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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 11, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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heather lochleal shocking claim, did her boyfriend try to kale her? what police just revealed, what her daughter saw. pamelahand son breaks her silence after her son knocked her dad out cold. shocking switch. we're with arie and his new fawn say as they face the haters. plus, our american idol. >> what is going on? >> then. >> jenn is an amazing catch. >> josh duhamel and jennifer garner on romance rumors. >> i never thought it was possible. >> only we're behind the scenes
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of roseann's big tv return. >> getting fit has never been funnier. only we are on the set of the new show that pits celebs against kevin hart. >> this is "entertainment tonight". hello, everybody. thanks for joining us. kelsey knight will be joining me from new york shortly. let's get right to the latest hollywood news. >> new details on heather lochlear's drama. looking for a quote registered in her name, but found nothing. >> domest ic disturbance. >> she was arrested two weeks ago, three counts of battery on a police officer. according to the statement in the search warrant that night she alleged that her boyfriend tried to choke and kill her. the deputy on sight reported heather had no marks on her
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neck, but her boyfriend was bleeding from her nose. he told deputies heather struck him and he defended himself and he denied choking her. police noted heather's 20-year-old daughter ava was there at the time of her mother's arrest. she told officers drinking was involved. hiezer was arrested on suspicions of dui that night. after the arrest, a have a begged her mom to go to rehab. her court date is set for tuesday. heather's other ex tommy lee also had a run-in with the law. that's a 911 call placed. his son brandon knocked him out cold. >> he punched him really hard, punched him in the face and went flying backwards. my stepson has guns in his room. i'm freaked out. >> posted this pic of his busted and bloody lip, captioned good
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job, brandon, great son. he was already spiraling over another family member. >> obviously we've been in the same place together some time. >> ex-pamela anderson, aka brandon's mom, on pierce morgan's life story show she visited spousal issues. she calls the situation going on right now with tommy a quote, matter of life and death, explaining her 21-year-old son quote punched him in the nose for all of us who is hurt. tommy feels humiliated and is attempting to destroy his own son, this is the devil, and the disease of alcoholism. tommy denies he has a drinking problem. he released a length think statement to "e.t." saying, quote, do i drink? yes. do i drink more than the average joe?
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yes. no matter how much everyone wants to pin me, that isn't me. most hated bachelor, arie, now in the dog house big time. we just talked to him in new york. kels kelsey knight. >> getting down on one knee to propose and then taking it back as to be the biggest u cruellest twist in all of bachelor history. he crushed becca's heart. he made sure to do it all on come a. we talked to arree and his new lady lauren after outrage spilled over. >> lauren, will you marry me? >> definitely. >> the wedding planning has already begun. and i'll be moving to arizona the last week of this month. >> arie's live proposal came at a price. after that brutal ambush break-up with becca did he just become the most hated bachelor in the show's history. >> he's an incredibly
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manipulative person. >> it's not just the contestants. arie haters lauvlged a billboard campaign against him, paying for 17 digital signs across the country, some supported becca, strong, beautiful woman looking for man with a back bonn. >> just leave. >> it says arie, it's not okay, just leave, everyone. there's some humor in that because you have to laugh at this kind of stuff. we're trying to block out the at a time and concentrate on us. >> arie took another hit this week when his newly resurfaced mug shot made headlines, the former race car driver was arrested in 2008 for driving with a suspended license. meanwhile, a lot of people are wondering if his change of heart was a scripted plot twist. former bachelorette told lauren dema needed to spike the drama. >> did he feel this way the
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whole time? the producers, they knew it was boring, quick her, and we'll do a switch a roo. >> that set the stage for becca. >> the new bachelorette, becca. >> hey, you need to share her story. >> i'm really happy she's going to get her fairy tale ending. >> here's another big headline that everyone's still talking about, the oscars, and there was tom controversy over ryan seacrest being there, after his former stylist alleged sexual allegations against him. american idol judges are standing by ryan. >> this is "american idol ". >> he's the anchor for me, keeps it together as far as how to make sense for the show, in the right direction.
