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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 23, 2018 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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tonight -- ♪ my heart will celine dion's new health crisis. life imposes things on you. sickness. you have no choice but to deal with them. >> why she's walking away from the stage. the new wedding invitation arrives. then -- ♪ i got a whole stack >> apparently not. how britney is taking her fight to e-whole other level. >> rate your costars from the most to least talented. >> the answer that might surprise you. >> it was like selling you down the river. >> you look very pretty.
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>> who was that? this is "entertainment tonight." the incredible power and range of celine dion's choice has made her a super tar, but you can't sing well if you can't hear well. >> celine needs surgery to fix an issue. she has canceled concerts in vegas. >> it's hard because life imposes things on you. >> the grammy-winning singer has cancelled a total of 14 performances, starting next week. she will take a two-month break to have surgery for an ear condition called patulous eustachian tube, which causes hearing irregularities and makes it hard to sing. celine had been treating the problem with ear drops, but she says they stopped working. ♪ i drove all night >> the 49-year-old singer has the highest grossing residency since the beginning. that was celine with short hair
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in 2003. >> i was anxious and nervous. >> in 2008 and 2012, she was forced to cancel several shows because of vocal problems. years later she had the cancel because of the death of her husband. that same year, she made a return to the stage and celebrate her 1,000th show in las vegas ♪ staying alive staying alive ♪ then the summer she wacanceled shows due to what she called a lingering stage. >> there are shows where you can't sing. you don't resonate. her upcoming surgery is described as minimally invasive. this summer a huge summer tour in asia and australia. >> just three days before she makes her scheduled return to the stage,
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prince harry and meghan markle will say i do. and even the royal invite is celebrating this historic union of england and america. this is the official royal wedding invitation. today the palace released the photo of the invite. around 600 people will attend the noon service at st. george's chapel, may 19th at windsor castle. lottie small, who recently finished her apprenticeship, printed all the invitations using american ink on a british card. for now, the palace is not releasing the names of the fortunate few who are receiving the precious invitations. we hope ours is in the mail. we promise to follow the dress code of uniform, morning coat, or lounge suit, day dress with hat. meghan used to supplement her acting income by doing calligraphy for other people's weddings. >> who employs calligraphers? >> it's funny. >> wedding reception people? >> absolutely, wedding reception people. >> please let her do it. check this out. >> sitting alongside her "suits" costar patrick adams, she showed off her skills to larry king. oh, do tell. >> after the wedding, all guests have been invited to the
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lunchtime reception at st. george's hall, which is being given by the queen. later that night prince charles is hosting a gala reception at nearby frogmore house, but only 200 guests are invited to that bash. and in a royal baby update, today duchess kate made her last official appearance before she delivers her third child. she and william attended a wheelchair basketball game. the prince himself gave it a try. the palace previously said kate's due date is in april, but william did drop this week that it could be any day. starting now, we'd say we're officially on royal baby watch. >> remember, when the news came out that prince william and harry would play storm troopers? this deleted scene was just released. >> well, william and harry are supposedly two of the troopers
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standing behind. we can't tell for sure. the dvd will be out next attitude. now to the other big news of the day. we know britney spears ex, kevin federline, wants a bigger cut of child support, but today the big question -- where is is money going? ♪ you want a piece of me >> "e.t." has learned jamie spears will request federline's 2017 tax return, with a source telling us he wants to know, quote, where the money is going. k-fed already receives around $20,000 a month to care for their two sons, 12-year-old sean press ton and 11-year-old jaden. our source say jamie believes he may be misusing that money to provide for his four other children. >> you have how many kids now? >> 6 kids. i didn't plan it, you know? i mean, how could you plan something like that? >> last year federline told vlad tv the $20,000 in child support was not a sum determined by him. >> it's definitely not anything to brag about, and it's not something that i asked for either. if you're living in a mansion
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your kids shouldn't be living -- >> in a shack. >> in a shack. ♪ you want to live fancy, live in a big mansion ♪ ♪ you better work >> kevin's primary source of income has been through djing. his niche brand of celebrity allows him to command upwards of $10,000 a gig. this weekend he's hosting his 4oth birthday party at the crazy horse 3 strip club in vegas. >> i don't want to hear. talk to the hand because the face ain't listening. >> they originally documented their marriage with a five-episode series. >> this is mere the height of her career. why bother with putting this stuff out? that's what i don't understand. >> i don't know, man, you got me. >> that show only lasted about 15 mens but it was a really good 15. let's move on to drew barrymore. her dark comedy, "santa clarita diet" returns tomorrow on netflix. drew just one of the many movie
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stars making the leap to the big screen. >> i love bodies. with the santa clarita diet, i don't deny myself bodies. i eat bodies everyday. bodies, bodies, bodies. >> poking fun at oprah, drew's having a blast promoting season 2 of her cannibalistic show, but for more than 25 years, barrymore's been a big box office draw. >> you're the wedding singer. >> starring alongside adam sandler, hugh grant, and jake gyllenhaal. >> sit next to the boy you think is the cutest. >> and last night while promoting "santa clarita" on "the late late show," drew avoided eating some nastiness by answering this corden question. >> rank your costars from most to least talented. >> adam, hugh, jake. i'm sorry jake! it was the turkey testicle. >> jennifer garner's also returning to tv in the hbo comedy "camping." jen's last primetime gig? "alias" for five seasons. she's psyched to make audiences laugh this time around. >> they said they have a ton of physical comedy for me to do,
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and i just can't wait to be part of a group of people who are going to work to laugh all day. >> there's no longer a stigma for movie stars to do tv. >> have you lost your mind? >> in addition to season 2 of "big little lies," reese witherspoon is teaming up with jennifer aniston for a new apple series about morning tv shows. >> i've lived in a world where i've been interviewed for 25 years, and it's really kind of interesting to sort of flip it around and see what the other side looks like and how journalists live their lives. >> as for "big little lies," everyone can't wait to see meryl streep join reese and nicole. but kidman's also starring in hbo's mystery series "the undoing." >> you go where the great stories are. we get to tell our stories now through television, not just through cinema. >> julia roberts is shooting the political thriller "homecoming" for amazon. her acting career began on tv in the '80s series "crime story." >> i don't like you being out half the night. >> that was my first job, and i had an incredibly wonderful experience on it. >> gabrielle union is reprising the undercover drug agent role she played in "bad boys 2."
