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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 15, 2018 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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>> tonight -- ellen's heart breaking revelation. >> that was really tough. >> stories she never told about the most tragic moment in her life that started her comedy career. >> plus -- >> dad is older and grayer. >> the behind the scenes secrets behind the "this is us" finale. >> then meghan markle, meet the woman who is teaching her from behind the thrown. >> then selena -- >> then the melt your heart moment that made josh duhamel want to be a dad and the fabulous life of celebrity kids. how the beckhamings, beyonce and kim k. are passing their sense of style on to the next
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generation. >> this is "entertainment tonight." >> ellen degeneres opens up about the tragedy that changed her life forever. she's one of hollywood's biggest success stories the winner of 30 emmys. >> you know nance, ellen's road to the to be gan with a heart break. >> my girlfriend was killed in a car accident. i thought why was she god. i thought it would be wonderful if we could pick up the phone and call god. i wrote the entire thing and when i finished i read it and thought it's hilarious. i'm going to do it on johnny carson. >> ellen's vision came true.
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>> i feel like i'm going to own the town after this. >> "e.t." spoke with her that same year. >> the talk show host opened up to dax shepard on his pot cast about the depression she experienced after coming out. >> there was so much talk about it. everyone was sick of it. even though i had done the cover of time magazine a prime time special with diane sawyer and oprah elton john said shut up already. we know you're gay. be funny. >> did you have any idea how big that one decision would be? >> i knew i could possibly lose my show. >> ellen told cameron she knew what was at stake. >> i didn't want to live that way. >> the talk show host just turned 60. sean hayes who was in london missed her star studded party but brought her a present. >> i got you a beef eater hat. can you drive with it? >> i think so.
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if i take the top down, i'll be fine. >> by the way ellen is always busy because she's reportedly launching a reality show with adam rippon. we talked with him at the oscars and they were so much fun. >> that would be good tv. meanwhile 11 million people tuned in for the season finale of "this is us." there was more than meets the eye. we have the secret details behind the drama you don't know about. >> i've been having these dreams. we're at a wedding and it's not me and toby. it's you and dad. >> the dream sequences were the first time milo got to work with chrissy metz. as for ka-toby's i dos -- >> i had food poisoning. there was a lot of sweating. >> the question is now what's next?
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the last two minutes gave us some ominous flash forwards. toby depressed. kevin finding new love and heart break for randall. >> it's time to go see her tess. >> i'm not ready. >> there's a current theory that one of the characters will be diagnosed with a fatal illness. >> i expect over the course of the show there may be more deaths than just jack and william. we'll see. >> why are you trying to kill everybody off? i'm going to say probably not to that, but who knows. >> as for one other thing you didn't know about the show. >> i'm trying to work the title of the show into the show. >> the closest i've even got was kevin and toby riding into a taxi and they're pulling up to a building and every new take i go right here "this is us." >> i know this is difficult, but "this is us." all you need to know is that
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"this is us." >> well if there were a show called this is royal life it could certainly star meghan markle already. she seemed to master the art of becoming a royal in record time. >> not even six months. that's the length of time from the day the even gaejment was announced to their may 19th wedding date. that's a royal speed record. meghan wearing adele indicate diamond cross bracelet on her left wrist. it's purported to be a baptism gift. she most likely had to study with a member of the clergy before the ceremony. the future royal completed basic survival training. >> they have a live range they call the killing house. i know princess diana and charl wept to the killing house and were shown a life hostage situation and took part in the
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training. >> this royal is meghan's right hand woman seen at her side during events picker hill is a press officer. one of her duties is to advise meghan of royal protocol. that may include sipging. earlier this week meghan nailed the british national anthem learning the words to god save the queen. this was a good rehearsal for meghan because it's sung at royal weddings. william and kate sang it at the ator. >> the tune is the same as my country tiss of thee. >> you mean the song you were singing off camera. >> yes. >> let's talk justin bieber and selena gomez. they rekindled their romance.