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>> she's a traffic cop. >> he makes the wheel work. >> they're solidly behind their host. when i got together with this trio, let me tell you, they came ready to play. >> holy, cow, they're back. >> it's back. >> who's the cow? >> can i tell you, it's back, in a total new setting? >> yeah. >> guess what's back? back again. >> the series kicks off sunday with nationwide auditions. in realtor, the contestants have been whittled down to the top 24. >> yes, yes, yes, you're going to hollywood. >> we wanted it to be called american idols, plural, we just don't know if we can get to one. >> thank goodness america gets to make that decision. >> thank you, you take over. >> here we go. >> is there a no that sticks with you all from the years? >> someone that signed me and dropped me, the only thing that came out of his mouth was do you want to be on the cover of u.s. magazine? and i was like, this is a trap. because i'm like, i do, for my
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music. i don't for my fake breasts. >> i see what you're talking about, katy. now, lionel mentioned his fame, taking part in a hand and footprint ceremony. someone else being honored this week, demi moore, nancy of dell talked with her about her brand new award. >> mama, my heart, the strongest woman i know, i love you, and i am so grateful for you. >> so sweet, really. >> the news impact is hard to deny. the 55-year-old mom of three made a record breaking salary for a female in 1996. she has been steadily breaking down more barriers. she was honored for her work with thorn, the organization she co-founded to help fight human trafficking. >> getting the visionary award
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from visionary women, what does that mean to you? >> it feels like i still haven't done enough to be deserving of this. >> i don't know if you've ever thought about the big difference you have actually made for women in this business. vanity fair, posing on the cover when you were pregnant, did you realize the change you were making? >> of course i felt that there was a bigger impact that i actually was imagining, and wondering if they would ever be courageous enough to use it. every time i see, you know, someone posing like that, i am so excited. because i really do think it's one of the most beautiful times in our lives. >> you also said something so simple as being a charlie's angel, with all these gorgeous shots of you, and you were 40, and people made a big deal of you being sexy at 40. and women can be sexy at 40, okay. >> indeed they can. >> what do you remember about that time on the set? >> probably feeling like in shock at being asked to be in a bathing suit. >> would you get in a swimsuit
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again? >> well, you know, i wouldn't volunteer for it. >> all right, let's talk about this proud mama, hoda kotb, adding another job to her resume, and kelsey has that back in new york. >> we both love this woman. hoda is now also a children's author, we talked about that, as well as the possibility of becoming a mom again. >> now, you've gone from covering headlines to being the headlines. are you going to adopt more children? >> i say never say never. >> a lot of people want to know about this possible marriage you've been teasing. >> i've never teased a marriage. >> the internet is teasing a marriage. >> joel is not only a great life partner, and he will be with me the rest of my life, i have no doubt, he's an unbelievable father to haley. >> there's something about a man when he's a great father that makes him so sexy. right? >> right. >> the text joel sent hoda
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tuesday morning, today cents big book launch day, and, oh by the way, i've loved you since forever. that's the title of her new children's book. >> you dedicate the book to your daughter. >> i feel like my life began the minute they put her in my arms. that was day one. this book, to me, is about destiny. it's about loving something you can't see yet. and then when you finally get to hold her, you get it. like, the lights turn on in the house. >> guess what the 53-year-old host got to turn her book into a song? ms. kelly clarkson ♪ >> this is how i ask anyone to do anything. you can't, and it's fine, and don't worry. she's like, let me try. i went to the olympics, she said i'm going to send you voice notes at the olympics, i got crickets. i get back monday morning, i
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look on the run down, i see kelly clarkson's name, and she said to me i have it. >> how does that happen, do you text her? what's up, kelly clarkson? >> i just called her, i called her on the phone, it was exciting. >> it was like sing my book. >> the new roseann, "e.t." is on the scene. >> oprah's more with "brinkle in time." >> josh duhamel and jenn garner, rumored romance. >> fixer upper bloopers. the crisis th per roll bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper are cream conditioners bringing your hair down? switch to new pantene light as air foam conditioner, full of rich pro-v nutrients. for 100% conditioning,
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7:15 pm
involved off the set? tamara madison talked to both of them. they were candid. >> #firstlove/story. >> marching band. >> by the way, i heard about that, the rumors that didn't take long. >> we're both private people. i don't like -- i laugh at it. jenn is an amazing catch. i'd be lucky. but she deserves somebody far better. >> you'd be dating up, if that was the case. >> yes. okay, can we move on? >> moving on. >> he took it there. it's okay. >> i may or may not have. >> he might have been scared of me. >> jenn and josh are perfect examples of how hollywood exes make coparenting work.
