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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 17, 2018 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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>> tonight, justin theroux's ripped revenge body. his strategy for moving on after jen. >> between ten to 12 hours a day. >> then is justin bieber over selena. his night out. plus how prince harry is playing wing man and how the arch bishop is worried for the wedding. >> then meryl streep's big move. >> it was written for her. >> everything you need to know about her "big little lies" debut. >> plus hot guys and cute puppies. >> who doesn't like puppies?
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>> scott eastwood on getting licked to death by adorable dogs. this is "entertainment tonight." >> hello and thanks for joining us. here is our top story. >> new details on how general aniston's ex is coping after their split. a source tells "e.t." justin is hitting the gym hard working on his revenge body. his routine daily work outs, boxing sessions and bike rides around manhattan. that's justin yesterday. a source tells us justin loves his new fitness regimen because it's great to get ripped, but a good way to clear his mine. justin has always been incredibly fit. he showed off his biceps for this cover back in 2017. >> i would run every rning. >> if big difference now, our source says justin is more committed to a consistent regimen.
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it's been a month since justin and jen announced their split after seven years together. she remained in l.a. and he's been spending most of his time in new york. a source tells "e.t." justin is still heart broken but dealing in a healthy way. the actor has another strategy for settling into his post jen life, he's relying on his friends. he went to france and him and his pals attended the louis vuitton fashi show. he's making it a point to get out every day and spend time with friends. >> let's move on. justin's rare red carpet appearance. ♪ >> i'm happy he came to support me. i'll support him. >> the premiere of patrick's film midnight sun was justin's first red carpet appearance in over two years. it's also his first big night
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out since a source tells us selena took a step back from their relationship to focus on herself. he wore the phrase fear of god on the back of his sweat shirt. after the premiere he piled into an suv with friends as they continued to spend time in hollywood. >> what is like to see your son become a leading man in hollywood? >> it's exciting for him. when i see all four of my kids together and happy, i feel accomplished. >> patrick posed with mom maria shriver and sisters. dad arnold schwarzenegger was out of the country. >> that's great. it's really cool to be here for my own project. usually i'm here for my dad's or
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my mom's. count down to the royal wedding continues. >> well done. enjoy it. >> today was just 64 more days until he's a husband. prince harry wore his military medal as he made an appearance without meghan. he presented graduates with their wings. he attended the same flight academy and in 2010 his father prince charles pinned the wings on his son. his girlfriend back then was there. he went on to fly in the british army while stationed in afghanistan. we have news on meghan's baptism into the church of england. justin welby the arch bishop of canterbury performed the is a credit right. >> it was beautiful and moving. >> charles and camilla attended.
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meghan's parents were not there. welby will also officiate the royal wedding and hopes he doesn't make a mistake. >> i must not drop the ring and forget to get the vows in the right orderer. i did at the rehearsal of one of my children's wedding. >> first up in tonight's know and tell ashton kutcher's punked reunion. expect more on set pranks from these two. dax shepard is guest starring on season three of ashton's show the ranch. it will be a full circle moment for the kutchers and shepherds. over in new york an alias reunion. >> what are you doing? >> jennifer garner was supporting victor garber who is performing with bernadette
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peters in hello dolly. victor wasn't in the theater for jen's meme. >> i can't look at it. >> what's happening? you don't know. >> regret regret regret. >> next the bachelorette begins filming. >> i think any girl would love to do the batch let. >> there's some smiling scenes with rebecca at the mansion. check out the guy in the chicken suit. in front of him is ryan the banjo player from boston. ♪ baby i'm one of a kind >> meanwhile becca's former fiance arie and his new fiance lauren escaped to spain. >> we're live. >> yesterday the couple checked into a suite at barcelona iberostar. it's costing $25,000, but getting away from the most hated bachelor billboards, priceless.
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>> we'll take it one day at a time. >> finally, lionel makes his idol judges wig out. >> oh wow. >> in this exclusive clip from sunday's "american idol" lionel's gift to katy and luke make them perfect imposers. ♪ hel >> good-bye. >> still ahead meryl streep officially in the mix with the ladies of big little lies. >> it's on. >> filming starting today. what to expect from the oscar winner's first tv role in years. >> plus we're hanging with alicia vikander and her "tomb raider" transformation. >> then he worked with whitney, celine and michael jackson. which pop star did david discover at a wedding? >> wait a minute. alan cummings stars in instinct
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on cbs. >> i think it's the first network in american television to have a gay lead. that's a really big deal. it needs to be done and i'm the man to do it. >> you don't have to admit i was right. >> whoopi goldberg co-stars as his book editor. there's love between these two friends. their love of food couldn't be different. >> are you eating an empanada. >> it was a vegan empanada because allan as vegan.
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>> nick robinson stars in love simon out today. to find out how the young actor land
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officially now a reality. season two of big little lies started shooting today. hallelujah. we all will be heading back to monterey because the first season was so amazing. you may be wondering how could they improve upon the original? here's how. >> we have every cast member coming back, but also meryl streep is joining us. >> i'm still having a hard time casually saying meryl in the. i'm like it's [ bleep ] meryl streep. >> how will you initiate her into the girl squad? >> it's on. >> we had breaking of bread and now we're digging deep. >> here's everything we know about season two. streep's character. >> she plays my mother-in-law, perry's mother. >> you can bet she'll want answers. her son was killed during the first season finale. >> it's going to be just as good and [ bleep ] as the first one.