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>> i am this close. >> she and jessica alba are teaming up in the tv spinoff. >> me and jessica are executive producing, and this is our time. we're ready. >> emma stone will soon be seen in the netflix series "maniac," but it's not her first tv job. >> i'm emily stone. >> emily's big break was in the tv movie "the new partridge family." >> you start to think of yourself as a real doctor. >> "er" pediatrician george clooney is also back on tv. not for a reboot, but for an adaptation of the classic book "catch 22." by the way, george is costarring in and executive producing the project for hulu. >> back to jennifer garner for a second. she's a self-professed band geek. she proved it. performing on her instagram. >> the marching away was the perfect little touch.
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who was the birthday serenade for? reese witherspoon. she turns 44 today. >> happy birth day, reese. coming up -- >> rod stewart attacked his old pal and elton defends his decision to quit touring. >> i want to spend time with my family. >> i thought i was going die. >> before the sexy "grey's anatomy" spinoff tonight -- >> sometimes we get a little frisky in this thing. >> our station 19 exclusive is hot. >> bay your digestive system has billions of bacteria, but life can throw them off balance. try align, the #1 doctor recommended probiotic.
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what was your reaction to him announcing he's retiring from touring?
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>> well, i did e-mail her and said, what, again, dear? and i didn't hear anything back. >> well, now, if you think he's sexy, rod stewart taking a shot at his longtime friend elton john on "watch what happens live." but rockin' rod did get serious about the prospect of quitting the road. >> i've never spoken about retirement, and if i do retire, i won't make an announcement. i'll just fade away. i don't think this big deal -- i'm going to retire -- it stinks of selling tickets. >> thousanding shade there. can he get away with that? well, elton's also hoping to sell tickets to "sherlock gnomes." he's the executive producer. and the timing of this movie is really interesting. when watching the movie, there's definitely one of the themes that stands out for me is not to -- is to make sure we spend time with our loved ones. and then i think about you announcing your final tour. >> it couldnt be a more poignant message, because that's what the message the film says is. like, don't neglect the people
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that you love. don't take them for granted. and that's why i'm doing the last tour, because i want to spend time with my family. >> sir elton's boys zachary and elijah love hanging with their dad. just check them out on stage. >> elijah fell asleep halfway through the show. he's the youngest one. >> okay, so "sherlock gnomes" might be a little more their speed. emily blunt is the all-business juliet to james mcavoy's romantic gnomeo. >> i think it's the most beautiful garden in the world. because you're standing in it. >> oof, that was super cheesy. >> who in your household is more likely to make the grand romantic gesture, and who is more work obsessed? >> probably john. he is a kind of all-or-nothing type. he puts me under pressure because he does such fabulous sort of surprises and gifts that i just feel mine are like, i got you a shirt. >> i made you toast and tea. >> yeah, exactly. >> johnny depp and mary j. blige also star in this animated sequel. emily says her kids don't really like seeing her on screen. maybe they'll change their minds when she flies into theaters this december as mary poppins. >> what was going through your mind the first time you got to do that?
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>> whether i thought i was going to do. >> was it freaky? >> 50 feet in the air. yeah. you're so high that if you look out, you're higher than the trees. and you look down -- lin manuel miranda was like that. >> you would do that, right, kev? 50 feet in the air? >> back to mary j.blige, he hand picked her and wrote the song for her. coming up -- >> it's meredith, olympia, annalise. >> some big shoes to fill. then is the end of big bang coming sooner than you thought? >> how much longer can you be in show business? >> i can't. >> what the cast is telling "e.t." >> thinking about a very tearful rap party. cloep lope it have closed captioning provided by -- .