7:16 pm
in love simon the two play happi happily married parents to nick robinson. >> it doesn't bother me. i'm proud. >> i could be a grandfather. >> couldn't ask for better parents. >> i've been thinking about why i haven't come out yet. maybe part of me wants to hold on to what i've always been. >> the film based on the book is about acceptance and love. >> it's a beautiful, fun, sweet, funny movie, and it happens to have at the center of it a gorgeous version of a young man coming out. >> you know, she loves her son no matter what. and i think that that's what really resonated with me is that now that i'm a dad, i really truly just want him to find his happiness in whatever it is. >> straight ahead, megan trainer's wedding plans. >> invite "e.t." obviously. >> the pop star's must haves for her big day. >> i've never told anyone that,
7:17 pm
it's so absurd. plus, inside oprah's aha moment on the set of a where i thinking in time. >> not safe for work conversations with her co-stars. >> it's not big of a deal. you're welcome. you're welcome, too, kevin.
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♪ we heard a cry out in the universe. >> that is a wrinkle in time out this weekend, with reese witherspoon, mindy kaling, and oprah. they sat down with nancy odell and we got to sit down with -- >> be a warrior. >> what did you think when you first met oprah? >> i was really excited. when i walked in the room, she was like stone. she knows my name.
7:20 pm
>> this 14-year-old wowed oprah with her talent and could become a huge star. >> storm reed does just a magnificent job. we're all so happy for her. it's this wonderful adventure story about discovering her father, but also the journey to discover herself, aided by the misses. >> can you help me find him, please? >> and you don't work with lady of t o without coming away with life lessons. >> miss oprah gave he advices, she said don't waste energy on things you can't change in life. i used that as my life model now. >> after oprah's dazzling transformation into mrs. witch, make a master, derek rutledge came to do his magic on me. >> we're giving you a version of oprah during the movie. >> it's a two-hour process, all
7:21 pm
about the eyes, oprah wore a glittering assortment of eyebrows in the movies. el mers glue, and these were created for oprah to wear to the premier. she decided to go without them. now i got them. >> i totally feel magical and mystical. reese's, mindy, and i am mrs. what. whet for "entertainment tonight." >> i love it. topped off with a curly wig. >> ready for the reveal? >> mrs. whet. >> shall que wawe call oprah? oprah, i don't know if you can handle it. are you ready? >> whoa! >> what do you think? >> oh, my. love the lips. >> hey, are those my eyebrows?
7:22 pm
>> mrs. which gives you my thumbs up. >> i love it. >> nancy, your name is mrs. whoa, that is amazing. by the way, did you see beyonce and blue ivy at the premier of this film. flawless. the dress beyonce has on is to die for. my begmegan trainer is on f. >> in the midst of dropping new music, busy planning a wedding. this bride to be knows exactly what's on her i do and i don't list. ♪ >> so rehaving an l.a. wedding, or are we going destination? >> i don't know. i have no idea. i was thinking about hawaii. >> do you have a dress? >> no. i know i want like lace and long sleeves. >> megan's been shedding for the wedding, down 20 plus pounds. she's full on in love with dale
7:23 pm
sbarra, she knows exactly what she wants. >> i take this ring, put it on the vision board, google image, on his side of the bed. check that out every day. look at it. >> do you sing at your own wedding? >> no. >> you don't? >> i don't want to work. >> megan's found happiness now, but she went through a very dark time. last year the 24-year-old lost her voice and almost quit music. >> mentally i was very sad when i had my second vocal surgery. i thought, i can't live like this, i'm much healthier now. i drink only water, i don't ever drink booze or smoke anything. >> megan's back stronger than ever. he just released her new music video. >> is there a spice up your life spice girl vibe? >> thank you for noticing that, i got a little spice life in there, yeah. i had the two buns, we've got to back there.
