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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 10, 2018 1:30am-2:01am PST

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tonight -- heather locklear's shocking claim. did her boyfriend try to kill her? what police just revealed and what her daughter saw. then o.j. simpson's lost confession. >> everything would have been covered in blood. >> new outrage over the old o.j. interview being turned into a prime time special. plus, before "american idol" returns katy luke and lionel drop three big secrets. >> when i'm watching myself like. >> and our demi moore exclusive. emotional about her legacy and her famous family and what sterling k. brown has in store for his "snl" debut.
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>> and your host steve martin. crap. sterling k. brown. ♪ . this is "entertainment tonight." >> i everybody thanks for joining us. >> let's get right to the latest hollywood news. >> domestic disturbance. >> heather locklear's shocking allegation that her boyfriend tried to choke and kill her the night she was arrested for alleged felony dom bassry. "e.t." obtained 16 page search warrant executed inside heather's home. according to a sheriff's deputy heather told officers on the night he choked her to the point she couldn't breathe. the deputy reported heather had no marks on her neck. they observed him bleeding from the bridge of his nose. according to the search warrant he told deputies heather struck him, but he denied choking
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heather. police noted that her daubt ava was there at the time of the arrest. she told officers drinking was involved. he was arrested on suspicion of dui. in 2016 ava told "e.t." she had a healthy strong relationship with both maernts. >> no one expected us to be so close. we go on vacations together and holidays together. >> an "e.t." source tells us after the arrest ava begged her mom to go to rehab. after heather agreed ava went with her father. let's get to another big headline. new detailings o.j. simpson the lost confession. >> it's not easy to discuss. this is hypothetical. i grabbed the knife. i remember that portion. >> this never before seen interview was shot in 2006 for a tv special called "if i did it"
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in conjunction with simpson book. he goes into detail how he hypothetically would have committed double murder and how he felt during the freeway chase. >> i'm still in the back of the truck. i can't believe what i'm seeing. every time we went by intersections it was like where did people get time to make the sign. >> the book and tv special were scrapped after public outrage. now after gaining support of the victim's families the sit did you know airs sunday on fox. >> this is one story the whole world got wrong. >> you hear people say how could he kill two people. he'll tell you how. >> former simpson prosecutor chris dare did he know is an analyst. sterling k. brown won an emmy playing dare did he know. >> to see him and listen to him speak in the first person about picking up knives and doing what
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he described, it was shocking and made me angry. >> "e.t." learned simpson won't profit from the project. he was found not guilty of murdering nicole brown simpson and ron goldman in his criminal trial. the 70-year-old was released from prison last year after serving nine years for armed robbery. he lives in vegas and works on his golf game. >> let's move on. >> selena gomez's surgery that could have turned fatal. that message from selena the singer's best friend realized the surgery didn't go as planned. francia took the magazine my kidney was active and i broke an artery. they had to build a new artery. she could have died. >> the doctor said that 50% of
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my recovery will be mentality. i wanted to get through it where i felt empowered. >> fran i can't was auditioning for the "black-ish" spin-off despite being in so much pain. by november she was gushing about her bff. >> having this news drop was hard for me. she was like hey, you're going to be fine. it's all good. >> meanwhile fan's of selena's old friend demi lovato asked did nicki minaj nearly drive demi to drink. demi described her terrible experience. she said one celebrity was miserable to be around. i remember being so uncomfortable i wanted to drink. she doesn't mention any names. when demi and nicky walked the red carpet together nicky seemed to be sending some slide eye and freezing her out.