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they're still together but she's taking a step back to repair her relationship with her mother. selena has been overwhelmed by the media attention surrounding her family's contentious relationship with justin. we're told she's very delicate and the come back has been tough. she hasn't had her mother to lean on and that's been dilt. gwen and blake still going strong. they know they've found their true soul mates. no reason to rush into marriage. both are happy and content where their relationship is right now. also content gwen's three boys who enjoy spending time with blake. as for gwen's relationship with ex gavin rossdale our source says they make co-parenting work. also happy julianne hough and her husband. >> i can't fathom my life without her. >> they stepped out to celebrate
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the launch of lorraine schwartz's new bauble. very sporting with new dos. >> who is pushing who for babies more? >> i go through waves. i'm like into it. then i'm like i'm good. >> also in attendance sarah highland without her beau. >> do you think what the engagement ring could look like? >> i'm a 27-year-old woman of course i have. >> what are you looking for? >> he knows what it is. it's fine. >> blake lively stunning in a black gown also made a mom's night out with her mom and sister robin. blake stopped to help adjust her sister's red carpet pose. now family also on the mind of josh duhamel. i caught up with him last night at his love simon premiere. >> t ball season one? >> he's good man. we have training at the house.
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i'm training him like a dog. i put a piece of candy at each base and if he runs past me he gets the candy. this is why i wanted to be a dad. >> i wouldn't change anything about you. >> stop crying. >> i'm trying. >> in love simon josh plays dad tonic robinson a high schooler forced to come out to everyone including his mom jen garner. >> the real life mom of three was away in d.c. reading to kids while advocating for pre k education. josh picked up parenting duties for their on screen son. >> i was going to ask him if he dadded you off camera. >> i'm probably the most immature person he ever worked with. >> not true. >> am i ten years older than you? >> yeah. >> i think so. >> coming from a guy who used to
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run with josh back in the day he's one of the most immature guys i've ever bet. in the best possible way. coming up -- ♪ >> jessica and justin's touching love song moment. how his man of the woods tour is different. >> plus -- ♪ taylor swift is living up to the big reputation. how some fans are getting major vip treatment. >> can cam survive i was wondering if an electric toothbrush really cleans better than a manual. and my hygienist says it does but they're not all the same. who knew? i had no idea. so she said, look for one that's shaped like a dental tool with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head surrounds each tooth to gently
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remove more plaque. and unlike sonicare, oral-b is the only electric toothbrush brand accepted by the american dental association for its effectiveness and safety. my mouth feels so clean. i'll only use an oral-b. oral-b. brush like a pro. >> steven tyler performed as maria shriver was honored at
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♪ >> that is your first sneak peek at nbc's live musical jesus christ superstar with john legend and sarah bo rel low.
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i promise you you'll hear john sing. >> we can't give it all away. >> a sold out crowd saw justin timberlake live on stage in j.t. out of the woods. justin kicked off his world tour in toronto last night. his stage had a tree catwalk and bon fire. justin did shots with his band and performed nine songs off his new album and plenty of his classics. wife jessica biel watched from the front row. she and silas plan to travel with j.t. j.t.'s former mick mouse club co-star christina aguilera is gearing up to drop new music. >> christina is my girl. >> demi lovato dropped the news during the dallas stop of her tour. christina who hasn't released an
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album since 2012 told fans to expect new ones soon. taylor swift is giving us a look at the elaborate vip invite. >> if you're watch thg right now you got a vip pass to the tour. ♪ >> oh, my god. this is amazing. >> 51 shows are planned across three continents. >> thank you for being awesome. i hope you have a great time. >> take a look at this. how amazing is it. this is the collector's box when you receive a vip ticket. >> it's amazing and legit. when you opened it up the video plays and taylor's welcoming you to the concert tour. here's a mock up of the stage. one level lower how about this. a cd, a ticket.