7:24 pm
♪ >> but it also has an important message, all about sex. >> all right, we hear you, megan. let's move on to another lady that we love. charlize theron, she is fierce in the new movie "gringo" out this weekend. as a producer, charlize had a hand in giving paris jackson her first ever movie role, talked about that with car lie seal at her big l.a. premier. >> i admired she came in and auditioned for this, was prepared. she handled this as an individual really well, impressed by that. >> michael jackson's only daughter makes a big screen debut as the only 20-year-old. at the premier, paris was all glam. >> you can do this. >> really not that hard. >> charlize's other co-star told us what it's like to have charlize for a boss.
7:25 pm
>> she's incredibly supportive, and very inappropriate. i'm just saying. she has quite the mouth on her. >> i almost feel bad for the guy. >> that's not true. i have a very, very clear, cleansed, proper mouth. i don't know what they're talking about. >> charlize's colorful language was the topic of discussion when she and david sat down with kevin. >> shocking thing, she just got so much pleasure out of saying things that made me go -- that was the way i met her. >> not my fault you walked in in that moment when i will i was having the discussion. >> i walked in, and i was like, hi. so, david, what's your opinion? >> i wanted to know. >> i mean, it's not that big of a deal. >> it kind of is when you don't
7:26 pm
know what it is. >> you're welcome. >> you did kind of corner the market on kind of like little bitchy screams. >> little bitchy screams. >> i have a fear of needles. so that scream, that was real. >> you shouldn't tell them that. >> why? >> you should just be like i'm an incredible actor. >> stay focused. >> i am focused. >> she plays his ruthless business chief, but was she ruthless as a producer on gringo. >> you're a boss lady. what does it mean? >> i go like this, and everybody goes -- like that, they do that, they do exactly that. >> sensational. up next, oscar moments you didn't see. >> i haven't got my hair and make-up done yet. >> the rush to the red carpet, last-minute alterations, whose gown took 500 hours to make. >> then -- >> it's unbelievable. >> what elton just revealed
7:27 pm
"e.t." about the wedding. >> meghan markle's luxury spa da. >> the new show that pits celebs against kevin hart. >> no, that's enough. closed captioning provided by -- >> a good source of protein, a great source of lunch. ♪ >> well, yes. a soup in the right direction. >> with tough foods your dentures -- new fixadent ultra max hold, now you can eat tough food without worry. fixadent and forget itit i accept i don't bike the miles i used to. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but no matter where i ride, i go for my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'll go for that too. eliquis.
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visit and use the joint damage simulator to see how joint damage could progress. ask about enbrel. enbrel. fda approved for over 18 years. if you're just joining us here this week's top five stories. number five, will the spice girls perform at the royal wedding? well, this week, melsi poured cold water on the rumor? >> what song are you going to sing at the wedding? >> you better ask her. >> melsi telling good morning britain that she might not be invited. >> will you get an invitation? >> why am i so honest? >> heather locklear's gun drama. they were looking for a firearm registered in her name.
7:31 pm
>> domestic disturbance. >> heather was arrested last month, accused of battery, and three counts of battery on a police officer. sheriffs now say she threatened to shoot them if they ever came to her house again. they did not locate the firearm. and heather is now in a treatment facility. number three, a tori spelling, breakdown. on march 1st, police responded to a domestic incident at her home, and spoke with her husband. she and dean had been fighting. now we're told the police visit was a huge wake-up call and the mom of five wants to clean up her problems. pamela anderson speaking out for the first time about her ex-tommy lee getting knocked out cold by their son brandon. >> she's knocked out, unconscious. >> pamela called the situation going on with her ex-husband a quote, matter of life and death,
7:32 pm
explaining that her 21-year-old son, quote, punched him in the nose for all of us who he has hurt. he feels humiliated. this is the devil, this is the disease of alcoholism. tommy denies he has a drinking problem. he released a statement to "e.t." staying, quote, do i drink? yes, do i drink more than the average joe? yes. no matter how much people want to pin me as this deviant alcohol abuser, that isn't me. and number one, is arie now the most hated patch lor of the show's history. angry billboard campaign against him, 17 across the country, we showed one to arie, and he laughed it off. >> it says arie, it's not okay, just leave. everyone. >> go to "e.t." online dotcom for the latest. >> all the aftermath from the oscars. amid the headlines, we are
7:33 pm
talking about the fashions. there was a kaleidoscope of color, and "e.t." got the stars to share secrets behind the styles. >> i haven't eaten since 9:00 this morning. ♪ >> it took a few days to get this slit just right. i cannot tell a lie. >> how did you know, how high can i go? i'm not afraid. >> it's a little tight. not made for a ski racer. >> passion and pain. >> prep early, our best dressed, jenn garner was a standout in blue versaci. all eyes were on her guns. and then there's nicole in this one of kind armani. the prep started early that morning. these fans on a tour bus got a peek at her before look. >> i haven't got my hair and make-up done yet. have a great time, bye.