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some say those painfully awkward moments could have been what made demi leave the gala early. she tells billboard i had millions of dollars of diamonds on in an aa meeting and related more to the people in the meeting than the people at the gala. >> "american idol" returns this sunday. we've got the top three things to expect from idol 2.0. >> how nervous are you for the world to see the terrible trio? >> it's either three amigos or three blind mice. >> genuine chemistry among the new abc three. ♪ >> you are not going to hollywood. >> do we disagree? yes. that's the part i love the most. >> healthy discourse is necessary. >> you have to have it. >> we just like each other. >> luke told me he's still processing the way he comes
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across on tv. >> you hunt gator? >> sometimes. >> have you ever caught a gate or on a water plug. >> you check that box. >> when i'm actually watching myself, i'm like ugh. >> second thing to expect, a season two. >> you're going to hollywood. >> look, if we find a star i'm on. that's the point of being on this show to reinvigorate the public that that real dream can come true again. >> we need to rate well too. >> the ratings have to shoot. >> yeah. >> we have to have a -- >> circle back with us. >> number three expect a new catch phrase from ryan seacrest. >> we all remember you saying -- >> this is "american idol." >> is there a new tag along. >> i think it's this is "american idol" on america's network. that's the new tag.
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>> oh. >> "american idol" on america's network. >> i hadn't realized i missed "american idol" and i'm so excited to see this one. if you're a long time idol fan hoping to see those bad auditions, you'll not see them in the reboot. >> topping tonight's british edition of know and tell. hugh grant's baby news leaked. >> i have small children. >> all under the age of 6. >> yes. >> the dad takes it all inside. he had yet to confirm his girlfriend gave birth to his sixth child. that didn't stop elizabeth hurley from blasting it out. >> she had another one. >> he has six kids. >> and he was over 50 when he spawned them all. >> liz's loose lips might not be
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a big deal. >> we're best friends and look out for each other. >> only a bestie could say this. >> these kids have taken him from a very miserable person to barely miserable. >> colin firth his wife's affair. >> a rep for the bridget jones diary and love actually released a statement he and his wife privately made the decision to separate. during that time she briefly became involved with mr. brancaccia. the two have since reunited. brancaccia is marco brancaccia an italian journalist who she claims stalked her after the relationship ended. he denied those and accused the wife of covering up her cheating. she wanted to leave colin for me. he added my stalking was two messages.
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finally mel b.'s exclaims she's an addict. >> took me a good three months of cutting out sugar and alcohol. >> he claims her abuse of alcohol is so bad she's been walking into walls and fears she'll become another michael jackson. while mel has never addressed those claims, she said i refuse to be a victim any longer and trust the legal process. the pair has a hearing in their divorce case set for wednesday. >> coming up amy schumer's honeymoon diary. the moments she's sharing in italy. >> then -- >> be a warrior. >> after oprah's movie transformation what happened when i surprised lady o with my own "wrinkle in time" make over. >> oprah are you ready? own "wrinkle in time" make over. >> oprah are you ready? >> i'm rea
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♪ >> my parents told me i was working with oprah. i was like who's oprah? what oprah? >> well, he's only 9. we'll give him a pass. that's a "wrinkle in time" star derrick mccabe making that confession to me. now i have a little confession of my own. i was a bit envious of oprah's glamorous make over. here i am in the complete before look, but i'm about to get my "wrinkle in time" on. derrick rutledge who performed oprah into mrs. which came to reform me. >> we're going to give you a version of oprah. >> it's a two-hour process.
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it's all about the eyes. oprah wore glittery jewels in the movie. the trick to making them stick, elmer's glue. >> oh, my gosh. i totally feel magical. >> make up department headily let little john created the look. reese mrs. what's it, mindy mrs. who. i'm mrs. wet for "e.t." the look is topped off with a curly wig. >> look at this. >> ready for the reveal. >> ready. >> mrs. wet. shall we call oprah? >> i think we should. >> oprah, i don't know if you can handle it. you've ready? >> i'm ready. whoo! >> what do you think? >> oh my.