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jerry o'connell has his next job all lined up. fresh off his guest hosting gig on "wendy williams," jerry is headed to the "big bang theory"" >> going to be so good. he's going show up in the season finale playing sheldon's older brother who's in town for sheldon and amy's wedding. now, jim parsons also had something else to celebrate, so i couldn't help but get the party started last night. ♪ happy early birthday to you >> i'm officially dead center middle age -- 45. >> first of all, 45? what are you drinking? what are you eating? >> devils blood. i grew up in the south. we had a lot of humidity. my mother has good skin. whatever, whatever. hit with the ugly stick any day now. one day i'm going to wake up, and i'm going to go, oh, my gosh, i'm like 90. i'm only 47. >> you don't have a regimen or something that you do? >> this is so embarrassing.
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i did recently start washing my face. >> so, we know we'll get a wedding, but what about a pregnant kaley on the show? >> you know, penny's still a little all over the place. she always has been. but i think at the end of the day she'd actually be a really good mom. but i'm much happier playing parentless. no, no, no, childless! >> and this is when we kind of lost control of the interview. kaley, distracted. >> is that a pregnant barbie? i'm sorry, i just -- i cant. is this me? >> she's been around for years. >> so have i baby! >> yes, after 11 seasons together this cast is still on their game. i spoke with them at the paley fest event honoring both "young sheldon" and "the big bang theory." but could next year be the end of it all? the stars can't seem to agree. >> there's been no group discussion. there's been no come to jesus about this. >> we think 12 will be it. anything beyond that was thinking about a very tearful wrap party we'll have. >> i love being part of this show, and i think it'd be really stupid to say no or to -- you know, there's just nothing better. season 13 does sound kind of cool.
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>> oh, agreed. didn't see look so chic last night? also on tv tonight, a brand new "grey's anatomy." it's star ellen pompeo has been receiving a bit of backlash after it was announced her grey's anatomy costars jessica capshaw and sarah drew were out after this season. a report implied that ellen's $20 million paycheck had something to do with it. well, pompeo denied it on "ellen" today. >> it's absolutely not true. i'm not involved in these kinds of decisions. whether they want to go or they don't want to go, it doesn't make it any easier. meanwhile, ellen also crossing over for tonight's premiere of the new "grey's" spin-off, "station 19." and only "e.t." is taking you first on set. >> hey, welcome to station 19. oh, hell no. >> the real station this place is based on doesn't have the pole, but our show was like, when you think of a fire station you think of a fire pole. >> you have to have a pole! >> the ficticious fire station 19 is just down the block from
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"grey's" hospital and is designed after a real life station in that city. >> station 19. can you see that up there? >> station 19. i see it. >> we tried to make sure y'all can see it from space. >> the series is just the latest creation from executive producer shonda rhimes, with another fierce leading lady, jaina lee ortiz. when we think of her female lead, they are i conic. it's meredith, it's olivia, it's annalise. is there pressure? >> yeah, some big shoes to fill, absolutely. red zone applies to everyone. >> so the 31-year old went straight to the source, getting advice from ellen. >> i remember she said, you have to treat yourself like an athlete. you have to make sure you take care of yourself, eat right, get some good rest. >> okay, that's enough. now put your game face on. >> training for the show was intense. the gear alone weighs 70 pounds. and jaina took the real firefighter test -- and passed. >> it was exhausting.
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i was sweating from head to toe. the hardest task was pulling a dummy that weighs 165 pounds. >> which dummy did you pull? which dummy? >> let me get jason. yeah, that was the hardest part. >> this is like the best playground ever. >> oh, we got toys. >> dibs on the puppy. >> you can't call dibs on the puppy. >> look at all of them with all your stuffed animals. >> and sometimes we get a little frisky in this room. >> in true shondaland style, things get steamy, fast. and producers told the cast to be prepared. >> your job is to stay within striking distance of a sex scene ready body. they said be on notice all the time. you could get naked anytime. and by the way, america, you're welcome. >> no, we thank you. nancy and i appreciate you, jason. >> yes, we do. >> well, coming up.
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ryan reynolds's tribute to his wife.
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you're watching "e.t." >> nobody throws it back like "e.t." >> i'm just in second grade. >> this is the first thing i've ever done acting. >> i'm just blessed. >> because no other show has spent more time in the stars. >> my real anytime the brad pitt. >> i'm ashton kutcher.
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>> i'm the boepest of the ropest. >> i'm not really getting heartbroken. >> i js want to be on "entertainment tonight" ten years from now. >> 30 years from now watches it with my kids. travel consideration provided by -- please give me the chance to be better than i used to be. >> "denver post" hits theaters may 18th. >> if you were worried the sequel couldn't be as much twisted fun as the original, the trailer will put your mind at ease. >> my name is cable! i'm here for the kid. >> cable killed his kid. but i can't do this alone. we are going to be super duper.
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>> you'll be known as -- x-force. >> isn't that a little derivative? >> you are absolutely right. doing the right thing is messy. but if you want to fight for what's right sometimes you have to fight dirty. ♪ mama said knock you out >> that is why "sisterhood of the traveling pant" is pure pornography. >> blake lively within that movie. >> i can't wait to see it. >> me too. >> i can't wait to see it. >> me too. how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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