7:34 pm
>> next rule, recycle. tiffany haddish loved the $4,000 alexander mcqueen halter she bought for herself so michigan, oscar night was a three-peat. >> it might come back again. >> she even paired it with comfort first uggs. >> and then rita moreno. >> most of us can't fit in the same dress. >> we let it out a little bit. >> make your fashion meme worthy. meryl streep's look to the beloved farry god mother in shreck. the last rule, be on trend, from 80-year-old jane fonda, the stars wearing wlihite were stunning. >> it feels like a dream. ♪ >> and metallics are definitely in. j-law's gown underwent
7:35 pm
alterations to the very last min. sandra bullock's took 500 hours to make and has 100,000 sequins. the most important thing is always the lighting. >> can we just dim it a little bit. so i can go back to my 40s. 39, 38. gal gadot. >> i'm still thinking about how banan bananas zendayaia looked. sir elton john, i was at his annual oscars bash which raised $5.9 million for the aide foundation, and that's where the talk on the carpet turned to another royal event, meghan and harry's upcoming i dos. he recently postponed his vegas shows the weekend of the royal wedding. that must mean he got an
7:36 pm
invitation. >> nothing. >> we're still waiting for ours, too, elton. jane seymour attended, she met harry while covering william and kate's wedding for "e.t.." meghan will be splendid. >> she's certainly beautiful, and carries herself well, and i think she must have thought long and hard about what she was going to do. and hope try they can find some time to be happy together as well as work. >> allison janney, now oscar royalty. also barefoot when she met william and kate last month. that's not exactly royal et a etiquette. >> i didn't know she was so tall. she's my height. you don't meet royalty without your shoes on. they're pretty relaxed and cool. >> meghan was baptized this tuesday and was confirmed into the church of england. it happened at chapel royal at st. james palace. meghan wasn't required to join the church, but she did out of respect for the queen who heads
7:37 pm
the church. on international women's day, meghan made a fashion first. the bride to be has favored british designers, but on thourz she wore a surprising number of american brands. the wool coat is from j. crew. and the trouser are by alexander wang. her purse is almost $1,600. and on oscar sunday, meghan's girlfriends treated her to a pre-wedding day spa pampering at the five star soho farmhouse. kate did not join. maybe she and william watched the oscars. back to work after taking 14 months off following her wedding. kevin frazier spoke to vserena about that cute little baby and her supportive husband. >> your husband does the most. i didn't even see the ring either. the man loves you, doesn't he?