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love the lips. hey are those my eyebrows? mrs. which gives you my thumbs up. >> love it. thank you oprah. thanks for the use of the eyebrows. i'm hoping i get all the wisdom oprah has. >> can i just say va va voom. gorgeous. >> "wrinkle in time" is in theaters today. >> that's right. >> still ahead -- i don't think i have been asked to be in a batting suit on film since i was 20. >> demi moore remembering her charlie's angels days and why she gets emotional. >> so sweet. >> then sterling k. brown's "snl" dreams come through. behind the scenes of the "this is us" star's hosting debut. >> it is no joke. >> closed captioning provided by --
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♪ >> and your host steve martin. crap. sterling k. brown. i'm hosting "saturday night live." >> tomorrow night sterling makes his "snl" debut. it's a bucket list for him. >> walking on the stage for the first stage. snap. it's going down. >> the "this is us" star told us he grew up watching "snl." while we're used to seeing him in more dramatic roles. he's excited for fans to see his co employee did you think chops. >> this is a dream come true. it's a grind. it's no joke. >> he told us he's not nervous about being on live tv. he's more anxious about giving the commentment speech at stanford in june. >> your boy is going to have the time of his life. >> fans can expect to see
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parodies of "this is us" and the people versus o.j. simpson and sterling shared some of his preshow warm up routine. >> the big black bear, the big black ben. want to try it? >> i told you i would never leave you. never. >> well demi moore gave us some serious "misery" vibes. she's holding luscious in a log cabin on the season finale of "empire ". meanwhile moore's life is being celebrated. we talked about that and many more things. rumer said mama, my heart the strongest woman i know. i love you and am so grateful for you. >> so sweet. really. >> demi's impact is hard to deny. the 55-year-old mom of three
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made a record breaking salary for a female in 1996. last night she was honored for her work with thorn the organization she co founded to help fight human trafficking. >> getting the visionary award from visionary women what does that mean to you? >> it feels like i haven't done enough to be deserving of this. >> i don't know if you ever thought the big difference you have made for women. "vanity fair" posing on the cover did you realize the change you were making? >> i felt there was a bigger impact that i was imagining and wondering if they would be courage use enough to use it. every time i receive someone posing like that, i'm so excited. i really do think it's one of the most beautiful times in our lives. >> something so simple as being a charlie's angel and you were
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40 and people made a big deal of you being sexy at 40. i was like women can be sexy at 40. >> indeed they can. >> what do you remember about that time on the set? >> probably feeling like in shock at being asked to be in a bathing suit. >> would you get in a swimsuit again? >> i wouldn't volunteer for it. >> so great to sit down with demi and congratulations again. moving on to my friend roma downey. she's got an amazing book out called "box of butterflies." i found out why the title was so fitting. >> you dedicated your book to your daughter riley? >> yes. >> roma and husband mark burnett are worth about $465 million. she says they were tested when her stepson was diagnosed with a brain tumor.
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>> his illness has brought us to our knees. we were overseas shooting and we had to medevac him. we prayed for a miracle and we got it. butterflies have shown up for me when i needed a reminder of hope. >> we talked all about her new mark and mark inspired the title. >> he gave me the necklace and the ring. one year he took me outside and handed me a little white box. when i took the lid off the box, out flew some real butterflies. >> after 14 years, these two are very much still in love. i wanted to know if the man ever asked roma for advice picking his stars. >> do you ever say i think you should have kelly clarkson as the voice coach? >> i'm not saying i get the
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final thumbs up. he ran kelly on my desk. i was like how many thumbs do i have. i love her. >> i agree roma. thumbs up to kelly and thumbs up on your book. since mark is known for launching successful reality shows could one about his and roma's family be next? roma said no it would bt be exciting to watch the two of them at home. coming up -- >> amy schumer's roman holiday. pictures from her italian honeymoon.
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♪ >> it's "e.t." >> this is "e.t." >> whoa! "e.t." >> this is the best time of my life. >> oh, wow. >> nobody knows hollywood like "entertainment tonight." >> would you like to see something amazing that no one's ever seen? >> bigger, better and before everyone else. >> i love you, you love me. >> now "e.t." is everywhere you go. >> meghan selfie one, two, three. >> on instagram, facebook and twitter. >> what? >> entertain begins and ends with "e.t." >> travel consideration provided by -- >> we have just about run out of
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time. >> we have one more thing for you to check out. >> aim shu living la doll cha vita. it's been more than a month since she tied the knot to chris fischer. chris is an award winning chef. they've been cruising around on segways checking out masterpieces in milan and breathtaking view in venice. masterpieces in milan and breathtaking view in venice. this (clucking noises) everyone wants to be the cadbury bunny because only he brings delicious cadbury creme eggs. while others may keep trying, nobunny knows easter better than cadbury.
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