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>> after last night's premiere of her new movie gemini she shared this pic. don't count perry out. >> you lied to me. >> he's played by alex zer skarsgard. we heard he's back in flashbacks. reese and nicole are making $1 million per episode. >> are you new to monterey? >> i called the writer and said you better write me good scenes with meryl streep. >> this role was written with her in mind. the author said when she was working on the character for season two she said quote i called her meryl myself because who would be more perfect. >> it was written for her. we were determined to get her. >> while we're all psyched shooting has begun we have to be
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parchlt hbo is saying it won't air until 2019. coming up next year -- how oscar winner alicia vikander is taking "tomb raider" to the next level. the diet that helped her get abs like this. >> speaking of abs -- i take my shirt off where it's warm. >> why you can say clint eastwood during all those shirtless selfies. >> closed captioning provided by --
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♪ >> i need a weapon. >> you have one. >> let's talk about john boy yay go. he knows what it's like to star in a block buster after appears in two "star wars" movies. he's back in a air contract,
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this time with scott eastwood. >> we've been following you on social media. >> stop stalking. >> little disappointed you're doing the international press and not the domestic. what's up with that? >> we're back at it again. world press tour pacific rim. >> i like doing international stuff shirtless. i go where it's warm. >> scott stays toned by hitting the gym by 5:30. it's advice he received from his famous father. his routine includes rowing, squats lunges and leg presses. there's always time for sparring. this tough action star has a soft side. >> what was with you and john
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and the puppies? >> oh. >> who doesn't like puppies? i like puppies. it was a fun thing we did. we had these puppies in a little miniature city running around destroying the city. it was adorable. >> the parody is from squeen junkies. >> who was that? >> definitely not one of us. >> in pacific rim scott is a strict military ranger. john plays a rebel. they team up to fight a new generation of aliens. >> i think we pissed them off. >> good. >> what's the most rebellious thing you've ever done? >> in london there's a bus ticket, a ticket you're supposed to pay for. we didn't. so one of the ticket inspectors got on the bus. what did i do? pretended i was sleep. >> that's a good one. >> scandalous.
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that john boyega lives on the edge. we'll be with them both next week next week. >> alicia vikander is showing major body confidence in the new "tomb raider." she endured some intense work outs to get cut. i was with the trader that made it happen. >> i started to gain muscle and gain strength. >> we're working 12 hours a day. it's 45 minutes in the morning. ♪ >> how much muscle did alicia put on? >> i think she gained 12 pount pounds. >> at about 5'5" and 117 pounds she's a tiny woman to begin with. how did she get those abs? >> i started out working with
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magnum. >> "tomb raider" continues with the story of angelina's lara croft. angie did taekwondo and her end result was this. you can see alicia's result too. i tried out the magnum method. >> i have three eggs and fruit. then at 10:00 two fish filets and similar at 2:00 and 4:00 and 7:00. that's not real life. i'm back to drinking my wine and eating my food. >> what was the first thing you went for that you missed? >> each sunday i had a cheat day. it was pizza or pasta.
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i woke up on sundays like it's pizza day. >> sausage and extra cheese. i feel you. let's go back to the trainer. he's training gal gadot for the next wonder woman. let's move on to david foster. in a couple weeks he's hitting the road for his upcoming hitman tour, emphasis on hits. when you look at this man's resume music royalty is at the top of his list. ♪ >> i worked with arya in a and gwen stefani. now i'm working with michael buble. he has a great voice. i found him at a wedding. he was literally the wedding singer, literally. i was like come on. you're coming with me. you're not going to be a wedding singer. >> they call him the hit maker. with 16 grammys to his name he's
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worked with some of the biggest artists in the music business. ♪ >> whitney a couple months before she passed away she came into the study you. the equipment was broken and she sat at the piano. ♪ >> i tried giving a little twist to this because there's this note at the end. to this day celine is mad at me. >> david did a stint on the real housewives of beverly hills with exwife yolanda hadid. these days he's hanging out with katharine mcphee. >> does it make it easier to date and be with someone when you know your girls have your back? >> you can't come between a man
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and his children. if whoever you're with gets along with your children, it's such a bonus. >> david is gearing up for his first tour in eight years. features music and stories from his career, some of which could include new collaborations. >> drake was like you have to come over my house. then i saw usher. he was like dude why aren't you writing with me. maybe there's one more round with me. >> i just want to sit in the back. >> drake, usher, david foster producing. by the way david says there's a band he would like to see get back together. >> who? >> nsync. he thought justin timberlake was great at the super bowl, but he was hoping the rest of the guys were going to come out. >> coming up, daniela ruah shows
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off her impressive ballet moves. that's next.
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>> it's "e.t." >> this is "e.t." >> whoa! "e.t." >> this is the best time of my life. >> oh, wow. >> nobody knows hollywood like "entertainment tonight." >> would you like to see something amazing that no one's seen? >> bigger, better and before everyone else. >> i love you. you love me. >> now "e.t." is everywhere you've go. >> meghan, selfie. one, tthree.
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>> on instagram, facebook and twitter. >> what? >> entertainment begins and ends with "e.t." >> travel consideration provided by -- ♪ >> monday on "e.t." behind the scenes of the voice battle royal. only we're with alicia keys and shown mendes. >> we have choreographers and we get to make this the craziest ever. >> monday on "e.t." >> we just run out of time. >> we've got one more thing for you to check out as we say good night. >> daniela ruah turns prima ballerina for the march april
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