7:38 pm
>> yes. >> three billboards. what was it like when you saw it? >> well -- >> i didn't mean to cheat you. >> best part of it was having my daughter. >> say hi. >> i've always wanted to be a mom, you know, but i never -- didn't have time, i was always working with my career, it just happened and i just dove right in. it's so natural for me. i love it, i love her so much. we have a great little family going on. >> it's hard to believe serena almost died after giving birth. she had blood clots and an emergency c-section. despite all that, the 36-year-old goat told kevin she's ready for another baby. >> i definitely want to, god willing. right now -- we have time, i'm going to wait and see what happens. >> we caught up with serena at the desert smash celebrity tennis event. stars include lance bass, wanda
7:39 pm
sikes, and dr. phil. >> nothing she won't do to win a point, and she's got such a sweet spirit about her at the same time. >> she made her return to the pro court, but there's definitely mom guilt. >> she's my priority. i don't want to miss any moments with her. >> good morning. >> also, how's auntie venus, she's got to be around. it's my child too. she says it's my child, stops with a that. i don't know anyone talking to my baby. you mean our baby? no, that's my baby. i'm like, okay. it's really, really funny. but i'm a little worried about it. >> coming up -- >> don't do that. >> sorry. >> championship and joanna gaines fixer upper flubs before they were famous. and behind the scenes of their new spinoff, what they never show you on tv. then -- >> i never thought it was possible. >> onl
7:40 pm
you could generate your own energy,
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at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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i think it's hard because this wasn't a pole barn. >> pole? >> i said pole. what am i saying? >> hgtv's fixer upper stars, championship and joanna database saying farewell to their show after the fifth season. and five is the number of kids they have after it's all over. have they come a long ways since the very first show. >> oh, shoot, sorry. is that -- is that the word?
7:43 pm
oh, okay. the most important part. >> totally nailed it. >> this week on fixer up e, the gains gave us a look at their hgtv audition. now they're the network's number one couple, and only we can give you a sneak peek, fixer upper, behind the designs. >> you've seen the fixer uppers, but you haven't seen the full story. >> the big reveal usually reveals only two or three rooms, but behind the design, you see how the other rooms are transformed. >> i love it. >> that's fixer upper secret number one. they actually renovate the entire house. secret number two, ship lap aside, the furniture and decor you see is for staging. it doesn't stay unless clients decide to buy it at a discount. something else you don't see on tv is secret number three, the homes aren't always finished when filming ends, so families often don't move in right away. >> oh, man. >> the 40-mile rule is secret
7:44 pm
number four. they will only film within 40 miles of their waco, texas home. they can work on as many as nine home renovations at once. >> you start getting these kind of confused. this one's over here. i have to study the plans and really get my head around this client's style, this -- so that it doesn't -- >> so you don't call the wrong family. >> all right, still to come. >> why does everyone always think i'm dead? >> a lot of fans ask questions, they're all going to get answered. >> how the show's new opener compares to the old one. then our emotional hometown visit with nancy pro val. >> you got robbed in this park? >> literally no joke, second day in america. >> fitness faceoff exclusive. >> try a couple dips, man. dips, like dipping a biscuit. this weekend in the "entertainment tonight
7:45 pm
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7:48 pm
>> he didn't even win. >> yeah. >> but the og, you all. >> monday on "e.t.." it's one of the most iconic tv opens of all time, the connors sitting around the dinner table, welcomed viewers for nine seasons. only made sense that for the reboot they had to recreate the magic all over again, and only "e.t." was on set. >> action. >> and you have not missed a beat, clearly, the two of you. >> going right back into it, the table. >> it was all there. we did it. you know, we just aweed them, i think. >> the connors are back at the table and giving the opening sequence 2018 flavor. after several incarnations, the latest show open reflects the diverse blended family. the connor kids have kids of their own. >> they have really great jokes and that's why people liked the
7:49 pm
show before. it has great jokes and we have a great writing staff. they're getting some great jokes. it's just so funny. >> did you get the pain pills for my bad knee? >> wouldn't be the candy man without the sunshine. >> i lost dan last year when he had his heart attack. >> as for dan's death in the 1997 finale, the new promo reveals he's alive and well. >> i thought you were dead. >> why does everybody always think i'm dead? >> have you decided how you're picking up? >> the last 20 years when we weren't on here, a lot of fans ask questions, and we're going to answer them all. all the questions they've been asking for 20-some years. >> roseann returns march 27th on abc. very excited for this, michelle. >> me too. i didn't know how dead dan is resolved. i'm here for that. sticking with comedy, you've got to see what happened when kevin hart went head to head with james corden, a battle of wit and weight, and only i was on location for kevin's new
7:50 pm
fitness fight club. the comedy gods smile on this pairing. >> help me down. help me down, james, please. >> everybody can work out. there's a correct way and a wrong way and there's a way to get bored, and there's a wrong way. >> there you go, james. get up there and show me what you're doing. okay, all right. >> kevin's new series, what the fit, airing on youtube, the fitness fanatic welcomes a celebrity guest outside of their comfort zone. the only rule, you can't say no. >> james, i'm going to need you to take your shirt off. >> you what? what did you say, what? >> it's that time now. you're all a little competitive. flex-off between the two of you. in their episode, kevin and james have a flex-off. and james shocks everyone. >> you like?
