes into them -- and then lands in a ditch off the side of the road.natsot /
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video:man: "how old is she?" deputy: "16."man: "16, not a good start." (justine) that was jeannie nguyen reporting. gray was hospitalized with serious injuries, but no one else was hurt. the corporal said he didn't handcuff her while she was in the back of his truck because she was not doing anything violent. and they're off... iditarod dog sled race iditarod off... and they're and they're off... iditarod dog sled race is underway... taking off from anchorage alaska. still ahead in sports -- the earthquakes playing against minnesota united on opening day we have the highlights coming up. okay mcdonald's. i see your one, two and three dollar deals. tell you what, i'll raise you five. introducing value jack's way. five great ways to save. like i tell jack jr., it's all about big values, jr. prices. that's value jack's way.
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at home.ld generate your own energy,
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or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. like jack's one-of-a-kind breakfast pockets for $2 each. three of jack's famous tacos and a small drink for $3! or a classic bonus jack combo for $5! it's like i tell jack jr., it's all about big values, jr. prices. (justine) a warning for parents tonight do you know if your child is "juuling" at school? that is an electronic cigarette. reporter kristin smith clears
10:43 pm
the air .... on what's happening on campuses across the country. "it's very prominent at my school."teenagers taking hits from a trendy electronic cigarette."i don't think they know the dangers of it."and because of how it looks... students are getting away with it."the reality is adults have no clue that this is going on." the juul looks like a flash drive... but it's really a discreet way to vape that's wildly popular with teenagers. it uses pods that come in kid-friendly flavors like mango and creme bruelle.those pods contain the same amount of nicotine as a pack of cigarettes.enough to give kids a short buzz when they're juuling."why is is so popular? "i think it's how it looks and how it tastes and it's so easy to transport and that's why i think people are quick to pick up on it.""people do it in the bathrooms during class change or during class."yes. some
10:44 pm
students are even juuling in class."kids are looking for other things that they can explore and this seems to be a safer alternative for them to smoking and i don't think they know the dangers of it."the principal says the juuling trend took off at the end of last concerned her so much... she recently sent home an email to parents to warn them what too look out for. "i've had a lot of parents reach out to me and say thank you so much for communicating this because i had no idea. the kids all know, the parents didn't know.""this has no buttons, no trigger mechanism. all you do is literally pop the cartridge on here and then you can start inhaling it automatically... and that's all there is to it."adam sanibani insists they have a strict carding policy that prevents minors from getting their hands on the products. but juuls are also sold at gas stations, and online... "this
10:45 pm
is the perfect product because kids don't have a clue that a product this sleek, this modern, this computer-oriented could possibly be dangerous." because the juul is so new... there's no data on the dangers of using it.we know nicotine is highly addictive... but beyond that... it's difficult for doctors to say with certainty... the juul could be a gateway to something more serious"we don't know if this product is going to lead those kids to go on to smoke cigarettes or whatever behavior. we simply don't know." (justine) the company that makes juul's is headquartered in san francisco. in a statement to kron 4... juul labs said.. "we condemn the use of our product by minors. we are fully committed to dramatically reducing the incidence of young people using juul." the company notes ... you have to be 21 years old to buy a juul. how much does it cost? the pen and the pods sell for
10:46 pm
about $50-dollars. (justine) new at ten... in the wake of several school shootings... and even more threats... a south carolina company has created what they are calling a bulletproof door. the companys unveiled the door yesterday. during the demonstration... the door stopped bullets from an ar-15, a shotgun and a nine-millimeter pistol. the company says the door is designed specifically for u-s classrooms. the company says it can produce about 10-thousand doors a month... depending on who wants to buy them. (justine) a fund set-up to help the families of victims in last year's las vegas shooting has exceeded 31- million dollars. organizers say more than 90-thousand private and corporate donors contributed to the fund. all of the money will be paid directly to the families. loved ones of the 58 people killed in the attack will receive 275- thousand dollars.
10:47 pm
distributions are scheduled to begin monday. (justine) major league soccer is back! the earthquakes facing off against minnesota united on opening day it was a party at avaya stadium... in the second half... danny hoesen scores two goals for the quakes. san jose up 3-nothing but there was some late drama in san jose kevin molino finds the back of the net for the second time in span of four minutes. quakes do enough to hang on... they win 3-2 (justine) the u-s-f dons taking on the pacific tigers in las vegas... the winner moves on to the semifinals of the west coast conference tournament. this game was back in forth the entire game. late in the fourth quarter... anthony townes makes a layup to send it to overtime. but former burlingame high school panther... frankie ferrari helps the dons win the game u-s-f wins 71-70. they will play gonzaga on monday.
10:48 pm
(justine) stanford playing their final regular season game against arizona state. the cardinal looking to bounce back after losing to arizona on thursday night. the game came down to the final two minutes daejon davis makes the game winning basket stanford wins 84-83 the pac-12 tournament starts next week. (justine) the cal bears playing the wildcats... it's been a tough week for arizona... head coach, sean miller was allegedly caught discussing a 100-thousand payment to ensure deandre ayton signed with the school. the bears kept it close... but the wildcats pulled away in the second half with about three minutes left. ayton finishes the game with 26 points and 20 rebounds he said after the game that he will be declaring for the n-b-a draft after his freshman season. arizona wins 66-54 they win the pac-12 regular season conference title (justine) we are about a
10:49 pm
month away from opening day.. the giants played a doubleheader today.. the first game was against the cleveland indians. in the first inning... joe panik hits a leadoff home run... cutting cleveland's lead by one giants pitcher, johnny cueto also made his spring training debut. he allowed three hits and two runs in two innings. giants win 13-4 (justine) everyone everyone has been waiting to see something from the new giants. in the fourth innning... evan longoria hits a home run to right field the giants win both games they beat the rangers... 9-4 (justine) n-f-l teams are in indianapolis this weekend trying to find the next football stars at the souting combine central florida linebacker, shaquem griffin might not be a first round pick... but he definately inspired a lot of people. griffin bench pressed 20 reps
10:50 pm
at 225- pounds ..with an amputated hand. when he was four... he lost his left hand because of a congenital condition. griffin was a two-year starter at central florida. and a first-team all-american in each of those seasons. ad lib-- toss to break (justine) alaska's
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iditarod dog sled race kicked off this morning. the 67-dog sled teams will take part in the race when it starts on sunday. the iditarod has been a tradition for 46-years. the race follows a traditional mail and supply route stretching almost
10:54 pm
a-thousand miles across alaska. it takes dogs and mushers more than eight full days to reach the finish line. (justine)police will be out in force for the oscars tomorrow.variety magazine says more than five-hundred officers will be deployed around the dolby theater. variety says the l-a-p-d is extra cautious because of last year's mass shooting in las vegas.but officials say they're not aware of any specific threats... (justine)(justine) and stay tuned right after our newscast for the kron four hoop session. mark carpenter has a look at the warriors post all-star break. he also goes 1-on-1 with cal women's star kristine anigwe in an interview you will only catch on the hoop session. it all tips off tonight at 11.
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for golden state, up high and down hard for kevin durant."( mark ) a packed week for the warriors as golden state heads east for a three-game road trip. we'll have the highlights.steve kerr says: "it's a reminder of how powerful sports can be." plus, the defending champs touch down in washington d.c...and instead of visiting the white house, they find another memorable way to celebrate their title, details ahead.announcer says:"there's the freshman, going baseline no, anigwe yes!" in just a few short years, kristine anigwe went from not even playing basketball to being one of the best in the sport. we'll introduce you to the golden bears superstar. all that and more coming your way on the kron4 hoop session.


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