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>> one level lower and you get a whole book. >> let me see if i can get it out. it stick ness there. >> you can do it. >> the box is really cool. let's dig through this. >> we should. >> we'll be right back. >> the glamorous life of celeb kids from glam skaud, before grade school and bir day parties. we break down the perks of having famous parents. >> then, "e.t.'s" survivor challenge. >> i don't see kevin or o'dell out here. >> was he too confident? >> closed captioning provided by --
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>> enrique iglesias expressing his love for his newborn twins nicholas and lucy while performing in budapest over the weekend. the life of a celebrity kid can be a glamorous one and it clearly pay tos to have famous parents. ♪ >> it is good to be blue ivy. we're told the 6-year-old along with the twins will be heading on tour with their parents. one of blue ivy's favorite thing to do aside from shushing her parents, shop. she has the $800 gucci denim jacket to match her mama's. the only celeb kid that might out do blue ivy is northwest. a report said she has a $5,000 a week glam squad and a wardrobe
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worth $1 million. the 4-year-old carries around this $3,500 fendi back and this louis vuitton and gets away with telling the paparazzi what to do. >> sorry, north. >> the question is are they spoiled or just celebrities. suri cruise attends an up scale school. mom katie holmes spends $150 a week for fresh flowers in her room. jlo spent $5,500 from a tip for the twins birthday and -- >> i have no power with that girl. i love all my children equally,
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but when she asks i can't say no. >> d.j. khaled's son has his own instagram and this mini rols royce. he's been seen playing with a stack of $100 bills. he's been seen in this tux at the red carpet. >> where do you get that suit? >> gucci made it for him. mom went to gucci. he's going to be legend. i work for him. >> assad as 1.8 follows on instagram. on cbs "survivor" the challenges are getting more intense. cam volunteered to test them out. >> i love that stuff. the trip to fiji was an added bonus. jeff probst loves playing mind games. >> "e.t." is risky letting you come out here.
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i don't see frazier out here. o'dell isn't out here. >> they get nervous. >> we have a lot of safety divers in the water. >> that didn't inspire confidence. come on, getting to do a survivor challenge in fiji. i'm all in. my competition, earin cebula. >> erin has been a couple time. >> she mentioned that. >> but cam can? >> appearances can be deceiving. >> our challenge is the same one contestants completed, race through the obstacle course and sink baskets. my teammates, the crew who test out the competitions. erin has survivor all star who
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spent 103 days on the show. >> for bragging rights at "entertainment tonight." survivors ready, go! cameron off to a quick lead over erin. andrea down now. cameron moving into the second stage like an animal. can cam? yes, he can. this is how you do it. erin staying with it for "e.t." she's at the second stage. cameron sinks one. it's 4-3. we got a challenge. it's not 7-6. cam wins this for "entertainment tonight" u.s.a. epic challenge. i have to say i would say cam
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can win a survivor challenge. he dropped his guard. you can never do that. >> i mean i deserved the push in the water. but come on. >> i'm ready for celebrity survivor. i know jeff said they would never do it. let's go cam. >> put me in. >> what am i going to eat? >> good luck with that.
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>> it's "e.t." >> this is "e.t." >> whoa! "e.t." >> this is the best time of my life. >> oh, wow. >> nobody knows hollywood like "entertainment tonight." >> would you like to see something amazing that no one's seen? >> bigger, better and before everyone else. >> i love you. you love me. >> now "e.t." is everywhere you've go. >> meghan, selfie. one, two, three. >> on instagram, facebook and twitter. >> what? >> entertainment begins and ends with "e.t." >> travel consideration provided by -- >> remember hot convict jeremy meeks. >> yes. >> move over meeks.
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take a look at this mug shot of armie hammer in his prison jump suit, the buttons undone. >> i had no idea gq was doing mug shots. >> he got busting seven years ago for having three pot cookies an a brownie. he still spent the day in jail. >> he commented on the photo probably not the last mug shot. >> maybe not, but i like i'm never gonna be able to sleep with this cold.
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