7:51 pm
>> i want legs. >> oh, no, no, no, no. >> did you know that was coming? >> no, not at all, not at all. james corden at his best. >> if you had to give him a grade for today? >> i would give him an "a," you know why? he did it. >> james corden in bootie shorts. going to let that one sit there. well, another form of working out, dancing, and kelsey, we already know that val is very good at it. >> yeah, there's a reason why -- a pro for 13 seasons. val took me exclusively back home to humble beginnings. >> back in my very first apartment in brooklyn, new york when we immigrated. i was 8 years old. this is the neighborhood. where it all began. 90% of the furniture was
7:52 pm
furniture we found on sidewalks, we would drive down -- i'm going to get emotional. >> did you share a room? >> it was a tiny room. we had a bunk bed. so just to be as efficient with our space as possible. >> you got robbed in this -- >> robbed of his roller blades, no joke, second day in america. >> far cry from hollywood for the ukrainian born dancer, but it still feels like home for val, even if he's a big-time celeb now. >> we used to come here hang out, celebrate birthdays, work in these restaurants, been around this boardwalk, my brother and i. it was completely illegal to employ a 12-year-old. i was killing it. i had my shirt open. that's where it all began. the "dancing with the stars" pro invited me to tatiana. early days. >> open, turn, hit. >> oh. >> val's new memoir, i'll never
7:53 pm
change my name, family in his life. his brother's little boy, shy. >> are you spoil crazy, teach you about the world? >> i've already gotten him five pairs of baby jordans. i'm waiting to spoil him when he's ready to be spoiled. >> do you want to have babies? >> yeah, i can't wait to be a father. more eager to be a father than a husband, for sure. >> so talented, touch a nice guy, now i know a pretty good dance partner too. >> pretty good? you all were smoking together. i loved it. miss kelsey, these moves, honey, yes, very, very good. all right, kelsey, ♪ ♪ get high-speed internet from at&t $30 per month. no extra monthly fees.
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more for your thing. that's our thing.
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considerations provided by -- >> heritage and innovation have made gillette the number one shave in america. brought to you by more than a thousand workers in boston, proud of giving you our best. gillette, the best a man can get. stars birthdays this weekend, jon hamm is 47, sharon stone is 60, and olivia wilde is 34. take a final look at your choices, which american idol was first to win an american music award, billboard music award and a grammy in a single season? that is carrie underwood, who is 35 this weekend. happy birthday, carrie. monday on "e.t." only we're first on set of avengers
7:57 pm
infinity war. >> kind of in the house. >> that's a welcome addition. >> behind the scenes of this epic superhero crossover. >> kelly clarkson claps back. >> he didn't even win. >> yeah, everybody -- >> but the o.g., you all. monday on "e.t.." we are almost out of time this weekend, but for all the late-breaking hollywood news, go to our website, >> safe travels. before we go, check out this music video. it's for the song un, dos, tres. sings in both english and spanish. very fun and colorful video. enjoy it and the rest of your weekend, everybody. bye-bye, or adios. ♪
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huge group of friends here> (justine) tonight we're learning more about christine loeber, (álow-ber) the executive director of the pathway home , who was killed by a gunman friday while at
8:00 pm
work. she along with two other co-workers were killed by a man who was asked to leave their treatment program that helps veterans with post traumtic stress disorder.good evening, i'm justine waldman. (jrstone)and i'm jr stone. close friends of christine's say she was always up for an adventure. kron four's spencer blake is live in yountville tonight.spencer, i can't imagine what these friends and even the family members are going through right now. . she's originally from boston, but has been in the bay area for five or six years.joe and lauren lautner were some of her closest friends...and shared memories of christine with me today. when christine loeber first came to the bay area, she was working for the v-a in palo alto.eventually she transferred up to santa rosa, and lived in


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